49ers minicamp report: No one can cover Marquise Goodwin


Here’s what stood out to me during the first day of minicamp.


1. WR Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin was the best wide receiver on the field even though he made just two catches. First, he ran by Keith Reaser and Jimmie Ward along the sideline and caught a deep, underthrown touchdown pass from Brian Hoyer. Goodwin burned those DBs so bad, he had to slow down and wait for the ball and they still couldn’t catch him. Toward the end of practice, Goodwin beat Reaser again – this time with a sharp comeback route – and picked up a first down on third-and-three. No one on this defense can cover Goodwin.

2. TE George Kittle. The rookie fifth-round pick played exclusively with the starters and took more snaps with the first-string offense than any other tight end. For long stretches, Kittle was Hoyer’s go-to guy. Hoyer targeted him twice on third down, twice in the red zone and once down the middle of the field for a 60-yard TD pass. Kittle’s best play came on first-and-10 during a two-minute drill. He matched up man to man with NaVorro Bowman, beat Bowman a sharp curl route, caught the ball, turned upfield and outran Bowman toward the sideline for an 18-yard gain. Bowman reached out and lunged for Kittle but never touched him – Kittle was too fast. Seems like the coaching staff is preparing Kittle for a big role next season.

3. LB NaVorro Bowman. Bowman struggled in man-to-man coverage as he always does. He gave up the catch to Kittle I described above, and two plays later he gave up a catch to Carlos Hyde. Hyde ran a simple out route. Bowman lunged and tried to grab a piece of Hyde’s jersey but came up emptyhanded. It seemed like the offense was picking on Bowman. Later though, when the offense moved to the red zone and the defense used zone coverage, Bowman played much better. On second-and-goal from the five-yard line, Hoyer telegraphed a pass to Kittle who was open in the end zone. Bowman read Hoyer’s eyes, slid in front of Kittle and made the interception. Savvy play.

4. LB Malcolm Smith. One play after Bowman’s interception, Hoyer telegraphed another pass to Kittle. This time, though, Malcolm Smith stepped in front of Kittle and knocked away the pass in the end zone.

5. DE Tank Carradine. Carradine made three great plays. First, he exploded past Joe Staley on a stretch zone run to the left and stopped Tim Hightower for a two-yard loss. Second, Carradine batted down a pass from Matt Barkley. Third, Carradine correctly identified a play-action bootleg pass and sacked the quarterback as soon as he turned around to run. Impressive. A lot of defensive linemen would have chased the running back on that play.

6. DE Aaron Lynch. The overweight defensive end beat backup right tackle Garry Gilliam for a sack on third-and-10. Then, the overweight defensive end recorded another sack when he reached out and grazed the quarterback with his left hand just before starting right tackle Trent Brown pushed him out of the play. This would not have been a sack in a real game.

7. QB Matt Barkley. The 49ers backup quarterback completed 70 percent of his passes and made the best throw of the day. It was first-and-10. Barkley threw a laser over the middle between two safeties and hit tight end Garrett Celek for a 30-yard completion.


1. QB Brian Hoyer. The 49ers starting quarterback completed his first two passes for long touchdowns. Both were play-action passes – Hoyer’s specialty. But after those plays, Hoyer threw behind Jeremy Kerley who was open over the middle. Hoyer threw late to Pierre Garcon two times and allowed defensive backs to break up both passes. Hoyer threw a deep pass to Aldrick Robinson who was double covered and had no chance to catch the ball. And Hoyer threw two telegraphed passes in the red zone. Overall, Hoyer’s completion percentage was 58.

2. RB Carlos Hyde. Hyde carried the ball four times and gained just 15 yards. Ten yards came on one carry between the tackles, and five yards came on three carries outside the tackles. Hyde still seems hesitant on outside runs, which are the foundation of the 49ers offense. He also doesn’t practice as hard as the other running backs.

3. FS Jimmie Ward. The 49ers free safety and last line of defense bit on a run fake and couldn’t recover in time to stop Goodwin from making a long touchdown catch. Ward still hasn’t broken up a single pass in front of the media this offseason. The former cornerback seems uncomfortable at his new position.

4. SS Eric Reid. The 49ers strong safety bit on a run fake and let Kittle make an uncontested 60-yard touchdown catch down the middle of the field. Reid still hasn’t broken up a single pass in the front of the media this offseason. The former free safety seems uncomfortable at his new position.

5. CB Ahkello Witherspoon. The 49ers’ third-round pick bit on a run fake and let backup wide receiver Aldrick Robinson make an easy 20-yard catch near the sideline. Witherspoon still hasn’t broken up a pass in front of the media this offseason. The rookie cornerback seems overwhelmed by NFL competition.

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  1. Yeah, nobody can cover Goodwin….when there are no pads.

    Everybody knows OTAs are the part of the offseason where speedy receivers shine. And Goodwin has plenty of speed.
    Let’s see if he can keep that up once the pads are allowed. If he can it would be great.
    But based on his history I remain skeptical.

      1. No one can cover Goodwin who only managed 49 reception out of 111 targets in 39 regular NFL games (with just 10 starts).

        People need to think about it. Why would such a great WR who ‘nobody can cover’ has such absolutely pathetic stats? Sure, he has had bad QBs. But even with bad QBs he should have better stats than that. That’s half-a-year’s worth of production for a good WR spread over 4 years of an injury-prone career.

        Look at Larry Fitzgerald. Among the Rogue’s Gallery of bad QBs: Josh McCown, Shaun King, Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Max Hall, Ryan Lindley, Brian Hoyer and John Navarre. Yet 1,125 receptions. His worst season, where he was injured and managed just 13 games, he had 63 receptions.

        And you have other outstanding WRs who played with a group of motley QBs: Chris Carter. Calvin Johnson until Drew Stafford. Anquan Boldin. Tim Brown. Torry Holt. Steve Smith Sr. Hines Ward. And there are a lot more. Great, or even average, WRs who played with mediocre QBs and still put up quality numbers — which is a mark of true WR talent.

        Not getting open then doing nothing all game. I mean, the guy has barely averaged over 1 reception a game for his career. On a WR desperate team where he got every opportunity.

        1. You might be right but hows about we give the guy a chance? Goodwin has talent. He will now be playing in an offense run by a competent NFL offensive coach. He won’t have a competent NFL QB this year but scheme alone should help Goodwin’s stats. I’m very excited to see what he can do in Shanny’s offense. I saw Goodwin play multiple times in college and I was always impressed by him. He was the best player on the field in many games.

        2. I’m not saying Goodwin is great, but none of the Niners DBs can cover him, while all of them can cover Garcon.

          1. Then why lead with a title suggesting that this guy is Calvin Johnson? I mean you embarrass yourself on a regular basis with your articles. You jump to conclusions with your idle and outlandish murmur. How about reporting the FACTS and let the readers form their opinions.

            Wait…that would be good journalism.

          2. Without pads.

            Let’s see what happens in trainning camp.

            If he continues to be effective then it would be great.
            I’m not betting on that, though.

        3. Well, the Bills had the Number 1 rushing offense in the league which will always put your second and third receiver stats down. Bills had the most number of pass plays over 10 yards in the NFL last year. Goodwin was on the field when most
          Of those plays happend cause They would always have the fastest corner covering him.
          Unfortunately I’m a bills fan and the bills get rid of all the great talents but
          Marquise Has practiced the whole off-season on his foot work and mastering his first “Cut” the guy is Nasty and is finally 100% dedicated to being a great NFL receiver
          Instead of an Olympian. The last 3 years he was only interested in the Olympics!
          Rex even told him
          If he went to Rio there might not be a spot left on the Roster! “But he said o well I’m not missing the Olympics” . And With his speed who is supposed to keep up with him.

  2. Thanks Grant. The insights on how the safeties are transitioning are particularly welcome (even though they are negative). They will be a key to this D, so if they aren’t any good the D could be in serious trouble.

    How has Tartt looked?

    1. On the other hand, that is the first pratice where any long completion happened.

      So maybe the safeties have not been doing a bad job.

      1. This will the most interesting part of the D transition to me as well. Seems like the defense is simpler for everyone else but both safeties need to learn new roles. Might be growing pains on seeming uncomfortable, we shall see.

      2. Yeah, but who has he been playing against or with. New scheme, new position. They are learning there assignments. Getting used to what their teams assignments are and who will need help more than others. Like if you had Dieon, you knew he didn’t much assistance although he did get burned by Rice.

      3. Man i like Reid and Tartt i wish they could play together idk about ward at Free safety we shall see

    2. Ward is uncomfortable at FS because he’s a SS. Cut Eric Reid, he never really did anything anyway. He reminds me of Taylor Mays. That’s not good. Put Ward at SS. That’s what he played in college

    1. I’ve got a feeling Beathard will get his chance at some point this year. The two quarterbacks in front of him aren’t the future, and they’ll need to find out if C. J. is before next years draft….

        1. I don’t expect him to start, but at some point I think we’ll see him get on the field. Whether it’s due to injury, ineptitude and/or the playoffs are no longer a possibility. Next years draft has blue chip quarterback talent, and they’ll want to know if Beathard has what it takes to allow them to go in a different direction with that first round pick. Such as a LT, like Conner Williams….

  3. “First, he ran by Keith Reaser and Jimmie Ward.”

    Ward, the last line of defense got burnt. Bad sign.

    “Seems like the coaching staff is preparing Kittle for a big role next season.”

    Good, he can block and catch.

      1. You are completely biased against Bowman and Lynch. You describe their efforts with bias. Just report the facts, I don’t need your spin thanks.

        1. I don’t think it was spun. Its a fact that lynch is having weight problems and had them last year as well; not to mention he was heavily criticized for weight and work ethic issues going into the draft. Thats why he fell to the 5th round.
          Having torn my ACL 2 times I can attest to slower reaction times in muscle twitch. Bowman has had two major injuries that cause the same problem. Its not hard to believe that he’s a step slow in man coverage when he has to react and can’t do so as well. Grant pointed out that he was better in zone, i.e. where he doesn’t have to react as quickly and can predict instead.
          For the record I’m a Lynch and Bowman fan. I find Lynch’s weight issues frustrating and I can’t help but worry that Bowman is but a shadow of his former self. I think it was evident before the Achilles injury that he wasn’t himself.

      1. None of the TD’s “count”, Grant, it’s practice. Besides, the fact that Beathard was sacked doesn’t change anything for VMcD. He ran a route, he beat the coverage, he caught the pass. Entirely irrelevant from VMcD’s perspective that Beathard got “sacked”.

  4. It’s strange how you feel the need to be an asshole to these players. The name calling in particular seems like the sort of thing the good beat writers would never stoop to. I guess that’s part of the reason why you aren’t in that group.

  5. Grant we get that Aaron lynch is overweight You are a reporter not a personal trainer who’s trying to shame him into losing weight. We don’t have to be reminded in every paragraph you write about the guy.

  6. Thanks for the insight Grant. That’s what practice is for. Continued improvement is what is important. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep them coming.

  7. From what you relay Barkley is having a better camp than Hoyer. Could that be an omen of things to come. The rest of the offense remains a work in progress from what the indications are at this time with some standouts at various positions. It will be of interest when training camp starts, pads are on and the system is better known by all, including the press. There seems to be enough talent to make a run for the roses if they can put the defense in shape. This definitely a KSS offensive scheme. Looking forward to the first practice game to see if the pieces fit together.

  8. Why is Lorenzo Jerome lining up at slot cornerback? We obviously don’t have much depth at free safety and he could possibly take over that position!

  9. Hey Grant thank you for detailing your observations, really appreciate your work. I know it is still early, but are you sticking to your prediction on the Niners record this coming year.

  10. Hey Grant – based on some things I’ve seen Fusco seems to be getting some run with the first team. True? How has he looked to you?

  11. Wonder if they’re going to regret not taking a Safety before the 7th round.

    I wonder if they already do.

    1. For the record, I thought they should have taken Jamal Adams at #3 over Solomon Thomas. Of course, we won’t know for about 5 years which would have been the better choice.

  12. Only thing I take away from this outstanding piece is we need a qb in the worst way……qb situation gonna undermine the whole season. If we don’t get Cousins, what then……

    1. Should let Beathard develop this year and see if he is the next Kirk Cousins. Also, there are at least four QBs that qualify for next year’s draft that could go in the first round.

    1. Dont get me started….
      Looks like Barkley will out compete Hoyer. Would like to see CJB play with the starters to see what he can do. In the minis is where they should be experimenting.

      1. I wasn’t aware you had stopped (or even paused). :)

        Hoyer is just this year’s version of Steve DeBerg. Wouldn’t be surprised to see all three QBs getting substantial playing time before the season is over.

        1. Believe it or not, I have tried very hard to refrain from bringing him up, and just comment after some one does bring up his name, usually to counter some screed.
          I also think Hoyer will pull a Gabbert, and play himself off the team.

  13. I don’t know who or what to believe. Today’s goat is tomorrows hero. Ill just let the dust settle minus the editorial asides.

  14. I too enjoy reading these each year. Appreciate the observations.
    Curiously, I have not seen any mention of Solomon Thomas?

    Kittle could be a good fit into this more modern W C system and work his way into an active spot. Thought the same of Trent Taylor but after great start have not heard much.

    1. Solomon Thomas is being held out because of an NFL rule that prohibits rookies (that come from colleges that use the quarters system) from participating in practice until after they complete their finals.

    2. Solomon can’t practice until his school finishes its quarter. NFL rule. He won’t be able to do anything until Thursday the final day before they break. This is how it was for Garnett who also went to Stanford. Buckner and Armstead were similar, but Oregon finished slightly earlier than Stanford.

      1. Sounds like Solomon may be going to Hawaii with Buckner and Armstead to work out with Michael Bennett for a few weeks before TC begins.

  15. Grant why do you want Barkley to win the job so bad? I don’t care about practice history shows he’s worse than Horror, I mean Hoyer. Your favorites show through in your writing. Yes yes you got me to click so I am the idiot but just for one day put your personal agenda aside. Can you do that????

      1. Seriously/truthfully, you don’t have a favorite? Hard to believe, unless you think they’re all worthless trash and below the threshold of a qualified NFL QB.

  16. Wonder if selecting a safety would have been a better choice with their first pick. My last mock had Malik Hooker, who went 15th. Niners could have traded back to the mid round, garnered more draft picks, and still gotten a safety who fits the Earl Thomas style. While I like King Solomon, he is duplicative.

  17. No matter what else it’s great to hear that nobody can cover Marquise Goodwin, because nobody has any business being able to cover him in the first place. I would be willing to bet that Shanahan went after Goodwin knowing that what he transformed Taylor Gabriel into after the Browns kicked him to the curb will pale in comparison with what he can produce with Goodwin. Keith Reaser is a 4.3 mover, and Marquise is putting him in his exhaust. Reaser will not be Goodwin’s only victim this season. There exist no secondary player in the NFL that can stay with Goodwin or Ross if they get a quarter of a step on a defender. Buffalo was foolish. Watkins, and Goodwin in combination would render a defense helpless if used right. It can be guaranteed that Shanahan will put Goodwin in position to succeed. I’m looking so forward to this. Torrey Smith was fast, but Goodwin is ridiculous. Even with Ginn Jr. at 4.28 Marquise had a step on him at 4.27 This has to be the fastest vertical speed merchant to ever put on the Red&Gold

    1. lol. Goodwin is the WR who admits that he’d rather be a track-star than a NFL WR. Last year Goodwin was on the bubble in Buffalo, in part because Goodwin was focusing on the Olympics as a sprinter.

      On the field, he’s not very good. Sure, he had bad QBs.. But he helped make them look worse, not better because he’s a track star in pads, not a WR. Seriously, there’s a reason he’s averaged barely over one reception a game despite ‘nobody being able to cover him.’

      I mean, it’s own words:

      “I would definitely do track and field, man,” Goodwin said. “Football was my opportunity to advance my life… kind of get a head start on life and put my family in a position to where they wouldn’t want for as much. I felt like track and field wouldn’t grant me that opportunity, being that I had a greater chance at making the amount of money that I do playing football, as opposed to going to track and field, and I would make it a lot sooner. Not saying I wouldn’t make it in track and field, but, I would make it pretty much at a guaranteed rate in football.”

      He’s playing for the paycheck, not the love of football.

    2. If Greg Roman had had Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, and Wes Welker, he still would have made them block for his power running game.

  18. Bowman: So now the question becomes — do they keep Bowman and the rest of the LBs in zone all year? You can hide/ameliorate coverage issues if you do.

    For example, Hacksaw Reynolds (way back in the early 80s) was, for the 49ers, about where Bowman is now. Smart. Savvy. Leader. Still good at run support. But couldn’t cover worth a ****. But he could drop into zone and did manage a couple of picks and some passes defensed when teams threw his way.

    Goodwin: So what? He did this with the Bills during OTAs. A regular Camp Warrior. Still has a lifetime 44% catch rate and can’t take a hit and is injury prone (has never completed a season). If this were baseball, he’d be a three-true-outcomes hitter. Only without the walks. So let’s wait and see if he actually breaks out or is just another Renaldo Nehemiah before we crown him.

    Kittle: Glad to see him move up. The guy is amazingly gifted as an athlete and has good hands. Sadly for him he played in a program that didn’t feature/use TEs for much more than blocking. Had he gone to some TE-heavy-passing team, I think he’s long gone before we take a TE.

  19. All this will change when the pads come on, but with that said, this comment brought back memories of recent QB struggles…

    “<Hoyer (Kap) threw behind Jeremy Kerley who was open over the middle. Hoyer (Kap) threw late to Pierre Garcon two times and allowed defensive backs to break up both passes. Hoyer (Kap) threw a deep pass to Aldrick Robinson who was double covered and had no chance to catch the ball. And Hoyer (Kap) threw two telegraphed passes in the red zone. Overall, Hoyer’s (Kap's) completion percentage was 58."

    Not advocating for him, just sounds eerily familiar.

  20. Good stuff Grant. Sounds like the play action game is super effective right now. A bit disconcerting about Hoyer’s play but maybe Shanny can coach him up.

    Is Vance McDonald even in attendance? Sounds like Kittle may be ahead of him onf the depth chart.

    A bit odd that almost all the Not So Good was the starting QB and then 3 DBs. Weird that both O and D were bad in the passing game.

    1. PA Passing:

      The play-action-pass is, literally, the most effective play in football. If that’s Hoyer’s specialty, then the offense should do well if they run it over 35% of passing plays. Even Kaepernick looked good during PA passing and pulled in a solid 113 QB rating back in 2013 when defenses were scared ****less over the 49ers run game and would over-commit.

      Of course, before that looks like I’ve gone all Seby on people, there were plenty of scrubs who did well at PA:

      Case Keenum — 120.3
      Mike Glennon — 111.7
      Sam Bradford — 111.5 (with the Rams btw).
      Nick Foles — 134.0 (with the Eagles)

      Anyway, where I’m hopeful in our current situation is that Ryan was a bad PA Quarterback prior to Shanahan. Once Shanahan got in there, Ryan became the best PA passer (statistically at least) QB in the league last year. If he can do that with Ryan, who was one of the worst, I’m thinking he should get at least decent production out of Hoyer.


      As I’ve said since the day he was drafted, the guy has Round 1 physical talent and good hands. He just fell because he didn’t get the kind of college play TEs drafted in Round 1 got. If you put him at Miami, or some other offense that utilized the TE for more than blocking, he’s probably a first a rounder based on his athleticism (97th percentile SPARQ).

      1. MZD, you mentioned Kittle, and it’s pretty clear they’ll keep him. What do you think about Bell’s chances? He’s fast for his size (see the video below), is 6’6, appears to have decent hands and to be a good blocker. I’m posting a video about a nice run he made from the QB position at Oklahoma.


      2. Moses, I see you are getting smarter. Sure, you can cherry pick QBs, and make your narrative fit many parameters and scenarios, but the fact is, Kaep does well doing play action passing. His threat to run also puts another stress on the defense, so they have to take into account too many things, and just cannot focus on stopping one aspect.
        The problem with the offense last season was that Chip telegraphed where the ball would be run, just by the formation. The Fishduck guy was all gaga over the fact that the defenses knew where the ball was going, but still could not stop them. In the Pros, that does not work.
        That is why I like the I Formation. The RB can run either left or right, so the RB will not be running into the teeth of the defense all the time. Hyde would excel in that scheme, because he would be able to build up a head of steam before reaching the Line of scrimmage. Then, he could use his veteran experience and savvy to run through the weaknesses of the defense.
        Sure, I want them to mix it up, and do the stretch zone running, but they should not abandon any scheme, because that makes themselves less multi dimensional. If they also did the Read Option, it would make the defense defend against both the run or pass. If they rolled out the QB with bootlegs and controlled pockets, the pass rushers would not be able to tee of, and rush to a spot.
        I agree with you. I also think KS can take any QB and make him better.

  21. Grant: keep the personal comments to yourself. You don’t need to state “the overweight defensive end” each time. It is not your job to put a derogatory statement to describe a player. Do you really think that you have gotten so big that a player is going to get motivated to do something by the way you describe him. By the way, your high school reporting days are over, this is not varsity football at your local high school – this is the big leagues, act like it Grant – or better yet write like it. I don’t even know why the Niners even let you in the building.

    1. No, Grant is giving that overweight guy tons of motivation to prove him wrong. That is much preferable than singing platitudes, telling him that he is great the way he is, and that he does not need to work hard to replace fat with muscle.
      I want the truth, sometimes it hurts. Maybe he should have come to camp svelte and chiseled.

      1. I’m convinced Grant is the respected and feared disciplinarian for the 9ers. Players blow off the coaches, but not Grant… Ignore Grant and you’re toast. Right on Seb…

        1. Some make it sound like they read these blogs and go hysterical. Players are professionals, and they will not go emo over criticism. They will just consider it part of the job.
          Who cares what a blogger says? Sure, he may point out deficiencies, but he is not the guy to worry about. Maybe he should listen to John Lynch. JL wants every player to buy in and go all out. Coming to camp overweight is not a good sign, and does not show discipline or the right attitude.
          Brown had the correct attitude. Sounds like he knew that he needed to lose weight, and came to camp having lost several pounds.

          1. Maybe you did not read his father during the Glory Years. Eddie would always say that he never read the paper, but years later, he would admit that he read every word. LC had the penchant to challenge BW, and dare him to become great, while pointing out his shortcomings. After reminiscing about that era, I would see that the columns were a master stroke of psychology, and gave them huge motivation to try and prove him wrong.
            Of course, back then, writers of sports columns carried a lot more weight. Papers were king back then. Nowadays, there are a plethora of blogs, with a whole range of opinion. Personally, I am tired of the sycophants that say little, and are just cheerleaders who parrot the company line. I prefer the edgy characters, that actually SAY something. I still will peruse the others to gain more perspectives, but the comments sections are a wasteland of cogent thought.

            1. Maybe you should stop playing cheerleader. The brown on your nose is embarrassing!

              What play book is Kap studying these days? Young and the Restless? Days of Our Lives?

              1. Prime, I am just being a fan of the Niners. You seem to be intolerant of a fan having a different opinion than yours.
                Talk about embarrassing.
                Kaep is a quick study. He is a savvy veteran, and is patiently waiting for an opportunity. Also, due to attrition, he will get his chance.
                Like you said, he will take the league by storm.

              2. You are not a fan of the 49ers. You are a fan of Colin Kaepernick only. You are so full of it, its oozing out of all your subliminal posts.

                Kap is an after thought and so is your sniveling venture to have him return.

                FYI: took the league by storm. 10 games, then faded like a popcorn fart in the desert. If you are going to quote me, at least get it right dummy.

              3. Prime, and you are a hater, and cheered when the Niners lost because Kaep was the QB.
                You are not a real fan of the Niners if you cannot cheer for the starting QB. I actually rooted for Gabbert to succeed, and did not advocate for him to be replaced by Kaep because I knew Gabbert would bench himself with his play.
                I have been resigned about Kaep leaving, and wished him well where ever he landed, but will still root for the Niners to win games, no matter who is the QB.
                Yes, you did admit Kaep took the league by storm. I do not have to add your qualifiers at the end because you did not make them at that time, and only added them later.

      2. Sebnynah: Yeah, a click-bait columnist is going to motivate a professional football player by writing on this blog the he is overweight. Never mind that Lynch’s coaches, or better yet himself can get him motivated to trim down. I can just see Lynch right now reading this blog, and talking to himself saying “man, Grant Cohn is right, I need to trim down, the hell with my coaches – they don’t know what they are doing and what they tell me!!!”

        By the way, I have seen videos from other writers that cover the Niners and Lynch is moving very well, and not to mention he practicing hard.

        1. Cot, I am glad he is motivated and moving well. I am also dead certain that the coaches and trainers are emphasizing exactly what Grant is telling all of us. Grant, by bringing up the subject, is focusing on a salient problem that needs correcting. That is why I come to this site. The regular writers just give positives, and regurgitates facts and figures. Grants gets down to the nitty gritty, and presents the Niners, warts and all.
          Sure, if the Niners were poised to return to the playoffs and went 10-6 last season, maybe a little criticism may be unwarranted. However, the team went 2-14, so they need to prove to me that they are going about it the right way and that there is a new mindset with the team.
          Coming to camp overweight just does not impress me.

          1. You come to this Sebnnoying because you were banned everywhere else, and this site for whatever reason, this site has tolerated your ignorance!

          2. Yawn, it is truly amusing to see you disparaging me when you, yourself was banned on this site. Sure, NN banned me for the simple statement that I said that true fans do not want their team to lose.
            Still, on many other sites there is site decorum, and posters are not allowed to use expletives and personally attack. On those sites, you would be long gone, because all you do is behave like a pathetic boor, hurling invective and insults ad nauseum.

            1. When was I banned? You keep saying that but never have an answer.

              The only reason you and only you receive expletives is because you are an idiot with your commentary.

              If you cant take the heat, adjust your apron Nancy!

              1. Prime, you conveniently forget, and being a welsher, your word is worthless.
                I tolerate you as an amusing troll, who is such a lightweight, that I cannot take you seriously.

              2. When did I welsh? You/Sebrazor forgot that minor detail didn’t you?

                Don’t take me seriously. I enjoy seeing you wallow.

        1. Grant is his own person, and I am unique, one of a kind. There are many others who troll this site with all their multiple accounts, but I am just myself, with provocative thoughts that many see as so far out of the mainstream, that they acknowledge my originality.
          I defend Grant, even though he does not need me to do it, but just want him to stay here because this is one site that one can speak their opinions without getting too much blowback.
          I also appreciate good writing, but that seems to be becoming a lost art.

  22. I have been gone for 2 months and come back to see Grant is still trolling and Seb is still pimping Kap. Looks like some things never change.

    1. Yup, you will take a look at the present QBs, and assume they will lead the Niners to the SB.
      I am just touting the last Niner QB to have done that.

      1. Hey Seb… Lynch and Shanahan are installing a system which isn’t terribly friendly to Kaep. Kaep’s not coming back.

  23. Wake me up when they put the pads on. That’s the only time we will get an idea of what each player is capable of.

  24. Grant, my depth chart vs carolina:
    Qb hoyer
    Rb williams
    Fb k juszczyck
    Te l paulsen
    Wr garcon
    Wr kerley


    Record 3-13

    Sam Darnold 1st round pick next yr

  25. Hi Grant.

    First, very fine report. Of all the one who write them, yours stands out as the most detailed and most interesting. Kudos.

    Second, what’s your take on the final TE group?
    In? Kittle, Bell, Paulsen, and Hikutini
    Out? McDonald and Celek

    1. George,

      I’m guessing here but I’m thinking Bell is out as is Celek, Hikutini is practice squad bound. And McDonald Kittle andPaulsen are team bound.

    2. Thanks, George.

      Kittle and Paulsen are in, then there’s a competition for one or two spots. Celek is getting more run with the starters than Hikutini, Bell or McDonald. Those three are playing with the backups.

  26. On The NFL morning show, Peter Shrager said something along the lines, “Because sports should be fun…”

    Boy does that hit the nail on the head. Grant is a petulant, spoiled momma’s boy. He thinks making snide and hurtful comments makes him cool but in fact he’s like the kid in the back of third-grade class eating his boogers and wondering why most other kids cannot stand him.

    Grant, you have been a downer for seven years. Mean, hurtful, puffed up and not especially bright. How about getting lost and letting this blog return to the much happier — and cooler – – place it was before you horned in? Sheesh…

  27. Appreciate the column, now a bookmarked daily read especially since this is 1 of the very few where despite being a decidedly 49er Homer presents opinionated criticism & observations.
    1- Hoping Brian Hoyer has a career year.
    2- Interesting that Kittle seems to be outplaying Paulson this early.
    3- Want to see Goodwin perform as well in a game.
    4- Hate it but expected Bowman lacks muscle twitch to abruptly change direction at full speed.
    5- Fearful of Safety play this season, expected weakness to be at Cornerback, lack of experience.

  28. What a hypocrite. Your comments about Grant are far more critical than Grants about lynch. You should be ashamed.

  29. *reads Kittle is taking 1st team reps*
    “Hell yeah”
    *reads Goodwin is doing well*
    “This is exactly what I want to read”
    *sees article is written by Grant Cohn”
    “Well, damn”

  30. everyone is hating on the guy because it makes you feel better if he doesn’t succeed I’m a diehard bills fan and the bills get rid of all the great talents .
    Marquise Has practiced the whole off-season on his foot work and mastering his first “Cut” the guy is Nasty and is finally 100% dedicated to being a great NFL receiver
    Instead of an Olympian. The last 3 years he was only interested in the Olympics!
    Rex even told him
    If he went to Rio there might not be a spot left on the Roster! “But he said o well I’m not missing the Olympics” . And With his speed who is supposed to keep up with him.

  31. Im on board with seb and will be “pimpn” kaep as well until I see a qb worth a crap under center.

    1. So, you believe the GM and HC should alter their offensive scheme (significantly) to fit Kaep’s abilities (those he does have) and his limitations (those he does have)?

      1. I believe that Kaep, if he is allowed to utilize his mobility, will be able to avoid sacks and stress the defense with his threat to run. He would make KS’s job easier.
        It is no wonder why KS was having the QBs run bootlegs. Having a varied pocket location, and threatening play action, will allow the QB to buy time and allow the offense to take what the defense gives them.
        Both Lynch and KS are perfectly capable of being flexible, unlike last season, where they were way too rigid and stubborn, and totally incapable of making timely adjustments.
        Lynch and KS will not be playing players out of position, or playing favorites, like Baalke did. Hopefully, they will play to their strengths and disguise their weaknesses.

  32. Shouldn’t say this, but there haven’t been any significant injuries yet–blown out knees, dislocated hips, broken forearms, etc.. Hope it stays that way from now through the preseason.

  33. Grant I have no problem with the report except that you find it necessary to obsess over lynch’s weight and even when bowman is in the good you find a way to insult him.All seems personal to me.

  34. I don’t put any weight on which players are playing with 1st or 2nd or 3rd teams right now,pads are not on. A lot changes when you actually have to block or run routes or catch ect. Yeah it’s nice to see but I think there will be a lot of mixing and matching players to see who fits where and when with this coaching staff.i believe this a good thing.

    1. Hoyer/Garcon are not going to go all out during minicamps and OTA’s and risk an injury. They know they have the luxury of NOT having to prove themselves until training camp.
      Goodwin and the others don’t have that security.

      Know this. The last time Hoyer started for Shanahan he reeled off 5 straight 300 yard games until injury.

      1. * Those (5) 300 yard games by Hoyer came, game 1 thru 5, so buckle your seat belts. This isn’t Kaep throwing for 106 yards anymore.

        1. *Excuse me, this isn’t Kaep throwing for 106 yards (20 yds in the 1st half, the rest in garbage time when the 2ndary backs off and allows underneath patterns).

          Here’s an example of one of Kaep’s better games vs. the Cards, 2016
          pct. yds.
          09/27 @ ARI L 7-47 1 1 9 19 47.4 67 3.5 0 4 2 14 16.7 7 46 6.6 1 — —

          By NFL Stats.com

          1. *Note the 67 yds. passing and 47.4 comp. %……Yeah, we need more of that coupled with a Jarryd Hayne threat in the backfield to have NFL defenses take notice.

  35. Hey Grant do you see Ward getting moved back to CB and maybe us signing a free agent to FS or do you think someone else is better at the position on the roster already?

  36. Grant,
    Looks like A.Lynch has become your new target now that Kaep is gone. Oh, my bad, I almost forgot that you have continued to keep Kap on your board even after his departure.
    Even though Lynch made a little noise in practice your sole intent is to make reference about his weight.
    Hey, but if AL can pressure the QB during the season I’d be ok with your “overweight” salvo’s.

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