49ers’ Marquise Goodwin hones his receiving skills

SANTA CLARA — Before this season, 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was an Olympic track star who played professional football.

Now, Goodwin is a football star who used to run track.

In college at the University of Texas, Goodwin never caught more than 33 passes in a season. And during his first four years in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills, Goodwin never caught more than 29 passes. He always was known for his accomplishments on the track.

Known for running a 10.24-second 100-meter dash in high school. Known for running a 4.27-second 40-yard dash — the fifth-fastest time ever recorded at the NFL combine. Known for finishing 10th in the long jump at the 2012 Olympics.

These days, Goodwin is known for his accomplishments on the football field.

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  1. The emergence of Goodwin has certainly been a pleasant surprise. It creates something of a quandary for the offseason though – do they trust him and Garcon to be the top two WRs next year (with Taylor the slot), or do they go out and get another starter? If they sign someone that would effectively make Goodwin the 4th WR and a role player. I would be tempted to stick with Garcon and Goodwin and sign a guy like Gabriel to be the 4th guy.

    1. The emergence of Goodwin is the result of JG starting, as has been the emergence of “Celek time”. I think once JG gets more command of the offense, Aldrick Robinson will also look better (although I am not sure if he’s under cotnract next year). The receiver they are missing currently is a tall, physical red zone receiver, who can be a TE. I am not sure any of the current TE’s fit that bill. I doubt they get a starter in FA unless it’s someone who can make an impact in the red zone.

        1. I still think Cole Hikutini is a sleeper and a sentimental favorite for me. (From Sacto area, played at CCSF and Sac State). We blew it with Tom Brady…maybe we get lucky with Cole.

        2. Start looking for a “Ghost”…Dave Casper was the perfect TE….a converted OT with very good hands, and an ability to run routes…always a reliable safety-valve, with a nose for the end zone….There also are 3-5 very good tall WRs that should fall to the third round who are fast, tough, and can catch and fight for the ball. I’m not sure that we don’t already have a couple in Bourne , Burbridge, and Smelter…given their chances. Kittles may be a good one, but WE NEED A GREAT TE…Dallas has a great TE…a John Mackey clone… FA…? who knows ?

      1. “The emergence of Goodwin is the result of JG starting”

        It’s really not. This is another case of the prettiness of Da Jimmy G blurring perception. If you take the time to look at his numbers you’ll notice that he’s been doing this pretty consistently since Garçon went down against Philly and it started even before that. He’s had 68 yards or more in 7 of the last 9 games. Only 2 of those started by Garoppolo.

        1. If “emergence” means getting more snaps, I agree that it has little to do with JG. (68 yards in a game hardly “emergence” material for a #1 receiver playing in any offense which was throwing a lot playing from behind, let alone a Shanny offense). If “emergence” means dramatic breakthrough in achieving receiving career highs, catch success percentages and reduction in flubs, then it’s all Jimmy G.
          >This is another case of the prettiness of Da Jimmy G blurring perception.
          I’m confident Goodwin will disagree with you on this one.

          1. “68 yards in a game hardly “emergence” material for a #1 receiver”

            68 yards per game would make him a 1000 yard receiver which is pretty good for a guy who has never reached even 500 before this year.

            Yeah I’m sure he’ll say he likes playing with Garoppolo, but his emergence started 7 weeks prior to the QB switch.

            1. Jack,
              I do not intend to belabor this point and extend this discussion further. But I just want to point out that the reason why Goodwin has 68 yards/game in the last 7 games is because Niners have been run/pass ratio has been skewed in favor of pass in many of these games. IIRC, Grant and you have taken Shanny to task precisely on that issue.

              1. Actually you’re still incorrect. There’s a reason Grant isolated the last 4 weeks. It shows it was pre Garoppolo and when they’ve been more balanced. Note the article I wrote which is linked below.

    2. Pleasant, yes. Surprise, however, is a massive understatement. The guy was barely hanging on with the Bills and was a very-limited gadget player.

      But it’s more than just Garoppolo throwing him the ball or Garcon being hurt. He’s had to put in the work to make himself a real NFL WR. Something he wasn’t doing when he was with the Bills and was focusing on his Olympic training.

      1. I think that’s a key point with the development of the offense. He players have hit a groove. Kudos to them, their trainers nd the coaches for helping to shape some of these young guys into reasonable NFL players. Let’s hope they can continue to progress and improve.

  2. “He can run by you if you let him,” Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Mularkey said on a conference call Wednesday morning.”

    Should open up things for Taylor, Celek, and Kittle underneath.

    “Where I’ve grown is my knowledge and awareness on the field,” Goodwin said. “Really knowing the defense I’m going against. Knowing the personnel I’m going against. Knowing his technique.”

    Witherspoon had similar comments about his own growth. Both of these guys have made great strides this year. That speaks well of them and the coaching staff.

    1. wonder what it would take for Jerry to
      take over the duties of WR coach ..?

      imagine how much impact he’d get from
      all the receivers !

    1. Now that’s a nice write up. I believe the improvement in the defense is directly attributed to the success of recent offensive performance.

    2. Nice write-up?? That’s balls…. His low blow of “beating other losing teams” is childish. They won the damn games. Now I bet if they would have lost those games with Jimmy at the helm, he would have definitely pointed that out. Get over it. Jimmy isn’t who “you thought he was” he’s a leader, a mentor, he’s actually better than you thought. Suck it up buttercup.

      1. LOL. So much salt.

        Da Jimmy G is exactly what I thought he was. If you want to crown him, go ahead and crown him. The Patriots let us off the hook.

        1. Salt? I’d rather have that than the trolls and traitors like so many fans and what-not who have to sh*t on every win because they can’t stand it when good things happen.

        2. Good writeup, Jack, but I still don’t know what your opinion of Da Jimmy G is. What do you mean by the Patriots let us off the hook?

          1. Hey Cubus,

            I was channeling my inner Denny Green. ; )

            And the Patriots let us off them off the hook by giving them a capable QB.

          2. Jack and Grant are sitting on the fence. :) They are waiting for Jimmy’s first poor game when they will play the the strawman card of “see-I-told-you-so-he-ain’t-no-superman” ;-)

            1. Yeah Mood but no one cares what the Jimmy G haters have to say. Whoever they are.

              We finally have a real QB and the rebuild got a lot shorter.

            2. “Jack and Grant are sitting on the fence.”

              I”ve tried to get their takes on Jimmy. Jack said JG needs pieces around him. Now he’s capable. So, Jack has weighed in.

              I flat out asked Grant if he thought JG was a franchise QB in early November. He hinted that a column was coming. I’m still waiting for it.

    3. Nice write up. The averages is kind of the route I went last week but the 49ers surprised. Hope that continues. I do think that sooner or later there will be a reckoning. The team still has monumental issues with red zone efficiency. Our kicker accounts for 47% of the offensive production this year. That itself is an indication of how likely drives die.

      While JG has been very impressive, he isn’t Superman and defensive coordinators are gaining film on him.

      1. In the NFL it’s evolve or die. So we’ll see. But it’ll take at least a year, probably two, to get a true understanding. Unless you’re Ron Jaworski or John Gruden. They can tell after one game. Yes, siree Bob. One game and they have the next great NFL, possibly HOF, QB picked out. For that week anyway…

    4. Nice write up Jack.

      Staying balanced on offense and maintaining a good 3rd down conversion rate will be a big key to this game.

    5. This is good.

      Since we’re going off past performances, keep in mind the 49ers defense hasn’t given up fewer than 20 points in a home game this season.

  3. Alright boys, be good today. I’m off on for my first 49ers game at Levi’s with my son for his first regular season 49ers game.

      1. John Muir once said ‘..the coldest night I’ve ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

        Let that sink in. I will not comment again for fear of retribution to my family. I have already contacted Morgan Hill law enforcement to keep an eye out for this type of senseless behavior projected here.

    1. Take him down the row in front of the ticket entrances, lots of free stuff, the csn booth for example has a roulette table you spin can get a t shirt or some niner trinket for free if he is young, my 12 year old loved it, fun experience, the csn tent has the tv guys in it and fun to see them live, store and museum are also fun to visit. Give your self time getting out, they herd the crowd into two big funnels that move slow, that is what I experienced in the giants game. Have a blast!

  4. Key players today?

    I think Celek and Hyde on offense (Beadles too for other reasons).

    On D. I’m going with Foster staying on the field.


    1. I agree with your thoughts. I’ll add that Thomas is key against the run, and he is due for one of his big games. He won’t be matched up against larger than average lineman this week.

    2. Who will cover Delanie Walker?

      Key players for me, Colbert or Reid or Foster. Whoever matches up against him will be key today.

      1. Sorry Delanie, but you don’t call out a savage. I think there’s a good chance that Foster gets a pick 6. I think there’s an even better chance that Walker gets hit hard by Foster, very hard.

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