49ers @ Broncos live blog: Pregame

This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers’ Week 7 road game against the Denver Broncos. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

4:03 The 49ers just announced their inactives: WR Quinton Patton, DB Jimmie Ward, CB Chris Culliver, LB Patrick Willis, C Marcus Martin, G Mike Iupati and DT Tank Carradine.

4:05 Tramaine Brock and Perrish Cox are the starting cornerbacks. Anthony Davis is the starting right tackle.

4:10 The Broncos’ inactives are WR Cody Latimer, RB Montee Ball, CB Tony Carter, LB Shaquil Barrett, G Ben Garland, OT Michael Schofield and DT Mitch Unrein.

4:11 I’m interested to see how prepared the Broncos’ defense is to face the 49ers’ base running game. The Broncos don’t face anything like it in practice.

4:16 I imagine Peyton Manning will go after the 49ers’ No.3 cornerback — either Chris Cook or Dontae Johnson.

4:20 I imagine Anquan Boldin will face mostly man coverage, unlike the past game against the Rams.

4:22 The Cardinals just beat the Raiders. The Cardinals are 12-3 the past 15 games.

4:28 The 49ers are averaging 4.3 yards per play on first down, 5.4 yards per play on second down and 7.6 yards per play on third down.

4:29 The Broncos are averaging 6 yards per play on first down, 6.5 yards per play on second down and 5.2 yards per play on third down.

4:49 Who will gain more yards tonight, Frank Gore or Ronnie Hillman?

5:01 Mike Florio just said there’s a chance Aldon Smith will return from suspension a game or two early.

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  1. Good to see they’re easing Brock back into the starting line up and not just putting him right back out on the front lines…

  2. The 49ers just announced their inactives: WR Quinton Patton, DB Jimmie Ward, CB Chris Culliver, LB Patrick Willis, C Marcus Martin, G Mike Iupati and DT Tank Carradine.
    That’s a brutal list.

    1. Brock’s not on the list but I didn’t expect Culliver. Guess Cook and D Johnson will get a lot of playing time this week.

  3. Looking forward to today’s match up. I hope we smother them today even with all of our losses.

  4. I imagine Peyton Manning will go after the 49ers’ No.3 cornerback
    I imagine he’ll give Brock a fair chance to prove he’s healthy.

  5. What is Cullivers problem?? Better be serious enough on a night they need DBs… He should be more concerned about losing his job , or spot on team

    1. Shoulder if I remember right.

      CB Tramaine Brock (toe)
      CB Chris Culliver (shoulder)
      T Anthony Davis (knee, ankle)
      S Jimmie Ward (quadricep)

  6. Statement night tonight. Injuries throughout the team. No one is given the Niners a chance in hell. So I think the Niners got the Broncos right where they want them.

      1. CK,
        I don’t really view a win today as shocking the world. Sure, we have some core players out which means that Payton will try to dissect our defense.
        But even with that, I think we have enough fire-power on offense to win in a close game tonight.

        The 49ers seem to get up for big game challenges and this is like the Patriots in their house back in 2012 all over again.
        I’ve got the 49ers winning tonight, but I won’t predict the score except to say that it will be close.

    1. It would put the league on notice for sure considering our current injury situation and the impending return of our beasts!!!

  7. Grant, if they go man on Boldin what do you expect the rest of their scheme be? Roby, Harris and Talib have made a good showing of themselves this week.

  8. Gore, Peyton will go after our injured secondary and the Bronco’s had trouble running until last week.

  9. On the pre-game, they mentioned the possibility of Aldon smith being reinstated earlier. Interesting! !!!!

  10. Big Niner… Saw the same thing. I hope it’s at New Orleans. It’s only 1 game but it would be huge for us down there.

  11. Did I just hear on NBC someone say Aldon Smith may be back 1 -2 games early?

    Niners need to rush for a combined 200. Not impossible – Gore 110, Kap 70 , Hyde 30

  12. Would love nothing more right now than to beat the Donkeys tonight given the national Peyton love fest and how the Niners don’t stand a chance… It will be tough given their injuries but this team and their depth has a lot of big game experience.

    Give ’em hell Niners!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anyone else getting tired of hearing about Peyton’s potential record setting night? Hey media, there’s another team playing tonight besides the Broncos!

    1. Jim Leavitt has instructed the linebackers to shout, “Pizza Delivery”, every time they sack him….

  14. Early reinstatement by demonstrating moral fiber thus far. I approve of this incentive clause within suspension. Go Niners! Make Manning look like Farve at the press conference after he faced the bounty hunters…..

  15. OK, I’ll throw out the first complaint.
    Can a football game just start without the song intro?
    This routine is old and tired and needs to be updated by something completely different for a change.

    Or, how about not having a lead song period? Now that would be refreshing.

    Back to the game. Payton will need to wait until the next game to break NFL records.

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