49ers issues you can stop worrying about now

We’re down to real games now. It’s time to put away the following five extraneous topics about the 49ers.

1. The grass

You’re fined a nickel if you mention the grass, and all nickels go to me.

Grass Watch 2015 needs to end right now. No more reporting about clumps of uprooted grass. It’s boring. We get it. The grass isn’t very good. Enough already.

Yes, Jed York probably made a deal with the wrong grass company. But he seems to be doing everything he can to fix the issue. The Niners are installing brand new grass about a dozen times this season.

No, the grass probably won’t ever mesh with the soil underneath it. And yes, a few players probably will slip and fall every game. It’s a bad playing field. But it’s also a level playing field. Both teams have to play on the same grass.

The grass will have zero effect on the Niners’ record. The grass is past.

2. The loss of players

Almost every time we read a preview of the 49ers’ season, we get reminded of all the players the 49ers lost this offseason. As if we don’t already know.

As if we’re thinking, “Wait, Patrick Willis AND Chris Borland retired?! Why didn’t anybody tell me?”

They retired in March. That’s old news, offseason news. It’s time to talk about who the Niners have, not who they don’t have. Every team loses players during the offseason. No team gets a special dispensation or an extra win because they lost players.

The fact is the Niners have the best group of skill-position players on offense since Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice and Steve Young were on the team. And the defense is rock-solid up the middle, from nose tackle Ian Williams, to inside linebacker NaVorro Bowman, to safeties Eric Reid and Antoine Bethea.

The Niners have more than enough talent to compete in a parity league.

3. The lawlessness of players

Depending on whom you read, you get the impression the 49ers should just fold the franchise because some of their players got arrested the past few years.

It’s as if NFL teams are allowed to exist only if their players have no criminal records. And if some of their players DO have criminal records, that’s all we can talk about.


Why should we care about the 49ers’ image? Why should we care if York says he wants to win with class and then contradicts himself? It’s his image, his reputation, not ours.

The only things that really affects York’s reputation are wins and losses. So don’t bemoan the fact that outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks will play despite facing charges of misdemeanor sexual battery. We’ve discussed that. Just analyze whether Brooks plays well.

Anything else is off the point.

4. Jarryd freaking Hayne


If I hear one more media question about Jarryd Hayne, I will sucker-punch myself in the face. I’m talking no warning. Just two hits: me hitting myself, and myself hitting the floor.

How can a preseason sideshow like Hayne take over every press conference? Why does Jim Tomsula have to answer 20 questions about Hayne every day?

I mean, it’s cool that Hayne switched sports. He’s a cute little story. But he’s by far the worst running back on the team. He’s not got going to carry the ball unless every other running back breaks his leg.

He may play some on special teams. He probably won’t return kickoffs — he returned only one during the preseason. Hayne may return punts but there’s no guarantee he’ll even do that. The Niners already have a punt returner, and his name is Bruce Ellington. He was a fourth-round pick last year, and he missed most of the offseason due to various injuries. But he seems healthy now, and he may be a better punt returner than Hayne.

Hayne might not even suit up for some games. Enough about him.

5. What a down-to-earth, swell guy Jim Tomsula is

This guy coached one game five years ago, and all we hear is how innovative and real he is, as opposed to that other guy he replaced. What was his name?

Oh yeah, Jim Harbaugh. What an overrated coach he was! Sure, he won almost 70 percent of his games, but his ego was too big — he thought everything was about him. And he worked his players so hard. Some may not have liked him.

Tomsula is the opposite of Harbaugh. Tomsula wants players to like him, wants them to know he cares about each and every one of them. So he makes the schedule to their liking. Shortens meetings to 30-minute “blocks,” meaning the players are free to check their phones every half hour. They must love that.

Until they start losing a lot — if they start losing a lot. Everyone loves a players’ coach until the team goes in the tank. Then, the coach is the reason. The team lacks discipline. The easygoing approach everyone liked in training camp becomes the problem. Tomsula will be the scapegoat, and he’ll get replaced with a disciplinarian like Harbaugh. That’s how the league works.

So don’t talk about Tomsula’s likability. Can he win?

Bring on the games.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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          1. Seb,

            The only gain by throwing out personal invectives against me is establishing your membership in the hordes, of the dark ages, for all to see.
            Why not engage the readers with 49er enlightenment, such as the state of their OL?…Oh, excuse me. Your crowd of hoardes was against enlightenment.

            1. Oh, how droll, cant come up with an original thought so you just repeat my words, but twist them like some knave of fools.
              Have a nice day.

              1. Better to be the Court Jester than a horde member like you, because at least the King sees me as worthy enough to reside behind castle walls, while your sipping gruel with your heathens in the potato patch.

              2. TrollD. No. I derive too much pleasure just laughing at you and your pathetic attempts to be relevant.
                This is too easy.

    1. Ugh Periscope. The latest bad idea in self marketing. I think I agree with Belichick, he doesn’t have Twitter or instant face.

      1. Proprietary formats drive me nuts. I can view 49ers an NFL videos on my laptop, but not my desktop. Same with periscope. Glad Maiocco had his chat session open as an alternative.

    2. I saw a video of an artist punching himself in the face till he bled, then painting, with the blood.

  1. I like this one. I’m all for it, but you have to stick to your own rules too Grant.

    Let the games begin.

  2. I’d worry about Devey and Pears, the Vikes A-gap pressures, if Harold can set the edge, those yucky alternate jerseys.

  3. Grant

    Is this column a joke? It seems like you just went through your recent articles and picked your most frequent topics, then reversed course on whether they were newsworthy and said, “No more!”

    Are you saying WE can’t talk about these issues on your blog? Are you saying you’re going to take our colleagues to town for mentioning any of these issues? Are you saying that when your Dad starts jabbering about one of these topics over Cohn Family Dinner, you’re going to throw him the stink-eye and possible a quick Hi-Ya to the esophagus?

    Or maybe, like the rest of us, you just are sick and tired of the media circus that we’ve all helped create, thanks to our insatiable thirst for all things NFL?

    Nice piece. Pretty funny! :)

  4. Let’s be real. The vast majority of Hayne questions are from the press from his Country unfamiliar with the nuances and local customs of the game and team practices. Not much you can do about all their questions unless Tomsula lays down the law, which up ’til this point has generally not been his style. If they start losing, he might change – especially if the questions start becoming, ‘Could Hayne have helped you win?’ So far Tomsula’s been a gentleman and answered them all. All that having been said, the team needs to let Hayne dress AND play him.

  5. Grant,

    What are your predictions on: the Niners record, and the teams that you believe will make the playoffs?

  6. Good stuff Grant…..

    But you realize every nationally televised game will contain an exact breakdown of who they lost, how they lost them, and how hopeless they.

    Unless we start out fast, then everyone will jump on the Tomsula Bus

  7. Vikings were second to last in kick return coverage and fourteenth in punt return coverage in 2014. They’ve been focusing on it this year, with personnel groupings and scheme. Their punter has a live leg, and has been known to out punt his coverage. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about Hayne after Monday Night Football’s conclusion, with the 49ers winning 24-20….

  8. Now that’s clever Grant. You got the last word in on five of your favorite topics. Slick.

    The next challenge will be to demonstrate herding cats.

      1. For a ’91 it’s in pretty good shape. As a 6th round pick on a rookie contract, Morris isn’t exactly on of those “rich athletes”. He’s smart not to waste his money.

  9. Getting a kick how your painting yourself as the non supporter/ believer in the Jarred Hayne campaign … Gotta be careful thou, guys a baller

    1. I agree, hayne has played only a few months he is just going to get better. Grant is going to eat some crow with Hayne. He is going to make things happen this year.

      1. I agree with you, and Hayne is going to be the best thing that has
        happened to the niners for a long time, I just wished he was a little bit younger, Go Haynes.

      2. This is so true. Grant is going to look really clueless if hayne performs anywhere close to the preseason. The guy looks like a PLAYMAKER. If he was a undrafted rookie out of a name school- EVERYBODY would be talking about him just as much- his numbers are GREAT.

        It is interesting how the depth chart came out yesterday clearly showing Hayne in front of Mike Davis at RB… All the other bloggers mention it- but grant doesn’t- it is kinda funny.

  10. Can’t wait for Monday night! Curious to experience this team for the first time when they actually game plan and begin to show new wrinkles, more aggressive and hopefully creative play calling etc….

    Have a feeling we may have to win games by making some timely big plays in all phases … be it O, D, STs, or clever coaching … But not sure as of yet that this roster can line up against this schedule of opponents and consistently out execute and perform for 60 minute games. A couple timely big game-changing plays will have a lot to do with the final win/loss record. Hope the Niners are on the winning side of said game-changing plays!

        1. They traded one and cut another that was injured. If they thought highly of either I’m sure they would have kept them. Jackson although long in the tooth is probably in immediate upgrade over both players.

          1. In my opinion it was a great move. Michael C. wasn’t cutting it. This was his last year. Didn’t understand the off. & always had aches and pains. Turbin on his own could not carry the team. So clean house and cut your loses. They did sign a 22 yr old kid from Central Michiigan to a 3 yr. contr.

            Jackson is durable – 1 yr. siginng. I think I read he’s had 600 less snaps than Lynch.


    1. And I thought Robert Turbin and Christine Michael were the future of SeAdderal’s run game.

  11. It seems that Professor G. Cohn feels that he is above the fray; bemused (when not annoyed) by the madding crowd. Do his peers know they bore him, LOL?
    I carry on, it’s not really that bad. There is a repetitive drone because it can only be parsed and analyzed and intellectualized so much. E identified the culprits: “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

    1. Grant next chance you get ask Hayne how the grass in Santa Clara compares to the grass in Australia and how it affects his game.

  12. Back to the Grant we know and loath. Thanks for the great dish of negativity. We’re you once cut by the 49ers?

  13. What I really want to know is how do the Niners defeat the Vikings.
    I think Grant is tamping down expectations and Coach Tomsula is blowing smoke so the Vikings have to game plan for 2 different players.
    The Niners should attack the right side of the line, and do zone blitzes.
    This should be a classic battle between Bow and AP.
    Kaep needs to get the ball in the hands of his playmakers, score TDs, and do not settle for FGs. He should use his mobility to avoid sacks and buy time.
    Hayne is such an intriguing weapon, he should be allowed to show all his skillsets.
    Coach Tomsula should just coach like he coached his last game. He took a dispirited bunch with nothing to play for except pride. He molded them into a cohesive unit. He inspired them to give their utmost, and he fired them up. He took that downtrodden team and energized them. He had them focused and well prepared. I saw no wasted time outs. I saw no delay of game penalties. That team stomped the Cards 38-7 with a defensive score, and gave Coach Tomsula a 1-0 record.
    I hope he keeps his win streak alive.

    1. Grant always comes out with his predictions on who wins. He also usually breaks down how they will win. I believe he does it on Fridays

  14. Grant,
    Fantastic article, these are all stories that have been beaten to death. My favorite is about the arrests…. Whooooooooo cares. Let’s just play some football. Go niners!!!

  15. This article proves Grant is completely insane.He listed his 5 fav 9er bashing topics & said he doesn’t want to hear those topics anymore. What a know nothing, hate filled poser.

        1. In case people are wondering… its a line from Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

    1. I don’t trust Bush to be fielding punts, kickoffs maybe, also I cant see the Niners using Bush on ST due to injury issues. Bush is the only RB that has much experience.

        1. I disagree. Reg wants to rip a couple the way a bear or leopard likes to mark a tree. I ain’t lying.
          Bruce, Jarryd, DeAndrew, even Quentin too.
          KOR? = Bruce, Davis, Jarryd, White

        2. When I was an undergrad way back when, I briefly used my 1969 Corvette (since sold, to my lasting regret) to deliver pizzas. It was a lot of fun. ;)

          1. My son delivered pizzas, and got GREAT tips while the Giants were winning, but he also carried a knife for protection.
            Glad he is working in a wood shop now.

  16. Fantastic.
    I love the way you are willing to go hard and go early on Hayne. “He’s not got going to carry the ball unless every other running back breaks his leg.” I love a good clear prediction, makes it much easier to laugh at an armchair coach when it turns out he was talking out of his arse.

  17. How about that Jarryd Hayne?????…..always wanted to punch Grant Cohn in the face…the next best thing will have to be him punching himself……..GO NINERS!!!!

    1. I think it is hilarious how everyone on this board loathes Grant. And this board, historically has always been pretty positive to the blogger. I have been here since the Matt Maiocco days- and then having Branch and Barbour- everything was positive.

      Then Grant gets the gig through Daddy- and there is nothing but hate here….

      1. Actually, there are a few troglodytes who continue to spew their venom, but generally, most posters can appreciate good writing and have said so.
        its interesting that a few may hurl mean spirited invectives, but others have read the Sports Illustrated article and have given Grant kudos over being featured in a major publication.
        Maybe the others cant read.

        1. troglodyte? I havent seen that word since college in anthropology? What does that have to do with criticizing a hack sportswriter who openly trolls for web clicks? I dont know if you are using that word correctly. Go back to your thesaurus guy.

          1. I do not need a thesaurus to be verbose.
            I see you are associating yourself with that word.
            To me, it is fitting in its exactitude.
            Have a nice day.

  18. When someone other then Janet in PR is responsible for making the depth charts I’ll probably give them more credence. Or is it intern Mark’s turn this week to put out the depth chart?

  19. I think we’ll see a decent amount of play action and roll outs…… Try to create some space for Kap.

    I am hoping Bush gets 10 touches… Hyde 18-22 carries.

    24- 17 Niners

  20. Are they making too big a deal out of Hayne due to the narrative? Yes. But if you don’t think he’s the best return man on this team, you’re sorely mistaken. Ellington looked downright awful last year in the role. He waved his hand more than Mickey Mouse during the Main St. parade. Hayne is an exciting playmaker as a punt returner. Enough to warrant the hype? No way; no special teams player is. But the fact that he transitioned from rugby is what is grabbing the highlights.

    As for Tomsula, I don’t know where you’re picking up the “innovator” label from. He’s been called a lot of things by pundits and myself and fans around the league, but I’ve yet to hear the word “innovative.” BUT… as far as the likability players’ coach factor—you hit the nail on the head. Tomsula is the Dad that lets the kids drink beer in the basement during high school. The kids love him, but is he an effective parent? Hell no. And eventually the kids take him for granted and run the show.

    He’s the kind of guy who eats too many clams at the BBQ and has spaghetti sauce on his shirt, but helps you clean up and drive people home. Great guy, great friend’s dad, great uncle, great neighbor. Great head coach? I hope so. But signs point to no.

    That’s my rant. Solid write-up all in all though. Keep it up man.

    1. I agree. I hope Hayne can break one, but actually, would just be happy that he catches the ball so it does not bounce to the 3 yard line, and holds onto the ball so the Niners can go on offense.
      Tomsula may be affable, but he can also be ungentlemanly. If you had watched any of his locker room speeches, you will find out that he speaks the lingo, and I have no doubts that he is the right man for the job.

  21. I’m definitely with you in looking forward to some new storylines, but I can’t get enough Jared Hayne!

    You’re right that he’s the worst RB on the roster, but so what? He’s also the best punt returner, that was obvious in the preseason (in my opinion, anyway). Sure, he’s probably not really much more explosive than Bush or Ellington once the ball is in his hands, but he’s shifty enough and he looks RELIABLE. He makes fielding the ball look easy, it’s huge that you don’t have to hold your breath every time he’s back there. (What would we give for a guy like that back in 2011?).

    Also, he seems to have unusual ball skills. The way he shifts the ball in his hands and uses the stiff arm is badass. Obviously lots of guys are adept at that move, but it’s weirdly effortless for him, it almost looks a bit funny, but you can see he’s in full control. Here’s hoping the “cute” story continues into the regular season, and that Hayne turns into such a special teams force that we all have to hear about him for the rest of our lives! All aboard the Hayne Train!

  22. Quiz time: If Hayne is active on Monday, he won’t be the first 49er to have played both in the NFL and in Rugby League. Who holds that distinction?

    1. I actually saw this on Fox Sports the other day. Manfred Moore. He played rugby league in NSW briefly.

  23. Grant,

    I just heard three questions about Hayne, on NFL Live, not that I’m trying to get you to punch yourself in the face, or anything.

    1. Who else is thinking about hiring someone to follow Grant around while wearing Hayne paraphernalia and talk nonstop about Hayne?

      1. He wrote this, but he was the one trying to pin down Tomsula in the presser over who the PR will be. Sounds like masochistic tendencies.

  24. I hope that the Brooks situation is resolved quickly. It was unfortunate that something that happened in 2014 is still lingering over the head of Brooks.
    Jed is in a quandary. He has stated that he wants to win with class, yet plans to play a player who is accused of a sexual crime, even if it is a misdemeanor.
    Jed should insist that the authorities expedite the case, and either clear Brooks or convict him so the issue is resolved. If he has seen the tapes, which should determine guilt or innocence, he may feel that Brooks is wrongly charged, and so feel comfortable in allowing him to play. If he does not know, he should deactivate Brooks until it is resolved.
    I would rather the Niners win without Brooks, than win with him and discover he is guilty. I do not think the Niners will lose just because Brooks does not play, and Jed should put his foot down and insist that henceforth, any criminal matters be resolved before a player plays.
    Just my 2 cents.

  25. Got your bases covered, I see.

    Grant two days ago: “Hayne is the THIRD best PR on the team, behind Ellington and White.”

    Grant one day ago: “Ellington is a better PR than Hayne.” (No mention of White)

    Grant today: “Ellington MAY be a better PR than Hayne.”

    I can see why you want the discussion of Hayne to end, because if this keeps up you’ll have Hayne tied with Ellington tomorrow, and by the weekend Hayne will be the best we’ve got.

    1. Grant evolves his positions, at least some of them. I respect that. Last year he was beating the drum for the morality police, coming down as a hardliner on McDonald while the investigation was ongoing. Now this column he’s takes a “whatever” stance. Reminds me of that old Colbert Report bit “Formidable Opponent”, debating versions of himself.

      1. The evolution thing would be more believable if Grant himself points it out and explains the reasons for his change of mind.

        1. After reading what he wrote weeks before, Grant does more gyrations than a stripper. Guess he is a contrarian like me.

      2. Ribico wrote, “Grant evolves his positions, at least some of them. I respect that.”

        I agree. Not only that, his positions are (almost) always based on some discernible reasoning. I do not always agree with his reasoning, but that is a separate matter.

        1. JPN, mood makes a very saliant point. If you are going to do a 180, shouldn’t an explanation be forthcoming regarding the change of heart? Or is never having to say you are sorry de rigueur for journalblogging?

          1. He usually points out his reasons at the given time, and he sometimes explains why they may be different from the prior reasons he used with respect to a prior opinion. If he does not, I am not sure why that is bothersome to so many readers. I am more bothered when he sticks by questionable reasoning than when he changes his position.

            1. OK. I’ll just sit back and enjoy reading when Grant starts praising Hayne as the slippery exciting return man that is just what the Niners needed. No questions asked!

          2. Evolving opinions suggest an open mind continuing to evaluate new information or perspective or nuance. That’s fine, preferable to me. I think Grant draws some resistance to his ideas because he often writes in absolutist terms. For instance, if someone says the Niners will win 8-10 games they have a better chance to be correct than if say Grant, or anyone, responds with ‘No way! There’s no chance they win even 6 games!’
            Then there are his takes on certain players. Remember how Gore’s legs were gone a few years ago? I don’t know if he ever laid out his reasoning on that, but it was just wrong. He applied that to someone else recently too, I forget who at the moment, but it took me a minute to recover from a heavy eye roll.
            Loudly proclaimed absolutist opinions do draw responses though.

            1. Brotha, unfortunately that’s the nature of journalism these days. “I think…” opinions just don’t draw the feedback, both agreement and rebuttal, that the “I know without a doubt…” voice does. I know without a doubt we can thank a certain Australian news magnate for that shift in presentation.

              1. I just read where Fox/Murdock bought National Geographic Magazine. All that pesky science delineating climate change can now be denied by the new editors. Swell.
                NG has been stodgy, controversial-adverse pseudo science on many issues for years, but had been pretty straightforward with the data on climate change and had funded further research through grants. Pretty good guess those grants will dry up. But nice photographs!
                PS: ever hear this one?
                Why is National Geographic Magazine like Playboy Magazine?
                They both publish glossy color photos of places you’re never going to get.

  26. is marcell darius really a top 3 lineman or have the bills once again grossly overpaid for a defensive player.

    1. Marcell Darius’ whopping contract tells us how expensive All Done Smith’s bad parking job actually was.

      1. IMHO….I think that Andrew Luck is a myth. I find him reminescent of a younger Peyton Manning….because of his local roots (Stanford) he is given a hall pass…no Lombardi’s yet…At least Archie isn’t carrying water for Peyton anymore.

        1. Is that praising with faint damning? PM is good. Sucky rookie year, but he’s been good. So you’re not dissing Luck very badly I guess.

          1. I can’t decide whether my favorite part is, “because of his local roots (Stanford) he is given a hall pass” or “no Lombardi’s yet”. He’s talking about a QB who’s going into his 4th season and is already universally considered one of the top QBs in the league.

            1. Yep just another bizarre comment that makes no sense. Every team in this league would trade for Luck right now.

            2. My , my, my… did I hit a nerve or what..? According to your logic on here, Kaep is so good because he’s been to two Playoffs, (played in one) and a Super Bowl In his third season..Luck hasn’t done either…Does that make Kaep better than Luck ? And that you have chosen to ‘rename’ me’, I’ll return the favor in that I don’t find any brilliance in your posts either…Gnob

              1. You didn’t hit a nerve, your comments are entertaining in their absurdity. You keep making them and I’ll keep pointing out why they are hilarious.

            3. Agree. For another benefit of having Andrew Luck, consider injuries. About a month or so back, I posted a powerpoint on injuries (using Football Outsiders’ “adjusted games lost”). From 2010 through 2014, the Colts had an average AGL of 94.6, which was second only to the Giants who had an average of 99.5. The lowest average over this period was 45.4 by the Ravens (the 9ers average AGL over this time period was 53.1). The higher the AGL the more injuries. In fact, in two of the three years Luck has played they had an AGL over 100. Teams that have an AGL over 100 almost never make the playoffs, with the exception of the Colts with Luck twice and GB with Rodgers. NE came close to an AGL of 100 and made the playoff; but they have Brady.

              1. ..Gnob…..

                You still did not answer my ‘absurd’ question….does that make Kaep better than Luck ?

    2. He’s a serious talent, a stuffer and a disrupter. I think the biggest question about the big bucks is will he be on the field or continue his goofy off field behavior?Guaranteed $ to a guy who may go off at any time?

  27. I do not like the black unis. I wish there are fashionable and creative Niner fans who could submit better options. Personally, I would like to see them design new uniforms based on the Ironman character.
    Preferably, I would like for them to go back to the classic uniforms of the 70s.
    Black may be the players choice, but I am not a Raiders or Ravens fan.

    1. This won’t surprise you, I actually like them, we’ve needed an update for some time. Better than those awful Redskin’s uniforms.

    2. I would have liked them more if they changed the Helmets to fit the color scheme a little more. Maybe the Nike style paint job, with a Black/Gold mix like some of the College teams use. They look strange because it’s the regular helmet with new jersey and pant colors. Should go full on Black if they are going to do it at all.

  28. Grant when are you coming out with your game prediction? I’ll make mine early, it will be Minn by quite a bit more then the spread.

  29. As usual ole grant doesn’t haven’t too much to say. I can hardly wait for his punch into his face. And, when Ellington or another loses his knee on the turf I hope ole grant does another punch into his face.

      1. You watch, Prime Time will dismiss what Jerry says and offer up his thoughts from the legend in his mind….

            1. Yeah they are. I love this nugget:

              “Jarryd’s a heck of a player, very talented. Young player that needs to mature a little bit as far as his getting experience…everybody’s flying the Hayne Plane right now, but if you look at who led our team in punt returns in the preseason, it wasn’t Jarryd Hayne; it was DeAndrew White.” – 49ers special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey.

    1. “Oh man, I’m excited. I can’t wait to see him touch the football.”

      You hear that, coaches? Listen to the GOAT, not the Grant! ;)

    2. Razor, thanks. Great article. I think his optimism about Hayne’s future in the league is warranted. In hindsight, it’s a good thing they didn’t go after Gurley.

    3. That’s quite an endorsement by Jerry. In many respects I agree. On the rugby league field this guy was electric – just one of those guys that could read what was going on around him and inject himself to make things happen. He was twice named Dally M Player of the Year (or MVP) because of his ability to just single handedly take over games. He played on a pretty bad team, but was able to get them to the finals a couple of times pretty much on his own. He even knocked out the team I support one year (on his way to his first Dally M medal) with one of the best solo tries I’ve ever seen.

      Obviously he’s still in learning mode right now, but even so he did enough in preseason to earn his spot on the 53. He’s only going to get better from here, and the best way to do so is to get game time. I agree with Jerry the 49ers should find ways to get him the ball, and not just in the return game. It will ultimately pay dividends.

        1. Don’t know rugby, but it looked impressive. How much of a money hit did he take by coming to the NFL?

          1. He was earning close to $1 million a season here, plus endorsements. Its not as big a money hit as you might think.

    4. “Every time Jarryd Hayne gets the ball, I’m excited.”
      The GOAT has spoken. Amen!
      But Hayne and Ellington can co-exist, with Ellington taking on KR duties. Once Hayne runs a punt back for TD, the Ellington Orchestra will be playing “Take the Hayne Train”.

  30. Grant, Hayne is one of the main reasons I’m looking forward to the season.
    Can you name ANY rookie that has a better pre-season highlight reel than Jaryd spanning FOUR games?

    1. It matters not. That was as a punt return specialist and as a back up rb who will be sitting behind 2, maybe 3, guys, with Hyde getting probably the Frank Gore share of action.

    1. Finally got a chance to listen to it all the way through Razor. Best album since Fear of the Dark imo. They are still kicking ass.

  31. The Santa Clara District Attorny must be one depressed person right now … nobody is talking about him even though he tried his best to time the Ahmad Brooks charge as a publicity stunt. It backfired.

  32. What do I want? I want them to play NINER football. A stout, opportunistic ball hawking defense. A crisp, quick, efficient, prepared, focused and effective offense.
    I want Kaep to be unstoppable. The pieces are in place. I do not want him to run wild, but run smart. Kaep should be aware of every player on the field, and locate the weak points.He should take what the defense gives him, and hopefully be untouched. 52 sacks is intolerable. It must improve or they will struggle to have a winning season.
    A lot rests on the shoulders of Kaep, but if the coaching is deficient, it does not matter if he improved. Tomsula must clean up the unforced errors. He must drum into their heads that penalties are drive killers and opposition drive extenders.
    Coach Tomsula must coach like he did last time he was head Coach.

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