Final 49ers – Cardinals Injury Report

The San Francisco 49ers injury report is growing. After having just a few players dealing with injuries over the first three weeks of the season the 49ers had six players out or limited during pracrice Wednesday afternoon.

Here is the 49ers – Cardinals injury report, with analysis.

49ers Injury Report



Wednesday Thursday Friday


LB Dre Greenlaw

Ankle DNP Limited Limited


WR Jauan Jennings




WR Deebo Samuel


DNP DNP Limited


T Trent Williams


DNP Full Full

WR Brandon Aiyuk


Limited Limited Full

CB Ambry Thomas


Limited Limited Full

LB Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles


Limited Limited Limited


RB Elijah Mitchell




Wednesday Notes:

Samuel’s knee injury did not show up until a day after the game. He went back in after suffering the rib injury Thursday night and caught a long touchdown pass from Brock Purdy. Kyle Shanahan hopes the added rest over the weekend will allow Samuel to play Sunday.

Brandon Aiyuk practiced in a blue non-contact jersey. He looked good while running routes during the open portion of practice.

Dre Greenlaw and Jauan Jennings worked on the side.

Thursday Notes:

Brandon Aiyuk was able to practice without the blue non-contact jersey. A positive sign towards him being available on Sunday.

Deebo Samuel was seen walking off the field following the walk-through portion of practice. Jauan Jennings was working on a side field along with Danny Gray. Gray is eligible to come off injured reserve next week.

Dre Greenlaw returned to practice.

Friday Notes:

Deebo Samuel is officially listed as questionable with rib and knee injuries. This is the same designation Brandon Aiyuk was given last week before being inactive. Samuel says the knee is more of an issue than the ribs and he will be a gametime decision.

Jauan Jennings is listed as doubtful. Expect the 49ers to not have one of their best third down weapons on Sunday.

The 49ers have listed linebackers Dre Greenlaw and Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles as questionable. Greenlaw returned to practice yesterday after missing Wednesday. Flannigan-Fowles has been limited all week in practice with an ankle injury.

A surprise addition to the injury report is Elijah Mitchell. The running back missed practice on Friday after injuring his knee during Thursday’s practice. If Mitchell is unable to play it’s likely second year running back Ty Davis-Price will be active for the first time this season.

Cardinals Injury Report



Wednesday Thursday Friday


LB Krys Barnes


DNP Limited Limited


DE Jonahan Ledbetter




LB Josh Woods




RB James Conner


Limited Full Full

T Kelvin Beachum


Full Full Full

LB Zaven Collins


Full Full Full

WR Marquis Brown


Limited Limited


RB Keaontay Ingram


Limited DNP


T Paris Johnson




Wednesday Notes:

Collins was poked in the eye during Arizona’s win over Dallas. He wore a dark visor during Wednesday’s practice in is not expected to miss any time.

Linebacker Krys Barnes practiced with a cast and wrap over his left hand.

Thursday Notes:

Jonathan Ledbetter and Josh Woods missed practice for the second day in a row. Ledbetter leads the Cardinals with seven hurries from his defensive tackle position. He is the Cardinals version of Javon Hargrave and would be a big loss for their defense.

Marquise Brown and Keaontay Ingram were added to the injury report today after being full participants on Wednesday. Brown reportedly hurt the thumb today during practice.

Friday Notes:

Arizona’s defense will be without two of its starters. The Cardinals have ruled defensive end Jonthan Ledbetter and linebacker Josh Woods out. Ledbetter leads Arizona is quarterback hurries. It is possible rookie sixth round draft pick Dante Stills will step into Ledbetter’s spot along the defensive line. Woods has been inactive since suffering his ankle injury in week one at Washington.

Starting right tackle Paris Johnson is listed as questionable. The rookie first round pick was limited in Friday’s practice with an ankle injury.

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  1. Seems like Deebo is always hurt. But I hope all those guys are ready come Sunday. I hope Elijah gets more playing time so as not to overwork CMC at the risk of getting him injured. I wish they would put Danny Gray in there. I would like for him to showcase his speed. Jordan Mason is too fumble prone.

  2. K,
    I think the 49ers placed Gray on the IR after the initial roster was set so he had to sit out a minimum of 4 games. As to Mason being a fumbler he had 46 carries last year without a single fumble. He had a couple in the preseason but why keep him active if they don’t plan on using him. They have TDP on the 53.

  3. Oh, yeah. I forgot about IR for Gray. And I forgot about TDP. he would be great like in the preseason.

    1. Kyle Shanahan: Cardinals ‘really should be 3-0 right now’

      Cardnals could be very much an up an coming team in the division in the next few years. This division is going to be tough, Niners will have their hands full staying on top.

      New coach Jon Gannon very well might turn out to be a great coach in the NFL

      I think the Cards may be better than what alot of peaple are thinking we shall see.

      1. William,
        “Cardnals could be very much an up an coming team in the division in the next few years. This division is going to be tough, Niners will have their hands full staying on top.”

        I sure hope so. It wasn’t that long ago that this division was considered the best in football. Now, the Rams and Arizona are bringing up the rear. I believe that Seattle is still a playoff team especially with Petey as head coach.
        We’ll see how it shakes out after the midway point of the season.

  4. Jack, thanks for the report.
    With 4 weeks of football almost done, which 49ers are eligible to come off IR?
    I’ve posted a couple of times for a Darrell Luter Jr, update and would like to know if Gray is ready to come off IR as well.

    I can’t help but to think that had Gray been in the previous game he might have had a chance at catching Purdy’s overthrown long passes.
    I’ve been looking forward to seeing that speeding a game. That would be the icing on the cake for Shanahan’s offense.

    1. AES,

      Danny Gray is eligible to come off next week. I think Luter is after week six. I’ll double check.

      1. Thanks, Jack.
        Gray was a little topic of interest yesterday.
        Do you see the 49ers making a roster move to bring him back?

    1. Coach,
      I believe that the top candidate (imo) to be released would be Kerry Hyder. He held on by a thin string to make the team this year. Kinlaw has shown good improvement so far which leads me to lean towards a possible release of Hyder.

      If Gray is ready to return to action, I believe the 49ers need to make a roster move to bring him in.

      1. Gray might see one or two snaps a game, if that. With Deebo, Aiyuk, Jennings, Bell and McCloud I’m not sure there’s much left on the plate for Gray. And that doesn’t factor in Kittle, CMC and the occasional Juszczyk target.

        Also, both Bell and McCloud add special teams value so the added ST play from Gray likely won’t trump the other two’s abilities.

        I read recently team scouting departments are now looking at how the 49ers draft pass catchers and are beginning to mimic the physical style of play Shanahan and Lynch have desired all along.

        I just don’t see the value of wasting play calls on a guy who hasn’t had much of an impact. Until he shows out somewhere, he’s unlikely to get any targets and defenses won’t respect him.

        1. Gav,
          You make a good point and sense. Gray would receive minimal action as opposed to other players that could be profitable already on the team.
          So, what happens to Gray going forward? Could the 49ers find a trading partner that would be interested in Gray’s speed? I believe it’s safe to say that DG may not have a future here.

    2. Old Coach / AES
      OC: Like you, I don’t believe the 9ers will activate Gray. But if they do, IMO, move TE Brayden Willis to the PS, as he is more a big WR then TE . His ability to block is also suspect. (a KS requirement to see the field).

      AES: While I share your desire to have a 9er WR with speed that can go deep and take the the top off the D,
      I have yet to see that BP has the accuracy to hit his receivers deep, or that Gray is capable of adjusting and making the reception?

      RE: DE Kerry Hyder, I don’t see the 9ers releasing him. Not when he and DE Clelin Ferrell are they only 2
      backups and Jackson has yet to prove he’s fit enough to be effective thru a 17 game season. Also, who’s the
      DE injury replacement….Alex Barrett or Bryant Austin off the PS?

      1. GEEP,
        Austin and Barrett both showed well in TC. Either one could help in a pinch. I am a little disappointed in Drake’s play over the last couple of games. After a great start against Pittsburgh he’s gone into hiding. He needs to have a good game on Sunday, imho.

        Ray Ray is fast, but he seems better suited as a Return Specialist. Gray may be the outside speed that the 49ers have been missing for some time. But, I believe he was drafted for Trey Lance. With the offense averaging 30pts per game, perhaps a speedy WR is a moot point.

        1. AES,
          What would you think of the 49ers trading a 3rd round pick for Minn’s DE D. Hunter. It would likely be a rental but he is #2 in sacks in the NFL with 5.

          1. Coach,
            I’ve always liked Hunter. Before his injury he was on the fast-track to be a major star. If the 49ers can swing a deal to get Hunter, I’m down.
            But, a move like this might show the 49ers lack of confidence with Drake. Hunter won’t be brought in to be a backup.

            1. AES,
              I don’t think a trade like that will happen for a couple weeks. If Minn can win 2 in a row I don’t think they will start the fire sale but if Jackson isn’t any better at getting pressure on the QB in the next couple of games and Minn loses their next 2 games i could see the 9ers pulling the trigger.

              1. Hunter, has been carrying the load on defense for Minn. As a team they only have 6 sacks. Hunter has 5 of them.
                There’s a chance that Minn, gets Marcus Davenport back either this Sunday or next, which should take pressure off DH.
                Also, I’m not sure that Minn, gives up their top defensive player for a 3rd. But if the 49ers could sweeten the deal by throwing in a compensary pick, it might get the Vikings attention.

              2. AES,
                His contract ends this year and he has made it clear he doesn’t intend on resigning withe Vikings so hopefully they might think a 3rd is better than nothing.

  5. AES,
    When they bring up Gray. I think the release will be a one for one, meaning they will activate a WR and release a WR or maybe a TE. I don’t think Wilkes would be very happy to lose a DL so the O can have 6th WR. If I was the king of the forest I would keep Gray on IR until they have an injury at WR or TE. imho

  6. Coach,
    I know that I put up a hypothetical when I said if Gray was on the catching end of Purdy’s overthrown deep passes there’s a chance the outcome may have been different. This hypothetical/possibiltycould have some merit going forward.
    Gray certainly adds a dimension to the offense that would make them even more potent.

    1. AES,
      I agree but I think Jennings, McCloud and Bell are too talented to risk putting them on waivers and 6 WRs is overkill on a team that plays out of a lot of 21 and 22 formations. I believe the 49ers use a 3rd WR less than any team other than possibly the Ravens.

      1. Good point as usual, Coach. I’d hate to see any of the above mentioned WRs released, with perhaps McCloud being the exception. But even releasing Ray Ray could come back to haunt the 49ers because of his STs ability.

    1. Be careful. No matter how good the Oline is Several posters on here will claim they are awful and a disaster waiting to happen.

  7. Any predictions for this weeks game?
    I am predicting 24-21 49ers if Deebo and Jennings don’t play.
    31-21 if Deebo plays with no Jennings 24-21 Jennings no Deebo and lastly 34-17 with both WRs

    1. 27-20 if Deebo doesn’t play. If Deebo plays then 30 -20. 49ers win.

      If Jennings doesn’t play I think we might find out Ronnie Bell is a better option than Jennings.

      1. Pat,
        I like Bell and think he will replace Jennings next year but until then Jennings blocking, 3rd down efficiency and 4th quarter big play ability keeps Bell at #4

    2. 49ers 27-20. If they look past Arizona to Dallas, 49ers take their 1st loss 23-17.

  8. Any opinions on recent 49ers trade rumors D. Hunter DE Minn, D’Vante Adams WR LV and P. Surtain CB Den. I like all three in this order
    #1 Surtain
    #2 Hunter
    #3 Adams
    I would give up a 1st and 3rd round pick for Surtain. I wouldn’t go for the trade if they wanted a 1st and a 2nd. I would give up a 3rd for Hunter it might just be a short term rental. Lastly I love Adams talent but I’m not sure there are enough balls to keep Aiyuk, Deebo, Kittle and CMC happy and he would have a big asking price. Maybe if we get a WR injury before the deadline.

    1. Agree on Surtain. He’s a legit shut down corner. That could put the 49ers over the top on defense. I’m so so on the other 2. Great players but seem like 1 year rentals.

      What about Burns from the Panthers?

      1. Pat,
        Hunter currently has 5 sacks one behind TJ Watts. Do you think giving up
        a 3rd is too much for a rental that would take the 49ers from a top 5 D line to the #1 D line in all of football

    1. All’s good. I updated the injury report yesterday. Game preview will be up soon. Trying a new format instead of 5 Burning Questions. Let me know which you prefer.

      1. Jack
        “Trying a new format instead of 5 Burning Questions. Let me know which you prefer.”
        * Give us your opinion of the Arizona players the 9ers must stop to win…..IE…..
        #1) The 9er D needs to keep Arizona RB James Connor under 75 yards rushing. Arizona enters the game against the 9er ranked 6th in rushing yards and 2nd in yards per rush.
        #2) Control Arizona QB Joshua Dobbs. Keep him from picking up 1st downs with his legs. Force him to stay in the pocket and beat the 9er D with his arm, not his legs. 
        #3) Control Arizona WR Michael Wilson. He’s averaging 17.1 yards per target.
        #4) Take Arizona seriously and don’t get caught looking ahead to the Dallas game.
        #5) Pick up first downs by running the ball. Control the clock and keep Arizona Offense off the field

        1. Thank you for the suggestion. I like this idea too. Let me know what you think of the new format.

  9. I doubt they trade for any of the 3. You first have to have a need before you spend picks and add a high salary.
    As for Gray, it’s all about him and not about the QB. It isn’t just about deep passes. Gray needs to beat defenders in shorter yard situations before he’ll be useful in the long game. He needs to start showing something this year if he wants to be here next year.

  10. I bet the 49ers make at least one trade before the trade deadline and I think there is a decent chance it could be one of the three players mentioned above.

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