True story

I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport at my gate waiting for my flight home. I’m wearing my South Oakland Little League hat I got in ’02 when I was an All-Star center fielder. A gray hat, it says, “OAKLAND” in big letters.

Three strangers wearing 49ers gear pop up. They look at me, look at my hat and say, “We knew you’re a Raiders fan.”

  1. Well, I suppose you could take it as a compliment that they even knew who you were and it’s clear through their comment that they read your work ;)

    1. Every one knows Lowell and I would take a guess they were together and on the same flight, so they probably put 2 and 2 together.

  2. WTH?!?!? You still wear your Little League All Star hat? Move on, man!

    Oh and btw, everyone knows you’re a Raider fan so this really isn’t news.

    1. Grant…
      You can’t tell us you’re surprised at the response those 9er fans gave you at the airport, and really expect us to believe it……you do a pretty good job of stocking the blog with some thought provoking 49er fodder, but at the same time, I, just like the detractors who commented on this subject matter, have always had the feeling that you are, indeed, one that worships at the altar of Al Davis and the Slimey and Bleak…..but, just like millions of other Americans, you gotta go where the money is.

    2. Grant…. Do what you do. If wearing your all star hat is your thing then so be it. Sh*t. I still have my TOC pins and all star trophies. And if I still had my hats, I might wear them too. What of it suckas? Lol

  3. @ Sourgrapes Grant you are such a Raiders fan how bout them Whiskers ?? The eslusive sixth grows closer now to shut down the shecocks!

  4. Off the subject but anyone think Rogers will get his nickel back job this week since Cox is playing well. Even if he is cleared to play

    1. Brian
      I would say NOOOOOOO dont mess with a good thing. besides cox is the more physical of the two and since SEA runs more so than throws 3 wide our nickel should be a better tackler than cover guy (when we play DEN it could be different)
      That being said next year its “thank you for everything that you have done, best of luck in your future endeavors”

      1. I said it before the Green Bay game. Ive been saying it for weeks. Rogers does not play another down in a Niners uniform. He cant cover and he wont tackle. At least brown tries to tackle and misses. Rogers wont even try. Look at Browns slap tackle attempt on the Ginn catch late in the game. Cox isnt great but he has the warm hand. Yes its only warm.

      2. Jordan,

        They don’t have him out there for his tackling. Like him or not he’s the best cover guy in the slot they have. Cox did an admirable job filling in, but he’s not as good as Rogers in coverage.

  5. Given the advesereal style and tone of your writing and even some of your interactions with players and fans, this shoyld not come as much of a surprise to you.

  6. Grant, if you just turned 28, how could you have still been playing Little League at age 16 in 2002 when the age limit is 12? 13-15 is Babe Ruth age. After that, it’s either you start playing high school ball or DiMaggio for 19 and unders. But maybe that’s changed since I played.

        1. Thanks Crab. I loved that position, best position in baseball by far. You get to run and dive and call everyone off. I used to play extra shallow like Andruw Jones. I had a 13 inch glove I wore on my fingers for maximum catching radius.

      1. Guess it’s different now. Where and when I played the next step up was Babe Ruth. Of course in those days there was no such thing as tee-ball, either — we got pitched to in the “farm division” of Little League. And girls weren’t allowed either, lol.

      2. I too played center but only used a 12.5 inch glove. I put two fingers in the pinky slot though to give me extra reach and a deaper pocket so when I dove the ball would never pop out. A trick I learned from Barry Bonds. I also used his glove, an A3000 Wilson. I should have used his nutritionalist too, could have been in the lague by now.

      3. Grant, looked it up, yep, Seniors is a little league for boy and girl players age 14-16. Did you have any decent girl players on your team?

  7. Harbs used the “just win baby” phrase again today at presser.
    As for the Seattle game, Harbs said
    “this game is only for the tough.”

  8. It is too congenial in the room. Time to call some fools out. I know I for one supported our young franchise QB the ENTIRE season. Others wanted to crown Cam Newton and Russel Wilson. How many of you had Wilson crowned MVP? And stated he was better than Kaep?

    Lets look at their LAST THREE GAMES. All important games for both teams.

    Russel Wilson
    383 passing yards 430 combined yards 2TD’s 1Int 73.4 QB rating

    Colin Kaepernick
    733 passing yards 870 combined yards 5TD’s 1 Int 91.4 QB rating

    Some of us believed in our guy, some of us chose to give props to enemy QB’s and not give our guy props at all…..

      1. Nah. I freely admit I am wrong every once in a while. Shoot, I only have 2 of the teams left in the playoffs from my preseason prediction.

      2. Lets all put our hands together for Bayareafanatic for knowing that Colin Kaepernick is the real deal QB like he said all along.
        Oh but wait, the stiffest, most meaningful test is yet to come. Did he just jinx our team? Oh no………

      3. Bay, I guess beating your chest to a bunch of strangers means something to you? Congratulations once again, you are the man.

      4. Do I need to pull up all of your name calling? Unless you’ve turned a new corner in 2014 and you are a saint now…..

      5. The blog actually turned a corner until you come on here spewing how it was too “congenial”. But hey, like someone said earlier, a zebra cannot change its stripes.

    1. Bay,

      I curious to know where are the negative fools who said our season was over after back to back losses to Carolina and New Orleans. At the time, I predicted an 11-5 finish and rolling hot into the playoffs. We’re peaking at the right time and – if we win next week – a Super Bowl victory is a guaranteed.

      1. Nicely put Nick. I’m just pointing out that some folks are glass half empty by nature. Lots of folks were wrong. For those that believed in their guy all season long, those folks deserve kudos.
        That’s why they call us Niner faithful. Except in this room, some had faith, and some ….. not so much.

    2. Bay just remember you are just rooting for the jersey not the man. I’ve heard you say here numerous times that once a player leaves the team you no longer support him. So your love and belief for CK only lasts while he is wearing that red jersey. It just does’nt seem like that much support.

      1. OC,
        that is an assumption on your part. And it’s not true. I have tons of players that I loved and followed to other teams. I also have players that played here that I didn’t care for, so why would i bother to care for them when they left?
        When Lott played in Oakland, I wished well for him. Even as a Jett I’d watch his games occasionally. Montana, I followed every Chief game in which he played. When guys like Kevin Barlow left, I didn’t give a rats ass what he did. Ricky Waters, who cares…. Get my drift?
        Don’t call out my fandom because of my over the top support for CK. At least not without knowing the real deal…..

      2. Bay you are right i do’nt know who you rooted for after they left the 9ers and who you did’nt i just assumed by the way you criticized many this yr who wished A. Smith well that you did’nt root for decent classy ex 9ers who had been traded.

    3. I also want to call out the fools who wanted Ahmad Brooks gone after the “bottle to the head” incident in the off season. Brooks has been a model citizen since, has had a tremendous season, and posted 2.5 sacks last game.

      1. Nick,
        I never called for Ahmad to be kicked off the team, but I feel he did need some form of discipline.

        A loosely run front office has a way of imploding if certain corrective measures are not put into place to protect itself from within.

        Brooks has been an upstanding citizen since the incident and that is what matters now.
        But having said that, I still have an issue with an 265lbs athlete bust a bottle on someone’s head regardless of what their stats are.
        But that’s just me.

      2. AES,
        I agree with you about discipline. I was taking notice of people who – not knowing the details of the event – wanted to part ways with Brooks at the time. He made a mistake and has demonstrated upstanding behavior since. If he becomes a repeat offender, then it’s fair game IMHO.

      3. Given the situation again, I’d still say he should have been cut, but then I’m probably a bit too tough on discipline. Assaulting your team-mates is a big no-no in my book. But as I acknowledged at the time, I was basing that on what was suspected, not known, and there may well have been more to the story we didn’t know. More level heads prevailed in the end, which is probably a good thing.

        But I don’t think his play this season makes those of us that were saying he should be cut fools. Didn’t want him gone because he was a rubbish player, but because he had assaulted a team-mate.

    4. Colin Kaepernick vs Seattle Seahawks

      1 win, 2 losses
      completed 51% of passes
      5.9 yards per attempt
      Total QBR of 27

      Colin Kaepernick vs everyone else

      20 wins, 5 losses
      completed 61% of passes
      8.4 yards per attempt
      Total QBR of 78

    5. Let me guess, those that were critical of Kaep during the first half of the season aren’t “real fans”… :-P

      Kudos to you for supporting your guy. I agree those that were calling for Kaep’s head at around the mid-point of the season, declaring we needed to draft a QB in the 1st round to replace him, are looking a little silly now. The expectations of some fans were unrealistic for a guy still learning the position, and Kaep just needed time and some weapons back. Of course, it doesn’t change the fact he was playing poorly in the first half of the season.

      1. Thing is Cam isn’t all that great in the 1st place. He’s arguably not even in the top 10 if you consider guys like Eli, Matty Ice, Flacco and Big Ben who have better track records.

        But I’d say that Crabtree, Vernon and Boldin are at this point better receivers than anyone on the Panthers or the Seahawks. I mean Ted Ginn? Seriously? Josh McCown and Nick Foles did/do more with less in Chicago and Philly respectively.

        Our o-line is one of the best and healthiest… Can you imagine missing 3 starters on the OL?

        9ers are 13-0 when Kaep throws for over 150 yds and 13-1 when he’s over 50% in completion %… those are some low bars.

        this is a team that could put up a perfect season and be absolutely crushing teams.

        just don’t get 9er fans… 1st it was the Alex apologists, now it’s Kaep.

        i have no problem with Alex or Kaep, but they (along w/ Kyle Williams) have wasted 2 Super Bowl teams.

        Seriously, the moment they added Aldon’s pash russ to the D, coinciding w/ Iupati, Davis and Bowman no longer being rookies going into their 2nd season – they were capable of going the Trent Dilfer route.

        It’s crazy to think what kind of passing #’s a good QB could put up w/ this running game, 8-9 in the box and the type of receiving core we’ve had the past 2 seasons.

        Hopefully, they don’t break the bank w/ Kaep. He should be getting slightly more than Alex Smith type money even if they win the Super Bowl.

      2. “Josh McCown and Nick Foles did/do more with less in Chicago and Philly respectively.”

        Seriously? I think you should recheck the offensive rosters of those two teams and rethink your argument.

      3. whatnot, your smoking! Our WR,s have been crap since TO left! KW fumbled twice, but we had 1 catch by a wr for 3 yard in that game too! Last year crab emerged, but Moss came out of retirement and was the 2nd leading WR. We had guys like KW, chad Hall and AJJ!!!!
        and we lost the superbowl ’cause that D you speak of……gave up 33 freakin points!!!!!!!! and i love gore, but hes no lesean Mccoy! He dosent have the speed to finish runs ( yesterday, GB, SB against the ravens).

        I would argue that no passing game 2rys ago and both Smith boys playing hurt, allowing the D to greatly fall off, cost us last year. not Kap.

    6. If Cam was on this team it wouldn’t even be a question of beating the Seahawks, but by how much.
      Cam made some amazing throws but at the end, he tried to do too much.
      I like Kaep, but let’s not get ahead of anything. He was 15-28, and the Panthers D had him completely confused in the first half.
      And then for the first time he stood in the pocket and made that high throw to Crabs, and then took a hit.
      He made the plays when he had to, and he’s getting better. But he still hasn’t turned the corner and need to work on his footwork.
      He’s riding the D and the foot of Phil Dawson.

      1. Is that your flavor of the week Fan? Earlier in the year it was Russell Wilson. He fizzled and now it’s Cam. Just admit you are fair weather and not faithful.
        You fall in love with the guy that turned it over and who also quit. I’ll back my guy who continues to get better and continues to win.

      2. Fan,

        If Cam was on this team it wouldn’t even be a question of beating the Seahawks, but by how much.

        You are now either trolling or delusional. Newton has played a year and half longer than Kap and the differences in their play are slim to none. You could have made a case earlier in the season that Newton was the better player, but Kap has come on in the second half and made a huge jump in his overall play. His footwork is an issue at times but so is Newton’s. If there is an advantage between the two it isn’t much, and certainly not enough to say what you did here.

      3. I like the chemical makeup that went into creating Kaepurnicus the man throughout his childhood. He’s the polar opposite of Newton in that aspect…..

      4. Fan….get a clue!!!! The real point: if cam had Kaps heart, desire, work ethic, resolve attitude/outlook on life……dude would be the best!

        Ill take kap! physically, Cam might have a SLIGHT EDGE, but mentally, Kap is light years ahead. Kap can learn the footwork, progression, reads etc.

        Where in Newton gonna get some heart? The wizard of ozz?

        as a runner, Kap is faster and way more elusive. Cams deal is that hes bigger and stronger and therefore a better goal line runner………or is he???

      5. Hey Cam is going to the Pro Bowl. I like Kaep. I like his heart, but he’s in a different situation.
        Kaep is playing better then in mid season but he has a better coach and a D with playoff experience.
        Kaep is still learning and he’s done great. But how many of you wanted to punch the TV the way he was playing in the first half, while Cam was making some great throws?
        Hey I just happened to read Grant’s posts and articles, he said the same thing!

      6. Yea, I’ve heard of keeping a play or two in your back pocket, but for years? For the life of me, I could not figure out why in the hell don’t they ever call a quarterback sneak in 3rd down or 4th down and inches? They saved it for this game…..Bloody Brilliant and cold blooded.

      7. Bay,
        Happy New Year. Things were so great when you weren’t around. When people can just voice their opinions before you bully them into your view of the world.
        Russell Wilson is also going to the Pro Bowl, he’s regressed while the teams have figured him out. He’s putting up the same lame numbers as Kaep. But if the game is close, I’d be worried about that little shrimp.
        He’s done it so many times before. Did you see that back shoulder throw to get the first down?
        You act as if the Niners have already won and Kaep has turned the corner.
        Kaep is mentally tough, that part I love about him. But he hasn’t think anything yet.
        Will you still love him if he plays like he has in the previous games in Seattle? Or are you going to be honest and say, “Man, we were so close but the QB didn’t quite turn the corner?”

      8. Fan77,
        You have been passive/aggressive on CK all season and you have a right to your opinion.

        But it is a monumental hypothetical stretch to assume that Cam would own the c-hawks if he played for the 49ers.
        Your true feelings about CK can’t be hidden behind your passive/aggressive comments when you take an unsubstantiated and indirect shot at him like that.
        You’ve been exposed boss!

      9. >>at the end, he tried to do too much.

        Umm, no. He was trying to make up for what he hadn’t done previously in the game and didn’t have the gut or chops to pull it off.

        Until he shows otherwise, Cam doesn’t have the heart of a winner, no matter how many pro-bowls he makes or QBs he was drafted above.

      10. You guys can take the polite route with this dbag, but I knew he was a dbag last year and have been calling him out ever since.
        He’s such a dbag, that I have my suspicions that he’s not even a real poster. He’s a fictitious poster created by Grant to stir it up….
        And Rib, I know what I looked like, but the ship is back on course and I am enjoying the ride.
        Seriously you guys, who’s got it better than us?

      11. AES,
        I think certain people on this blog, not you, like to polarize everything. Either you love Alex, hate the team, Hate Kaep, love the team, or whatever. As a fan of the team, I support whoever is the QB. That said, there is a level of excellence and probably unrealistic expectations that go with the playing the position here.
        I’ve never really changed my tone. I said I wanted him to play better. Do you think he was playing well in the first or 2nd quarter? It wasn’t until that TD drive and pass to Vernon, did he settled down.
        Boldin also made some great catches. Kaep ain’t all there yet is all I’m saying. Kaep has come a long way this season, as a whole I’m way more proud of this Niner team then others, because of all the adversity they had to go through, and still finished 12-4.
        Also proud that even through his flaws, Kaep found a way to win. That has a lot to do with coaching and being on the right team, with good, championship caliber teammates. On that level, I would gladly take Kaep over Cam. But if Ahmed Brooks doesn’t stuff Newton, we may not be talking about the title game, but what needs to changes next season and I guarantee people will be calling out Kaep and his bad footwork.
        As the Niner QB I’m going to root for him as hopes he plays better, so the team can win. It was Gore who had that big run in the Packer game. And Gore who broke through yesterday to ice the game.
        I’m not saying Kaep can’t or will never, only that he, even now, is still a work in progress.
        But the whole Kaep Lovefest is just too much when he still hasn’t won the big prize and isn’t playing like an elite level QB.
        I hope on Sunday he shuts me up.

      12. We just hope you shut up anyway. And shut FDM’s pie hole while you are at it.
        What a ridiculously stupid statement. Kaep didn’t play well in the first half. What QB plays well the entire game every game moron? Especially against the top rated defense in their house?
        Did you hear the coach say we had to adjust the play calls in the second half? The coach all but owned their lack of success. But collectively they fixed the issues and won. Crawl back in your hole mole….

      13. Just look back to the threads over the past week. People avoiding the drama then name caller shows up beating his chest telling everyone how right he is. Toxic is being kind Fan. Whatever, too much to be excited about then worry about him and his self confidence problems.

      14. Ok Fan77,
        I may have been too edgy with my comments, and for that I apologize.

        But it seems like you have been sour towards CK even though he is winning games. Sure, we all know that CK hit some walls this season and the backlash and bashing may have been deserved.
        But why the continued below the belt shots (imo) by making a comment that if we had Cam, the only question would be by how many points we would win against Seattle.

        After watching Cam’ demeanor when the Panthers lost the lead and his post game presser when he walked off the podium after being asked what he thought about Kaep’ Superman impression.
        My thoughts regarding Cam is that he has a very fragile and delicate makeup that he needs to find a way to correct.
        Cam’ present psychological makeup is not what I could hang my hat on right now.
        But he is still young and there is a lot of football and growing up for him in the years to come.

      15. AES,
        I think I just wanted to point out the Cam was actually playing pretty good and had a good year. To diss both Russell Wilson and Cam is not respecting some pretty good players. And to be the best you have to beat the best. You don’t have them come down to their level, like Bay Area’s constant name calling, and sad to say he does drag me down to the gutter, but to rise to theirs.

        Russell is not asked to do too much and rides his D. But that boy is clutch and if it’s close in the 4th quarter, I fear him more then I have faith in Kaep right now.

        I do want to give credit for Kaep for not turning the ball over during this winning streak, and he is also mentally tough. He is a reflection of Jim Harbaugh.
        I tend to root for underdogs, and actually prefer to think of Kaep as less then Superman, because:
        1) That’s not who he is at this stage in his career,
        2) Adversity builds character.

        I love the the fact that Kaep really had to earn it this year and he’s still not close to playing at a high level.
        He’s lucky to have a solid cast around him and he’s taking advantage of the situation he’s in.
        It’s just that Bay Area Douche is acting like he always does, and I just wanted to offer a different perspective. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy.

      16. Lol fan….. No wonder you loved Alex smith. Mediocre is OK in your book. Cam’s first half, cams first half. How did superman look in the second half? Admit it. You hate CK.

        Ribico….. Nice try. I rolled with Alex smith 2 years ago, because he started producing instead of losing games for my team. Sorry I back winners who contribute to the team. And tell me again ribico. How much you backed chilo Rachel and singletary. I guess you have to be a real fan with a picture up of Alex smith even after he was benched. I’ll make a note of that.

      17. >>And tell me again ribico. How much you backed chilo Rachel and singletary.

        leave it to md to make moronic comparisons. If singletary was instrumental in getting the team the NFCCG you bet your conspiracy-monging @ss I would have backed him.

      18. Top ranked, sometimes smothering defense led by the the best front 7 in the league.

        Ball-control ground-game oriented offense, while frustrating the average fan, frustrates opponents even more.

        Clutch play from the placekicker.

        Uneven play game to game from the QB position, statistically far from the league leaders.

        Advanced to the NFCCG, following exciting earlier round where the QB’s running played a critical part in the win over a league recent heavy-hitter.

        Certain segments of the fanbase, as represented on PD, complain about various aspects of the above, especially the QB. Other fans push back against what they see as unwarranted criticism in a highly successful season.


        You pick the year:

      19. ribico:

        What’s interesting are the hypocrites who switched sides. Many of the same people who couldn’t enjoy the team’s success in 2011 because of the QB have defended the QB in 2013, overlooking the same statistical “shortcomings” in 2013 that they raged about in 2011 and offering the same “excuses” they derided in 2011.

      20. Ribico. It’s really not any different. Alex smith didn’t do anything special in that year, except not turn the ball over. Leave it to you and your clone to live on worthless stats to measure a player. How far did we go with smith? How did he play in the biggest game of his life? About as bad as sing coaches and Rachel blocked.
        You get the point, let it sink in.

        Oh and if you’re going to call me out you better be right. Not your daily “I think” posts.

      21. >>Oh and if you’re going to call me out you better be right.

        Where was I wrong? Perhaps I missed where the team had your unswerving devotion two years ago? See, there’s this thing called the written record.

      22. ribico:

        One of the many things that ninermd does not understand is that you cannot rewrite history when there’s already a written record.


        The fact that you believe Smith as a QB = Singletary as a coach = Rachel as a G shows how little you understand football and how incompetent you are in evaluating talent.

      23. Lol Claude. I know you’re smart enough to get what I’m saying. And after your punk comment, I think you should stay away from drama for awhile and try to build your troll rep. You’re a punk.

    7. >>Some of us believed in our guy, some of us chose to give props to enemy QB’s and not give our guy props at all…..

      So I see bay’s calling out md, Jordo and himself from from two years ago.

      Glad you came around, “real fan”.

      1. Ill keep it real kids, i understand bays frustration with pessimist like 77, on hear talking about “if we had Cam…” the day after KAP BEAT CAM!! Stole his little celebration and exposed cam for the little B!Tch he is ( storming of the podium when reporter asked him about it). 77 talks about “qb standards around here” like Montana or Young retired 2 years ago!!!!! pshhh!
        15 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 years of scrubs like:
        shawn hill
        jt osulivan
        trent dilfer
        tim rattay
        david carr
        troy smith
        cody pickett
        ALEX SMITH PRE HARBAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Kap has all the physical and mental tools…..but even better……HES OUR QUARTER BACK!!!!!! OURS!!!!!!

        FINALLY!!! a qb that dosent suck!!
        compared to the jerks i listed above…….he IS joe Montana!!!!!

        but half you dorks wanna criticize the kid …..for random lame reasons! Cause he aint.. Joe freakin Montana! get over it! Joes in his 50′s! All the good young QB’s have anywhere from half a season (rg3, wilson, luck) to a season AND a half (cam, dalton) on Kap!!! The kid has only been the starter for a year and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!! a year and a half!!!!!!!!!! And were not even talking about Locker or Gabbert who were taken ahead of Kap in ’11. All the crap you critisize him for can be fixed! if he’s this good after 1 1/2 years…..why dont you fools see optimism in how GREAT he will be after 3 years!!???

        All the pessimist whiners on hear are why i disappear for the regular season! I cant take the whining and bi!ching. Were 2 wins away from a 6th superbowl title and people are on here whining about our QB!???

      2. I think I’m a little bit less wound up about it than you, but Kapernicus is my guy too. During the Midseason of Discontent and storm of criticism, I went on record saying I’m down with Colin. I don’t always understand, but he’s the dude. He’s a leader you could follow. I’d walk point for Kaep.

    8. Some of us believed in our guy, some of us chose to give props to enemy QB’s and not give our guy props at all…..

      And the hypocrisy continues.

      In addition, it’s amazing how everyone else on the blog can enjoy the win and the team’s success, but you can’t be happy unless you are pointing your finger at other commenters and telling them they’re not real fans like you.

      1. Jack:

        How exactly was my comment over the line? It was factually accurate. bay has definite fanboy tendencies, and my calling him on it is entirely consistent with your jock-sniffing comment. Also, I do think it’s creepy that he has referred to Kaepernick both as “our young quarterback” and as a stud.

        As for the crack about him coaching a boys’ baseball team, I’ll admit that my irritation at his dickishness may have led me to remove the governor. That said, I don’t think I would be comfortable if my son’s coach was a guy who gets googly-eyed talking about a young athlete’s studliness.

        Besides, given the kinds of homoerotic and other crap he has thrown at other commenters over the past couple of years, it’s not like bay is in a position to complain about someone else crossing the line. Ask DS, or Hofer, or FDM, or Fansince77 if they think my comment crossed the line.

      2. Jack:

        I understand your position. We’ll have to agree to disagree.


        Multiple times. I passed every one of them.

      3. Hey if you agree of disagree, that’s fine. It’s just sports. But some people take it way too far. I’ve been lucky to be home for an extended period so i can listen to local radio, and they are all saying the same thing about Kaep and his short comings. We haven’t won anything yet, so if we come up short, and it’s because some of his flaws are exposed, how would you feel as a fan?
        let me the rain of BS from BA begin.

        I wasn’t too happy about lost last year, I can tell you that. i don’t care if we had sucked for a decade. When we get to the big dance, we win and we lost because we had a QB who locked onto one guy. I don’t want to hear about how we couldn’t have gotten there with Alex. Look at at what he did with a vastly inferior Chiefs team. Alex showed he can play.
        I’m happy that Kaep is our guy, but this is sports and the NFL and if you can’t progress and get better, then the next man up.
        We got rid of Joe for crying out loud.
        Kap is 26. Both Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck are younger and have been in the league only 2 years.

        He better get it done on Sunday.

      4. Fan he will get it done Sunday. I believe no one wants it more than CK. I was critical of him earlier in the season, why, because he played awful. The last 8 weeks he has shown the focus and determination of a leader.

        Yes Seattle is a huge step, but so was GB in frigid temp., CAR against a top 5 defense, rested and hungry. He did his part to win and that’s the 49er way. Win as a team.

        All day Im hearing arguments about who believed in Kap, who said what about Kap and Wilson. Well, I said Kap was terrible and Wilson was great in the middle part of the year. I think I was right to say that. I didn’t know being a fan meant you had to lie and say otherwise. Right now, today, I think CK is playing lights out, Wilson, struggling. That’s the truth. All this other I was right you were wrong is for people who need self assurance. Hopefully they find that somewhere but I don’t think that’s here.

      5. Jack,
        appreciate you attempting to get Claude to see how vicious what he said was.
        All that matter is how I felt when I read it. Bottom line Claude, you severely crossed the line. I’ve shared quite a bit of personal information on this blog so I am not 100% anonymous.
        Claude for you to take my football comments and somehow misconstrue what i’ve said in attempts to paint a less than flattering picture of me that boarders on being a pedophile is beyond irresponsible.
        In the past few years I’ve donated thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to youth sports. With a few words you’ve attempted to undermine that even though this blog and what I write on it has nothing to do with my coaching. What you did was unwarranted and boarders defamation.
        What is truly creep Claude, is that you follow me around. See I don’t respond to you because you and I don’t mix. I find you boring. I find you simple, plain and predictable. So I normally don’t engage. But there you are trailing my nuts yet I am the one that is creepy.
        Grant, I hope you take what Claude has done as extremely serious. At the very least delete his comments. Claude. Do me a favor. Don’t ever engage me again. Be a man and listen to what I just asked and honor it if you even have any.

      6. Bay,
        I think you go too far with your various takes at times, but I know you’re a fan and I think it’s great you’re involved with Little League. Claude’s comments were classless but not surprising. Take them with a grain of salt. After all, the name Claude means limp/lame. The dude calls himself limp/lame balls. He’s not happy unless he finds a missing comma in a otherwise informative post.

      7. bay:

        The only thing predictable here is your outrage. For a guy who likes to dish it out, you sure have a lot of trouble when it gets handed back to you.


        Thanks for the etymology lesson. You’re clearly a a Renaissance man.

      8. Claude,
        This is an adult blog last I checked. It’s not Bay is some little kid, although he acts like it.

        You stated your opinion of Bay and he didn’t like it. He’s a very sensitive person, so you should go easy on him. If you so much as think Colin Kaepernick sweats funny, then he is going to get into a tizzy. Only God know why.

        I don’t care how much money you give to youth sports, your conduct on this blog makes me question what you are teaching these kids. You are not tolerant of anyone who disagrees with you and instead of saying you agreed to disagree, you call them douchebags, trolls etc.

        I don’t know how you treat those kids but judging from your actions here, I’m not how that represents anything close to sportsmanship.

        Of course it could all be an act to keep this blog entertaining, if you’re offended by what Claude said about you, maybe you should look in the mirror and see how you’ve treated others on this blog.

      9. Background check? Come on balls, you don’t need that. You are too good in presenting your comebacks with reason and logic without resorting to that.

      10. Look guys, we have some fun in here talking about our favorite football team. Sometimes things get heated but at the end of the day it should stay focused on football. The personal stuff really doesn’t have a place here as none of us knows anything about each other personally.

        I don’t always agree with everybody’s takes, but I do know that we share a bond in that we are Niner fans. Nothing wrong with stirring it up, but try to keep it to football content. We should be having some fun and hoping to see a 6th Lombardi presented to our team in New York a couple of weeks from now.

        Eye on the prize guys, eye on the prize.

      11. Yesterday i called out Bay for rooting for a uniform not players because he stopped rooting for ex 9er players. He informed me i was wrong that he did continue to root for 9er players after they left the team [unless of course they were playing the 9ers] if that is true i owe him an apology, i had him confused with others here who’s only true rooting interest is the color of a jersey. I root for my team but i also root for individuals. I would never have called R. Lott “the enemy” unless we were playing the raiders. I never would have called J. Montana “the enemy” unless we were playing the Chiefs and i can say the same thing for R. Craig, T. Rathman and A. Smith. All quality men who never threw a coach or team mate under the bus. Do’nt just root for an empty red and gold jerseys you will enjoy the game more if you actually root for the men. At least the ones who are decent honest honarable ones.

      12. Root for former players. Sure, I have and will. Someone (was it prime time?) said they also had a 2nd favorite team and was blasted by… I won’t say, but a few.

        Know who also is down with the concept of “2nd favorite team?”

        “I don’t know. What’s the matter with having two favorite teams? Is that a crime? Lowell Cohn, is that a crime?”

        -Jim Harbaugh 1/8/2014

    9. Lol that’s how you bring on the trolls bay.
      You can’t play their stats game if it gos against their stance. Up even managed to turn teacher against student. Claude talks about not agreeing with opinions and slamming someone for them. When all I ever read is some backhanded comment at the bottom of a post with his name on it. DAILY! Claude with that background check comment YOU have managed a new low. Let them hate Bay. They remind me of Seattle fans right now. Worried about what’s coming. A 49er Super Bowl win, for these guys that means they could do it without #11. And that’s what they don’t want to hear. Its pathetic. Fan77
      Just go find another team. You have nothing left but to keep the Alex smith spirit alive. Hoff 2.0

      1. Guys,

        I’ve always said that Fan77 was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Fan always says he likes Kap but then throws a negative comment out about Kap. You either like the guy or you don’t. Fan has NEVER liked Kap and he doesn’t now.

        Saying that Cam could beat Seattle with this team is a stupid comment to make. However, it might be true. It might be true because Cam has confidence issues. This team with all of its strong leaders on defense and offense, could help him with that. As far as his skills, he’s no better than Kap.

        I told you all that I wouldn’t pass judgement on Kap until Crabtree came back. Fan77 is the one person on this blog who can’t see that Kap has improved because of Crabtree. The guy just does not like Kap.

        Kap got off to a shaky start against the panthers but that drive before the half was MAJOR. He balled from that drive forth. He needed to calm down and use his legs to move around. He did that and he changed the game. He topped it off by showing his edge when he scored and repeated Newton’s superman move. Not real classy but his confidence allows him to play like that and then get the job done.

        If you guys are not impressed with Kap now. Just stand by. Tell me what you think when he kisses that Lombardi trophy. The 6th one!!!!

      2. >>You either like the guy or you don’t

        Third option: you like the guy because he’s the team QB, but still make commentary about his obvious weaknesses.

        As far as Cam goes, I remember a bunch here got their panties in a twist when our previous QB made comments on Cam’s stats vs winning. Plenty of Cam defenders back then.

      3. Ribico,

        I think we all know that every QB has several flaws in their 2nd year of football. Now after 7 or 8, that’s another story. I remember the comments about Cam not winning. They were made by someone else who can’t win a Super Bowl. Something Kap is about to do this year. Yeah, I remember that.

  9. Roman needs to script his first possession like a bestseller. Scoring a touchdown to go up 7-0 in the first quarter would set the tone…..

    1. EXF29KINZACTLY!!!
      The BS of settling for three points on opening drives ain’t gonna cut it on Sunday….GR and JH need to be a little more inventive in the Red Zone this week…3 is better thqn none, but when 6 is staring you in the face, you need to grab it… as I’m on the subject of Sunday, Marshawn Lynch has to be TACKLED…not run into him like the Saints did, but TACKLED…..wrapped up low at the knees or below. Try to run into him (blow him up), tackle him high or without wrapping him up and it’ll be a long afternoon……

  10. I coached Little League at MSJLL (in Fremont)
    for several years.. and one year .. I had a girl on my team ..
    She played 2nd base .. and could hit the ball and get on base
    probably better than a couple of the guys I had ..

    Grant … I assume you had some prowess out in center
    (my fave position, also) .. but ..
    how did you do at the plate ?

    1. MW,
      I played MSJ LL. When did you coach there? Back when the fields were on Olivas? Unfortunately they tore those down. MSJ LL plays at Mattos Elementary now… Wow. Brings back memories.

      1. bay …
        I when I coached there, it was at Gomes Elementary … .. late 80′s and early ’90s ..
        Was Head Coach of the (senior) A’s
        in 1991 & 1992
        (’91 was the team I had the female 2nd base)

        When did you play there ?

  11. Grant,
    just got my ticket. You going to the game? My brother warned me ahead of time to tone down my fandom lol.
    I’m offering up a birthday cocktail at my brothers lounge in the U district…….

    1. bay ..
      I coached 2 sons who played there ..

      first year as an ass’t … I was with the
      (minor) A’s … (with my oldest son) .. and
      we actually went to TOC …
      but .. got beat out by San Ramon’s
      (minor) team ..
      (a couple of their players sported mustaches !)

      The final was 16-9 … apparently, we were the only
      team to score that many against them

  12. Happy Birthday!

    Growing up in Santa Rosa we were Niner fans, but the Raiders had training camp at the El Rancho. It wasn’t unusual for kids to support both teams. The Niners/Raiders appealed to our Bay Area vs The Eastern Establishment mind set.

    Then the Raiders moved to LA. That changed everything. When they returned the new fan base was little like the original. Gone were the knowledgeable, black sock waiving, blue collar one fans. (to be fair the Niner fan base has also changed since 81 as ticket prices soared)

    1. Brodie the old 9er fans did’nt go away because of ticket prices, they went the way of good paying middle class union jobs. In the section we sat in at Kezar and the early days of candlestick you could’nt throw a rock without hitting a teamster or longshoremen. Because of unions the middle class in the 50′s through the 60′s and into the 70′s was financially comfortable.

    2. My life experience was totally different. I also grew up in Santa Rosa. For many years my uncles hangout was some bar that was also frequented by Raiders at certain times during training camp. One side of the family was Raider fans and the more educated side was 49er fans. Absolutely, NO ONE cheered on both teams. Kids usually cheered on whomever their Father’s rooted for as if it were part of their heritage. Football Sundays were heavy with arguing and fighting. Most of our family lived near each other and we were very close – except on Sundays.

      1. “my uncles hangout was some bar that was also frequented by Raiders” The legendary Bamboo Room? My brother had a little disagreement over a bar stool with a Raider there (ended peacefully).

        My fam moved up from San Rafael in 63. The 49ers were our favorites, but we rooted for the Raiders when they weren’t playing the 49ers. Knew lots of kids at school that liked both teams. Art Shell passed out CYO basketball trophies for the 3rd graders. Totally cool.

    3. I went to a friend’s house once for a SF/Oak game. His brother in law is a Raiders fan. So he set one table for us with red table cloth and fancy beer flutes. He then set up a kiddie table with black vinyl cover and paper plates and cups and stools for his in law and his buddies.
      Unfortunately that was Marcus Allen’s rookie debut and he ran wild against the Niners.

    4. Raised in the south bay, I was a fan of both teams. How could you not like those Madden Raiders? Snake was the *man*. Especially as the post-Brodie Niners were a pretty grim outfit. Remember the “manilla folders” nickname?

      1. McCulley-O’Connor Era. I remember they started every game with 45Drive; FB over left side. The fans would groan out loud. Later in the season they’d just wait for it. They’d get it on the first play and Boo. Then they’d settle down and endure another loss in quiet desperation.
        The Jimmy Raye WR-Wham play was a Deja Vu nightmare.

  13. Lucky you didn’t get beat up man, but let’s be honest you aren’t just a raiders fan, you are a raiders and a Niners fan, The raiders are your AFC team that’s all.

  14. Is this the last ride as a 49er for Patrick Willis?

    The cap number for the LB group as a whole has a huge jump next year, (+11,682,000) and he has the lowest cap hit if released.

    1. Wow, I sure hope not Jack but the Niners have big decisions to make this year with Crabtree, Aldon, Brown, and Kaepernick.
      I personally don’t think you touch the defense because they have been whats gotten them to 3 straight NFL Championship games.
      Very difficult question but a good one nonetheless.

      1. They have Crabtree, Smith, and Kaepernick under contract through 2014. They could always push those decisions to the following year.

      2. It’s also risky as if you can’t resign them, you can only tag one. I would think they will try and get something done with Kap for sure and maybe Smith. Crabtree will depend on the demands as I’m sure he’s a high priority but may want top 3 WR money which I can’t see the Niners paying for the style of offense they run.

        Let’s also keep in mind that signing some of these guys a year in advance helps the cap as well because you can massage the numbers much easier due to the low money left on the last year of their deals.

      3. FDM,

        I know they will want to, but it comes down to his demands. He made 6 mill this year and had one of the best years of his career so what do you offer him? He’s 33 and could drop off the cliff anytime so you have to be careful how much you give him and how long you sign him. Ideally he would accept a two year deal for about 10 mill, but I think there are other teams that would probably do more.

      4. They’ll need to do something. I’d be shocked if they let Willis go, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his deal was restructured. Rogers will be a goner, so will Baldwin. If you are looking for a cap friendly cut to save a good deal of money, Frank Gore could be the surprise casualty…

        I’d be surprised if Kaep wasn’t extended this off-season, but I think you might see both Crabtree and Aldon Smith offered extensions too. Both of those guys already have cap hits around $4.5 – $5 million anyway. I could see at least one being extended.

    2. I think that he won’t be brought back after his current contract runs out Jack. Justin Smith, Frank Gore, and Ray McDonald are the ones I would keep an eye on.

      1. They will need to make some hard cuts to fit the cap next season. Best I can tell they are only about $9 million under the cap as they sit now, and that would be with only 3 WR’s under contract, losing Brown, Whitner, and Dobbs.

        Cutting Rogers would save about $5mil, Gore would save $6.45mil, and Willis would save about $5.7 mil.

      2. Cutting Baldwin would save the team approximately $1.4 million. Losing Dahl would save $1.88 million.
        If Lattimore overtakes Hunter as the #2 RB, then the odd man out would probably be Hunter and his salary of approximately $755,000.
        Dan Skuta and his $1.65 million salary could also be a cap casualty.
        The team could also choose to get younger at DE and cut either Cowboy or McDonald, with the former saving the team from a cap hit of approximately $6.74 million and the latter approximately $5.35 million.
        Adam Snyder and his $1.3 million hit is another possibility of being let go.
        There is a good number of options available for cutting before Willis.

      3. MidWest,

        Justin Smith and McDonald carry a lot of dead money. Cutting Smith saves them ~$400k, and McDonald would only save about ~$1mil.

        Guys like Skuta and Dahl are core special team players who are also very good backups, making them more valuable than the small amount of savings you pick up by cutting them.

        Regarding running back, I think they go with Lattimore to replace Dixon as the short yardage guy and mix him in with Hunter and James.

      4. They are still on the hook for guaranteed money and bonuses already paid but any future contract money would disappear.

    3. Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no way in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      if we were gonna part ways with the face of our franchise, why the hell wouldnt we trade him? If alex smith will net you 2 2nd rounders…..willis would be worth 2 first rounders!! or a top 10 and a 2nd or 3rd

      1. jshaw,

        Cut/trade, either way. The drop off the last couple seasons when Willis has gone down hasn’t been significant.

      2. But when he is in the lineup, he is magical. He makes Bowman look good as Bowman makes him look good. You cannot break up a tandem like that. You work your cap around play makers like that until their production drops off. It looks to me like they are only getting better with age.

      3. Goodwin and Rodgers are gone!! that will save us 10-12 million. Whitner will not get his 6 mil, i would cut then resign him for cheaper! He loves it here and he wouldnt get a big time contract anywhere else ( age/ lack of height/ 1 illegal hit every game) or, like Justin Smith, restructure, save us cap $, get an extension and retire a 49er in a few years.

        The bright side to Aldon/off field issues crabb/injury Kap/ average year… that there is no rush to get those deals done right away.
        And dont forget about Iupati.
        Boldin will also come of the books for 6 mil.

        Boldin, Goodwin, Whitner and rodgers are all gonna be gone outright or hear under new, more cap friendly deals. either way 4 guys at 6 mil each…..right there thats 20-25 million

      4. without goodwin boldin and brown…..ok….dont forget Whitner and rodgers…….another 10-12 mil

        I could totally see gore (and willis, down the road, when his deal is closer to the end and the cap number is WAY up there) singing an extension just the way Justin Smith did.
        I.E. we owe frank 1 year, at say, 6 mil…….we cut you and you dont see one cent……or you restructure, say, 2 years 7 mil…..most of it guaranteed.

        Im sure youll corect me if im wrong, but that just what we did with Justin Smith.

        Couple reasons why this can/will work:
        these guys LOVE playing here
        they already made millions from this franchise
        they get to compete for a SB every year
        love teammates/coaches
        $ saved by team goes towards other good players
        etc etc

      5. jshaw,

        I should have been more clear. They are about $9mil under the salary cap with Goodwin, Boldin, Brown, Whitner, and the other impending free agents not coming back.

        I did factor in about $1.9mil for a 2nd and 3rd string QB, and $2.4 for a kicker since Dawson is also a FA.

    4. Geez, Jack-
      First you post those horrible stats comparing Keap to Russel Wilson, then you’ve got P-Willy going out the door.
      I usually look to you for happier news!

    5. The realities of the salary cap dictate tough decisions sometimes. I think they’ll probably try to lower the cap hit of the LB group, but doubt they’ll release anybody as they will have a lot of cap room with a few expected moves including releasing Rogers.

      There will be some changes though like Rogers and Brown not being retained most likely, Whitner and Goodwin probably not being resigned etc. We have a number of big ticket guys to resign and a lot of draft picks so they will go young in a few areas I would guess.

      1. Jack, got ya, you left out carlos rodgers that time, so im assuming 9 goes to 15 mill??? there is no way he does not get cut

      2. Jack, another Q : 2011 rookies get a 4 year deal with a team option for a 5th year, right? That would mean kap and Aldon are locked up for 2 more years? Crabb and Iupati on the other hand, have only 1 year left right?

      3. i re-read the PFT article about 2011 rookies:
        1st round picks have a team option for the 5th year.
        Top 10 picks would get that 5th year at the average of the top 10 players at that position and for picks 11-32 it would be the average of the top 25 players at that position. I think it said the highest 3 players at said position would not count, be omitted from salary’s used to get the average, like a mulligan.
        Im not sure what this means for players not taken in the 1st round (like Kap). I guess they only have 4 year deals?

    6. I think it’s worth paying Willis the $5.28 mil he’s slated to receive in 2014 to see which way his playing days are headed. That would inform the future, as he’s contracted to make over $7 mil in both 2015 and 2016.

    7. I mentioned something similar about our front seven:

      Coffee’s for Closers says:
      January 8, 2014 at 3:18 pm

      For the 2013-14 season our starting front seven is costing us $22,961,371 in 2014 without modification those same seven players will cost us $41,912,843. We were already nudging the cap this season. Forgetting for a second that we have major extensions that need to be signed during or at the end of next season how do we afford a 19 million dollar combined pay raise for 7 players? That’s just for those 7 players, there are plenty of other players on the books to get raises next season plus we have a draft class and free agents to sign next spring.

      1. Does anyone remember where the team was at the start of last off season with regards to the cap?

        About $7mil should cover the draft picks, and there aren’t many holes to fill through free agency.

      2. We were just under 1 million in cap space most of this season if Im not mistaken and if Im correct the cap is only going to increase by 1-2 million next season. So if we were already almost at the cap and 7 players that are already on the roster are due to make an extra $19 million I would think we are currently looking at being quite a bit over at the beginning of next season.

      3. Jack Hammer says:
        January 13, 2014 at 4:15 pm
        Does anyone remember where the team was at the start of last off season with regards to the cap?
        Too bad we can’t search because I know I mentioned it myself at the end of last season. I hate clicking through the archives and scrolling trying to look for my avatar.

      4. Spotrac has this info:

        2012 rollover:$859,734
        2013 adjustment: $2,417,585
        2013 Cap: 123,000,000
        2013 adjusted cap: 126,277,319

        Active Contracts 110,449,249
        Injured Reserve Money 7,074,109
        Dead Money 5,864,561
        Practice Squad 816,000 - - Total $124,203,919

        So we have 2.07 M in space

      5. I’m estimating that we will have around $13-$15 million in salary cap space after the team releases certain players or the player(s) retire. So what Jack suggests could come to fruition. We could end up having to release or trade Willis.

    8. Look for them to draft an ILB. Prospects like Stanford’s Skov, Alabama’s Mosely, or Florida State’s C. Jones come to mind.

      1. I can see Skov or Jones falling to the 3rd round. That would be a great value pick. The 49ers will have 6 draft picks in the top three rounds. Using a 3rd round pick on an ILB is not a waste. It will insurance in case they lose Patrick Willis.

        1. First round: Own pick
        2. Second round: Own pick
        3. Second round: Kansas City pick in 2013 Alex Smith trade
        4. Third round: Tennessee pick in 2013 draft day trade
        5. Third round: Own pick
        6. Third: Compensatory (Dashon Goldston)

  15. Happy birthday Grant.
    Normally I would laugh my head off at you being classified as a Raiders fan, but my sister-in-law lost her brother this past weekend at the young age of 34. He was a Raiders fan and, in out of respect to him, I’ve chosen not to rail on the Raiders for a little bit.

    1. Sorry to hear that MWD,

      I hear you though. My wife lost her brohter 2 yrs ago (18) and he was a fan as well. So I root for them every once in a while.

  16. ♫ Sending out an SOS…..For some sick reason I’m not overly confident about winning in Seattle….Someone please help me get my mind right……♫Sending out an SOS

    1. Kaepurnicus has risen to lead this team back to the promise land, just as he did last year. The Seahawks can be run on, and Frank’s got a couple hundred more yards in him before the season’s over….

    2. crabb, i just saw a picture of C link field on the sac bee sports page……the hair on my freakin neck stood up and i was overwhelmed with that numb, tingly feeling that is pure adrenalin rushing through you. I swear the thought of charging that field with a pointy stick ( like from the movie brave heart) and stabbing anyone/anything wearing blue or green seriously crossed my mind!

      This is the game the Niners wanted. They WANT to play there, and win, to exercise the demon. 0-2 is the monkey on kaps back!!! hes ready!! that D is ready! We need to run the ball and stop the run! That simple! without a running game Wilson will fail!!! With a running game, Kap and the 49ers will sail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. The Seahawks evidently don’t feel like they can win against our team despite having the home field advantage Crab. Why else would they only allow six states that have Seahawk fan bases access to tickets from their team website?
      We go into this game with a healthy offense and defense, something that was missing from last year’s run (that resulted in a Super Bowl appearance). We have Boldin, Crabtree, Davis, Gore, and Kaep as weapons on offense. We have an impressive DL and an even better LB corps.
      Despite losing a key player in our secondary, those guys have yet to miss a beat while the Seahawks secondary hasn’t looked the same since the Browner incident.
      Wilson has been in as slump of late while Kaep has started showing what makes him such a potent weapon.
      Percy Harvin continues to be sidelined due to being a fragile China doll.

      1. It’s why I was actually hoping that our team would have to travel to Seattle for the conference championship. I would have loved to have seen them play at Candlestick one more time, but I prefer how Candlestick went out with style on Bowman’s pick six. There wasn’t a more fitting end to its legacy.
        I also want to see Kaep take it to the Seahawks on their own turf.

      1. Prime – Seattle has only allowed 1 TD in first quarter all season long, just 1. Niners need to score TD on first or 2nd drive….TD not a FG.
        I don’t want to see Dr. Phil kickin 3′s in the first quarter.

      2. I hear what your saying Crab but the game will evolve as it will. The thing to keep in mind is the 49ers cannot turn the ball over and when Seattle scores, we have to match or stop their next possession within the 1st Q.
        I don’t think Carrol can out coach Harbaugh. They tried to play chess in SF and lost. The more I think about this game and hear the players talk about revenge, the more confident I am in SF.

      3. Seahawks are still saying the Refs ‘gave’ the game in SF to the Niners. If they’re in denial, then they can be had.
        They’re formidable but the Niners seem to have their heads in the right place now. I believe they have every chance to win there, and I’m not insulted or surprised that the rest of the world wants to wait and see.

    4. Crab, if it helps I had a dream the night before the Panthers game that we were up like 49 – 7 on the Seahawks. Pretty sure it was at C Link.

      I’m feeling great about this game coming up.

      1. Dareal – If Niners win 49-7 or anything close to that, we will crown your ass bro. Hell, I posted my last dream a couple weeks back (a UFO was hovering over my house)…..No missing time lol.

      1. Nick on top of being 35 i believe Goodwin has been the weak link on the O line this year. I believe the reason he is out there is because he call the O line adjustments and does it well but physically he has been substandard this year his run blocking has been weak but his stunt and blitz pick ups have been very bad. I think Kilgore is ready to step in, Looney is ready to step in at guard, we do need a quality BU OT.

  17. (er fans enjoy the next 2 games cause it will be a bloody off season and regardless of how much you love a certain player there will be some very popular players let go. Hopefully we do’nt go down the same road as the Ravens. To bad we do’nt have Boldin under contract we could trade him back to the Ravens

    1. True story Old coach. That’s the nature of the league now. I just hope they find a way to keep the key guys like Crabs along with the core guys like Kap and Smith. My guess is they sign Kap to an extension and then one of Smith or Crabs depending on who will accept what they offer if either of them do. Then whichever one doesn’t sign can still be kept with a franchise tag if nothing is completed before the end of next season. No doubt they are going to lose some good players though. Whitner, Brown, Iupati in 2015, no way to keep everybody.

  18. Has anyone bashed Grant for being all on Percy Harvin’s jock strap this off-season???!!! Remember how high he was on that guy??? Most of us tried telling him Harvin was nothing but a injury prone chump that dosent love the game

    1. It’s his birthday — cut him some slack, would you? Grant hates revisiting the past — he lives only for the future, as in future game predictions!

      Happy birthday Grant!

      I have this vision of Percy Harvin playing against the Niners on Sunday. First, the good news for the Seahawks fan — Harvin on the first offensive series, convertsa pass on third and long and escapes to the sideline to avoid Hitner closing in. Bad news for the Seahawks fans — he runs into a cheerleader near the sidelines and gets another concussion!

      1. Harvin will get knocked out by one of the Skittles the Seahawk fans love to throw on the field. I can see the headline now: HARVIN HIT BY AN U.F.S. (Unidentified Flying Skittle), OUT FOR THE REST OF THE GAME.

  19. Howzabout the most recent power rankings:

    1. Seattle
    2. Denver
    3. da niners

    Only one way to convince the world…
    bring home the bacon (Lombardi trophy).
    Getting stopped short by the Seahawks will be…
    p.a.i.n.f.u.l. Especially if they happen go on
    and lose the Super Bowl. Too many ‘what ifs’…

    1. Please keep up your weak predictions. It makes it so much better when you are proven wrong time after time after time after…

    2. Alex: Hey Jim
      Jim: hey buddy what do you need?
      Alex: was wondering when I caddie for you and wash your balls
      Jim: not now Alex we are still in the playoffs no time

  20. Grant over the course of this week can you try and figure out what methods they plan on using to overcome the noise. That is the ultimate question. We already have a hard to getting the two plays from upstairs, to Harbaugh, to Kap, without the crowd noise. How do they plan to eliminate that problem. We can not blow timeouts, have Kap rushing to snap the ball, I would like to know what methods they will use to keep the offense flowing.

      1. I agree with the no huddle. At least rushing up to line of scrimmage preventing the from rotating their DL. Then taking time to communicate the plays.

    1. Even the saints offensive Brian trust struggled in Seattle.

      I would suggest the following: script the first 20 plays base on down and situation with one audible.

  21. Crabs ..
    you might get a kick outta this ..

    After the game, Sunday .. I drove to the
    grocery store .. and as I was walking in ..
    a guy wearing a “Michael Crabtree” jersey was
    walking out …

    I looked at him … smiled … and pulled my
    pea-coat open to reveal my #7 …

    He smiled back .. and asked me if I watched the game

    I told him …”Sure did” ..

    Heard him shout as he left the store ..

    “Onward to Seattle !! — Go Niners !”

    1. MWN – Lol thanks for sharing that……was he a handsome stud-lookin dude with some hot chick? If so it was me……. :)

  22. I say 1st pass of the game send patton deep, you guys know hes gonna draw thurmond. Thurmond might be gullible on the deep ball. Suprise em early, shut the croud up

  23. The Niners are joining elite company when they play the NFC championship game.

    “When the 49ers play the Seahawks on Sunday, it will be their 15th appearance in the NFC Championship Game. They will join the Pittsburgh Steelers for most championship game appearances in league history.”

    1. Unless Kurt Warner is planning on coming out of retirement I expect the Titans to be looking for another head coach in about 3 years.

      1. I actually knew about his Camp Taylor ties Bay. I think it’s great that we have had two QBs under Harbaugh that enjoy(ed) giving back selflessly. Hopefully more of this side of Kaep will be revealed to the haters as time goes on.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the schizophrenic Smith stalker is behind that photo comparison.

      2. Great stuff MW,

        I think we are going to see a lot of this in Kap’s many years as a niner. He just doesn’t fit the image of the conforming QB. I love that him or Harbs could careless about that stuff. He comes to play football and he gives 100%, who cares about his style or tats.

  24. I remember Seattle a couple of years ago…no….wait I dont..No one knew Seattle they were the most irrelevant team on the face of the planet! There whole existence is a sham …They all have the lamest fans I’ve ever seen…The best selling jersey is a #12 that says fan on the back know they stole the 12th man from a college team and the only reason there loud is because of there stadium..Seattle is a joke ..There is no rivalry..The Cowboys and Packers are our rivals the lame little turds from alaska are just the little chihuahua that keeps nipping get at the big dogs heels looking to be recognized. .Seattle is the lamest city on earth and I have no respect for a fan base that has zero football knowledge and selective memories.Seattle has been voted one of the worst sports towns for the last ten years and have never been more popular than 26th until this year..Everyone from Seattle dresses like they shop at big 5 and the rapper that represents Seattle is a dorky fool named macklamore…I hope we smash these little alaska lames into the miserable rain soaked dirt in there boring ass city

    1. Amusing rant. I enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure due to my own partisanship, but it reminded me of the irony of it all. You see, Seattle and San Francisco are a bit alike. The teams are quite a bit alike. The two Head Coaches are locked in a competitive dance like Darkness and Light, like Yin and Yang; one can’t exist without the other. The cultures of the respective fan bases are similar. Our lifestyles are similar to the folks in western Washington.
      There are a zillion good folks who are Seahawks fans who just happen to hate the 49ers. I want to see those fans disappointed. I want to see worry on Pete’s smug mug. I want to watch him throw his gum. I want to see Richard Sherman flapping his jaws at the Refs until he steps on his, uh, tongue.
      But I don’t need to denigrate ALL the people of the Great Noth West. There was one good egg who came on here after the game at The Stick to congratulate us and look forward to the ‘inevitable’ rematch & rumble. I’ve even gotten a bit used to Capeman; I think the Pupus must be doing him some good.
      Now let’s get ready to rummmmmmmble!

  25. Anyone remember back in 2010 when’s Jason La Canfora reported that LeGarrette Blount signed a free agent contract with Niners?Blunt changed his mind and signed with Titans.
    Hmm? I wonder how that would’ve worked out if Blunt chose Niners?

      1. Hammer – What’s your take on Lattimore’s future? He’s good to go next season, he will start his 2nd year if he stays healthy. He’s that good man.
        I think Gore has one more good year left as the starter. If Gore finally gets his ring this year, I could see him possibly retiring after next season. Then it’s the Marcus show or two-headed monster (Lattimore/Hunter).

      2. Sorry Crabs, you said Lattimore. I hope he is redy to take Gores spot. However, he may have to sit behind Gore and learn to pass protect.

      3. 23J – Rathman and Gore will teach Lattimore pass blocking. Lattimore is no small dude (almost 6 ft and weighs 225). He’ll probably add 10 more pounds of muscle before next season starts.
        Gore is 5-9 215 lbs now and Hunter is even smaller than Gore at 5-7 200 lbs. Blocking takes heart though, not just size. Lattimore will be special. The future is so bright I gotta wear shades. Lol

      4. what do you guys see in hunter? nothing special there, he is not the answer, couldn’t care less if he’s gone and some other back takes his place. what we need is the answer down the line when gore is gone, not another cute backup.

      5. Hey Crab,

        I think Lattimore slides into Dixon’s role in the RB rotation and James becomes more of a Dexter Carter special teams type.

      6. At nearly 6.5M against the cap next year as well as pushing 30 and stable full of ‘fresh legs’ behind him, my beloved Frankie Gore could be one of the first cap casualties of the 2014 season.

      7. No need to be to disappointed about Blount. He’s on his 3rd team and really hasn’t had much impact the past couple of seasons until a couple of weeks ago. He’s a decent player but we already have plenty of those. Lattimore will be very good if he can stay healthy.

    1. He’s dumb. He could have been here all along and I believe we would have one the super bowl last year easily had he been here. The last goal line situation came with gore on the sidelines after his long run. insert Blount and we run it in.
      imagine him behind our big o line. ……bammm

      1. Big niner – You may be right, Blunt would’ve had 1-2 carries from the 5 yd line. Wam bam and maybe he scores. Instead of quest for six we are then saying “seeking 7″

  26. Any chance Staley starts barking for a pay raise when he notices that Anthony Davis makes more then him…by a lot.

    1. Coffee that all depends on whether Staley got his in guaranteed money IE signing bonus while Davis got his in salary IE non guaranteed money. If Davis received an equal bonus than yes i can see Staley holding out for renegotiation.

      1. It’s a good point, the numbers I looked at were listed as cap hits which usually include all of the bonuses prorated into it. I know certain bonuses only count the year they are given so maybe he received a large signing bonus at the time, I don’t remember.

  27. Most Super Bowl Wins:

    1. Pittsburgh Steelers 6 wins
    2. San Francisco 49ers 5
    3. Dallas Cowboys 5
    4. Green Bay Packers 4
    5. New York Giants 4
    6. New England Patriots 3

    Tied for last with ZERO Super Bowl wins:

    Cincinnati Bengals
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Minnesota Vikings
    Buffalo Bills
    San Diego Chargers
    Atlanta Falcons
    Tennessee Titans
    Carolina Panthers
    Arizona Cardinals
    Cleveland Browns
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Detroit Lions
    Houston Texans
    Seattle Seahawks

    1. Congrats to the the Lions fans on getting the runner-up candidate. Any chance the teams hubris cost them the coach they wanted by thinking they could take their time?

    2. Caldwell is a moron, he is a clown, he really screwed up with the Colts job, putting in subs and not letting the regular players go after the undefeated season.

  28. NFL network is showing the replay of week 2 and man we had some great opportunities to win that game but Colin played like crap in week2. Its time for the young QB to prove he belongs. Turnovers, fumble and INTS just completely changed the game.

  29. what was nice our defense was lay wood on Russell W all night long. I tell you if Colin can play much better we will be playing in New York.

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