49ers 41, Bengals 17: The good and not so good

Jimmy Garoppolo, de los 49ers de San Francisco, se prepara para lanzar un pase en el encuentro del domingo 15 de septiembre de 2019, ante los Bengals de Cincinnati (AP Foto/Gary Landers)

Here’s what stood out to me during the 49ers’ complete annihilation of the Cincinnati Bengals.


  1. Kyle Shanahan. This was his best game yet as a head coach. He called a tough, blue-collar-style offense and still scored 41 points. And the 49ers could have scored 48 had a penalty not nullified a touchdown. Shanahan was on fire. He recognized how effective his one-wide-receiver-formation run game was against the Bucs and used it extensively against the Bengals. After halftime, Cincinnati lost the taste for tackling and gave up. Shanahan kept attacking anyway. He put the league on notice.
  2. Robert Saleh. Last week, his defense gave up 10 points. And this week, it  gave up 17. When Saleh came to the 49ers, he seemed like a Pete-Carroll disciple who hadn’t yet put his mark on the defensive scheme. Now, he may have the best defense of all the Carroll disciples, and a better defense than Carroll himself. Saleh shut down the Bengals’ run game with his Wide 9 defensive alignment. Remarkable. I predict Saleh will be an NFL head coach one day.
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo. Played with calmness and poise, and seemed to regain much of the confidence he had in 2017. When Garoppolo is confident, so is the rest of the team.
  4. Raheem Mostert. Gained 151 yards from scrimmage and scored one two touchdown. Would have scored two if a penalty hadn’t negated a touchdown. As I’ve said since preseason, Mostert is one of the 49ers’ most dangerous weapons, and he deserves at least five touches on offense per game. Today, he led the entire offense with 16 touches, and he deserved every one of them.
  5. Matt Breida. Averaged a whopping 10.1 yards per carry. Mostert probably is the better all-around running back than Breida, because Mostert is such an effective receiver. But, Breida is the better ball-carrier. He’s as good as almost any ball carrier in the league.
  6. Deebo Samuel. The rookie had a breakout game: Five catches, 87 yards and one touchdown. He has everything a wide receiver needs: speed, toughness and agility. Now, he needs to become more consistent. He dropped one pass.
  7. Ronald Blair. Recorded three tackles for loss, one quarterback hit and a sack. Was the 49ers’ best edge rusher against the Bengals.
  8. Kwon Alexander. Intercepted a pass and knocked down three more. Alexander is such a drastic upgrade over Reuben Foster. I didn’t realize Alexander would be this effective.
  9. Ahkello Witherspoon. Broke up two passes and gave up zero long catches. Clearly the best cornerback on the team. The Bengals must not have done their homework.


    1. Garoppolo’s interception. Garoppolo gets himself in trouble when he predetermines throws. On second and 20, he decided to throw a deep pass to Richie James Jr. no matter what. Unfortunately for Garoppolo, the cornerback covering Deebo Samuel stopped covering him and ran upfield, and Garoppolo threw the ball right to that defender. Garoppolo can learn from this mistake.
    2. Joe Staley’s injury. Fractured his fibula and could miss the next eight weeks. Huge blow. Staley’s backup, Justin Skule, is a rookie sixth-round pick. The 49ers may need to trade for a starting left tackle.
    3. Dante Pettis. Has become almost a total afterthought. Didn’t return punts or catch any passes against the Bengals. When he played, he ran jet-sweep motions, and even threw a pass. But, it seems Deebo Samuel has taken Pettis’ role in the offense. The NFL is a hard world.

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  1. “Unfortunately for Garoppolo, the cornerback covering James stopped covering him and ran upfield.”

    Is that meant to be Samuel? I think the CB that picked JG was meant to be covering Deebo but peeled off and that’s why he was in place to intercept the pass to James.

      1. Don’t feel bad Grant, it’s early, but let me remind everyone how poor the reception was for the Kwon Alexander signing. Just about everyone felt like the Niners grossly overpaid for Alexander on the free agent market. When he’s right, he’s one of the most active ILB’s in the game. He’s already put together some legendary performances over his young career, and he brings energy that cannot be taught. Let’s hope he stays healthy.

        This is a very complete football team, but with 1 glaring weakness now – OT. Like they say, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Thankfully, Staley should be back for the stretch run, but they need to make a move for an OT if they want a realistic chance at a playoff run, and this is where John Lynch needs to prove his worth, IMO.

      2. I sure hope my fellow Faithful will cut Garoppolo a little slack now, and let the guy settle into the system. It seems ludicrous to think this team would be better off making a QB change at this stage of the game. Give Jimmy a fair shake. A full season, complete with the ups and downs that come with a 16 (plus) game schedule, and then let’s re-assess the situation. Fair?

        1. Played with calmness and poise, and seemed to regain much of the confidence he had in 2017. When Garoppolo is confident, so is the rest of the team.

          Very, very well said Grant!

          I think a lot of fans, particularly those who haven’t played the sport, have a lack of understanding just how important the role confidence plays for any athlete, and especially a QB. Confidence can be gained, and it can be lost. However, the best thing for any NFL QB is stability, knowing they have an opportunity to control their destiny. This is a bugger of a system to learn, just ask the veteran, Matt Ryan. There are so many different moving parts. If you want Garoppolo to grow into the roll of franchise QB, he needs to play consistently. He needs an opportunity to play week in and week out. He needs reps. He needs an opportunity to play within this complex scheme. He needs to regain confidence in his knee. The talent is clearly there. He’s athletic. His deep ball looks improved, and his mechanics are buttery smooth – some of the prettiest in the league. When Jimmy is playing within the rhythm of the offense, it’s like watching poetry in motion. It’s just a matter of gaining experience within the scheme, building upon each and every performance, one week on top of the next, on top of the next, on top of the next.

          1. And one last point. A word on Deebo Samuel, and Dante Pettis.

            Deebo is everything Dante is not. He plays with a sense of urgency, critical for the position. He is so darn fast and can accelerate to full speed in an instant. On top of that, he’s strong and he’s physical. He looks to have the makings of a #1 WR- a Tyreek Hill type of multi-purpose wideout. He’s a dynamic route runner as well, though he still hasn’t learned all of the little nuances of this skill. But he will. This is a tough system for any QB to fully grasp, and the WR position may be a close second to that. I had cut Dante some slack up until now, because I understand how tough Kyle’s scheme is on young WR’s. But it seems clear to me now that Dante doesn’t have the mental fortitude to reach his potential, while Deebo looks like he just might have it.

            Also, I can’t wait to see what Trent Taylor can do when he gets back, and my boy Jalen Hurd, perhaps by mid-season.

            1. Nick Bosa expected to be full-go this week. I expect he’ll have a big game in the home opener VS the Steelers.

              The way he’s battled through this injury over these first 2 games, has earned him a little more respect from his fellow teammates, as well it should. He’s a gamer!

      3. c’mon grant! bashing you is getting old man……everyone you just praised….youve destroyed for years!!!! it dosent add up!! you never admitted you were wrong about bashing them for months if not years!!!! you just switch up, with no explanation…..no apology….nothing!
        you’ve insinuated KS is a poor coach, an average OC at best…..
        freaked out when we didn’t add multiple cbs to replace AW…..gave up on him…..proclaimed he was garbage…..
        pissed and moaned about the KA contract…….questioned shanalynch’s intelligence for overpaying a guy with a bum knee……
        called for RS’s head! said he was the worst DC in the league…..
        called JG a bust just days ago…posting an article about him losing his job to mullens……
        and you disrespect a guy with an insane ypc. average…..saying the 3rd stringer is better??!!! MB coulda had 200-300 yesterday bro!!!! clearly hes sooooooo valuable to this team…….that they didnt wanna risk him getting hurt once the game was decided……and as a result…..RM got huge #s in mop up duty!!

        have some integrity and eat your crow like a man bud!!! dont act like its duck from a fine French restaurant

        on another note; how old is TW and how long and how much is he under contract for??? with the secondary sorting itself out like I predicted……I would have assumed 2020 1st round pick would be o-line…….maybe ship it to the skins now for TW and save this season……cuz o-line issues could be the only thing that could derail it!

      4. Pettis looks like the odd man out. Perhaps he gets traded away this week for LT help. He was a mistake in the draft. Truth is, Shanny knows Pettis is not the future.

    1. Great observation…I saw the same thing…Grant couldn’t help himself but to put Jimmy in the bad section…his hate for that man won’t die no matter what he does…And that’s not to excuse the throw because Jimmy needed to be watching that corner and not his receiver. But that’s something that comes with time and experience. People forget that Jimmy STILL hasn’t played a full seasons worth of starts yet…He’ll only get better..

    2. I so appreciate Grant’s enthusiasm and acute insights! He is easy on the eyes as well! Look for the Niners to make a run on Trent Williams this week. If not, we must look at a veteran, experienced (if average) LT on the market. Give Skule a chance though. He played decently when he was rushed in. Nobody on the PS can fill in though. We need help. Our oL is still suspect. Every more so without Staley.

  2. Wow, the Niners became offensive juggernauts.
    The defense played Niner Football.
    Truly sad for Staley, but maybe they can keep winning so he can play in the playoffs.
    I agree, this was KS’s finest game. Breida looks All Pro. Everyone played well.
    Now, I hope they do not take the Steelers lightly. They are truly desperate.

      1. JG was very impressive, handing off the ball.
        That one interception, not so much.
        If he can manage to play in a coupe more games totally healthy, I will say he is healthy enough to be the best QB on the team. A QB who just recovered from an ACL injury, will still have a question mark, until he can prove he can play with no pain.
        I am glad JG is the starting franchise QB, but am also glad that Mullens can fill in, too, in case of another injury.

            1. I said Mullens was the best QB on the team, just after JG struggled in the Denver game, with his terrible QBR.
              Since then, JG has improved, but he still is less than a year away from having an ACL injury.
              I still will say that a fully healthy QB is preferable over an injured QB. However, JG is proving that he is recovered, and if he can beat the next 2 opponents, and can take more hits, he will be superior in every category.
              I am glad JG is the starting franchise QB for the Niners, and hope he stays healthy all season.
              Prime is just trolling me.

              1. No you just keep putting your foot in your mouth.
                The fact you got all emotional and declared Mullen’s a better QB after a preseason game shows your ignorance.

              2. Prime, things change. Considering JG had a passer rating of 0, at that time, Mullens was the best QB. This was just after JG threw 5 straight interceptions in practice, so it was not only one preseason game. I thought at that time, that JG had not recovered from his ACL injury. No wonder there was speculation that if JG continued to struggle, Mullens would be a better option.
                You take one statement, and think it is set in stone. Subsequently, JG played and improved, so he proved to be the starter, who I am happy is leading this team.
                Right now, I am rooting for JG to lead this team to victory. You can take one comment in the preseason, and try to rip me, but it just shows how obdurate and desperate you are. While I am rooting for JG, you can focus on a comment made in the preseason.

              3. Seb… just take the loss dude. Eat the crow and move on. It’s blatantly obvious you just can’t admit when you’re wrong.
                Wanna save face? Try admitting when you’re wrong.

              4. md, I have done that. I am saying that once JG has proven he is fully recovered from his ACL, he will be the best QB option on the team. That may take a couple more games. If his knee does swell up, I hope you will eat crow for forcing him to play before he is fully recovered.
                Look at it this way. A fully healthy player is a better than a player recovering from an ACL injury. That injured player threw a pick, then almost another pick, in 6 passes, for a 0 QBR. Coupled with his throwing 5 picks in a row in practice, he was regressing. That is why I thought Mullens should start.
                I also said that- ‘JG has become a turnover machine. That is no bueno. Every position should be earned, and not given to a player. Mullens has earned a shot to start UNLESS JG CAN MAKE THESE LAST 2 PRESEASON GAMES INTO AN EXHIBITION OF HIS SKILLS.’
                Thankfully, JG did improve. He showed he can take a hit, and move without limping. He has played himself back into becoming the 49er starting QB. If he regressed due to his injury, I was willing to let him sit and recover fully.
                I have admitted when I was wrong many times. If you look at my posts in context to JG’s struggles, I do not feel like those are wrong statements. ACL injuries have varied recovery times. Do you think McKinnon should be the starter? No, even though he injured his ACL earlier than JG.

      2. Not only that, ‘nowski tried and in fact did put the bengals on the two yd line. Extraordinary. A real weapon to have……………and Sebs berated this pick for months!

        A real negative nellie…………………..all-is-bad bobby……………nothing is good ned………….

        1. No, I knew they were drafting a punter, since Pinion walked. I just thought it was reaching , and he would have been available in the 5th round.

          1. You have no idea he was going to be available in the 5th.
            Shanny said in his post draft press conference that he knew a team was targeting him after they selected Hurd.

              1. So? What does that have to do with it. They wanted their guy, they knew teams were interested.
                Don’t pretend you knew he would last till the 5th after the fact.
                Then you wonder why.

              2. We will never know for sure, but how do you think the Niners knew about other team’s interest? Usually, that is kept from other teams.
                Maybe from an agent? Oh, that is a rock solid source, and an agent would NEVER tell a lie.
                Sounds like you believe in fairy tales, too.
                Let me put it this way- Which is the better strategy? Be patient, select an O lineman, then still get him in the 5th round, or be desperate and reach for a punter, when only one other punter was drafted, and they took him in the 5th round, 17 picks later.
                O linemen taken in the 4th include- Dru Samia, Hjalte Froholdt, Ben Powers, Phil Haynes, Wes Martin and Mike Jordan.

              3. Freakin Sebs and his waffling…………………you should start another business, some breakfast joint–called The Waffle Barn.

  3. From October of ’18 (a Grant poll)…

    Will Robert Saleh be the 49ers defensive coordinator next season?

    No (53%, 273 Votes)
    Yes (47%, 247 Votes)
    Total Voters: 520

    1. A lot of fans were wrong. For the last two years the coaches have seemed very much like system coaches.

      Shanahan seemed to be married to his schemes even when they were unsuccessful. Saleh seemed unimaginative. Last couple of games they have blown that notion up. And a good thing too! For them, the organization and all the fans.

      1. That’s a lie. Both coaches are still running their systems. They just have healthy and better players than they had in years one and two. And y’all are still not acknowledging that. You guys have crapped this team and system for 2 and a half years, not once acknowledging that they tore it completely down and had to completely rebuild.

        1. Maybe you did not realize that this team was 4-12 last season. You make it sound like they were a playoff team, and above reproach.
          KS even admitted he should have won 3 more games last season.
          After they went 2-14, everyone knew it was a total rebuild, not a reload. Only Staley was on that SB team, and now he is injured, so they now have no player from that SB season.

          1. That was then, Sebs-this is now.

            Again, pulling up past failures, difficulties and wrongs,,,,,and throwing it in the face of now……….the future is in front, not behind. And those who look to the future know the glass is always half-full. Grant knows this.

            Negative nellie………………

        2. Yes a complete tear down but they also left a lot on the table. This year, as I stated earlier, they have better success in the red zone and 3rd down efficiency and part of the reason why is they are trying new things.

  4. hey grant niners were firing on a cylinders but whos a potential replacement for staley via trade? skule can’t possibly be the answer.

  5. Matt Kalil might worth taking a flyer on. He was good before he was injured. Maybe he stays on as a swing tackle when Staley comes back?
    Huge blow to the team losing Joe.

        1. Not so sure about that. I remember a couple of times #69 slid over to LT last season when Staley went out for a few plays. Protecting JG’s blindside will be paramount.

          Unless the Niners trade for a proven starter, my guess is MM slides over to LT and Skule gets schooled at RT and Shanny gives him help with a TE or RB in the backfield.

        1. Paraphrasing, He was asked about moving guys around and he said it would be best to only have one change instead of multiple.

          Agree with that too.

              1. Nah. Then you have to change two positions instead of one. RT in today’s NFL is just as important as LT. McGlinchey hasn’t even taken reps at LT in practice for gods sake.

          1. Jack Hammer, I like our back and forth’s. You seem to know your stuff. What’s the best plan of action for the Niners LT situation until Staley returns? They say it’s a 6-8 week injury, but from what I know, it’s more realistically closer to 9 or 10 weeks, depending on the severity and location of the break/fracture. I am not at all comfortable handing over the reins to a rookie 6th round pick for the next 2-2.5 months, and I haven’t seen enough of Brunskill either.

            I think they need to work a trade for a veteran OT with experience in a stretch zone blocking scheme, but I wouldn’t give up as much as it would likely take to land T. Williams. What are your thoughts?

            Also, I wonder what Grant Cohn thinks is the best plan at LT until Staley returns?

    1. Yup – The Bengals can use two tackles themselves. It wont come cheap if the Niners trade for one. Hold the course and let Shanny scheme around it.

  6. Well clearly that LB SF waived provided crucial “Intel” to the Bengals leading them to know all the offensive and defensive secrets and dominate the game. 🙄

    1. No, no, did you see that KS changed things up? He anticipated Reynolds would spill his guts, so he did something totally different and unpredictable. That flea flicker with Pettis was innovative and totally unexpected.
      KS went ground and pound. Reynolds could not have known that.

      1. Sigh…. Back to the good old days of 2016-2017 when you–you Sebbie–earned the delusional tag.

        So, Shanahan retooled today’s game plan just to offset what Reynolds said, or may have said.

        R i g h t……………………….

        1. It is part of the game. Players are brought in to pick their brains, but then the other team anticipates, and makes adjustments.
          Mike Evans wondered if the Niners knew their plays ahead of time. Maybe he should have looked at Kwon, who played defense for TB for years.
          I sure saw a lot of new plays and schemes from the Niners. Have you ever seen a flea flicker with Pettis before? Have you seen the Niners run the ball 42 times in a game?

            1. Maybe some intel is not enough to decide the outcome of the game. However it is just due diligence to cover all bases, and not miss out on something that may be really important.
              I did not say that intel from Reynolds would get their defense to not give up in the second half.
              Just like I would not say that the Bengals did not even try to pick his brain, because that would be useless.

          1. If it is part of the game, then why isn’t this Machievellen effort more effective? Cuz it works both ways, Sebs. Blocking and tackling and an effective strategy with the tools to make it work are what wins the game. KS now has the tools-a bit young, but good tools nevertheless…………

            Spying and subterfuge…………………..Sun Zoo type stuff……………………

          2. Didn’t Tampa have a different offensive scheme when Kwon was there? They had Kouetter as their HC when Kwon was there right?

            1. Yes, the intel is dated, but Kwon was an integral part of that defense. He may not divulge the exact plays, but he can outline their tendencies. He also could give player assessments, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses. Which players to pick on, what players to avoid, and what plays they like to run with certain personnel in.
              However, some proof may be in the fact that Mike Evans asked Witherspoon if the Niners had known which plays were going to be run, before they hiked the ball. Sounds like Kwon spilled his guts, very effectively.

          3. Guys, I’m not sure why you keep beating this subject like a rented mule. I think you are both correct in a sense. Surely there is certainly some value gleaned by gaining intel on opponents from former players fresh off of an opponents roster. However, this value is generally extremely limited. For one thing, teams have a very limited amount of time to game plan for individual opponents on a weekly basis. Secondly, Kyle Shanahan is a seasoned OC, with 2 very capable assistant offensive coordinators underneath him. As we witnessed yesterday, Kyle and his staff have more than enough variety built into his system to keep teams guessing regardless of the kind of limited intel a player like Reynolds would be able to provide. The fact of the matter is, opposing DC’s rely almost exclusively on game film in order to prepare, and the game film supersedes most of the information a single ex-player can provide, especially considering the limited time to prepare throughout the week.

            Why don’t you guys just agree that you both make a decent point, and move on already?

  7. On the broadcast, the announcers said Dee Ford left with a knee injury. What happened and is it serious?

    Losing Staley is huge. I wonder if they can package Pettis and Solomon Thomas for a serviceable right tackle and then move McGlinchey over to the left side???

    Shanhan has always been a great coach. He is one of the best offensive minds in football, if not the very best in football. Today was not a situation where Shanahan is getting better. Today is a situation where Shanahan is able to utilize a multitude of weapons on his offense. I expect this offense to do nothing but get better if everyone stays healthy and I expect Shanahan to prove his genius.

    1. Not entirely helpful (via ninersnation)…

      Dee Ford left the game with a quad irritation, but there was no known injury news.

  8. Mr. Pettis has one more game to find his place on this team. Samuel, Goodwin, Kittle, and maybe even James have passed him on the targets chart. With Taylor and Hurd maybe coming back after next week (the bye is week #4) it is step up or step out time for Pettis.

    Overall—this was such a needed performance for the whole team. Two very good road wins back to back, on the east coast. This has to be the beginning of what Shanahan and Lynch’s vision for the team is to become. Every QB, WR, RB and TE have been brought in off of Shanahan’s wish list. As an organizational decision, big money and draft assets have been put into the front seven. The results of the last two weeks shows what this team can be when they are relatively healthy.

    One main question remains–Can the team stay relatively healthy so that the team can run the offense and defense that they were built to run. How much will the Staley injury affect.

    For the first time in quite a few years, the team is trending up at the beginning of the year, and it is legit because it is happening on the field.

    1. This defense might be Harbaugh/Fangio worthy. And the offense never in Harbaugh/Roman’s wildest dreams. Like you said, only if they can stay healthy.

  9. The Niners need OT help, with Staley out.
    They should poach a player from a playoff team’s practice squad.
    Cole Croston from the Pats PS. Chandler Brewer from the Rams PS. Derick Kelly or John Leglue from the Saints PS.

        1. Daniners

          You’re right…Skule allowed only one QB ‘sack’ his entire Senior season…and that was by Josh Allen from Kentucky…I think we’re lucky to have him….

    1. The defense gave up 10 points last week. The other seven points came off a Garoppolo interception returned for a TD.

      1. Ford is fine. He was held out for precautionary reasons after the game was all but decided. The 49ers DL was getting the job done without Ford yesterday, no reason to push him with 14 (plus) more games left on the schedule. Besides, Bosa is still working himself into game shape and needs the reps, IMO.

  10. Nice.

    1. Grades look good. I was relieved JP overthrew/threw away the early pass to his left which had the hallmarks of a pick six.

    2 Last week I said niners needed a power back who could run between the tackles. We may have found him on our practice squad – Jeff Wilson.

    3 Shanahan seems to have figured out Pettis is a not a great option.

    4. Do we get Hurd and Taylor back after bye?

    5. I cant help but notice Shanahan and Saleh wear long sleeves even on hot days. Saleh sometimes rolls up his sleeves.

    6. Seahawks barely eeked out a win versus Steelers. Bring on those Steelers.

  11. Grant –

    Would you agree that Wes Welker deserves some credit? The receivers are doing pretty good (except for Pettis).
    Can you possibly get a 1 on 1 interview with Welker during the bye week?
    Your Lynch interview was excellent.

  12. A couple of observations:

    1) The WR group was suspect going into the season. That may become a real strength of the team. Deebo Samuel is a playmaker who elevated the entire unit.

    2) 3rd down efficiency was questionable. This was true for offense and defense. The team has done much to address this and …

    3) Red Zone anemia. Oddly, the miss by Gould didn’t hurt because the offense was playing so well. Would not have been the case last year.

    4) DBs. Still some issues there but the unit is performing so well because the DL and linebacker play has become a real strength.

    5) QB. Garoppolo looks smoother this week. However, he still has some tendencies which are somewhat troubling. But if they can mount performances like this week-in and week-out it won’t matter.

    Now let’s hope Jed and the Yorks stay out of the way (no guarantees on that score).

    Great road trip for the team to start the year!

    1. I’m not so sure that we are that mature yet…Kyle said in his brief that he had planned to throw more to Pettis this week and what do we get…? Zero targets, but a 16 yard pass completion…. What happened to Dwelley after his game last week ? Robby 0662 says that Pettis only has one game left to prove his worth…where does he get that info ? If we don’t spread the ball around more, it only takes one tweaked ankle…and we go from one of the most dangerous teams to ‘back to the scrap heap’. We have had three good games from the D-line, but we’re still playing Solomon Thomas ahead of younger players who are needing reps…Alumnus bias…

      As long as these haunts are with us, we won’t be a great team…but we DID look like it today…PRIDE


    2. Sour,
      1) The WR group was suspect going into the season. That may become a real strength of the team. Deebo Samuel is a playmaker who elevated the entire unit.
      – I don’t think so yet… Cinci’s secondary has been terrible for 2 consecutive weeks.
      2) 3rd down efficiency was questionable. This was true for offense and defense. The team has done much to address this and …
      – True, this is a big issue on D. On offense, they have barely had any 3 and outs so I am less concerned on this.

      5) QB. Garoppolo looks smoother this week. However, he still has some tendencies which are somewhat troubling. But if they can mount performances like this week-in and week-out it won’t matter.
      – Yeah the overreaction to Jimmy is crazy, no one knows what he is yet good or bad… I don’t think we will have a real idea until about the midway point of this season.

  13. great game finally….lets hope Lynch gets a left tackle (Williams wants out) to protect JimmyP’s blind side….

    running game was on fire……Breida looks outstanding..and gotta admire the heart of Deebo guy balls
    a lot to look forward to….

  14. Jack Hammer says:
    April 18, 2019 at 12:03 pm
    ✅Wk 1 @ #Bucs (W) 1:25 start time makes them think it’s not an East Coast game
    ✅Wk 2 @ #Bengals (W)
    Wk 3 vs #Steelers (W)
    Wk 4 bye
    Wk 5 vs #Browns (MNF) (W)
    Wk 6 @ #LARams (L)
    Wk 7 @Wash (L)
    Wk 8 vs #Panthers (W)
    Wk 9 @ #AZ (W)
    Wk 10 vs #Seahawks (W)
    Wk 11 vs #AZ (W)
    Wk 12 vs #Packers (W)
    Wk 13 @ #Ravens (L)
    Wk14 @ #Saints (L)
    Wk15 vs #Falcons (W)
    Wk16 vs Rams (W)
    Wk17 @ Sea (L)

    1. Does the loss of Staley change your pick on any of these games?
      Myles Garret against a backup is a bit scary.

      I guess we will have a better idea of who the browns really are after tonight’s game.

  15. Thoughts:

    -This team is clearly a good team. You don’t win games on the road by flukes, especially not by blowouts of this magnitude. The defence looks vicious, and the offence rolled all day today.

    -Shanahan is a step-above the rest of the offensive-minded playcallers. Maybe not all of them, but he’s clearly a level or two above most of them. His playcalling today was perfect.

    -Jimmy G is improving by the week. Yes, the pick was bad. Was nice to see the defence stand tall and not fold there. Outside of the pick though, Jimmy was great. If Tony Romo is his ceiling, I can live with that. It’s a very high ceiling.

    -The running game is special. It gets no credit, because it doesn’t have one elite running back. But by committee, it’s brutal. Multiple times, even in Staley’s absence, it just dominated the game. As the team gets more and more confidence the better it will be in closing out the game. Great stuff.

    -Staley’s injury is concerning. I wouldn’t mind a trade, but on further thought I think the first thing to do would see how the replacement tackle does in practice before trading for one. I’d keep McGlinchey over on the right, but if needed he should be able to come to the left. The team can’t afford to tarry here, so if someone needs to be brought in it should happen. I’d ask the Redskins about Williams, and I’d trade Solly and a pick for him. Anything more I think and you’re losing significant strength in your roster for someone who might not have a role on the team after this year. Pettis might also be on the trade block, I think I’m absolutely right on him. He just isn’t a good enough football player. Maybe he just doesn’t fit the scheme. When Taylor and Hurd come back, I don’t see how Pettis gets more involved.

    -Kwon made up for last week. He wasimpressive today. He’s a better player than Foster.

    Overall, great stuff. I hope Dee Ford is okay, and it really does suck about Staley. Looking at the schedule, Niners are going to need to be picking up most of their wins in the first half of the season, which Staley will miss almost completely. Steelers are up next, and they have a must-win. It’s not a must-win for the Niners, but it would be nice to win the home opener, and I think they can do it too. The tackle will be a crucial area but this team has shown that it has the tools on both sides of the ball to win games. I hope Bosa can get a little healthier, but credit to him for pushing through these two weeks here.

    1. I agree. This team is competitive, although they beat up on 2 teams who are not playoff teams.
      Yes, KS shined, JG improved and the running game was dominant.
      Yeah, it sucks that Staley broke his leg. Hope they find a replacement quickly.
      I was most impressed with Kwon’s pass defense. His pick demoralized the Bengals.
      I agree, this Steelers game will be tough, even if Ben is out.

    2. If Tony Romo is his ceiling, I can live with that. It’s a very high ceiling.

      You mean the guy who won, what one playoff game in his career? I’d say JimmyG’s ceiling is much higher than Romo’s. You must be a closet cowboys fan.

      1. lol, Romo was a great QB. Not all-time great, but great. Nowhere in my post did I say I wanted Jimmy to emulate his post season record. But ifyou’d been paying attention, you’d have noticed recently Grant has brought up comparisons to Romo in regards to Jimmy. I was referencing those. As for questioning my fan cred, yawn. Try harder.

          1. I was? News to me. I was sure I said I wouldn’t pull him, that he wasn’t getting benched for Mullens, that the whole idea of a QB controversy is silly and premature and he’ll get better. Huh.

  16. Heh, last week despite the win there was a lot of fan angst re: the offense and JG in particular. After today’s game now JG is back (which of course presumes he once arrived) and the 49ers are great again.

    Gotta love the fan overreaction to each game. :-)

    That was great game and really fun to watch the 49ers offense basically do whatever they wanted. They’ve now won two road games on the east coast to start the season, which is a great effort. Both performances have been earned victories, not cheap/ lucky wins.

    Writing JG off after the first game was silly. Anointing him after this game is also silly – he’s still not played many games. As is anointing this team as a contender.

    The signs are very positive. They now need to show they can win games consistently, whether it be by playing great, exciting football or by battling and finding ways to win when offensive and/ or defensive rhythm doesn’t come as easily to them.

    1. Yep, terrific win with plenty of room left for improvement.

      Clean up the penalties
      Clean up the turnovers
      Figure out the LT spot
      FS taking bad angles a couple times
      Williams struggling a bit today in the slot

  17. Ill just say this, for 3 years, A big portion of this blog, the old and new guys, have trashed everything this team has done. But how many of you actually took the time to realize, when you strip a football team of bad players, and replace them with even more bad players, just to get your team DNA up to code, and then have multiple injuries to your actual good players in the 2nd year, but finally have a healthy team, bad things will happen way before good things will happen. For the 1st time in the nfl in a long time, a coach and GM have been given the keys to a franchise and the owner has left them alone and let them build a foundation. They weren’t fired after1 year or 2, because Jed finally realized his top two guys need to work together, not be led by a dictator. This regime has worked hard to get this team off to a good start, they literally started at the bottom and now they look like a playoff caliber team. And for all of you naysayers who cast doubt on these guys without seeing their planned product, act like fly by night fans and y’all should all be eating crow!!! Now I’m sure this isint a finished product but I for one have agreed with the way this team has been built. Not calling for a coach or GM to be fired, or to replace a QB, or cry about a free agent signing or draft pick. Now I questioned some of them but never cried over them. Look yourself in the mirror guys, suck it up and buckle up, it’s going to be a hell of a ride

    1. Well said Steel…. when they were hired I personally gave them a 3 year window for improvement. This was there make or break year for me.
      Saleh was a little different I admit I did not like his coaching in year one and two, even with injury included.
      He’s adjusted some things and gotten some talent and a pass rush that helps his scheme. He had definitely improved as a coach.
      And the only knock I have on Shanny is the discipline on this team with penalties.
      I’m hoping they can clean this up.

  18. Been listening to radio shows watching NFL prime time watching NFL network and they are still sleeping on this 49ers team. No mentions, no Mike Silver looking silly because the Niners should pull Jimmy for Nick Mullen’s as soon as possible!!!!! Oh well there is always that 1st loss for the crazies to come from behind the blinds😂

    1. Anyone who was calling for a QB controversy looks silly.
      Especially this guy:

      sebnynah says:
      August 20, 2019 at 8:20 am
      Mullens is the best QB on the team.

      1. Aug 20th. I am concerned about JG with his 0 QBR and him throwing 5 interceptions in a row in practice.
        Sept 15th. I am happy JG has improved, and hope he leads the Niners to the playoffs.

        1. Aug 20th was a mere snapshot, Sebs–you don’t make judgements on snapshots………………

          Call it “The Waffle Barn”, Sebs…..i’ll bet your a good cook. Our little town could use another good b-fast joint. And nobody can waffle like you……………..

    2. Steel, you are correct about the fickle “fans”, but in fairness, the Niners have yet to earn respect nationally. Yes they are 2-0, and have come out of the gate white hot, with their best 2 game road trip this generation. Kudos to Shanahan and Lynch, but I think they still have more to prove if they want national recognition. The national recognition will come in due time if they can continue to string together impressive wins.

      Circle the date 10/7 on your calendar. If the Niners take care of business this Sunday, and then come out of their bye week and handle the Browns in prime time, on MNF, their newfound national relevance and recognition will have officially begun, and they will be back in the spotlight, where this storied franchise truly belongs.

      Garoppolo-mania, phase 2! I can hardly wait! Go NINERS!

  19. There is a very inpatient crowd on the blog.
    Last week it was about the defense bailing out the offense for the win.
    A couple of weeks before that almost the same crowd was crowing that Mullens could possibly overtake JG’ job.
    Almost a year before that some were blaming Shanahan for not providing wins even after the starting QB was lost for the season.

    I’m thankful for the faithful fans that have stood with the team (who stayed away from the blame game) over the last few seasons.
    The season of the “turn around” is here and even the doubters are welcomed back.
    Time for us all, to enjoy the ride again.

    1. AES,
      Good points. However, these Nattering Nabobs of Negativity always had one foot on the bandwagon :)
      I think they will now pile on to Pettis. Then Shanalynch will be pilloried for not mortgaging their future by trading their first round pick and a huge contract for Trent Williams.
      Constructive criticisms of Shanhalynch’s learning process is one thing — but constant whining by GM-wannabes can get tiresome.
      Anyway, I think the Niners can go 3-0 into the bye week despite losing Staley.

      1. I think they will now pile on to Pettis. Then Shanalynch will be pilloried for not mortgaging their future by trading their first round pick and a huge contract for Trent Williams.

        AES, Mood and Steele, the so called “realists” have gone underground for the time being. I expect them back in full throat when the team hits the inevitable rough patches of a long season.

      2. Mood,
        Absolutely agree.
        The lack of patience over the last few years has been amazing. Nitpicking Shanahan/Lynch’ moves sound like a broken record.
        Never mind that this team was completely ravage by the last GM and ensuing FO wars.

        Never understood that some felt that the new regime was going to turn the team around from the dumpster fire it had become in a couple of years.

        But it’s my nature to always view the positive even if it’s minimal.
        Like MD, I gave this regime 3 years to show improvement. Happy to say, that it’s paying off.
        Winning is good no matter how they come.

  20. I was really impressed with Kittle. He is one of the best players on the team. Did you all see how he chased after the Bengals player on Jimmy G’s interception? Couple of his blocks were extremely well executed and he totally pancaked the defenders. He plays with a lot of heart. Need more players like him.

    This is an excellent win and long time coming…..I thought we will lose this game, but glad I was wrong. Still this team is not yet a Playoff team yet. NFC is tough and we might need to win the division to get through.

    We have to take it a week at a time. Onto the Steelers!

    1. This team was desperate for talent a few years ago after Baalke bankrupted the club.
      Now the talent (under the new regime) is starting to rise to the top.
      Let the good times roll!

      1. Yes AES. Gotta give credit where due.

        There have been some bone headed decisions made recently, but Kittle was a home-run 5th round pick and Kwon looks like a very good LB signing.

      1. Yeah……he doesn’t get too much credit for yesterday’s game, and his numbers were not flashy, but he was a stud in the run game yesterday.

  21. Cohn: “I didn’t realize that Alexander would be this effective.”

    “president” trump: “Who knew health care is so complicated?”

  22. Does anyone think the Steelers fans are ok with a close loss? Especially since they lost Big Ben? Nope. They demand excellence from their team. Always.

    1. They can demand what they want, going to suck for them when the Steelers are 0-3.
      I hope Big Ben can play, I want the best of all teams to go against the Niners. True measurement of one’s ability stems from the quality of its foes.

    2. SY,
      It’s been a while since they’ve won a SB.
      Many Steelers fans have called for Tomlin’ firing. And this was before the season began. The Steelers are far from the powerhouse that they used to be. Losing big Ben is going to be rough.

      But yes, that fact that they rarely have a losing season speaks to their passion for winning. They have always hired well in head coaches and FO personnel. They’re scouting dept. is among the best. The owners are not only financially but also emotionally invested and it shows on the win/loss column.

      I don’t think that Jed is there yet, but I believe that he’s working on it.
      He did say (paraphrase) that the 49ers are measured by Superbowl wins.
      So he has set a high bar. Now he is demanding it from the team.

      1. My point is that, as you pointed out, there is impatience in Pittsburgh with success (ironically they are very patient with coaches). I don’t think that it makes one a poor fan, just one with high expectations.

  23. the good : Frisco wins…the bad : Staley out…..
    running game was just fantastic today……3-0 is coming up…lets hope Lynch gets us a good tackle in the open market

  24. What I liked a lot about the last two games is how Kyle has adjusted his game planning to lean more on the running than usual, which eases Jimmy G’s return to game speed. Jimmy G just completed his 12th NFL start and is 8-2 for the Niners.

    I see Kyle continuing to drive his BMW (Brieda-Mostert-Wilson) into the bye week,

  25. The most impressive stats-
    Niners- 259 yards rushing
    Bengals- 25 yards rushing.
    The Niners got over 10 times the rushing yards as their opponent.

  26. My takeaways –
    – Don’t overreact to this game… Cinci is terrible, especially on the back end. They had a multitude of blown overages.

    – Kyle did a great job of getting receivers wide open no matter how bad their secondary did.
    – Brieda is still the best running back on the team. He is ridiculously elusive.
    – Deebo is a stud when he gets the ball in space, a wr in a running backs body.
    – The Oline is in a world of hurt and I do not believe Skule is ready for prime time yet.

    – Blair was an absolute stud, how has this guy not gotten more playing time until now. He has always been productive.
    – Bosa looked really good, lets hope he can stay healthy.
    – Armstead has been the most productive interior lineman so far this year. That said, Buckner is still getting all the attention so he has to produce.
    – Witherspoon has really come on to his own and its nice to see.

    What is really standing out, is that this team made some serious errors in terms of player evaluation in their first draft that held back the turn around. You have to be better in the early rounds.
    Solly – terrible pick, Foster – terrible pick, Beathard – over-drafted, Joe Williams – out of the league.
    Ahkello – tbd.
    In the first 4 rounds the only player that might have been worth it is… Ahkello.

    1. – Don’t overreact to this game… Cinci is terrible, especially on the back end. They had a multitude of blown overages.

      Shoup, considering what we heard all week about Cincy going toe to toe with Seahawks in Clink at that, not to mention many that left the Niner offense for dead after last week (including Grant’s pimping of that ridiculous Silver story) I think the current reaction is justified.

      1. Rib,
        I get your point. I just take first week games with a grain of salt. They had a new staff that Seattle didn’t know anything about in regards to tendencies, go to plays, or how they were going to utilize their players. Meanwhile, Cincy had all offseason to prep for Seattle and they had plenty of tape on them… so they knew what they were getting into.

        Week 1 can give a lot of false positives, see Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly.

    2. I respectfully disagree. The 2017 draft did have Foster and Joe Williams. However, Solomon Thomas got a sack last game. CJB is on the roster and is an adequate backup. Witherspoon has shined this season. George Kittle is second team All Pro. Trent Taylor is JG’s main slot receiver. DJ Jones is a solid contributor.
      They also signed UDFAs- Matt Breida, Nick Mullens and Kendrick Bourne.
      That season they released 40 players, so it was a major turnover of the roster.

      1. Seb,
        Solly was the number 2 overall pick and is a backup. The sack he got was not one where he beat his man, he was completely blocked out of the play but everyone else ran the qb back into him. You demand more from a number 2 pick.
        The jury is still out on Ahkello as I said, he may turn out ok but he has been good and he has been terrible. Taylor barely plays because he’s always hurt.

        UDFA’s – are players that fell into their lap… not players they selected.

        1. Well, to quibble over terms, they DID select the UDFAs. They just did not select them in the draft. Kudos to the scouts who found diamonds in the rough.
          Other teams could have also signed them, but they selected the Niners.
          While like you, I wish they could have avoided red flagged Foster and J Williams, I still think the draft was a success. Sure, it could have been better. I wanted them to trade back again, and select Malik Hooker. He was the Earl Thomas type FS they lacked. Jamal Adams also could have been a good choice.
          At least they did not pull a Baalke, and whiff on an entire draft class.

      2. Good point Seb. Teams always want to hit on the high draft picks, because the further down the draft board you get, the less likely you are to hit on your picks. In the end though, if you’re finding success in that later rounds, as Lynch and company have done consistently, you have to judge each draft class in it’s totality.

        1. Yup, the draft is a craps shoot. Like Bill Walsh said. It does not matter where in the draft a player is chosen, just as long as he can help the team.

    1. That’s fair Scooter, with 1 exception – system fit. Cousins isn’t top 10 QB in any system, but he might be in Kyle’s system, because it plays to his strengths. The good news for the Niners is … so does Jimmy G., who only needs more experience, and an opportunity to stack games on top of one another, for an extended period of time.

      1. He played in a very similar scheme throughout his time in Washington. He was the same player there as he is at the Vikings. Great fantasy QB.

    1. RIP. I loved watching the Oakland Invaders back in the day, when as a child my love for football was developed through the Niners and I wanted to find other outlets for my love (and I could never root for the Raiders).

  27. I am right about as often as I am wrong about players but when I am right I like to pat myself on the back. I was a big A. Armstead fan before he was drafted and it may have taken a while but he seems to be developing into a pretty good player. I predicted that R. Blair would have a breakout year this year and if yesterday is an indicator he is on his way. It feels good to be right every once in a while. Also does K. Alexander remind anyone else of P. Willis? Lastly, should the 9ers go with Skule at LT or trade their 2021 1st round pick for Trent Williams?

    1. Cam Inman has an interesting take on the OT matter (sjmercury)…

      Find veteran help

      Garoppolo has been sacked only once in over 50 pass plays (including scrambles), so the 49ers have protected him well behind the same five linemen as last season. Good luck keeping that going without Staley, starting with the AFC North’s respected pass rushers from Pittsburgh and then Cleveland.

      When Coleman got hurt, the 49ers went shopping, but essentially only browsed. They signed former Dolphins veteran Sam Young, but he got cut when the roster went to 53; Young is still on the market and recently worked out for the Dolphins.

      Marshall Newhouse auditioned for the 49ers two weeks ago. He’s now on the New England Patriots.

      If a valuable veteran was on the market, he’d already be a rich man going elsewhere. College football is not pumping out offensive tackles, as valuable and indispensible as they are.

      Other candidates, as proposed by my colleague Dieter Kurtnebach: Jack Conklin (Tennesee Titans), Cameron Erving (Kansas City Chiefs), Chukwuma Okorafor (Steelers; so after this Sunday), Jeremy Parnell (ex-Jacksonville Jaguars) and Matt Kalil (formerly of the Houston Texans).

      Full article (including opinion on trading for Williams)…

    2. Totally agree on Armstead and Blair. I love Kwon, but he’s no Willis. Warner and Kwon make a great combo though. I like the way they compliment one another.
      As far as Trent Williams goes, I’d be pretty pissed if they gave up a 1st for him. He’s a great player, but he’s 31 and not worth a first at this stage. He has played for Shanny before though.
      If they can get him for a later pick maybe, but what happens when Joe comes back?
      I’d be more inclined to take a stab at Matt Kalil and hopefully he can hold court untold Staley is healthy.

    1. Sorry to disagree. They should keep their first round pick. Otherwise, they will not be picking until the third round.
      Snyder will not do KS any favors.
      The Niners should poach a player off a playoff team’s practice squad. Maybe the Pats, Rams, Saints, Cowboys or Eagles.

      1. Seb,
        I would hold on to this years first also. I would offer our first in 2021. A (hopefully low) first round pick who can give you 3 or 4 all pro seasons would be considered a great pick, i think.

    2. 1. Who would you sit when Staley returns in eight weeks?
      2. Do you want the 49ers to trade and sign Williams instead of using the money to extend Buckner and Kittle?

        1. Thanks Oneniner. It is good to be back.
          From what I saw on the blog, MWNiner’s grandson posted that we lost MWNiner during training camp. I wasn’t able to express my condolences at that time, so I will have my screen name be MidWestDynasty (R.I.P MWNiner) to express my condolences and respect to one of our own through this season.

      1. MidWest,
        I would give Staley more than eight weeks to rehab. When he is truly 100% I would look inside, are either of the 2 guards playing poorly? If so I would move Staley inside where he could extend his career by a few years.
        When it comes to cap space in Paraag I trust.

        1. Giving Staley more time to recover is ideal, but trading for and signing Williams would create a serious burden on the salary cap and extending any key players like Buckner and Kittle.

  28. Jeff Deeney

    When using play action yesterday Jimmy Garoppolo was 10-10, 213 yards, 2 TD, and a perfect passer rating of 158.3. #49ers

  29. I wouldn’t look past the upcoming game against the Steelers. They’re 0-2 and will be desperate for a win. Plus from what I saw yesterday, Mason Rudolph looks capable.

    1. True, and unlike the Bengals, they have a culture of winning. So it’s not common for them to have losing streaks or to buckle under adversity. That said, they really haven’t replaced their two big playmakers from two years ago. JuJu is a great player but the jury is still out on whether he is just another Alvin Harper-type; can he get open as the #1. James Conner still hasn’t convinced everyone and right now their (arguably) best weapon is our cast-off tight end.

      Win or lose, this will be an important game for KS to see what he can do with the offense in different formations, especially 2 TE sets.

      1. They have a full scouting report on him, plus it’s a given that Saleh will give the rookie some different looks to confuse him. That, along with pressure closing in all around him should create a perfect storm for a turnover or two….

          1. No need.

            The front 4 rotation brings lots of pressure. Dropping those LBs into coverage will make it impossible for MR.

            No reason SF doesn’t get 3 picks and 4 sacks.

            1. Blitzing a rookie QB is nothing new. I want them to get him rattled, and hearing footsteps. It will put his head on a swivel, because he will not know where the pressure is coming from.
              Maybe I am hoping for 6 sacks.

              1. Blitzing the QB puts a lot more stress on the coverage and often makes the reads easier for the QB if it’s picked up. With the pressure this front has been able to produce so far I would say that’s a poor strategy.

              2. If it is picked up. It may also lead to an unblocked pass rusher clocking him while he is looking elsewhere.
                Maybe you are thinking of a savvy veteran, rather than a raw, green rookie.

              3. It isn’t anything new, but its also not needed with how much pressure the front four have generated the past two games.

                Obviously they will bring guys at certain times, but dropping 7 will flood the passing windows.

                The Pitt rushing attack through two games is trash. Conner has 54 total yards and a 2.6 ypc average, so no need to have an 8 man box or anything like that.

                Dropping the guys into coverage will lead to those coverage sacks, like we saw on Sunday. MR will have no where to go with the ball since the wrs/tes can be bracketed and doubled.

              4. It may also lead to an unblocked pass rusher clocking him while he is looking elsewhere.

                Seems unnecessarily violent and destructive! Perhaps a good hug! 🤗

              5. Guess we want the same thing. More sacks.
                I hope Saleh dials up some exotic blitzes, so they are unpredictable, and unexpected. Like you said, it would also be nice to get sacks while rushing only 4.
                I guess i am just thinking that an unproven rookie will not be able to handle the blitzes like a grizzled veteran. I do not want them to blitz every snap, but enough to make him uncomfortable.

              6. The term Clocking was in reference to clocking in to work.
                He is just doing his job. Maybe he wants the QB to clock out of his job, after another failed third down attempt.
                Maybe the term you were thinking of is- Bludgeon. If he bludgeoned the QB, that may lead to injury.

              7. Your definition is different than mine.
                Since I was the one who used it, my definition is the one I intended to mean, not yours.
                I suppose it could also mean getting hit so hard (legally), it required stopping the clock so the player can leave the field.
                In no terms did I mean any blows to the the head or face. That is illegal.

        1. Agree that it should, but you can’t be quite so finely tuned in due to less data available.

          All that being said, there is very little excuse to not be 3-0 headed into the bye. This is playing out perfectly.

          1. I’m interested to see how Skule looks in this game. Maybe they’ll wait to see how he looks in real action before they decide what they need to do going into the bye. Who will Skule be matched against next week?

              1. I think Skule can play, but physically he may be behind the 8-Ball. We’re about to find out, and you’re right. It could be a lot worse, like Zane Beadles worse….

    2. No one will look past it, but this is 2003 Steelers all over again. They will be a lot easier out than expected prior to the season start. I can easily see Pitt being a 5 win team this year (which would be their worst record in 31 years), nd using that high draft pick on a QB to replace BR.

      Lets not forget Rudolph is a 3rd round pick who’s attempted 19 passes in his career. Def a week where the front 4 will bring pressure and Saleh will be dropping everyone back into coverage, making the kid have to be deadly accurate. A road game against this defense, I don’t see good things coming for the youngun.

      Niners going 3-0 into the bye, and who knows how good the browns really are (we might know a little more after tonight…but its the jets sooo).

  30. Interesting that Matt Ryan has already thrown 5 interceptions in 2 games. Wasn’t he held up as the “standard” in quarterbacking around the time that Jimmy G threw the 5 back-to-back interceptions in practice.

  31. 49ers offense was 5th worse in yards per play in week 1 at 4.3. In week 2 they were the best at 8.4.

    It’ll be interesting to see where they are once things settle down.

    1. Jack:

      Why shouldn’t we allow Jimmy G to throw a pass “up for grabs” like Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz did last night? Both Matt and Carson have WRs that they can trust, Matt moreso than Carson. Still both threw interceptions as a result. If IIRC, Jimmy has now thrown one pass “up for grabs” in each game. The one yesterday was intercepted.

      My question is that throwing it up for grabs, imo, isn’t 100% about the QB. It can also largely be about how much trust the QB has in his receivers. Also, at times, it is a strategic risk particularly if the interception places the opposing team in about the same location that a punt would have. Within reason, I don’t think the QB is always 100% to blame for the reasons I’ve listed. It’s part of a risk/reward profile of playing the game. Of course boundaries have to be set.

      It also seems to be true that the better reputation a QB has, the more leeway he is given when interceptions happen as a result of throwing a contested pass.

      1. You should not be throwing the ball up for grabs unless it’s the last play of the half or it’s a dire situation late in the game.

        If it’s not in that situation it’s a bad play and what Garoppolo did yesterday was on him, no one else. Fortunately the defense held up and Fat Randy yanked the kick so it didn’t cost them points.

        1. Well, I would say that is your opinion. There are lots of QBs who throw contested passes to receivers – especially to elite receivers. Some obviously have higher success rates than others and it seems to me that the success rate is generally a function of both the QB and receiver. Example, throwing a ball up for grabs to Julio Jones probably has a much higher probability of being successful than throwing it to Goodwin or Pettis.

          Having said that, Jimmy G is not nearly as good at it as Russell Wilson or Patrick Mahomes.

          1. If you are talking about throwing it up to a WR who is one on one, that’s one thing.

            What Garoppolo did yesterday wasn’t that.

            1. True, but I’m pretty sure Ryan and Wentz threw passes to receivers with more than one DB around. The passes I’m talking about are generally long passes. Now the thing about that is that when the pass leaves the QB’s hand there might only be one defender on the intended receiver. However, by the time it gets there, there could easily be three defenders around the ball.

              I would agree that QBs in general and Jimmy in particular need to make a better assessment of whether or not there will be multiple DBs around the ball by the time it arrives. It’s a tall task given all the moving parts, but obviously there are guys who can do it and get the big bucks for it.

              1. “but I’m pretty sure Ryan and Wentz threw passes to receivers with more than one DB around”

                Doesn’t mean it was a good choice. That’s the football version of, “if your friends jumped off a bridge would you?”

              2. “Doesn’t mean it was a good choice. ”

                Of course, duh.

                My overall point is that when I evaluate the performance of a player, I evaluate him against his peers and not against a standard of perfection. Jimmy G makes mistakes, but so do all of his peers. Playing QB is extremely complex and difficult and pushes the limits of human ability particularly in being able to process what is going on around them at lightning speed. I think that’s how we should evaluate Jimmy.

                So he threw a ball up for grabs yesterday that was intercepted. His peers do the same thing. It’s not unusual. Your hero, Matt Ryan, threw 3 interceptions yesterday and already has five on the year.

              3. I could have sworn you brought him up multiple times during the offseason when we were discussing Jimmy’s TC performance. If not, my apologies.

              4. No. The only discussion I had about Ryan was in pointing out that he was a very accomplished QB prior to Shanahan going there.

              5. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I remember. But this “accomplished” QB already leads the NFL in interceptions after 2 games.

              6. And since Shanny left, Ryan hasn’t been anywhere near the player he can be or shown to be.

                Cue the stat lines in 3…..2….

            2. They were back in the playoffs the following year, and last year their defense fell off while Ryan matched his production from 2016.

              1. But no where near the year he had with Shannahan.
                Look at what he did yesterday with the play calling. It was the best we have seen in SF.
                But no, you never had the patience to see what Shanny could do with a roster he assembled and had time to groom.
                A rebuild takes time. And now we are seeing Shanny do his thing with players he drafted and developed or acquired.
                Pretty fun to watch.

              2. “But no where near the year he had with Shannahan.”

                He was 20 yards and 3 TD’s short of what he did in 2016. That’s pretty close.

                “Look at what he did yesterday with the play calling. It was the best we have seen in SF.”

                Classic example of recency bias.

                “you never had the patience to see what Shanny could do with a roster he assembled and had time to groom.”

                It’s a huge plus to be on the + side of the turnover margin.

              3. He’s an offensive genius who just needed his plan to come to fruition while the players he drafted and acquired, grasped his system. It happened in ATL and now here.
                It’s time you give this regime the respect they deserve.
                He’s the best play caller in the NFL and all those draft picks you said were misses, ironically are leading the way.

              4. “all those draft picks you said were misses, ironically are leading the way.”

                That 2017 draft was bad. Witherspoon is coming around and Kittle was already good. The only other guy from that draft that’s played a snap so far this year is Thomas.

                Don’t remember being overly negative on the 2018 draft. McGlinchey is good. Pettis is not. Warner is decent. They got smart and put Moore back where he belongs, and he’s alright. D.J. Reed is a good backup, same with Richie James.

                Only guy I was down on this year was Bosa but he’s impressed.

                Am I wrong sometimes? Sure, I said as much yesterday on Little Nicky. He’s a good player. Just need him to stay healthy.

              5. I know he didn’t “play” this year, but Taylor should be included on the “good” list of the first draft. Hopefully, he’ll be back soon. Jimmy needs another outlet.

              6. Taylor is is the “we’ll see” list. His level of play was down in year 2 due to injury and he’s out now due to another injury.

              7. Wrong sometimes? Dude you flat out made it sound like Shanny could not coach his way out of a paper bag and Lynch was basically a pilon.
                The real fans, who have half a brain told you it was a rebuild and it would take time. You said that a rebuild should not take as long as this. It’s year 3! Right on schedule!

              8. Dude! I love you man. Yesterday I was being called a homer on Twitter for predicting they’d be 2-0 to start the year.

                What a time to be alive!

              9. So basically you are saying all that summer shade you threw on the organization was what?
                Your game is so weak! I love guys like you that pop off then change their tune once it doesn’t follow what they originally said.

              10. They were a 7-9 win team last year that won 4.

                I said back in April they should win 11 based on the addition of Ford to help the pass rush.

                I also said I wouldn’t bet on that because they seem to find ways to lose. So far they’ve made fewer mistakes, and have a +2 turnover margin.

                It’s simple.

              11. It’s not that simple.
                You conveniently forgot the part about how Shanny could only put up yards and not points, red zone offense was terrible as was his play calling.
                How Jimmy G was not the real deal and they could and should walk after this year.
                How John Lynch’s drafts have not produced much in the way of NFL caliber talent.
                You forgot all that? Tell me you never criticized each guy along those lines?

              12. One game changes all of that? Okie dokie.

                I also never said the team should move on from Garoppolo. What I said was that if he yanked they could get out of it. Try to get it right at least.

                The 2017 draft was not good. I already went through that up this thread.

                Feel free to keep yelling though.

              13. Jack you can dance around it all you want.
                It’s nice seeing the doubters eat that crow!
                Between being 2-0 and seeing you waffle, this Monday can’t get any better.

              14. Except I’m not waffling. Lol

                Jack Hammer says:
                April 18, 2019 at 12:03 pm
                ✅Wk 1 @ #Bucs (W) 1:25 start time makes them think it’s not an East Coast game
                ✅Wk 2 @ #Bengals (W)
                Wk 3 vs #Steelers (W)
                Wk 4 bye
                Wk 5 vs #Browns (MNF) (W)
                Wk 6 @ #LARams (L)
                Wk 7 @Wash (L)
                Wk 8 vs #Panthers (W)
                Wk 9 @ #AZ (W)
                Wk 10 vs #Seahawks (W)
                Wk 11 vs #AZ (W)
                Wk 12 vs #Packers (W)
                Wk 13 @ #Ravens (L)
                Wk14 @ #Saints (L)
                Wk15 vs #Falcons (W)
                Wk16 vs Rams (W)
                Wk17 @ Sea (L)

  32. Early weather forecast for Santa Clara (Sunday). Gonna be in the mid to high 80s, and sunny. Will be extra fun for those fans planted in the sun.

  33. Hmmm, the Niners may be fortunate. Through attrition, they will not face Big Ben, and the Saints game may be without Brees. Both of those games were considered losses in my book,, but now, the Niners may improve on my prediction of a 9-7 season, to a 10-6 season, and a legit shot at the playoffs.
    James Connor tweaked his knee, so the Steelers not only lost Bell and Brown, they have now lost a QB and RB.
    Mason Rudolf is relatively unknown, but he played well yesterday, so the Niners will still face a decent team.

  34. Here’s my takeaways.

    1. Tevin Coleman AND Jerick McKinnon might be the worst RBs on the team.

    2. Dante Pettis might actually be in danger of being cut at some point. Once Taylor and Hurd get back, Dante might be 7th on the depth chart. If we get another injury or two, and someone has to be cut in order to make room on active roster, don’t be surprised if it’s Dante.

    3. We need to find a way to keep Armstead and/or Blair. These guys are real good it’s going to be a tough loss if we lose both of them to FA.

    4. Solomon stinks.

    5. Kwon Alexander might be the best free agent addition of them all.

    6. Bucker is not going to be that expensive to re-sign if he keeps playing the way he did in weeks 1 and 2. Invincible for almost entire game.

    1. Looks like Thomas has been relegated to the second string. If this keeps up, I think they have to unload his cap hit next year, which according to Spotrac will be just under $9 million.

      1. This off-season will see significant changes in the D line. Buck will get paid big bucks. With others like Kittle and Brieda who are part of the Niners core players being eligible for re-signing, the cap is going dwindle rapidly. Niners will only be able to pay only of the three free agents (Day, Armstead and Blair), IMO. I think Blair will be the most likely to be retained. Thomas will probably find a more prominent role inside if he continues to show improvement in technique within his physical limitations. I doubt he’s going anywhere.

        1. Based on current performance and the fact that he’s now consistently a 2nd stringer, why should Thomas stay? Armstead would be a better guy to keep. And, Thomas can be easily replaced by Street or Julian Taylor and possibly Givens. I’d rather the team shore up the OL, DB or even WRs with the money they are spending on Thomas.

              1. I guess my gut reaction is that if a player has a real worth of $9 million, then you should probably be able to find a trade partner even if you have to discount his worth. I understand that the NFL is just too small for supply/demand to always rule, but still…….

              2. The real question is whether he is worth ~$4.5M, as that would be the cap saving of releasing him next year.

                Personally I would much prefer having Armstead than Thomas (duh) but Armstead likely won’t come cheap. And while Thomas isn’t that good, he is a good run defender off the edge and ok pass rusher from DT. He’s an NFL calibre rotational DL. We don’t yet know if the young guys you mentioned are that.

                I would only get rid of Thomas if they are certain they can replace his play with something better at about the same price, or about the same level but for less than $4.5M.

              3. Not sure about your numbers, Scooter. When I look at spotrac.com, it says that the Dead Cap for 2020 is $9,307,953. Overthecap.com has $8,958,213. Overthecap lists that amount regardless of whether or not he is cut pre- or post-June 1st. So where are you getting $4.5 million?

              4. Thanks. I was looking at a different page on spotrac which listed $8.9 million as the dead money. I guess that “dead money” included the prorated signing bonus, which I guess theoretically they could try to get back if they cut him, but doesn’t seem to be standard practice.

                OK, well that changes my analysis and I’ll have to agree with Scooter.

              5. Cubus, his cap # is ~$8.95M, his dead cap is ~$4.65M (his prorated signing bonus), giving a cap saving of ~$4.35M. Numbers from spotrac.

                You are looking at his 2019 dead cap hit. You want 2020.

              6. “OK, well that changes my analysis and I’ll have to agree with Scooter.”

                No need to sound so disappointed! 🤣

            1. To be fair Jack, we don’t know if Thomas is better than Street, and Thomas compared to Taylor is like comparing apples to oranges.

              I will say this: Taylor was a 7th round pick who played sparingly in college, and he’s still on the team. If Thomas were a 7th round pick like Taylor, would he still be on the team? I don’t know for certain, but I highly doubt it!

              I’m just saying.

              1. If Thomas were a 7th round pick everyone would be falling over themselves praising the front office for the gem they found so late.

              2. Pretty much, Jack. A lot of people are unable to divorce what they think a 3rd overall pick should be with what he is.

              3. Actually, I’m saying that, from what I’ve seen and heard, there is a very good chance they may have already moved on from Solomon Thomas, if he hadn’t been a high draft pick. The fact that he was drafted far too early isn’t my point. My point is that, I believe the only reason Thomas is still taking up a roster spot is because he was the 3rd overall pick. If Solomon was a late round pick, I believe there is a high likelihood that they would have replaced him with Damontre Moore this season.

                D. Moore > S. Thomas, in terms of scheme fit and potential impact!

              4. Jack I think players are judged based on the draft capital spent on them for their first contract. Their second is based on their actual value.

                While we would judge Thomas as a good find in the 7th round, the draft capital invested on him was rather high. Imagine if Mostert was the 3rd pick of the draft. He would be judged very differently than now.

              5. Solomon Thomas is 2nd string, playing ahead of a number of guys. It’s his 3rd season – if he didn’t deserve those reps he wouldn’t be getting them at this point.

                The choice of letting Moore go wasn’t between Moore and Thomas. It was between Moore and guys like Street and Taylor. Thomas is better than Street and Taylor.

                Like I said earlier, many fans can’t divorce themselves from what they think a 3rd overall player should be and what Thomas is. Because a 3rd overall pick is someone most people think should be dominant, being a solid rotational guy gets viewed as a bust and thereby a rubbish player. When in actuality being a solid rotational guy is a valuable player and not someone you get rid of unless you need to for salary cap reasons or because you have even better rotational players filling up those roster spots.

          1. I could well be wrong but I doubt Niners would be interested in matching the offers that Armstead may get in FA. Meanwhile, Thomas may be developing as an affordable replacement for Armstead. His edge setting has improved in early downs which is why he’s often seen (ineffectively) rushing from outside when the QB throws on early downs. Thomas just lacks the speed and bend to get to the QB from the edge. But he has the burst to be effective on the interior especially with the edge rushers Niners now have. Thomas just turned 24 and he’s still developing physically. Dennis Brown has pointed out multiple times that many interior D linemen take several seasons to develop to their potential physically and mentally.

            Also, Thomas makes $4,2M next season although the cap hit is $9M

            1. Yea, I think the plan was for, Thomas to replace, Armstead in 2020 and earn a 3rd round compensatory pick when another team signs him….

  35. I think the team should do something for Matt Breida financially. He’s only making about $650K. For the value he brings and has brought to this team, he should be given an extension at a fair price. I believe that he is a FA next year.

    1. This off-season is the first chance for Niners to re-sign Brieda and that’s what they will do, IMO. It will be a modest extension. Brieda is smart enough to know that he’s a cog in the Shany’s offensive wheel. i like the way he re-stated the company line after the game: “All of us are great running backs, and all of us are starters.”
      And, no, they are not waiting for Brieda to “prove” he can stay healthy. They will reach an injury settlement with McKinnon and release him.

      1. Mood: It’s unfortunate what happened to McKinnon. But they put a huge capital investment into a player that went nowhere. While they couldn’t have reasonably anticipated what happened, it seems to me that in the future there is no reason to spend that kind of money on RBs. Breida, Coleman, Mostert and Wilson are all doing well in KS’ scheme. And that TD catch that Breida made in the Tampa Bay game is one of the best I’ve seen a RB make. Does an uninjured McKinnon offer a 10 million dollar per year upgrade over these guys in this scheme? I don’t think so.

        1. Thanks for your response, Cubus. I’ve comments on two separate but related issues:

          1. That “a huge capital investment” in McKinnon you mention was considered by Kyle to be absolutely necessary to run his offense because of his pass-catching abilities. McKinnon has just missed one game in the previous 3 season and Brieda was a rookie backup with less than 500 yards rushing unproven as a pass-catcher. All that has changed now. Both he and Juszczyk got huge checks as FA because they their prices were bid up by competing teams. I don’t get this incessant whining by some fans (not you) that Niners “overpaid” as if the Niners took the fans’ money and mortgaged their future seasons. Niners had the money and deemed that as the best ways to spend it in order to get Kyle’s offense going — ’nuff said. Someone at the Athletic analyzed the Tampa game and noted that the offense performed significantly better when Juszczyk was on the field. Every team always “overpays” in FA, probably by 50%. I can see Brieda getting a contract extension offer that is about 2/3 of what McKinnon was offered.

          2. If McKinnon recovers well, and is amenable to a settlement, I can also see him re-signing for a one-year prove-it deal for say, $3M, and then keeping either Coleman or him in 2021.

          1. I see what you are saying, but I’m talking about the future. Pete Carroll invested a hefty sum in Percy Harvin and look what that got them. They haven’t done it since, that I’m aware of. My point is that there are a lot of RBs out there that are good at catching the ball as well. Maybe not as good as McKinnon, but good enough that you don’t need to pay that huge differential, particularly since the Shanahan’s have always been able to spin gold out of straw when it comes to RBs. Overpaying is one thing when it comes to an asset you need. The question I have is did we really ever need that asset. Of course hindsight is 20/20, which is why I’m not blaming the decision that was made – just don’t want them to make that decision again.

            I’ve never complained about Juice because I don’t think he is being paid an outrageous sum of money. However, I do think KS underutilizes him. Maybe he wants to use him strategically. Yesterday, there was no need to use him as an OW, so why put film out there needlessly. Can’t wait till Hurd is on the field.

            1. Which half back comparable to McKinnon (i.e, with his speed, quickness, route-running ability, and pass catching ability) do you feel were available in the FA of 2018? Also, I’m a little confused about your expectations of Kyle. On one had you believe that he can detect latent talent and sniff out potential RB stars from the junk heap. OTOH, you do not appear to trust his ability to make a decision that a certain available FA is far superior to what he can get from other FAs or his UDFAs.

              I have a similar confusion about expectations of some fans who, one one had, mercilessly flog the FO has stingy if they don’t splurge in FA. OTOH, same fans tear their hair despair (if any are left) if the FO dares to “overpay” by acquiring FAs who are not among the said GM-fan’s list of “#1 receivers” or “bell cow backs”! :)

              1. I didn’t see the need to get McKinnon. I agree with your statement that if I think the Shanahan’s are so good at getting RBs, why didn’t I trust KS getting McKinnon. Okay, so there was more of a dollar aspect to it than I realized. McKinnon at $5 million per year would have been fine; at $9 or $10 million not so much. He just wasn’t worth the money especially when you consider the amount of film he had. Of course you can say that about QBs as well, but they are a much rarer breed, imo.

              2. Mood,
                These are 2 separate things.

                McKinnon was good, but they paid him like he was Barkley or Zeke. Juice is good, but he’s being paid about the same as the next 3 fullbacks combined.

                The fans that didn’t like the signing of Juice and McKinnon, didn’t like it because they were paying BMW 5 series prices for Honda Civics. Then when the team needed the work truck they couldn’t fit in the budget.

              3. Cubus,

                Let me try to put it in another way. In a free market, the only thing that determines the price is what the buyer will pay, which, in turn, is solely determined by the buyer’s need for the product and the buyer’s resources. Nothing else matters.

                Similarly, in football, only the GM/coach’s perceived need for a particular player and their cap room determines the price paid for that FA. The opinions of other GMs do not matter, let alone those of sports columnists and fans. The fan’s estimate of the value of a player to a specific team makes about as much sense as my estimate of grade of a particular bond in the bond market, which is zilch.

                The price of RBs with mediocre pass catching abilities like Carlos Hyde have declined while those with receiving skills are higher solely because teams with certain offensive schemes will pay more for them, and not for any other reasons. The Niners have paid McKinnon just over $15 million in two seasons and can cut him before April 2020 with $4M dead money, not quite the $9M or $10M per year you mentioned.


                > but they paid him like he was Barkley or Zeke.
                Not even close. Zeke’s second contract pays him $15M per year, twice that of McKinnon’s second contract with Niners.

                > Juice is good, but he’s being paid about the same as the next 3 fullbacks combined.
                Can three Vonta Leach’s do what one Juice can do — line up at the Y or Z position as a receiver and draw the linebackers clearing the middle for the RB, as Kyle’s offense needs him to do ? It’s like comparing compare apples with oranges because both are called fruits.

              4. Mood,
                Zeke signed a year later and is a top 5 running back, he was proven top 5 running back when he signed. The 49ers paid Mckinnon Like a top 5 running back last year and of course salaries jumped the following year… they always do… the difference was he did not have a proven history of production. No thousand-yard seasons, averaged 3.8 yards a carry so what did he give the team, 500-yard receiver out of the backfield? That is not exactly hard to find.
                That’s why when he went down it wasn’t exactly hard to replace him.

                “Can three Vonta Leach’s do what one Juice can do — line up at the Y or Z position as a receiver and draw the linebackers clearing the middle for the RB, as Kyle’s offense needs him to do ?”

                Well yes, are not facing Colin Kaepernick so someone would have to cover them… and Juice isn’t exactly going to draw corners to cover him.

              5. Mood:

                I am definitely a supply and demand, free market enthusiast. However, whether in real estate or football, people regularly overestimate what something is worth and have buyer’s remorse afterwards. There’s always a budget to consider and in the case of football, it is the salary cap. Overspending on one position leaves less for others.

  36. No worries at OLT. All they have to do is go to the Talent Farm, Shake the Tackle Tree, and choose among the OTs that fall out; which is as likely as finding a qualified neurosurgeon or astrophysicist among the day laborers on the street corner.

  37. ESPN
    “The 49ers rarely found themselves facing third-and-long, or third down at all. They were 5-of-9 on third down and compiled 500 of their 572 yards on first and second down, averaging 8.5 yards on those plays. The offensive line didn’t allow a sack, yielded just two quarterback hits and opened holes for a running game that finished with 259 yards on a robust 6.2 yards per carry.”

    500 of their 572 yards on first and second down, not sure if I have ever seen that before.

    1. I couldn’t find a summary number on PFF, but I added up the YAC for each “receiver” and came up with 224 yards. Deebo led the list with 80 yards, followed by Mostert with 71 yards and Kittle with 34 yds.

    2. Hey Jack, since we talked about it, I have to ask …. any 2nd thoughts about losing 6th round pick – TE Kaden Smith, to the Giants?

    3. If one is looking for Jimmy’s success or lack thereof on deep passes, check out the Average Air Yards Differential (AYD) in Next Gen stats which is “calculated by subtracting the passer’s average Intended Air Yards from his average Completed Air Yards. This stat indicates if he is on average attempting deep passes than he on average completes.” Jimmy is clustered in the middle (range of -2 and -3)
      Too early to draw any conclusions.

  38. Jennifer Lee Chan

    “They came out with a lot of gadget plays. They used every trick in the book.”

    “They clearly play some Madden.”

    That’s just two of the quotes from stunned #Bengals players after #49ers Kyle Shanahan’s football genius left them dazed and confused.

    1. I suppose there’s a chance Kaden will be bouncing around rosters the next 9-10 months. If the 9rs still like him, he’s likely to be available. Or not.

      1. No huge loss. Dwelley is a better pass catcher, and Toilolo is a better blocker.
        I saw Toilolo’s name a lot in the game. He blocked well, if they rumbled for 259 yards.
        I wish him well, but the Giants are desperate. There are already 4 TEs, but after Evan Ingram,the talent level is low.

    2. Dang, there goes that 2nd blocking TE.

      I was surprised they held onto both him and Toilolo at 53 man cut down tbh. His and Toilolo’s skill set is easily replaceable.

      1. Yea, but I think they really liked him. The problem, and it’s a good one, is that this team has an upgraded depth chart now….

      2. Smith is more than a blocking TE and his football speed is more than his combine speed. I watched both Toililo and Smith quite a bit in college and Smith has much better hands than Toilolo. I think Smith should have spent another year in college improving his route running. But he’ll do okay in the league.

  39. Brian Baldinger

    .@49ers @19problemz is becoming a problem for the opposition but the play designs from CaptainKyle never cease to amaze me. The VEGAS Illusionist keeps tricking the defense with masterful deception. #BaldysBreakdowns

  40. Post check. Grant I was blocked and said I couldn’t proceed because someone thinks I’m in cahoots with some spam user on here.

    1. I really am liking this LB group. Great energy and execution. However, I prefer the name WANG gang (Warner-Alexander-Nzeocha-Greenlaw) to Hot Boyzz!

  41. Ha!

    On Rotoworld:

    “Ramsey wants a mega extension — one he absolutely deserves — and the Jaguars have yet to give him one after he came to training camp in an armored Brinks truck, a display that obviously made known his desire for more money.”

      1. Gonna have to disagree, MWD. I think I’d trade my 2020 1st rounder for Ramsey. That would give us our version of the Patriots Gilmore, and essentially make our secondary the best in the league. You combine that with our front seven, and we could have ourselves a championship defense. Pair that with the best offensive HC in the league, and we could very well win 2 more SB’s. How nice would it be to face the Patriots with Antonio Brown in the SB knowing we have Ramsey to mirror him the whole game? Meanwhile, we bludgeon Brady because he’ll be forced to hold the ball, and send him into retirement….

        1. There are several reasons that trading for Ramsey is a bad idea Razor. First, he is an unnecessary distraction. The second reason is the team is already set at CB, so adding him would require trading or releasing Sherman or Witherspoon. The third issue is money; Ramsey wants to be paid, so (like the Trent Williams scenario) Kittle or Buckner would not be able to be extended unless several cap saving moves were made by the front office. Finally, there is not a need for a CB, at least until the off-season.

          1. First, he is an unnecessary distraction.

            He’s the #1 or #2 corner in the league. I like that kind of distraction.

            The second reason is the team is already set at CB, so adding him would require trading or releasing Sherman or Witherspoon.

            Sherman is nearing the end, and there’s not a cb in Ramsey’s league if we’re drafting in the 20’s. I’d release or trade Verrett.

            The third issue is money; Ramsey wants to be paid, so (like the Trent Williams scenario) Kittle or Buckner would not be able to be extended unless several cap saving moves were made by the front office.

            Money isn’t a problem when you consider Armstead and McKinnon will be off the books, along with an increase in cap. Plus, we could move on from Sherman saving even more money.

            Finally, there is not a need for a CB, at least until the off-season.

            Tell that to the Patriots who have Ramsey’s rival in Gilmore. Their secondary is the best in the league. How nice would it be to have Ramsey follow AB all around in the SB?😎

  42. On Rotoworld:

    “Coach Kyle Shanahan said Dee Ford (knee) is “still hurting” as he plays through knee tendinitis.
    Ford has been dealing with tendinitis what seems like ever since he was acquired from the Chiefs. He sat out a chunk of the offseason and dealt with it during training camp. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and the Niners will update his status Wednesday, though it sounds like he’s going to continue to play through it. Ford has one sack and one forced fumble and has received strong marks from Pro Football Focus through two games.”

    1. That’s called trying to jumpstart their team and take attention off losing their starting QB for the rest of the season.

        1. It is also why that team is always is in the hunt.

          Actually there is a whole lot more to it than that. Good ownership, staying the course with a head coach even through the bad seasons, having a vaunted defense, and acquiring players with the right mindset are some examples of what the Steelers have done right. Some of that can be learned, but there is also luck that plays into their success as well.

        2. When was the last time the Steelers traded a high pick for a player? How is this an example of why the Steelers are always in the hunt?

          1. They are a good organization that is consistently looking at winning. This is just one example of that mentality. I didn’t say that this was exclusively why they win but it is an example of an organization that has the mentality to always compete.

            The Steelers also don’t always lose their QB for the year. But once they did, they didn’t pack in the season. They still expect to compete.

        3. Sour…. what kind of sense does it make when you trade away tour first rd pick which will be high this next draft because they are done, for a problem child who throws fits like a brat?
          The Steelers go as far as Big Ben goes.
          Horrible trade.

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