49ers’ Colin Kaepernick rages against fan on Twitter

This is my Friday column.

Dear Colin,

Even though you are 27 years old and have been a starter in the NFL for three seasons, you still lack a quarterback’s temperament. It troubles me. You actually pick fights with fans on Twitter. You picked one on Wednesday.

Let’s analyze what you did. This is a teachable moment.

At 3:37 Wednesday afternoon, you tweeted the workout you did that day: “1000 abs … arm workout … 10 min straight on the jump rope … 2 hour study session in February … that’s what we call a recovery day!”

A reasonable use of Twitter, but what are 1000 abs? Did you mean sit-ups? Or do you have 1000 abs? Eager to hear back from you about that.

Back to the Twitter fight. At 4:21, 44 minutes after you sent out your tweet, a fan named Stephen Batten responded: “Ab workout won’t help find open receiver.”

At 4:24 — just three minutes later — you shot back three tweets. Do you pore over every tweet you get as you get them? I wonder about your state of mind.

Tweet No. 1: “Are you illiterate or just ignorant? Read the tweet again better yet give me your breakdown of every defensive coverage.”

Tweet No. 2: “I want players responsibility on every coverage if you can’t do it mind your damn business clown!”

Tweet No. 3: “You got eight followers bruh your own family don’t even want to know what you’re doin! Get better at life!”

Did you really think those tweets were acceptable, Colin?

They might have been acceptable if you were a strong safety. Strong safeties are supposed to pick fights and be aggressive, it’s their job description. Maybe Antoine Bethea, Donte Whitner or Kam Chancellor could get away with those angry tweets, although from the team’s perspective it would be better if they didn’t tweet at all.

But, you’re not a strong safety, Colin. You’re a quarterback, and a quarterback is supposed to be almost beyond emotion.

A quarterback must have vision, the most global vision possible. He must look at the whole picture because his teammates are looking at him. He must keep his composure, be above petty distractions.

You’re not above any of it, Colin. Not on Twitter and not on the field. You’re in the middle of it. You put yourself there. Every player in the league knows they can get to you.

First, the Bears got under your skin during your home opener at Levi’s Stadium. Every time you threw an incomplete pass, someone on the Bears walked up to you and said something like, “Good try.” They knew it would bother you. Everyone knows.

And, it did. You threw three interceptions, shouted obscenities at Bears defensive end LaMarr Houston and got flagged and fined for what you said. After the game, you told reporters you didn’t say anything, and then video proved you lied. That was Week 2.

Then, there was Week 14. Raiders linebacker Sio Moore baited you into a shouting match as you came off the field at halftime. You yelled, “I’m coming for you!” The second half started, and then you threw an interception, posted a passer rating of 39 in the second half and led the offense to just three more points.

This Twitter fight is your third public fight in six months, the third we know about.

I know what you’re going to say. You were being fiery each time, and fiery is a good quality in a quarterback.

Yes, fiery is good. Aaron Rodgers is fiery. Tom Brady is, too. Sometimes they yell between plays or drives. But during play, they’re impervious. They’re cold, stony, they almost look bored. They have a quarterback’s temperament.

They’re above Twitter fights with fans. Other teams don’t try to get to them because they know it’s useless.

You could learn from Alex Smith. He has a quarterback’s temperament. When Smith was the 49ers’ quarterback, he had 10 times more hecklers than you and a million offensive coordinators, and Smith never snapped, never let the criticism get under his skin. He triumphed over it.

With you, Colin, teams game-plan to get to you. It’s like they say: “Before the game, let’s tell Kaepernick, ‘You stink at reading defenses.’ After every incomplete pass he throws in the first half, tell him ‘Good read,’ and at halftime, tell him, ‘Nice abs.’”

You set yourself up by broadcasting what bothers you. Let’s think about exactly what you said on Twitter.

You asked the fan if he is illiterate or ignorant. But, you’re the one who misread what he said. You responded as if the fan had said, “You stink at finding open receivers,” which is not what he said. He said, “Ab workouts won’t help you find the open receiver.” It is a true statement. Can’t argue with it.

You reacted to what you thought he said — “you can’t read defenses” — not to what he actually said because that’s how sensitive you are on the subject.

You could have ignored the tweet or laughed it off, written something like, “You’re right, lol.” Instead, you fired back without thinking it through. You revealed how insecure you are.

And then you made it personal. “You got eight followers bruh your own family don’t even want to know what you’re doin! Get better at life!”

Let me get this straight. If he had more followers, the criticism would be valid? If he had 8,000 followers instead of eight, you would take his criticism to heart?

I’m wondering about your values. You implied the fan stinks at life because he’s not famous, and people who are not famous need to keep their mouths shut. Is fame all that matters?

Hey, Colin, remember Happy Gilmore? You’re the Happy Gilmore of quarterbacks. You probably would pick a fight with Bob Barker if he questioned your ability. Or if you thought he questioned it.

You need to find your happy place.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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    1. Kaepernick is the symptom, Baalke is the virus. Listening to broadcaster T. Robinson count 10 or 11 men in the box, and the chronicle confirming it the next day without the 49ers changing the play is Baalke Blockhead football and has been for 15 years under the York’s. Montana, young, Farve, Elway, Manning,and Brady audibled to pass when they were disrespected this way and made defenses pay, big time. 6’3″, 260 lb (LB) of Philly, Jeremiah Trotter, after the 5th straight dive play from the 49ers 5 yd line, said I knew what was coming and snapped Frank Gores wrist in 06. Worse, Baalke’s brand of football is predictable, low percentage to reach a playoff, and dangerous…Hire Shannahan and Holmgren Immediately as consultants so we can avoid 1st round bust AJ Jenkins, 2nd round bust Lamichael James of 2012, offensive linemen who can’t block..SF EXamiiner: grading 2012 draft, google it..The entire draft was a bust. Is that some sort of NFL record…No more offensive drafting for Baalke!@#$??!!!**…Get Shannahan/Holmgren now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I know someone will write, well, under Baalke we made the NFC chapionship 3 straight years, his plan was good…However, during those years it was our defese that carried us…Scoring 19, 20 points a game doesn’t win in the NFL without good defense. Harbaugh’s (WCO) West Coast Offense was an ultra conservative hybrid of the Walsh system.

        1. One more thing. Frank Gore has the 49ers backed into a corner and can ask for the world (maybe that’s not enough) in his new contract. With the 49ers sputtering passing attack and inability to get first year players on the field much,, I watch little things like this, it interests me and goes to coaching and GM Knowledge/or lack of it, (Patton, Ellison, Mcdonald, Dial/Carradine–injured their 1st years–but saw little 2nd year action). Without Gore, Teams won’t have to stack the box, and he’s a true genius at finding creases you can’t see, even on TV, well be 0-16…Hire Shannahan and Holmgren. They can stockpile bright, young college coaches (as they did in 80’s), make us relevant, and save the ship, before it sets sail and sinks in the harbor!!!

      2. Didn’t realize Baalke could call audibles during the game when the other team stacks the box…don’t let the NFL know or we could lose draft picks.

    2. The York’s/Baalke DO NOT APPRECIATE/RESPECT the California market.
      When the SF Giants asked the fans to build them a new stadium or we’ll leave, the fans said, okay billionaires, leave!…Guess what happened? The York’s will be taught a lesson by Californian’s. The weather is too nice, and we will spend money where a good time is happening, not a bad time.

    3. Let us not forget, Mike Mccarthy was Offensive Coordinator under Mike Nolan, and the York’s let Green Bay hire him, I told everybody I know that when AAron Rogers completed, What, 25 passes in a row against USC, and ran for 70 yards that day (USC of that Era was basically a Pro Team–Lots of # one’s), that the 49ers would draft Aaron Rogers, because he was in there back yard. However, the team statement was, we draft for size, and size did not qualify
      Deshean Jackson either, who the Niners thought was too small. Is any body but me out there seeing this??? …I feel like I’m in a TwiLight Zone Movie, and Rod Serling and I are the only one’s tracing the York’s Failures through their coaching staffs together.

  1. Krapernick is a mentally weak person, no great QB acts the way he does. He will continue to be a mediocre player, one that rarely excels at things that don’t involve pure athleticism. Niners are stuck with this, not really anything they can do to change him or to get a better QB.

    1. Towards the end of the season I detailed Kaepernick’s biggest problem was that he tries to prove people wrong by making the impossible throw each throw rather than taking anything the Defense has given him.
      This twitter response just solidifies that observation. He goes into games with all the naysayers in his ear. Then he tries to thread a needle into triple coverage and make an impossible throw. Those throws are why his interceptions were up.
      Might be time to draft next year’s starter.

    2. F all u haters kaepernick is the best he made a few mistakes its not a big deal he will make it up this year just u watch COLIN KAEPERNICK 7 WILL TAKE THE 49ERS ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the underlying message here, as you point out, is that you can get into his head. Opponents know that now.

    It would be fine if he was the sort of guy that played better when he was fired up. But he’s not. Teams will continue to exploit this until he changes. Getting into a twitter argument shows he’s not changing any time soon.

  3. I don’t agree with everything you said, Grant, but I do agree with the premise. You’re example about the 1000 abs was silly; it’s obvious what he meant. QBs have to be for the most part even tempered and if they display “fiery” emotion, they need to pick the right time to do it (ex. Brady). It’s too easy to get into his head. I was hoping that after that game last year (Oakland?) where his pressers improved and then subsequent game performance improved, that he had matured. This Twitter battle, IMO, shows that he hasn’t. No doubt his opponents are noticing. I wonder if Kurt Warner feels he has a strong enough relationship with CK to say something about this incident with respect to how this can impact him as a QB.

    1. Yup I can see Kurt walking up to Colin and saying something like

      “Look Colin I know there are a-holes all over twitter and the internet, but honestly it’s just easier to ignore them, now do you want tea or coffee?”

      and the time it takes to read that is how long they will spend dealing with this total non event.

  4. I didn’t think this blog could reach new heights of self-serving condescension, but you constantly surprise me, Grant.

  5. Grant,
    Agree with most of the article until the Alex Smith reference. Kaep and A.Smith have completely different personalities.

    Alex was never purposely ignoring the hecklers etc, that just happened to be (still is) his personality and character.
    If anything, Alex’ personality is the antithesis of Kaep’s and may have hurt his chances during the Kap to Smith transition.
    I still remember Vernon Davis having to light a fire under Alex to go talk to coach Mike Singletary and tell MS that he wanted to go back in the game after Singletary was going to bench him.

    But going back to CK, he needs to rise above the lame pettiness and grow up.

    1. I think that had more to do with Smith wanting to please everybody, which he admitted to doing before Harbaugh came here. Shortly after that with Singletary, Smith decided to stop trying to make every one happy and just go out there and play to the best of his abilities.

  6. Grant is 100% on the money on this. Kaep doesn’t have the smarts to be a great QB. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but at this point everything that he says and does tell me that. The Niners need to do their research and find a dark horse QB in the later rounds. That’s about all they can hope for at this point. Kaepernick will never win them a Super Bowl. He’s too dumb.

    1. “The Niners need to do their research and find a dark horse QB in the later rounds.” … Adam

      Maybe somewhere near the back end of the sixth round? Maybe someone like Tom Brady. Actually New England used two of their late sixth round choices on other guys before they picked Tom.

      It’s a lock. Call Baalke right away.

      1. Yep. Lets face it, if you think that dark horse 6th round QB stands a good shot of being a quality NFL starting QB, you don’t wait until the 6th round to pick him.

    1. Sean,

      I’m not a fan of Grant’s style, but I never, ever, thought or said he was a eunuch. Of course he writes with balls. Now, if he could only find the ability to be objective (this article excluded – until proven otherwise, I’m filing it in the “even a stopped clock is right twice a day” pile).

  7. It is funny and Ironic in a same time. Kaeperror didn’t get it. The 49ers fan don’t want him here. He is a good runnin back with no QB skills.

  8. Maybe I am in the minorty but I got no problem at all with this. Little losers like this talk and talk and talk non stop. At some point, they need to be put in their place

  9. Grant,

    I enjoy reading your column. What I love about your column is that it reminds me, without fail, of a train wreck. I have pretty much never agreed with anything you have written in the sense that your “articles” consistently only emphasize negatives about 49er players and the organization in general. You follow a basic belief that nothing related to the 49ers can be construed in a positive manner and then reinforce your argument with statistics and blather that only support your stance. You never, ever offer opposing views or statistics that put your own position in perspective.

    I compare your writing to a train wreck in the sense that I know what I will find when I see it, but my morbid curiosity makes me look at your journalistic nonsense as I would if I was rubber-necking a train wreck adjacent to the road I was driving on. Every time I see a Grant Cohn column, I have to read it because I chuckle as I click on the link. I chuckle because I know what will be there before I even read it. And I am always correct in my expectations.

    As to this condescending piece of grandstanding to further your ongoing, never-ending assault on everything 49er, I beg to differ. Several (more respectable) news outlets have cited the comical whimsy of Kap’s retort to the moron who Tweeted him and stated that he put that poor fellow in his place. One thing you left out (conveniently as you so often do) is that the Tweeter in question made a comment that Kap should be studying more. That was Kap’s primary response in Tweet #1 when he said go back and read the Tweet. Did your journalistic eye miss that or did you leave that little (though important) part out.

    You didn’t like Harbaugh, you don’t like the Front Office, you don’t like Kap, you have ongoing issues with players that suit your timing of columns and you basically have not written one positive thing about any aspect of this team for the past four years. How could a writer who covers a team not have anything positive to say about the team, even during the times when they were perennial Conference Game participants?

    Your writing is at the junior college level and you have no journalistic integrity. I know this because I studied journalism and know that the foundation of the business is to be fair and balanced. You are neither. The only thing I can come up with is that you were at some point severely traumatized by someone in a 49ers jersey, because a writer with such a continuous trail of drivel has to have had that seed planted somewhere along the line.

    Maybe you need to find your happy place.

    1. VANiner…..You want to be a cheerleader ? Join the Gold Rush! Grant isn’t a cheerleader…he’s trying to give us some perspective. In that you “pretty much never agreed with anything ” he wrote, who’s holding the gun to your head to make you read him ? Be like the rest of us who don’t agree with EVERYTHING Grant writes, and sift out the gems that we CAN live with….

  10. 1000 abs may not help him read a D but do you know what it does do? It gets Kaep on the cover of magazines which equals more money in his pocket. The career of an NFL player is short and as much as us fans want him to concentrate on his skills you can’t blame the guy for doing what helps him make more coin.

    Calling out a troll doesn’t look good for a QB, I know I didn’t like it, but I don’t think Kaep cares about me or the community of stereotypical QB fans. His value comes from appealing to the hip hop community and calling out trolls satisfies that community. Those that don’t like will have to learn to live with it while he’s the QB of the SF 49ers.

    1. Dude
      You do realize that Colin is a QB right? not some anonymous linebacker or a safety. He had those abs all his life and nobody gave a poop about him until he made it to a SB. Only then did he start getting commercials. Look at Wilson he has no abs but way more endorsements (which only come from wining) As for him being a QB, there is a reason that it’s the highest paid position and it’s not because of abs. If he studies and wins games he will earn more in 1 year than he would from 10 different endorsements. Im all for self promotion (after all dick sherman opened his mouth and made millions for himself) but from the QB position ur skills speak for u and ur salary reflects that.

  11. Has Alex Smith ever had a twitter account to be heckled on??

    As for #7, grow up Justin Bieber!…….The greatest 2 QB’s of all time (Montana & Brady) have bad bodies and don’t lift…….Put the dumbbells down, shut your pie hole and play ball!!

    1. If the team is going to have him run more he better be buffed up if he is going to survive. Who are you to tell someone how they should be getting ready for the coming season. I don’t see you playing QB for some NFL team. All I see is some internet jockey who has Crabs for a hero. Right the very who should spend some off season time getting in shape so he doesn’t get injured making a cut in practice.

      How Kaep spends his time getting ready is non of your or any of the control freak clowns fans business. You run your own life. Or perhaps I should say get a life first so you have one to run.

      1. Willtalk –

        #7 is a fool for responding to some idiot fans negative tweet. “A dog in the hunt doesn’t stop to scratch fleas.”

        I can respond to a negative post though, I’m not a pro athlete (came close in baseball though, was drafted at least).

        BTW, if you would like to come down to Murrieta CA. I could show you what kind of life I have.
        I will give you a place and time and then escort you around the area, maybe do lunch.
        Let me know when you visit Disneyland or Sea World etc. Thanks

    2. Also, Anyone who uses the term “bruh” and doesn’t do so sarcastically sounds like a massive tool

  12. I don’t twitter, twat, tweet, twip, twang, twoop, twingle, twinkle, twibble, I have never even sent a text. I just don’t get it I guess.

    1. I’ve been infected by The Text, but not the Tweet.
      But, btw, how, exactly, is this (CK’s exchange) relevant to anything?

      1. Crab – I was feeling pretty modern, after all I got a microwave, cellphone, and a TV that doesn’t require rabbit ears and I don’t have to adjust the vertical and horizontal dial and it even has a wireless remote. :)

        1. The best way to stop a vertical roll was a solid right-handed slap upside the cabinet. Also, remember early color tv? (eye roll)

          1. Lol mine was a fist to the top of the cabinet. I was so excited when we got our first color tv. All I could think of was watching a football game in color. Well the people were green the field was red,

            1. Bro T, undercenter – I remember our 1st color tv. We were watching the hated LA Rams and their uniforms were brown and yellow. The blue was brown lol. Zeneth console tv….. I have 2 older brothers (5 & 6 years older than me) so I watched what they watched. ;)

  13. You are now just as illiterate as the fan. before you bash Kap you should read the entire tweet by the fan, which ended with him telling Kap to”#Study”. Kap clearly implied that he was studying for 2 hours which led to him calling the fan ignorant or illiterate. Another terrible column, quit bashing and get facts in order.

    1. I try not to use or quote hashtags, and #study doesn’t mean the fan is accusing Kaepernick of not studying. #study means #study. You’re reading into it like Kaepernick did.

      1. Dear god, Grant, you cannot be serious. It’s virtually impossible for “#study” at in that context to be anything other than a dig at CK.

        And what do you mean you try not to quote hashtags? Oh, right, as in, “take away the hashtags…” You just love “taking away” (or simply ignoring) facts that don’t support your completely subjective view of reality.

          1. Using that criteria any wording could mean anything. It is pure common sense that he was repeating what a lot of posters have been saying for years. Kaep shouldn’t be exercising rather spend time studying. Which implies that he doesn’t study at all. He was using this situation to point out that he studies 2 hours a day. While I think you have a point in respect to Kaep responding on twitter, your attempt to spin reality to conform with your writing agenda and your excuse when called out reveals your pettyness. You might have had a good blog but couldn’t resist taking it over the top with your spin.

            In respect to Alex’s criticism and other QB for that matter. The criticism that some QB’s get today goes way beyond what QB in the past had to put up with. The criticism today transcends their play on the field and is pointed at their personal life style’s or choices. Their character is called into question when they are portrayed as thugs. The abs remark was a jab at his commitment to modeling at the expense of football. Every player does not spend 24 hours a day 365 days a year focused on football. If Kaep goes to an event or does anything other than what some crazy fans think he should be doing they point that out as distracting from his studying defenses.

            It is understandable for some fans, but for someone in your position to not understand the ridiculousness of this sort of purile attitude is absurd. As for the pot calling the kettle black, perhaps you should grow up before you imply that someone else lacks maturity.

          2. It’s also “possible” that I’ll get hit by a meteor when I leave my house later tonight, but you know what? I’ll bet it doesn’t happen.

          3. >> It could mean any number of things.

            Just as “abs” could. Bit that didn’t prevent you from making a snarky unjournalistic comment in Keaps direction, now did it? Eager to hear back from you about that.

    2. Regardless of what he meant with the #study, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s easy to get inside Kaepernick’s head.

      1. There’s no denying that, Jack, and I hope that Warner talks to him about that. Somebody he’ll listen to needs to tell him.

  14. Chris, how do you explain the other 3 tweets that kaep sent afterwards? The individual sent a total of 1 tweet. Kaep sent 3-4.. Talking about how the guys family doesn’t even like him and that he needs to get better at life! I m a kaep fan but this guy lacks maturity in a big way. If he doesn’t inprove with his play and the way he sometimes carries himself, it’s time to look for a new QB! This guy is the most talented QB in the nfl but if he doesn’t have it mentally it’s all for not.

    1. I want to see Kaep quiet his critics with his quarterback play. Despite all his alleged confidence, maybe he really isn’t that confident.

      The time he spent tweeting he could have been studying. :)

      1. First I confess as a self proclaimed old school old guy the few times I have read Twitter posts has caused me nausea and confusion. Not a big fan of this version of social media as it just seems to make trivial casual human interaction and language.More to the point ,absolutely agree that Colin showed a lack of maturity and intellect in this incident.As the leader of his team he cannot display this kind of weakness .Remember Ryan Leaf’s incident with the reporter?Don’t be that guy Colin!

      1. Thanks crab! Even as a fan of the individual you get tired of the same crap. He seems like a guy who continues to make the same mistake over and over. On the field he shows flashes of brilliance then reverts to the same mistake. This has to be the year he takes it to the next level it not I’m jumping off the hype train.

    2. While I understand his irritation at the attacks on him, I agree that responding is not the best way to deal with the situation. It does show a lack of maturity. It also shows that he is human and responds to personal attacks. Some other athletes that some of you have elevated to god status also had very thin skins and their responses were often petty as well. The just used a different coping mechanism than Kaep is using. There was no twitter then. The majority of you couldn’t handle these sort of personal attacks as well. The internet is a tool so that people can trash talk with out little consequence. We need to remember that this guys tweet was directed at Kaep. Should he have allowed him to take a jab without response?

  15. His head still isn’t on straight. it’s all about how you react to pressure and negative stimuli

    as long as he keeps acknowledging the noise out there; he’s still showing he has insecurities.

    I’m worried his head still isn’t screwed on straight. I have no doubt he’s practicing and studying his butt off as much as humanely possible.

    but often times it looks like his attitude on the field seems to be the guy that when things start to go wrong, he gets frustrated, doubles down to fight harder to beat the defense vs. win the game. like he wants to be a playmaker, throw the big pass , make the big run….not that doing those things are a bad thing…but at times it appears he’s playing into the teeth of the defense vs. simply taking what the defense gives you. finding the open man vs trying really hard to hit your hot receiver despite the coverage. it appears to me that when things get tight he gets intense, fired up and wants to fight back with all of his might.

    and playing online arm chair psychiatrist; it seems like Kaep has a me vs. them (his detractors) attitude. and it seems like he approaches them like he does a defense on the field. he emotionally wants to fight back. it’s like he can’t help himself at times. Steve Young had some of those fiery traits; letting frustration get to him, having it effect his play. He said that when he learned to trust his offense (know the plays and the defense) playing QB stopped being a battle and more like a musical conductor; a coordinated and surgical exercise. I hope Kaep’s time in the classroom gets him to the same place Young got to.

    1. Good post. Despite all the angst about the coaching changes, the main challenge is the QB position. Glenn Dickey on Kaepernick:
      “He’s smart enough but he has a type of renegade thinking that prevents him from admitting he has to change.” Very similar to what you said.

    2. AFFP,

      Well articulated post. I’ve increasingly felt over the last 5-10 years that the NFL teams need a sports psychologist as part of the their team. Those aspects of the competitive edge that work against the best interests of the players on and off the field have to be controlled and channelized. A professional may be able to help the players. However, an innovative guy like Chip Kelly is more likely to take such an approach than an old-fashioned, stodgier guy from the prehistoric, Parcellian era like Baalke :)

  16. ” I hope Kaep’s time in the classroom gets him to the same place Young got to.”

    I’m pretty sure I read that Kurt is working with Kaep on making the easy throws, the ones that the defense gives you. If he just learns to do that, his time with Warner will have been a success.

    1. The San Diego mayor sounds like he is using the same tactic used in San Francisco to keep the 49ers in the city. Basically nothing that’s viable. In Oakland there may not even be the possibility of a viable plan.

      1. San Diegans are politically conservative; especially fiscally conservative. I doubt there is any way the local taxpayers will agree to ante up a share like Santa Clara voters did, and no deal gets done there without it. Chargers are as good as gone. Heck, San Diegans won’t even tax themselves for adequate fire protection services; every wildfire all the other fire districts in the state have to send support teams (at local district expense) to help them, and they keep building houses out into the chaparral. I used to live down there years ago, local politics are even goofier than ours, and getting worse.

      2. True…Unfortunately Mark Davis does not have the cash flow to build a stadium in Oaktown, and the Corporate Cash, & Support is not there to build in Oaktown either.

    1. only if Markie-mark can do what his father couldn’t ..

      and thats to keep his nose out of the coaches office ..

      (h-mmmm …
      a little deja-vu on the west side of da bridge ?)

      1. Yeah I see what your saying but who hired Jim Harbaugh and who hired Dennis Allen? h-mmmm…..I guess that’s why they play the games to be continued…..

  17. Right on Grant!
    I wrote something in the same vein about a year ago how Kap is a FU guy and that it would behoove him in life (and QB) to change his attitude. Got raked over the coals for that too!

  18. This article is the most “spot on” thing written about Colin to date. Analyzing his responses reveals the insecurity.

    Watching him last year was like watching a bull in a china shop. With fame slash hip-hop sensibilities of strutting and attitude not WORTHY of a quarterback.

    Well done, Grant.

    I still have hope though

    Imagine if he’d started working with Garcia instead. I don’t believe Warner can give him anything mentally. He’s too dry. Jeff is the opposite. He’s fiery, but classy. Here, Kap should simply Watch, listen and learn! I suspect he mentally shuts out whatever character charms Warner will try and each him by default.

  19. Does this guy Kaepernick ever sit back and think, “Gee, I don’t see Brady or Rodgers getting into immature fights with random people on Twitter. In fact, I don’t see any other quarterbacks doing this sort of thing. Maybe I shouldn’t either.” This guy has become a joke. It’s time to move on.

  20. And the far superior Oakland Raider owner announces the plans to build a stadium in L.A. with the Chargers. I think that means he plans to move the Raiders back to L.A. I’m sure the Oakland Raiders fans agree with Grant that they do have the better team ownership, and they will enjoy their trips to L.A. to watch their team play.

  21. The clear and obvious answer to the problem is to draft Garret Grayson. After passing on Trent Murphy last draft the team was thrown into utter chaos just as I predicted it would. It’s too late to fix that mistake but they can avoid another one by drafting the right quarterback. :)

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Baalke drafted Grayson. Seems like the kind of QB Baalke likes, considering Baalke liked Christian Ponder.

      1. Baalke initially liked Christian Ponder?

        Is that based on your comment previously that draft gurus initially believed he liked Ponder? You of all people should know Baalke is the master of dis-information. The 49ers had Kaep tagged as their QB early on and they didn’t want to give it away.

        1. Baalke initially wanted to draft Ponder, then Harbaugh went to Reno to check out Kaepernick.

          1. what was it about Ponder that Baalke liked? Ponder isn’t exactly a strong armed QB or a highly mobile QB. He’s sort of a prototypical West Coast QB (if such a thing exists anymore): decent mobility and feet. supposedly short to mid range accurate and supposedly a good decision maker. at least when he came out of the draft….don’t know if that wasn’t true or if the Viking screwed up his development. I’ve sort of thought that the given the type of QB Ponder is, he’d be lucky to look up to Alex Smith’s level of game manager productivity. And he was lucky he could be scrappy enough to make a few big plays here and there…like a poor man’s Jeff Garcia.

            But what did Baalke see in Ponder?

  22. I thought Kap was just a poor player.
    Now I think he’s stupid, also.
    I was about to write let’s draft DBG.
    Now I think no receiver could make Kap a better qb.
    Life changes.

  23. Dear Grant,
    Even though you are 20 something years old and have been a writer for a mid major daily for approx 3 years, you still lack a mature writers [see Bruce Jenkins, Scott Ostler, Matt Miaocco, Ira Miller etc.] temperament It troubles me. You actually pick fights with athletes on the bloosphere. You picked one on Fri…….
    What do they say about people in glass houses?

    1. Old Coach- Don’t throw organic veggie burritos in glass houses!

      Spot on, that’s the reason why I don’t post as much as I did 3-4 years ago. It’s TMZ around here way too often. I like football, not front office politics and public opinion shaming.

      I like the fact the the players will feel that no one believes they can ‘do something’ this year other than themselves. I for one expect the team to play ‘freer and with more fire this year, leading to a more succesful season than 2014. The had no spunk last year because of all the BS surrounding the team. Now they feel jilted, watch out!

  24. So Mark Davis is the Bay Area owner with class, huh? OK, which bay?
    CARSON ( L.A.) RAIDERS? a “bay” of the La Brea Tar Pits?
    St.LOUIS RAIDERS? on a cove of the Mississippi River?
    SAN ANTONIO RAIDERS? Ummmmmm…..there is the San Antonio River, but…….maybe the San Antonio Roadrunners would be better?

  25. The big OT from Iowa is killing it at the Combine. He’s a 1st based on college tape, but he’s padded his earning potential today with 40 and bench.

    1. Brotha the 9ers wo’nt be taking an OT that high but i see them drafting one in the 4th or 5th rd. Do you have anyone in mind?

      1. OC
        Yeah, he’ll be long gone. This time of year is like strolling through a Ferrari showroom……
        I haven’t drilled down enough yet on the OL guys to have a suggestion for middle rounds, but perhaps one of the better read guys like Mid, Razor or Scooter can weigh in for you.
        I’m one of those expert analysts who can look at a can’t-miss 1st Round prospect and say: “Yeah, he looks pretty good to me.” Then when he makes the Pro Bowl in a couple of years I can say: “See? Told ya.”
        Black Belt in Hindsight.

    2. You mean Brandon Scherff? I love his highlight footage. Seems super strong. Had a so-so bench yesterday. Sounds like he’s killing it on the 40 and drills today.

      Might be worth sacrificing a 3rd to trade up for.

      I’m rooting for Mariota to go high, so it bumps a player the 49ers need down a notch.

      1. Yeah Brandon. I’ve heard/read a couple of places that some project him as a Guard. I suppose if the guys targeted at WR and DL are gone Trent could view him as a BPA and hedge against Boone leaving or Staley aging.

      2. It was an interesting quote by Baalke in his presser about OL.

        “You’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve, especially at certain positions. Running backs can come into the league and, generally, you put them out there and they can function. Offensive linemen, that’s a little hit or miss. Generally speaking, the younger offensive linemen have a difficult time transitioning to the NFL game, from a strength standpoint and technique standpoint. So you try to stay ahead of the curve as much as you can at certain positions. That’s just the philosophy we have.”

        He was discussing the potential loss of Iupati and about how the team appears to have already been drafting guys to replace him in case he left.

  26. CK has got some growing up to do, but I don’t think he’s hopeless. he was clearly frustrated last year. but since the end of the season he has shown a commitment to get better by working with Kurt warner and some QB coaches. He is making an effort to get better. I don’t see him as a lost cause because we have all seen him do some special things. a quick strike offense that’s designed to get the ball out of his hands in 3-4 seconds as well as get him out of the pocket to make plays on the run. I guarantee you that 90+% of the sacks CK took last year were his fault because he held onto the ball to long and when the protection started to break down, he panicked, which resulted in him either getting sacked or throwing incompletions. sometimes, he was able to break out and scramble but we can’t always count on that. the first thing he must do is improve his progressions and vision. too many time he missed open receivers or didn’t see receivers that were open. a quick strike offense and a strong running game ought to help alleviate those issues some.

    1. Brian….” You only have one chance to make a second bad impression ” How many chances do you think Kaepernick should get ? From what most posters on here agree, he has too many faults and holes in his game…..he goes about his life like a pubescent high school kid bent on having his way…this is his 4th year, he is 27/28 years old, and he hasn’t learned from experience. He’s too expensive to be a 2nd or 3rd string QB, and not good enough to be a 1st.

  27. I think Colin will be great this coming year. I have no problem with him squashing the little sht online. I like my players human, not all Cowboy’d up.

  28. For what it’s worth re Gore:
    Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says free agent Frank Gore is looking to be paid $4 million per year.
    The Niners like what they see from Carlos Hyde but it’s going to be hard for them to pass on Gore, a franchise cornerstone and one of the league’s most consistent rushers. Even with Hyde breathing down his neck, the 31-year-old still managed 1,106 yards and four touchdowns in 2014. La Canfora believes the 49ers are the only team willing to pay Gore his desired $4 million salary.

  29. Grant. I am going to submit some questions. Feel free to opine at your own leisure. How does this get out of your editors door? Do you even have an editor? Is your editor your dad? How can you write an article for a reputable news source filled with subjective petulant vitriol and still maintain any source of credibility? Did Colin Kaepernick sleep with your girl? Is your butt hurt? Thank you for taking the time to peruse my queries, and I look forward to analyzing your responses.

  30. exactly 27, not 37. The young man is still learning, day by day, year by year. still some immaturity present but with a drama filled coaching staff, you expected more???

  31. Sorry, waaay off subject.
    If anyone has a problem with neighborhood dogs crapping on your front lawns, I have a solution.
    I was tired of cleaning up other peoples dog $hit (I could never catch these bastards) so I put up this exact sign 3 weeks ago and I swear….Not one turd since!!

    I do love dogs (we have a female English Bulldog named Spanky). I carry extra $hit bags when I walk her in the neighborhood (walking with class) York would call it.
    Is that the first dog post ever in here?
    That Willtalk dude will probably shed tears over this post.
    TGIF Niner brothas!!!! Happy hour is near!!!

    1. Crabs-Get offa my lawn Fido! Hahaha
      Actually my town is good, pretty much everyone carries a scoop bag. We did have one new neighbor move in who just let the dog out at 3am to poop in my yard and then bark for 45:00 straight to be let back in. I mentioned it once, but when nothing changed after a week I scooped it up on a paper plate and went over and rang the bell and handed it to them without a word. Fixed.

    2. Shannon Sharpe has a sign in front of his house that says “forget about dog. Beware of owner.”

      1. Oregon – Thanks….I may need a no soliciting sign next. :)….Or just put a locking gate in front porch entry….Seems like the door to door sales people are making a strong comeback.

      1. but…… but…… don’t they know about that canadian kid Garcia tutored or his work with Jamarcus Russel?? or the fact that he threw for over 30 TD 3 years in a row? Maybe if Jeff Garcia promoted himself a little bit more……

  32. From Maiocco’s Chat today when asked his opinion of the current coaching staff:

    “MM: Thanks for the question. I really do not have an opinion about the 49ers’ coaching staff because I do not know very many of them. Geep Chryst was mostly behind the scenes. Eric Mangini is bright, no doubt. But he has not run a defense for a decade. I’ve heard really good things about Steve Logan, but I don’t know. Sorry this is such a wishy-washy answer but I would be doing everybody a disservice if I just spouted off without knowing what the heck I was talking about”

    Could this be a direct knock on our golden boy Grant???

  33. Hey Grant, what do you think about the prospect of making Patrick Willis the LOLB at least on base downs?

  34. A Seahawk family of football supporters head out one Saturday to do their Christmas shopping. While in a sports shop the son picks up a 49er jersey and says to his older sister, “I’ve decided to become a 49er fan and I would like this for Christmas”.

    His big sister is outraged by this and promptly whacks him round the head and says, “Go talk to mother”.

    Off goes the little lad with the 49er jersey in hand and finds his mother. “Mom?”

    “Yes son?”

    “I’ve decided I’m going to be a 49er fan and I would like this jersey for Christmas”.

    The mother is outraged at this, promptly whacks him around the head and says, “Go talk to your father!”

    Off he goes with the 49er Jersey in hand and finds his father.


    “Yes son?”

    “I’ve decided I’m going to be a 49er fan and I would like this jersey for Christmas”.

    The father is outraged and promptly whacks his son around the head and says, “No son of mine is ever going to be seen in THAT!”

    About half an hour later they’re all back in the car and heading towards home. The father turns to his son and says “Son, I hope you’ve learned something today?”

    The son says, “Yes, Dad, I have.”

    “Good son, what is it?”

    The son replies, “I’ve only been a 49er fan for an hour and I already hate you Seahawk bastards.”

    1. Very funny, Crab.

      I’m going to tell my Seahawk wife that one.

      She’ll probably hit in the head and tell me to go talk to her brother…

  35. This guy Devin Funchess is really intriguing. The more I read about him the more I like. 6’5″ 235.

    “For a big wide receiver to outgrow his position and end up playing at tight end is a pretty commonplace occurrence in college football. Far less typical is the move in the opposite direction, but that is exactly what Devin Funchess hopes to successfully accomplish.

    Funchess started out at tight end last year, but played progressively more at wide receiver as the season progressed. Heading into his junior year, wide receiver is the only focus.

    If there’s any doubt that a former tight end has the speed need to play on the outside, Funchess put those questions to a rest heading into fall camp, reporting that he ran a 4.33 in the 40-yard dash.

    “I ran that in the spring,” said Funchess. “Coach [Aaron] Wellman timed that one … I had never really ran one before

    1. I’m not a fan, and I’d be shocked if he even got close to a 4.33 at the combine (I’d be surprised if he does better than 4.55), but I can definitely see the attraction.

      1. If he runs a 4.33 it will rattle all 32 draft boards. At 6’5″ 235 they will create a spot for him, WR or TE.

        Teams might want to label him a TE to make any possible 5th year options, franchise tag cheaper.

        1. If he runs a 4.33 teams will want to know why he was never able to create separation against DBs in college down the field. He looks like a slow WR (but fast TE) on film.

          1. Devin Funchess official combine time 4.70 so that about settles it. Even if he improves his “track” stance and get off to 4.60 or 4.55 NO THANKS

    2. undercenter,
      I like D.Funchess as well. Walters Football.com has him at 4.64 in the 40 which is still very good for WR of his size.

      If I’m going to go after a big bodied WR, I would go with Dorial Green Beckham. Almost same size and runs a 4.5, 40. As much as I like DF, I think DGB is a more rounded WR and more physical then Funchess.

      DGB’ past off-field issues may be a red flag for most teams. If he slips to us at 46, I would strongly consider him.

      1. Funchess on video doesn’t look that fast. I love his size. As far as DGB is concerned he is the only receiver I would draft in the first round with the 15th pick. You draft him you are going to have to hire a babysitter. He is tempting but I pass. I have had enough of character issues.

  36. The TE class was widely believed to be lacking any real game breaking athletes at the position, and the results at the combine would appear to back this up. Even Maxx Williams wasn’t overly impressive – good, but nothing spectacular.

    Vance McDonald was actually more impressive, with a faster 40 and much better bench, and similar explosiveness scores. The only area Williams tested obviously better than McDonald was in the 20 yard shuttle, showing Williams has better agility.

      1. Not trying to suggest these guys can’t play, but none of them are elite athletes for the position. The top guys are guys you hope will turn into reliable guys, not really game breakers. The Jason Witten’s and Heath Miller’s of the TE world.

          1. Yeah, I was just watching some of the position drills and Mayock was not very flattering of the TE group. He said something along the lines of today proving this was not a good year for TEs. Have to agree with him on that.

            He did however say Maxx Williams looked pretty good today.

              1. I like him, but the 49ers have a more pressing need for a vertical threat on the perimeter.

                I think the 49ers are pretty set at TE this year with Davis and McDonald, plus Carrier, Celek and Cleveland to battle it out for the 3rd TE spot, and Trey Millard as and H-Back/ FB. Really looking forward to seeing how they use Millard.

                They might well add a TE through the draft to compete for a spot, but don’t think it will be a high pick.

              2. Millard really is the wild card for mine. He’s a guy that can play as a FB or TE in traditional sets, or line up as a true H-Back. But he can also be the 2nd RB in the pistol formation, and provide a real threat to run the ball. A true SAK.

              3. That’s predicated on how well the staff is able to access their talent and then mold the offense around it. First off, he’ll need to get on the field and will probably end up on the practice squad, along with Reaser and Ramsey. I liked the Milliard pick too for the reasons you sighted. I hope all three stay healthy and form a solid nucleus for the future….

    1. If VD can have an above average season we will be that much better in 2015. McDonald needs to have a strong TC. I like Derek Carrier as a receiver, but at 244 lbs he is lacking a bit in blocking.
      We also have Asante Cleveland who has traditional TE size.

      1. Agreed. Unless Vernon gets injured I think he’ll be much improved in 2015. And I’m hoping this is the year McDonald starts showing his receiving skills.

  37. Speaking of DGB (well, I was).

    Kaepernick throws to Green-Beckham, whom the 49ers wouldn’t possibly consider drafting … right?
    Bay Area Sports Guy February 20, 2015

        1. Thanks MWNiner! I’m nice and safe – lots of rain where I am but Cyclone Marcia spent its fury to the north.

        1. They are both working out at EXOS. The hope is that Kaep can provide insight not only into his receiving abilities but work ethic as well.

          1. Are the 49ers showing viable interest in DGB by having him work out with Kaep, or can we expect other potential WR’s to have some sessions with CK as well?

            My thinking is that if the Org is interested in DGB why show their hand. Then again, they have drafted players in the past that they never worked out prior to the draft.

            1. This wasn’t set up by the 49ers. DGB worked out at EXOS leading up to the combine. Kaep was there and threw passes to him.

              1. glad you’re ok, Scooter ..

                hey, here’s hopin’ Kaep will be thrown’ to
                DGB this season !

                (waiting patiently for Razor to go .. “Ha!” )

            2. I should have been more clear. As Scooter said the 49ers did not set this up and they probably can’t NFL legally (but I’m not sure). If the 49ers are interested, then they can seek advice from Kaep on his football abilities and work ethic.

      1. He is too raw to go that soon. Too many early teams have bigger needs. The later teams will look to OL IMO.

  38. Matt M. just answered a tweet regarding Harbaugh success rate on challenges:

    “Since the Harbaugh era is over can we get his win/loss record for challenges? > #49ers won 10 of 34 challenges in four years.”

    I didn’t realize it was that bad.

    1. Cubus,
      Were those calls exclusively on Harbaugh or was it a concerted effort with coaches in the press box with better views as well?

      1. AES: See my 4:56 PM post below. Mangini was assigned to assist in 2013. That year the success rate was 2 out 9 challenges.

      2. Head coaches don’t usually have a clear view of disputed plays. There is no reason to assume that any of them go against advise from the coaches box. Thinking otherwise is just looking for a scape goat.

        What Harbaugh should have done and may have done is try to develop better criteria for the guys in the coaches box to go by. He could have also improved the logical basis for using a challenge based on the value of winning an overturned call against giving up a challenge that might be better used later.

    2. He made terrible challenges. Especially challenging plays where you could already tell there was no definitive view. It’s like he challenged “just because” or out of desperation.

  39. I think of the top three coaches, Mangini concerns me the most. During his first year one of his duties was to assist Harbaugh on game day with challenges. The niners were successful on 2 of 9 challenges in 2013, but in all fairness, Harbaugh had one of the lowest success rates prior to Mangini coming on board (although it was worse with Mangini). See: http://blogs.sacbee.com/49ers/archives/2014/02/sources-mangini-to-coach-49ers-tight-ends-in-2014.html

    Last year he was the TE coach and a worse year for tight ends I cannot remember. Now, he is the defensive coordinator after not having been a DC in ten years (from MM chat today). The hallmark of the 49ers during Harbaugh’s tenure was a strong defense. Mangini’s resume with the 49ers does not inspire confidence.

    1. “…Mangini’s resume with the 49ers does not inspire confidence…”

      Yeah .. know what you mean, Cubus

    2. Would you like to “assist” General Patton? Harbs was a “gut” decider who I imagine could blow bye advice like a hot knife through butter. I’m not hating on Jim, but his many successes allowed me to forgive some of the chronic mistakes of his tenure. He SUCKED at challenges; BIG TIME! He sucked at Play Clock Mgt, Game Clock Mgt, and SF’s Red Zone Efficiency went retrograde. Putting Harbs’ challenge failures on Mangini seems silly to me.

      1. Rather than characterizing my post as silly, how about offering up some reasons why you think Mangini’s tenure with the 49ers has been successful.

      2. Sorry if I was insulting, Cubus, I meant to criticize the thought, not you. I have no particular love for Mangini. I enjoyed his “over Reaction Monday” series; he is thoughtful. He understands the game. X&O have never been his weakness. His personal/personnel skills can and have been criticized as a coach. Yes, he contributed to decisions on challenges, and he&Harbs had a miserable record of success. Noting Jim’s previous history before Eric’s ‘help’, it’s hard imo to put it all on EM.
        We may not agree, but I hope that seems fair; you’re a good dude.

        1. BT: As I reread your post, I realize I’ve overreacted and apologize. I agree that Harbaugh was not successful in his challenges and noted as much in my original post. I guess my overall point is that I haven’t seen Mangini improve any aspect of the 49ers that he has been involved with and that concerns me. Again, sorry for overreacting. I do enjoy your witty posts.

          1. I’m not aware of any aspect of Mangini’s assignments the past two years where improvement can be identified. I agree with you cubus.

            Maybe someone with inside information can enlighten us.

    3. “I think of the top three coaches, Mangini concerns me the most.”
      This a fair concern but Tomsula has been stressing a collaborative effort from the coaching staff and one can make a case that between Mangini, Tomsula, Tarver, Lewis and Pendergast, that there is lot of experience.
      As with any competent staff, they will have new ideas, new wrinkles and for the first season will likely be ahead of the rest of the NFL. After a season or two, their tendencies will be on tape.
      Then the usual questions arise: can they evolve and adapt, can they overcome injuries, distractions, and still be a playoff team?

      1. I hope your right, skeptic. Rightly or wrongly my impression of Mangini is that he is arrogant and might not welcome a lot of dissent from an experienced staff of assistants (some of whom were DCs). I hope I’m wrong, but don’t see any evidence of that yet.

      2. “This a fair concern but Tomsula has been stressing a collaborative effort from the coaching staff…” … skeptic

        The previous staff operated the same way, only after the fact it was called “too many cooks in the kitchen” – especially on offense.

    4. Speaking of Mangini, can someone please explain to me why the FO had interest in him?
      In his three years as a 49er employee he has been a Senior Off. Consultant, TE Coach, and now a Defensive Cord.

      I could understand his input as a Off. Consultant because the 49ers offense was becoming stagnant, but I don’t understand why the FO has bounced him around. Did the FO have some underlying ulterior motive here?

      To me, Mangini’ hire has always had the look of the FO using this hire as a little thorn in Harbaugh’ side.
      Also, if Tomsula goes into a bad tailspin and starts losing, the FO will likely replace him with Mangini.
      Just thinking out loud here.

      1. I read somewhere that Mangini was primarily Harbaugh’s hire. I wish I would have saved the reference.

        1. Cubus,
          If Harbaugh did indeed hire or press for Mangini’ hire, that debunks my premise. Not afraid to say, that I’ve been debunked before ; )

  40. Since it seems to be a slow Friday, I’m going to repost something that I posted 2 months ago concerning the 49ers drafts:

    The 2011 draft yielded two players that were on Mike Mayock’s Top 5 by position draft ranking – Aldon Smith and Kendall Hunter.

    The disasterous 2012 draft yielded 1 player that was on Mike Mayock’s Top 5 by position draft ranking – LaMichael James.

    In contrast, the top 6 selections by the 49ers in 2013 were on Mike Mayock’s Top 5 by position draft ranking.

    Also, the top 4 selections by the 49ers in 2014 were on Mike Mayock’s Top 5 by position draft ranking.

    After the 2012 draft, is it a coincidence that Baalke’s top selections were on Mayock’s list or a sign that Baalke had lost some confidence in his ability (including his advisors) to identify top performing draft picks.

    It’ll be interesting to see if there is any correlation in the 2015 draft.

    1. Interesting ideas cubus. It could well be that after the 2011 draft’s success there was a little bit of hubris heading into the 2012 draft.

      However, I think you are selling Baalke a bit short. He’s been in this business a long time, and he knows the score. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some. I don’t think there is any issues regarding him getting gun shy just because he missed on a draft. Drafting guys on Mike Mayock’s top 5 by position I think is more coincidence (and the fact he has had more draft choices in the first 3 rounds than in 2011 and 2012) than due to Baalke relying on opinions from outside the building.

      1. Scooter:

        I think the AJ Jenkins fiasco affected Baalke more than you think. Further, I think it’s a good thing. Especially for the first few picks, if the draftee you have in mind isn’t on anyone’s list as a top prospect, then I think you need to go back and double check the reasoning on why you (Baalke and team) believe that he is a top prospect. I don’t need to tell you that these selections are the future of the team. A certain amount of “paranoia” is a good thing. Hubris is bad. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but you would hope that sound analysis (both internal and external) improves the odds.

        1. Baalke has said previously that the Jenkins pick is one that will haunt him. I think he learned something from that mistake, as you do with any mistake, but not in the way you believe.

          He won’t worry about who Mayock has in his top 5 by position. He’ll trust himself and his team. He got into a GM position by doing just that.

          Now that doesn’t mean they don’t look at where certain scouting services rank these prospects. They may do. And as you say if they really like a guy that nobody else has ranked that highly, they may well go back and look over the film. But I don’t believe that is something that would have happened because of AJ Jenkins. And I don’t believe having a guy rated higher than freely available scouting services rate them would stop Baalke from taking a player. If it does, he shouldn’t be in the job.

          1. “And as you say if they really like a guy that nobody else has ranked that highly, they may well go back and look over the film.”

            It’s a question of degree and I want to reiterate I was talking about the first few picks, not the later rounds. I think the AJ pick humbled Baalke and that’s where I’ll leave it.

            1. “I think the AJ pick humbled Baalke and that’s where I’ll leave it.”

              I completely agree. I think it did too. I imagine he learned some things from that pick, and potentially made some slight adjustments on what he looks for. And I don’t think he’ll ever again claim he had a pick sealed in an envelope the night before.

              But it won’t have changed anything drastically. He’s been scouting players for a long time, including WRs. He knows what he likes, and what he doesn’t like.

              To suggest he no longer trusts his own judgement or that of his scouting team when it comes to early round picks, or when it comes to picking WRs as B2W and some others have suggested, means you think he is mentally fragile and lacks confidence in himself and his team of scouts. As I’ve said, if it had the effect you believe then he is the wrong man for the job.

              1. “To suggest he no longer trusts his own judgement or that of his scouting team when it comes to early round picks, or when it comes to picking WRs as B2W and some others have suggested, means you think he is mentally fragile and lacks confidence in himself and his team of scouts.”

                I didn’t mean to suggest this in an absolute sense. I agree that he and his team needs to be able to scout and make decisions on their own, otherwise, they’re not the right individuals for the job. However, IMO, there is nothing wrong with comparing your picks against that of outsiders that you respect. I did specifically mention the case that when no one agrees with you, then you should probably take another look and review your reasoning. I meant to limit my observations to that case.

              2. Understood.

                My only contention is that I don’t think he would start looking at other people’s rankings purely because of AJ Jenkins. If he does it now, he probably always did it.

                I think he was over confident in his own abilities heading into the 2012 draft. I also think he saw a draft that was light in talent (thus why he traded out for future picks a lot). To his credit he was right, the 2012 draft hasn’t produced a lot of really good players.

                I think is the mistakes made in 2012 had him re-focused in 2013. But not to the point he no longer trusted himself.

        2. I agree. I think Baalke lost confidence in his ability to assess receiver talent. Hence the trade for Stevie Johnson.

          He replaced the lost 2015 4th rounder with some crafty 2014 trade-backs… but that was draft capital (possibly) lost that could have been used in perhaps the deepest WR class in history.

          I would have loved Martavius Bryant in the 4th to compliment the Ellington pick. Easy for me to have 20-20 hindsight though.

          1. “I think Baalke lost confidence in his ability to assess receiver talent.”

            If the Jenkins pick did that then he is the wrong man for the job.

            The Stevie Johnson trade was made after they were unable to move up and take the WR they really wanted (Beckham).

            1. “The Stevie Johnson trade was made after they were unable to move up and take the WR they really wanted (Beckham).”

              Scooter, do you really believe that it was Beckham or bust in the first few rounds? It was the strongest draft year for WRs in recent memory so don’t you think there might have been one or two other WRs in the draft that should have interested him?. It’s exactly this that makes me think that Baalke has lost confidence. He would have gone for the absolute best WR, but after that he didn’t have enough confidence to go for a different WR even though very good WRs were available.

              1. Let me add that when I say “Baalke has lost confidence”, I’m referring only to WRs. He does a much better than average job on other positions, IMO.

              2. I think he saw a drop off after Watkins, Evans and Beckham. Fair enough too. They were the elite WRs in the draft. The next tier of guys was very deep, so no need to trade up for one of them.

                When it came to make pick #30, it was always going to be between a WR and a nickel back, and they clearly liked Ward a lot. I’m sure there were WRs available they liked, but given there wasn’t as much quality available at the nickel back position it made perfect sense to go that way, especially given there was a greater need for a starting nickel back than a WR with Boldin, Crabtree, Lloyd and Patton already on the roster.

                Over night after round 1 they had an opportunity to take Stevie Johnson for a 4th rounder. It was pretty darn good value. And once they agreed to do that, the need to take a WR in the 2nd round went away, which freed them up to draft Hyde. Again, it made good sense.

                The idea they made these moves because Baalke fears drafting a WR following what happened with Jenkins makes for a great story. And it makes logical sense if you think of it in terms of a guy that is new to the job and feeling a bit insecure in what he’s doing.

                But Baalke is neither new to scouting or how the draft works. He knows the score. And I seriously struggle to reconcile Baalke’s persona with that of someone that is insecure in what he is doing, in his plan. I’m sure he has his own inner doubts, but one thing he is great at doing (according to everything I have read about the man) is divorcing himself from the emotional side of things and working towards (and sticking to) a rational plan.

                What I find interesting is that you seem to believe Baalke will draft a WR in the first round this year. What has changed? Why do you think he would now be willing to draft a WR in the first round, but last year he was afraid to?

              3. I agree with much of what you say, but I can believe that even a seasoned guy like Baalke can have limitations in drafting certain positions. IMO, that position seems to be primarily WR.

                I guess I don’t see what I said that implies that I think Baalke needs to draft a WR in the first round. I think he needs to get a good WR which could be done via either FA, trade or draft. Some time earlier I stated that I believed he would acquire a WR through FA or trade because I believed that he needed to know that a WR “was” successful prior to bringing him aboard (due to past draft failures). I think if he drafts a WR, it needs to be in the first round this year, because the depth isn’t as great as last year. Barrows recent article is helping me, in my mind, to reinforce my current beliefs.


              4. “I guess I don’t see what I said that implies that I think Baalke needs to draft a WR in the first round.”

                My bad, we were talking previously about drafting DeVante Parker in round 1, and the potential they could even move up to get him, so I assumed you thought they would be looking at a WR in round 1.

                “I can believe that even a seasoned guy like Baalke can have limitations in drafting certain positions. IMO, that position seems to be primarily WR.”

                I never said he doesn’t have limitations identifying talent in some positions. I just don’t think the AJ Jenkins pick has made him gun shy. He knows what he looks for in WRs by now.

                So far he has not had much success with WRs, so there could be some merit to the belief he struggles in this area. Though personally I think this is somewhat overblown – he’s whiffed on one high round WR. Other than that the jury is still out on 4th rounders Patton and Ellington (and no, I’m not willing to write Patton off just yet – he was buried behind some experienced WRs last year), he got some production from a 6th rounder in Kyle Williams, and he missed on a 6th rounder in Ronald Johnson.

          2. B2W,
            I pushed for Bryant in the 2-3 rd last year in one of my mocks (I had three leading up to the draft). All three mocks had slight changes and the only player I hit on was Borland.

            Bryant had size and outstanding speed but was overshadowed by Sammy Watkins. Many also viewed Martevias as a one-trick pony much the same way some are saying about Devin Smith from Ohio St.
            Bryant makes the defense have to account for him when on the field because of his tremendous speed and so will Devin Smith, who I really like.

            1. One trick ponies can be good, depending on the trick. If an OLB can’t cover TEs but can get 14+ sacks a year, find a way to get him on the field.

              I don’t always agree with Greg Cosell, but he nailed it praising Bryant at every opportunity before last year’s draft.

              On the other hand, Cosell liked RG3 over Andrew Luck (like so many eastern media did), saying Luck didn’t hasn’t shown enough velocity throws.

          3. By “lost confidence”, I’m not suggesting fragility. Baalke’s a hard working, calculating grinder as good GMs are. He may simply have come to the conclusion that he’s not as good at assessing receiving talent as he is other positions.

            There are so many different types of athlete on a football team, its like totally different sports. Kickers, long snappers, receivers, nose tackles, quarterbacks and so on. Even the best talent evaluators have strong and weal areas of expertise.

    2. Cubus,
      The 49ers finished the 2010 season at 6-10 which provided more drafting impetus going in to the 2011 draft.
      2011 brought in Aldon, CK, Colliver, Hunter, and Bruce Miller. Pretty good haul, but again they were drafting higher then the last 3 years.

  41. Sitting out of the Combine isn’t going to help Grayson’s draft stock. Not sure how much it’ll hurt it but had he gone out and thrown well it would have helped solidify him as either the # 3 or #4 QB in the class. Looks like he’ll have to rest on his practice and game performance at the Senior bowl until he has a pro day I guess.

    1. Yep, definitely one to keep on your radar. I’m not a big fan of putting too much faith in the combine #s, but he is a guy I want to see how he stacks up athletically. I don’t expect him to test particularly well, but so long as he comes in somewhere respectable he’s worth a look in my book.

      Would be kind of funny if now that Jim Harbaugh is gone they start drafting Stanford players…

  42. 4.49 by DGB. The kid could be all pro in three years under new all pro Coach Henry. Coates physique makes him look bigger than his official size. I still think someone will get themselves a hell of a receiver in Justin Hardy on day three….

    1. Razor,
      DGB acquitted himself well at the combine. He is a true physical talent and I like his catch ratio which makes him a great target anywhere on the field.
      I was not particularly impressed with his cuts when changing direction, but that is usually the case with larger WR’s.

      Kevin White may have catapulted himself as the number 1 WR with a 4.35, 40. He already has the size and catching ability that make him a top 10 pick.

      Phillip Dorsett was a WR that I came away very impressed with. His 4.33, 40 was among the best, but his catching session was very good.
      He showed quickness out of breaks and the ability to perfectly time his catches by adjusting to the throw. Dorsett’ size may scare some teams away but he is muscular and compact which will serve him well at the next level.

      1. If I’m Trent Baalke, I’m figuring out where I have to trade up to get White and how much it’s going to cost….

        1. Razor, I think the only way we get white is if we do business with the Raiders at 4. You willing to give next years first?

          1. Nope, but if that were to be the case-Plan B doesn’t look too shabby by shifting focus on Cooper….

          2. Personally, I believe Baalke could get a deal with the Giants at Nine and get him before the Browns….

  43. Hardy and Agholor just killed the Gauntlet. DGB just displayed natural hand catching ability, made it look easy with those big mitts….

      1. Coats looks like a weightlifter on a football field. Great physique, but he did not look like a natural WR to me. He did not make some of the long throw catches and looked awkward in the gauntlet.

        I look at WR’s like Dez Bryant, and our own Anquan Boldin (just to mention a couple) that use their size by adjusting to the throws when the ball is slightly off target.
        I feel that receivers like Kevin White, Phillip Dorsett, and Stafon Diggs did an exceptional job in body adjusting to the ball today.

        1. After seeing more of Coates, agree. But if he’s available in the late rounds, maybe (he could turn out to be similar to VD when he came out although the positions are different). In which round do you think he’ll be taken?

  44. Tough to tell exactly because of the angle provided by NFL Network, but Cody Fajardo looked pretty good in the out and throw to the middle drills.

  45. Hardy goes up and snags the bad throw in the route drill. He’s got some outstanding hands….

  46. Good to see Ali Marpet Ol do so wel,really like him. Looking forward to seeing how my guy Zach Zenner tests with RB’s and Zach Hodges OLB.

    1. Sad Conner Halliday QB wont throw but is at combine and is getting attention from several teams.Just got a feeling about this kid…

      1. hightop,
        This kid shredded Cal with over 700 yrds passing on 49 completions and a whopping 70% completion ratio.
        One of the best single game performances I’ve seen in a while. That was a crazy game Cal won 60-59.

        The one thing that concerns me is Halliday’ weight. His 6’4 is very good height, but his 200 lbs could be a issue when considering the NFL impact level.

    1. Yup, I thought that Devin Smith would be somewhere in 4.3+. After all the talk about his outstanding speed I was a little disappointed as well.

      1. To be fair, Devin Smith has very good playing speed. Jerry Rice was considered slow but had a six gear once on the field.

        But having said that, Devin may have lost some big money with his 4.47 40 today.

          1. Yup. I put up his time on his first 40 of the day, wasn’t able to catch the rest of his runs.
            4.42 is very good.

    1. If we want to sniff any of those 3 Wrs we better move up. All 3 will go in top 12. White, cooper, parker

        1. Raiders, Jets, Rams, Vikes, Browns, Dolphins ahead of SF might go WR. Yes, KC might try to leap-frog too. All have other needs as well. Raiders and Jets might be the ones with most multiple needs who might consider trading back for more choices, but #4 & #6 Overall could be too expensive. Could Trent package pick swaps and add-in Brooks to the Jets? Just speculating………….

      1. Agreed hightop.
        White was the one person that stood out for me today. I would have to agree with Mayock that he is clearly the number WR in the draft.

        Amari Cooper could be in a dead heat with DeVante Parker with Dorsett, Diggs, and Hardy making a strong showing as well. DGB was as advertised, but didn’t do anything to make him stand out today.

    2. Kevin White’s no flea at 6-3, 215 lbs. 4.35 is lightning for a guy that size. The bad news is that he’ll go well before 15.

  47. What was up with Parker in the gauntlet. He ran so slowly and even dropped a catch. Did he get injured running the 40?

      1. @ Jack and CK…Don’t be fooled by Mannions numbers in ’14, he’s lost two first round draft choices in ’12, and ’13….this guy can pass…he’s been playing behind less than fantastic O-lines his whole college career….I’d bet that he’s licking his chops dreaming about a Pro O-line.

        1. Oregon you are being quite nice in your description of the Beavers offensive line especially 2014.

    1. Shhh be quiet about Mannion let him slip and grab him with a 4th rd comp pick. He has a really good arm. Has flaws, pure pocket passer and pro ready maybe more so then Winston. He needs work.

  48. Devin Smith ran a little bit slower and J.Strong a good bit faster than I expected. Devin Funchess was bragging yesterday or day before that he might run a 4.33; not.

  49. List of teams that need a WR.

    1. Ravens *
    2. Panthers
    3. Browns *
    4. Cowboys
    5. Texans *
    6. Colts
    7. Chiefs *
    8. Dolphins *
    9. Vikings. *
    10. Patriots *
    11. Jets *
    12. Raiders *
    13. Chargers *
    14. Niners *
    15. Hawks
    16. Rams
    17. Titans *
    18. Redskins *

    * Can make good case for drafting WR in first round. Eight of them draft before the Niners. Cooper, White, or Parker with the 15th pick, they just might not be there. I doubt the Titans take one, after that the remaining seven especially the Browns have real good cases. Raiders believe they have their QB so an addition of Cooper seems very likely.

    I think Trae Waynes is a better football fit then the second tier of WRs.

  50. 1. White
    2. Parker
    3. DGB

    we need one of them. I don’t see white being there. Parker could be, but if he’s not, take DGB. It’s not about making a splash, it’s about enhancing a weak WR core.

  51. Earlier NFL Network showed a 49er contingent of three people up in the booth/box. Tomsula was in the middle and I think Chryst was seated at his right. Does anyone know who the guy was that was seated to Tomsula’s left?

  52. I guess I’m too conservative more most people. Frankly, I don’t understand all the talk about the wide receivers. Offense is mostly about your QB, RB, and oline. Look at what Seattle does. Look at New England. And then there’s the old and I believe proven saying, defense wins championships. You need the ability to stop the run and pressure the QB (pass rush and/or shutting down the opponent’s wide receivers). Yes, we do need a credible WR threat over the top. We had one in Captain Torpedo, and maybe still do. And Ellington might be perfectly up to the job. Lots of people think we need to replace Crabtree — yes, let him go — but Stevie’s proven himself so many times and I don’t understand the talk of letting him walk because of $6 mill. That would be crazy IMO. What we definitely need is a WR to fill Boldin’s shoes. Steady as he’s been, he can’t last forever. Then again Carrier or Millard might fill that bill.

  53. Kevin White is THE guy we need to get. We would need to move into the top 8-10 area but he’s worth it. His two question marks, according to the “experts”, were that he lacks elite top end speed and that he lacks the strength to beat press coverage. Well a 4.35 and 4.36, and 23 reps of 225 pretty much answer both of those questions. He has the best deep ball skills in this draft. Make the move!

    1. He will be the first reciever taken.There is no way he is there at 8-10.. He will go 4-6. Which is way to steep to move up. That’s not balkes style. I can see balke moving up to 9-10 for Parker but that won’t cost nearly as much.

      1. Cooper will still go before White and I still wouldn’t count out Parker as #2 despite White’s fast time.

        1. There is no way cooper goes ahead of white after today. It was debatable before today now it’s a slam dunk white goes before. White not only ran better, caught better, stronger and jumped well. Cooper had a soild 40 time but was a disappointment every where else.

          1. It was debateable that White was the #3 before today. The fact that he is fast is what put him in that discussion and helped you look past his lack of experience. As of today, nothing really has changed. People still know he’s fast and people still know he lacks experience. I put him on my favorite list but I’ve always contended that he’s the #3 WR in this group.

          2. In my opinion Cooper goes 4th to the raiders. It’s the safe and smart move. But what other top 15 teams will need a WR? Rams maybe Dolphins too. Not too many teams ahead of us at 15 that are hungry for WRs. I could see the Titans possibly trading back and getting a WR. But I don’t think a second WR gets picked till after 8. But in all reality I’d be plenty happy getting Parker too. If we don’t go WR in the first I’ll be furious.

            1. I think we are going to get a quality player either way. I wouldn’t rule out trading down into the 20s and getting an extra second. Then taking strong or DGB..

              1. That would be ok. And practical conisdering how Baalke has worked in the past. DGB is huge and solid speed for a guy his size. CB is a big need too, could see Baalke some how maneuvering our 15 into two late 1st picks

              2. But honestly, if balke believes he can trade up to maybe 9-10 for Parker or cooper he just might pull the trigger. The great thing about this debate is that we will have a better idea what direction they go after free agency. Balke does a very good job in filling holes in free agency with bargain deals. At that point we will have a better understanding.

              3. What would it cost to trade up. Before White’s blazing 40 time, I was thinking Baalke might bundle picks 15, 79 to move up a few spots to secure him.

                With the fast 40, teams will demand way above the value charts.
                Packaging picks 15, 46 might not be enough.

                What would you trade for White?

              4. I would trade our first and third and next years third to move up around 8-9 to acquire him. I believe he is very similar to Julio jones.

              5. CK=Elite… I’d make that trade too… but teams will demand well above chart for Kevin White. It would take at least picks 15, 46. I’m thinking the 15, 46 and next year’s 3rd.

                The bitter pill is no matter if Baalke trades up or down, he’ll have to “over draft” or “reach” to get a fast edge receiver.

                I’m seeing him trading back in the first (or up in the second) and drafting Devin Smith somewhere between 25-38. I like Devin as a 3rd rounder, but receivers will go like hotcakes.

              1. True. But they just spent a 1st on Patterson two years ago. And will need a RB. Could see them going that way.

  54. If two WRs run a 40 with identical times, is it better better to have a fast or slow 10-yard split?

    For most positions I’d guess the faster split is preferred. It shows explosion and burst. But what about edge receivers?

    Amari Cooper: 4.42 forty, 1.62 ten yard split, 2.80 ten to forty.
    Kevin White: 4.35 forty, 1.55 ten yard split, 2.80 ten to forty.

    Keven has the burst. I’m totally impressed. When the ball is in the air, it looks like a wash.

    1. Jerry Rice had a slow start but no one caught him from behind. His skill got him off the line, not his initial speed.

      1. Walsh’s criteria… if the receiver doesn’t get caught from behind, he’s fast enough.

        Cooper’s fast, can get open, and his 2.80 ten to forty ensures he won’t get caught from behind.

    2. White absolutely killed it today. Not only did he ace the physical tests, he looked very good in drills with nice, natural hands. I can’t see any way he falls outside the top 10 after that.

  55. For those that don’t like people on this blog pretending to be scouts, please don’t read this post any further. For those that are interested in one man’s opinion on how the WRs did at the combine today, enjoy.

    First off let me say the combine never reveals much about a player from a skillset point of view. So we didn’t learn much about these guys as football players from the combine. However, it can confirm some things. Here are my thoughts:

    – The top 3 WRs are deservedly the top 3. And any speed concerns over the top 3 WRs are not warranted.
    – White killed it with his 4.35, and dang it if he didn’t look like he was still accelerating. What was interesting was his 1.66 10 yard split – that was quite slow. Top end built up speed, maybe not so good in short area quickness. But for a guy with his skills and size, a slow 10 yard split probably isn’t an issue. He also looked very good in positional drills. For mine its not a question as to whether he goes ahead of Parker, its a question of whether he goes ahead of Cooper.
    – In saying that, Cooper did nothing to suggest he shouldn’t be the #1 WR. But White’s good day will make an interesting debate for the Raiders.
    – Parker wasn’t as impressive as Cooper and White, but did enough to be the third WR off the board. Silenced questions over his speed with a 4.45, and he showed off his natural hands during position drills.
    – Jaelen Strong – where did those numbers come from? You’d never suspect he’d put up athletic numbers like that based on his game tape. That’ll have teams going back to his tape to see what they missed. As impressive as he was, he doesn’t play up to those numbers, but it does provide some confidence that he’s a good athlete to go along with an excellent hands catcher and competitor when the ball is in the air. It also brings into question his ability to run and sell routes, as a guy with that athletic talent should be creating way more separation than he did in college.
    – DGB showed off some good speed for his size, though his explosiveness drills weren’t good. He displayed good hands in drills. He basically was as advertised.
    – I would have liked to see Nelson Agholor do more of the drills, but he had a pretty good combine. Showed up bigger than his listed size, ran a good 40 time. Looked smooth and natural in the gauntlet.
    – Funchess talked up his speed in interviews, which made his 4.7 40 time all the worse. He looks slow on tape, and he confirmed it at the combine. I don’t see any team taking him as a pure WR, and he’s not an in-line TE. Will be interesting to see what this does to his draft stock.
    – Sammie Coates has an impressive physique and runs fast for his size. He didn’t blow away the 40, but he plays just as fast as he runs in underwear. However, he has big issues with his hands and is a cumbersome route runner, and he did nothing to dispel those concerns in drills. I see plenty of days in the coaches dog house ahead for Sammie…
    – Devin Smith, like Coates, may not have blown people away with his 40 time, but it was still a good time and he plays fast as well. However, people may start wondering if he can truly create consistent separation down field in the pros unless he learns to be a better route runner. But aside from his 40 he had a pretty good day.
    – Phillip Dorsett did enough to make people that really liked him before the combine really like him, and to make people that had question marks about him before the combine have question marks about him. That is, he was exactly as advertised. Fast, shifty, decent route runner, but undersized and can fight the ball into his hands at times.
    – Tyler Lockett may be small, but he’s got good speed, quickness and hands, and is a good route runner. He looked good today. Emmanuel Sanders type player.
    – Rashad Greene, however, showed he only has average speed to go along with below average size, and he had a few drops and a few catches he let into his body. Wasn’t a great day for Greene.
    – Stefon Diggs had a decent but not amazing 40 time, but he sure did look quick in drills. Showed decent hands too. He often gets mentioned as a mid round guy that could wind up having an excellent career, and he did nothing to dispel that notion.
    – Justin Hardy showed off his fantastic hands, making some great catches. But it wasn’t his hands that were in question. He ran a poor 40 time for a small guy, and wasn’t overly impressive in explosiveness drills either. He’s a slot WR only in the NFL, but he could be a good one with his attitude and hands.
    – Titus Davis is a guy I like, but he put up some pedestrian numbers at the combine. However, in position drills he looked nice and smooth, and I still think he’ll be excellent mid round value.
    – Tre McBride is another mid round prospect I think the 49ers should spend some time getting to know. Decent size/ speed combo, good hands, smart and a great attitude. He looked good today.

    1. I’m now seeing White’s 10 yard split may have been 1.55. That would make more sense given his overall time. Very impressive day for White.

      1. Amari Cooper: 4.42 forty, 1.62 ten yard split, 2.80 ten to forty.
        Kevin White: 4.35 forty, 1.55 ten yard split, 2.80 ten to forty.

        From walterfootball

      2. Scooter I’m not convinced that much changed between the top 3 for the teams. If a team had it Cooper/White/Parker or Cooper/Parker/White I don’t think today did anything to change those opinions.

        1. No, you’re probably right. But if a team was torn between White and Parker, they’ll likely be thinking White now.

          It would be tougher if you were torn between Cooper and White as both guys were very good.

          1. Cooper makes the most sense for the Raiders given he’s the more polished route runner and they have a developing pocket passer in Carr….

            1. On the flip side, Carr did some good work with Davante Adams at Fresno St, who is more similar to White than Cooper. Having a guy with a great speed/ size combo that attacks the football could be a great option for someone like Carr that doesn’t mind throwing it down the field and letting the receiver make a play on it.

              1. Cooper is the guy I’d take, but it will come down to individual preferences. Soma analysts already had White ahead of Cooper. I don’t follow the Raiders enough to know which way McKenzie might be leaning.

              2. McKenzie was rumored to be on the verge of losing his job, which tells me he’ll make the safe pick if he were to take a wide receiver….

      1. Hmmm, not sure about that Jack. I just think that is the way he moves. He’s more of a glider, which can make him look lackadaisical.

        1. Watch him on the fade. He’s jogging until he realizes the ball is too far, and then speeds up.

          1. I just put that down to running within himself, under control. He has good gliding speed, and if he needs it a little extra gear. He didn’t come across as someone going through the motions to me. But I could be wrong.

            1. Although obviously coached up, I thought DGB came across ok in his Presser yesterday. He seemed focused so I can’t see him lacking motivation today. I did note some deliberateness in his gauntlet drill, but I thought he did fine overall, and answered some questions with his 40.

    2. Good review scooter. I appreciate your time doing that. Who would you take copper or white. I’m leaning towards white.

    3. Thanks for sharing your analysis on the WR position, scooter! This time last year, you were batting for OB Jr., For me, you are the in-house guru when it comes to grading WRs until proven otherwise. :)

      1. Cheers ricardo! Glad you liked the breakdown, but worth noting I’m just a hack that enjoys watching film on these players. Believe what I see and say at your own risk! :-)

        FWIW, I’m not seeing any OBJ’s this year. No one has leapt off the film I’ve watched quite like he did. But as the experts say, the WR group is a pretty good one.

        1. Scooter, like George, I am not convinced that we should grab a WR in the first round UNLESS one of the top receivers you mentioned fell to us. But if we do grab one, who do you think should we pick and why?

          1. Like yourself and George, I’m not 100% sold on taking a WR in the first round. If the 49ers don’t re-sign Culliver or sign a CB in FA, I think CB should be the top priority. And DL and OLB should also be up there.

            But I do think WR has to be one of the main priorities heading into the draft.

            As to who I’d take, if the 49ers had an equal shot at all three of the top guys, I’d go Cooper #1, Parker #2 and White #3.

            If those guys are gone before the 49ers pick, I don’t think any of the next tier of guys are really worthy of pick #15 for the 49ers.

            1. Thanks, scooter. I doubt those 3 WRs you mentioned will still be available when the Niner’s pick comes up unless Baalke found a partner to move up.

    4. Scooter,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your comments in the blog, and the scout comments even more.

      Gotta disagree on Strong though.
      I think his play is great and his combine numbers confirmed that.
      He is a top talent that may be available in the late first round or early second.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Allan.

        I’m not trying to suggest Strong isn’t a good prospect. But watching game tape on him he doesn’t look particularly fast or explosive. DBs didn’t appear to have too much trouble running down the field with him, and there were a few times that DBs were able to catch up to him after looking beaten by the route and make a play on the ball. I think most people will be surprised by how well he performed in the speed and explosiveness tests. And that will beg the question why it doesn’t consistently translate to the field.

        1. Oh, but I think it did translate to the field.

          I know you are a film guy, but I like some stats myself.

          Strong accounted for more than 30% of his temam’s passing yards at ages 19 and 20, which is not an easy task to do. Neither White or Parker did that (Cooper did even better).

          That’s a pretty strong (no pun intended) of excepcional ability being able to be a dominant receiver at such a young age.

          1. We’ll just have to disagree on that one then, Allan.

            Strong had an excellent career at Arizona State. No debating that. And he’s a good prospect.

    5. @Scooter….Good analysis…you just covered 16 prospects at WR, which says to me that this isn’t dogfood being thrown out there….this is a damn good class of WR’s. There are a lot more WR’s coming out early, who didn’t get a shot at the combine, and many UFA’s from the past 3 years who are quality athletes. Every year we all get to drooling over the top couple of players that we would like to see in crimson and Gold, and we seldom come within 5 of getting any of them;witness ’12, when we needed a WR and all that was left was AJJ. FA will tell us a lot about what teams fill in their needs and even be in the market for WR’s. I think that this years crop is gonna’ be BONUS….

      1. You’ve also got Perriman who didn’t participate today, Ty Montgomery who I didn’t mention because I’m not that big a fan of him, and Jamison Crowder.

        To be fair to Montgomery, aside from a pretty slow 40, he looked pretty good today.

        Jamison Crowder on the other hand was very disappointing. He’s tiny, yet he also tested poorly in every athletic drill bar the vertical. And he had some drops in position drills. I think he’ll be dropping down some draft boards.

    6. Scooter:

      What’s your take on Chris Conley from Georgia. Apparently he blew up the combine today with a 45″ vertical jump and broad jump of 11 feet 7 inches (best ever by a wide receiver). He also ran a 4.35 second forty yard dash. He’s 6 foot 3 inches and weighs about 205 pounds. On the surface, this guy sounds like he’s worth a look.

      1. I’ve not watched any film on the guy. Obviously a combine star, and may attract some interest as a result. But concerning that despite his natural athletic talent he didn’t do much in college.

    1. My day two draft crush Jay Ajayi ran a decent 4.57. His 1.60 shows good burst for a guy 221 lbs.

      1. How about bringing in Adrian Peterson, on anew average contract. Imagine what impact he’d have on the offense.

        1. I would fine with Adrian Peterson, but I would not pay him the type of monies he may demand.
          Peterson’ crime against a child is one that won’t quickly be forgotten and he will need to make amends for that throughout his career and life by working in helping children in some capacity.

          But alas, I hear that the c-boys will reach out to AD if they can’t sign Murry. Peterson would like to play closer to home as well.

  56. Some of the NFL Network commentators are comparing Mariota to Alex Smith.
    How you feel about that may depend upon whether you’re a:
    Former Smither/now Kaepper
    Former Smither/now AntiKaepper
    Former Hater/then Kaepper/now

    1. Not a bad comparison when you look at it through the lenses of Alex’ college days.
      Like Alex (college), Marcus looked smooth, controlled, fast, mature, same size, smart and calm demeanor.

      Let’s hope Marcus lands in a much better team/coaching environment than did Alex.

    2. Brotha Tuna….Geez, I’m sure I fit in there somewhere, I’m just not sure where…probably category #4 (not hashtag), I do think that it is a good comparison though….

      1. Hey Oregon-
        Just teasing us all with our usual over-reaction to anything related to AS. That name can incite a commotion on here.
        Not to bash Alex, but if the comparison is apt, it does give me pause about taking the guy at #2 or #6. For his sake I hope Marcus isn’t chosen by Cleveland or Jets. Best case for him (though less $) is the A.Rogers slide to a decent team with time.

        1. @Bro T….lol…. I did sort of feel the needle on that one….I share your hope that Marriota doesn’t suffer the coaching miseries that Alex had to go through, but I think that luck may point his way….Everyone knows that ‘Chip’ Kelley wants MM seriously, and with draft picks and Nick Foles to maybe ‘swap’, both the Jets and the Browns might be willing to bite on a deal for a QB who is “fire-tested” without too many miles and the smell of success still fresh from ’13 and still perhaps gain the Eagles #1.. It’s fantasy, I know, but it happens all the time in this game. Also don’t discount what Free Agency might do to these teams draft plans.

    1. Not surprised. To be able to come in as a freshman and run Jimbo Fisher’s offense while being a two-sport player shows he’s got a high football IQ.

      He had some very pretty passes in drills today, too. Bucky Brooks made a special point of describing how impressive it was on the 9 routes to be adjusting his passes to hit different WRs with different speeds in stride. These guys weren’t breaking stride at all on his passes.

      1. Yeah, he looked good today. Mayock’s only on-field criticism today was the number of interceptions that he threw last year. I watched only one or two FSU games last year. He mentioned that Winston had a total of 7 interceptions in two specific games (don’t remember the opponents), but followed that up with a comment that it should have been 14. He felt that 7 additional interceptions were dropped by the opponent’s DBs.

  57. The best thing about having boys is them growing up understanding all of my rivals. He’s 8 years old and while watching the combine, he see’s Jason Garrett and says, ” you suck”, lollll. That’s my boy.
    on a different topic, I like Petty and Manion from Oregon state. Look pretty solid.

  58. I hope the team makes a trade to move up. I think it’s time they move VD off to an underperforming team and take a WR in the top 8.

    Let’s get off this speedster 5-10 185 prospect and take a real WR at 6-2 to 6-5 who runs a 4.5 and catches with his hands. I hate reading about the little quick receivers. Press coverage always undermines them and this team has a QB hell bent on making the impossible throw 40 yards down the field into triple coverage.

    They simply can’t rely on the body catcher Davis to do it anymore. He has some trade value and can be exchanged for a younger cheaper option. There just isn’t cap room to make a real splash in the FA market. Time to unload some veterans.

    1. “I hate reading about the little quick receivers. Press coverage always undermines them.”

      Nine of the top 20 WRs in the NFL in receiving yards last season were 6’0″ or below.

      The idea you need big WRs is one of the greatest myths in the NFL.

      1. 9 of 20 is still less then half and if you change the category to TD’s there’s only 7 in the top 20 that are 6’0″ and under.

        I believe the myth isn’t from lack of need but from lack of quality 6’2″+ WR’s.

        1. The average height of NFL WRs is 6’1″.

          9 out of 20 of the top WRs for yardage last year were below that height, and 9 out of 20 WRs for yardage last year were above that height (obviously with 2 WRs that were 6’1″).

          Of the top 22 WRs for TDs (I have gone with 22 as 19 through 22 were tied on 7 TDs), 9 were 6’0″ or below, 13 were 6’2″ or above. Slight advantage to taller guys.

          There are obvious advantages to being tall in the red zone. But its also pretty clear that these smaller, quick WRs can have plenty of success in the NFL.

          When I hear people saying they don’t want smaller, quick WRs I hear people saying they want to almost halve the opportunity to find a quality WR. Sounds nuts to me.

          1. It’s not just height. Its big receivers that have advantage. Weight matters a lot too and it’s incredible undervalued.
            Receivers at least 6’2″ and over 200lbs is the optimal prototype for good TD numbers.

            That said, I agree that smaller receivers should not be overlooked. They have great value specially if you can get a guy with good college production, great vertical and 3-cone drill. Dorsett does look like a good prospect in that capacity.
            Hardy was not good on the 40 but did well in the 3-cone.
            Lockett looks promising too, because he had great production in college and good 40.

          2. NE’s little guys did pretty good against the Hawks. Not an either /or ultimately having WR’s of varied capabilities /sizes according to situation and sets is ideal I think .

            1. That’s the ideal hightop.

              But at the end of the day a quality WR is a quality WR. You don’t say no to a prospect that looks good just because they don’t fit a big WR ideal.

          3. Digging even deeper, of the top 70 WRs in receiving yardage in 2014:

            – 31 were 6’0″ or below.
            – 9 were 6’1″.
            – 30 were 6’2″ or above.

            That’s about as even a distribution as you are going to get.

              1. Understood. But do you agree that that would be a useful statistic to have given the niner’s red zone struggles over the years.

              2. Sure.

                Just to clarify, I’m not saying the 49ers shouldn’t draft a big WR. Nor am I saying big WRs don’t offer advantages.

                I just don’t understand the fixation with big WRs. Fans saying they don’t like smaller WRs makes little sense to me given the number of smaller WRs having success in the NFL. Some NFL teams become enamoured with size too, at the expense of looking for quality. Its silly, good WRs are found in all sorts of body types.

                Ideally you have a mix of WR types to create favourable matchups.

              3. “Ideally you have a mix of WR types to create favourable matchups.”

                I agree. But we haven’t had that tall receiver who can go up for it in the endzone in years (not sure if Carrier could maybe fit that bill). OHOH, good smaller receivers have been successful against the Seahawks.

              4. Well, we’ve had Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald, Garrett Celek and Derek Carrier as out TEs providing some height. Last year at WR we had Stevie Johnson (6’2″), and while Boldin and Crabtree aren’t giants they aren’t small either at 6’1″ and well built. Boldin in particular is known for out-muscling guys for the ball.

                And we had Randy Moss in 2012 but hardly used him as a red zone receiver.

                I would suggest execution and creativity in the red zone are possibly the bigger issue than the height of our receivers.

              5. OK. I probably should have used the phrase “effective” tall receiver. Moss was past his prime. Vernon can’t go up for the ball. I’m hoping for big things from McDonald this year (but I was hoping last year as well). Stevie impressed at times and I’d like to keep him at a reduced salary.

                Carrier, OTOH, showed that he could make tough, leaping catches if I recall correctly. His 40 time was 4.51 seconds. I’ve seen three numbers for his height – 6’2″, 6’3″ and 6’4″. Weight seems to be about 238 lbs. He’s currently 24 years old.

              6. Yeah Scooter. Think: Jerry Rice. Not too shabby in the RZ. How many TD catches? Never mind, a lot. Cris Carter, Steve Largent.

              7. Cubus, which big WRs do you think the 49ers should look at? White and Parker are both a shade under 6’3″ – they really aren’t that much taller than Stevie Johnson. Brett Perriman and Jaelen Strong are 6’2″. Cooper is 6’1″.

                The only WRs that are significantly taller than what we have had are DGB and Funchess. Are you suggesting these are the types of WRs we should be looking at?

                I actually had a similar conversation with Grant this time last year re: the 49ers need to draft Mike Evans or Kelvin Benjamin. I understand the attraction of drafting a super-sized WR, but there are plenty of teams in the NFL that are successful in the red zone without one.

              8. Just wondering about tall red zone targets, doesn’t necessarily have to be a WR. I’ve kind of talked myself into thinking Carrier might work and hopefully McDonald. What do you think of that TE from Penn State, Jesse James, 6’7″ and 242 pounds.

                I just noticed that A. Cleveland is 6’5” as well.

              9. Scooter,

                Not to be nit picky but Jaelin is bigger than 6’2″, per NFL.com he measures in at 6’3″ and 215. he is a big boy with more explosiveness (vert.) and speed than first thought (4.44 40yrd dash).
                I think he has the potential to be a T.O. type receiver… (hopefully with better hands.)

                For us I believe Parker would be most ideal fit, as he seems to catch anything in his wheelhouse and we need someone with that ability to help Kaep out.

              10. I apologize Scooter,

                I just thought NFL.com would be up to date with the combine since they are carrying on it on their network. :)
                Are any of the official combine 40 times out yet? I know they have posted the unofficial times but normally the official times are a bit slower so I’m curious to see what they will end up being.

                IMHO I don’t really like most receivers above 6’3″. I think as a general rule they lack suddenness, because it takes longer for them to gather themselves in and out of breaks.

                I think that is why the exceptions Calvin Johnson, AJ Green etc. are so highly coveted.

              11. I completely agree shoup. Most super-sized WRs end up struggling for exactly the reason you mentioned. Its why I’m not a fan of Funchess as a WR.

                Finding a guy over 6’3″ that is also an explosive athlete is hard. And even 6’2″/ 6’3″ guys can struggle to be explosive athletes. There aren’t that many of them around either.

                The most important attributes for a WR are good hands and ability to create separation while running the correct route with the correct timing. There are obviously other attributes that are important, but those are the biggies. Large WRs can create separation in different ways to smaller WRs, and smaller WRs can avoid jams in different ways to large WRs. It doesn’t mater how they do it, so long as they can do it.

      2. Not really if you want TDs too.
        It’s true you can get yardage out of smaller receivers, but if you combine yards and TDs then you are much better served with taller WRs.

        Take fantasy points for instance, which is something that account for yards and TDs, and you see that taller receivers have a clear advantage.

        Not that smaller receivers can’t get TDs too. Some obviously can. It’s just that it is much easier to strike gold with tallers receivers.

    2. Matt, I like the idea of trading up for White at pick 8. There are snags though…

      – Even if White drops to pick 8, WRs are so in demand Atlanta would ask for (and get) way over trade value chart, just like last year. Word is it would have cost the 49ers (at least) picks 30+56+2015 first rounder to move up for Odell Beckham.

      Before his blazing forty, packaging picks 15+46 might have done the trick. Not now.

      – Vernon’s a one year rental. Will he be the 2013 or 2014 Vernon? He’d be a pot sweetener at best. An offer of 15+46+VD still might not be enough.

      1. B2W:

        No doubt it will cost a lot. Right now I’m leaning towards not trading up, maybe even trading back depending upon how things go. We have other positions of need and I’m particularly concerned about OLB. No doubt Brooks will be gone and Skuta is a free agent. Lemonier regressed last year. I think we need to draft an OLB within the first three rounds.

        1. cubus: Good points. The top talent shelf this year looks like picks 1-13. Goes along with most VG (value group) charts.

          I’m not giving up on the 49ers signing Skuta, or retaining Aldon. I’m happy with Lynch.

          Disappointed (but not surprised) with Lemonier. His college footage showed a nice speed rush. But some OTs could totally shut him down of they got their hands on him. Not giving up on him just yet. If (a big if) he develops a move to compliment his speed rush and learn to shed blocks better, he’ll do fine. And he’s naturally good at coverages.

          I mentioned Lyndon Trail a few minutes ago. Someone like that might help.

          1. Brodie:

            Maybe I’m forgetting an OLB, but I think we only have five: Smith, Brooks, Skuta, Lynch and Lemonier. If we lose both Brooks and Skuta, then there is only one backup. Contrast that to the DL where we are almost three deep at each of the three positions ( J.Smith, Williams, Dorsey, Ramsey, Jerrod-Eddie, Carradine, Dial, Okoye – maybe I’m missing somebody on the DL [McDonald and Dobbs are both gone now]).

            1. We are knee deep in DLs. An impressive number for a 3-4. Would not want to count my chickens before they hatch. Okoye might not make it. Williams has yet to recover from the Seattle cheap shot. Gifted Kaleb Ramsey is the most injury prone college player in history. Justin could retire or only play one more year. But your point is valid. The 49ers are flush in DL talent.

              Fangio said the 49ers were “thin” with three OLBs in 2011. His ideal is 4. Because OLBs can usually play both sides, 4 OLBs provides 3 deep depth at the two positions. And Tank can sub as an edge rusher too. 5 OLBs seems like plenty.

              That said, there are two things a defense should never pass in the draft no matter how the roster is configured.
              – A (true) shutdown corner that can consistently cover with no safety help. These are extremely rare.
              – A double digit sack pass rusher.

              Teams can never have enough of those.

  59. After the combine it looks like the top 3 wideouts will be gone by the niners pick. One of the wideouts that may have surprised the most was J. Strong. He is bigger, faster, and more explosive than first thought based on the drills.

    Not sure where he will end up in the draft, but now I would guess late first.

  60. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how the Browns managed to get two first draft picks this year again (they had two first round picks last year)??

    1. Typically that means smokescreen with SF. Either way, everybody knows TB’s looking for a fast WR. I liked Dorsett in Sr.Bowl drills that I watched. Its a bit unfair to compare rooks to NFL guys, but Dorsett’s ceiling could be a bit like Steve Smith in a best case.
      BTW, S.Smith beats the press even though he’s not 6-4. Remember Mark Clayton at Miami? He smoked press coverages regularly at 5’9″. Remember how some said OB Jr would have to play slot?
      All that being said, Trent has usually liked WRs who can block, so we’ll see.

        1. I think the player that Dorsett most resembles Brandin Cooks. Both have great quickness, top end speed, and balance. He also looks like a guy that could add a lot to the return game as well.

        2. I think the player that Dorsett most resembles Brandin Cooks. Both have great quickness, top end speed, and balance. He also looks like a guy that could add a lot to the return game as well.

  61. Watching Zack Hodges OLB/DE candidate running drills this morning looks quick and intense love this kid as a sleeper pick lower mid rounds.

  62. Grayson’s draft stock is going to hang heavily on is pro day. I’m not buying the hamstring injury and the subterfuge has made me uneasy. I still like him as a prospect but felt like he needed a strong public showing to solidify him as a day two pick. In the end if he slides to the 4th or 5th round he’ll be tremendous value. If he kills it at his pro day I would still see him as a second to third round selection.

  63. Lyndon Trail’s footage looks great. Raw, small school, but physically gifted. Looks like a late day three grab. Anyone know about him?

    1. Hmmm, I actually came away very unimpressed. I know the 49ers spoke to him at the Senior Bowl, and he got some attention due to his size, but I don’t like him as a prospect. He tried some TE at the Senior Bowl, and if his hands are any good that may be where he’s better of playing.

  64. This is troubling. Kap is focused on so much of the wrong things in his workout, in his personal life, and most importantly to fans, on the field. Going apoplectic on a fan’s tweet is a waste of time for Kap. And this isn’t just me, 1 fan saying this. Current and former NFL players have said such about Kap. This includes 2 former 49er QBs named Montana, and Young. Either Kap will make some serious changes in a positive direction or he’ll keep focusing on this tweet and that tweet off the field rather than focusing on how to beat this coverage or that coverage on the field.

  65. If Vic Beasley is available at #15, should the 49ers take him?

    He’s not as big as Baalke usually prefers at OLB, but he’d certainly add a pure pass rush element opposite Aldon.

      1. He came in bigger than expected. At 235 lbs I’d have said too light. At 246 lbs and testing like he did you start thinking he’s a guy that might be able to play at around 250 – 255 lbs in a year or two.

    1. I wouldn’t. At his size he would be a pure speed rusher without the ability to hold the point of attack or bull rush and collapse the pocket. This most likely likely means they would have to flip him with Aldon, which would be a net loss in my opinion.

      That’s just my 2 cents. With that said, I am not opposed drafting a DE or OLB as I think its highly likely that’s where the value will be as by our pick I would expect the top 3 wr’s be off the board.

      1. If they draft him I think as a rookie he’s a situational player on passing downs.

        Long term he may be best as the weakside OLB unless he improves his ability against the run, which as you point out would mean Aldon (if he’s still a 49er) would need to move to the strong side. I don’t think that is too big an issue, as either way you’ll end up with two very good pass rushers coming off either edge.

        However, its worth noting that with the under front they employ a lot the strong side OLB doesn’t need to be overly big as has a big 5-tech DE next to him. So long as he isn’t terrible against the run, I think he could play on the strong side.

        Or they could keep on using him as a situational player like the Seahawks do with Irvin.

        1. I get what your saying and I believe Bruce Irvin is a good comparison. I just am not a huge fan of pure speed rushers… I like players that can also collapse and squeeze the pocket (especially when knowing we have to deal with Wilson, Rodgers and Newton). In fact I prefer Ahmad Brooks over Bruce Irvin for that reason.

          With that said, Beasley seems to have bit more a more violence and pop than Dee Ford (another comparable) did when he was coming out and Dee was bigger. I’ll have to rewatch some of his tape.

          My preference would be to pick up Malcom Brown unless for some crazy reason Randy Gregory fell.

    2. In a heartbeat. 4.53 forty. 35 reps on the bench. Came in at 246.

      He’s more the Von Miller type then an Aldon Smith type, but with that talent you forget about type, even if his playing lbs never hit 250.

    3. That’d be nice, but such a move couldn’t happen unless the team is taking the BPA or are planning to do something with Aldon Smith.

      1. If he’s there at #15, I’d be surprised if he isn’t the highest rated player left on the 49ers board.

        The pass rush was pretty poor last year, even when Aldon returned. And if Brooks is released and they don’t re-sign Skuta depth will be an issue. OLB is a position they need to look at at some point, and if a top tier guy like Beasley is available it would be tough to pass him up. And it is possible with guys like Leonard Williams, Randy Gregory, Dante Fowler, Danny Shelton, Shane Ray and Alvin Dupree all rated as high first round prospects that he could be available.

        1. Agreed. Teams can scheme around weaknesses, but if a team frequently has to pass rush more then 4 their in trouble.

          I think it boils down to assessment. If a Baalke thinks he’ll be a top level pass rusher, grab him no matter what the roster is made of.

          My worry is there’s a talent shelf where all the players that can help the 49ers the most are picked before 15, and teams will demand way above chart to trade up (like Odell Beckham last year).

    1. Grimey,
      Agreed. That was a quick topic. Grant tried to score over 400 hits on that one but it had a short life.

      Grant should have started a new topic on the combine – beats having to scroll down to get to the combine info from the my blog family.

      1. Vernon’s bailing out as well. I wonder where he and Aldon have moved to? Permanent or temporary digs.

        1. I dunno. Based on the asking price Vernon looks to make a small profit. They both are in contract years so they could possibly be moving on soon. Personally, I’d like to see them stay, and improve their play as well.

  66. Anybody else watching the Dubs game? They may lose this one because:

    1. No Steph Curry
    2. Steve Kerr inexplicably playing the decrepit Brandon Rush instead of Justin Holiday.
    3. The refs are on one. They are killing the flow of the game.

    1. I saw the game. I’m a die hard warriors fan too and to be honest I’m tired of watching Harrison Barnes play. The guy never steps when needed. Passing up Drummond for him was a huge mistake. Klay played by himself tonight. Curry is the whole pace of the game. The true MVP of the league.

  67. Danny Kelly over at fieldgulls.com (sorry, gulp) has an article on Michigan State CB/WR Tony Lippet who he projects could be the next Richard Sherman. Interesting reading. Right now he is mostly about potential – but he mirrors Sherman in a number of ways. He has about the same physical characteristics and he played both offense and defense at Michigan State (although it looks like more WR). In three games that he played cornerback, he was targeted eight times, defended three passes and gave up only 13 yards. Analyst Charles Davis and Mike Mayock have talked about flipping him to CB. Sherman credits his time as a WR at Stanford with helping him read offensive formations and picking up on subtle tendencies that WRs have. Lippet might be a great 4th or 5th round pick if he lasts that long. I don’t know if he’s going to participate in the DB combine tomorrow.


    1. I’m going to change that to a 6th or 7th round pick. His experience at DB is substantially more limited than Sherman’s was in college. I’d like to see him at the combine tomorrow.

    2. I think he’s one of those athletes that if he’s there in the later rounds you are happy to take him and find a spot for him. Obviously got a pretty good football IQ, and while he didn’t test amazingly he seems to know how to make the most of his athletic ability.

  68. My Inevitably wrong draft prediction #1…

    Day One

    Baalke will try to trade up for a player like White, Beasley, Shelton, Scherff but teams will demand way over chart. Something like a 2nd rounder to move up a few spaces.

    Baalke will then try to trade down, but teams understand talent between picks 15-25 are pretty even. They will low ball Baalke, offering way under chart.

    So Baalke will stand pat. The 49ers day one choice will leave fans and media blah. Ho hum. There will be a smattering of boos in the crowd. Pundits with bad haircuts will scream “they could have gotten him at pick 25.” It will have a C- draft grade. Everyone will criticize Baalke for not trading up, even though Baalke tried to.

    It won’t be a bad player. Just one we won’t do back flips over. (The player will eventually turn out to be pretty solid)

    Day Two

    Baalke will do his usual trade kung-fu. He’ll pick up some gem BPAs, and somehow wrangle a 2016 4th rounder in the process. The fan base will cheer up a little. The men with bad haircuts will give Baalke an A-.

    Day Three

    Everyone’s hoping Baalke will do even more trade kung-fu. But no one will trade with Baalke, so he’ll stand pat and pick some gamble players and a ST ace, and only one ACL redshirt.

    Fans will be a little sour over not grabbing that dream receiver, but will be too distracted by the other shiny new toys to complain too much.

      1. Darby certainly impressed, on a day when not many DBs really stood out athletically. May have earned himself some extra $$.

        1. Not top guy of the class,Waynes clearly is that guy,but a good value pick who has not received much press going in to the Combine Scooter.I wouldn’t be unhappy with either one of them (or both) at a PON.

  69. RIP Clark Terry, legendary jazz trumpeter. His style was sassy. He put more personality in his tone than anyone since Satch.

  70. …I agree with the write up…..

    I am not worried because sadly everyone does not expect #7 to be a true leader in order for us to Win the SB…..

    so he can be stupid and be juvenile….also he can throw 1-3 ints during the game…….

    but still nobody can deny his football skills + a good running game + disciplined defense + average game management by HC can get us to the promised land….

  71. Wayans the 49ers first pick in the draft this year just ran a 4.35… 3rd fastest. He is our number 1 pick. Get ready for it

      1. MD,
        I’d take Trae Waynes with number 15, and hope the either P.Dorsett or Jalen Strong drop to 46.
        Preston Smith would be my 3rd rd pick if he is still on the board.

        My 4th pick would be RB Josh Robinson. This is a young Maurice Jones Drew who runs with speed, power, exceptional vision and above all HEART!
        At 5’9″ he will scare some teams away, but they will be missing out on a very good talent.

        After my 4th pick, I will go with best available athlete.

          1. Thanks Hightop.
            My favorites will likely be gone in the first 4 rounds so I selected players that have a strong likelihood of still being on the board when our picks come around.

            I also reserve the right to change my picks between now and the week before the draft ; > )

      1. Me too. Runner up Darby isn’t a bad choice either. But I love the height. ON wayans.
        Not a real need for him before 15. That’s good news. Maybe trade up a couple of spots. If he gets to 11 we might be in good shape. To trade up. I think we resign cox and draft Waynes

        1. It will be interesting to see what the Saints do at #13. Their DBs need work. But if they took Waynes they would pretty much be giving up on last year’s second round pick (and overly hyped) Stanley Jean-Baptiste.

          1. I also thought of the saints and dolphins. Both need some help back there. If Baalke stays in the Baalke way, he may have to trade up. I also like the kid out of WV as a receiver. But it looks like he will be long gone before even 10.

  72. Well yeah he has amazing speed but further he can really ball and is a good kid. Another great possibility at 15th selection-there is one of your guys Scooter.

    1. Yeah, he’s definitely the class of the this CB group. And unlike Justin Gilbert last year who won the underwear olympics, he backs that up with very good film.

      If he’s there at #15, he’d be an excellent choice. But it might be unlikely he’s there at #15…

        1. I know. He was supposed to be second best or third under the radar for the first rd. Now we will more than likely have to move up 3 or 4 spots to take him if that’s their number 1 guy.
          That sucks I was calling for him at the end of the season. Booo

  73. These are the fan favorites that are probably gone before we draft at 15:
    Amari Cooper
    Kevin White
    Devante Parker
    Trae Waynes

    If Cowboy returns for one more season, then I expect Baalke will trade back and acquire more picks.

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