49ers Free Agency Live Blog: Day 2

This is the day two live blog for 49ers free agency. It will be updated frequently.

The open contact period of NFL free agency kicked off Monday morning at 9:00 A.M. Pacific. A reminder, teams can negotiate with free agents; however, contracts do not become official until the start of the new league year Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

Day 1: It didn’t take long for the 49ers to make waves. San Francisco agreed to terms with former Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Javon Hargrave on a four-year, $84 million contract with $40 million guaranteed at signing.

Later in the day the 49ers picked up a quarterback, agreeing to terms with Sam Darnold on a one-year deal. The contract structure is very similar to the one they gave Jimmy Garoppolo last year. The base value is $4.5 million, however Darnold stands to earn up to $11.5 million due to playing time incentives.

San Francisco brought back free safety Tashaun Gipson on a one-year deal worth $2.9 million and agreed to terms with Kevin Givens on a one year, $2.1 million deal. Givens joins Colton McKivitz as restricted free agents re-signing with the team.

Day 2: According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the 49ers have agreed to a new deal with center Jake Brendel. The four-year contract has a maximum value of $20 million with $8 million guaranteed.

Brendel’s athleticism makes this a good deal for the 49ers who have now filled all the holes along the offensive line prior to the draft.

San Francisco also began the process of restructuring contracts to open cap space.

The team reworked the contract of Charvarius Ward to create $9.984 million in cap space. To make this happen the 49ers moved $12.298 million of Ward’s 2023 salary to 2025 which is currently a void year. As it currently stands, this will become dead cap.

12:00: Emmanuel Moseley will not be back with the 49ers. According to Adam Schefter, the cornerback has reached agreement with the Detroit Lions on a one-year, $6 million contract.

Moseley was a terrific player who just couldn’t stay healthy. The former undrafted free agent missed 22 games over the last three seasons due to injury.

The strong play of Deommodore Lenoir likely also contributed to the 49ers not bringing Moseley back. Lenoir allowed a passer rating of just 84.0, better than that of Charvarius Ward.

6:35: The 49ers have restructured the contract of linebacker Fred Warner. The move saves San Francisco $9.5 million against the 2023 cap. This, along with restructuring the contract of Charvarius Ward brings the total cap savings today to roughly $19.484 million.

San Francisco can open roughly an additional $42.5 million with the further restructures.

Depth Chart

Here is how I see the 49ers depth chart at this time. I will update this throughout the offseason and training camp. Players with new contracts will be in bold.

Offense Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Quarterback Brock Purdy Trey Lance Sam Darnold
Running Back Christian McCaffrey Elijah Mitchell Jordan Mason Ty Davis-Price
Fullback Kyle Juszczyk
LWR Brandon Aiyuk Danny Gray
RWR Deebo Samuel Jauan Jennings Ray-Ray McCloud
TE George Kittle Charlie Woerner
Left Tackle Trent Williams
Left Guard Aaron Banks
Center Jake Brendel Nick Zakelj
Right Guard Spencer Burford
Right Tackle Colton McKivitz Jaylon Moore


Defense Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
LDE Drake Jackson
LDT Javon Hargrave Javon Kinlaw Kalia Davis
RDT Arik Armstead Kevin Givens
RDE Nick Bosa
WLB Dre Greenlaw Oren Burks
MLB Fred Warner Marcelino McCrary-Ball
SLB Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles
LCB Deommodore Lenoir Ambry Thomas
SS Talanoa Hufanga
FS Tashaun Gipson George Odum
RCB Charvarius Ward
NB Samuel Womack


Special Teams Player 1
Punter Mitch Wishnowsky
Long Snapper  


Taybor Pepper



Alfredo Gutierrez (OL) Curtis Robinson (LB) Alex Barrett (DE) Jason Poe (OL) A.J. Parker (CB)
Qwuantrezz Knight (DB) Tayler Hawkins (S) Keith Ismael (OC) Leroy Watson (OL) Tay Martin (WR)
Dazz Newsome (WR) Tyron Johnson (WR) Tre Swilling (CB)


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  1. Yeah posted about the Brendel deal last night, I like that move in solidifying some of the O line.

    1. Brunskill is gone to another team. I think we should have brought this versatile player back.

  2. It’s one heck of a roster. The one glaring weakness is at RT. I’m surprised you say that the Niners “have now filled all the holes along the offensive line prior to the draft.” McKivitz and Moore haven’t inspired a lot of confidence. And Brunskill is (not yet?) on the roster. Can Zakelj be counted on as a back-up? I think there are real unanswered questions on the O-line.

    1. McKivitz and Moore haven’t inspired a lot of confidence.

      Why do you believe that they haven’t inspired confidence?

  3. I wonder if the 49ers could afford D Waller. I would have been very happy to see them give up a 3rd for Waller.

    1. What kind of blocker is Waller? TE2 needs to be able to block. I receiver TE2 would be a waste because there just aren’t enough balls to go around to make it worth it.

  4. We are still way too weak at QB. And we still have a head coach who can’t win a big game. I guess alot of you are fine settling for good enough instead of greatness. But sure we will hang another banner for winning the division next year and all of you can celebrate again.

    1. I know…why don’t you contact Patrice Cullors and ask her if your hero would consider coming out of retirement

  5. Jake Brendel – yuck.

    Would love to see the 49ers target a Guard in FA. I guess Brunskill will be the backup Center.

    1. Who would you have like to have seen at Center?

      Did I miss Brunskill resigning? (I missed Brendal’s resigning).

  6. Jack, great post and the depth chart really helps in seeing where the team is at in this process.

    1. as for the depth chart, I seem to recall seeing Oren Burks in the starting line up at linebacker in some games at the end of last season. Was that because he was in over Flannigan-Fowles because he was at the time higher on the depth chart, because Burks is a special teams ace or Flannigan-Fowles was injured?

      1. Allfor,
        I think the team sees McCrary-Ball as the eventual replacement for Al-Shaair. They signed all of their practice squad players to minimum contracts they gave McCrary-Ball a better contract.

        1. It’s interesting that both McCrary-Ball and Greenlaw both have experience as Safeties in college. It reminds me of how Jimmy Johnson staffed his Miami 43 defense. He tended to convert Strong Safety types into linebackers. The only true linebacker he had was the Middle Linebacker. In today’s pass happy league it makes a lot of sense to consider Safety to Linebacker conversions as they tend to be apex/hanger players in the Nickel anyway. Even the Middle Linebacker has more of a coverage skillset. Warner was dropped in to coverage often when he played for Utah and was considered to be an almost jumbo extra Safety.

          1. Warner played at BYU. You are correct, his role there was a mix of LB and safety.

  7. Is Jason Verrett still on the team? It’ll be the 2030 offseason and I’m just going to assume that Verrette is on the team recovering from an injury and the team hopes he still has his pro bowl skills.

    1. Allfor, if Verrett is unsigned and healed, I would sign him because it would probably be at the vet minimum, and when he’s been healthy, he has been terrific. I’d take the risk that he’d get hurt again.

  8. Brunskill was by far a better tackle than McKivitz or Moore when he started a few years ago (when was that?). Am I remembering incorrectly? Yet no mention of him as possible starter at RT.

    And I really want to know even though I’m having fun:
    Will Alfredo Gutierrez ever play? He’s been learning a long time.

    1. McKvitz saw only 68 snaps last season. I don’t remember him being a problem when he was in the lineup playing Tackle. His PFF score (in limited action) is 69.3 which is 3rd highest among all 49er offensive linemen (behind Trent and McG). I’m not sure how much stock to put in that kind of limited sample size but at least it’s positive and it lines up with what I saw with my own eyes.

    2. Naka,
      Brunskill started during the 2019 season. Both Staley and McGlinchey got injured that year, I don’t remember who he replaced but I do remember he played really well for 4 or 5 games.

  9. Will Shanahan consider drafting a fullback next month?
    I love Juszczek, but at some point the team has to find and groom an eventual replacement.
    Of course, it would have to be a day 3 pick or UDFA.

    1. It’s more likely to be an UDFA. Not many teams use fullbacks and no need to use a pick on a player who will sit on the practice squad.

  10. “The #49ers restructured the contract of LB Fred Warner, creating $9.5M in cap space, per @FieldYates”

    Are the 49ers targeting another FA?

    Brunskill and Ebukam are gone.

    1. AES,
      I have been thinking about that for a while now. I think they may draft one and or sign a UDFA. Juice was a TE in college I wonder if they might draft a TE and develop him into a FB.

      1. That’s what Earl Cooper was; a TE turned Fullback. He was Walsh’s original pass catching TE/Fullback.

        I think it’s hard to teach a TE who is used to inline blocking off the edge to also be able to be a battering ram through a hole as well as be nimble enough to block in space.

        1. Your point about Earl Copper is reversed…he was drafted out of Rice University in 1980 as a Running Back, and became the FB with the emergence of Paul Hofer…he was switched to TE in ‘83 by Walsh

          1. Whoops! You’re right about Cooper! My memory from that time is pretty hazy. But I think he did play fullback for the 49ers his first year. I had to look it up but I think Cooper was switched to TE in 82.

            Craig was a running back turned fullback at Nebraska (at 220 lbs) then turned running back with the 49ers (though I think he initially played some fullback for the 49ers.

            Rathman was interesting because he actually was a fullback at Nebraska. But he was a fullback that carried the ball.

            Floyd was more of a pure blocking fullback for the Seminoles but he also a short yardage rushing specialist.

            Fred Beasley was also a running back and a fullback in college.

            Michael Robinson was an interesting running back, slot receiver and quarterback in college. With the 49er he was initially a running back and was then converted into a fullback (he also went from 220 lbs to 240 lbs).

      2. The guy I like is Hunter Luepke, 6’3, 240lbs out of NDST. He is almost a replica of Juice.
        He runs with a combination of power and good balance. And like Juice, this kid can catch.

        I think teams like Miami and the Jets, that run their offense close to the 49ers may show some interest in him. The only drawback with Luepke is that he is more of a featured back and not a lead blocker.
        But with his size it wouldn’t take him long to become one.

  11. Off topic: Sam Darnold
    I missed yesterday’s blog about the Darnold signing but would like to offer some comments.
    I see Darnold’s skill set as similar to Lance’s but he has two things Lance doesn’t and that’s accuracy and a boatload of experience. Think about that for a second.
    Darnold has shown flashes and last year was his best season. His head coach from last year could have nixed his signing but didn’t. I think that’s encouraging.
    One of the criticisms of Darnold is that he often gets banged up. Another is that he throws interceptions. I think both might be explained by his having played on teams with weak rosters and the resulting onus put on him to bring victory. If that’s true, I actually see them as promising.
    If he’s smart enough to master Kyle’s offense imo there’s a reasonable chance he’ll outplay Lance in TC and pre-season, in which case upon Purdy’s return, Lance will be qb3. I’m not saying this will play out this way, just that it very well could.
    Last, I refer you to Zierlin’s analysis of Darnold when came out, link below. In short, with some good coaching and a strong supporting cast, this signing could turn out to be on par with our drafting Purdy.


    1. I believe that the Niners wanted to make sure Lance had competition this year with Purdy most likely out during training camp. Darnold could give him that and possibly beat him. I wouldn’t put money on that but it could happen. It should be a very interesting competition. Can’t wait to see it play out.

      1. I don’t think Purdy is a lock to reclaim the starting QB spot once he comes back. If the 49ers are rolling, I think it’s likely that Shanahan goes with the hot hand; bet that Lance or Darnold. But I do think Lance works his way back into the starting lineup eventually.

        Doh! I mean to say: But I do think PURDY works his way back into the starting lineup eventually.

    2. I think Lance has a more natural rocket launcher of an arm. I think Lance is also the better runner. It appears to me that Darnold is in the same class of mobile QB like Purdy or Jeff Garcia. Not likely to break a big run but enough of a threat to run and get a 1st down. Darnold has waaaaay more experience and we saw how having experience played out with Purdy last season. I think Lance takes care of the ball better.

      I don’t think Purdy is a lock to reclaim the starting QB spot once he comes back. If the 49ers are rolling, I think it’s likely that Shanahan goes with the hot hand; bet that Lance or Darnold. But I do think Lance works his way back into the starting lineup eventually.

      1. The Lance, Darnold comparison don’t add up for me, guys.
        Yes, Darnold has much more experience then Lance along with being physically talented.
        But, I just can’t get past his low career numbers, which for my part, has not given any promise of future success, hence playing for his third team in his short career.

        This is another reason why I can’t compare Darnold to Lance. Trey has not bounced around the league and has not had the time to accumulate the numbers that SD has up to this point.

        I certainly would like to see Darnold find success, but at the moment I compare him more to Josh Rosen than Trey Lance.

        1. AES,
          I think the 9ers signed Darnold to backup Lance at least until Purdy is fully healthy but like any player would Darnold will try to unseat Lance. The biggest reason I have any hope for Darnold is he had over a 100 QBR in 4 of the 6 games he played last year. He began to show the promise he had when he was drafted. Regardless of who starts the season as #1, #2 or #3 remember the 9ers went thru 4 QBs last year and the only important # is who is #1 at the end of the year.

          1. Coach,
            Darnold did put a nice string of games together in Carolina. But it’s his overall career record that gives me pause.

            Josh Rosen beat the 49ers twice and the Packers in his rookie year playing on a low level Cardinals team.

            Rosen got bounced around the league then came to the 49ers where some fans said that he would finally find his groove on a good team. We haven’t heard anything from Rosen in a year.

            Hopefully Darnold finds better luck as a 49er, but at the moment I see no comparison to Lance.
            But I do agree that Darnold is QB insurance than anything more.

        2. But, I just can’t get past his low career numbers, which for my part, has not given any promise of future success, hence playing for his third team in his short career.

          You need to consider context and not just simple won loss records; football is team game. Darnold was on a very crappy Jets team his rookie year. He was on a crappy Jets team his next year. A VERY crappy Jets team the following year. In 2022 Darnold went 4-2 on an average (maybe below average) Panthers team and had his best QB rating of his career at 92.6.

          Trey has not bounced around the league because he wasn’t asked to play and be the sole savior of a sucky team since he was a rookie. Again, context matters!

          I’m not saying Darnold is some awesome surefire diamond in the rough. He has his glaring faults that are a combination of poor Pro coaching and his own poor skill/decision making. But holding his win loss record against him as the primary criteria for evaluation is ridiculous.

          Lance has the advantage of having been in Shanahan’s system for the past 2 years.
          Darnold has the advantage of having actually played Pro football over the past 5 years.

  12. Jack,
    With the restructuring of contracts that have been done over the last couple of days and the signing costs of the players they have signed is there anyway you can figure out how much cap room the 49ers have as of this morning?

  13. Currently the 49ers need depth at DE, DT and OL. I wonder if they will resign Willis or Hyder. Arden Key is still out there as far as I can tell. They need to sign OL depth, I don’t see them relying on the draft alone. I don’t see them making any more big splashes in free agency. I’m not sure exactly how compensation picks work but it seems like they will get more next year than they received this year maybe 3 or 4 third round picks and as many as 6 or 7 altogether.

  14. Key signed a 3 year deal with the Titans.
    I like Willis off the edge more than Hyder.
    But Hyder has more versatility because he can line up on inside. I don’t recall seeing Willis lining up inside.

    Jaylon Moore, Nick Zakelj and possibly Jason Poe are your primary OL backups. There’s also Keith Ismael and Alfredo Gutierrez. But yeah, they need to keep pumping in new talent into O-line pipeline to develop.

  15. Allfor,
    Wow if Williams goes down for a couple of games (like he usually does) that means the starting OTs would be Moore and McKivitz, sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

    1. I think McKvitz will do fine at RT (but yeah, he’s no sure thing and is a significant risk). Pretty much any replacement for Trent Williams will be a drop off. I do recall that in limited action that Moore held his own. Do you believe it’s imperative that the 49ers upgrade their Right Tackle? If so, who? Also, they have to save money at some positions (right now it’s at both Guard positions, the Safeties, WR2, one of the Corners and possibly Left End).

  16. Can the 49ers afford I. Wynn? Wynn, McKivitz and a 3rd roung OT pick all competing for RT and swing T would make me feel a whole lot better.

    1. Wynn has publicly state he wants least $5M (I’m assuming per year guaranteed). He’s been consistently injured and had inconsistent production (54 PFF rating). However he used to be a better player before 2021. Wynn would have to be cool with possibly being a starter or being a rotational player or swing tackle. But he might be a good value investment because he’s still young (26), has played well in the past so he has upside potential. Maybe I’m overly judging because of his height but at 6’2″ , I see him as a Guard.

  17. I see him as a base down replacement for Ebukan. Good run defender where you might get something out of him as a pass rusher. Maybe they’re going to rely on Drake Jackson to be the pass rush specialist. Maybe they bring back Jordan Willis?

  18. Allf, i think you are right. We have become a safe space for Dlinemen. Come here, catch your breathe, set your bearings straight, get coached up. Win games, learn to enjoy playing the game again…..most importantly, reset your career and boost your stock…….and go get paid next year by another organization.

    I have my hopes set on Yannick Ngakoue personally. Adding a proven commodity like him would put that Dline on par with our 2019 unit ( when Ford was on the field) and the eagles from last year. Lights out, best in the league!
    It would allow DJ time to develop, without pressure……as well as a young secondary.

    Speaking of secondary .CJGJ is still out there. Taking him from the eagles would be a great move. He could play slot this year and FS after thar.
    The other big time FA who hasent signed, Orlando Brown…..would be a huge upgrade over MmG!
    I dont see us having the $, and he wants to play LT, not RT. That was one of the reasons for leaving the Ravens……so hes the longest shot out of the 3.
    Gisecki is the other big name guy still available……i dont see them splurging for a TE #2……..but his elite speed is fun to dream about……his blocking….not so much.

    1. Speaking of secondary .CJGJ is still out there. Taking him from the eagles would be a great move. He could play slot this year and FS after thar.

      That would be awesome. But they have to save money somehow and somewhere. It looks like slot corner is probably going to be a budget position…..maybe even relying on Womak and Dumbledore. Same goes for the End position opposite Bosa. It appears they’re going to try to get production in the aggregate out of a few players.

      The other big time FA who hasent signed, Orlando Brown…..would be a huge upgrade over MmG!

      Problem is that Brown only wants to play LEFT tackle and wants to be paid like it too.

      Gisecki is the other big name guy still available……i dont see them splurging for a TE #2……..but his elite speed is fun to dream about……his blocking….not so much.

      TE2 has to be primarily a blocker. I mean sure he has to be able to catch. But usually he’s going to be in the game as a blocker and/or 5th receiving option.

    2. J,
      Right now the 49ers have less than 8 mill in cap room which is about how much they need to sign their draft class. I think they have renegotiated about as many contracts as they can without ending up in cap hell in the next few years (remember they still need to extend Bosa) I don’t see any other major signings maybe a couple of bargain signings IE Jordan Willis.

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