LaMichael James: “I don’t know the game fully.”

SANTA CLARA – Second-round pick LaMichael James, who has not played this season, spoke in the 49ers locker room Monday afternoon about his development. Here’s what he said. Q: You haven’t played yet this season. You didn’t play much your first year at the University of Oregon, either. Have the two experiences felt similar? JAMES: It’s the exact same thing. I went to Oregon and I had to work my…

October 22, 2012

Greg Cosell on the Niners’ comeback: “The player they exploited was Nnamdi Asomugha.”

Here’s what NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell said about the 49ers this morning on the Murph and Mac Show. Q: Did you have any inkling that the 49ers could pull off that comeback? COSELL: The best way to answer that would be I was surprised Alex Smith started the second half. Q: I’d say the same thing, and that’s coming from a fan. COSELL: I’ve got to tell you, I…

October 6, 2011