49ers lose 3 to waivers; Sign 16 to practice squad

San Francisco 49ers guard Ilm Manning (60) before an NFL preseason football game against the Denver Broncos in Santa Clara, Calif., Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023. (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)

The NFL waiver claim process for players released as teams cut down to their initial 53-man rosters became official at 9:00 am Wednesday. As a result, the San Francisco 49ers lost just three players.

The Arizona Cardinals claimed offensive linemen Keith Ismael and Ilm Manning. San Francisco was expected to try and bring both back as practice members of their practice squad. Instead, Ismael and Manning will join the Cardinals 53-man roster.

These two claims say more about talent on the rosters of the two NFC West rosters than a mistake by San Francisco. Ismael and Manning were both impressive in training camp and the preseason. However, neither were able to elevate themselves beyond the third team offensive line with the 49ers. Now they are just an injury away from playing in regular season games for the Cardinals.

San Francisco was also expected to bring back cornerback D’Shawn Jamison. Jamison was claimed by the Carolina Panthers.

The undrafted rookie free agent showed promise throughout the offseason and looked poised to make the roster. Instead, the 49ers chose to stick with veteran Isaiah Oliver, likely due to the $2.91 million guarantee they used to sign the free agent this offseason.

San Francisco has begun the process of filling out their practice squad. The 49ers could add up to 16 players, 17 if they chose to bring back Alfredo Guitierrez. As part of the NFL’s International Player Pathway program, Gutierrez is eligible for an international player practice squad exemption, granting the 49ers an extra practice squad member that is ineligible to be activated during the 2023 season.

This is the unofficial 49ers practice squad tracker. It will be updated throughout the day:

FB Jack Colletto

DT Marlon Davidson

DT T.Y. McGill

LB Curtis Robinson

OT Leroy Watson

CB Shemar Jean-Charles (Packers)

C/G Corey Luciano

DB Qwuantrezz Knight

CB Tre Swilling

DL Alex Barrett

WR Chris Conley

TE Troy Fumagalli

OL Alfredo Gutierrez

RB Brian Hill

WR Tay Martin

WR Willie Snead

WR Isaiah Winstead

Other roster news:

According to Kyle Shanahan, WR Danny Gray is being placed on IR. He could be designated to return later in the year. Shanahan also stated there is an outside chance Ray-Ray McCloud will be able to return from a fractured wrist in time for week one at Pittsburgh.

In addition to the receivers, rookie defensive end Robert Beal Jr. is headed to IR with a possible designation to return.

The 49ers announced they have signed defensive ends Kerry Hyder and Austin Bryant. The two veterans fill the open roster spots created by the Gray and Beal Jr. moves.

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  1. Loss of Jamison stings. He showed such great promise and clearly outplayed Oliver
    during preseason. Still scratching my head at that guarantee to Oliver. Was Wilks

    1. I agree with you 100 percent! Who gave Oliver a guaranteed contract. He did not have a good preseason at all. Jamison completely outplayed him. I hope they know what they are doing with him.

  2. We really don’t know how good any rookie will be. Ambry Thomas was looking very good in training camp last year, before getting toasted in the regular season and eventually being benched. There was talk leading up to this TC that Ambry may not make the team.
    Oliver is a proven and experienced player. Keeping him was a good business move.

  3. Reports are that Oliver was brought in by Wilks. The guaranteed salary seems high and yes, it does sting to lose Jamieson. That said, there is a chance Oliver rebounds in the regular season to look more like the player he was in Atlanta.

    1. Allie,
      I also liked Jamison a lot. He had a very good TC and looked OK in preseason. But, he had two things going against him. His size, and his UDFA status. I wish him a good and lengthy career.

      Oliver has 5 yrs experience, is 6′ and 200lbs that make him a prototypical DB. As much I liked DJ, I would have gone with Oliver – a better known and safer choice.

      1. oK..let us hope Oliver just had a subpar camp. I also hope we get Knight up..he hits hard and moves well.

  4. I hate losing any player who is doing good and showing a lot of promise. I’m glad we didn’t lose any more than that. I still say they should have kept Khalon Leborn. They could’ve put him on the practice squad.

  5. I predicted early in camp that the 9ers would get heavily raided on cut down day. Then their 2nd and 3rd stringers didn’t look good in the preseason and a few of you let me know how silly my prediction was. Well it doesn’t happen very often with my many predictions but I was right. The 49ers were tied for the most players scooped. Jamison was the worst cut since D.J. Reed. I really think they could have released Woerner kept Jamison and then signed Woerner to the PS. imho

          1. Dee,
            I wish people would stop that crap. I guess I have to be a more critical reader. I should know better.

  6. Jamison looked good except when he fumbled on a return. That might have signaled that they couldn’t trust him as a returner, lessening his attractiveness.

    LaBorn, I never did believe in. He repeatedly let his college teammates down, missing bowl games and showdowns against archrivals, finally had to transfer to keep playing. That’s not the 49er way.

    I’m apprehensive about Oliver. I hope Wilks knows what he’s doing. I hope DeMeco’s departure didn’t leave a huge gaping hole in our coaching staff.

    People are questioning the OLinemen they chose to keep, but at least I am encouraged by Brayden Willis, Dee Winters, Jalen Graham, and Ronnie Bell, who all looked good in preseason. I had a good feeling about Willis in particular, great that he made the active roster.

  7. gw2,
    If they cut Jamison because of one muffed punt that is very short sighted. If he had a record of muffing punts in college thats one thing but I would have kept him for his cover abilities alone. I think he will eventually out play both Oliver and Thomas

    1. Coach,
      We still have Darrell Luter who is on the PUP list. He will likely be available to play at some point this season. I would venture that this may have also played into the decision to cut Jamison.
      Time to roll with whose on the roster.

        1. I’m open to correction, by all means. But my understanding is that PUP is unlike IR that is season ending.
          I certainly yield to your interpretation of PUP, Coach.

          1. If the player is put on the reserve/PUP list, I believe that he must sit out the first 4 games of the season. I’m not sure if this is the designation the 49ers placed on Luter, but if it is, Luter will be available to play after game 4.

  8. They failed to pick up any OL people off waivers?? Surely there had to be someone out there better than the rag tag bunch they retained. God forbid Williams, Banks, or Brendal, go down. McKivitz and Burford are borderline talents at best. They better line up Kittle and Juszczyk across from TJ Watt in Pittsburgh or Purdy won’t last game one. 9ers spent a lot of $$ on playmakers but it’s the O-line that makes any team special. Even Kaepernick would be special if a line gave him 5 seconds to throw (except swing passes) which go nose first into the ground no matter how much time he had.

  9. I’m sure there are a million different considerations on roster cut downs but man there sure are some head scratchers. The 49ers cut several guys who were much better than the guys they kept. Isaiah Oliver was not good in training camp. Jamison was much better. I don’t think Wilks is a good coach so if Wilks made that decision then I’m even more concerned. Losing Manning on the O-line really hurts – and it makes no sense. Manning had a great camp and Zakelj was terrible. It sure seems like the 49ers could have kept Manning and cut Zakelj. No one was going to claim Zakelj off waivers so thats an easy re-sign to the PS. The 49ers could have easily kept both players. I don’t understand some of these moves. And I don’t understand the Trey Lance trade either. 49ers could have easily named him as the backup and kept him as insurance if Purdy gets hurt or comes down to earth. Then you’d have Purdy, Lance, and Darnold. 49ers go through QBs like Kleenex so keeping Lance should have been more of a priority.

    1. The reason you disagree with so many of the decisions is because you weren’t there everyday watching them and you aren’t an expert like they are. I sometimes am surprised and sometimes disappointed but I never disagree since I’m not an expert.
      I know that some Trey fans are not happy with his trade, but obviously the Niners didn’t think he was their 2nd best quarterback and may not have believed he was even their 3rd best. It was a bad situation and the trade was best for everyone, and Trey wanted out.
      The Niners made a big mistake on Trey and hopefully learned that when a guy is playing against very inferior opponents, he’s going to look really good, far better and faster than he really is. Trey also made a big mistake coming out after 1 year of playing very poor competition, also believing he was better and faster than he really was. He would have been far better off transferring to a big school and getting a year or 2 of experience, which now he’ll probably never get.

    2. Pat,
      I agree with you regarding Jamison and Manning but the reason for them trading Lance is pretty simple. He asked to be traded, they didn’t want to keep a disgruntled player around. Lance could have turned into a locker room cancer. It was better to get a 4th rounder and be done with him. imho

      1. On Trey Lance. Name him the backup and Darnold the #3 and Lance would not have asked for a trade. That’s an entirely justifiable position. Then you could have kept Lance and allowed him to develop during practice and then in games if needed. The 49ers forced the issue by naming Darnold the #2. It was so unnecessary.

        1. There’s a guy named Joe Montana who recently said re the Lance trade, that Trey Lance was simply not a good fit in the 49ers system. It’s an interesting read (on another site) from the best Superbowl QB of All-Time.

        2. Why name Lance the #2? Because of what it cost to draft him?..,if he didn’t earn it, he didn’t deserve it…the reason he needs to ‘develop’ is because he didn’t develop in college…physically, he checked the boxes…,but my guess is that he had trouble adjusting to the speed of the NFL, which hampered his decision making…and just like Felix stated in his comment, he came out too early, so a lot of his problems are on him, because of his inexperience

          1. I wouldn’t force Lance to be the QB2 based on his draft status. If he couldn’t beat out Darnold, his high draft status is a non-issue, imho. It’s in the 49ers best interest to go with who they believe are the players they can win with.

            On the decision side of drafting Lance and giving up so much, it hurts. This is on John Lynch and Shanahan.
            But, awarding him with being the QB2 when he was beaten out by Darnold, would not be fair to the team. Cuddling “favorite players” have no place on a team that is aiming for SB title

  10. Jack,
    I heard that D. Luter is on PUP with a non-injury. Also, where does he stand on playing this season?
    Can you bring more light on this?

  11. I would enjoy this season more with Trey on the team — with the prospect that he could play one way or another.
    This is independent of whether or not it would be best for the win-loss record. Watching and hypothesizing about the 9ers is a pleasure, and it would be more entertaining with Trey here. Yes, when I actually watch the games; especially with my son, it is emotional, but I’m also of another mind where winning isn’t everything.
    I wanted Trey here — nothing more profound than that

  12. The San Francisco 49ers have been busy with roster moves as the NFL waiver claim process began. They lost three players to other teams through waivers, which indicates the talent on their roster. Two offensive linemen, Keith Ismael and Ilm Manning, were claimed by the Arizona Cardinals, and cornerback D’Shawn Jamison was claimed by the Carolina Panthers. These players had shown promise but didn’t make the 49ers’ initial roster.

    On the bright side, the 49ers are also building their practice squad with up to 16 players. They may even bring back Alfredo Gutierrez, who qualifies for an international player practice squad exemption. This means the team can have an extra practice squad member who can’t be activated during the 2023 season.

    The unofficial list of players on the 49ers’ practice squad includes a mix of positions, from defensive tackles to wide receivers. Additionally, there are some injury updates, including WR Danny Gray being placed on IR, with a possibility of returning later in the year, and the potential return of Ray-Ray McCloud from a fractured wrist for week one.

    The team has also signed defensive ends Kerry Hyder and Austin Bryant to fill roster spots created by other moves. It’s an interesting and dynamic time for the 49ers as they shape their roster for the upcoming season. You may also go through this- uipath certification


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