The Manny Lawson Q&A

I posted earlier on Manny Lawson’s return to the fold. Here is the entire transcript of Lawson’s interview session, which lasted just under four minutes. It probably would have gone on longer, but he had to hustle out of the locker room to a 2:30 meeting. Lawson’s a good talker and, apparently, a thinker, so I thought you might enjoy the full interview.

On the field this afternoon, he moved right into first-team reps at outside linebacker.

How are you?
“It’s going well. Been out working, and proud of the results I’m getting.”

Working on anything in particular?
“Oh, well-rounded. You gotta be a well-rounded person in this league. Not only explosion off the line from two-point, but also three-point. You know, coverage skills, not only covering tight ends but also covering receivers. Whatever the team needs me to do, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Is increasing your sack total important?
“I would like that. But before that, you have to be a team player. So if we become better as a defense overall, then as far as me having more sacks, as long as we keep doing what we’re doing as a defense, then I’m good with that.”

Running a risk that Ahmad Brooks will slip into your starting position as you miss reps?
“I don’t know about slipping in, because everybody has to fight for their position. Everybody has to work for their position. No position’s gonna be handed out, no position’s gonna be given. You have to work for it. So he was in there cause I was away. Now I’m back, now I’m gonna step in and we’ll go back and forth with each other. Competition’s where it’s at.”

Are you dissatisfied with your contract?
“Not dissatisfied with it, but you know, everybody wants a new contract. I wanted to be here. I wanted to be a San Francisco 49er. I would like a new contract, yes.”

How do you feel about the teammates getting deals two years out from their contracts expiring?
“Kudos to them. Kudos to them. I’m about everybody getting what they deserve. You know, those guys right now that are two years, getting a new one? They should get it.”

Making progress toward a new deal?
“You know what? I don’t know. But I’m here to do that, and let upstairs handle what they have to handle upstairs.”

Did you consider it too much risk to be out here for voluntaries?
“Not necessarily too much risk. Not too much risk. There’s never too much risk. But you know, I’ve been here for four years straight. All my offseason I’ve been here. So you know, I wanted to get a new look. Step outside, kind of have a vacation, but a vacation away from a vacation.”

Did you pay attention to trade rumors around draft time?
“No. Not trading or anything like that. I mean, I’ve heard about it, but as far as it coming from my end or from upstairs, no.”

Consider skipping the minicamp?
“No, not at all. Not at all. I was here the day before and told the coaches I was gonna be here for this.”

How anxious are you to get out there?
“More so than anything. More so than anything. You know, I can’t wait for the season to start. You know how I am. Come training camp, can’t wait for it’s over with. We ended up… we did good, we did well last year. Right now we’re looking to do better. All I want is to do better.”

What benefits do you get from working out in Arizona?
“Well, actually, coming back now, I kind of feel like it’s brand new. More excitement. Now I’m more excited. Instead of being here all year round, you know, you kind of see the same things, the building doesn’t really look like it’s changed a lot. But when you step away and come back, it’s almost like you’re on a new team. It’s almost like I just got drafted here again.”

Are you stronger now?
“Oh, yes. By far.”

What was the hardest workout you did this offseason?
“Hardest thing I did? No lie? Double dutching. Double dutching. Footwork. Probably hardest thing I’ve done.”

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