The lockout and me

A casualty of the NFL lockout? That sounds a bit dramatic since I’m not getting furloughed, having my salary slashed or missing my workout bonus.

So let’s just say I’m being affected by the ongoing lockout.

As the labor impasse drags on, I’ll be blogging less frequently – at least in the near future. I’m taking on more non-49ers assignments for the Press Democrat, which is understandable since the NFL continues to press pause.

On Friday, for example, I’m off to the state high school track and field championships in Clovis, which is actually quite an event to cover (when it’s not 117 degrees in the Central Valley).

I won’t bore you with the other details of my non-Niners life, but I did want to explain why I’ll be popping up here less frequently.

Things obviously change during a lockout, but, as we know, one thing will remain constant.

With that said, you may begin debating the merits of Alexander Douglas Smith in the comment section provided below.

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