49ers 6, Bears 26: Grades

These are the grades for the 49ers’ 11th loss in a row – a 26-6 loss to the Chicago Bears.

QUARTERBACKS: Z-minus. Five hours before kickoff, Ian Rapoport tweeted Colin Kaepernick would opt out of his contract next year, presumably to take advantage of his rising stock after some said he played well the past four games. Kaepernick might want to rethink that decision. Today, he completed one pass for five yards and got benched in the fourth quarter. Opting out would do the 49ers a favor. His replacement, Blaine Gabbert, surpassed his predecessor’s production with his first throw – an 18-yard completion to Jeremy Kerley. Then, Gabbert missed six of his next nine passes and got sacked in the end zone for a safety. Still, Gabbert was better than Kaepernick, which isn’t saying much. The Niners must not bring back either quarterback next season. They’re both terrible.

RUNNING BACKS: B+. Carlos Hyde rushed for 92 yards and averaged 4.6 yards per carry even though everyone knew he would get the ball. Can’t blame him for this loss. He was the Niners’ best player for the second game in a row.

WIDE RECEIVERS: Incomplete. Can’t grade players that got very few opportunities to catch the ball and, when they did get opportunities, the quarterbacks missed them almost every time.

TIGHT ENDS: Incomplete-minus. What I wrote about the wide receivers, although Vance McDonald gets a demerit for dropping an easy catch during the fourth quarter.

OFFENSIVE LINE: D-plus. Created room for the backs to run, but also gave up six sacks, although not all of them were the O-line’s fault. Kaepernick was responsible for at least a couple of those sacks.

DEFENSIVE LINE: F. Gave up three rushing touchdowns and seemed to stop playing hard after the first one. Also allowed a running back to gain 100 yards on the ground for the ninth time in 12 games.

LINEBACKERS: F-plus. What I wrote about the defensive line, although Ahmad Brooks recorded a sack in the fourth quarter, because Ahmad Brooks never quits.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: F-minus. Bears’ offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains seemed afraid to call a pass during the first half, until the very end of it when he realized the 49ers’ defensive backs couldn’t cover any of the Bears’ backup wide receivers (all three starters were injured and didn’t play). Bears’ backup backup backup quarterback Matt Barkley, who came into the game with a career passer rating of 51.7, finished the game with a passer rating of 97.5. More on Barkley below.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A-minus. Phil Dawson made both of his field-goal attempts, and Shaun Draughn forced a fumble during a kick return and blocked a punt which Dontae Johnson recovered and ran back to the 4-yard line, where he stepped out of bounds. Unfazed, Johnson continued running to the end zone where he dropped to the ground and made a snow angel. Officials penalized him 15 yards for excessive celebration. More on this play below.

COACHES: Z-minus-minus. Chip Kelly didn’t just lose, he got utterly destroyed and exposed for the dreadful NFL coach he is. Let us count the ways:

  1. Kelly prepared his players for a snow game in Chicago by practicing all week in the Orlando heat instead of, say, Illinois.
  2. Kelly adjusted to the snowstorm by scrapping his passing game almost entirely. He didn’t even call a screen pass. He seemed like he didn’t anticipate the storm.
  3. Kelly adjusted at halftime by benching Colin Kaepernick in the fourth quarter when the game already was out of reach.
  4. Kelly watched and did nothing when one of his players was flagged 15 yards for making a snow angel in the end zone after scoring a touchdown that didn’t count.
  5. Kelly ran the same stuff he runs every week and fooled no one.
  6. Kelly’s 28th-ranked offense scored only 6 points and averaged an embarrassing 2.7 yards per play.
  7. Kelly’s 32nd-ranked defense gave up 26 points to a team that hadn’t scored more than 23 this season.
  8. Kelly’s team lost to a fourth-string quarterback he traded to the Arizona Cardinals for a conditional seventh-round pick when Kelly was with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015.
  9. Kelly’s team lost to a depleted Bears squad that was missing 12 of its 22 starters from Week 1 and had even less talent than the 49ers.
  10. Kelly’s team lost to a club Jim Tomsula beat last season in Chicago when said club had Pro-Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler, Pro-Bowl wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and current Dolphins’ head coach Adam Gase as the Bears’ offensive coordinator.

Kelly sealed his fate today. The 49ers can’t possibly justify not firing him after this season.

Say goodbye to Chip.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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    1. This game goes down as the one that convinces me that Chip Kelly is a fraud. Pure and simple he has no clue, talks a good game and is a master with smoke and mirrors. Of course he has little talent to work with but even if he did he’s a loser. Inserting Gabbert was just a ploy to move the post game conversation from his record setting 11 straight losses to a QB controversy. Nice work Chip. Each loss cements your place as the all time losing coach in the history of the San Francisco 49ers. Congratulations Jed York – yes, keep him for another year to show us how bright you are!

      1. As to anyone thinking it’s just complaining without a solution, here’s the one that’s been discussed in the local press – THE FULL SHANNY.
        Mike Shanahan – President of Football Operations (displacing Jed who has utterly failed at it – let him take over booking Coldplay concerts and stay out of the way).
        Scott Pioli or Steve Young as GM
        Kyle Shanahan as HC
        THIS or something very similar to this is what this team will need to turn things around. In the end do you want Jed making the football decisions or someone with a little more background on how to do it? Move aside Jed and give someone else a shot at saving the team!

        1. At this moment I’d take Sponge Bob over Jed, Trent and the like…

          Grant…did you really think the 49ers had a chance to win in Chicago? Seems like it was a “set up” argument. Chicago at home, in the snow, better coaches…equal talent on the field…

          1. I agreed with the prediction, and would have bet on it had I found anybody who still cares about either team.

            My thoughts in the first quarter were “Bears can’t stop the Niners run and Niners are stopping the Bears at the line, Grant is right.”

            Then the snow angel; and two turnovers leading to 6 points; and no forward passes, WTF!; and by halftime I’m debating about whether I’m going to watch the second half at all.

            The Niners should have easily won this game; but an offensive D-line; and offensive D-backfield; combined with a team that has no discipline and no plans for a forward pass could not beat SRJC. Pathetic. Don’t watch ’em until they change.

        2. Great suggestion…..Brilliant… I said a year ago that if Jed’s mommy didn’t own the team he would be unable to get a job there swamping out the dressing room. He may have many skills but it is painfully obvious that leading an NFL franchise isn’t one of them. Hell, I doubt he could lead a squad of marines across the street to free beer.

          1. “Hell, I doubt he could lead a squad of marines across the street to free beer.”

            Love it… Considering thats a self licking ice cream cone ;-)

        3. I was upset when they let Mike go become the HC of the Broncos. He should have been given a raise and told he was the next HC of the 49ers in waiting. Big mistake, just like letting Haley leave. Two huge, franchise changing mistakes….

          1. Unpopular opinion: Mike Shanahan is one of the most overrated coaches in NFL history along with John Madden…

            1. I don’t think Shanahan is overrated as an offensive wiz, but as a HC I think that’s fair. Madden had one of the best winning percentages for a HC in history during his run with the Raiders though. If not for the Steelers dynasty, the Raiders may have won 3 or 4 SB’s in the 70’s.

              1. Shanahan is not an offensive whiz. He is a system coach who needs a Hall of Fame QB to win.

              2. So? He got the most out of what he had. You look at the QB’s and RB’s he was stuck with for a lot of his time in Denver and it’s even more amazing to see what he was able to do. Two losing seasons over 13 years in Denver. I’d take that right now.

              3. Sure he is. Just take out a couple of SB’s, numerous top of the league rankings on offense with players nobody would remember, and you can call him Jeff Fisher. Another one of those take away this and you have that arguments Grant.

              4. Fisher had a pretty good QB in McNair which is the only reason he had any success at all as a HC in this league. Shanny on the other hand has won with some career backups and RB’s off the street. Also created an offense that had people believing RGIII was going to be the next big thing. You can play your game with his Coaching record, but he is one of the great offensive minds the league has seen.

              5. McNair was pretty good. Elway was one of the five greatest quarterbacks of all time. No comparison.

                Shanahan won one playoff game without Elway — Fisher won 5. Fisher > Shanahan, tbh.

              6. Elway and Shanahan made each other better.
                Elway 7-7 playoff record before Shanahan.
                Elway 7-1 with Shanahan.
                Shanahan 1 playoff win without Elway.

                Either they’re both overrated or they were both really good. I say Elway and Shanahan got it done with each other, not in spite of each other.

              7. Elway made Shanahan seem better than the mediocre coach he was. Elway probably was the most talented quarterback ever.

              8. If it wasn’t for Shanahan and his “system”, along with Davis, Elway would have never won one Super Bowl, let alone two. 55-10 Greatest quarterback ever. Greatest clutch quarterback ever. Joe Montana, a Notre Dame legend….

              9. Grant I think you are under rating Shanny. He may be pastured now, like me, but he was a terrific innovator. Like Holmgren, he stepped in as BW’s OC, embraced the concepts, then tweaked it.
                Everybody studied SF, so the offense had to keep evolving. BW had veto power, but let Holmgren and then Shanahan innovate. Steve Young is effusive in his praise of Shanny’s smarts.
                At Denver he developed his own scheme, innovative routes with zone blocking run game and a veteran, savvy, gifted QB who could run it. Lots of stuff was stupid with the RayDuhs, but that was due to Al Davis interference. Everything was stupid in Washington, but that was Snyder interference.
                IMO, Shanahan and Holmgren took Walsh’s WCO to new wrinkles in much the same way Perkins and Gibbs elevated Air Coryell.

              10. Shanahan was a rigid system coach. Holgrem was a flexible creative genius. No comparison.

                Young also is effusive in his praise of Chip Kelly’s smarts.

              11. Right on Brotha, and Kubiak is his disciple. Didn’t he assist Manning in his Super Bowl too? I really wanted Kubiak. I think he’s one of the best play callers in football….

              12. When Walsh got a chance to run his own system, after years under Paul Brown and a brief stint with Coryell, he stayed with it. So did Shanahan. They believed in their systems, and had success. Shanny got a bit cranky towards the end, but if you brought him in, you were buying in to his system. Kind of like Martz, you know what you’re getting.
                I note two coaches whom you don’t respect, Shanahan and Madden, have SB rings and Madden has a Gold Jacket as well.

              13. Walsh constantly evolved. Shanahan has been running the same stuff since the ’80s. He is a system coach like Jon Gruden and Steve Mariucci.

              14. Elway was really great, 55-10 55-10 Lol, loved that Super Bowl almost as much as trashing Danny Marino. All we heard leading up to that game was Danny Marino this and Danny Marino that. Joe won me big money during his career with the 49ers….

              15. Wade Philips did not win a Super Bowl as a HC. Kubiak was the best thing that happened to him. They complement each other quite well….

            2. He was the top OC in the league at the time, and he guided Elway to Super Bowls wins. Kubiak is one of his disciples. I would also argue that Mike was an excellent play caller, and his “system” was a proven one….

              1. The story goes that Elway and friends were in the same bar as some Niners before the SB and Elway was woofing in Joe’s face about how the Broncs were going to chase him back to Gay Town.
                Say what, Horseface?
                He was very good, but I hated him from the moment of his ‘I won’t play for the Colts’ tantrum before he got drafted. Prima Donna.
                Eli & Archie pissed me off with that dung too.
                So that’s why I lost my sugar when Crabtree staged a rookie holdout.

    1. 80,
      I look at like this; Kap hasn’t accrued enough cred over the last few years to make a logical argument.

      1. Good point AES. I still would like to see competitive spirit though. Big picture, Kap has been benched for Gabbert twice now. Cut him tomorrow and activate Ponder. Ponder sucks but I bet he could complete more than 1 or 2 passes.

    2. He sure does have a desire to disrespect US service men and woman veterans; hard working Americans who pay taxes and the system that made him what he is.

      1. 12 year US Marine Corps veteran here. I don’t feel disrespected at all. In fact I fully support him.

        1. 24 year Naval Corpsman, Deep Sea Diver, FMF Infantry here and I feel disrespected especially for the Marines I have picked up off the road in Iraq. There are other outlets to protest, strongly disagree with the way he uses his team and the NFL to do it. Total neglect for the country and system that has given him so much. Maybe he should go and play football in Canada or even Mexico.

          Besides that, he is at best a backup.


          1. I’m a Vietnam combat veteran (2bn 22nd Infantry). Our motto is Deeds Not Words. I completely agree with you Doc. If Kaep disagrees then he should contemplate that simple phrase: it’s deeds not words that matter. People who side with him are taking the position that the flag and national anthem are just things that stand for nothing worthy. The only thing connected to the issue that is not worthy is the support we fools who continue to the York family criminal enterprise.

            1. “The only thing connected to the issue that is not worthy is the support we fools who continue to [support/patronize] the York family criminal enterprise.”-Whine

              “As a Niner Fan I’m totally disrespected.”-Rib

              I’ve taken these comments out of the context of the thread, but these are crux issues for us as fans. Is there anything that can make a difference? Pride, self-respect, embarrassment seem to have no relevance to ownership, so what does? How do fans pinch those knuckleheads to get their attention? They don’t care about banners. They don’t seem to mind empty seats. They don’t mind if their team is the laughing stock of the league. They don’t care that they themselves are viewed by their peers as bumbling fools. They’re insulated by money.
              So,how to annoy billionaires? Oddly to me (since they’ve already got a lot of money), by threatening their revenue stream. To get their attention there should be a sustained Bay Area noisy boycott effort against every single company that advertises on the Niners’ game broadcast. Commercial break, new company names added to the hit list on social media.
              Northern California Toyota Dealers (just as an example) would be pissed if they paid Sunday NFL ad rates and immediately had 250+
              AntiToyota boycott claims going out on Fb and Twitter. They’d be reticent to purchase that time again. You crimp tv ad sales, you irritate the money pot that lines NFL pockets. Don’t kick the golden goose.
              So, with sufficient participation, this could eventually have some effect. Social media has so far allowed a ragtag bunch of Lakota and their supporters to stand up to Big Money interests. What do The Faithful have to lose?

          2. Bravo Doc, I completely agree with your position.I am a Disabled Vietnam Era Combat Corpsman and Op.Rm. Tech. I am also a Veteran Employment Rep. [ Ret.] of 28 years Federal and State service.I have lost a great many friends who fought and died for the Flag that we all hold so dear and although, I agree with a persons right to a peaceful protest, if the exercise of said right, impinges the sacrifice of the heroic deeds of men and women in the defense of their Country, than it should not be done….Period!!!..I thank all of the men and women who have served in our military..db

      2. I’m a hard working American who pays taxes and I’m not disrespected.

        As a Niner fan I’m totally disrespected.

    3. He was sporting one beautiful ‘Fro though…that counts for something…

      Poet and I didnt knowit,
      See my feet
      They’re Longfellow’s

    1. Add Coach Kelly to that list. Ever since Kelly corrected Grant about read option and zone read, he has been bitter ever since.

  1. Matt Maiocco is reporting that Kelly’s father passed away on Friday. Kelly told Maiocco he flew to New Hampshire Friday evening to be with his family. He also told Maiocco that his mom told him she wanted him to coach Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

    Seems like Chip’ mind was not completely on the game – for good reason.
    Condolences to Chip and family.

    1. My condolences to the Kelly Family. I will temper my criticism out of respect for the sad occasion.


  2. Team looked uninterested in playing today. We’re few passes called in the first half because Kelly knew after warm ups Kap couldn’t threw in the snow?
    The Niners have become a boring team to watch. Talent is lacking, coaching is pedestrian, and the organization does not seem to care.

    1. Kap played for years of college ball at Nevada Reno. I think it has snowed in Reno during football season. In fact, I know it has because I have been there in the snow during a football game when Kap was the QB for Chris Ault.

      1. Mediot asks Kap: “Ever played in snow before?”

        Kap :rollseyes: “Never.”

        And another FoxTV legend is born.

  3. Grant talks about “back ups” but Let’s be honest would any 49er player start on other teams? Yes the Bears had backups playing but just because the 49ers have players listed as starters on there roster doesn’t mean they really are or would be on other teams, you get my point.

  4. Two leaks today. Kap will opt out and Kelly will return. I hope Kelly leaves too. Baalke is supposedly safe. We are screwed.

    Baalke will have another poor draft. Kelly will misuse the players. No quality FAs will sign with us because of the front office and HC. We have to clean house, but it looks like O’Neil will be the only one fired. Thanks Jed.

  5. Grant, you know that the Yorks are cheap, you really think they are going to fire Chocolate Chip and pay all of the extra money to Chip and the Little Caesar’s manager ?

  6. So how do you really feel about Chip? I disagree with most of your 10 points but more importantly, I think making 3 coaching changes in 3 years is detrimental to the organization and to the players who will remain next year. Give him a decent QB and roster and then judge him.

  7. Damon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce · 4h4 hours ago

    #49ers First Half Recap:
    Kaepernick attempted 2 passes.He completed one. That’s the most embarrassing half of football I’ve ever seen.

    America’s Socialist Sports League: The NFL

    Because revenues are spread evenly across franchises, owners don’t gain much financially when their teams win.

    But although winning can make people in the NFL happier, the big economic story is that winning doesn’t make owners in the NFL much richer. In sum, teams simply do not have much of a financial incentive to win.

    Interesting Jed York story by Tim Kawakami

    By Formally Cluless on May 14, 2016, 6:44am PDT 305

    Dinner at French Laundry…According to TK, Jed asked if he could bring along his wife but said he’ll pay for her. TK was fine with that.

    It ended up being Jed, his wife, TK, Matt Barrows and Ann Killion. The latter two paid for themselves, and TK was going to be on the hook for himself and Jed. On the night of the dinner, when the bill came, Jed didn’t make a move to cover for his wife’s bill, leaving TK to pay for all three. It was approximately $600 per person with the small tip. TK ended up paying $2,100 in covering Jed and his wife….

    1. Tumd

      I wouldn’t know Tim Kawakami from a bull moose….but he is getting more press than the whole 49er team for bitching about paying a bill that he lost a bet on….Please get over it and do what your mamma told you….Don’t make bad bets if you can’t afford to lose….

    1. Jed’s already planning to send a laser-projected avatar to deliver his once per year press conference in January. He’s concerned about flying shoes! He’ll be broadcasting from the secret bunker under his cabana.

    2. The days when the fanbase was balkanized over the issue of whether he should stay or he should go are gone. That ship has sailed. Ownership cannot balk in booting him.

  8. * TomD’s NFL Owners, no incentive to win–not profitable link above (and the York’s are ringing in the New Year with a tidy 426 mil profit)….Keep supporting Jed’s product and ripping off soccer mom’s children, The Girl Scouts of America, and California 49er beat writers like TK, 49er Fans.

    If I were you, I’d quit going to games. The NFL’s only empty stadium would be such an embarrassment, world-wide, they would force the York’s to sell.

    Until then, fans, expect more SuperBowl Week embarrassing stories.

    1. Tom D,

      You are absolutely right. When I visited the stadium for tour, the system is set up so all seats are sold for the season weather filled or not. Yorks are all about the money and profit before winning. Several times the tour guide reminded us that the team was a for profit organization.

      Jed York, do you have any shame or accountability to the 49er fans?

      1. Levi’s Stadium is the most glorified and expensive scaffold in the world!

        Ahhh, how I long for the seat filled and passionate fans of the ol’ Stick.
        The Ol’ girl had a distinctive personality and great memories that made it a special place to watch games.

  9. Grant, what are you talking about? I witnessed Gabert hit his receivers only to see them drop passes. Also, Kapernick has not looked his previous form this year and last, he is only as good as a head coach otherwise at best a back up. I see Kap as a Super Bowl QB who only played half of the season and couldn’t win the big game.

    At best, Kap does a better job as an unpatriotic socialist protester than he is an NFL pro-quarterback. What an embarrassment to football, patriotic citizens, the NFL and himself.

    Once more this team is in disarray: No ownership, no management, no coaching and poor player leadership. What an embarrassment, as I will go to work tomorrow taking Jed Yorks inability to own a team. His worthless father did a better job than him.

    Sad, I have counted my team out for the remainder of the year.

    I have one question for you Mr. York, are you going to have a repeat next year, if so will not renew my NFL Sunday ticket and put my money else where.


  10. My condolences to Kelly for his loss.
    I cannot comment on the game because I did not watch the atrocious event due to work.

    1. I definitely think Chip will be back. Tomsula’s 1 & done helps Chip. Yorkaalke doesn’t want to look like the worst hiring organization in NFL history. They really can’t do back to back 1 & dones.

  11. *And, fans, the York’s tricked you once by hiring their only competent coach in 16 years, only to fire him once the Stadium, PSL revenues were collected.

    The York’s are a wiley lot and they will hire another winning coach to get you on board, only to fire coach again, for a cheaper one (Tomsula-like).

    Fans, prove your on to their profit game and just quit attending until they sell…Don’t be fooled again.

    The Who: Don’t Be Fooled Again


  12. People say don’t judge Chip with this roster. I disagree, adversity is the best time to find out who belongs here. I believe its time for Jed to clean house. Starting with Baalke, he and Chip should be handed their pink slip as soon as this team arrives home.

    1. MWD,
      Whether we draft 1st or 2nd we should come away from the draft with a good range of players that can possibly become the core for a winning culture in 2018 and beyond.

      I know it’s all for naught at this stage of the season, but here are my 7 picks for next April (we have 10 picks but I’ll only go with 7 right now). Depending on whether we pick 1 or 2.
      1. Myles Garrett, LB/DE or Mitch Trubisky, QB . My preference is Garrett, because he may be the best player in the draft while Trubisky is only slightly better the the top 3 QB’ coming out next year.

      2. JuJu Schuster, WR. There may be about 2-3 other WR’s coming out that could go with this pick, but I like Schuster’ production over the last couple of years.

      3. IF Trubisky is gone – I will go with either Pat Mahomes of Brad Kaaya right here. If we can grab Trubisky, my pick is Cory Davis, WR.

      4. Julie’n Davenport, OT. Could be a steal at rd 4.

      5. Lowell Lotuelelei, NT. Little brother of Star. Strong and stout – enough said.

      6. Obi Melifonwu, S. Good player lost on a bad team. Obi is a tackling machine that plays with the temperament of a LB.

      7. Chris Godwin, WR. Good size, speed and fearless competitor.
      *reserve the right to make changes (and I will!) in the future leading up to the draft.

      1. Pat Mahomes? I’ve seen the guy several times. He may be a backup for a few years but I highly doubt he gets a 2nd contract in the NFL. He simply doesn’t have the skill set to be an NFL QB and he makes several horrible decisions every game. Mahomes would be a wasted draft pick so that means Baalke probably takes him with the 2nd pick in the draft.

      2. This mock draft is missing an ILB.

        BREAKING NEWS: Navorro Bowman may never play again, and if he does, it might not be much better than the level Michael Wilhoite currently performs at.

        I know everyone is screaming for a WR, but if you can draft Zach Cunningham or Raekwon McMillan with the 34th pick, you have to do it. Use all that salary cap space to sign a veteran WR like Michael Floyd or Ashlon Jeffrey.

    1. From the last two minutes of the first half to the point where Chicago took their foot off the pedal, I saw almost no 49er defensive back closer to the receiver than five yards. I saw no pressure on the Chicago quarterback.

      While the game was in contention I saw one passing play without serious pressure on the 49er QB, and when he did throw the passes were almost all contested.

      Anyone who watched the game on TV wouldn’t have seen much more than I did.

      The ultimate team sport exacts a high price from everyone who isn’t up to doing the job except, as Steve Young said this past week, ownership.

  13. That Smell (Lynyrd Skynyrd) YouTube it!

    Lousy coaches, and crappy schemes
    Girl Scouts you’re in my way
    There’s little pride, ya’ try to hide
    Look what’s going on inside you
    Ooooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell
    Ooooh that smell
    The smell of Jed surrounds you

  14. Continually frustrated when I hear niner fans talk about Kapernick being a Super Bowl qb. Yes, he was the starter when the niners went to the party, but he had only started for half the season and the team was fully loaded. Once the league fully scouted him it has been down hill. 49ers, please put him out of our misery.

    I want to see Ponder for the next few games. No he is probably not the answer. But it would be nice to see what we have.

    Is Baalke out of excuses yet?

    1. Disagree he started to fail when Baalke stated to fail the team. Didn’t Kaepernick follow hi Super Bowl appearance with a NFC championship game? Than we had the year that it started to fall apart between Baalke and Harbaugh and he started to fail with the rest of team.

  15. Only got to watch the end of the first half and the second half, but that was dreadful. I’m guessing the D must have played ok up until the Bears started to let Barkley to pass, but all I got to see was Barkley tear the team to shreds, and Howard churning out some pretty easy yards. I understand it can be hard footing-wise for DBs, so perhaps I can give them a little latitude, but seriously they were up against a weak receiving corps and were simply getting beat repeatedly one on one. Rubbish.

    And the run D was soft again for the parts of the game I saw. The stats seem to suggest they must have been better for most of the first half than what I saw in the second half. But still, soft in the second half.

    And offensively, wowser. It was offensive. Kaep was horrid in the part I saw, and sounds like that was just a continuation from earlier in the game. And he wants to test FA? I find it hard to believe he will get more than $14.9M next season anywhere other than the 49ers. Though he’s not guaranteed to get that from the 49ers anyway – they can cut bait. Gabbert was typical Gabbert when he came in too – off the mark with his passes, but moved in the pocket better than Kaep.

    The receivers didn’t help out much with a few drops, though some of those would have been tough grabs.

    All in all, the 49ers lost badly to a team that right now is arguably the most talent depleted team in the NFL (not called the 49ers).

    On the plus side they are a step closer to a top 2 pick. But really, what good could a top 2 pick possibly do for a team that plays that poorly? One player, even Myles Garrett, can not fix this. Even if they drafted Garrett, this team would probably just make him look rubbish anyway.

    1. 1st 28:00-
      Defense played pretty well
      Special Teams played well(if you forgive the dumbaxed Unsportsmanlike penalty)
      Offense was spastic, didn’t take advantage of opportunities.
      Two Minute Drill by Bears looked like Alabama vs Santa Rosa JC
      2nd Half:
      It seems they were passing around some Ganja at Halftime

  16. Chip isn’t going anywhere. You already proclaimed he was going to quit by now and be back in college and each time you’re wrong you just push back the date. You’re like a crazy dooms day cult.

  17. 49ers starting QBs since Garcia.

    2004 Rattay, Dorsey
    2005 Smith, Rattay, Dorsey, Pickett
    2006 Smith
    2007 Smith, Dilfer, Hill, Weinke
    2008 Hill, O’Sullivan
    2009 Smith, Hill
    2010 Smith, T Smith
    2011 Smith
    2012 Smith, Kaepernick
    2013 Kaepernick
    2014 Kaepernick
    2015 Kaepernick, Gabbert
    2016 Gabbert, Kaepernick, Ponder?

  18. They can very easily justify not firing Chip Kely when they fire Trent Baalke instead. Why didn’t you fire Chip, Jed? Because Trent gave him lousy players and he deserves a chance to coach with better talent. Although we know he wont use those words that’ll be the justification.

      1. It proved that a bad 3-8 team can beat a bad 1-10 team. This loss doesn’t change anything. The game was even or a 1pt advantage for the Bears, nobody was expecting either side to win so the fact that the team with the better record did is shocking to nobody except a few around here apparently.

        1. Oh see there you go editing your posts again. Now would you kindly edit mine to say “proved” instead of “showed” since I was choosing your word intentionally. :)

        2. You make it sound like the Niners lost a close one. Kelly got exposed. Only a few would disagree with that.

        3. You keep forgetting that the players are quitting mid game. Have you seen the effort of guys like Bethea, Brock, T.Brown, Vmac, the list goes on. These guys are playing with zero emotion.

          The game plans are so far off, it’s over by half time. Come on Coffee. Kelly is doing a horrible job coaching these guys.
          Even if they are very untalented or depth guys,you still gotta coach them up and show you have some coaching prowess in you. He’s brutal! Tomsula brutal!

          1. I agree. Since we quit against Seattle we have shown fight in two games, Az and Mia. Kelly has been terrible in the 2nd half. He will never attract a decent DC. He needs an 106 man roster. His scheme doesn’t match our OL. I don’t trust Kelly and Gamble with the draft, with or without Baalke.

            1. The closer we get to the 1st overall pick, the heat gets turned up on Jed to do something big.

          2. I’m not downplaying the head coaches role in motivating the team but these men are professionals or are at least supposed to be. If they can can only put their best effort on the field when the coach is preaching the message they want to hear then they probably don’t belong out there. Ever worked for a lousy manager before? Did that justify being a lousy employee yourself?

        4. You make it sound like the Niners lost a close one.
          I wasn’t suggesting that, simply stating the line on the game indicating that nobody expected the 49ers to win this except a few fans.

          Kelly got exposed.
          No he didn’t, that’s such an emotional statement. Are you sure you’re not a fan?

          Chip Kelly is Chip Kelly. He’s the same Chip Kelly today after this loss that he was before the season even started. To say he’s somehow been exposed is to suggest that some revelation has occurred. That people will suddenly think differently about him as a coach. But that’s not going to happen because nobody was expecting anything from him. Nobody expected him to win today so the fact that he lost wont be impactful to anyone that doesn’t already have a penchant for slinging mud his direction.

          If Kelly had a reputation as a miracle worker, as a coach that can come in and work with zero talent and a bad QB then sure, people might start talking about how he’s been exposed. But that’s not Chip Kelly and nobody is expecting that from him, or should be. Therefore nobody who’s name isn’t Cohn is going to say he’s been exposed in anyway.

          Nobody expects this team to win so nobody bats and eye when they don’t. Chip Kelly is invisible. He’s got the safest job in the NFL because nobody thinks this team is any good.

        5. C4C

          Well stated… “a bad 3-8 team can beat a bad 1-10 team “… and that’s ALL it proved….

  19. Whoever attends the Niner game next week is an idiot or not a Niner fan! Stop supporting this sh*t show by putting money into the pocket of these pieces of Sh*t owners!!!!!! STOP…The only way to make massive changes is to make a statement of epic portion or this nightmare will never end.

    1. I keep wondering who the morons are that keep showing up to thsee games…..guess the casual fans..

  20. An open letter to Jeb,

    Cultivating a winning franchise or enterprise requires creating a culture of winning and a pool of talented people. Currently, you have neither. You need to let Baalke go immediately as he hasn’t delivered. Do it with respect and in a manner that demonstrates the culture you want to have, not the one in place. Do the same to Chip at the end of the season. Yes it costs you money, but you saved quite a bit of that on a budget roster. Building a talent pool requires both acquiring the right people and trimming the fat.

    Show the world that you are making a meaningful change as its your only hope of acquiring the necessary GM and coach. Don’t seek out a fancy scheme, but instead someone who understands the nuances of the game, is a leader, and can teach what will be a young roster in the years to come. That type of coach will seek the same in their position coaches and coordinators. Wipe the slate clean.

    – a life long 49er fan

    1. Address your letter to Jed…that way he’ll see it. Otherwise, Jeb from the bottled water department will get it.

  21. You guys think this is the low point?Think this one stings?Wait till our stadium is over ran by the most annoying bandwagon fan base in the NFL ..the Seahawks..it’s gonna happen just watch

    1. I think you’re right Speed. When the Seahawks crush us and there’s more green and blue in the stadium than red and gold, I think that will be the event that pushes York over the edge.

      1. Cubus have you ever been to a home game against the Cowboys or Packers? There’s usually more blue/silver or green/yellow then there is crimson/gold.

        1. Never been to those games, but yeah those fans come out in force. This will be a bit different, I think, because it will be the last game of the season (and therefore, it is freshest in one’s mind) and I think the contrast will be very stark.

  22. Ah … just reminising about the old days … you know, the Tomsula era … yeah, he probably did deserve another year for somehow squeezinfg FIVE victories out of this utterly pathetic franchise … any way The City can demand it be called the Santa Clara Chips (as in computers, not Kelly) and and be awarded the colors and history be sold to … Ellison? Lacob?

  23. Cam Newton breaks team rule, punishment miss the first play. The first play turned out to be an interception which was converted into 3 points. Cam you broke a rule and cost your team. Hopefully you learned. Kelly needs to do something about Johnson and Robinson with their immature celebration that hurt this team. This is pro ball guys grow up.

    1. Yeah, Hyde, Patton, and Ray Ray celebrate too much as well. I doubt Kelly said a word to Johnson. He doesn’t communicate. Yet another reason he should be fired.

  24. So some are arguing that a third HC in three years is a problem. If Kelly can find another job or is lured back to college and, it essentially costs the team nothing, I see absolutely no downside. This team is so bad, I see no problem with changing out the coaching staff again.

    1. Cubus
      Later recruitment is the problem. Nobody will want to come to a one and done job. Not good for the resume.

      1. You’re right in general, but I think Shanahan would come and at least he would hold players accountable – not like that pathetic end zone celebration we saw today. You have to wonder how much of a factor this lack of accountability is. It might also be that nobody gives a rat’s *ss anymore. We need leaders and players who hold other players accountable on this team.

        If the Shanahans were to come at least there would be some reason for hope.

  25. Jed York has no choice but to clean house… Anything less will just equate to another lost season.

  26. Welp!
    My Lakers look promising in the near future.
    I seriously can’t even get in to this season.
    I still torture myself by watching, but I’ve found a way to eleiviate some of the pain.
    Record, wait an hour and a half then watch the offense do OK in the first half and FF after halftime and hope I get to see 3 series.

  27. Let’s see, born in Wisconsin, played college at Nevada Reno and he can’t play in a rather wimpy snow flurry. Can’t wait to read all the excuses for that piece of garbage. I thought the Joe Thomas years were bad. Honestly, the entire ticket buying fan base should boycott the remainder of the season in protest. Don’t go to the game and don’t sell your lousy tickets. Eat them. You’ve already spent the money anyway. Make a statement. Until you do, this once proud and now pathetic organization will continue to do what they are doing, which is a disgrace to the fans, the city of SF, and the NFL. It’s truly beyond belief.

  28. The Letter(The Box Tops)

    Can’t give tickets away for this 49ers game
    Ain’t got time to take the Caltrain
    Winning days are gone, and you drafted wrong
    Trent Baalke, just write him a letter

    I don’t care how much money I gotta spend
    Got to get back Jim Harbaugh again
    Winning days are gone, and you drafted wrong
    Trent Baalke, just write him a letter
    Well, I wrote him a letter
    Said we couldn’t live without him no more
    Listen mister, can’t you see we got to get back
    To winning once more
    Any day, now!

    1. If I could write that, and I had a day job, I would quit my day job to write that. (hope I make sense)

    2. Needed that Razor, tune written by the great Alex Chilton who went on to form Big Star one of the best bands of that period -largely ignored!

  29. Dear Coach Kelly,

    I wish to sincerely apologize for my mean and snarky comments. I did not know the circumstances with your father and wish to extend my deepest sympathies.

    I also wish to apologize for the thoughtless fans who know of your circumstances, but still throw shade. I replayed the game, watching you standing in the snow. Now I know why you looked numb, that must have been one of the hardest things you have ever done, honoring your father’s wishes to coach that game. I bet he would have been proud of you.

    Who cares about the outcome of a game? You have more important things to think about. Family is everything.

    Please take your time processing your grief. I remember when my father died, I walked around in a fog for weeks. Please take good care of your mother, she needs support so much now.

    I respect you more for the way you have been handling this, and wish your family peace and solace.

    Signed, just another Niner fan.

    1. Seb you motor mouth clown, your boy just helped pass for a net 6 yards total and you are writing homilies to Chip Kelly? What a joke!
      Just one question though, how wrong do you feel defending Kap all year and seeing him lay another egg today?
      I guess the storm ain’t coming is it pal and I guess I’ve been right all along. You lose!

      1. Prime, I am ashamed and embarrassed that you call yourself a Niner fan. You turn my stomach. Have you no shred of decency?

        1. Fangio schooled Kap just like I said. You lose!
          Don’t make this about Kelly’s Fathers passing. I said my condolences dip wad!
          This about me being right and you wrong. Eat it!

          1. Prime, I have been wrong many many times.I have wanted the Niners to win the last 11 games, but was wrong.

            Still, I was right about Fangio. I said he would be desperate, and bring the heat against Kaep, and he succeeded to sack him 5 times. I said Fangio would scheme to contain Kaep in the pocket and was right.

            You may crow about hating this team so much, that you want them to lose, but that, to me is not what a real fan should do. Sometimes, even a blind squirrel may find a nut, but I sure am happy that I am not you, because the hate seems to be consuming you.

            You seem to think that insults and name calling make you a better person, to bad you are wrong, AGAIN.

    1. Haven’t seen him play much but the book on him is he is a pro QB in the making has had some injuries and “issues” ,however could be a great late pu CFC.Gunner is an ace name for a QB at the very least.

  30. Grades fair.
    Sympathy to Chip on the loss of his father.
    Balke must go for the Niners to have a chance. Look at how McKenize has changed the Raiders.

  31. Chip my man take care.

    Once the Niners QB ops out of his contract he can still sign with the Niners but with a new contract?

  32. Very tough day for Chip..feeling for him…So why would the team, his guys, not rise to an occasion, give the best effort of the season to give their coach something to celebrate on a day he could really use it. But their support of their coach was to lay down for the worst talent in the league. Very inspirational…O yeah, why in F would you train in Florida all week for a winter game in Chicago…can anyone explain that?

    1. ‘I have a friend there.’ (In Florida)
      Yeah, I have friends on Kona and Maui, but I don’t stage there for the Gloucester Schooner Festival.
      Sometimes I wonder if Chip isn’t so into there theoretical realm that he forgets to check in here in the uh……um….you know….uh, real world…? Sometimes he didn’t relate in Philly. Hate his players? Hell no, but some didn’t know that.
      See,……Walsh was a Philosopher and theorist, but he was also a pragmatic manipulator, a salesman, a lobbyist. But that’s what coaching is. You’re selling yourself.

  33. Today was about the most pathetic performance from a 49ers team that I’ve ever witnessed. Kelly needs to go, and take his pathetic coordinators with him.

      1. I was 4 then, and the passing performance was the worst in franchise history since Oct 1963 before my parents had even married.

        1. I’m an oldster Jack and earliest memory of the team was 59 or 60 and there were some lean years back then but this may take the cake as the most unsatisfactory 49er team I can remember.It has agitated me so much I haven’t bother to post much this year.

  34. Dear Coach Kelly? Dear Coach Kelly? Please. I’m sure coach reads this blog religiously. In fact I’ll bet its an integral part of his game preparation. He must go directly from the field to his laptop so he can get more wisdom from a pimple faced adolescent who’s more than likely never suited up to play anything more than a game of twister. Maybe listening and acting on the advise of an immature, over preaching, obviously uninformed know it all is what his problem is. That’s it. That’s the answer. No wonder why he sticks with Kaencerprick. It all makes sense now.

  35. Fans and commentators are complaining that Niners players are lacking the desire or emotional investment to win. I have some sympathy for the players because they see that the ownership has made it clear from its actions that it doesn’t care about winning.

  36. If the latest Baalke rumor is true Gamble will be GM and Kelly will return. Gamble/Kelly 2.0 will be a disaster. Assuming Baalke is fired, Jed should hire a GM from outside of the organization and let him decide if Kelly stays.

    Who can Jed hire? Shanahan or Holmgren, hopefully Shanahan. They are the only good options that are willing to work for the York family.

    Here is what some so called experts said about the Kelly hire.


    1. #80

      While you’re cleaning out the old folks home, perhaps you might stumble across the ghosts of Sid Gilman and Tommy Prothro…a couple of guys who could recognize talent and knew how to get the most out of it. I think that Gamble and ‘Chip’ will be adequate for us next season as long as both Kaep and Gabbert are gone….

      1. Ore,

        I agree we should get rid of Kap and Gabbert. Look at what Gamble and Kelly did to the Eagles though.

        They had success with the team that Reid built. Then they dismantled it and the team went in the toilet.

        That old folks home smells pretty bad but I found three Super Bowl rings and a west coast offense that still works more than thirty years later. How many years did the Kelly offense work? Two years, no comparison.


  37. What about Baalke? He’s the one that assembled this joke of a team. Kelly hasn’t done himself any favors but what does he have to work with?

    1. What about Baalke? He should have been fired years ago. He was the one that hired Kelly. A gimmick coach that doesn’t match his philosophy. A coach that no other team wanted. That is a sign of incompetence.

      Trent’s drafts have been horrible. ACL picks taken way too early. Not drafting any WRs and QBs in the first three rounds except for Kap and Jenkins.

      He fired Hayne on the team bus. He tried to trade an injured player so nobody will want to deal with him during the draft. His players don’t like him because he is an azzhole. He has no upside and neither does Kelly. They have to go.

    2. The incredibly weak argument that Kelly has nothing to work with was utterly destroyed today by a team who had much less to work with. Anybody choosing to stick to that argument will only end up looking foolish.

      1. The Bears headed into that game with the 11th ranked defense and the 16th ranked offense. We have the 30th ranked offense and the 32nd ranked defense but please continue educating us fools on how the better team lost yesterday.

        1. Ignoring what I said in order to satisfy your own belief is a great example of using the excuse which was obliterated yesterday. If you note, I said the Bears had much less to work with. I mean they were using Matt Freaking Barkley who is essentially their fourth string QB!

          1. It helps when there is talent on both sides, but even though the Bears have lost 17 players, they replaced those players with talent.

            Baalke, on the other hand, has 43 mil in cap space, and refuses to use a penny of it to improve.So in the end, the Niners still had a roster that was less talented than the Bears.

            Baalke is also micromanaging the roster, and is sitting players that could help the team win. He also seems to make the coaches play players out of position.

            Baalke is the architect of this dysfunctional dumpster fire, and I am glad that he admits it is all his fault.

          2. Barkley may have won his job through attrition, but he also had an O line that gave him plenty of time to throw, and he had WRs who were wide open.

            1. Kaeptain Flash had receivers wide open too but instead hit a linebacker in the back of the head with an under throw and missed the other with an overthrow of about 5 yards.

              1. No, that bounce off the helmet showed the defender was very close to the receiver. Barkley had receivers open by 5 yards, Kaep’s receivers were tightly covered.

                Was Kaep perfect? No, but most defenses do not rely on defending with the back of their helmets.

              2. Bull?. There was 2 yards between the running back and the linebacker. It was a terrible pass. Same with the one to McDonald. Take the Kaepernick jock off your head and maybe you could see the game better.

              3. Seb don’t be a fraud! Kap has always struggled with accuracy and for you to continue to make excuses for him is ridiculous. He was awful yesterday and that throw off the helmet justifies everything I have ever said about him. You lose big guy because your rhetoric defending Kap just got stormed away. He sucks, admit it and deal with it!

              4. To both of you, Kaep had a bad game. I fully admit that.

                Still, I think Keap gives the Niners their best chance to win. At least he did not give up a safety.

                All I want is for the Niners to win more rings. Before the season, I said if Joan in accounting could do that, I want her to suit up. I did not blast Gabbert after the second game, and supported him, hoping he would lead the Niners to wins. However, Gabbert benched himself with his inaccuracy, while both of you hated Kaep so much, you did not say a peep.

                Kaep may have gotten the news that Baalke was staying. That is why he put up his house for sale. Preferring a suit over a player just means the Niners will just keep losing, because the Niners have become toxic, and decent FAs will avoid them like the plague.

                Before the draft, I assumed Kaep would be gone. I thought he would be cut at the 53, and thought that he would be given the RGIII treatment, and be benched all season. By some miracle, Chip convinced Kaep to stay, but this latest benching is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

                Kaep will leave, because they broke their promise to retain veteran talent and leadership. I expect Kaep to go to a team that will value him, and utilize his talents, so he will come storming back.

                I wish him well, and will just be resigned to see the Niners struggle, and lose. It all starts at the top, and Jed should be the first to get fired by his mommy.

              5. With no decent FAs coming here, they will be forced to develop through the draft, but with Baalke’s track record, just expect more losing.

          3. Matt freaking Barkley outplayed both of our qbs. Yes hes terrible but what does it say about Kaep and Gabbert?

            1. You keep trying to say that the Bears have less Talent, what are you basing that off of other than your own personal opinion? Rankings and stats suggest that the Bears clearly have the better team. Matt Barkley outplayed both of our quarterbacks yesterday he might be terrible but he’s still better than what we have

              1. The Bears have the better coaching staff. They’re the second-least talented team in the NFL next to the Browns.

  38. If you analyzed the last two minutes of the first half in every game but the first one, you’d see a team that easily had the ability to go into the locker room ahead but did something stupid to avoid it. Yesterday, with bad weather and no offense as of yet, the Bears were happy to run out the clock and go into the half down 6-0 but Chip called two time outs, the Bears ended up scoring and the Niners never did one thing after. Check out the Dallas, both AZ, Bucs, Pats and Dolphin games and you’ll see the same stupid play calls.

      1. Grant, I enjoy articles you write making multiple recommendations to teams or coaches on what they should and should not do. With Chip’s possible exit, an article presenting your recommendations for both new head coach and general manager (they clearly need both) would be interesting and enjoyable. Probably easier to do near the end of the season when things shake loose but at least think about it.

  39. Horrid.

    the snow-angel penalty sums this team up well: a 1-10 team makes a play, prematurely celebrating a score, only to be penalized to make a TD less likely, in a game they control early on and then lose. what’s next, celebrating if they accidentally blow off a foot cleaning a weapon? morons.

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