Stretcher of the Day: Chris Maragos, or Harbaugh hides his starters

The portion of practice that was open to the media lasted from 1:50 to 2:08 today. We were expecting 30 minutes as the club had advertised but only got 18. Still you can do a lot in 18 minutes.

None of the starters came out to the field to stretch at that time. I watched Konrad Reuland, Tyler Beiler, and Chris Maragos stretch. I didn’t get to see Vernon Davis stretch or Frank Gore or Alex Smith.

It wouldn’t have meant much to see Gore or Davis or Smith stretch, but it would have meant more than watching three subs. But of the three, Maragos was clearly the best stretcher.

His signature moment was when he stretched his groin muscles in a 40-yard sprint, rotating his knees out wide on each stride. It was something else. So I give him the Best Stretcher of the Day Award.

Why would Harbaugh choose to show the media so little, especially the week before a mere exhibition game?

Here are some possible reasons:

  • He doesn’t want the Houston Texans to know who’s available and who’s not. Who’s injured, and who isn’t.
  • He temperamentally can’t stand to give out any information any time any place.

Those are my suggestions. What are yours, and what are your feelings that Harbaugh would not let the media even glimpse his starters, and apparently kept them secure in the locker room?

In other news: QB Jeremiah Masoli and K Fabrizio Scaccia got cut. Receivers Dominique Zeigler and Chris Hogan were in pads and both will presumably practice today. And the Niners signed a punter named Sam Paulescu.


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