The lonesome tight end

The quote of the day came from backup backup backup backup tight end Nate Lawrie.

The third and fourth stringers broke into positional drills at 2:00 p.m., so Nate Lawrie hustled over to tight ends coach Reggie Davis.

No one else ran to Davis. The other tight ends like Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker and Konrad Reuland were still in the locker room. Reuland came out to stretch later on but Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker and most first-stringers and second-stringers never appeared the time the media was allowed to watch stretching.

“Are you the only one?” coach Reggie Davis asked Lawrie in a surprised voice.

“Somebody’s got to get better,” Lawrie said.

“Might as well be you,” Davis shot back.

So, that’s your Niners’ quote of the day.


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