49ers add Hyde, Lynch, Kilgore, Smelter and Brown to non-football injury list

The 49ers just announced they’ve added RB Carlos Hyde, OLB Aaron Lynch, WR DeAndre Smelter and OT Trent Brown to the Active/Non-Football Injury List, and G/C Daniel Kilgore to the Active/Physically Unable to Perform List.

“Players placed on either list count against the 90-man roster limit and can be activated at any time prior to the final cuts of training camp,” the Niners wrote in the their press release.

Hyde missed some of OTAs and minicamp with a calf injury, while Lynch missed all of OTAs and minicamp with a hamstring injury.

Do you think these injuries are serious? How much do the Niners need Hyde and Lynch healthy next season?

And does Hyde seem injury prone? He missed two games last season, and two games in 2012 for Ohio State. Frank Gore missed zero games the past four seasons.

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    1. Ive said that Baalke’s career rides on finding a replacement for Gore when rumors of not resigning him back in February were raging. I’ve mentioned that Hyde doesn’t hit the hole as quickly, is not as shifty, is a power back, and power backs take lots of hits. Draft pick Mike Davis reminds me of Gore-a solid draft pick, but well have to wait to guage his toughness…meanwhile, the exodus of talent no one expected, and not resigning a top 3 defensive coordinator or defensive back coach only to trade them in for a cheaper version balances the books on money spent on Harbaugh’s staff last year…Look for the Niner’s to make a money move involving Kaepernick as the O-Line fails him this season…Trading him to Philly for Tim Tebow would Garner draft picks and since you can’t teach accuracy, and his slow reading ability is legendary, much like Tebow’s reading and accuracy ability, the 49ers would basically be getting the same player back, but come out on top (if you include the boat load of draft picks they’d get).

      1. Wrong. Mr. Hyde can do power, but he’s much better suited to a ZBS and has a chance to be prolific in it with Kaepernick….

      2. You might be off on 1 point. Hyde hits the whole quicker than Gore. In fact one of his greatest criticisms was that he didn’t wait for things to develop like Gore. I forget which lineman was quoted as saying how quickly Hyde hit the whole and how hard he got hit by Hyde. As Razor said its what makes him more suited for ZBS.

        1. Roger Craig used to blast off, go, Go, GO!!! No hesitation, just get through the seam before the big ugly can get off the block. He wasn’t patient.
          Gore was.
          Del Williams, Wendell Tyler, Paul Hofer, and Garrison Hearst were pretty much read-plant-and-go.
          Different strokes for different folks.

          1. Quote from Ricky Waters on the current 49ers backfield, “I love their running game”…..

        2. I’m looking for Mr. Hyde to have a breakout season, similar to when Arian Foster arrived in Houston and was inserted into their ZBS….

        3. When Hyde spends the next 10 years in a Niner uniform, making Pro Bowls, and is lured away in his 30’s by powerful NFL playoff team/contender, and is not injuredt,so can help his team, I’ll trust the Colts over you as to who hits the hole quicker, and is better at avoiding hits…However, my point was that since Baalke bases his offense on a running game, and has basically been one dimensional, 30th in passing last year, the buck stops with him. As GM, he knew what he was getting into when he hired Harbaugh.(Even I knew Stanford was a two TE offense- primarily a run attack). Possibly QB coach Logan, versed in the WCO and spread offense will help in ’15, that will be key, and if Kap can learn this, allow him quicker options…Expect the Niners to sign Chris Mathis, there’s no way there going into the season with the current line.

      3. You are suffering from delusions of adequacy. Kap will make the Pro Bowl but will have to skip it to play at Levi’s Stadium the next week. The defense will be much better than last season and you can sit at home eating crow and enjoying your Fruit Loops.

        1. I love your enthusiasm but there is no money in the NFL for SF to play a super bowl.
          Instead, you have two teams vying for a stadium/move. Oakland and St. Louis. I suspect we’ll see deep runs by both teams with some fortunate “calls”.
          That doesn’t bode well for your SF Super Bowl prediction.

      4. TY. Now I can tell the world that you want to trade Kaep for Tebow. Have a nice day.

        1. Too many moving parts: New personnel (takes time for cohesiveness and, new coaching staff. Playing Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and even the Rams with all those #1 picks on their DL and their new DC, Williams who knows exactly how to maneuver them around, Nick Foles (a Jeff Garcia type) being coached by Garcia who you know will insert some plays from the old 49er playbook, and don’t forget, the Rams beat Seattle Innnn Seattle, Denver, Raiders 52-0 w/o 4 time pro-bowler,Jeff Garcia on staff..And regarding kaepernick, I don’t want to trade straight up for Tebow (you conveniently forgot to mention all the draft picks I mentioned to bolster your point). I’ m simply stating a fact, when the O-F-F-E-N-S-I-V-E L-I-N-E crumbles this year because of Baalke’s bad drafts, a team who runs an offense that Kap could step quickly into would be Chip Kelly’s, option, play pass type.

      5. Steve Logan could be key with his infusion of WCO and Spread Offense (Patriots current offense) concepts…If Logan is allowed to teach Kap this it could transform his career because of quicker passing options. A reliable pass blocking offensive line is required to run these, and the Niners are a run based offense. Also it takes time to become proficient at the quicker reads and operate as Bill Walsh said: By
        “hitting the defense before it hits you.”

  1. What’s the issue with Brown? Or is this just a prelude to Baalke stashing him on the injury list for the season?

    1. I wonder if the NFL will start scrutinizing injury lists for roster limit evasion.

      I know the Raiders forfeited draft picks for “illegally sequestering” in 1978, evasion of player limit in 1980… but I don’t know the details.

  2. Does the absence of Darnell Dockett’s name mean he’s ready to go?

    1. I hope DD can run by Iupati and sack the QB many times. Cards will kick themselves in the rear end for being cheap and letting DD go to a division rival for half a mil.

  3. Its never great to see players start training camp on an injured list, but I think it is far too early to be panicking over the health of Hyde and Lynch.

    1. Not gonna panic, but I do find it curious that they are on NFI and not PUP. Doesn’t that mean their injuries occurred away from the team?

  4. OT Brady lost his appeal. 4 game suspension stands. He lied, destroyed evidence, and showed no remorse.
    Patriots are all cheaters, from Kraft and Bellichick to the ball boys. Kraft should be stripped of his ownership and both Brady and Bellichick should be suspended for a whole year.
    To make it fair, I would suspend Hardy for a year, too.

    1. Despite all that Brady still feels like he’ll win in court. It would be funny if the litigation backfired and Brady missed the last four games instead of the first four.

      1. Or it might take the whole season to finish in court. Then, at his age, he might retire.

    2. He destroyed his phone ..o boy how can we go on…. he like his balls low air pressure,thats why he been to 6 super bowls smh

      1. Patriots cheated in the last SB. If you study the film, They stole the signals and Bellichick was madly waving to get the interceptor on the field. He jumped the route because he knew what the play was ahead of time.

      2. Its no longer about the crime, it never really was, its the cover up and fact that this is another in a list of Patriots pushing the limits, or exceeding them, of what is allowed. You think that this and the video taping are the ONLY things they’ve ever done that have been against rules….or more like the only things they’ve ever been caught doing? Common sense is in short supply.

    3. This might be overturned by a federal judge. Brady should be able to play while the case is waiting to be decided. So there is a very good chance he will start week 1.

      1. That would require a judge to grant an injunction. That should play out before too long, but it isn’t a given. If there’s no injunction Brady’s position will be weakened.

      2. This might be overturned by a federal judge.

        If that happens, then it will be very clear that judge blatantly ignored the fact Brady ordered his phone to be destroyed right before meeting with investigators.

        1. Does it look bad in the court of public opinion? Sure it does but reports say the NFL never asked for the phone. So I’m not sure how that works in a actual court of law.
          The original 4 game suspension was handed down before the phone was destroyed (or they knew it was destroyed).

          1. The NFL said they would let Brady hold his phone, and they would let him bring up all relevant info. They just wanted what was on the phone. The NFL made it clear that Brady should not destroy the phone , yet he did it anyway.

            1. They would “let” him hold his phone? Does the NFL have the authority to take any of the players phones?
              When did the NFL make it clear to Brady about destroying his phone? I must have missed this report.

              1. You’re not the only one who missed it. They have the power to fine or suspend any player that doesn’t cooperate. They also have the power to hand out penalties, and then review any appeal. The union should have fought the “appeal” problem during the past contract cycle. You can bet they will in the next cycle.

  5. According to Matt M injuries are not serious.

    “Hyde, Brown and Lynch are not believed to have injury that will keep them out much practice action. The 49ers’ first full-squad practice is Saturday, and indications are that all could be activated to take part in that workout at Levi’s Stadium.”

    1. Or maybe they will throw the book at the perjury, obstruction and destruction of evidence and TB can spend a season in jail.

      1. You’re mixed up. There is no criminal case against Brady. You are reacting as if he has been convicted of a felony in a court of law.

        1. If he goes to the courts, there are processes like discovery, and he admits he destroyed evidence, even when he was ordered to save his phone.
          The jokes on him because they retrieved a lot of incriminating evidence on the deflators phones.
          Are you defending a cheater just to oppose me? Please choose your battles wisely.

            1. The most interesting part of this article is the way the “comish” has used leaks of information, that turned out later to be false, to sway public opinion.

              1. They did not need to leak to sway public opinion. Tom Brady is guilty as sin, and the Patriot organization is guilty, too. In fact, they were caught cheating before and warned not to do it again. Cheatriots should have followed the 2 cardinal rules.
                !. Dont get caught.
                2. Dont make it worse by covering it up.

        2. Some quick points:

          1. Perjury and destruction of evidence can adhere in a civil action.

          2. They will only adhere once the action has commenced and someone perjures under oath or destroyed evidence is not available for a proper discovery request.

          3. Brady’s response regarding his phone is not dispositive of his possible culpability for destruction of evidence. One does not have to personally destroy evidence – it is enough to cause it to be destroyed, or reasonably know it would be destroyed. There is an interesting and open question why the phone was not retained for anticipated litigation. That may be an issue in the court case.

          1. I should add that I find it quite odd that his attorneys would advise him he could surrender or discard his phone upon its replacement. Brady suggests this was the advice he received. If they had any anticipation of litigation, they would have likely advised him to preserve it. I would have advised him to retain it or give it to me for safe keeping.

            1. Will not go to the court room because of arbitration. Kraft will continue to bloviate for the hearts and minds of fans all over the world in order to battle the asterisk that will forever remain next to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots….

  6. Darnell Dockett, Jimmie Ward medically cleared for on-field work – Maiocco

  7. A way too early roster prediction but I like to do one right before TC to see how close I come:

    Quarterbacks (2): Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert,

    Running backs (5): Carlos Hyde, Bruce Miller (FB), Reggie Bush, Kendall Hunter, Mike Davis

    Wide receivers (5): Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, Jerome Simpson, Bruce Ellington, Quinton Patton

    Tight ends (4): Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald, Derek Carrier, Blake Bell

    Offensive linemen (8): Joe Staley, Erik Pears, Trent Brown, Alex Boone, Brandon Thomas, Daniel Kilgore, Marcus Martin, Joe Looney

    Defensive linemen (6): Ian Williams, Glenn Dorsey, Quinton Dial, Darnell Dockett, Tank Carradine, Arik Armstead

    Outside linebackers (5): Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, Aaron Lynch, Eli Harold, Corey Lemonier

    Inside linebackers (5): NaVorro Bowman, Michael Wilhoite, Nick Moody, Nick Bellore, Philip Wheeler

    Cornerback (5): Tramaine Brock, Shareece Wright, Dontae Johnson, Chris Cook, Keith Reaser

    Safety (5): Antoine Bethea, Eric Reid, Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt, L.J. McCray,

    Kicker (1): Phil Dawson

    Punter (1): Bradley Pinion

    Long Snapper (1): Kyle Nelson

    1. Nice work rocket. Find it hard to argue on the players you’ve gone with.

      The only areas I think I would go another way are:

      – I don’t think both Simpson and Patton make the team. If they both do make the team then one of them would be inactive on game days as they don’t provide much STs value. If Patton wins the #3 job why keep Simpson? And same goes the other way – if Patton isn’t able to beat out Simpson for the #3 job as a third year pro, chances are he’ll never get there. Time to move on as he doesn’t offer much on STs.
      – I really think Millard will make the roster. I don’t know who I’d replace from your list, but I just think his versatility and in particular his STs value will land him a spot. Perhaps at the expense of Bellore.

      1. Yea, I agree. Hard to quibble but like Scooter pointed out, Patton/Simpson/Anderson are probably all fighting for the same role. I expect only one to remain on the roster, and I don’t think that’s too far fetched Scooter, Milliard, if he shows out well to bump off Bellore. Could very well happen. Kilgore is not a surprise to me….

      2. You’ve obviously never seen Bellore play. He’s a special teams beast.

        1. ST stand outs are a dime a dozen. Their value to teams is evident in their constantly changing zip codes.

          1. That is why I like Bishop over Bellore. Both are 30, but I think Bishop can defend the run better, while Bellore may be relegated to ST only.

        2. So is Millard, BigAl. He was one of the Sooners best STs players. And Millard looks like he also has some potential as an offensive player.

    2. Rocket – Nice roster. You didn’t forget Nick Bellore (like so many roster mocks do)

      I’m surprised DeAndrew White’s not on the list.

      I’d like to see Millard, White, “Busta” Anderson stick around. In order of players likely to get nabbed during PS 24 hour waivers…

      Hayne – 99% Safe Practice Squad Stash
      MIllard – 50% Safe Practice Squad Stash
      “Busta” Anderson – 25% Safe Practice Squad Stash
      DeAndrew White – 5% Safe Practice Squad Stash

      It will be sad to see TJE, and hopefuls Okoye and Ramsey cut. TJE could land as a starter somewhere. Ramsey as a situational inside pass rusher.

      1. I don’t believe Baalke will risk Anderson on the practice squad. Someone is getting traded and/or put on the injury list….

        1. I agree, but I wonder how long he wants to wait. When he was first signed I read he had an opening to study at a top UK university once he was done with football.

    3. Appreciate the time put in. Clearly there is a commonality among most lists for about 95% of the players, it’s only a couple of names here and there that are interchanged between each persons contribution. The fun thing with that is that it can lead to some big surprises when those commonly left off or on names suddenly make it or don’t.

      This season can’t start soon enough.

    4. Good list Rocket. Along with some uncertainty at the WR#3 spot, I have a feeling Acker will make the 53, probably at the expense of Cook.

    5. Gabbert is a Harbough guy. I think Thompson takes his place. Thompson is a Baalke guy.

      1. If Baalke doesn’t like Gabbert why did he sign him to a 2-year, $4M deal this off-season?

          1. This season it really doesn’t matter how Kaep does, the team has a lot of holes. Although I don’t think he’s going to help. I don’t think you can compare Kaep’s development to SY, because it’s a different league now. There are simply too many tools, with videos on iPads for Kaep not to develop faster.

            I think this season comes down to patience. Will they let him find his stride, and not revert to bad habits to get a win. Will they find new wrinkles in the offense to keep teams off balance. The Defense is going to take a huge step backwards. Losing Fangio is going to have a bad impact.

            Niners are going to be middle of the pack for the next 2-3 years, Kaep will be gone. We get a new coach, and then maybe we get back to the winning ways.

            I hope I’m wrong. I hope we see Kaep and the Niners play for the SB at Levi’s.

            1. It took Kaep 10 games to start in the SB, It took SY 10 years to start in a SB.

              1. Remind us again…which one has a SB win (and 3 total SB rings) and which one has a SB loss and recorded the 1st and only Int thrown by a QB in 6 Super Bowl appearances?

              2. Is SY Steve Young?
                If so spell out his name. He has earned it.
                On the other hand #7 will work for the other player.

              3. Just giving a comparison to Fan.
                Maybe i should say the USFL GOAT, Tampa Bay Terror, 4 year understudy to Joe Montana- Steven Young.
                Or just SY.

        1. I must of misspelled my email in initial post.
          Baalke resigned Gabbort as a necessity. Teams cut signed players all the time, but the answer is multilayered.
          First, what sort of competition or growth is involved if Thompson comes in knowing he has a spot since Gabbert is gone?
          Secondly, Baalke loves SC guys. He loves Spurrier guys. He isn’t going to cut off his nose to spit his face though. Thompson won’t be handed the job, but he will certainly have a lot of rope to lose the job with.
          Third, the team creates an implied value in Gabbert by resigning him. i suspect the team will shop him no later than preseason game 3 with many accolades coming from camp prior.
          So, in my opinion resigning a player means very little.

          1. And that would be why coaches are endorsing Gabbert already. If you are trying to sell something out of your garage, you typically start talking it up. You say how amazing it is. How much fun you’ve had, but alas, you must part with it.
            It is all about convincing another buyer they “need” it. That’s what SF is starting to do.

    6. Right on! If Armstead is green and not yet ready by Week 1 to rotate in and contribute, I might add TJE and cut the loser Moody/Wheeler/Bellore ILB position battle. Inactive 7 for Week 1 could be: M. Davis, T. Brown, B. Bell, B. Ellington, C. Cook, E. Harold, A. Armstead.

    7. Thanks for the feedback everybody. As CFC said, most of these look the same for the most part but I’m really struggling with how to predict the final few spots on the roster. I agree with Scooter that Millard has a good shot at making the roster due to his versatility, but I had a hard time figuring who to take out to put him in. On my list the guys who are most vulnerable imo are: Patton, Lemonier and McCray.

      As to Patton and Simpson, I think they keep both because of the differences they bring to the position. Patton likely has this year to prove he can be a consistent contributor, and may have to play more ST’s to keep his job. Simpson is another big play potential guy who I think they will want to keep as long as he keeps his nose clean. Patton may also wind up inactive on game day, but I don’t think that matters much as they will want the best depth they can have at the position in case of injury, and that would figure to be a young vet like Patton rather than an undrafted rookie. That could change if one of the young WR’s blows up in TC and preseason, but at this point in time I’m sticking with Patton. Let’s also keep in mind that they had as many as 4 active WR’s on game day last season who did not play ST’s (Boldin, Crabs, Johnson and Lloyd) so Patton being active would not be out of the ordinary even if he doesn’t wind up on ST’s.

      Other points:

      Bellore was signed to be this years designated ST’s guy like Bubba was previously. I don’t see him being cut unless he plays poorly. You have to have a couple of ST’s demons and he’s one of them.

      The TE position will be interesting because as has been pointed out, they are set up to trade somebody if the opportunity arises. I’m being stubborn on McDonald because I don’t think they’ve scratched the surface of what he can be as a receiver, and he’s the best blocker they have at the position now, but I also understand he could be the guy who gets dealt. If that’s the case, I think Celek sticks in his spot.

      For those worried about guys being picked up before they can get to the PS, as we’ve discussed before, few young players switch teams at the cut down because other teams have to add them to the active roster, and also have their own young players they want to keep. Could somebody like Buster Anderson be picked up on waivers? Sure, but lets keep in mind he was a 7th round pick, so it’s not like he was a sought after commodity in the draft that people are just waiting to get their hands on. There will be guys we like in preseason that won’t make the team, it’s just part of the business, but as we’ve seen, those guys aren’t likely to do much on whatever team they go to.

      1. The CB position was another area that was tough to finalize a list on. It likely comes down to Cook or Acker for the final spot on the depth chart and I picked Cook because of his experience. He was actually playing pretty well before he tore his hamstring, and if he’s healthy I think he provides some decent veteran depth. Acker could make it interesting if he’s impressive in preseason, but I think they will try to get to the PS when it’s all said and done.

        1. Still, I bet some teams will poach Niner castoffs because the Niners have talented players and they will be big upgrades to the other team. Even Seattle has made it a habit to poach Niners. Michael Robinson, Tukuafu, Dobbs and BJ Daniels. Lockette came within a whisker of winning the last SB.

        1. Agreed Razor. I like him as a potential backup Safety too. Hopefully he at least replaces “he who shall not be named” on the roster this season.

          1. It would seem that the writing really is on the wall this year for Dahl, but that is contingent on McCray gaining the staff’s confidence at the Safety position….

      2. Rocket, what would you do with Smelter, if he is ready at some point this season (which by all reports it sounds like he will be)? Lets say he’s ready at the start of the season – would you keep Smelter over one of Simpson/ Patton? Or would you just shut him down all year on an injured list?

        1. Tough call. I just assumed Smelter would wind up on IR this year, and ultimately I still think that is where he ends up, and where I’d like him to sit this year. However if things play out the way you’ve mentioned, I think Smelter likely takes Pattons spot.

          1. It will be interesting to see if he is medically cleared before the start of the season as was reported could happen a few weeks ago. Like you, I’d prefer to just let him sit the year on an injured list, as the chances of him coming in this year and being productive after an ACL injury and next to no pre-season is slim.

  8. My prediction for O line after TC.
    LG- Thomas
    C- Martin
    LG- Looney
    LT- Boone

    1. I’m sure you meant RG and RT at the bottom. Are you assuming that Kilgore will be inactive the entire year, traded, cut, or sit as a backup??

      1. I just remember that Killgore’s injury was pretty serious, so I think they will not risk further injury by coming back too soon.

        1. I do hope he plays this season, but I also hope Martin will get comfortable in the center position, so I am thinking both Pears and Killgore will be the backups.

  9. I’m worried about Carlos Hyde. Some pretty big shoes to fill behind an unknown line!

  10. I wonder if the new blocking scheme will change the criteria on what type of TE they will want to keep?

    1. I asked the same question on another forum and didn’t really get an answer. Seems like we’ve changed our OL, RB’s, WR’s and it would make sense we’d change some of our TE personnel to fit the new scheme. Seems like FB might be another spot since they may not use a lead blocker as much and look for someone more versatile there. Let’s see what the other guys say.

  11. Probably nothing to worry about in regards to Hyde or Lynch, but it does warrant keeping an eye on.

    1. There are a lot of young guys that need to prove themselves this season, and Ward is definitely one of them. Tank, McDonald, Patton and Lemonier are all entering their third season with plenty left to prove as well (though you could argue this is really only Tank’s second season).

      1. I’m predicting some Multi-Safety Special Alignments that may employ Ward and Tartt. There may well be times when Brock is in the slot. Others with Cook and/or Johnson. Others with Reaser.

        1. BT,

          I’m with you on that. I like the idea of Tartt and a healthy Bowman on the field at one time, along with Brock, Reid, Bethea, Ward and ???? (Wright? Reaser? Johnson?). That group, along with A Smith, Carradine, Dockett and Brooks (Lynch), sounds like a pretty interchangable and imposing pass defense.

        2. As long as the opponent is confused and not our own players, I’m in complete lock step with those type of looks Brotha….

    2. This is the prove-it year for so many players I’ve lost count.

      – Aldon, Vernon and Boone have to prove it or their 2016 contracts will be a fraction of what they hope for.

      – Patton, Looney, Ellington, Carradine, Kaepernick, McDonald need to show production. Ward might be given a little more time to develop, but not much.

      – Its a prove-it year for the 2014 redshirts, and most of the 2015 rookie class.

      With Ward and Ellington its more a question of fit. Both have unique athletic gifts. But what will their roles be?

      1. “Its a prove-it year for the 2014 redshirts, and most of the 2015 rookie class”.

        You’re a harsh task master B2W! I am somewhat inclined to give the 2014 redshirts and 2015 rookie class a pass this year.

        1. OK, maybe I overdid it. I’m subtracting the 2014 redshirts and 2015 rookie class from the prove-it list, and adding Jed York.

          1. The only thing I want JY to prove to me is if he has learned anything. If JY will just shut up and keep a low profile, he will prove to me that he is getting smarter.

  12. Considering that the Niners were poised for another SB run last year but failed to even make the playoffs, the whole team has a prove-it challenge to overcome.
    With so many people who have predicted a 6 win season, the Niners will have a huge chip on their shoulders. These lowered expectations should be sufficient motivation to galvanize the Niners into an Us-Against-The-World team, and the Niners will be biting nails to prove them wrong.

  13. One last thing before bed.
    I would like Kaep to change his terminology while over the center.
    Please, no more Kill kill kill and Hurry hurry hurry. Use terms like Geronimo, Eureka.or something different.The old terms just remind me of JH and his system.
    When at the goal line and poised to score, instead of 3-80…Hike, I would like for him to yell FORTY… and when they score, the entire team should yell NINERS!!!!
    I hope they yell that often.

  14. Help! I’m suffocating LOL! The Brady issue is using up all the oxygen!
    Hey, I have no clue how all that stuff will eventually shake out, but a couple of observations:
    > The NFLPA is outraged by the decision made by the guy they agreed in labor negotiations would hand down the punishment. NOW they have a problem with it. smh
    >Brady and his legal team decided to go for broke and not compromise. So Goodell shrugged and said OK, let’s double down. May or may not work.
    > Goodell’s legal team seems to think they’re on fairly solid ground facing Brady’s threatened
    challenge. That’s interesting in light of the League’s many reversals in Court lately. Their maneuver to the NY Court says they don’t want that Minnesota judge, so how confident are they really?
    > This whole thing could’ve been kept smaller and less than a crisis, but like Jed & Harbaugh, the parties let it matasticize on them.
    > This is completely speculative on my part, but I’m beginning to think that Goodell’s seeming intransigence comes from quiet opinions of a bunch of Old Guard owners and possibly a majority of owners that support bringing the hammer down.

    1. Apparently the lack of oxygen is affecting the minds of some Patriot fans, as local police have been ordered to DEF CON 3 with regard to the Goodell premises….

  15. Matt Barrows Position Ranking Update – 1 OLB, 2 Safety, 3 Defensive Line. 4 Running Back. 5. Receiver, 6. Quarterback.

    (7 coming later today)


    My 6 pick yesterday was Tight End. I’ll pick TE again at 7.

    Since we are getting down to the nitty-gritty I’m ranking 7. TE, 8. Corner, 9. Offensive Line.

    I have very little confidence in my rankings.

    – We don’t know which Vernon we will get. McDonald really does have unique athleticism. Belldozer looks like a keeper, but he’s a rookie.

    – The corners could surprise just like they did last year.

    – I really like Martin and Thomas. If Kilgore’s healthy that will help. Looney has the stink of the 2012 draft on him, but he’s not terrible when he plays. But a shaken up offensive line can get ugly fast.

    The only thing I’m certain about is my position rankings will be proven wrong by game three… or sooner.

    Anyone want to take a stab at number 7?

    1. I thought Looney filled in ably for Boone, but he also had J Martin next to him, so the right side did not do as well as the left. I think the biggest runs came running left, last season.
      I hope they can quickly establish the line up so they can gel into a cohesive unit, But I think they will stress versatility so they can rotate players in to keep the line fresh.

      1. Rotating OL when all are healthy would be a significant shift from the NFL norm. Teams usually prefer to keep the same OL unit on the field as it is one of most important position groups to have unit cohesiveness.

        1. Well, Baalke did say they were going to run the ball.
          A good strategy would be to wear down the defense. Fresh bodies rotated in would help accomplish that goal, and might reduce injuries because tired players make mistakes.

          1. Sure, but as we witnessed last season, lots of change on the OL and lack of continuity leads to lack of trust and understanding between the players, leading to mistakes.

    1. After Thomas and Sherman got paid, I was wondering when this would happen. Gotta love the impending implosion up there.

      1. The Seahawks also lost DC Quinn and LB Norton, so the defense may not be as elite as last year with such a big drop in coaching.

  16. Anyone interested in the largest Super Bowl ring ever made? Size 25 from the Fridge, earned in Super Bowl 20….

    1. Yikes, that’s XXXL!
      But it got me thinking: I wouldn’t want someone else’s SB ring. I didn’t earn it. I wouldn’t want someone’s Purple Heart Medal.

      1. What would be really cool is if that Super Bowl team took up a collection to help Perry meet his financial obligations, so he would be able to retain ownership….

        1. Or even some rich fan (like whoever paid $44k for the under inflated football) buy it and donate it to the HOF.
          Maybe Bob Kraft will want it to make up for his ring that Putin stole.

  17. Watching BB’s Presser, he went all ‘Marshawn’ on the Brady questions. If anybody misses Harbaugh’s non-answers you can get your fix over in Foxboro.

    1. Kinda reminded me of Sgt Schulz in Hogans Heroes. I know nothing, I know NOTHING.

    1. Posted this on the other thread about this article…

      Contract year for Aldon, plus no off-field issues holding him back. He’ll be motivated. Lynch on the other hand has a history of clocking out after a strong first season. He was dominant as a freshman for ND, but then got homesick, decided to transfer somewhere near home, missed his sophomore year as a result, and then wasn’t overly impressive his junior year.

      Until I see Lynch string together a few solid seasons in the NFL I’m not ready to anoint him as the next big thing. I like his potential, but you never know whether he’ll stay motivated.

    2. Any chance that Miller’s off season troubles will hold him out of PB consideration? I mean if he hasn’t made it before without any black marks against him I can’t imagine this summer will help his chances.

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