49ers @ Cardinals live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 3 road game against the Cardinals. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

11:36 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

WR Bruce Ellington
TE Vance McDonald
RB Reggie Bush
CB Shareece Wright
G Brandon Thomas
OL Ian Silberman
NT Mike Purcell

And here are the Cardinals’ inactives:

QB Matt Barkley
WR J.J. Nelson
RB Andre Ellington
LB Shaquille Riddick
T D.J. Humphries
G Mike Iupati
NT Xavier Williams

11:47 Curious to see how the Niners run the ball without their best blocking tight end, Vance McDonald.

12:04 Curious to see how Kenneth Acker covers Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd. Chris Culliver, the cornerback Acker replaced, never could cover Floyd.

12:46 Aldon Smith has been absolutely awful for the Raiders. I guess he misses playing next to Justin Smith.

1:05 The Cardinals win the toss and choose to receive.

1:09 Aaron Lynch hurries Carson Palmer on third-and-9, and Palmer throws incomplete. Niners’ ball after the punt.

1:13 Carlos Hyde carries the ball on first down and second down, and gains zero net yards. First play was a stretch zone run to the right. Second play was a zone read up the middle.

1:16 On third-and-10, Colin Kaepernick throws late and off his back as he gets hit. The pass gets intercepted and returned for a touchdown. 7-0 Cardinals. Kaepernick never should have thrown that pass.

1:22 Kaepernick does it again. 14-0 Cardinals. He threw late and off his back foot.

1:29 Colin Kaepernick hands off to Carlos Hyde on third-and-16. I guess the Niners aren’t letting Kaepernick pass anymore. Cardinals’ ball after the punt.

1:41 Antoine Bethea is flagged for a facemask penalty as the first quarter ends. The Cardinals face first-and-goal from the 1, and the 49ers have absolutely no pass defense.

1:44 After a false start penalty, Chris Johnson runs up the middle for a 6-yard touchdown. 21-0 Cardinals. I guess the Niners have no run defense, either.

1:51 The Niners run the ball four times and punt. The 49ers are back to running out the clock on themselves. Kaepernick hasn’t attempted a pass since his second pick-six. It seems the coaching staff has lost confidence in him.

2:00 Chris Johnson runs into the end zone from one yard out. 28-0 Cardinals. That’s the fifth rushing touchdown the Niners have allowed the past six quarters.

2:01 I told you guys the Niners would keep this one close. When am I ever wrong?

2:11 Kaepernick completes a two-yard pass to Anquan Boldin on third-and-20.

2:19 Jarryd Hayne returns a punt 37 yards. Three plays later, Colin Kaepernick keeps the ball on the read option and runs seven yards for a touchdown. 28-7 Cardinals.

2:28 Carson Palmer takes a hit, throws off his back foot and gets picked by Kenneth Acker. He pulled a Kaepernick. Niners’ ball at their 20 with 53 seconds left.

2:31 On third-and-three, Colin Kaepernick under throws Vernon Davis and Tyrann Mathieu picks off the pass. Kaepernick had plenty of time and space on that one. The Niners need a new quarterback.

2:38 31-7 Cardinals after they make a field goal. Halftime.

2:48 Time for the 49ers to start seriously considering Jared Goff.

2:52 First pass of the half, Kaepernick has all the time in the world. He drifts to his right and fires a confident pass downfield. It’s picked. Cardinals’ ball.

2:56 Chris Johnson catches a swing pass, runs around NaVorro Bowman and picks up 40 yards. Next play, Palmer completes a four-yard touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald. 38-7 Cardinals.

3:06 After a timeout, Frostee Rucker sacks Kaepernick on third-and-five.

3:11 On third-and-7, Palmer runs into Arik Armstead, who rubs his tummy during a sack dance down 31 points. Good look.

3:13 On first-and-10 from the 1, Kaepernick hands off to Hyde, who gets tackled in the end zone. Safety. 40-7.

3:16 Vernon Davis has a knee injury and is questionable.

3:23 The Cardinals punt after Michael Floyd is flagged for offensive pass interference on third-and-4.

3:30 Kaepernick wisely throws the ball away on third down.

3:43 On third-and-goal from the 8, Palmer completes quick tunnel screen to Larry Fitzgerald, who jogs into the end zone for a touchdown. The Niners have quit, and the Cardinals are piling it on. 47-7.

3:58 Game over. Stay tuned for grades.

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        1. Well, because who is Andrew Luck? I mean, in what way is he at all relevant to the 49ers? You might also ask what’s wrong with Marshawn Lynch, but that would be more relevant since he plays in the NFCW.

            1. Wonder why a guy who constantly rips the 49ers QB is concerned about a QB who will never, ever play any positive role in the fate of the 49ers.

              1. “You’r”?

                No, it’s clearly you who’s the joke. You realize Harbaugh is gone, and that the 49ers can’t draft Andrew Luck, yet you still harbor an image of him as the perfect QB, just so you can denigrate Kaep.

                Coffee is a chump.

              2. I do. All you ever do is rip 49ers players and other commenters. Try writing something that people can build off of.

    1. Well, I for one am interested in Luck, as I like watching good players play. Looks like he’s started to find his rhythm. They need to close this one out.

      1. He’s looked pretty disjointed so far this year. The Mariota picks have gone a long way to helping to Colts be in this game.

        1. Andre Johnson hasn’t provided the reliable, move the chains possession WR they hoped he’d be. I think that is an element that offense is missing atm.

  1. Curious to see how Kenneth Acker covers Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd.
    Will Floyd even be in the game? He’s barely been on the field through the first two games.

  2. I see Shareece Wright has taken well to not being active the first 3 weeks. Other players that have voiced their displeasure on social media didn’t last long on the roster…

      1. Perhaps an inflated opinion of himself, but I expect its mostly frustration as he likely realises he needs to be playing in order to get a reasonable contract next season.

  3. Seems to me that Kaep has changed his pre-game routine from previous seasons. Once again on twitter I see he is warming up by making a bunch of throws. Last season I recall Grant mentioning a number of times his warm-up routine was mostly running and stretching. Grant, is that something you have noticed too?

      1. Cool, thanks Grant. I know that is something you have been calling for for a long time. I guess he’s finally realised it was actually a good idea!

  4. Ellington, bush , vance mac out – what else is new.
    We need a 2nd rb. We need a speed back who can catch passes.
    Really wish Kendall hunter would have worked out
    DCarr is a good qb. A cooper will be a great wr.
    Raid uhs looking good – it pains me to say
    Brats ready for the grill
    Corona on ice.
    Xanax prescription filled and ready to go in a non child resistant container.

    Let’s get ready to rumble – or at least not get humiliated.

  5. 49ers 0-4-1 ATS as division road dogs since 2010
    Cardinals 3-1-2 ATS as division home favorites since 2011

    49ers 27, Cardinals 23

  6. This is going to be a fast pace, back-and-forth football game. One of these teams is ultimately pushing the boulder over the top. 49ers run right roll out left.

          1. In the motion of throwing when the pocket was collapsing on him. That second pick is all on him tho.

    1. Ck, Sebby, AES, Razor, Scooter, Grimey, Your crazy is showing?
      Should we discuss a Kap trade or has that ship sailed now and Baalke gets nothing?

  7. I don’t want to hear that last pick put on the line in anyway. Boldin was wide open and by the time Kaepernick FINALLY saw him and started to pass the line and collapsed. If he had seen him when he was first wide open he had plenty of time to step up and throw the ball.

    1. No excuses from me CFC. Grant’ statement of Kaep not anticipating was on full display in not recognizing fast enough. Making it worse was throwing the ball while stepping backward.
      No bueno Kap.
      Time to show what we are made of. Still time.

  8. Go Kap! Let’s make it three.

    As stated before start of season, it will be Gabbert by Game 6 or 7, if not before.

    1. Ck, Sebby, AES, Razor, Scooter, Grimey, Your crazy is showing?
      Should we discuss a Kap trade or has that ship sailed now and Baalke gets nothing?

  9. Let’s all agree: if he pulls out a win
    we forget about the pick six.
    If the Niners lose today,
    then Colin sucks eggs. Okie, dokie?

    Yes, I am the Super Bowl monkey.
    No real catharsis/closure for the Bay area
    until Kaep & company bring home Lombardi #6….

  10. Hey Geep, spread the offense out across the field and get the ball out quickly! This is horrific OL play, and Kaep is flailing.

      1. Chump, you’re a tool. Pears Devey Martin are all horrific. Baalke is terrible. Geep needs to go to spread from 4Q Pittsburgh. Tom Shuler needs to go back to the DL.

      1. thanks Reb…couldnt make it to the local bar but i’ll never give up on the Niners (or Mr Cohn the Younger and the P.Demo)

          1. It’s natural Reb, all part of being a fan…last few years it was easy to refer to the team as “us”, now I tend to say “the Niners”…oh well, there will be good stuff ahead, only question is when

  11. Ouch! Now Fitzgerald catches a big one! What is the silver lining? I hate to be a broken record but what upside does devy and pears give us? At least put the rookies in with upside, how worse could it be?

  12. What quarter does Jed start tweeting apologies? So a whole new team and coaching staff next season?

    1. Holmgren and Shannahan are still out there as consultants to the owner.
      they could hire a young and bright WCO coach and go from there

  13. The execution sucks and all, but I’m putting this more on Geep. The plays are exactly like the ones we ran against the Vikings and Steelers. They have to know by now what they have in the OL and what Kap is gonna be limited to do. Do what the damn Patriots did to Seattle, quick passes and lean on the run game to loosen things up. My sister is sittting next to me saying didnt they try this to start out the last 2 games?

  14. Baalke gone. Tomsula gone. Kaepernick gone. Can’t get rid of owner.

    Jared Goff, welcome to the most dysfunctional team in sports.

  15. Punk QB who can’t read defensive’s, Incompetent GM who can’t draft. which leads to a horrific offensive line, a Head Coach and Two Coordinators who could not get the same positions with another club. This will be a ((((( LONG SEASON ))) ‘

  16. Punting here, just giving the game away. Your only real chance is to become hyper aggressive at this point. Punting indicates the game is already over.

    1. 3 minutes ago Damon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce 4m
      And the “mutual parting with competitive football” … is now complete. #49ers
      Embedded image permalink
      22 retweets 34 favorites

  17. Sadly, not seeing how we win 6 games this year. Scheme and personnel problems abound. You cannot draft all these young players and have so few make an impact. You look cardinals, Seahawks, etc and heir 3rd, 4th rounders make plays. Crazy!

  18. Lets see if Mangini continues with this awful 3-man pass rush idea. So far its been excellent at giving Palmer all day to throw. Not that he’s needed it as there have been some pretty big windows to throw into!

  19. I’m actually glad Harbaugh and Roman are gone.
    I could not take them any longer.

    But if the offense is going to be basically the same, why don’t just keep them?

    2nd and 2 and we run up the middle twice for 1 yard.
    Just like the last 10 years.

  20. I feel sorry for Tomsula. He is clearly in the deep water way over his head with a sub par coaching staff. What does a “players coach” do when his team is so obviously over matched?

    Bruce Arians and his staff are the real deal.

  21. All the crap dished out week 1 by some over zealous fans. I predicted this one would be over 1st quarter. I also predicted SF would struggle to win 4 games this season.
    Kaepernick does not have the vision or maturity of an NFL QB. Much like Cordell Stewart or Donte Culpepper.
    The sad part is he is making a base salary he does not deserve. The team won’t make the tough decision to move on for another 2 years. By then, the stadium and the team will be for sale.

    1. The dorks are making too much money to ever sell and to stupid to ever think they are part of the problem!

      1. The team only makes money right now while they are enjoying the naming rights to a new stadium. As their games get less prime time market shares and they continue to struggle to make the post season, revenues will be down. As such, high value positions like QB will see extra scrutiny. By such Kaepernick will be gone.
        The Yorks would be interested in selling the team to a financial group as soon as the fan base waivers. Levi stadium has had its share of problems. The assault. The grass. The location. It would not take much for the organization to start losing money.
        Two seasons should just about make the team ripe to sell. There will be expansion teams entering the league. Someone will have missed an opportunity to buy one of the two expansion teams and overpay for SF.

        Now the only thing I am proud of are my two future beats. Oakland wins the division at +1800 and Oakland over 6 wins. +240.

  22. Well, if not even our rush defense is going to be good, than maybe it is a smart idea to bet in the over in Niners games from now on.

  23. This game is far more hostile than I expected. The Cardinals are an impressive squad. Will Kaep find the inner strength not to embarrass his teammates and fans? I know it is early, but I doubt Kaep being myself is going to be key to success.

  24. HA HA HA and he fumbles.
    Dear god, if I couldn’t laugh at the ineptitude of this organization, I’d throw up.

  25. This is beginning to reach comedic territory.
    Two blow-out back to back losses will wreak havoc in the locker room and cause players to quickly lose confidence in this regime from top to bottom.

    At this point why not try Gabbert in the 2nd half. If he can bring a little spark to the offense it would worth it.
    Oh, and somewhere in Ann Arbor Jim Harbaugh is either smiling, shaking his head or both!

    Still not throwing in the towel by any means, I still a little fight in the team and hopefully that translates to better play – and scoring.

    1. It really couldn’t get worse. So try something different. Let’s see Gabbert and anyone else who needs a shot

    2. Jim Harbough is a competitor. I do not think he wishes any ill will on his players.
      I think instead he is frustrated for the men who fought for him. I think he is shaking his head in a manner that relates the disgust he has for what the ownership/upper management has done to this team.

  26. So it is 3rd down and 20 and Kap throws a two yard gain on the flat? THAT is the strategy?

    Why not just have Kap air it out. Kap is one of the few qbs that can throw 60 yards. It is 28-0 what is the danger of throwing deep- even if it is intercepted- very very unlikely that the cb could return it if there is a receiver there.

    That is what the niners pay whats his name 8 million a year for. (i can literally not remember that WR’s name- he has caught so little and is such a non factor. Silly

      1. so? they put prevent on during all hail mary passes- still works on occasion- and the worst that can happen is the cb’s catch is and fall down on the 20 (same place a punt leaves them) SMH

  27. My parents used to tell me to close my mouth when not talking. “What are you trying to catch flies?”. Looks like our coach likes flies. Even picking the wings out of his teeth. Now that’s standing on the sideline with class.

  28. Did I see Siragusa in the background?
    Yup, it’s the Siragusa curse!
    Nah, we are just that bad today.

    C’mon Hayne!

  29. LOL- and it is hilarious that Hayne was one of the few big time playmakers in the preseason- and the inept coaches try to hide him….. hopefully the clueless special teams coach removes his head from his rear and starts playing Hayne more.

    1. Fan77.
      CK has given you an abundance to work with after the game and throughout the week. This remains me of Grizzly Bears picking off Salmon swimming upstream!
      Changes are in order!

        1. Give it a rest, Fan. You’ve won. I don’t think you’ll find many Kap supporters on this blog anymore.

          Instead of I told you so, how about a plan for replacing Kap. What ideas do you have?

          1. An apology would be nice! I was going to give you 48 hrs, but screw that!
            Let’s take a look at the stats, shall we?

            9/19 53 yards. 0 4 2-14 16.7

            But hey he ran for a TD. It was only for 12 yards, nothing like the 90 he got against the Chargers.

            At one point Kaep had 5 completions and 4 interceptions. Granted they didn’t throw that much. Because they were scared! That’s the truly embarrassing part. Did Torrie Smith even catch a pass today?

            What are the excuses? The Niners had a long flight back from Pit? AZ had 2 extra hours to prepare? Kaep has good chemistry with Reggie Bush but they left him behind and he felt bad?

            He is not a passer. He’s a runner first. Kaep needs to leave the game, go hide up in the Himalyeas. Live with monks, learn some kung fu, and then there will be no book on him and he will surprise the league for half a season.

            1. No apology from me, Fan. I’ve never once engaged you with regards to Kap or actually anything. My attitude was cautious optimism, but that’s over now.

              1. I’m just joking Cubus. People take me way too seriously on this site. I’m true to my beliefs and opinions, but I always prefer the team wins and Kaep prove me wrong.
                Just didn’t happen this time on this one.

  30. Its a worry when the only real positive for the team today is the guy that’s only being playing grid iron for a few months. But good to see Hayne providing the spark to set up the TD!

    But good lord the OL is atrocious. I can’t ever recall seeing such poor OL play. Devey and Pears is a terrible combination. At least one of those guys has to be replaced. Better if it was both.

      1. Seriously Prime, any reason for the agro all the time? Kaep has been rubbish. I’ve already said that. Does that mean the OL is forgiven for being rubbish too?

          1. No worries, probably over-reacted to the way you started the comment about being honest for once. You may disagree with me, but I try to tell it as I see it.

        1. Scooter they want to hang it all on one person. He’s been bad but this entire team doesn’t look well coached and only Hyde is having any kind of decent game

  31. I want to see T. Brown at right tackle in the second half. Yes he is young and raw, but there is now way he can be worse than what is out there now.

  32. I thought Stormy was going to trip himself turning the corner on the score. That guy is awkward when he runs.

  33. You don’t need to be an expert to tell that our DB’s were below average. The only reason Brock looked good before was because we had a pass rush. We used to be able to put pressure just by rushing 4.

  34. Man, that was simply terrible. He even had Davis there with a better throw. Underthrown. Had plenty of time in the pocket. Kaep is just completely lost.

    1. The 5-7db’s seem to confuse him. They also seem prepared for everything we call on either side of the ball

  35. The worst part if you throw the pick, you shake it off and move on. But now he looks scared to throw. You might as well pull him.
    Or maybe he just realizes that the AZ DBs will play back and loose and he can throw for 280 yards again.
    Those were all bad INTs because he threw off his back foot. And if the pocket did collapse then why make that pass on a hitch on the first INT? That was a panic throw and he didn’t know where to go with it.
    2nd INT was the same situation. That’s not the play design.
    We’ll have to see how he responds, but he looks like Alex Smith with the deer headlights. That’s the part that does not bode well for him. First he’s a game manager and now the deer in the headlights????

  36. I have been rooting for the niners since John Bordie was the quarterback. There have been many ugly seasons and this is shaping up to be one of the worst. Mostly because they are not ready to give up on Keapernick and he is about as good as he is ever going to be and the rest of the league has him well figured out.

  37. Well, in the first half I have seen only two positive things. Hyde has looked good despite being given little room, and Hayne had a good PR. That’s it.

    Kaep has taken bad-Kaep to an all new level bad. He’s already lost this game for the 49ers with his pick-6s and inability to get the O moving in the first half. The OL is also a mess, with poor protection and not giving Hyde much room to run either.

    On D, the run D has had a couple of slip ups but is the “strength” of the D. The pass rush has managed to get some pressure on Palmer when they blitz, but otherwise not much. And those 3-man pass rush plays are just getting picked apart.

    Brock is playing poorly, and the safeties appear to be struggling to get across and provide support on the perimeter. But one of the big issues the pass D has had has been stopping the slot, with the LBs getting picked on. Ward has actually looked the best of the slot defenders today.

    All in all, one of the worst halves of football I’ve seen the 49ers play. And I thought last week’s first half was terrible.

    1. Exactly. He doesn’t look like a guy that is going to pull himself together any time soon. May as well pull him before he does even more damage to the team and his confidence.

  38. Time for the Niners to clean house. Baalke needs to be shown the door and then his coaching staff of people that nobody else would hire can follow. I think we have seen all that Kaep is capable of, he doesn’t look like a guy that will ever be more than he is right now. If the Niners do bottom out, time to cut Kaep and draft a new you QB to start over. Maybe we can get a GM capable of drafting guys with talent in the first round. Maybe one that realizes you don’t build a secondary out of 7th round draft picks.

    1. A lot of great teams build a secondary with mid round picks, Seahawks are one. Problem
      Is that Baalkes picks overall, are not difference makers. He needs to go.

    2. All off season, preseason and through week 1, many on here were prepared to crown Baalke a genius. Now, he has a head coach who has no instinct, but is one heck of a nice guy, a draft class that is completely gone, and a fan base with pitch forks.
      The team had a great GM. Scott McCloughan. He had a drinking issue and the team let him go. The talent he found fielded one heck of a team. He went to Seattle and did the same thing. Now he is in Washington putting together a talented roster.
      The reality is that GM’s really don’t do much without key position. Here are the 5 I think dictate a winning franchise.
      1. Coaching and Scheme.- coaching and scheme are fundamental to establishing a solid foundation upon which you design a roster. Look how Denver struggled even with Peyton Manning. SF does not have this.
      2. Quarterback- The quarterback can make the offensive line even better, but the reverse is also true. See Buffalo Bills. Greenbay Packers. Not SF.
      3.Offensive line- The top teams over those three seasons, with an adjusted sack rate of less than 4.5 percent (nine teams), won an average of 11.5 games.
      4.Secondary- In 2010, Greenbay won the superbowl with the no 1 overall rated pass defense. In 2011, Pittsburgh had the no 3 overall rated pass defense. 2013, Seattle had the best pass defense and easily won the Superbowl against a pass happy Denver team. Stopping the run means very little to overall success.
      5. Defensive line- Defensive lines play into the pass defense numbers. Since the NFL is more of a passing league, one of the primary objectives of the defensive line is to collapse the pocket, and to snatch any running backs on their way to the quarterback. It requires a very strong overall unit, which is why many successful teams have solid players throughout not a high paid stud surrounded by scrubs. Case in point, how many playoff games have Jared Allen, DeMarcus Ware or Mario Williams won in their primes?

      So, SF has Number 5, they are working on number 4, number 3 is very subjective because your QB can affect that tragically. I still think they are missing pieces there, but definitely do not have number 1. Number 2, probably not. He has great talent but he is too specialized. His ability is too easily schemed for. His career is over.

      I’d love to blame Baalke, but it starts with the owner signing the coach. Nothing can happen without a coach and scheme that works.

  39. Brock gets abused again. All of a sudden Ward getting abused by Marshall last year doesn’t look so embarrassing.

      1. I’m actually not minding the way the young DBs are playing – Acker, Johnson, Tartt and Ward. Its the vets that are really struggling.

    1. I need to hear Razor, Scooter, and Rocket finally admit Kaepernick is not a legit starting NFL QB. Time for the rebuild to start now.

      1. Why?

        I for one and happy to admit on today’s performance he’s not an NFL calibre starting QB. And those decisions he’s made were so bad, and ones we’ve seen before, I don’t know its something you ever completely fix. I’d be fine with moving on from Kaep.

        But I’ve been saying I wasn’t sold on him since before the 2014 draft (thus why I said I’d be happy if they drafted Teddy B at #30 before that draft). I just didn’t think using the Pittsburgh game as an example of the ills of Kaep was a good example. It was one of his better games.

    2. Fan77,
      Got over yourself bud, nobody owes you anything. One horrible game and you want apologies? Give it a break.
      Even if CK eventually finds himself on the bench nobody here owes you anything – it’s football and players come and go all the time.
      Let’s give it a few more games before you blubber for apologies.

  40. Kaepernick must be confused,should have worn the black jerseys. Keeps throwing to the guys in red jerseys.

  41. Colin Kaepernick is first 49ers QB with two Pick-6s in a game since Steve DeBerg in Week 5 of 1980 season vs. Los Angeles Rams, per Elias.

    Now that is great company to be with.

  42. gotta tip the cap to Bethea: in a blowout, the guy blitzes, gets whacked pretty good, spins and keeps going after Palmer. the guy is gutting it out

  43. Well I’m here to give credit to those who predicted this kind of football this entire off season. I was not one of them. My loyalty and passion for the Niners got in the way. I was dead wrong. This team needs to completely rebuild. The only player worth a damn of this offense is Hyde. Everyone else is replaceable!

    1. you must be one of those that went into the ” The experts predict the outcome of 49ers-cardinals ” post and wrote that we were going to win 24-21 lol … smh .. don’t feel bad I’ve seen a lot of idiots that thought that we were going to destroy the Steelers and the Cards …..

  44. Tim KawakamiVerified account ‏@timkawakami 23m23 minutes ago
    Tim Kawakami retweeted Greg Degenstein

    The post-Harbaugh 49ers sure look a lot like the pre-Harbaugh 49ers.

  45. ” Well , here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into ” Laurel and Hardy and 49er OL motto of the 2015 season.

  46. oh my lord. this is what you get when the QB is so one dimensional. Kurt Warner pulled a fast one on Kaep. He knows all of he weaknesses and told them to AZ. Oh who are we kidding? The book is out on him now, This is bad. I hate that he looks even more loss then before, Go down fighting and throwing, don’t look like you don’t belong out there, Playing QB in the NFL is a privilege. Playing for the Niners and its tradtions even more so.

  47. Damon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce 56s56 seconds ago

    Devey is not a NFL starting lineman. Not if you’re looking to win games anyway. #49ers

  48. Why is either starting QB still in this game? Arizona needs to protect a very fragile Palmer. The Niners need to prevent Kaep from a stat line that has 5 int with only 5 compeltions.

  49. I’ve witnessed over five decades of Bay Area football–lived with Super Bowl wins; crushing, stupid losses; and just bad stuff, from ownership on down. The outcome of this season will further our dive into darker episodes. Ready yourselves for a few more years of struggling mediocrity.

  50. Don’t Panic fans:

    If you will finally listen to me…Coach Holmgren agreed to coach this team this year..Jed, Hire him ASAP as a consultant to the owner…He will hire Shannahan to coach out the rest of the season.Then Hire Cal Coach, Sonny They could teach Sonny some WCO, meld their Super Bowl dynasty strategies with Sonny, and hire bright young assistants.

    1. PS, A college coach is allowed to break his contract if an NFL offer is made.That’s the current legal standpoint

    2. Wonder how Dennis Shaw would work as coach, with a very seasoned, respected exec advising York…

  51. I just don’t see how Kaep’s rep can come back from this. These numbers are bad. He looks lost. Not sure fi the play calling is helping him.

    1. The jerseys have been on the China sites for 3 years. I have a black one of Gore, Aldon Smith, and Rice. Most I paid was $12.99. All stitched Nike jerseys. Those kids sure do a darn fine job putting them together. Only hassle is the NFL shuts down the sites every 2 months.
      The sites are always kind enough to send out an email with their new web address. Might be better than giving the Yorks any more money for the product they’re fielding.

  52. I think Baalke is good scout for defensive linemen and linebackers. As a General Manager he is in over his head. Somewhat like his head coach.

    1. Ownership is disturbingly adrift (remember what Jed said…”Hold me accountable”), most of the coaching staff is loosing traction, and Baalke needs to be escorted out of the building at the close of the season. Tomsula should receive heart-felt thanks and a polite send-off. Green Bay next week.

  53. John Middlekauff ‏@JohnMiddlekauff 16m16 minutes ago
    #49ers running the zone read down 34 points. Makes sense

  54. I wonder if after this loss Tomsula will walk around the locker room and look into each players eye and ask if their body is alright. Walsh would have not talked to them and if he did they would not like to hear what he had to say.

  55. Cam Inman ‏@CamInman 33m33 minutes ago

    Why on earth did the #49ers call for a shotgun snap in the end zone for a handoff to Carlos Hyde, who’s stopped for a safety?? Cards up 40-7
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  56. Two words: Rich Kotite…

    Blame the losses and awful play on mediocre players but the real problem here is the third rate coaching staff.

    1. I love how you left out the QB. The QB who threw 2 pick 6s in the span of 2 minutes. And then after he played like he was scared of his shadow.

  57. I’m highly disappointed, angry, frustrated and almost feeling violated. Think I’ll take another hot shower after the game.

    Coming in to this season I tried to convince myself that all the team changes from coaches to players might actually provide a better mood and freshness in the locker room and field.
    Boy, was I wrong!
    I’m a 49er faithful win or lose – but these last two weeks have been embarrassing.
    Didn’t think that those old ugly feelings from the days of Ericsson, Nolan, and Singletary would surface again.

      1. Big Niner; it was Erickson all over again when they let go of Harbaugh. It was all so clear then…

    1. Great points, it always starts at the top and we have a slimy, toad stool for an owner with no backbone! I am holding you accountable you pathetic rich well, I hate fake slimy money grabbing dues bags! The dorks are the ones that made this mess! I really want to use potty words!

  58. “2:48 Time for the 49ers to start seriously considering Jared Goff.”

    Baalke will select the Ohio State QB instead…

  59. That Patton fellow has questionable skills and no common sense probably from rooming with Kaepernick.

  60. Grant to save yourself some writers cramp,you should point out what the 49ers did right instead of the hat they did wrong when you write the grades. There is not one personal group that deserves higher than an F.

  61. WTF is Kaep still out there while the starting receivers are on the sideline. Maybe it isn’t too soon to start firing some coaches.

  62. Check out Kaepernick’s performance in the Madden 2016 trailer. Strong vs. today. Check youtube.

  63. easy to say from 3000 miles away, feverish and on my couch, but that last replay seemed to show both WRs open and Kaep just not wanting to throw that long out pattern, ie pattern that was picked twice to start the game. gun shy? Tomsula has to keep this team together because the Niners are in a tough place now and with a tough schedule

    1. That’s the part the really upsetting to me. Yeah I may be saying that I didn’t think he was any good and couldn’t read defenses but when he had an open WR on a three step drop and wouldn’t throw it, you lose every time. It’s a hard position no doubt but you can’t played scared like that. Teams can smell it. The whole team loses confidence in the QB. Harbaugh and Roman hid all of his weakness as best they could for two years, hoping that would buy him time to learn.

      It’s not his fault, he’s trying but it’s just not who he is.

      I had said that this was the year to see who he is but after today it’s obvious. He may have a couple of good game but he will alway regress when pressed. He’s not the gunslinger that Favre was. Favre didn’t care how many picks he throw he came out firing because he had confidence in his passing skills.

      Who can honestly say they have confidence in Kaep when he goes back and passes? The AZ DBs called him out and this is how he responded.

      The good news is I don’t have to watch the games and don’t really care how Kaep does at this point. This is pre Harbaugh all over again.

  64. Option one: fully support harbough and get out the way

    Option two: add pass calling Oc with roman as running Oc

    Option 3: replace roman and keep everything intact

    Option 4: fire harbough. Keep defensive staff intact.

    All of these options would have been better than fill in option 5 (what we actually did) that they came up with.

    Baalke and Jed both are probably really bad at standardized test taking. Multi choice questions are confusing for them. Since they can’t pick from the 4 choices available they put in fill in blanks answers. Maybe someone didn’t tell them that the test doesn’t work that way.

  65. Tomsula should be their best friends. That’s how Walsh and Holmgren coached players, right? they were all buddies, snuggles and cuddles

  66. If Kaepernick can get past his issues and the team gets more seasoning there should be a noticeable improvement around midseason. Good day 49ers fans.

  67. Well, that was definitely a case of outclassed. Its easy to say the whole team is rubbish after games like that, but I think its more about big issues with key positions:

    – The QB. I’ve been on the fence with him for a while. No more. He’s not good enough. He panics. He takes too long making decisions in the pocket. He has his moments, but he’s been in this league and starting long enough that there can be no excuse for a game like today, for making such bad decisions. I don’t see him turning things around.
    – The right side of the OL. Martin, Devey and Pears make for a bad trio. With good OL play the offense wouldn’t be fixed, but it would be a lot better.
    – The pass rush. They really need an OLB that can consistently bring the heat opposite Lynch. The D would look a lot better with a consistent pass rush without needing to blitz.

    Unfortunately QB, OL and pass rusher are some of the hardest positions to find.

    The DBs aren’t good, but I think there is some promise in the young guys. They just get exposed by lack of pass rush, and some problems covering the middle of the field.

      1. Coaching is abysmal. And I know this is mean to say, but I wish they would stop showing Tomsula on the sideline. He looks like the village idiot who doesn’t have a clue.

      2. Yep, they were also out-coached. But I think the players share the most responsibility.

        The Cards were all over whatever the O was trying. However, execution of the QB and OL were the biggest issues far as I could tell for the O.

        On D, Mangini’s plan left the slot WR with too much space, and the 3-man rush got roasted all afternoon. There were also times where the LBs were exposed by asking them to do too much in coverage as Mangini was trying to disguise things. So Mangini certainly has a lot to answer for regarding how the D has played the past two weeks. In saying that, the inability of pass rushers to win their matchups is a big issue on D. And some guys were just flat out getting beat in coverage too easily (Brock in particular from what I saw). I think Mangini’s D can be effective with the right personnel. I also think he is too wedded to his own plans that he is failing to acknowledge his players aren’t up to it and adjust accordingly.

        1. Scooter:

          I think we need to blow up the OL. Change it around totally. Staley, Thomas, Martin, Boone, Brown – or at least start to move in that direction.

          1. How the coaches respond in terms of line-up changes will be interesting after two blow-out losses. I’m all for your suggested changes to the OL. Perhaps they could think about Easton at C too, if his pre-season play was anything to go by.

            Given the issues defending the middle of the field and coverage issues of the LBs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more use of heavy DB alignments too.

            1. Thanks for mentioning Easton, I forgot about him in my post but was thinking about him during the game. Absolutely give him a shot if they feel he’s picked up the schemes well enough.

  68. I think Kaep is basicly a finished product. He can occasionally make the spectacular play or throw but cannot be counted on to be consistent at any aspect of the game. He is erratic and does not have very good pocket presence. That break out season is not coming. Definitely need to pick a QB next draft. I don’t think Kaep is horrible he’s a solid starter but unless you have an elite QB you should always be looking to upgrade.

    1. I think his very last pass on a very bad game defines who he is. He dropped back. First read was not there, and then he lost an indecisive. He rolls left, buys time. There is no AZ pass rusher close to him. He has two targets on his side of the field, and somehow throw it into sidelines. Either he a laser pass wasn’t there, and he had to show the touch he was working on, or he just gave up. Or maybe he’s just not very accurate.

      The lack of finish on a very bad day bothers me more then anything. He looked like he wanted to go back to the rib in Santa Clara, fire up Madden 16 where he can play as himself and rack up 300 yards rushing and 400 yards passing.

  69. We should look at the bright side!
    We got LESS than a 100 points scored on us in 14 days!
    Kap threw LESS than 5 INT!
    We didn’t loose ANY of the new coaches!!!
    That’s how we are winning with class!

  70. tkamB,
    49ers would need to lose 13-14 games to have a shot at Goff. Do really think we are going to lose that many games?

    If we win 5-6 games it may very well keep us out of the Goff sweepstakes. But, we will absolutely need to look at a high QB pick in 2016 even if Kap can show a semblance of improvement.

    What I did not like in Kap’ game today that gives me pause for his future are:
    1. Telegraphing his throws by locking-on to a receiver.
    2. Throwing off his back foot while back stepping.
    3. Not anticipating and releasing the ball soon enough to receivers.
    4. Not throwing to open receivers when they were available for a split-second.
    These are the same issues that plagued CK7 last season and unfortunately were on full display in today’s game.

    I say the future does not look promising for Kap because he reverted back to bad habits and sometimes bad habits are hard to break. In CK’ case, bad habits will eventually put him on the bench.
    We have Green Bay next week, and we’ll see if Kap, who usually plays well against the Pack (who is playing on a short week and on the road) can bounce back and get his swagger back.

  71. Observations (besides the obvious)

    – CK not seeing underneath coverages… as usual.

    – CK taking forever to see open receivers, then throwing way too late. He may have naturally “slow eyes” (or slow brain?) that no amount of coaching will ever resolve.

    – Why were they covering Fitzgerald with linebackers?

    – That said, the Cards were really throwing at Bowman. He seems to have lost agility and speed, and opposing quarterbacks know it.

    – Hyde’s the whole offense. Take him out when the game gets out of hand. Save his body for next week.

    – The 49ers need a healthy VMac to run that three TE offense. He had key blocks vs the Vikings, Got hurt in Pittsburgh. A big disappointment as a pass catcher, but by far the best blocking TE on the team.

    – Time to try Hayne as a KO returner. He isn’t getting any exercise as a punt returner.

    – Anyone know why Ian Williams was out of the latter part of the game?

    – Armstead got some sacks. His confidence is rising. Good for him.

    – Steve Logan was speechless. Perhaps for the first time in his life.

  72. I put this game all on Kaepernick, deer and the headlights. He puts the whole team in a really bad situation to start the game and throughout the game. Everyone start to hang their heads when looking at the scoreboard. Also gave Arizona all the confident, as if they can do whatever they want to the NINERS defense and offense.

    1. Love that saying Grimey! That is the most depressing for me, is York is just like the former owners of the Warriors,hardly any success. And lots of lonely pain! The character of robin Rowe is played by balke, boy do I feel depressed ! Glad I got all of you to comeserate with!

  73. Well, Kaep was slow and tentative, and gave away the game. However, I think it is a team game, and the failure was evident throughout all personnel and coaches.
    My opinion is that Kaep was hurt worse than he let on after that huge sideline hit when he sprung up more as a reflex action than as acknowledging the severity of the blow.
    i may be wrong, but it seemed like Kaep had residual effects that slowed down his reaction time. Maybe it was not serious enough to exhibit apparent symptoms, but the damage was done.
    Again, I keep mentioning that Kaep in motion will produce better results, but the coaches insist on dropping back Kaep in a collapsing pocket.
    I know Kaep will be roasted this next week, and the calls for Gabbert will be loud, but I still believe in Kaep. I fault the coaching for not making the proper adjustments and the O line for general suckiness, but everyone took a bite of the sandwich. If they can maximize the potential of every player, the Niners can forget those 2 losses and start fresh.
    Kaep did it not once, but twice, so I think something is wrong. Hope they can fix it, but if it takes him sitting on the bench to clear cobwebs and regain the crispness I have seen before, so be it. Kaep himself will tell you that a 4 interception day is a ticket to the side line. Kaep must improve, or the season is over.
    I still believe the Niners have a chance if they can stop shooting themselves in the foot. They do have talent, but they all need to be on the same page.

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