49ers 16, Giants 10: Grades

East Rutherford, NJ. – The 49ers barely beat the Giants, a bad team that quit after the second quarter and turned the ball over five times. So here are the Niners’ grades.

KAEPERNICK: C. The best you can say is he didn’t turn the ball over. Which is good, but his first pass almost got picked off. And he fumbled once (he recovered it). And he didn’t complete a single pass in the red zone. And he didn’t throw a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter for the 12th game in a row (counting playoffs). Is that a record?

RUNNING BACKS: B+. Frank Gore fumbled in the red zone, but he gained 95 yards on 19 carries, including 56 yards on 10 counter runs. He gained 56 yards on 10 counter runs last week, too. The counter is just about unstoppable when Gore runs it. Greg Roman can’t call it often enough, although he seems to believe 10 is Gore’s limit. Seems arbitrary. Carlos Hyde carried the ball 9 times for just 25 yards. He ran only four different plays – 5 outside zones, 2 counters, 1 inside zone and 1 weak lead. The coaches don’t seem to trust him to properly execute more than a handful of running plays right now.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C. Make Michael Crabtree happy – that was the Niners’ game plan. Kaepernick threw the first pass of the game to Crabtree and the Giants almost picked it off. Kaepernick threw Crabtree 8 more passes and he caught 3 and dropped 2. Crabtree has dropped 10 passes already this season – about 1 drop for every 4 catches he has made. The Giants’ defense seemed to give up mid-play during Crabtree’s 48-yard touchdown catch at the beginning of the third quarter. Crabtree looked like he was running under water, and yet he still ran away from the Giants’ defensive backs. Anquan Boldin caught 5 passes for 53 yards. Ho hum. Kaepernick threw just one pass to Stevie Johnson and he caught it, of course. He catches everything this season. Does he have to pout like Crabtree to get more targets? Johnson is hot – throw him the ball.

TIGHT ENDS: F. Greg Roman called 6 deep passes for Vernon Davis on second down and Davis caught none of them. What a waste. Roman also called a deep pass for Vance McDonald in the third quarter. Guess what happened.

OFFENSIVE LINE: A. Pushed around the Giants’ defense in the run game and gave up just one sack. But the sack wasn’t the offensive line’s fault. Kaepernick faked a handoff and rolled out right into Giants’ defensive end Robert Ayers, who was waiting for Kaepernick. The Giants scouted that play perfectly. Roman has to disguise it better.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A. Dominated the Giants’ banged up offensive line. Shut down Rashad Jennings and the Giants’ running game. Ray McDonald played his best game in years, recording 5 tackles and a sack.

LINEBACKERS: A. The Giants’ backup right tackle couldn’t block Aaron Lynch, who sacked Manning once. Lynch was the Niners’ best pass rusher. Aldon Smith hit Manning twice but didn’t sack him. Chris Borland picked off Manning twice and recorded 12 tackles, 2 for losses. Michael Wilhoite gave up a 19-yard touchdown catch to Giants’ tight end Larry Donnell on the first drive of the game. But Wilhoite made up for his mistake when he intercepted Manning in the second quarter.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: B. Nine of Manning’s 22 completions gained more than 15 yards, but the Niners’ defensive backs didn’t give up any TD catches, and Eric Reid and Chris Culliver each intercepted a pass. Dontae Johnson tipped the game-winning interception to Chris Borland at the goal line late in the fourth quarter.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D. Gave up a 38-yard kick return and a 25-yard punt return. Andy Lee fumbled a low snap from Kyle Nelson in the third quarter.

COACHES: D. Would have been an “F” if not for Vic Fangio, one of the best defensive coordinators in football. The first-team offense went 0-for-4 in the red zone. It still hasn’t scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter this season. Manning threw five picks, but the Niners only scored one touchdown. Hard to accomplish. This game should not have been close. The offense played down to the competition, and that’s on Jim Harbaugh.

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  1. The offense played down to the competition, and that’s on Jim Harbaugh.

    1. How is that NOT on the head coach? Of course it’s on Jim Harbaugh. He should have gotten himself a real OC after that debacle in the Super Bowl when the Niners came out dead and then turned on the heat after being down by 21+.

      Hey Jim, why don’t you get a guy who can script a dominating gameplan from the getgo and even make adjustments.

      G-Ro is the problem, and Harbaugh is the enabler. Jim won’t cut him loose or demote him, and the Niners won’t win because of it. That’s on Jim.

      1. Did you hear the post game press conference with Harbaugh? It was pretty funny, they asked him about the offense and he said something to the effect of ” I thought we played pretty well but didn’t finish. How many times did we punt?”
        The quick answer Jim is you punted a LOT.

            1. This numbers are off because of the number of turnovers… but lets not take that into account.

              1 punt in the first half good start.

              second half drive chart.
              turnover on downs (so they chose not to punt)

              But hey, the Giants didnt punt much either I guess.

              1. The turnover on downs in the second half was due to a botched FG attempt, not that they decided not to punt.
                As for turnovers, the niners had one in the first half and the botched FG in the second. The reason that they only punted once in the first half has because they’d scored three field goals and taken time off the clock with good drives.

              2. In a close defensive game, played away, played in the cold, a good punter is a strategic weapon. Lee’s last punt, a 60 yarder, pinning the Giants back at their 10 with just over a minute left, was one of the key plays of the game. But let’s not take that into account – TDs and long passes are the only part of football that counts.

            2. Seeing as how our average punts per game is 4.4 we had an average day of punting.

      2. LOL Are you kidding me? They didn’t punt A LOT by any stretch.

        Harbaugh was exactly correct. They didn’t finish drives. They didn’t even finish the field goals a few times.

        For some reason, I picture guys like you watching the game and every possession that doesn’t result in a touchdown, you start pounding your desk. and during commercial open your laptop so you can scream on the web that Kaepernick and Roman should be fired.

        6 pts were taken off the board by a bad snap on a FG and a Gore fumble when the were marching on the very first drive (and that’s also assuming they only get 3 pts out of the first drive with the Gore fumble where CK converted on 3rd down and 5 or 6 several times). Even without those two (Non QB…one offensive) errors, they are at 22 pts and maintain a two possession lead.

        One of the whopping 4 times they had to punt, Crabtree dropped a 3rd down ball right in his hands. The other they punted was while trying to hold on to a lead and run down as much clock by running the ball.

        FYI: the broncos scores 7 pts against the rams who the 49ers played twice and put up more pts. The Detroit lions scored 6 total pts (yes, SIX) against the cardinals and both teams have dominating #1 receivers and both teams have QBs with double CK’s experience making more money.

        Four punts is VERY LITTLE for an offense who held the lead all game (especially when the punts are late in the game and field position is a factor).

        Four punts is usually less than 30% of the possesions. When you have just one turnover (on a fumble by Gore) and the defense got you several turnovers that means you had more possessions than usual. Above Avg possessions & below avg punts = effectivness

        By comparison, the Broncos, who usually see more possessions on avg, punt on average 5 times per game. Also Chip “High Powered Offense” Kelly (who got blown out by the team CK always dominates); punts on avg about 5 times per game as well.

        Does anyone on this blog even watch football or should we just put a Seahawks logo on it and call it the “Colin Kaepernick Hate Club of Disinformation.” We’ll just make it the blog where rip the QB and the OC for things they didn’t even do wrong. Anyone else remember Alex Smith and that highly potentent passing attack offense we had under him. Even when they were winning, that TD pass to crabtree wouldn’t have been possible.

        I’ll leave you all with a fun fact: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s21/sh/c25f18fa-9d10-4315-a1c0-a180e9c008d6/40f67ad9d8cf6ce9/res/368ffc70-6991-4a5f-aa4a-ab8c11de64cc/ScreenClip.png

  2. Sorry GC, this games on Roman. You know he sucks, I know he sucks, and rest of the league knows he sucks. By the end of the year this D msy be better than any we have had, and r offense my b worse.

    1. Of course, and Jim is the only one who can do anything about Roman’s job security, so “it’s on Jim.”

    2. LOL…Worse than what?

      You want to put a game that resulted in a WIN on Roman? LOL. It’s clear you don’t even understand that winning is the goal.

  3. Grant (or anyone really),
    What is the real problem with this offense? I asked the same question over at ninersnation and I was curious to know what the people on this blog think. What’s at the heart of the offensive issues. Is it simply a matter of poor execution? Is it poor coaching? Is it more of one and less of the other, or is it a combination of both? I know these may seem like obvious questions, but I really struggle to understand why they can’t get more production out of theses guys, especially when they had an extremely favorable matchup like they did today.

    1. I’m starting to think its due to a lack of leadership on the offense. Can we still blame the line? The drops? The refs? The coaches? This unit does not seem to have any cohesiveness whatsoever. No heart. No soul.

    2. I think it’s a mix of both. It seems they can’t get on the same page. Are they threw first or run first? I really don’t see the questioning of the offense. When were they ever a high scoring offense anyways?
      They score enough to win and at times when they need to win. It’s stressful, but I still have a feeling they will get it together for four quarters. It’s getting there now that they are running the ball and throwing with balance.

    3. IMO, the problem with the Offense is both a lack of execution and coaching (play design, play calling, instruction…but mostly philosophy).

      The coaches seem to always try to balance on a fine edge of attacking defensive weaknesses, playing to the offense’s strengths but always trying to mask the offense’s weaknesses. This appears to many as “lacking an identity” and to some degree that’s true. But it’s also true that an offense must be able to adjust when the defense takes something away from them (like the run game for example).

      From a technical stand point, Harbaugh and Roman are creative schemers. But philosophically, they are as risk adverse as any defensive coordinator.

      For example, on the second scoring drive in the red zone, the first play called was a failed zone read that resulted in Kaepnerick getting sacked and a loss of yards. Bad play call? Yes. Conservative? Yes, but nothing too notable. But what is telling is that the next play was a run play (don’t know what specifically). Most teams would have passed in that situations. Heck, most teams would have passed on 1st down. The Niners passed on 3rd down and failed to covert 3rd down and settled for a field goal. Now most of us are annoyed and screaming because the Niners settled for a field goal But I think the coaching staff thought they protected some sure points and came away only one point down (7 to 6). You can only think that way if you feel you can lean heavily your defense.

      Part of the problem is of course Kaepernick. He’s the dynamic catalyst of the offense. He’s a big play waiting to happen. But he often takes too long to make decisions once the ball is snapped (if he hasn’t predetermined where he’s going with the ball before the ball is snapped). He does go through progressions, it’s just often by the time he starts to his other options the pass rush has spooked him to running or making a bad play. This problem is only amplified in the red zone where decisions must be made even faster than outside of the red zone. I believe this is part of the reason Roman feels limited in his play calling in the red zone. Another problem of Kaepernick is that I do not believe he reads the field well when his receivers are bunched up. I think he performs best when they are spread out and he can see the entire field, gaps in the coverage etc… The red zone condenses things and the coverage is harder to ID and the gaps in coverage are much smaller to non-existent.

    4. The quick version: we don’t have any dominant receiving matchups (i.e. Megatron or Graham), so it’s incumbent on coaching and QB to win with play-calls and decision making. Evidence shows that’s not happening

      – we haven’t fooled anyone in 2 years. Kap gave us a new look with the pistol read-option, but that’s old news. You could see the Giants were all over our plays, we were only able to move the ball due to having bigger, stronger linemen. It feels like the OC loses every coaching battle.
      – Kap has limitations. Top QBs read the D and throw to the open option. They make up for not having the ‘better’ play called vs. the defense they’re facing. Kap doesn’t appear to win before the snap and he has to hope the line holds up longer than most so he can get through progressions. That’s not on the OC…
      – The OC has trouble setting plays up. I can’t remember watching a run play set up a pass play later in a drive. We should be targeting Miller and the TEs with 7-8 passes per game based on how well they block and move. How often have we seen a WR in single coverage while the S has bitten on run action? Watch the Saints offense and see how play-action should be run.
      – Personnel use is poor. Grant is all over this – see what works and keep going to it. Use players in ways that maximize their talents (i.e. Hunter/James up the middle for no gain, again and again…). Watch Vernon trying to outrun young safeties all game. No separation. If the matchup was on a TE, it’s probably a good play. Against a team that is known for a 3-safety look, it’s not.
      – Lack of identity. At least when we were run-first smashmouth, we made the D match up with us, and thus show their hand. That gave us matchup predictability. Now we lack that.
      – Lack of elite speed. VD doesn’t have it this year, due to age or injury. No WR has it. Hyde is probably our fastest guy, we’ll see if he gets the ball in space sometime before the next OC is hired.
      – Lack of common sense. Kap can throw, and he can run, but he’s not doing either well from the pocket. Our O-line is a 5-star run-blocking crew, and 2-3 star pass-pro crew. It seems pretty obvious we need to run first, create play-action, and spread it out on 3rd and long.

  4. After watching Odell Beckham, Jr., and seeing the day the other rookie receivers had (like Evans), I am sure glad Baalke didn’t trade up to get one of those guys. They all stink and we don’t need a young talented receiver that has more athletic ability than Craptree and Boldin combined.

    Niners will have to play better for this season to have any meaning. This kind of effort won’t cut it. I would love to see the Niners with an OC that knows something about passing, like Norv Turner. Even with Kaepernick’s flaws turner would immediately put 10 more points a game on the board with this roster.

    1. While I loved the sarcasm, in all honesty, to get one of those WRs which player(s) would you be willing to give up? The guys the 49ers drafted are for the most part all looking pretty good too.

      1. Of course this is a monday morning QB after the fact response but my answer would be Ward. The #30 pick. I think he could have been replaced this year with little to no drop. He was injured from the word go and the long term advantage of having a really good rookie contract WR for this and more important next year would have been worth any value Ward contributed.

        1. Yeah, I’d easily give Ward for one of Evans or Beckham, but who else? To get one of Evans or Beckham they aren’t just trading Ward.

      2. Seriously. Consider that Borland, Martin, Johnson, and Lynch all made significant contributions to the win today. Hyde, Ward, and Ellington have also had quite a bit to contribute this year, as well. While I’d have enjoyed one of those receivers too, it’s hard not to be happy with the success of this year’s draft class.

    2. It is true that we should have grabbed a top WR, but it is also true that many of us will be eating our words at end of season regarding this draft class. Ward, Hyde, Lynch, Borland, Martin, Johnson all playing key roles. Most are starting and excelling. Borland and Lynch could finish 1 and 2 for DROY honors by the end of the season. (Aldon Smith makes Lynch a legitimate 2 sack per game threat now).

      If Borland continues his Pro-Bowl level play, he will likely take the honors. He is peaking at the right time and his name is starting to get into the press. The media loves a guy like him…classic overachiever, etc. Personally, I think he is more athletic than media gives him credit for. He is quicker than fast. At his position, it is quickness that matters most.

  5. Stat line of interest: 8 2 15

    Vernon, SJ and Vance Mac combined for 8 targets, 2 catches and 15 yards. Of course, SJ put up 1 1 8.

    Why hasn’t Vance Mac been replaced by carrier. What is wrong with Vernon/Kap chemistry? Yet another win in which the opposing team had a chance to tie or win late in the game – KC, Philly, first rams game are other examples. Our O cant put a game away.
    Of course that would mean scoring a TD in the 4th.

    Our D is one of the best in the league, and our O is one of the worst. If you can somehow quantify talent versus actual offensive production , we are dead last. It boggles my mind why we don’t score 30 + every game.
    I think we hang on and make the playoffs, and hopefully won’t have to play at the Packers. They look real good.

    1. Vernon is not right. We are all criticizing him (which is fine), but all you have to look at is his body language and you can tell he is not physically right. If his back, that is likely not going to get much better during the season. That type of injury takes time and rehab to heal, if it heals at all. We could be inline for a new TE next season.

      Personally, with the contributions of the younger players, I see this team going through further overhaul next year. This is a team that can be even better and younger next year. That is scary.

      Brooks, traded.
      Davis, draft a top TE (again).
      Willis, Borland, Bowman. One of these guys isn’t starting next year. Only put Bowman there because of injury.
      Iupati gone. Have Brandon Thomas, top G in draft, waiting in wings.
      Crabtree, gone. Draft a top WR.
      Justin Smith, retires if we win SB.
      Cox or Culliver gone. Both FA’s will lose one of the two. I’d keep Cox. Only year older.

  6. i have a question why do we have to feed crabtree just because he whines the best receiver(stevie johnson) should start and crabtree earn his way back on the field

    1. Sanchez looked no better or worse then kaep. The difference was kaep was playing agAinst the worse defense the the league, had 5 turnovers from his defense, and only put up 16 points. He didn’t nothing in the fourth quarter. Again.

      1. >>Sanchez looked no better or worse then kaep.

        LOLOL… which one of those QB’s teams was rolled for a 30+ point blowout and which one of those QB’s teams won the damn game?

        Geez. I don’t even know what to say to you any more, fan. How about this? Lets petition Harbaugh to pull Kaep in the 4th quarter and replace him with the only QB on the team that has a 4th quarter TD. That make you happy?

        1. Sanchez played a team with a winning record, and got rolled by 30+. But Sanchez doesn’t play defense. He still put up over 300 yards and was not gifted 5 turnovers. Kaep was just average today.
          We’re paying the guy 120 million to make a difference, and not be a liability. Make all the excuses you want, I would like to see improvement in the next 6 games.

      2. Fan, why do even post around here? Win or lose all you do is complain about CK. You really hate the guy so much that you cannot even leave him alone when they win the game. Geez…

        1. But he is right ckone is getting paid lots of money not to lose games. He definitely is not paid to make a difference.

          Why does everyone that points out the truth about our QB hating? This is not Alex smith hating where the haters went far to even bad mouth his family.

          1. CK is only getting 20 mil this year if he wins the SB (which would be well worth the trade off) and the reason he is getting what he is getting is because IT”S THE MARKET RATE FOR A STARTER QB Cutler, Dalton, Eli Stafford are all making the same range of salary and I would not take either of them over CK. It is what it is. Its like complaining that a college football coach isn’t worth a 7 figure salary, or that real estate and gas prices are too high, thats the going rate. Sure CK missed some throws but he is paid to lead us to the playoffs and so far he is on his way to doing just that

      3. Fan,
        someone in the room just flushed the toilet. Can you feel yourself swirling around in the waste.
        You said Sanchez looked no worse than Kaep. Did you even watch the game? First off, one team won and one team lost. Second, one team got blown out and the other competed. Third, one QB threw for a score and protected the ball, the other threw two picks. What a moronic statement.

        there was a great show on Comcast tonight that spoke about the history of Finnerty’s. Pretty cool. I think we spoke about that before. You’ve been?

        1. Yeah, md – Finnerty’s is a cool, and way popular hangout. *Very* popular. If I were younger and more recently transplanted I’d probably spend more time there (it is in my neighborhood). Lined up, shoulder to shoulder, even if with other SF fans get a little old week after week. It’s like New Years Eve in Times Square – something you do once, then avoid ever after.

        2. I would say that Sanchez played liked Kaep did against denver. He did nothing. He remains to be seem if Sanchez is incompetent enough to FUMBLE THE BALL ON THE GOAL LINE. Also, how did KAEP play on the home opener against the Bears? Before you run your dumb mouth about other QBS, why don’t you look at what your hero has done when the pressure was on him?

          You can put Sanchez on the Niners and he would do exactly the same, maybe better then Kaep, I think Sanchez knows how to hand the ball off to Gore and Hyde.

          1. Retard77,
            Sanchez’s last year as a starter he went 6-10. The year before that he was 8-8. And last year he rode the pine ALL YEAR. The year he went 6-10 he turned the ball over like Alex did early in his career.

            Say what you want about Kaep, eliminate the Bears game and
            Kaep is 13TD’s versus 2 Ints. He protects the ball and he wins. I’ve lost count how many people have turned on you on this blog. How many have asked you why you even post here. I’ve done my job exposing you. I’m sure everyone on this site will agree you are the rooms trojan troll…..

            1. Bay Troll 77,

              Put Kaep on Sanchez’s team and see how he does. Outside of the GB game, Sanchez did well in the previous start. Guess what dumb dumb, all the games count. Take out the Bears, Denver, Rams and AZ game, Kaep would be undefeated too right and you probably wet yourself just thinking about that.

              You’re beyond stupid, everyone already knows that!

              1. Oh yeah Kaep sure did a great job protecting that ball going across the goal line in the Rams game. What else you got stupid?

              2. I got the fact that “real fans” are optimistic. “Real fans” know that we just had two east coast road trips back to back and won both. Then there are the D-bags that keep throwing up the same garbage over and over.

                How many people on this blog do you need to turn on you before you realize you are an unwanted virus?

                The Mark Sanchez example was my favorite. It was your nail in your coffin in terms of public commenting stupidity.

              3. I got the fact that “real fans” are optimistic.

                Really? I thought real fans predicted that the team couldn’t make the playoffs with the QB they didn’t like.

                Ninermd: That would be an example of the hypocrisy I was talking about.

              4. Nathan if you keep acting like a woman I’ll treat you like one Claudia Lane…. I’ve moved on from 2011. You should too.

              5. bay:

                Yeah, I’d want move on from 2011 too if I had embarrassed myself the way you did that season. Then again, if I had your commenting history, I’d want to move on from 2012-14 too.

                Have you noticed that you have been unable to criticize Fansince77 for anything you haven’t done yourself? Since you apparently were born without an internal hypocrisy sensor, maybe you ought to ask the following question each time you get ready to post a comment. “Have I done the same thing I am criticizing Fansince77 for doing?” If the answer is yes, then close the comment without posting. It might save you further embarrassment.

                Anytime you want to respond to the substance of my comment instead of making a lame ad hominem attack, feel free to do so.

                If you can.

              6. Bay is in a corner because his hero has flaws. So Bay resorts to personal attacks because he cannot offer any counter argument.

                He raised the level of expectations for Kaep the way he ridiculed Smith. So now that Kaep continues to struggle, all he can do is be a bully.

                He’s not a real fan of the team, he’s a fan of kaepernick. There’s nothing else to say.

                If he was a “fan”, maybe he can offer some ideas to how Kaep and improve, instead of blaming everyone around him,

                Here’s my suggestion: For one entire quarter, Kaep needs to play under center, not the pistol. Base personnel with Johnson and Boldin as WR. Fuller in the backfield. Don’t bother with play action because most teams don’t buy it.
                Make Kaep throw from 3 step drops. If the first read is not there just check it down. Do that for an entire quarter. Get him used to doing very simple reads with low risk.

                I have no clue if this will work. I think the coaches know way more then we do. But at least in one post I didn’t whine about how much I think he’s holding the offense back…

      4. HAHA Are you kidding? What demented planet of football are you on? Sanchez thew two interceptions and put it on the ground 3 times for a total of 4 turnovers.

        Sanchez threw the ball 44 times and completed just 26 turned it over FOUR times in a game where he got 88 yards rushing from his number one back.

        Kaepernick didn’t turn it over once and put up over 220 yards of total offense with his arm and feet and did so with just 14 competitions. To sit there and say that that Sanchez looked as good as Kaepernick yesterday totally limits your credibility when it comes to football IQ. The only explanation I can come up with is that you didn’t even watch the game. You probably just looked at the Passer rating, competion percentage, and TD/INT (which is what people who don’t get the game do). Stop assuming the passing statline tells you the entire story.

        The New York Giants are the absolute worst rushing defense in yards per game (they are a far worse of a run defense than passing defense). In that same game the 49ers ran the ball more of the time…So if you want to blame the offense, it’s not the passing game that was the problem. And it was Gore who took 3 pts off the board on the opening drive….and it wad the defense who let it result in a score the other way.

        ESPN QBR:
        Sanchez: 20.2 at Green Bay
        Kaepernick: 68.4 at New York

        Russell Wilson last week at home against the same Giants:
        10/17 102 Yards 0TDs and 2INTS

        Marshawn Lynch Rushed for 140 yards and 2TDS on just two more carries than our teams so-called “heart and soul”.. Christie M. also had 70 yards on 4 carries. With less carries, the #1 and #2 Seahawk running backs rushed for almost twice the yardage. Still think Gore is the most effective weapon the 49ers have. On some of those runs, there was enough space where premier speed would have went twice the yards (ala C. Michael)

        Back to reality…..where a QB playing with a 3-4 score deficit all game (against shell defense) and turning it over 4 times is NOT NEARLY AS GOOD as a QB who won while throwing a 50 yard TD pass & no turnovers.

        Russell Wilson last week at home against the same Giants:
        10/17 102 Yards 0TDs and 2INTS….Wilson had more rushing yards than passing yards….So, basically he couldn’t throw against the same defense (AT HOME)

        1. The argument is that you can put Sanchez on the Niners and he will do just fine. The dude is back-up and made his 2nd start, and still threw for 344 yards. The argument is Niners can’t do any worse with Sanchez.

          Over 10 games, Kaep’s best game was agains the Rams, and he did not look goo in the 1st half until he got the 80 yard TD from Lloyd.

          The Niners struggle in the redzone because Kaep does. He doesn’t anticipate throws and relies on his arm strength. He still can’t read defense like a 4 year pro.

            1. Claude —
              That’s true. But Cosell, love him or hate him, says part of the current problem is Kaep doesn’t anticipate throws very well. Jeff Garcia also said the same thing.
              Kaep has to see the throw, and he has a slow release so the windows are even tighter. These are know issues, so Roman has to find a way around these limitations for this year.
              Hopefully he figures it out next year.

              1. Fan:

                I’m not a big fan of Cosell. I think he makes lots of assumptions and presents them as facts.

                The 49ers did better in the red zone* with Alex Smith in Jimmy Raye’s offense (2009 and 2010) than they did with him in Harbaugh’s offense (2011). The offense’s numbers in 2012** improved significantly over 2011 and were better than 2010, but not as good as 2009). In 2013, with Kaepernick at starting QB for the entire season, the numbers were slightly better than 2012, but still not as good as 2009. This year, the wheels have fallen off again, and the numbers are worse than the 2011 numbers.

                In sum, I wouldn’t be comfortable placing too much of the blame for the red zone problems this year on Kaepernick.


                * In terms of percentage of red zone trips resulting in TDs.

                ** I haven’t seen the numbers for 2012 broken down by starting QB.

          1. Fan,

            Again you show a lack of understanding of the game of football with your remarks.

            Sanchez threw for 344 yards? So what? More than half of them came when the Eagles were down by 30 or more points and GB was just looking to keep them from making a quick score. In other words, they were empty meaningless passing yards given up by a team who was just trying to keep the clock running.

            Then there is the fact Sanchez turned the ball over 4 times and had a fumble that would have been his 5th if not recovered by his own team. He was responsible for 4 TO’s and you are trying to say he had as good a game as Kap did.

            You would have crucified Kap if he had put up a game like Sanchez did on Sunday. You have completely lost your ability to be even remotely objective on this topic.

  7. Lack speed in the wide receiver position
    Lack a medium range (10-20 yard) passing attack.
    Should use Johnson more.
    There are rarely any screen passes to the backs.
    Need to run more.

    1. You nailed it..

      Need a speedy go to receiver…

      need more screen passes…all good offense teams do this, why the hell can’t we…

      need more medium range throws, not just to Boldin..Why in the world did we get Stevie and Lyold if we are not planning to use them much..this is insane…

      1. DHB? Ted Ginn Jr? James Owens? Reneldo Nehemiah? The Flash? The Roadrunner? Wiley Coyote? Speedy Gonzales? Pepe La Peu? The top wide out in the 2015 Draft?
        Who ya gonna get?

  8. The sideline audio picked up what Culliver said as he handed Harbaugh the ball;

    “Here’s a going away present Coach.”

  9. People …
    a little perspective, here, please …

    Sure… it would be nice to see Kaep
    throw 400 yds and 6 TDs a game..
    and some, here, seem to need that to happen
    as their “security blanket” .. but .. hey .. look ..

    So long as the Defense can limit other teams from doing
    just that … to us … (even in the playoffs) ..
    I’ll take all the “ugly” wins we can get … heck ..

    If we win the Super bowl by just a FG …

    WE STILL get the Lombardi !

    Now .. let’s go beat RG III

    1. I don’t know what you’re smokin but you’re in denial if you’re not seeing problems with our offense, starting with the coaching.

      A win is a win is a win, huh? I’m sure that’s what the offensive coaches and players say in team meetings week to week to make themselves feel better and avoid the problem.

      1. No…they will work on finishing the drives just like Harbaugh said. Nobody said you need to be 100% happy 5 effective drives ending in 3 field goals made, a botched FG snap, and a gore fumble. But, to sit there and say Kaepernick isn’t getting it done is even more ridiculous….

    2. +1
      I don’t think some folks understand how hard it is to go to the east and win. The giants pass defense played well today. I didn’t see on tv receivers gettin open all game. Yes ck had some bad passes, it happens. He also didn’t force or turn the ball over. We ran well, but where was te explosion big gainers too? No matter what the records indicated or what Grant predicts. We have struggled vs this team lately. And yes they were playing for their season today. Onside kick should tell you that. They are a different team with their starting rb in also. Sorry but I’ll take this win anyday. New Orleans win was validated today.

      1. Yeah right like the last time the niners went across the country to NY….oh wait..uh yeah….

        1. Remember when Alex Smith went across the country to play that same Giants team.

          This was your headline:
          “Giants intercept Alex Smith three times in blowout victory over 49ers”

          Kaepernick ended up coming in an putting 85 yards passing with just 7 throws…..Smith had 19 and three of them resulted in an intereception (thats an interception roughly once every 6 passes).

          But, that’s right….Alex Smith is a hero in San Francisco….Even if he set the franchise back 6 years.

          1. “Remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl, do ya? “

    3. So long as….we play the giants every week…. I think expecting the defense to get 5 ints a game is a slightly unrealistic but I have come to expect this from this group.

      1. Your expectations aren’t cared about or welcomed. How about that? They won. And yet you still have an issue. I suggest watching the nfl a little more. This Giants team is tougher than you think. I guess Seattle was done last week by only pulling it out in the fourth againts them. AT HOOOOMEEE! Beat it hater!

          1. I don’t think that saying a win is a bad thing. The Niners are not a complete team. I think everyone knows that. There are challenges, but would anyone change this uncertainty for the type we had about 5 years ago? We need to be realistic, patient and see how the season plays out.

            If the front office listened to us fans we would never have has a Jerry Rice. People wanted him benched because he dropped so many balls his rookie year.

            Guys this team, with All the challenges, adversity, injury and bad Karma is still in a position to get into the playoffs. That is a good thing.

          2. Is it black and white with everything? It was a WIN!!! You act as of they haven’t put up points in other games this year. The 81 Niners must have sucked. They didn’t put up a lot of points in that Super Bowl. Take that ring off their fingers. Smh

              1. Its not black and white. A win doesnt have to be either “great” or “irrelevant” id take an ugly loss over a pretty win any day. If for instance out O scored 3 4th quarter touchdowns and lost on a fluke play Id be Pi$$ed because our Playoff hopes would have taken as hit. Is the O fixed? not by a long shot but we still remain in the race with an opportunity to fix it in the future.
                People it was a GOOD day for the 9ers yesterday. Sea lost Det lost Phi lost. thats 3 games that moved us ahead in the playoff seeding

  10. If JH leaves for Oakland, PLEASE take G-Ro with you. So much talent, no ability to make it work, no consciousness that the way plays are called even need to change.

    1. I’m not so sure he will take roman with him but whoever comes in here is sure as….not keeping him around. I don’t think you need to worry about that

    2. Though I am not sure OC is the reason for out offense slump, there has to be some credit to it…With so many talented players in, why the crap can’t we even score against the dead last defenses..something ain’t right…

  11. The 49ers are clearly flawed, yet find themselves only 1 game out of a playoff spot.

    There is only thing that is important right now, winning.

    Grade: A+

      1. I didn’t know Alex smith ran the ball all over the Seahawks today. Boy he got one hell of a tan in KC.

        1. Both Russell Wilson and Alex smith led long time consuming drives. Charles was unstoppable in that game. Smith is never flashy but the dude just wins.
          Russell made some plays that just share your head. Outside of the poise and leadership, the main difference between kaep and Russell is his release. Kaep has that bug windup tat prevents him from making some of those quick last second passes the Russell does.
          One last thing on smith: chiefs were 3 for 4 in the red zone, if they kick FGs like the niners, they lose.
          Smith only has one wr and is throwing to Jenkins.
          Kaep and the niners are stacked and can only put up 16 points, despite bad Eli giving it up 5 times.
          The offense has to do better, and they have 6 games to get it together.

          1. Again Fan, I’m going to ask you, why do even post around here? Win or lose all you do is complain about CK. You really hate the guy so much that you cannot even leave him alone when they win the game.

              1. I think (certainly hope) we’re having fun here. ; >)
                We frequently disagree, but, uh, somehow, The Big Wheel Keeps on Turning.

              2. Fan
                So would you prefer “flashy” (like maybe a 4th q TD) or someone who “just wins” like our current QB

              3. Bos49-
                Yes the team is winning because of the defense. Same thing we used to say about Alex Smith right? We’re not going back to Alex and I’m saying we should.
                But for all this talk about Kaep’s improvement, would you agree the offense is very hard to watch? They played the worse defense in the league and only scored 16 points despite the other team giving up.
                Kaep’s play speaks for itself. No need for me to remind people how the offense has taken a step back despite all the added weapons and experience.

              4. Fan
                Yes its the same. I was fine with it then and im fine with it now. As long as we win im fine if Dawson kicks 10 FG a game. Would it be more aesthetically pleasing ? no doubt but a win is a win. At the end of the day no one remembers that the 01 ravens went a 5 game stretch with tony banks at qb where they didnt score an offensive touchdown all thats remembered is that Dilfer won a SB

              5. As for the O taking a step back. CK’s numbers are actually better than at any point in his career, the overall O is worse though because the line is playing poorly and FG is a few years older and not able to bust the “chunk” plays anymore.

              6. BOS:

                CK’s numbers are actually better than at any point in his career

                I don’t know what numbers you are referring to, but Kaepernick had a higher passer rating in 2012 and higher Total QBR scores in both 2012 and 2013.

              7. Claude
                I haven’t looked at how this last game affects his overall numbers but a few weeks back he was on pace for his best statistical season to date. I agree that im extrapolating here, but his yards per game is up with virtualy no production to speak of from the TE position

              8. BOS:

                Thanks for the explanation.

                The 49ers have been throwing more this season (although the past 2 games have seen a more traditional balance), which probably would explain why Kaepernick’s per game yardage number is up.

      2. It amazes me how some commenters still cannot bring themselves to give Smith any credit for his teams’ success.

        1. Claude… When our qb is winning games and Alwx smith is doing the same but getting the recognition of being the “winner of the game” with 0 TD’s and 100 yards passing. And our qb is getting trashed for getting a win with a TD. Then I think it’s justifiable Alex smith gets a little knock. C’mon…. Keeping it real… Alex smith handed the ball off to the only main reason they won that game. And like our team good for him. A win is a win. He didn’t go Eli so that counts for something, but to say he won that game is obstreperous to say the least.

          1. Ninermd:

            The problem with Dee Phiant’s comment was not in giving Smith credit for KC’s victory over Seattle. All QBs receive too much credit for team victories and too much blame for team losses.

            The problem with the comment was in ignoring the fact that a Kaepernick led 49ers team has already beaten Seattle. Rather than take Dee Phiant to task for his failure to give Kaepernick proper recognition for his accomplishment, however, you and Razor chose instead to diminish Smith’s accomplishment.

            It was as if you guys think that giving Smith too much credit is a bigger sin than giving Kaepernick too little credit. I find that kind of thinking odd.

            1. Claude it’s 77. That should say it all. As to why I would ” diminish” Alex smiths performance as you say. 108 and 0 TD’s is hardly a performance in the first place. Btw who cares if SF fans are or aren’t bashing Alex smith? He’s not a 49er. I can’t see why some people still get hurt over him getting roasted. Makes no sense to me. How can you call someone a hater of he’s not on the team? Lol idk I don care but for an Alex smith fan to come on here and bash the qb who is better and took his job, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say something and of it’s throwing smith under the bus.. So be it.

              1. Ninermd:

                Your reply wasn’t made to anything Fansince77 wrote; it was made to a comment from Dee Phiant. Check the thread.

                You’re dodging the question. Why are you more interested in bashing the former QB than you are in defending the current QB?

          2. Yep some are giving Kap the same criticism Smith received while he was here and still gets in KC. Not turning the ball over is a huge plus in a QB’s favor and I think some really don’t understand how important this is and how often it determines a win or a loss. Kap has thrown 5 picks overall and 3 came in one game. He is protecting the ball much like Smith did before him and they continue to win more often than not when he does.

            Fantasy football is fun, although I don’t play it, but yards are meaningless if a QB throws interceptions.

            Kap was really off yesterday in terms of accuracy, but didn’t make the big mistake to cost his team the game.

            1. rocket:

              Your observation about Fantasy football is a good one. It makes me laugh when I read someone assert that playing fantasy football makes him more knowledgeable as a fan. Same with Madden.

              1. Claude
                It does to some extent to casual fans. My friend recently told me that now that he plays fantasy he knows way more players around the league and watches random games not for the love of the game (like I do just because its football) but to see how his team is doing. So in a way Fantasy has made him more knowledgeable in that he knows who the backup running back is in Cincinnati. But overall its a laughable statement because by those metrics Sanchize and PManning had good games yesterday while anyone who actually watched saw otherwise

  12. The niners should look into a trade for Harbaugh right now. Try to get a 2nd round pick out of him from the raiders and let him go. This would work better during the season- it may light a spark under the team- give the team over to Fangio for the rest of the season. This team is just so flat. If harbaugh is on his way outta town anyway- it might just work in the niners favor to have something to rally around.

    This team is just so unfocused.

    1. Please go back to bed. You need to start watching other games to see how other players have already quit on their season.
      The Niner players could have quit on Harbaugh after week 3. Instead they are still running through walls for him. This notion of the Niners being loaded with superior talent is comical. Who on offense is a game changer? Who’s a guy that once the football is on his hands can score? I don’t see anything that resembles that like a Aaron Rodgers, Odel Beckam, AJ Green

      1. Look at Boldin on the ravens teams- he is a playmaker- the guy is probably a future hall of fame player. Gore is still a huge playmaker. Lloyd and Johson are both being underutilized. And crabtree is still a mediocre receiver receiving more looks that he deserves. Crabtree is the 4th best WR- the sooner the team understands it the better.

        VD is suddenly old. Thankfully they have Carrier and McDonald should be given more of a chance.

        And Hyde is a beast….. this is the most talented group on the offensive side that the niners have had…. except crabtree has a broken foot and is a step slower this season (and he was always slow to begin with, not good)

        1. Suede, are any of VD, Crabtree, Boldin, Gore or Hyde capable of scoring at any moment? No! All methodical possession type guys. Llyod is a one trick pony. Hyde is a bulldozer. Can any of our offensive weopons be categorized like a AJ Green, Calvin Johnson, or Adrian Peterson? Game breakers? Hell no.
          We are a balanced team that relies on executing the plays. Our players have not done that well this year but are starting too. The only game I’d say we should not have lost is the Bears which would make us 7-3. That’s exactly a true reflection of the talent on this team.

          1. Sorry and the Rams game but both those loses are pinned on CK, so yes, 8-2 is exactly what we should be.

          2. Just watch the Patriots game — they really don’t have a playmaker either, unless you count the QB. It’s obvious the Niners though they could run a spread type offense with Kaep with a lot of possession WRs all over the field. And then something happened: Kaep is too inconsistent as a passer for the team to run that type of offense.

            1. Gronkowski isn’t a playmaker? Are you on drugs?

              And this no-name RB is responsible for 28 of the Patriots’ 35 points, as well as carrying the ball 30+ times. That means he’s pretty much all of their offense on this game.

              Fan77, sometimes an idea becomes an obsession, and when that happens, it’s time to step back and reevaluate whether you have a personal agenda.

              It’s that time for you.

              1. No Gronk is a playmaker but he’s not this stretch the field type dude that Prime was eluding to.

        2. Suede,
          Crabtree is not having a big year, but he did catch the winning TD by getting open to make the catch breaking a tackle and outrun Gman defenders.

          Crabtree was never a blazer, he is a position WR that can make the difficult catch and gain yards after the catch.
          Those strengths have been lacking this season but remember that the ability is still there.
          I feel that Crabtree will pick up his play after today and will be at full strength by the playoffs.

    2. Amazing.

      What abunch of nonsense on this board. It’s getting embarrassing being associated with this supposed group of “faithful”. I was at the game, I’ll tell you what, the Giants came to play, their D was embarrassed in the 2nd half last week and they were flying around to make up for it today. And those 5 picks was supposed to lead to an avalanche of Niners points? Bf-ingS. Only one of them gave the Niners a short field, the rest were like punts, all deep on the SF side.

      Like MD says, these east coast games are tough and we have had SOOOO much success against the Giants in recent years. Right?

      We are right there with the sqawks, a mere one loss more than the Manning-Bronco machine, and some of you are talking about dumping harbaugh, baalke and company. Pathetic.

      So “faithful”, pull on your big boy pants and stop living down the whiner epithet the rest of the league puts on this fanbase.

      1. Ribico, you sir are a true “faitful”. Cannot question that and I’m glad you participate in this blog.

  13. Harbaugh is not going anywhere and team has not quit on him. Who do you morons think can come in and do a better job? And do you think Fangio stays without Harbaugh? Jed won’t let him leave.

    1. +100 .. on that one, Prime !

      Suede …
      what is Harbaugh’s record, since taking over for
      Singletary ?

      Look what the Niners have gone
      through so far this season … and they’re winning football games ..
      (and still in the hunt)

      Just maybe … you should see This

      1. Open your eyes- this team is way too talented to have 4 losses- they really should be 8-2 right now (bears, rams losses were ridiculous) There is a black cloud over this season- Harbaugh isnt getting much in the way of players coming out saying they want to win for Harbaugh.

        I have a feeling the reports are true- the players are just over Harbaugh and aren’t buying what he is saying. I think a shake up might jumpstart this team.

        1. Suede
          The rams beat sea and denver and is a division game for us and those are allways close. Why do you keep insisting that Harbaugh is to blame for the loss to them? Did he fumble at the goal line? or drop 8 passes? while his message might have gotten old you know what never gets old? going to the playoffs and we are well on our way.
          Those who dont know history are doomed to repeat it. Remember when we were 11-5 and lost to the eventual SB champs in Tampa and dumped Mooch without having a better option awailable? first Monte kiffin told us to go screw then Jim Johnson did the same and we had to settle for Dennis effin Erickson before embarking on a nolantery journey that was bleak and hopeless, Yeah lets have more of that and while we are at it lets sabotage the rest of this year as well. SMH

    2. I think Fangio would stay for the money. And it would be better for the niners to be looking for a head coach, offensive coordinator immediately rather than waiting for the inevitable. It is pretty clear Harbaugh is done- there isnt any reason to prolong it.

      This team is uninspired…. it needs to be shaken up. I think getting rid of Harbaugh could give the team a boost.

      1. Fangio at HC and Jimmy Raye as OC would not change the look of the current version of the 49ers IMHO.

    3. Damn. I agree. And on the point of loads of talent. No we don’t have loads, but the game breakers we do have eh emm. (VD) isn’t anywhere to be found yet. Someone made a point of making some happy. I clearly saw that today with MC. Not good in that aspect. But you’re right we don’t have pro bowl wr’s. They’re just loaded more than they ever was. That tells you how average the wr’s were before. Good take for once Prime. Couldn’t agree more

    1. Kap is still a very young QB in terms of development, not age. Give him time. It takes a career to make a HOF candidate. The expectations of fans are what helped ruin A. Smith. Remember that.

      1. Lets not forget, in NFL experience terms, Roman is also a very young OC, stands to reason that he also had room to grow.

  14. I’m a little happier after hearing Bowman will be practicing Tuesday.
    I know he still isn’t cleared, but it’s showing they still have some faith he will be back at sometime this year.

    1. And the way Borland is playing the fearsome foursome lb corp could be back to their best. I know Borland isn’t Willis, but te way he’s playing he’s not far off. Kid is balling. Am of lynch continues to play more snaps… Man!

  15. Waaah, the team is winning, but I’m not seeing offensive fireworks! I want to see the 49ers’ offense on highlight shows! Waaah! When I play Madden, the 49ers’ offense scores 50+ points every game, and we dominate. Why can’t the 49ers’ coaches do that? Waaah! Greg Roman sucks! He should be fired. Waaah!

    1. Offensive fireworks? This is a team with Super Bowl aspirations so we would like to see an offense that can out score playoff teams. Not one that has to rely on the defense to score for them.

          1. >>Who’s job is it to score points?

            It’s the *teams* job to score more points than the opposition. Last I saw when leaving the stadium, that’s exactly what took place.

          2. Perhaps you ought to read the comment to which I was responding before you evaluate my comment.

    2. I dont need any fireworks. Just some completions in the red zone. Maybe a COUPLE touchdowns. Something that would make me believe this team had a chance to compete in a playoff game…if they were to get there.

      1. Well, they’ve beaten the Cowboys, Eagles, and Chiefs. Something tells me that you on’t want to believe the team has a chance to compete.

        1. True but as the season has progressed theres something in me that doubts they could beat any one of those teams again. let alone AZ, Green Bay, or Detroit.

          1. Being happy with the win is one thing, but denying their is a problem on offense is another.

            Every week this offense goes out there, gets multiple 3 and outs and settles for field goals while being given short fields. All the while, praying for the defense to hold the opponent to 10 pts or less or score for them.

            1. Every week this offense goes out there, gets multiple 3 and outs and settles for field goals while being given short fields. All the while, praying for the defense to hold the opponent to 10 pts or less or score for them.

              Factual accuracy isn’t your thing, is it?

              1. No, your right this offense isnt settling for field goals in the redzone.,Isn’t getting multiple 3 and outs and its not averaging 15 pts on its losses.

              2. See what happens when you actually check the facts? 10-points-every-week becomes 15-points-in-its-losses.

              3. Yeah how could you make such a major mistake like that. be careful what you say the blog police will attack.

              4. 10 was based on the number used by the defensive player turned announcer on the CSNpost game report (I forget his name right now I think it was Brooks). He made the statement that when he was playing his defensive coordinator told him their goal was to hold the opponent to 10 pts or less, as they should win almost every game in that case. It sounded good so I used it… as that’s the case its not a number that changes to 15 as it was not a statistically based number (besides that would only lead to a tie based on averages).

              5. Yeah how could you make such a major mistake like that. be careful what you say those who speak out of knowledge of the actual facts and not firing off their mouths half-cocked will attack.

                Fixed that for you, sfbob

    3. Pretty nonsensical. The niners have a problem scoring in the redzone and in the 4th quarter. OUr season came to an end the last 3 years because we could not score a td at the end of the game. If you are content with losing in the nfc championship game then please proceed.

      1. Not one person has said that they are happy with the O but by winning it gives us the opportunity to fix it in the future. Look at it this way. Either the crappy Falcons or Saints (both at 4-6) are going to host a game as will Dal or Phi. I for one am not scared to go into either place to get a win. GB (no matter how good they look right now) does not want any part of us in the playoffs and no one is afraid of AZ home field advantage (especially with stanton at qb)


    Crazy. FGs provided the margin of victory and Lee’s 60 yard punt at the end of the game iced the win. And Jr deems that effort a D?

  17. Grant, I don’t think the Giants quit in the 2nd Q. Despite the turnovers, they still kept fighting.

    1. Lol like last time. She will disappear. Except this time she won’t say it and come back. Liar!!!

      1. Or flips everyone off like Lynch was caught doing after the game today. Classless organization. But who didn’t know that? They water their beer down for gods sake.

  18. once again, the 49ers act like children after a win in such obvious but kissing to Harbaugh. Culliver should’ve been cut from the 49ers after the Superbowl debacle he caused. CK had his dumb earphones, you know, I find it ironic NFL wants to fine Marshawn Lynch for not talking to the media, yet they won’t do nothing about how CK talks to the media/shows up unkempt, non professional, I suggest to the NFL they leave Lynch alone and they should NOT do any interviews with CK. I’m sick of seeing him on the interview platform. Darren5000

    Lol I click over to Matt M spot and who do I see first with a dumb comment? Lol the holy Moses of trolls. Lol

    1. Darren5000 is our late lamented Jim Moron? He still has a computer? I thought that cat lost his job due to the Giants parade and is living in the streets now.

      1. Yeah, his posting style was pretty distinctive. He’s haunted various Niners forums over the years. I recognized him and called him out as Darren a while back. He did what he always does; trolls without ceasing until he gives up or is banned, and then moves on to another forum where the cycle will repeat.

  19. Hello, this is Chicken Little with a question:
    Am I working tonight warning everybody about the sky falling….after a Win? I’m confused, when I saw the score I assumed I had the night off. Tell me, please, what exactly has changed?
    Thanks, CL

    1. Many are just mad that they didn’t bet on the 49ers and give the 4.5 points. That includes Tim K.

        1. Balls, let me put it another way since you don’t get out much. When Harbaugh moves on, he will get a head coaching position very quickly, Roman could not even get an

          1. You are making as much sense as you ever have.

            You really have no clue how much Harbaugh is involved in the play calling, do you?

            1. Balls,

              If Harbaugh split after this season. I doubt that he would take Roman with him. If Roman was so good, he would of been a head coach by now, Roman could not even get another offensive coordinator job, probably not even a Offensive coordinator in the college ranks.

              1. It never ceases to amaze me how certain you are about things you know nothing about.

                It’s like you believe Roman is a loose cannon that Harbaugh cannot control. Never mind the fact that every play call goes through Harbaugh or that Harbaugh sometimes calls the plays.

              2. Balls,

                I am very certain that Roman will never be a Head Coach in the NFL, his stock keeps getting lower, the rest of the NFL and College community knows he sucks. If he was such a hot commodity he would of been promoted already.


    You need to split the difference on those grades, Grant. I lost track of the number of times Kaep had to field high and wide snaps from Martin. Those exchanges really botched the timing of a couple of running plays.

    1. Not counting the bad snap on the botched fieldgoal attempt. Had that play been for the win it would have been paramount.

  21. I have to wonder if NE fans feel the same about Bill Belichick as you do about Kap? He dresses poorly and mumbles but he is a well respected professional. If you want to criticize CK’s play, do do, but everything else starts to sound like low blows.

    1. East coast
      That would be a big no. “in bill we trust” is a mantra thats embedded in their psyche and nothing that he does (trading logan mankins for some magic beans etc) can waiver their faith. In fact by merely suggesting otherwise you are committing heresy and are shouted down by the masses

      1. BOS
        Isn’t the local media there pretty hypnotized by BB too? While Bay Area media careens around from vacuous pipe dream to fantastic speculations and false claims in a frenzied effort to get a scoop on their tormentor (JH), it seems like the Beantown press just shrugs, asks a few questions, get rebuked, and then sigh and accept whatever dribbles out. Its as though they’re tired of fighting it.
        These folks here, some of whom think THEY are the story, just rail on and on and on. Bogus claims, either unattributed or un-vetted, re-posted as facts by “Journalists” that get debunked later, but national media nitwits then pick it up and chew on it for a while and then the Bay Area media references it saying “See?”
        That then enables the weak minded 10%-er posters on this blog to ramble goofily for days.
        ‘CK investigated for sexual assault’
        ‘Harbaugh is being traded to Miami by John York, who cut Jed out of the deal.’
        ‘The Niners have had it and will cut Aldon Smith.’
        ‘The Niners have had it and will dump Jim Harbaugh.’
        ‘Jed hates Jim’
        ‘Trent hates Jim’
        ‘Jim hates Trent’
        ‘Jim lost the locker room. The players want rid of him.’

        1. Brotha:

          Harbaugh is being traded to Miami by John York, who cut Jed out of the deal.

          He did?!? Crap, I didn’t see that one coming. Thanks for the tip.

        2. BT
          Yeah its a survival tip kind of like the “stockholm syndrome” for a laugh see if you can find an exchange BB had with Bert Breer of NFLN (breer used to be a local guy who covered the pats before he went big time) not being used to the culture he asked BB about Gronk’s participation and when BB blew him off and breer persisted BB blew him up with the “I don’t see you around here much so STFU” type comment. the local media are fan boiiiis to the n’th degree

  22. So according to reports Brooks benched himself due to his playing time being taken away by Lynch and Smith.

    1. Well, I must say that brings to mind two classic tunes:
      Ray Charles’ “Hit the road, Jack.”
      Paul Simon’s “There must be 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” (Step out the back, Jack)

    1. We will probably need him later in the season. But right now would be perfect time to have Singletary as an assistant to lay into him.

    2. NFL.com reports:
      “Brooks did not even stand on the sideline with his helmet after getting benched. He sat on the bench without his helmet on, his cleats off, and his ankle tape cut off. After the game, Brooks confirmed that he’s healthy. Brooks started over Smith on Sunday, but wound up sitting behind him for most of the game.”

      I could understand a player being upset when his playing time is cut back, but to bench himself for me is interpreted as a flat out refusal to play. I only hope that Brooks was injured and could not perform at optimum level.
      But If this report is confirmed by the team, Brooks has to go. I could never support a player that quits on his team.

      1. Completely agree AES. If he really did take himself out of the game in a hissy fit about playing time, kick him to the curb. I have zero tolerance for that type of attitude.

        If he doesn’t like losing his job, perhaps he shouldn’t have turned up to training camp overweight, or ghosted his way through the first half of the season while giving away a bunch of boneheaded hands to the face penalties. Perhaps he should have outplayed the rookie starting opposite him, like any pro bowler should.

        On a positive note, that will be one hefty salary the 49ers won’t need to foot the bill for next season.

  23. A little story from today on the couch.
    I’m watching the KC and SF game at the same time. I see Unger go down for Seattle. (Looks bad too) and I couldn’t help but think of these little facts.
    Seattle loses so do we.
    Seattle gets a big injury.. So do we.
    When I seen him go down I couldn’t help but think, ok who’s it going to be for us…. Then Staley is lying on the ground with the med staff around him. I thought (this is getting old) good thing is he was back after two plays.
    Huge loss for Seattle if Unger is done. And by the look of it and him leaving the field on a cart. I think he’s finished for the season. Looked like a knee. I had the SF game turned up so I couldn’t hear what it was. These two teams are cursed this season. And this shows you who the better GM has been in the draft and fill in spots. Seattle is DONE!

    1. MD,
      We may need to turn our attention to the Cardinals and forget Seattle until we meet them in both upcoming games. The Cards finished with a 10-6 record last season with three losses coming by 3 points.
      They feel that they have unfinished business to take care of this year and so far they are playing like a team to be reckoned with only one win away from equaling last years record.

      While Seattle is our arch nemesis, the Cardinals just keep winning. I had them losing to Detroit before the game and they found a way to win.

      1. In a number of ways this year’s Cards remind me of last year’s Seatards. It actually reminds me of Harb’s “Iron sharpens iron” theme. The “NFC Worst” responded to the Niners tough guy challenge and the whole division has gotten tough and dangerous. All four teams have responded to injury depletions with tough, unrelenting attitudes this season. Admirable.

      2. I’m really no worried about Arz. Who has the lions played this season? Overrated. Arizona has been getting all the tough games at home. And if the Niners win out. Which I think is very possible Arz loses 2 more before the finale and the NFC championship is on the line at home. Seattle will be playing for their lives Sunday, they will not lose that game at home. They still have KC and have to travel to stl. Who obviously is no joke. Not worried about Arz.

        1. MD
          I agree with that notion. No one is scared to go to AZ to play and Stanton is bound to turn back in to a pumpkin sooner or later. Depending on how they do vs KC and how Sea schedule plays out that last game could either be for the division lead or Ari could be resting their players in advance of the playoff bye


    No, but seriously, in terms of the player merry-go-round between the two teams, imagine Lynch signing with the 49ers to come home and spite Pete Carroll, who he hates.

    Think about it.

    1. Wrote about it last week, im all for it. He is 29, has a chip on his shoulder and scheduled to make 7.5 mil next year. If he agrees to short money (4-5 mil a year) id welcome him and his beastly running style with open arms despite the HUGE pain in the A$$ that he is

  25. Most important play of the day. Culliver picks off Eli. Immediately gets up, sprints to the sideline, hands Harbaugh the ball and hugs him. That my friends, tells me all I need to know about the relationship between Harbaugh and his players.

    1. I think its actually kind of weird and even embarrassing for Harbaugh. obviously something is up. Im sure harbaugh has a good relationship with some if not most of his players but that gesture gets me thinking that maybe theres just two sides to the rift. something was really odd about that.

    1. I saw that… I hope its completely random and not part of an ongoing investigation involving the team.

      1. The DEA is exceeding their mandate, KY ..
        and if everyone accepts this policy as the norm ..
        it will happen again and again …
        and it will become the norm …

        (think Nazi storm troopers)

        1. Midwest,

          I completely agree. Problem is, many Americans will say they are the gov’t, they are allowed to do that. That’s the problem. I feel that way with all gov’t agencies. Plus all this was done without a search warrant. Heard that this morning on Good Morning America

  26. Red Zone Offense: Flub

    – Several of those idiotic fade passes that haven’t worked for years. What was that saying about the definition of insanity… doing the something
    the exact same same way over and over, but expecting different results?

    – Cutesy, slow developing option plays are great between the 25s, but in compressed parts of the field they usually result in negative yardage plays.

    Fourth Quarter Offense: Historic Flubb-aroni with cheese.

    – 12 consecutive 4th quarters without an offensive TD. The equivalent of three entire games without getting into the end zone. Is this a record?

    – I’ve been asking around, trying to figure who’s fingerprints are on the game plan (and initial success of the offense) and who’s fingerprints are on half time adjustments (the 4th qtr failure of the offense). The offense late in the game is awful. Roman or Harbaugh?

    Defense: Great! Fangio, Donatel, Leavitt, Tomsula are doing amazing work. Think about who isn’t on the field… Bowman, Willis, Ward, Brock, Dorsey, Williams. And yet the 49ers dominated. Fang even experimented with the Giants old “Big Nickle”, using Dahl as the extra safety. Had me totally fooled. I thought Bethea was hurt. This is Fang’s season!

    1. The 49ers had 1 offensive snap in the red zone after the first quarter. It was a kneel down on the final play.

      1. No they had two. And does that make the offense not as bad? Is it better to not make it into the red zone than to make it and only come up with a fg?

    2. Offensive coaches: Roman, Chryst, Rathman, Solari/Davis, Morton, Mangini

      Defensive coaches: Fangio, Tomsula, Leavitt, Donatell

      Which set would you want if you were building a team?

  27. The holidays came early for the Niners this year – they ran into an otherwise good quarterback who’s in a bad stretch and apparently in a most generous mood. Rarely is any team blessed with 5 interceptions, and when you are it’s in the NFL Constitution that the game should be a walk in the park. It was not. Offense: D minus. Defense: A minus. Road victory or not, this was a dismal exhibition by an offense which needs to be more than just functional if we hope to be talking about Niner football in mid-January.

  28. It says a lot that the patriots pass the ball all the way down the field them go into a Power formation inside the 5. We go shotgun after running the ball down the field. We have to change that

  29. It wasn’t pretty. Two weeks ago we said we were in a must win situation. No one thought we would win in N.O. on the road. We did. Then we traveled again back east. It wasn’t pretty but we won again.

    The play calling is a bit better. The running game is better. The passing game isn’t clicking. Cut the dropped passes and it will improve a bit.

    Grant says Crabtree looked like he was running under water. On the TD the Db’s had the angle and Crabtree out ran them. Quit being a hater and at least write objectively.

    Brooks you are paid a lot of money. Grow up. The 49ers tried trading you two weeks ago. Use that as motivation if you ever get back into the rotation

    1. Bay ..

      I wanna give Brooks the same consideration as I
      gave RayMac and even Kaep (remember that one?)

      Like I alluded to above .. this is tabloid / TMZ reporting
      again … I refuse to believe any of the crap being reported
      on the Niners, until proven otherwise !

      Who are these guys doing the reporting ? ..
      and .. are they in the locker room ?

      1. The radio announcers said he basically sat on the sideline with his helmet off, eyes staring off in the distance looking rather dejected. It was obvious. Couple that with Harbaugh and Brooks both noting after the game that he’s working through something (didn’t seem injury-related at all), the writing is on the wall.

      2. Well, one guy involved with breaking the story was Ian Rappaport; you know, the guy who reported on JH losing the locker room. But so far, there looks to be some credence to the story. Its Jim’s problem now and he’ll do what’s good for the team, but Jim and Trent have long memories.
        If true (self benching/refusal to play), how is that different than Percy Harvin’s tantrum? Brooks is an emotional guy, perhaps they’re hoping he can get past this when he calms down. I’m Old School so I think Brooks needs to apologize to his teammates, but behind closed doors. I’m good with it being kept in house. If they want the guy mentally & emotionally “back” they won’t rub his nose in it publicly.

        1. Nothing the team or coaching staff has done has been done in a public fashion, nor do I think the team intends to approach this in any other way than to let him make amends. This is basically Brooks making a media story out of it all by himself by taking the half off.

    2. Bay, all good points, including the one about Brooks. I’ll say this though: No matter how much a man is paid, it’s difficult to accept he’s been demoted, especially in public. But I’m sure it helps when he goes back home and counts all the money he has in the bank. And if he takes a pay cut with us next year or goes to another team, he’ll still make millions.

      1. I just saw Ian Rapoport’s video on Brooks, but he’s not credible to me. If it’s true, Brooks’ reaction is much worse than I originally thought.

    3. Bay
      re: Crabtree. Remember, he’s a turtle; Grant’s been trying to tell us. Running through and away from some NFL DBs for a 48 yard score was an aberration.

  30. Of the 5 int’s today, the only one that really set the offense up was Borland’s first, which put them on the NY 29 and led to their second field goal.

    The other four put them on the NY 15, NY 21, NY 32, and NY 2.

    Great plays to stop the opposition, but not necessarily set up the offense.

    1. Yeah really I guess the niners have nothing to worry about when you put it that way. They just had to go so far so many times. And against the 25th ranked and last ranked run defense no less. No reason to worry here. Nope.

      1. The NFL is different from week to week Bob. A week earlier in Seattle, the Giants were tied going into the 4th quarter and Seattle was struggling on offense with the exception of Wilson running on scrambles and read option plays. This Giant defense wasn’t going to roll over at home and have a history of playing this offense well.

        We saw the Broncos get beat by the Rams yesterday. The Niners having to fight for a win in NY should not be a surprise. The NFL is unpredictable and winning the game is the only thing you should be focused on. Style points mean nothing.

    2. Although Gore’s fumble look at least 3 pts off the bosrd, making the lead an unreachable on the last possession. Kaepernick played great and Lloyd slowing down and not making a grab he usually makes cost them a TD.

      With that win, the 49ers are now 19-0 in reg. season games where Kaepernick has at least one competion of 50 yards. FYI: Manning threw for 350 today and Brees another 300….Yet, how many points did they score?

    3. Thanks for those numbers Jack. That was my earlier point countering those crying about the Niners inability to convert those turnovers into points.

      1. We get it. It was a long way to go. Very telling that you don’t expect this offense to score in those situations.

        1. >>Very telling that you don’t expect this offense to score in those situations.

          What situations? I rarely expect *any* team’s offense to score from an average start of their own 17 yard line.

          1. No worries, Rib.
            BummerBob can’t be happy no matter what. As always, he’s entitled to an opinion and to express it, but he wallows in misery and throws around loose comments. For his own good he should find a team to root for that doesn’t annoy, frustrate and depress him; maybe the RayDuhs. In the meantime I’ll be scrolling past his posts like we have to do with some of the other Wendy Whiners on here.

            1. BT, every team has it’s good times and bad. If these are the Niner’s bad times, I’ll take them!

  31. Teams that should fire their head coaches, ofensive coordinators and their quarterbacks.


    SF 16 NYG 10
    STL 22 DEN 7
    SD 13 OAK 6
    ARI 14 DET 6

      1. In that group it looks like seven of the eight either gave up or they are incompetent. Then there are the Rams who we know for a fact aren’t a NFL caliber team.

  32. Another rediculous evalutation of Kaepernick….

    C. The best you can say is he didn’t turn the ball over.

    LOL…But Gore did and the 49ers only pts came at the hands of a 50 yard TD pass to crabtree. However Gore gets a B+ and Kaepernick a C for doing nothing that huet the team and only helping them.

      1. Well…the only touchdown….sorry… The only drives that weren’t field goals….

        Almost all the field goal drives included multiple 3rd down conversion passes from colin (especially the first two….u know the one where the, B Graded, can never do no wrong, Frank Gore, coughed up the ball just outside the red zone).

        Why is it that even when left with 3rd and 9, and with poor protection (not even enough time for the receivers to get to the first down in their routes), Kaepernick is expected to convert and make a perfect throw…..even when he didn’t even put them in 3rd and long because of two predictable one or 2 yard runs by gore. Even if he doesn’t get to throw on 1st or 2nd down, he’l get blamed for not converting a 3rd and long with little protection.

        However, a run play with a perfect blocking scheme that should easily go deep into the secondary and result in a 20+ yard gain (even w/ Hyde level speed) only ends up getting 7-10 yards….yet Gore is applauded for a sub-standard run with excellent blocking.

        Also, on the drives where the offense got in the field goal range Kaepernick made several quality third down throws. He even made a pass to crabtree on the send to last drive that would have allowed them to finish the game. All day when he was in 3rd and 5 or less, he put the ball where the receiver ould catch it.

        He also made solid check offs to excellent plays and made many good pre-snap reads. He also hit his check downs to gore when non of his reads were there and was hitting his spots when protected slightly. If you guys are seeing something else, please show me just two or three clear examples of him to performing at a high level.

        Note: Once again, the 49ers ar 19-0 when he completed at least one pass for 40 or more yards.

        Maybe…just maybe we could use just one speed receiver (because Vernon Davis is the one who deserves a “C” or a “D” this year. He’s not getting any separation and it looks like he is going through the motions.

        FYI: Alex Smith threw for a whopping 108 yards (2005-2009 numbers) and completed about 8 passes today. Yet, he is the hero. Fans need to realize that we have our quarterback and support the friggin guy already and stop listening to ESPN TV heads who don’t even watch the 49ers. The standard for him is far higher than it ever was for Alex Smith (and he was a #1 overall pick). Go ahead and continue hoping the 49ers go elsewhere and continue to trash him. He’ll end up succeeding somewhere else the 49ers will be back to sucking again for 10 season (or the 5 seasons under smith)

        Writers like the guy above are making fans dumber and a whole lot more ignorant.

          1. LOL…Yea…I am good….just a die hard niner fan my whole life and I don’t like the stuff I am reading at all. Personally, I’m enjoying seeing the 49ers with a good young, smart, QB, with all the tools (and lots of good young players). Apparently some aren’t because Kaepernick (a 3rd year starter) isn’t absolutely perfect 100% of the time.

        1. +1000

          You have to understand, Grant is only interested in the number of comments his blogs get in order to please his bosses. He is smart enough (after all he has learned from a master, his dad Lowell) to realize that a quarterback controversy is a sure way to get people commenting.

          So as soon as Kap replaced Smith in 1012, Grant went into overdrive fanning the Kap vs Smith debate. Then, last year he decided to start a phony Kap vs Cam Newton debate by claiming that Cam was better than Kap. He rode the Cam is better than Kap bandwagon until the Niners beat Carolina in the playoffs. BTW, notice how Grant has dropped Cam Newton as a subject this year. Hardly mentions him.

          This year Kap has made it hard on Grant and the other media types. Hardly any interceptions, playing well for the most part even in the losses, No off field problems. About the only negative fodder Kap keeps providing the media is the series of one word answers to the long and elaborate questions the media types throw at him during the post game conferences. I can tell it infuriates the Ostlers, Killions, Kawakamis and Cohns when they trot out a long and convoluted question, clearly enjoying the sound of their own voices, only to have Kap reply with a terse one word answer. However, they can beat that dead horse only so much.

          The only thing we fans can do is to ignore the attempts by the media to stir up a phony controversy. Kap is our quarterback and if he stays healthy he should be around winning games for us for a number of years. Wins are all that matter in this league. There are no style points.

  33. Man you analysis sucks and you clearly have some kind of irrational bias..I am done reading this…

    Tell me how does Kaepernicks score the only TD with his arm get a C…..
    Then. the running backs who killed a drive )and took 3 pts OTB by fumbling)/aside from one run that went for 20, both backs averaging well under 4 yards per carry get a B+.

    Do you even watch the game?

  34. For those of you who are have dreams of Bowman getting us into the playoffs with another brilliant super effort interception again this year:

    Matt M:

    “A source, however, cautioned that Bowman will not be going full speed, at least during his initial practices, and there is still a GOOD chance that he doesn’t play this season.”

    If he is able to have an impact this year it will be truly amazing.

    1. LOL according to this idiot everyone on the front side of the ball played perfect….as did the linebackers….and running backs were close to perfect….But Kaepernick was average….GET A CLUE and TRY REPORTING WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    2. htwaits ..

      agree about the Bo-man .. and, frankly … I’m thinkin’
      this 21 day “evaluation” he’s gotta go thru is probably
      just out of respect for #53 ..

      (Ya know he really wants to get back on the field
      and contribute … even if he’s not at 100%) … but

      Wilhoite and Borland are both keepin’ those slots
      warm for him and P-Willy …

      And, need I say … Boreland looks like Fangio gave him
      the big hammer and told him to “go hit something” …

      (and he’s goin’ crazy doing just that)

      Much love and respect for Bowman, but he shouldn’t be in
      a big rush to get back … just yet

      1. Anything that would risk Bowman’s future should be avoided. With a talent like his, having him gut it out at 80% on a major knee rebuild would be insane. It’s fantasy football where he would come back for Seattle and Arizona and tear both of them up.

  35. There sure is a lot of negativity in this blog following a second conference win on the road in a row. Which is a pity.

    First of all, Borland for DROY! I have come to love this Borland kid. As a Skov fan, I questioned the pick. But how can I not love a short, balding, stubby-armed white kid running like crazy all over the field and tackling everybody on sight! This guy is something else!

    Second, friends, Niners fans and countrymen, I come to praise Roman, not to bury him. I have criticized Roman in the past, but he called a very good game today. The bad executions of players “live after them”, the good play designs of the OC “oft interred with their bones”.

    I have to conclude now that the lack of red zone success is primarily due to two reasons: (1) the inability of the O line to get sufficient push on key short yardage situations and (2) disappearance of the main red zone threat, Vernon Davis. Niners are currently not able to create the mismatch that Gronk-Graham-Thomas type mismatch. At the same time they can’t routinely stretch the goal line D with 4 receiver sets due to inadequate pass protection.

    I think Roman is done tinkering with the passing game that I ascribe as the main cause of 2 defeats that Niners should have won. Gore ran well today, much better than he did last week where he appeared to be uncharacteristically impatient and left quite a few yards on the field. What worries me a little is that Gore is being overused, and the offense is not getting the 2-TD lead in the third quarter that would allow Roman to apply a heavy dose of Hyde. The latter is still a rookie and is learning to be patient and develop is field vision.

    I really like Denny Green coach’s insight on CSN Bay Area TV’s post-game analysis. He had a good point about the Niners needing to learn from other teams’ red zone success against the Seahawks and then practicing those approaches against the Skins. Green gives an insight on how coaches think.

    1. Poor boy, so did Denver and they only scored seven points. Isn’t it tough to have competition for these games where the human factor has to be involved.

      Trust me, you will enjoy more games if you let the losses go when time runs out.

      1. If we make the playoffs. I will feel better until then I am still pissed we lost to the sorry rams.

          1. you make a good point…..but still we lost to the f…king rams and looks like it might cost us a playoff spot…..

  36. I am having a blast reading one of the Seahak forums. It seems they have their share of qb “haters” over there also. Wilson isn’t a fan favorite up north.

    1. You mean trolling the seaturds sites. What else could you be doing there if not causing trouble as usual.

      Do you even have a job? Or are you still mooching of our tax dollars.

      You are on the chiefs, seaturds sites. Not contributing anything sensible as usual.

      1. Trolling would be commenting on others posts with just insults and being a coward. Or just posting. Again since you like talking about moms. And complained earlier about fans talking about a smiths family. Why don’t you take my meet and greet invitation? Instead of being a coward on a board who insults people’s family?

    2. What does that tell you? RW is a very competent QB. Still young, still developing, just like Kap. I wonder if Colts fans say the same about Luck. No team is perfect, and this year no team dominant. It means the road to the playoffs is extremely difficult. That should make us relish the wins and not cry too much about the losses. Would I have preferred different outcomes in the Rams and Bears games? You betcha. But we beat the Saints at home which we didn’t last year. And that hurt.

      With a team that has gone through so much this year to still be in strong contention is remarkable.

      1. East Coast ..

        Don’t get me started on that NOLA game last
        year …

        Niners woulda won .. if it weren’t for that lousy
        Roughing the Passer call on Brooks …

        Remember .. that single bad call changed
        the balance of power in the NFC West

        1. My point is that last year they came up short. I agree the call was a bad one but they should have been in a better position then too and we came one bad pass from returning to the SB. Bad calls and all.

          This year, with more adversity the Niners are in contention for 2nd half play.

          1. “…..and we came one bad pass from returning to the SB. Bad calls and all….

            True .. but ..
            the “balance of power” took on an ominous slant,
            when you realize.. that means ..
            without that same bad call ..
            the NFCCG .. woulda been played
            at The Stick …
            and since the SeaChickens couldn’t win there ..

            Well …
            woulda shoulda coulda … ya know ?

          2. “and we came one bad pass from returning to the SB”
            -I really don’t think that was a bad pass…It was a great play by the corner and an even better play by the lineback. That pass gets intercepted less than 5% of the time in the NFL.

            As for Kaps first year starting when he went to the superbowl, the defense was not good in the game and you all know it. A TD was put on the special teams. Kaepernick threw for 300 and rushed for a another 50. Gore rushed for another 100. As bad as the officiating was in that game, it was worse in the final 2 minutes. I will forever feel that superbowl was stolen from us.

      2. >>I wonder if Colts fans say the same about Luck.

        Along the lines of: Colts have too much talent to be stuck at 6-4. That guy from Stanford is not getting it done. Hope he’s gone after this year.

        Ya think?

        1. “Along the lines of: Colts have too much talent to be stuck at 6-4. That guy from Stanford is not getting it done. Hope he’s gone after this year.”

          Not a chance. He still puts up good fantasy numbers even in their big losses (every time they play a premier AFC team). Turnovers and wins don’t matter in fantasy football….just passing yards and TDs.

          Must be nice playing in the easiest division in football, where you can at least 1 turnovers for every TD you score and still be considered the best young QB in the game….even if you have an overall losing record in the playoffs. Maybe Kaepernick should have been drafted by an AFC south team….they might even actually appreciate what he’s accomplished and enjoy it.

          Dear lord, make 49ers fans see the light…I don’t want to go back to 2002-2010 and having to watch crappy QBs and crappy Coaches & coordinators…

  37. The 49ers are nearly unwatchable during the second half. The problems of play-calling, lack of strategy adjustments, leadership and lack of enthusiasm are so blatant as to make them a boring second-half team.
    I think the problem stems from the top.
    Harbaugh is not coaching Kaepernick properly on the fine art of red-zone efficiency; nor on the fine art of motivating the offense from the huddle.
    Joe Montana and Steve Young had those arts down pat; Kaepernick just does not have them down at all, yet.
    They are playing as if they are sleep-walking, calling the expected plays nearly always, (if a fan can predict the next play fairly accurately, then the QB, coaches and Offensive Coordinator are mentally lazing around), and expecting stellar play from guys whose enthusiasm is way down. They appear dispirited.
    I have a real problem seeing this years’ 49ers winning any playoff games.

    1. You should have seen Steve Young in Tampa Bay. Kap is a developing QB. His play leaves much to be desired. But hold off on running him out of town on a rail. He is still very competent and better than most of his contemporaries (save Luck possibly). All Qbs make mistakes and have shortcomings.

      1. I agree about Steve at TB. He was erratic, undisciplined and ineffective. When Walsh acquired him I wasn’t pleased. I would have scorned the notion he would make the HoF.

    2. It amazes me .. (or baffles me.. take yer pick) .. how
      some people can watch a team win a football game …
      and then profess to actually know what goes on
      behind the scenes …and thus … become “experts”
      on why … the team didn’t blow out the opponent ..

      From where I’m sitting ..
      the Niners have done pretty good so far, this season ..
      winning games they shoulda lost … but
      along with that comes the games they lost and
      shoulda won …

      That, my friend .. is what happens during
      any given NFL season … Some teams escape the
      injury bug.. and have a stellar season.. while
      other teams get hit hard by it … and still (somehow)
      remain in the hunt ..

      and THAT is pretty remarkable .. when you think
      about it

      1. They also the hardest schedules (based on current records) in the NFL.

        Team ranking (based on metrics and caliber of competition) has them as #7 in the NFL and they are tied for 2nd in their division. So, they aren’t even in the playoffs at 6-4 if the season started today, but they are 7th overall based on statistical power ranking metrics.

  38. How would you guys feel about picking up Marshawn Lynch? I would love to have him. I could care less if he wants to talk to the media. If he wants to pay that fine, that’s on him. As long as he shows up to work and balls out, which he typically does, I’d be okay with having him. He will not be in Seattle next year.

    1. He’s from Oakland if I’m not mistaking. He’s already thinking retirement. Why not come home? Also it’s not like we won’t be competing for a championship next yr.

    2. You bet! He’d be perfect for the Niners cause most of the team already hates the sad excuse for a press corps here…

    3. By this point I don’t think Gore cares who get what carries as long as we win a Championship. I’d be one happy person if we could win one before Gore retires. I think Marshawn could fill the Gap between Gore and Hyde.

      1. I think Mr. Lynch will want a serious paycheck wherever he lands just as a matter of pride. With some guys to re-sign it might be an extravagance for SF to bid into that market. It would also make that backfield crowded with alpha dogs.
        The Raiders might make that move even if they over-pay and if they’re better off getting some OL.

        1. I could care less about egos. I understand it plays a huge part. But Gore wants a ring. His legs aren’t going to continue to hold for 3-5 more years. I’ll proudly eat those words if he proves me wrong. There is some reason why Hyde is not getting the carries. Many say because of blocking – I don’t know.

          If financially, although I know this is the biggest part, if we can make it work we should bring him on. Hyde will just have to learn and return kicks. He looks better returning kicks than Ellington has.

    4. He’s a cancer. If there is one thing that we learned this year it’s that players that are not content can disrupt a locker room. You don’t want that player to be one of the players that your team greatly counts on week to week.

    5. I’m not sure he would be a good influence on the younger players though. Great player, but same situation as Gore.

  39. The DEA inspected the 49ers staff because no one in their right mind would keep Greg Roman around as their OC without being a whole lot of high.

    1. Finally a clever and funny Fire Roman comment. At least these can be taken seriously.

      1. Jack
        Dont forget those 20 tackles on the season as well. I think borland had that many by halftime

      2. Pretty much puts it into perspective. I called the Lynch/Smith move this game. Looked like a mighty fine duo there, one that could save the season.

        On another note, my 3rd son (if there is one) will be named Borland…..or T-Rex

      3. And to think Brooks was a Pro Bowler last season…

        Brooks’ “production” this season also puts Lemonier’s lack of production in perspective. He was awful, but not getting much out of Brooks on the other side didn’t help.

    1. I said during the last off season that they should’ve traded Brooks while his value was at its peak. Now they will most likely have to release him when the season is over.

      1. Unfortunately with Aldon suspended for 9 games it appeared they needed to keep Brooks this year. Though in the end they probably wouldn’t have lost much if they had traded him.

        He might still have some trade value this offseason, but whether through trade or release they should get him off the books at the end of the season.

        1. There was also no way to tell Borland would improve in his pass coverage as quickly as he has. He didn’t look ready to go early in the year. He’s clearly worked hard.

      2. The couldnt have gotten a player of substance because they wouldn’t have the Cap room. Turns out we needed him due to injuries too.

    1. RT? They’ll probably draft one, but until the mid/late rounds. I’d rather see them focus on WR, TE, ILB, DT, and CB.

      2015 O-line will probably look like this. Iupati will be lost to free agency and Brandon Thomas will take his place.

      LT – Joe Staley, Jonathan Martin
      LG – Brandon Thomas, Joe Looney
      C – Marcus Martin, Daniel Kilgore
      RG – Alex Boone, Joe Looney
      RT – Anthony Davis, Jonathan Martin

    2. Davis has rarely been injured before this season and signed an extension last year. They won’t be drafting a RT nor should they.

      Your analysis is almost as bad as your game predictions CFC.

  40. did you see the slack-jawed stare?
    the dead-eyed “mope-a-dope” look?
    talking about both Kaep & Coach Harbaw
    at their postgame press conferences.
    JH has his can of chew.
    Colin has his earphones.
    If someone is impressed with this duo
    (on or off the field), please advise.

    Niner Nation called it a hideous / ugly win.
    Such performances will not win a wildcard berth.

    [Alex Smith for President.]

  41. If you want to call out Rombaugh for something appropriate you guys should be screaming about why isn’t Aldon Smith going out for passes? He’s the Red Zone weapon we’ve been missing.

      1. Like the 49ers with Aldon the Redskins are woefully under utilizing Murphy to his full potential. Rest assured that if he was given a route he’d not only get wide open and catch the TD he’d run into the stands and sack the guy defending him’s family.

  42. Ahmad Brooks’ replacement. Lorenzo Mauldin out of the university of Louisville. 6’4 250. Kid is hungry. Went from a homeless high school freshmen to a baller on the national stage. He’s battling hamstring injuries. Right now

    1. I went to a few of the Cardinals games and he continues to play on it. Kid could be a stud. But the niners never draft who I think they should

  43. Oh man,
    look at the Seahawk boards. They hate their OC. They are complaining about redzone issues. They are complaining about their QB. Lynch isn’t talking to Carol and hasn’t in a while. Lynch is so banged up that he couldn’t walk to the locker room at half time.

    It goes on. Why did we get rid of Tate. It’s the Percy Harvin curse. Why did we bring him in here.

    Funny cause there were folks here that wanted Bevell to replace Roman. There were many ( you know who you are ) who wanted Wilson over Kaep. Kaep through 10 games leads Wilson in just about every offensive category. How could that be?

    1. I don’t like the Seahawkes, but I respect Wilson’s play. I would prefer SF commits to running the ball with their QB, their RBs, and with Ellington. I think the team has moved away from that, because certain divas are in or approaching contract years.
      It must be increasingly difficult to get them to buy into continuing to be a decoy.
      It appears this season has been about rewarding Crabtree and Davis for their roles previously with more passes, rather than continuing to run what has worked in the past.

      1. Wilson has lesser numbers across the board or very close to Kap and yet people still think he’s this young stud QB and Kap is not progressing quickly enough.

        They can’t do it alone.

        1. rocket:

          I think much of that has to do with the fact that Seattle put it together last season and won the Super Bowl, while the 49ers haven’t quite made it.

          1. I agree Claude. The difference between the two is 5 yards and winning the SB. Meanwhile the detractors conveniently ignore the fact Wilson was along for the ride during an historical run by the defense and Kap was trying to make up for a defense that wasn’t playing well during their SB run.

            I think Wilson is the better QB at the moment simply because he is more polished and is willing to take the short stuff more than Kap is, but as I said in the offseason when this topic was discussed, there isn’t much of a gap between them and Kap’s ceiling is much higher. As it is, they are having similar seasons across the board.

            1. rocket:

              Also, I think many fans have unreasonable expectations and/or fail to appreciate how difficult it is to play QB in the NFL.

              1. Claude, with all the amazing GM talent in this blog and Grant too, I find your comment hard to grasp. Do you have some statistics to back it up?


              1. Everything is fine ricardo. I just don’t have the patience to wade through all the junk in here as much as I used to so I don’t comment as much. Thanks for asking and I hope all is well with you too.

              2. Rocket, glad to hear everything is well. Yeah, I hear you, I’m sure you’re not the only that feel the same way about the environment of this blog, lately. Well, it will suck if this blog lose you completely. Your contribution here is tremendous.

        2. I respect Wilson’s play doesn’t in any way translate to I think he is better or on the same level as Kaepernick. It’s merely acknowledging a player’s talent without comparing him to anyone else. I consider him very talented considering his size.
          I don’t like to compare the two QBs because I do not think their particular skill sets translate in a comparison. On the surface, both are mobile. That’s pretty much where the comparison ends. Kaepernick has the speed, the size, and the arm strength to make a play from anywhere on the field to anywhere on the field.
          Wilson is required by his size to move and find throwing lanes.
          Just thought I needed to clarify that since the comments went into comparing the two when that wasn’t what the initial comment intended or implied.

    2. Their OC is probably one of the best in the league. I would take him over Roman. They have no receivers and a midget qb who can’t play in the pocket either. I watch every game of theirs this year, and the OC always calls great plays to throw the defense off. Wilson is running a lot this year and it’s because the OC knows when to call them and not. They don’t give up on the run and he always has them in a position to win. And with the low talent they have outside he’s doing a very good job. I can’t knock their OC. He’s better than ours. That I can give them.

  44. Baalke has done very well the last two drafts. Se of these players are going to be real special.

  45. The Giants first scoring play was the exact play I have been clamoring from Roman for two years. It’s a perfect play just inside the Red Zone where you motion the TE and he sets in the backfield, hesitates for the OL/DL to engage while finding the open space between Center and Guard, then shoots up the seam. You could set him to the left, right or like the Giants brilliant play, right up the middle. If I were him, I would be installing it immediately for Carrier….

    1. I think (and i’m trying to remember the play) the key was isolating the TE on Wilhoite who was biting on play action (or simply came in to hit or jam the TE and took a mis-step and stumbled when he had to transition to coverage and the TE ran right by him).

  46. I was on the players cases about execution but this weeks win looked like so many of the 2011 Alex Smith wins. The players are certainly different than in 2011 but the execution, play calling, stalls in the red zone, field goals instead of TD’s all looks like that team to me. So if the personnel have changed it has to be something else. I was with you Jack about players and execution but there’s a theme to JH and GR offenses even with really different personnel.

    It seems like there’s something else going on where a talented offensive group is under performing on a regular basis.

  47. Fansince77,

    Is Alex Smith a family member of yours? Get over it dude. We know you don’t like CK, but all you do is come on here and slam the guy. Learn to enjoy success.

    Here’s a definition of your existence: fan since 1977 and until Alex Smith was benched.

    1. I was a BIG Alex smith fan before he was replaced before. I did come to realize that when Jim went to Kaep it was the right decision. Kaep can play Alex’s game any time but Alex cannot do the things kaep can do on a regular basis. You look at the chiefs game yesterday where Alex threw for 100 yards and did not complete a pass to a WR is a familiar scene.. I think Alex is a soild QB, does not turn the ball over but he does not have the ability to win games on his own. Kaep does.. With that being said kaep needs to become more consistent to be great but it’s getting ridicoulus when people come on here and slam the guy for having an Alex smith type game!

    2. Nope! That’s not me. I was a fan of the Niners way before Alex, during Alex, during kaep, and after Kaep.

      Problem now is Kaep is wetting the bed with mediocre play. We didn’t tolerate that with Smith and we shouldn’t with Kaep. There’s not much to enjoy when the team scores only 16 points against one of the worse defenses in the league. As bad as Eli played, he still had a chance with the game because the Niner offense, led by Kaep, could only score FGs and not TDs,

      1. Fan, I am not sure kicking Kap to the curb is the issue. Who are you going to replace him with that’s going to come in and succeed immediately? Is the issue that the 49ers have poor talent choices in QB’s and that’s the issue or is it that something in the way the coaching staff is leading is contributing to an underperforming offense and QB? I am starting to lean more towards coaching than ever. Drew Stanton, Sanchez, Foles, Hoyer etc aren’t great QB’s but their coaches have them playing well. (Except Sanchez’s performance yesterday) Why can’t that happen here?

        I think its crazy pathetic to say there’s not much to enjoy when a team only scores 16pts. Is this about stats or wins? We are one game out of the playoff race. Eagles flopped as did the Lions and Hawks. I expect more teams to crumble like the Cowboys. There’s plenty to be happy about. Great D performance and no turnovers by Kap is a good game.

        1. Willitalk –
          I was watching multiple games yesterday, and the Niner game was the least interesting. Even with Eli coughing up INTs like it was Halloween candy, the Niner offense still couldn’t find a rhythm.
          You’re right that a win is a win though.
          Other QBs with less talent then Kaep had good games. Stanton in particular, despite throwing 2 picks.
          It’s a head scratcher as to why the offense is not more productive. I used to think it was coaching until I saw the post of the all-22 from the Rams game.
          Given Kaep’s flaws, I think we just have to ride out the ups and downs, play frenetic like Dilfer suggested. Becoming a pocket passer will have to wait.

          1. Other QBs with less talent then Kaep had good games. Stanton in particular, despite throwing 2 picks.

            A comment like this is a clear example of why your opinions on Kap can’t be taken seriously Fan. Stanton did not have a good game. He threw picks and relied on his defense to win it for them. You criticize Kap every week for doing more than Stanton did yesterday. I really don’t know why you continue to act this way and really don’t care to be honest, but it shows a clear agenda and/or lack of understanding of how the game of football should be played.

            1. Stanton was going against the best defense in the league. And he won! Oh — he’s a back-up! He made a crucial 3rd down pass that sealed the deal.

              1. You do know the Lions have only faced three teams with winning records right? 1 win and 2 losses. They will get exposed as frauds. They’ll lose to the Patriots and Packers and get beaten in the first round unless they play the NFC south team.

              2. Fan…. You say the best defense in the league in Detroit. Who in the hell did they play to really praise them as a real top defense? They’re good at rushing the passer, but no way in hell are they the best defense in the league with that schedule.

              3. They were rated #1 and gave up the least amount of points. Suh, could be the defensive player of the year.
                Regardless, Stanton was 21/32 for 302. 2 TD and 2 picks.
                Lions have a better record then the Giants. And how did Kaep do? Not very good.
                Time to think about Blaine Gabbert. We need one of those mysterious injuries where Kaep trips and hurts himself at home, or accidentally cuts himself on a knife. If that happens,. It’s BG time!

              4. I know they were ranked #1. Again vs what caliber opponents? Do we have Tate and megatron?

                You said all Alex smith does is wins, he’s not flashy. Well what does ck do if you’re giving team wins to qb’s and qb’s only? Just admit man. You don’t like the stereotypical “black running qb”
                You’re pushing for Gabbertt for gods sake on the notion he threw a meaningless TD in the fourth quarter of a blowout.
                I’m going to bet you’d take pretty much any qb that’s white over ck. Shouldn’t you be in stl threatening looters with violence? It’s gonna get ugly over there.

              5. Ninermd:

                That’s more like it.


                Since the beginning of the 2012 season, Smith is 24-10 in 34 regular season games and Kaepernick is 23-10 in 33 games. Kaepernick is also 4-2 in playoff games. He is no less of a winner than Smith is.

              6. Ninermd:

                To clarify, I was referring to your defense of Kaepernick, not your baseless racial accusations.

          2. Not willitalk?

            You sound a bit like Mora even though we are winning you are pining after something else.

            I saw the all 22 of the Rams game as well. But how to you explain under performing offense with different personnel groups doing exactly the same things. Same flaws.

        2. Sanchez has played one, count them, one good game for Kelly. Foles was good last year but not so good this year, and Stanton may have some problems the rest of this year if the second half yesterday is an indicator.

          There aren’t many Brady type finds available.

      2. Fan, you lose credibility when you constantly criticizing one player over and over. There are other players and coaches we can talk about that contribute to the performance of this offense.

        1. Ricardo,
          Fair enough. Here’s my overview of the team. Just my take.

          Kaep — Small improvements from last year. His limitations prevent the other team from developing an identity. His inconsistency is pulling the entire unit down. You all know that.

          Roman — Has called plays that would work, but QB has limitations so his hands are tied.
          Staley — Up and down this year. Not his best season.
          Vernon — He was the leader of this team but something is not right this year. He’s underutilized. The offense is atrocious without his involvement so Kaep has a find a way to get him the ball.
          Boldin – A great possession WR. the go-to guy, but they need to get Stevie Johnson the ball more.

          Gore — He’s a workhouse and is capable of getting 10 yards runs.
          Hyde — Not meeting expectations yet. He needs to be a bigger threat.

          Crabs — Cosell said it best — you put him on a team with a solid QB who can play from the pocket, and then you can better judge him. He’s had this drops but when he and Kaep first started connecting, the drops was not the issue. I don’t think he forgot how to catch the ball. He just doesn’t know what to expect because Kaep is often erratic.

          Even with all the injuries, the team is a top, elite D, especially with Aldon back.

          Obviously I made a few more references to Kaep, not to hate on him or to wish for Alex to come back, but I see how his lack of development is dragging all the other units down. He needs to step up.

          That said — a win is a win. I’ll take it.

            1. Don’t like it, eh? Truth is hard to swallow sometimes. You can have your savior, Kaep, clearly he ain’t mine.

            1. Ninermd:

              If Fansince77 wasn’t commenting here during the Smith era, I have no idea where he was. Why is it a concern?

              If you’re on a quest to call out commenters who have been inconsistent in their views/treatment of the past two QBs, however, I think you’re looking in the wrong direction. No one has been a bigger hypocrite about the QB position than bay.

              Finally, you aren’t objecting to Fansince77’s misdescription of Kaepernick as mediocre. Instead, you seem more concerned about his failure to misdescribe Smith as mediocre. What is that about?

              1. I’m pretty sure I’ve pounded that fact into the ground prior to this. And I’ve read Bay bring up ck’s faults. Without excuses. I haven’t seen it once with 77. Heck Ive seen prime and onelame do 180’s on ck week to week, at least they’re 50/50 stupid. 77 isn’t. Oh and for the record so everyone that knows this was the first idiot who even brought up Alex smith. And yet he and prime will come out and say something like “you’re obsessed” this thread has over 300 comments on it, it’s a little harder when you’re on a phone to specifically find who said what, but with the relentless dribble from 77 my comments are could be directed at him on any new post. That goes for sanfranbob and a couple of other people. But again. Why does it matter if I’m throwing smith under the bus? Who cares if I do to make a point or if I don’t. I didn’t bring it up. So if someone brings him up first for comparison I an probably going to get a little cut throat. He’s a chief, so all is fair.

                Onelame says……
                But he is right ckone is getting paid lots of money not to lose games. He definitely is not paid to make a difference.

                Why does everyone that points out the truth about our QB hating? This is not Alex smith hating where the haters went far to even bad mouth his family.

              2. You always have to bring me into your Alex obsession….

                “about his failure to misdescribe Smith as mediocre. What is that about?”

                Please ninermd please tell us what that is about……….

                Why is everything about Alex…..you hated him when he was here…..it’s 2yrs now and you always go back to Alex……

                Bro what is that about?

              3. Claude Balls –
                Like most, Alex Smith’s first year with Harbaugh caught everyone by surprise. No knew he that he could be competent, not saying great. I’m on record after the NFCCG in 2011 that I would trade for Peyton Manning, let Smith walk, and Kaep can learn behind Peyton. Lot of people thought it was a bad idea, including Grant.

                In 2012 I was not a fan of the switch but would have been happy if the Niners won the SB with Kaep. He didn’t do it. Same as 2013. Nuff said,

                Yes I may be harsh on Kaep, overly critical, but can anyone on here honestly say the offense is clicking? Some blame the O-Line, some blame Roman, I don’t blame Kaep, but I see his lack of growth in key areas as reason for concern.

                It was comical how Bay tried so hard to prove I was an Smither, he pulled up old posts and I told him to go way back in March 2012 to show I was willing to trade Smith for Manning. He was too slow witted to pull it off so he has to do what he knows best — and we all know what that is.

              4. Dude has no class.

                Did you have any faith in the offense if Manning had completed one of those 4 passes in the red zone? But he didn’t so here we are!

              5. Fan yes only because they needed to get in FG range. If we needed a TD, I would have to say no. Thank the heavens for Chris Borland.
                If we didn’t have this defense we would be talking about who to draft or trade with to get a QB. How many games this year has the defense saved the offense?

  48. Here’s a look ahead, remaining schedule for Arizona, Seattle, and SF.

    Arizona: @Seattle, @Atlanta, KC, @St. Louis, Seattle, and @SF
    Seattle: Arizona, @SF, @Phili, SF, @Arizona, St. Louis
    49ers: Washington, Seattle, @Oakland, @Seattle, San Diego, and Arizona

    By far, the 49ers have the easiest schedule and have 5 remaining ‘home’ games (I’m counting vs. Oakland a home game since they don’t have to travel). I expect Arizona to cool off starting next week with a loss to Seattle followed by losses to KC, @SL, Seattle, and @SF. Seattle will lose the games @SF and @Phili while winning the remainder of their games. That will put Arizona and Seattle at 10-6. I expect the 49ers to finish 11-5 with the only loss coming @Seattle and win the NFC West.

    1. Sorry Nick, but I think you are dreaming about Arizona going on a 5 game skid. I see them losing 3 at most between Seattle, 49ers, and KC.

      Niners best way to the playoffs is to hope that the Lions and Eagles start lose some games.

      1. gsixty,
        Arizona has 4 remaining road games. The games @Atlanta and @St Louis are not gimmes. They could go 0-6 the rest of the way. But, I think they’ll disappoint you and go 1-5 instead.

        1. im OK with getting that disappointment lol – cuz i want to be wrong, but I was watching the cardinals, and they look good.

        2. Well, last week you said “Arizona will tank big time and go 2-5 the rest of the way,” and they went on to beat the Lions. So, I’m going to continue to take your predictions with a grain of salt.

          My forecast remains the same, Arizona takes the division, though I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they drop a game in Seattle this week.

          The Lions loss to Arizona was actually a victory in my book. I think the Niners are competing for 1 of the 2 wildcard spots with the Cowboys, Eagles, Seahawks and Lions (Packers should win their division).

          We’ll know a lot more on Turkey Day, given all of that wild card competition is involved in a game. Given the Eagles and Cowboys have 2 games against each other left, I think the weaker of the two (likely Eagles) will not make the playoffs if the Niners can hang in there since we own the tiebreak against both of them.

      1. very true. if we do drop one more game, – we better hope the following teams either do bad:

        -Lions and/or Packers
        -Eagles and/or Dallas

        We are better suited with tie-breakers against the Eagles or Dallas. We are worse off with tie-breakers against Lions and Packers. This is all assuming we take care of Seattle.

      2. Exactly. The schedule is the schedule and all the team can do and control is to keep winning. Yesterdays win was a perfect example of a team playing playoff football. Ugly, hostile, and doing whatever it takes to win. FG’s win games and and that’s all the 49er’s need right now, W’s.

      3. True, that, Jack .. but I’ll hafta
        slightly disagree with Nick ..

        I’m thinkin’ the Niners will sweep the SeaChickens this year ..
        and someone … (maybe Crabs ?) .. stuffs a sock
        in Sherm’s big mouth !

        Well.. we saw some “Brooks-Karma” in NOLA ..
        why not some “Crabs-Karma” at the Clink ?

        (hey … it could happen !)

        1. Sherman will never shut up. Remember when they lost at Candlestick and he whined about the refs? He’ll keep talking, he just looks stupid when he does.

      4. Hammer,
        I don’t care about style points or a beauty contest for offensive superiority, I just want to get to the playoffs where it’s basically a new season.

    2. The Niners don’t play out of the Pacific time zone the rest of the season and don’t travel further than Seattle. That is a big plus.

      I don’t know what the other teams will do but I agree with Jack. The Niners just have to focus on themselves and keep winning. If they do that they’ll have a great shot at the playoffs.

  49. Crabtree is top 5 in NFL WR for dropped passes and Vernon is 2nd in dropped passes for tight ends. The percentage was based on receptions versus drops.

  50. My feelings are mixed after yesterday. I’m glad that we won, but we should’ve embarrassed the Giants all over the place. There’s really no excuse that can be made for a team to have picked off a QB so many times yet have to sweat it out for the win. If this keeps up, we’re potentially looking at an early exit in the playoffs.

    1. Mid,

      All the picks with the exception of one, came deep in Niner territory. What that tells you or should, is that the defense was bending but not breaking and not giving the offense good field position with the turnovers.

      I’m not knocking the defense by any means, but the interceptions kept the Giants from scoring only. They didn’t set the offense up at all.

      The offense is a problem I do agree with that. The issue from where I sit is the lack of all phases playing together at the same time. It seems each week a different area takes the day off and plays like crap. It was the Oline a couple of weeks ago, the receivers dropping passes last week, and Kap struggling with accuracy yesterday. If this team can ever get all phases playing well at the same time we might see more production.

      1. That’s basically what I see Rocket. My concern is that this isn’t an offense that can complement a strong defense when it counts, despite the vast weapons on it.

    2. Like Jack said, three of the interceptions were the same as punts, one resulted in field position and a field goal, and the other one won the game after three fade attempts failed at the five yard line.

  51. Apologies.. I erroneously noted the 49ers had no 4th qtr offensive TDs since the wildcard vs Green Bay. There was a junk time 4th qtr TD vs Denver.

    Quarterly scoring average since Panthers game 1-12-14 (12 games)
    First, 6.1, Second, 7.9, Third 4.3, Fourth 2.4

  52. i am getting more comfortable with Ckone not losing the game than expecting him to win the game…..

    so f…king jealous of the packer fans seeing their team put up 50 points in a game…..

    we have more talent…….why not us!!!!!!

    1. Oh so with smith it was ok to put up 16 points but with ck you want 50?? Go figure. Please genius name the last winning Super Bowl team who put up 50 points a game up. How about a team where their qb throws for 108 yards and the rb runs for nearly 200 yards to win the game? That’s what you loved when your lover played here. You’re pathetic. How about that meet and greet you keyboard coward?

          1. Oh and for the record onelame. Before you go on one of your lame “I’m obsessed” rants. Guess who the first person was to bring up the name Alex smith???

            Onelame says…..
            But he is right ckone is getting paid lots of money not to lose games. He definitely is not paid to make a difference.

            Why does everyone that points out the truth about our QB hating? This is not Alex smith hating where the haters went far to even bad mouth his family.

            Yeah it was you dummy. And the ironic part is your last sentence. I guess a true coward will use bad mouthing someone’s family againts others to make a point, while that person themselves does the same to others and refuses to meet that person to say it in their face. Now that I know what you’re about onelame. A coward and I exposed your trolling tendencies I’ll let you roll with it. Rememeber folks. The easy way to find a troll is to follow my posts and look for this name. Onelame. I’m like candy to him.

            1. Yaaaaaaawwwnn……too bad I can’t follow you on webzone because you are banned!!!….

              Go Niners

              Nah. Go Chiefs …just so my pet ninermd can get a thrill up his leg and think out loud Halleluyah it must be because of Alex Smith…..

              1. first of all Mr. “I want to be a Blog moderator by force”……this really has nothing to do with you.

                he is banned on 49erwebzone .49erswebzone.com/forum/profile/NinerMD/

                Status:MemberGender:MaleJoined:Aug 8, 2010Last Post:Sep 2, 2010 at 10:38 PMPosts:123 (0.08 per day)Warning:BANNED

              2. MD can post whenever he’d like there and has in recent months.

                As for this having nothing to do with me, you’re right, but you put misinformation on a public space and I am correcting it.

              3. stick with the “i am right part”…..when you start paying attention to other so called corrections on the blog then I will take your wannabe policing for real……

                you can’t pick and choose what to correct, who made you God or are you officially ninermd’s waterboy? …..tell us because selective thinking is something we all know you are fond of….

                this is really none of your biz “class captain”….

              4. Thank you Jack Hammer. Like I’ve stated before it’s always been Ninermd. Not NinerMD or any other capitols in the name. He brings this up because he has been banned before 3 times when maiocco ran this blog and it had integrity. Back when you couldn’t be racist, or talk about family or wives on here. You stick with that onelame. It’s obvious proof you lose it when you’re gettin smacked by the comment that was erased earlier. History doesn’t lie dude. You’re the biggest and oldest tool on this site. Period! Then end. And I wouldn’t doubt it if you made the name up and got banned on purpose.

    2. Be satisfied with the Harbaugh era wins over those same packers. If you want fifty point games move to arena ball.

    3. The Niners have beaten the Packers 4 straight times. Learn perspective or cheer for a team that entertains you more.

      1. sorry grant….was getting carried away….@rocket – I love my niners ALOT……..does not mean i am not dissapointed in my QB’s play

        Dude I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the 49ers

        1. Great I’m glad to hear you love the Niners. I do too and all I care about is winning games. Style points don’t win games. The Packers got blasted by the Saints 3 weeks ago. The Niners beat the Saints a little over a week ago. I like offensive fireworks as much as the next guy but wins are the only thing that matters. Perspective.

          1. True……read thru my posts….I don’t stress wins……I am stressing the bad stuff…..like a f”..kin loss to the rams which was all on ckone from my point of view…….

            And before anyone whines ckhater……even if Jesus or muhammed was the qb that day I would still be pissed at him…

              1. One lame… You’re absolutely right. The funny part though is it was ok when smith led them to 10 points off of all of those turnovers vs NO in the playoffs. Remember??? But it’s OK you keep living the lie. 77 likes you. Go figure two ck haters in love with Alex Smtih.

  53. KAEPERNICK: C. The best you can say is he didn’t turn the ball over. Which is good, but his first pass almost got picked off.

    Michael Crabtree happy – that was the Niners’ game plan. Kaepernick threw the first pass of the game to Crabtree and the Giants almost picked it off.

    Grant I see that you put up CK almost got picked off twice on the Crabtree screen. But you refuse to bring up that Boldin missed a key block on that play. Ya think maybe that’s the reason the cb was in on that throw? A rational writer would bring up that fact of he didn’t have a personal vendetta against a player.

    Watching the game again. Our trip into the redzone where we settled for a fg. The first play Roman calls for the option. Ck runs to his left and is hit for a loss. If Stevie Johnson makes his block instead of whiffing on it. That play goes well for the offense. Another little thing on why some on here have to quit blaming everything on the qb or OC. When you hear them say “we’ve just got to execute better” time and time again…. Believe them. They know what little misses and blown assignments they’ve had in the game. The little things like the Boldin and Johnson missed blocks could have been big plays. This is why I’m not giving up on the OC, QB or offense. These are the little things that can be fixed.

  54. “Make Michael Crabtree happy – that was the Niners’ game plan.”

    Not sure how anyone can reach this conclusion unless they haven’t been watching the games. There have been only 2 games this season in which Crabtree has been targeted fewer than 7 times.

      1. And it paid off with a third period game winning touchdown, and more important a dropped third down pass that killed a drive. The special part of that play was that Crabtree signaled to Colin that it was his fault. Never events have happened enough this year.

      2. And that matters why Watson?

        After the touchdown to Crabtree early in the third quarter the 49ers dropped back to pass only 11 more times for the rest of the game.

        1. Because the game plan was to make Crabtree happy, which was accomplished. Any more questions?

          1. Actually it was more because they were up by two scores and did what they always do, grind down the clock.

            1. Jack. The. Game. Plan. Was. To. Placate. Crabtree. By. Targeting. Him. An. Inordinate. Number. Of. Times. Until. He. Scored.

              1. why would they do that? it makes no sense. why would the coaches care if they placated Crabtree? i’m pretty sure they’re focused on just winning the game.

                where as Jack’s comment makes perfect sense from a consistent philosophical stand point by the coaches.

              2. Because they feel they need Crabtree and they don’t want him to check out on the team. It’s no coincidence he got the most first-half targets of the season the week after getting only 2 first-half targets against the Saints and complaining about being a third option and an afterthought. The good thing is he seems placated for the time being. The bad thing is the offense stunk against the Giants.

              3. coaches are pretty funny, they’re generally hyper focused on just winning games. even long term personnel issues take backseats to winning the game in front of them. So I don’t cake a lot of stock in coaches placating a player. If anything, I’ve seen coaches go the vindictive route and unofficial demote a player (maybe that had already happened to Crabtree?). Also, we know Roman is match up obsessed so don’t you think it’s more likely he or Kaepernick saw something in the coverage or personnel that favored passes to Crabtree?

                and if Harbaugh and Roman worked for Comcast and they gave you between 2:00 and 4:00 to show up for a service call; I bet they show up at 3:59.59 just to grind down the clock. heck they might show up late an incur some sort of penalty. delay of appointment/game! 5 yard penalty and free HBO for a month!

              4. You can’t mistake that it was a point of emphasis, but I don’t think that was the game plan as a whole. Maybe that’s Jack’s point.

              5. yes, but generally not to the point that would significantly impact a game plan and the outcome of a game.

              6. I’m sure they thought it was a clever game plan. Feeding Crabtree early and often isn’t something the Niners have done much this season.

              7. targeting Crabtree early because they thought it was a clever game plan would be a tactical decision. doing something you don’t usually do to try to catch the defense off guard (despite the fact that you may not execute it well) fits Roman’s M.O. perfectly. that’s totally a probable reason for the Crabtree passes. “placating” him…I just don’t see…just worked out that way as a bonus.

              8. Placating Crabtree is a tactical decision, too. They clearly feel they need him to win a Super Bowl. They felt this week was a good week to feed him early for a few reasons. It’s no coincidence they fed him a week after he complained about being a third option. The whole game plan in the first half was to show Crabtree and the world that he’s still the first option.

              9. doesn’t it make more sense that the defense simply focused more on Boldin and possibly Johnson leaving Crabtree as more viable target? I mean if you were the opposing DC, whom would you focus your coverage on?

                sorry, just don’t buy the long term placating a player theory as the reason for changing a game plan theory.

              10. affnp:

                Your logic and reason are no match for Grant’s speculation. I mean, come on, he pulled it out of his butt. How can you argue with that?

              11. Grant if you do’nt believe the team needs Crabtree at his best to win the S.B. Do you think they can win the S.B. with the O excecuting at its current level or are there other players who need to raise their performance other than CK?

              12. Harbaugh and Roman need to raise their performance. They have a good running game and at least three good receivers — Boldin, Johnson and Lloyd.

              13. Okay Grant I gotta ask –
                You said Harbaugh and Roman need to raise their game. As the de facto Kaep critic here, you gave him a C and said that the best thing he did was not turn the ball over. Can he raise his game in mid-season, and what would be dependent on, throwing less to Crabs and Vernon, calling less complex pass schemes, calling more spread? The Giants never bit on any of the play action or read option plays.

                Kaep’s QB rating and stats are up, but there’s no question the Niner offense is very average at best.
                Their best game was against the Rams. And they only scored 24, with the last 7 coming on a pick 6 to end the game. Throughout the season the offense struggles to score.
                I think the PR return game has not helped shorten the field, when we had Ted Ginn Jr in 2011 and 2012.

              14. I agree with Grant on this one. I find it hard to believe it is a coincidence that one week after complaining about being the 3rd receiving option he then gets a lot of early targets the following game.

              15. Grant: Coaches placate star players all the time in the NFL.

                Ah, I see the problem here. You seem to have confused Crabtree for a star player.

      3. But what about the missed Boldin block for the first throw? Did you not see that?
        Just wondering why you would put that on CK or the staff for trying to get him the ball.

      4. “Crabtree was targeted 7 times in the first half”

        Nope. It was 6. He had the TD at the beginning of the second and then a drop with 6:39 to go in the 4th.

        Come on Watson. You need to be better than this.

          1. True, but above you noted that he was only targeted 8 times, so still wrong Watson.

            Also, if you want to use penalties as actual plays we can add that 35 yards to Crabtree’s total and give him 120 yards receiving on the day.

              1. Jack is a royal douche. Always has been on this blog. Comes across like a know-it-all with his one liners. I can see why it annoys people.

              2. You can like me or you can hate me. Either way you’re still talking about me.

                Oh yeah, who has a handle with a player who has been traded away? Who does that?

              3. I think the bitterness stems from the fact that jack didn’t need his daddy to set up his blog for him.

    1. Stevie Johnson’s two best games this season were Arizona, 9 rec 103 yards and Denver, 5 rec 73 yards. The 49ers lost both games.

        1. “Because they go to him late.”

          Kaepernick’s first two passes against Arizona went to Johnson, the second was nullified by penalty, and they went to him a bunch in the first half.

          Johnson had 4 of his 5 catches in the first half against Denver.

  55. So, lots of Monday fussing about Brooks, M.Lynch, and RG3. Think about Griffin’s comments and compare them to how Alex Smith handled his business when he was getting pounded by posing DLs and trying to run a f.u. offensive scheme. I never remember Alex rolling on his team mates or even hinting at some glaring problems.
    CK has some deficiencies. Alex still has some too; no TDs to WRs. But Alex cowboyed up. I’m fine with CK; he doesn’t shrink from responsibility either. Anybody think Bree’s sucks as a QB? Not me, but check his record Number Crunchers.

      I guess this week we’ve learned two things with that logic.

      1 Dalton is superior to Bree’s
      2 Shawn Hill is superior to Manning.

    2. RG3’s comments were completely taken out of context by TMZ style reporting that’s so prevalent today.

      1. Maybe, but his coach told him to worry about his own play, and not other on the team. Good advise?

  56. I’m going to retire — finally — in about two years. Need to move from Sacramento — I have no roots here and the music scene sucks. I often go here:


    And look at places around the country. But I get cold sweats thinking I’d live somewhere where the home team is one of about 20 chronic losers in the league. I’m happy with this iteration of the Niners, warts and all. Sure they could play better and maybe Jim could pass out candy at his pressers. But I can live with the deal unlike, say, any of the NFC south teams or the one-and-done franchises…

    1. Ghost being a sac resident. And a huge music lover. I couldn’t agree more. Sacramento is and will always be the city close to everything good. The jazz festival here is atrocious, this city has NO identity outside of fe Sacramento Kings. No soul, no alternative outlet. I don’t blame you. I still have awhile to retire, but when I do I am out of this city I grew up in. I’m a big fish that needs a bigger bowl.
      Although the new arena should revitalize downtown sac, I still can’t see it having it’s own name compared to other cities. Good luck on your journey. God willing I’ll be doing the same in awhile.

  57. From the comments it would seem the Niners lost yesterday. Ok it wasn’t pretty, but that’s what good teams do is win, travel to the east playing a team that always seems to give the Niners problems, not playing up to their capabilities, also playing on the road last week, with injury after injury. This team wins on the road most of the time, not many other teams can make that claim

    Execution is the main problem with the team. All of the offensive players have played a part in the offenses demise. Penalties, dropped passes, inaccurate passes, pass protection to mention a few.

    Screw that stuff. Positive things

    Borland – This man has instinct coming out his ears. He understands football instinctively. He isn’t big but when your smart you don’t have to be big. Love this guy. I think it was Razor who initially pegged him.

    Boldin – He wants the ball, I mean he really wants the ball. Love his attitude, its kind of like ‘take no prisoners’. This guy is just good period.

    Gore – Mr. Football. Lives and breathes the game. Team is everything to him.

    Cowboy – enough said!

    Willis – A pro’s pro. You never hear anything bad about him. Great player and man.

    Bowman – see Willis.

    Harbaugh – Controversial, intense, Wining isn’t just everything to him Wining is his life. Extremely competitive. For me when Harbaugh finally leaves, it will leave me with a sadness not seen since the departures of Walsh/Montana/Rice.

    Thought I would throw something positive out there.

    1. Come on people get a grip! The 9ers are winning the hard games, the games where they need to grind. At this stage of the season the point is to win the game, who cares how they do it. The wringing of hands is just waisted energy. The team is in secound place with 6 to go. Geez, the way some of you carry on , one would think that all is lost!

  58. I wonder if Johnson doesn’t get the job over Crabtree is because of his blocking. It looks horrible. The missed block on the option and the holding call on the vd run. That was a first down.

    I will say this ck was the culprit of the Borland int debacle. Two throws were horrible. Set up the fg. The more I watch this offense the more I’m convinced it’s execution with a splash of bad throws and play calling. The little things like blocks and assignments need to be corrected in order for them to get it right.

  59. The boys on MNF countdown are chewing up Ahmed Brooks for benching himself. It’s nasty!

    I would cut Ahmed right now. He might be a cancer.

    1. He is gone after the season. 7mil next yr, I doubt they pay him knowing the Rookie is playing very well

        1. Like with Brandon Jacobs, the 49ers wouldn’t want to risk a rival picking him up and having him come back to haunt them this season. If they decide he’s of no further use, they’ll just deactivate him, I reckon.

  60. 2 strange things happened this past Sunday

    Curlliver giving JH the ball – some say it shows the players are behind JH ….I say it’s a player who had been struggling and now finally getting is swagger back, saying thanks to JH for not benching him….

    Brooks taking himself out of the game – Could it be true some players are tired of JH two faced attitude …..he pretty much quit on the team, though we know brooks is a hot head, shouldn’t JH or fangio have handled this better…..I mean the guy just won you the last game, there had to be an opportunity to make everyone happy especially after a win….

    I honestly keep seeing signs JH does not want to be here next year……maybe that is what is affecting ckone……doesn’t it feel ckone is not trying hard enough compared to last year….maybe he knows JH is gone and he is hurt inside…..or distracted….

    1. What signs do you see? They have depth, everyone wants to be on the field. Crabtree vs. Johnson. Now Brooks, Lynch, and Aldon. Vernon is not pouting, he’s still injured in my opinion. This is what happens when you create a lockeroom that’s based on total competition. You deal with making or trying to make everyone happy. I blame Baalke.

      1. You blame him with stocking the locker room full of guys who are, or believe they are NFL ready? Yes they are competitive, he hired competitors. That’s a sin? More like a virtue.

        1. No I blame him for putting Harbaugh and the position coaches in very difficult situations. Sometimes too much depth can cause problems as we are witnessing.
          It’s a good problem to have but nonetheless, still a problem.

            1. Im crazy for saying it but it can cause problems in your lockeroom if not coached properly. Look at what happened with Jacobs, Crabtree and now Brooks. This year I would say is an anomaly with the suspensions and injuries. But still the over abundance in depth could easily help an team as it can dismantle it of guys don’t all buy in.

              And Jack too much money can cause many many problems. Ones I’m sure I don’t have to explain.

              1. I agree with Prime.

                He’s crazy for suggesting that Baalke should be criticized for supplying the team with too much talent.

              2. I said it was a good problem but a problem nonetheless. You have to have a great coach to keep an over talented team from imploding.
                Nothing wrong with lots of talent. It’s just that its a difficult scenario for position coaches and head coaches if guys like Brooks turn on you.

              3. Having Montana and Young wasn’t handled that great by Walsh, but it’s not a problem Walsh or anyone else would have wished to avoid.

            2. Uh-oh, I’m agreeing with Prime! Too much money can be dangerous:
              Justin Beiber. PacMan Jones (Adam is doing better lately). Paris Hilton. Gretzky’s daughter. Kardashians (any of ’em. All of ’em). and Donald effing Trump.

        2. I get where Prime was going with this and yes it can be a problem if the players egos can’t be held in check, but no Coach in this league would trade a situation like that for having less depth.

          This past draft is already looking like an all timer and we still haven’t seen almost half the class play. They get Thomas, Reaser, Acker, Millard and Ramsey back next season to add to whatever they draft in 2015. To those questioning Baalke’s drafting, give it a rest. This team has a lot of talent that will keep it competitive long term.

          1. They get an almost complete drafts worth of guys coming back from injury next year. It will be basically like having two drafts in 2015, and with how well the guys from the 2014 draft that are playing this year have played, the 49ers should have a lot of leeway to do whatever they like with most of those picks.

    1. Thanks, George.
      On a side note, I cannot believe that San Jose State did not score a point against Hawaii while gaining 400+ yards with ZERO punts in the game. How’s that even possible???

      1. Fumbles, interceptions, and going for it on fourth down and missing will do it if you are also consistent.

  61. On Monday Night Countdown every single on camera analyst and ex-player excoriated Brooks for his pouting tantrum.

    1. BT, none called the coaching staff to task about mishandling the “too much talent” aspect? How could they miss that????

  62. Add the steelers to the worlds worst defensive series ever with the rams.
    How on earth do you fall for a hook and go with 30 seconds left in the half? Lol

  63. Ricardo, didn’t watch the game, sorry. Sometimes, though, there’s no explanation. Blows the mind, though. Btw, enjoy reading your posts.

    1. Thanks, George! I, too, enjoy reading your posts. I’ve never seen you in a heated debate and that is hard to do around here lately. Stay cool my man!

  64. I love how everyone on the defense gets a A (with one B) and the running backs gets a B+ (for having decent numbers against the worst rushing defense in football). When the opening drive consisted of Kaepernick driving us down the field and converting 3rd downs with his arm and legs only to be halted by a gore fumble on the 25. BAck the other way the Giants slice up the 49ers for a TD to go up 7-0.

    Somehow, Kaepernick was the one who was below average to average because the “best you could say is he didn’t turn it over”….He also threw a 50 yard TD pass….You see that. Any of the running backs do that?

    “And he didn’t throw a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter for the 12th game in a row (counting playoffs)” -LOL That’s actually a stat normal people keep track of? He has several rushing TD’s. That’s not good enough? has to be a pass. Do you just look for negative trends.

    Here’s a stat:
    The 49ers are a perfect 19-0 (in less than 33 regular season starts) when Kaepernick has at least one competition for 40+ yards. That includes the past two games. But, he gets the lowest grade, and the Wilhoite who gave up the TD gets an A, and Gore who fumbled points away get a B+. No, you’re not being irrational at all.

    You must be trying to just piss off fans.

    1. Kaepernick has zero fourth-quarter rushing touchdowns the past 14 games and zero rushing touchdowns this season.

      1. Grant what do you make of Kap’s 17 game TD streak? Longest since Young’s 18 game streak. We get so lost in what he’s not doing that we sometimes miss what he is doing. Will he tie against the Skins this week?

      2. The only offensive fourth qtr TD in the last 12 games was in a junk time vs Denver.

        You have to go back to the Green Bay wildcard game for a meaningful offensive fourth qtr TD.

        Has to be some kind of record.

  65. The more I read about Brooks, the more I wish we just cut ties with him. Yes he’s an all pro, yes he probably still has it, but his attitude Sunday was terrible(Charles Barkley Voice). Him losing his reps is his fault. Accept responsibility for that.

    I have personal experience doing the same thing. My last two years of college I showed up to camp out of shape. Not even close to ready. I was a captain and set a piss poor example. I had very little desire. But once I stepped on that field and saw where I stood, I refused to relinquish my starting spot. I knew the defense better than anyone but that didn’t matter if I couldn’t perform. Instead of gradually getting in shape through practice, I stayed after and put in the conditioning work. It seems Bowman failed to do that (I could be wrong but I doubt it). That come from thinking you’re invincible. Worse mistake all athletes can think. You are ALWAYS replaceable. Brooks found out the hard way not realizing he had kids in front of him hungry and eager to make an impression. And they are KILLING it.

    Put Bowman on the shelf, let’s get rid of Brooks, and draft another young OLB(Lorenzo Mauldin – in my opinion). This team has zero space for bad attitudes.

    1. Personally, I would cut him – because he committed the unpardonable sin of quitting on his team.
      But the way player’s contracts are written these days with all so extra bonuses and incentives for onfield performance, any time missed on the field for a player is tantamount to losing money.

      In Brook’ case, he seemed to come to camp resting on his laurels from last season by being out of shape. It was obvious from the first game of the season that Ahmad was no where close to playing at last years level.
      Brooks should have been at the top of his game this year with Bowman, Aldon, and Willis missing time.
      Instead he has become our least effective LB in the starting role.

      If Brooks can make a sincere apology to his teammates, coaches, and the 49ers fanbase he deserves another chance to redeem himself.
      If he can’t do this, “hasta la vista baby!”

      1. Well said AES. I was all about cutting him initially but now,let’s see if he can make amends.
        He needs to be a demon on Sunday against the Redskins. If he can’t be a contributer, then yes, make him inactive.

        1. The Defense is finding its mojo and that’s going to keep the Niners in the remaining games.

          Even though the Niners have alot of home games left, Levi Stadiums has been home to a couple of embarrassing losses. The Redskins are a bad team, so were the Rams and Giants and the Niners barely got by both of those teams.

      2. Brooks’ situation had to be addressed, and JH said he’s done that. I knew we wouldn’t hear the details.
        JH is trying to make a stretch run, but he has a memory.
        Trent will want to recoup some value after the season, but he has a memory too.
        Both those guys are about buy-in and commitment. You’re either On The Bus, …..
        ….. or you’re OFF THE BUS!
        See also: Jacobs, Brandon.

        1. Brotha,
          I agree, but based on Ahmad’ performance thus far he will likely be gone anyway unless he wants to play in a backup role, which as we saw Sunday is not an option.
          His recent actions may have already punched his travel ticket.

      3. AS I think Brooks realized at the moment that he was not in the 2015 plans and he had a meltdown….

        1. I think you hit on the underlying problem. Brooks realized he is not going to be back next year with the Niners now that Lynch has blossomed. I think Brooks has some deep behavioral/psychological issue with anger / mood management. The Niners coaches and F.O. need to be smart. They need Brooks for depth. Brooks is not Jacobs or LMJ. Cutting him now to make an example will hurt the Niners in the playoffs and deprive vets in potentially their last year with the Niners of a chance to make a deep run.

          1. If Ahmed can swallow his pride enough to just play hard (“I’ll show them!”) he can help his brand and his future. The whole league saw his check-out; he’ll want to get that memory erased as much as possible during the rest of this season. Parys H. is doing OK after making a change, Brooks can re-establish himself too. His trade value may have slipped a notch, but I think there will be interest in the off season.

            1. Agree. I don’t think he’s fundamentally selfish / diva. He seems to be emotionally overcome in these sort of situations and comes across badly. He needs to get his act together like he did under Singletary after being let go by the Bengals.

              > Parys H. is doing OK after making a change,
              As is Ricky-Jean-Francois with the Colts.

  66. For 2 weeks in a row, we get to play a team that’s pissed off and coming off an embarrassing loss. Last week was the Giant’s Super Bowl and they played inspired ball on defense. I’m expecting Washington to clean things up and put up a good fight on Sunday. This game will not be easy and I hope the 49ers don’t overlook them.

  67. a quote from Coach Harbaw
    (in response to a question from Lowell Cohn):
    “… build, build, build” our football team
    What does this remind you of?
    (gobble, gobble, gobble)…Somebody please tell me:
    Is this man trying to write a children’s storybook?
    See Dick and Jane run and play.
    Run, run, run. They love to run. They love to play.

    Time for JH to put on his khaki tutu and head off for
    his ballet dancing lesson… or something.
    Your mama could have coached a Niner performance like that.
    16 to 10 over the 2-8 New York Jets. My, my, my.
    (summarizing the game – in triplicate…)

    1. >>16 to 10 over the 2-8 New York Jets.

      If you are going to make moronic comments, at least make moronic comments on the game that everyone else here is talking about.

          1. If there was such a thing as blog police around here, they would have already gone all Berkeley pepper-spray on that 8-8 idiot.

  68. Total Yards:

    SF: 333
    NY: 330

    claude, not the half yard I predicted, but pretty dang close and we didn’t have to rely a Kaep sneak to pull it out.

      1. So, does the release of Ben Tate mean that Glenn Winston will be active on game days? If so, I expect the Glenn-Winston-Was-Our-Future club to become active again.

            1. That’s right KY.

              Steelers just showed the 49ers how you handle a guy that decides to quit on his team.

              1. If Brooks is released this season, it won’t happen as long as we still have to play a team that might sign him. His big contract already had him on a bubble for release in the off season.

              2. I agree, and I’ve said as much in a previous post, htwaits. That is the 49er way.

                But the Steelers, in my opinion, have shown the right way to handle it.

              3. No need to release him if he is sorry and can come back and show his coaches and teammates that he can perform at a high level.
                Sometimes we all lose our minds and let emotions get the best of us. He’s human. He is also a very good player. We need him so coach him up and get him back on the same page of the entire team.

    1. I think the stats are little skewed. He has only played for dysfunctional offenses that were plain offensive. Houston’s passing attack for the three years he was there was singular in depth. Cleveland is much the same.
      I think healthy Ben Tate is an upgrade to anything we currently have behind Gore. More importantly, Ben Tate can pass protect.

  69. So this article was a great one. If there was an area for Baalke to improve, in my opinion, it would be to stop believing in certain attributes and check a players heart.


    Last story about myself. I’ve always been undersized. I met my HS School coach in the 8th grade. He told his wife I would never step on the field because of my size. 4yrs later, I was a 4 yr letterman, 3yr starter MLB, and probably the most decorated LB he ever coached. All that to say, never judge a player by their size. Especially if their performing at a high level on the highest level, Borland. Hats off Baalke for going against his belief system.

    1. I’m with you on that KY. Chicago fans weren’t happy when the Bears ‘gave up’ a 1st Round pick on a midget LB. His name was Mike Singletary, and he worked out quite well as a player. Sam Mills was even smaller, but again…..well, ask Vic.

    2. Brotha,

      I’m sure it happens more than anyone will ever know. But sometimes the eye test is real. And if you’re playing LB in the Big 10, at that level – there should be very little questions.

      1. Btw, I was a sawed-off ILB in HS too. An opposing coach told my coach he thought I was a fire hydrant on wheels.

    3. Heck, I lacked speed or quickness, lacked confidence, and lacked talledness. I scored one point for my high school, but later on I was able to enjoy playing some satisfying basketball.

    1. His boss told him to take a couple of days off for doing a fantastic job with this article that so far has produced almost 600 comments.

    1. Brodie
      On another subject, did you see the PD article (Sunday or Monday?) about trying to get broadband into more of the County areas? It might eventually help you out with your access.

      1. Yes, but I’m not holding my breath. There’s been rumors of improved wire out here since 98.

        Coincidentally, I finally got off dial-up last Thursday. I’m on a WISP now. Slow compared to wired connections, but the 1.5 mbps down is lightning compared to what I had. No usage limits. Opens a whole new world.

        The tech stumbled around the property doing a site surveys for a few days. When he got a signal from Venado access point, he installed a 2nd access point on an old pig shed.

        Took lots of doing but I’m finally in the 21rst century.

  70. Niners sign CB Marcus Cromartie, Wisconsin, to PS. Found this on cbssports.com:

    03/07/2013 – 2013 Wisconsin Pro Day: Another pair of recently graduated UW players, cornerbacks Marcus Cromartie and Devin Smith, also participated in Wisconsin’s Pro Day. Cromartie, who wasn’t invited to the NFL combine, surprised everyone but himself when he ran a 4.35 40-yard dash for the NFL scouts, the best of any of the Wisconsin players that participated in Pro Day. He also recorded a vertical of 34 inches. “I was satisfied, my goal was to run a low 4.3, and a 4.35, I can work with that,” Cromartie said.
    With the 40 time in the books, Cromartie appears to be an intriguing prospect to NFL teams. With attractive height and size for an NFL cornerback at 6-foot, weighing in at 195-pounds, the speed may help elevate the corner from a tryout invitation on an NFL squad to seeing his name drafted in the later rounds. Cromartie trained with Pittsburgh Steelers’ cornerback Ike Taylor and former first round pick cornerback Favian Washington, who played most recently in 2011 with the Saints, in Orlando, Fla. – Nick Korger, The Badger Herald

  71. Wonder why Cromartie stayed on the shelf? Bad eyesight? Hands fo stone? With those stats he should have been working somewhere in the league. Hope he brings something to the Niners…

  72. OT:

    I’m glad we are getting a week or so of rain, even if it’s light. But it means putting the Harleys in the garage and driving the truck to work which also means forking over for parking. Bikes park free in the garage. Truck parks for $$$ on the street. Plus this city of trees — Sacrament — has dangerous streets once the rain and heavy leaf fall get into gear.

    Does anyone bother to stop at SFGate anymore? The new format is horrible. And the content isn’t much better.

    We now return you to the regularly scheduled madhouse…

  73. I don’t think ckone puts in the time to be an elite QB.

    Not complaining about his above average play currently but potential to be elite does exist.

    “There are lots of QBs who put in tremendous time that don’t become elite QBs. It’s not just putting in time, but how well that time is spent in learning the logic of proper decision making.
    The formula for becoming an elite QB is a function of Quantity of Time combined with the Quality of Time. The second part is the most important part and requires an astute coaching perspective. Any coach or player can potentially come up with the first component, but not necessarily the second”

    Ckone to do list:
    Audible or call for a quick read when a blitz is coming
    Running to the line of scrimmage and catching the defense substituting off balance
    Pump fake the ball
    Find the weakest DB on the field and always attack him
    Scoring Touchdown = Breathing Oxygen. Not kissing biceps 

  74. In order to speed up the offense (needed) and occasionally go to hurry-up mode, I think CK has to be given the freedom to NOT change the play on 1st or 2nd down; just run the damn play on a quick count. You hit Boldin for 11 yards, hustle up to the line no huddle and use a code word to call & snap a 26 Power and maybe the RB busts one for 20.
    I’ve always wondered for QB’s why there wasn’t some Flight Simulator-like ‘Game’ that would teach, in the way Flash Cards can, quick recognition skills. Or at least drill them in real time for practice. Blitz reaction in particular, but all coverages reads would be helped.

  75. The 49ers offensive production was pathetic. There is no way that if they play this way on offense that they will ever advance in the playoffs.

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