49ers mock draft: Post first wave of free agency

These are the players the 49ers should take in the upcoming draft given the players they already have signed in free agency.

Round 1: Andrus Peat, OT/G, Stanford

Andrus Peat is the most athletically gifted offensive lineman in the upcoming draft. He’s tall (6’7”), he has long arms (34 3/8 inches) and quick feet. He has the potential to become a Pro Bowl left tackle, but his rookie season he could replace Mike Iupati and play left guard.

Peat would be a better pass protector than Iupati, who gave up 7 sacks last season. Peat also would be a better run blocker than Iupati if the Niners incorporate more zone blocking into their running game. Iupati cannot move quickly enough to be a zone blocker.

Round 2: Stephone Anthony, ILB, Clemson

If the 49ers are going to contend with Seattle, the Niners need someone who matches up with Jimmy Graham.

Clemson inside linebacker Stephone Anthony seems to match up.

Anthony: 6’3”, 243 pounds, 4.56 40-yard dash, 37-inch vertical leap.

Graham: 6’6”, 260 pounds, 4.56 40-yard dash, 38 1/2-inch vertical leap.

Anthony is excellent at covering tight ends, but he is not a mere coverage specialist. He is a three-down linebacker. The 49ers recently lost one of those. He wore No.52.

The Niners are left with Chris Borland, a two-down linebacker at best, and NaVorro Bowman.

Bowman was a three-down linebacker before he tore the ACL and MCL in his left leg. The 49ers cannot expect him to be a three-down linebacker any more, cannot expect him to play every single defensive snap like he used to, especially not his first season back from a horrific injury.

Drafting a three-down linebacker like Anthony would take tremendous pressure off of Bowman.

Round 3: Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami

The 49ers need a future No.1 receiver. Phillip Dorsett may or may not be a future No.1, but he sure shares a lot of athletic traits with the Indianapolis Colts’ current No.1—T.Y. Hilton.

Dorsett: 5’10”, 185 pounds, 4.33 40-yard dash, 37-inch vertical leap, 30 ¼-inch arms, 9 3/8-inch hands.

Hilton: 5’10”, 183 pounds, 4.34 40-yard dash, 35 ½-inch vertical leap, 32-inch arms, 8 ½-inch hands.

I’m just saying.

Round 4: Javorius “Buck” Allen, RB, USC

The Niners also need another power running back who can run both inside and outside the tackles.

Boise State’s Jay Ajayi would be perfect for the Niners, but they probably would have to draft him in the second round, and they spent a second-round pick on a running back last year.

Instead of drafting Ajayi, the Niners could wait until the fourth round and draft USC’s “Buck” Allen. Allen and Ajayi are similar.

Allen: 6’0”, 221 pounds, 4.53 40-yard dash, 5.5 yards per carry in 417 carries at USC.

Ajayi: 6’0”, 221 pounds, 4.57 40-yard dash, 5.6 yards per carry in 678 carries at Boise State.

Round 5: Nick Marshall, CB, Auburn

The 49ers don’t necessarily need to draft a starting cornerback. Tramaine Brock and Shareece Wright are solid starters.

Still, the 49ers need a cornerback who could develop and replace Brock or Wright in the starting lineup down the line.

Nick Marshall needs to develop—he was a quarterback at Auburn. But he will play defensive back in the NFL. Compare his combine results to Richard Sherman’s combine results. Sherman was a fifth-round pick in 2011.

Marshall: 6’1’1/2, 207 pounds, 4.54 40-yard dash, 37 ½-inch vertical leap, 4.15 20-yard shuttle, 6.96 3-cone drill, 32 1/8-inch arms.

Sherman: 6’2’1/2, 195 pounds, 4.53 40-yard dash, 38-inch vertical leap, 4.33 20-yard shuttle, 6.82 3-cone drill, 32-inch arms.

Round 6: Kyle Emanuel, OLB, North Dakota State

The past four seasons, the 49ers have had a run-stopping outside linebacker. In 2011 and 2012, it was Parys Haralson. In 2013 and 2014, it was Dan Skuta.

Haralson was a fifth-round pick and Skuta wasn’t drafted, meaning the 49ers can find a run-stopping outside linebacker late in the draft.

Kyle Emanuel is projected to be a sixth-round pick, mostly because he went to a small school (North Dakota State). Skuta also went to a small school (Grand Valley State). Emanuel and Skuta have a lot in common.

Emanuel: 6’3”, 255 pounds, 4.77 40-yard dash, 27 bench-press reps of 225 pounds.

Skuta: 6’2”, 249 pounds, 4.72 40-yard dash, 20 bench-press reps of 225 pounds.

Round 7: Bryan Bennett, QB, Southeastern Louisiana

This year is a terrible year to draft a quarterback. At least Bennett has wheels and a strong arm—traits worth developing. Bennett backed up Marcus Mariota for a year at the University of Oregon, so he should feel right at home backing up Colin Kaepernick.

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  1. Nice picks. This mock feels pretty “needy,” like you were checking off a list. I’m not sure how many of these selections will be considered BPA at where you have them.

    1. I don’t think we need to go ILB in round 2. That’d be a bit high for me. We had a top 5 defense with Borland / Wilhoite, even though you continue to insist that Borland can’t carry the load. He did, and did it very well as a rookie. You’re acting like we HAVE to match-up Borland man-to-man on a TE, and we don’t. That’s just ONE way you can cover that position, and something that we did because of Willis’ freakishly athletic ability. The fact is that you can cover him with a Safety, which is actually probably what 75% of teams will do. Besides that, Willis was 6-1, and covered Graham just fine. Don’t think you have to grab someone 6-3 just for the sake of having someone similar in height to Graham.

      I think Borland has very good instincts, and would likely be asked to play zone or man-up on the RB in passing downs. That’s what he was asked to do last year, and he did it very well. He can easily be a 3-down LB, and he’s already proven that. Not sure what’s up with the constant comparisons between Willis/Borland. He doesn’t need to be Willis to have a place in our offense. Your scheme is based around what your players allow you to do.

      Having said that, I do think we’ll grab an ILB somewhere in the draft. Wilhoite is likely gone next year, and Moody is nothing but ST player. I just think that 2nd round is way too high, and we have much bigger needs in other areas that should be addressed first. I’m thinking we should be targeting ILB in rounds 4-6, to add depth behind Borland/Bowman and be a solid backup should one of our starters get hurt.

      I don’t like the idea of taking a guard that high either, but I wouldn’t be too mad about it. But if Devante Parker is there, take the man!

      1. Borland is a classic MLB. He has limitations, everybody knows this. He isn’t a three down linebacker and it showed as his playing time increased. He is very good in the box and a liability outside of it. It’s not a knock on him, it’s just a realistic outlook on his future. Most MLB’s are liabilities in coverage. Willis was a very rare talent, Borland isn’t. It is what it is. Draft the BPA.

    2. None! That’s how many. For the first time ever, Trent Baalke will be grabbing the best player available with every pick.

      1. Grant, due to an ever changing F/A landscape and redshirted recovery injuries from 49ers DL, I thought that might be the way to go. However we need to quit hearing excuses about Kap, so lets get some OL help. I agree Peat #1.
        Also QB, Joe Clancy, merrimack, as a F/A for camp Competition. Read, No giving up, http://www.newburysportnews.com

    3. I agree not a bad set of picks.
      I think you can round it out with the two compensatory picks in the 4th and 7th.
      I’d take Jeff Heuerman TE. I liked the blocks he through ala Delanie Walker. I’d also take a risk on Davon Walls DE if he interviewed well or Jeff Whitaker NT/DT.

  2. Not a fan at all of the first two picks, but like the next three. Agree with the Dorsett to TY Hilton comp, and Hilton’s success against the Seahawks makes me think the 49ers go after Dorsett. Nick Marshall looked surprisingly decent at the Senior Bowl at corner and has really natural feet for the position.

  3. Love the ilb at 2rd i would maybey flipflop your 1st and 3rd rounds butt even if not i would not hate it if it happend that way

  4. Also love the marshall at cb i would really like to see someone like that on the team even play him on offens throw in some flea flikers

  5. I don’t agree with the first 3 picks. I do not see them picking a 6’7 right tackle and playing him at guard. Brandon Thomas is ahead of schedule in his recovery and is highly regarded. The 2nd pick makes very little sense as well. Picking an inside linebacker to cover the likes of jimmy graham is laughable. There is no linebacker ever that can cover jimmy graham. The niners have 3 soild inside linebackers. Bowman has had plenty of time to recover and should be back to close to 100 percent. Borland is a great looking linebacker who will only get better. Expect Eric Reid to cover Graham or Johnson. Third pick makes little sense as well. Another smaller reciever hopeing to get a TY Hilton. The draft does not work like that. Just because they have similar measurables doesn’t mean they become that player.

    1. Why do you think Baalke wouldn’t draft an offensive lineman in the top 20? He has done that twice before. He never has drafted a wide receiver in the top 20.

      1. He’s never drafted a WR in the top 20? How many times are we slated to pick in the top 20?

        If we didn’t have Brandon Thomas on our team, then I could see maybe going OL here. But I think we’re in good shape with Brandon Thomas competing against the loser of the Kilgore/Martin battle for the LG spot. I think we will go interior OL at some point in the draft, just don’t think it’s the best value in round 1. You can get quality guards in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

        In round 1, I’d like to see a difference maker. BPA at WR or OLB.

          1. “Thomas was a four-star recruit out of high school and stayed in state, choosing Clemson over South Carolina. He redshirted in 2009 and was a backup in 2010 before earning a starting role at left guard. He started every game at left tackle, protecting Tajh Boyd’s blindside and earning first-team All-ACC honors in 2012 and ’13. Has versatility and experience as a three-starter and senior captain — 36 career starts (27 left tackle, 9 left guard) with playing time at right tackle.”

            I didn’t see right guard there.

      2. “He has never drafted a wide receiver in the top 20.”

        In 2012, if the 49ers had had a pick in the top 20, it seems highly likely that he would have still taken a WR. From Maiocco:

        “In 2012, the 49ers were known to be looking for help at wide receiver. They ended up staying at No. 30 and selecting A.J. Jenkins. Baalke said the biggest takeaway from that ill-fated draft pick was that he made an exception on his general draft philosophy. Baalke was swayed too much by Jenkins’ speed without consideration to the physicality and toughness that the 49ers often seek in their wide receivers.”


        That was the need in 2012 and every year since. So if the niners had had a record in 2011 resulting in a pick in the top 20, I believe they would have still taken a WR (maybe not Jenkins) but a WR nevertheless.

        So I wouldn’t rule it out this year.

        1. I would. Spending a first-round pick on a receiver plus signing another one to the richest free-agent contract in Baalke’s tenure as a GM would be overkill. The offensive line is shaky.

          1. The way the draft looks to shape up, if the 3 top WR are taken, one of the top OL or top 5 OLB/DE (or top 2 DE) will be available at #15. That should give the Niners plenty of flexibility to trade down.

          2. Unless somebody drops, I don’t see them taking a receiver. They will already have Boldin, Smith, Patton, Ellington, Davis and Bush competing for catches. BPA.

          3. umm, not really. Anquan Boldin is nearing the end of his career, and we need his replacement. Much more affordable than waiting until next year, and then handing out another $6-8M per year for a starting caliber WR. A rookie could provide some impact this year as the #3 guy, and be able to take over a starting role by next season. Bruce Ellington and Patton are depth guys, and likely will never make it past 3rd WR on the depth chart.

        2. I think WR in round one is still on the table if one of the big three drop. Boldin is only signed through this year and Patton and Ellington are still question marks. A case could be made that WR is still their biggest need.

          1. Rocket,
            I personally think they should invest in a WR if a good one is available in the first, I just don’t see it happening. I’ve been banging the drums over upgrading the receiving corps for years. Baalke seems to know that he can’t evaluate receivers very well, so he signed Smith. Smith isn’t great but his speed will open things up for the rest of the team. He can definitely take the top off of a defense. That’s a start but I’d like to see a stable receiving corps developed for the future so Kaep can develop long term chemistry with them.

            1. BigP,

              Previously Baalke has improved the WR depth chart through trades and FA and he’s done that again with the Smith signing, but the difference this time imo is that they really don’t have any reliable options beyond he and Boldin. With Boldin being in the last year of his contract and 34 years old, I think the WR position is at the top of the draft need list whereas it wasn’t previously due to the number of veterans they had.

              I’ve never bought the notion that Baalke can’t evaluate WR talent and I can’t see him avoiding the position because he feels he can’t analyze it properly. What has happened is, other than 2012. he’s never drafted a WR higher than the 4th round which leaves the chances of hitting on the pick at a much lower percentage. The fact he’s said he was interested in OBJ last year tells me he is not gun shy on looking at WR’s in the first round, but simply unwilling to pay the freight necessary to move up and get one. This year they have their highest draft choice in 4 years so the ability to get a top WR is much greater. Put it this way, if one of Cooper, White or Parker falls, I don’t think Baalke would hesitate to pull the trigger.

              1. Like I said, if one of the top prospects is there, he should take him. I agree with your take, I just don’t feel confident that Baalke will actually draft a receiver there. He likes to build from the inside out, which is smart. If there was a top line prospect and a top WR prospect on the board, I believe he would select the lineman.

              2. You may be right on that BigP. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that situation presents itself. As it is, I think the BPA may be a passrusher.

              3. Rocket, If one of Cooper, White or Parker falls, and Baalke does balk, (see what I did there?) then he should be tarred, feathered and run outta town on a rail! I would absolutely lose my $hi7 if he passed of one of those three receivers after pretty much whiffing on the position last year, the greatest draft for WR’s to happen in decades.

              4. Bar None,

                I’ll be right there with you if that happens. The only alternate view I might take is if he took a CB like Waynes instead. I could see the logic in that.

      3. Why do you think Baalke wouldn’t draft an offensive lineman in the top 20? He has done that twice before.

        Kind of a ridiculous comment there Grant. There isn’t a immediate need on the OL and the area that was exposed on the unit was its depth. It doesn’t fit with the way Baalke has drafted his past first round picks.

  6. I like the Marshall pick. Besides the upside, he could be QB3 so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting him on the PS.

    But about Peat, you need to factor in the fact that draft history shows considerable risk in drafting an offensive lineman out of Stanford. There’s only one I can think of who’s been good, Chris Dalman, and he was drafted in the sixth round. Am I missing someone? I would be happy to be wrong about that, but I hope we don’t draft Peat.

  7. Peat is probably the best LT prospect in the draft and as such, I don’t see him being available at 15. There is also the fact he’s never played Guard, so there is nothing to base a belief on that he could come in and excel at LG. Then there’s the fact that the Niners are set at OT for the next few years with the starters they currently have. Using a first round pick on a guy who will have to play out of position for the forseeable future doesn’t strike me as a good use of draft capital. If you want to draft a LG, then draft a LG in the second or 3rd round when the value will be at it’s max.

    As it is, I think Brandon Thomas will be the LG of the present and future.

    The rest of this mock is ok, but need is evident in the second round pick and likely not the BPA. Dorsett is likely gone before the middle of the 3rd round, and drafting a QB trying to become a CB in the 5th is a little high. Not bad Grant but I don’t think the actual draft will look anything like this. I’ll come up with my own a little later on.

    1. CBS ranks Peat the 14th-best prospect in the draft. 50-50 chance he’s there at 15.

      Zack Martin played tackle in college, and he was an outstanding guard his rookie season.

      Bradon Thomas is more of a right guard than a left guard: “Is better with simple assignments and effectiveness wanes in space. Can do a better job playing with his head on a swivel.” http://www.nfl.com/draft/2014/profiles/brandon-thomas?id=2543702

      Left guards need to play well in space when they pull.

      CBS ranks Dorsett the 81st-best prospect in the draft. The Niners pick 79th.

      1. Grant, here’s the “bottom line” of that link you referred to:

        BOTTOM LINE Strong-bodied, dependable gap blocker who played left tackle in college but will likely slide inside in the pros. Showed improvement as a senior and has the potential to be a long-term fixture at left guard. Ability to play tackle in a pinch adds to value.

        1. You can’t play left guard if you struggle in space. Guards who struggle in space are right guards.

          1. What do you think about my comment above that you shouldn’t draft an olineman out of Stanford that high?

            1. Peat has nothing in common with former Stanford O-linemen. Peat is an athletic freak. He is huge and quick and long.

          2. Right. Like Boone? Who can play either tackle and so obviously can play in space? Boone, whose ability in space is what protects A Davis in pass pro? Why wouldn’t SF move him to LG if your theorem was so absolute? Oh, and RG’s don’t also pull and trap to the offside? I think you’re radically over-simplifying that stuff.
            During the run-up to the last draft many analysts pointed out that Zack Martin would be a good candidate at G, maybe better than OT. You’re the lone wolf on switching Peat inside as far as I can tell.

            1. The only position the Niners play Boone is right guard. He’s OK in space. Peat is much better.

      2. All the mocks (for what they’re worth) have Peat yo-yoing from picks 9 to 23.

        What do you think of Sean Mannion? Will he be there on day three?

          1. If Peat gets taken high, at least if pushes another good player (Parker) down a notch.

      3. I disagree. Thomas was drafted with the idea he would likely be a LG in the future. I think that is where he will be.

        That profile you just linked to sees him as a LG as well.

        I already explained why I don’t see Peat being the pick even if he does fall to 15. I don’t care where he’s ranked, but I don’t see Dorsett getting out of the second round top of the 3rd with that speed.

        1. John Brown had the same speed and he dropped to pick No.91.

          Peat is one of the best prospects on the draft. The Niners shouldn’t pass on him because they have Brandon Thomas, a prospect two or three tiers down from Peat.

          Don’t forget Thomas has torn his ACL not once but twice.

          1. You are correct that Peat is a good prospect and Thomas has torn the ACL twice, but that doesn’t change the fact Peat is an OT and they will have to move him out of position for the forseeable future if they make that pick. The reason you draft him that high is because he’s a LT, not a G. As I said earlier, they can find a G later in the draft that will be a lot better value if they decide they need one.

            John Brown came from a small school and wasn’t nearly as talked about as Dorsett has been this year. Even then he was taken in the 3rd round. Dorsett will go higher this year because of that and being a much better known commodity.

            1. You draft him that high because he’s the best OL prospect in the draft. There is no good reason to pass on him. He’s a freak who can play tackle or guard.

              1. There could be a number of good reasons to pass on him. There could be comparable talent at great positions of need. I don’t see the logic in drafting a LT with the 15th overall pick unless that is where you are going to play him. Seems like a complete waste to use that high of a pick to move a player to a lesser position and one he’s never played before. If he’s far and away the best player on your board then I guess you consider it, but I doubt that will be the case. The only other consideration is if they plan on parting with Staley in the next year or two.

              2. One of the guys that helped out that ranking is gone, another (despite Baalke’s insistence that he’ll be back) will either be traded or released, another will most likely play his way to a massive contract that Baalke won’t even attemp to match, and yet another is a third round bust from a couple drafts back.
                The OL meanwhile was exposed only on depth and the quality of it. And don’t use the number of sacks as a reason to back up that the OL is a weak point. About a third of those sacks were on Kaep.

          2. John Brown had the same speed and he dropped to pick No.91.

            Brown wasn’t expected to come off the board until the sixth round.

          3. “The Niners shouldn’t pass on him because they have Brandon Thomas”

            I think Baalke would agree with you on that. Same thing could be said about just any position though.

            1. Yep.

              The last couple of years there has been one position heading into the draft that seemed an obvious need, more so than any other position (FS, NCB). That is the position they have drafted. At this point Jack, what position do you think is the area of most need?

          4. Peat will be drafted #9 by the Giants as an OT. The only way he lasts longer is if they decide Collins is a better fit for them. And of the course the Rams may look to go OT the next pick. That is as far as Peat will last on the board.

    2. I agree with rocket that as the best LT in the draft Peat will likely be gone, but then I also took a look at the team needs ahead of the 49ers and not many really need a LT. So who knows.

      Personally I’d prefer Cameron Erving to Peat, if they wanted to go OL in the first round.

  8. I think Marcus Martin will have a much better season this year. Mayock had him rated as the top center in the 2014 draft. At times last season it looked like he had no one to block on some passing plays but he wasn’t the only one.

    I prefer to remember the New Orleans game. Everyone was very concerned that Martin would have problems as the center in that very loud stadium (I think it was the first game he started as center). If I recall correctly, he played surprising well.

    If the 49ers pick an OL in the first round, then I think that might be an indication that Thomas’ rehab is not going as well as hoped.

    1. Tank Carradine was a second round pick and he wasn’t ready to start his first year back from injury. How can the Niners count on Thomas to start? They can’t. Plus, he’s a poor fit at left guard. He’s a better fit to take over at right guard in 2016.

      1. I don’t recall the injury as the reason that Tank wasn’t ready to start. Fangio mentioned that it was the mental side of his game that was preventing him from getting more snaps.

        Having said that, it’s possible that Thomas may not be mentally ready to start as well or the injury may still be a problem.

      2. Well tank never would of started his first year anyway playing behind Justin and Ray. Plus he was learning a different position then he played in college. Second, guard is a lot easier to transition to then a 3-4 DE.. That’s a bad comparsion grant.

        1. Tackle to guard is a pretty easy transition, which is exactly why the Niners should draft Peat. He’s in a whole different class than Thomas, who could become a decent right guard down the line.

      3. You are the only one I’ve read who is saying Thomas can’t play LG Grant. He will likely be given first crack at it, and if healthy will develop into a pretty decent starter imo.

        1. He could develop into a pretty decent starter, but he’s replacing a player who has gone to three-straight Pro Bowls.

          1. No argument with this, but Iupati was a liability as a pass protector far too often. Thomas will likely be an upgrade in that area, but not as good of a run blocker. It will also depend on what blocking scheme they ultimately decide to run.

            1. I think Peat will be a dominant pass protector and run blocker as a tackle or a guard. He would instantly improve the offensive line. Staley-Peat-Kilgore-Boone-Davis would compete with Dallas for best offensive line in the NFL.

              1. I gotta side with Grant here. Dallas new exactly what they wanted to do, build up an elite OL so they could run the ball at will, and that’s what they did. That #15 pick will BPA, and if Peat is there we will likely abide by that philosophy.

                Thomas can then serve as the swing tackle, that’s a great O-line with quality depth. Hyde would have a great season.

              2. f Peat is there at #15 and he’s the best player on the Niners board, they will have to consider it as I said above. Having said that, I don’t think he will be there and I also think there will be a comparable talent at a greater position of need that will supersede taking him at that spot. I still see WR, CB and DL/OLB being greater need areas and/or better value in the first round than Oline.

  9. I’m curious if and how people think that OTAs beginning on April 6th, for the 49ers, will impact selections made in the draft. I’m thinking that Baalke and the coaches will be able to better evaluate progress made on injured players. If some are not as far along as projected, that might impact the draft. Also, the 49ers will have an extra two weeks to make this evaluation relative to teams that have returning head coaches.

  10. Foerster has coached both man and zone blocking schemes. Though Iupati is gone, the 49ers line is still made up of big, hulking man blockers. Do we know for certain the 49ers are going zone?

    I’m guessing the 49ers involve more zone, and less of the constant shifting, but still keep alot of man stuff. But that’s just guessing.

    Which 49ers transition well to a zone scheme? I think Staley and Davis are fine. Probably Boone. Not sure about Looney. Marcus Martin seems like a classic man blocker, but he does have nice feet.

    1. Man or zone? We won’t know for sure until we see some action. Everything else is just speculation.

      1. Remember all the sweeps we heard about in training camp? How the team was going to attack the edges of defenses more with wide runs, reverses and fly sweeps? When Hunter went down, they had so scrap alot of that.

        1. They didn’t have to scrap it. They just got predictable. Hopefully our new staff recognized that when they looked at the film from last year.

  11. I do’nt believe that the 9ers are talented enough to use the #15 pick on a back up. They have needs at swing tackle, CB, ILB, OLB and RB. The only position i can see a draft pick stepping right in at are CB or ILB. I’m sticking with my prediction of the 49ers trading back in the 1st rd then trading back again with their 2nd rd pick. I think they will end up with one 1st, two 2nds and two 3rds.

    1. OldCoach – I like what I hear about Peat at OT.

      A tipping point… can he play left guard right away?

      Staley and and A. Davis are nailed down with long contacts. I would hate to see the 15th pick in the draft be nothing but depth, then hit free agency asking for huge bucks. The 49ers could assign a 5th year option, but he’d be expensive.

      But if Peat can play high level LG, while providing swing tackle backup, that could work.

      1. I actually like the Peat pick because he can upgrade the line at LG and he’ll take Staley’s spot in 2 more years, not to mention provide the swing tackle coverage that Boone provides now (he may leave next year). Joe Staley is a great value right now, but he’ll get older like all players do. Peat will be entering his prime.

        Whoever we take, going with BPA is the way to go. Peat has fantastic tools – anyone who’s seen him play knows he is massive and quick, bright and feisty – and his dad played pro ball, too. We have depth at G, and having Peat + Boone gives us the extra tackles so we don’t need to keep someone like Pears who isn’t very good. Looney, Martin and Kilgore give us the inside depth, and won’t need to be called upon to play tackle if we get hit with injuries.

  12. Grant sez:

    “… Tramaine Brock and Shareece Wright are solid starters…”

    I dunno, Grant ..
    one of the guys, here
    more knowledgable than I ..
    (but forget who it was..pls forgive)

    pointed out that Wright gave up a QBR of
    somewhere in the 90’s
    (If I recall correctly)

    If that’s the case ..
    how can he be a “solid” starter ?

    1. Wright played for the 29th-worst run defense in the league. The 49ers’ run defense creates lots of obvious passing situations, which makes cornerbacks’ jobs much easier.

      1. Its also worth noting that for the Chargers Shareece Wright was asked to play off man coverage a lot, but he’s much better as a press man corner. For the 49ers he’ll line up closer to the LOS more regularly.

    2. MWNiner, two days ago in the CB Shareece Wright thread, I posted the following article from niners nation:


      In that article they list game by game PFF stats from 2014. Although his average was 95.5 he had some games with very low ratings against Seattle, Buffalo, Jets, Oakland, Miami, Saint Louis, New England. He got killed by Arizona, Denver (twice), Baltimore and San Francisco.

      He might have potential to be better than we think. Needs consistency.

      1. *slaps head* …
        Thanx for reminding me, Cubus …

        (Now why am I not surprised ..
        it was you ? )

    1. I read that this morning. I was wondering if the front office was keeping an eye on this. Especially if he’s found innocent.

      1. Saw it too, but I don’t know that the FO can change their minds at this point. Water under the bridge or is it over the dam.

        1. Strictly a business move. I’m sure they can be honest with him and he will understand. He had two screw ups back to back. Keep your nose clean and it’s all good. Be aware of your surrounding and quit thinking everyone is your friend.

          1. Oh, I wasn’t thinking so much of McDonald but more of the perception of the Jed and the FO. I don’t think they will do it; not so much that McDonald won’t accept.

      2. KY49ER, what’s this “if he’s found innocent” stuff? He’s not going to trial, he is filing a civil suit for defamation of character. There is almost no chance at all that he will ever be charged with anything in this situation.

        He was fired for “lack of judgement” which in his case was 49er expedience in action.

  13. Anyone have a highlight tape of Peat? I’ve been scouring the web looking for something comprehensive. Most potential UDFAs have youtube highlights. Not a projected mid first rounder?

      1. Thanks. I’ve seen that one a few says ago. Peat turned 20 a few weeks before that game. Played most of that season at age 19.

        He’s still a baby at 21 years old. When he grows up, he’s going to squish people.

        That’s why I was so excited about Aldon Smith. At 19 years old, Aldon dominated Colorado’s O-line.

        1. similar to Anthony Davis – very young, immense potential and good tape in the can already

  14. I always find it adorable how Grant tries to imply or intimate that a player A will have a similar career or is as good at football as player B just because of similar physical measurables. I’m roughly the same height and weight as Barry Sanders, guess I’d be a hall of fame running back?

  15. Interesting draft Grant.

    Baalke plugged some holes via free agency to provide more draft flexibility, with one major exception. And I think it was arguably the position we were statistically worst at vis a vis the rest of the NFL, despite its improving importance. Yet that position didn’t show up in your draft either. You guessed it, Tight End.

    Yes, I know it’s not a great draft for TE’s. And I know we inked Carrier to a 2 year deal, but he had 100yds receiving last year and a low average. Celek didn’t even put up #s in college, let alone in the NFL. Don’t we need to draft another TE?

    Or is getting rid of our defunct TE coach enough (by way of promoting him to D-coordinator)?

  16. Grant – The value is not there for taking Peat that high. Good Tackles and guards are easier to find than good skilled players.
    Niners should trade up a couple spots and try to get White or Parker. They will soon need a replacement for Boldin.
    Forget Peat, we got Pears. He is good enough for one season……Peats and Pears lol

    Btw, UCLA is dancing!!…Beat SMU! :)

  17. I’d like to see Andrus Peat in the 1st round, but hope for WR or CB in the 2nd, either Breshad Perriman or wish for Marcus Peters/Kevin Johnson to fall to the mid 2nd round. Grant I was thinking that Lynden Trail might be the guy to take in the 3rd or 4th to be the Red Zone man on Jimmy Graham.

    1. That actually may not be a bad move. He’s easily a fit for a quick paced offense that has a run – first mentality.

    2. I have to .admit that I wouldn’t mind seeing Kaep and Teebow (as fullback) in the backfield. I’d like to see what kind of trick plays could be executed using those two. Even though he’s not a great passer, Tebow has played QB. Of course, I wouldn’t pay anymore than veteran minimum, but he could fill two spots – fullback and 3rd QB backup.

  18. If we Can add White or Parker to join Hyde, Bush, Hunter, Miller (?), VD, Boldin, Torrey Smith and Jerome Simpson. #7 will have serious weaponry. #7 would have to suck to not thrive will all those options.
    First pick must be Parker, White or a stud CB. IMO

    1. I agree with you. This will be his make or break year. Especially if they can add white or Parker(I prefer Parker) to the mix.

      1. KY – Our defense is still very good, even w/out Willis. With a rookie head coach (Tomsula), the more weapons the better. Baalke has added legit playmakers (Bush, Torrey Smith). If we can add Parker that would be a formidable Group of additional playmakers. Jerome Simpson is no slouch either……Can’t wait til draft day!

  19. Very Good draft,if only it would go exactly that way,butDorseet will not last to the 3rd rd.Like the ILB @ 2 rd,maybe trade up to get 2 2rd picks in order to take Dorsett, but still a nice draft.

  20. I didn’t realize that Brandon Thomas has already torn his ACL twice. The more I think about it, and considering Jed and Baalke’s emphatic statements that we are going to run the ball more, Grant’s first round mock of Peat is very viable.

    Grant: Do you really think the addition of Peat will make our OL as good as Dallas’ was last year or is it just hyperbole to help your point?

      1. Yeah, but don’t forget that one of the main reasons Dallas had a formidable running game last year was the fact that Tony Romo could make defenses pay, if a defense stacked the box against them. Aren’t you assuming that Kaep will be able to do the same?

  21. I don’t understand the love for Shareece Wright…he has been ranked in the bottom three of all cornerbacks that last two years and has only one interception in four years, not to mention his NFL leading eight pass interference calls. He may have slightly better numbers than Cox had as far as QB ratings against them in coverage…But Cox had five interceptions last year…barring injury, I can’t see this guy starting….

    1. I had a friend of mine who is a Chargers fan give me a $20 out of the clear blue. I asked what it was for. He replied that it was a thank you gift I needed to send to my team’s GM for taking Wright off their teams’ hands.

        1. Runman:

          See my post above listing a summary of Wright’s individual game performance in 2014. There may be a reason to be optimistic, at least I hope there is based on the $3million compensation with the ability to earn an extra $1 million. Having said that I would have ponied up the extra million to get Browner.

  22. Drafting BPA this year looks likely; I guess Trent sold me for now on that idea. OL, DL, WR, or if an edge rusher fell would seem to be targets of opportunity. I’d guess Waynes is the only CB they’d consider in the 1st.
    I was looking at a few guys for a second time at Preston Smith and at Dupree. I like that both have several moves they bring to their pass rush. They both were moved around a lot too and showed versatility and relentlessness.
    The thing that stood out the most for me in Dupree’s game against Louisville was Davonte Parker, LOL! Dupree played hard throughout.

        1. My son is a big Cowboys fan…his mother’s doing..lol…and was upset the Cowboys didn’t tender him…here is clip from a B/R article…”Moore served as mostly a depth and special teams player for his first three years in the league, but was forced to start seven games in 2014 for the Cowboys. He actually acquitted himself quite well, grading out at plus-6.3 in 2014, according to Pro Football Focus. He led the Cowboys in tipped passes and has played both in the slot and on the boundaries, as well as as a safety. He is a very versatile player, in other words.

          Last season was uncharacteristically successful for Moore, but that might be in some small part because it was his first major opportunity. The 49ers could use him in the competition for nickel corner; he’d be better than Wright, at least.”

    1. Interesting. He played NCB with Dallas. Could Ward be fixing to play opposite of Brock?

          1. And I was talking about Moore covering Jimmy Graham in the picture at the above link.

            1. I see that now, but that pass wasn’t that high. Wilson likes to throw it up and high and turn it into a jumping contest. I think Graham will win most of those.

              1. Actually after a closer look, that was a nice interception and play on Graham. Thanks for posting the link.

    1. he’s likely first lineman off the board… and frankly, he’s a better fit at guard than Peat given his power… would be interesting to see what happens come draft day.

      I guess you’d take him over Clemmings, Flowers or Peat. Would you take Scherrf over:
      – Parker or Cooper?
      – Danny Shelton?
      – Shane Ray or Vic Beasley?

  23. Is it April Fool’s yet?
    PFT: Tebow working out for Eagles and Josh Freeman with Jets.

  24. I like all these picks – especially Buck Allen. All can play, and they all show up well on gameday. I would rather have Perriman at 3 just because he is a larger receiver than Dorsett. The Niners should hope to have something as close to this mock.

  25. If that was the 49ers draft haul of 2015, I wouldn’t be complaining. Nice job. And I like the addition of Stephone Anthony in round 2, I think he is this years Ryan Shazier who I underrated last year – he looked quite good for the Steelers at ILB.

  26. Regardless of what happens with our QB I think we need to plan for the next all purpose true #1 WR.

    Atlanta made a bold move to grab Julio Jones. We would not need to make a big jump like that to grab one of the top 3 WRs. I just think hopefully we are not this close to the top 10 again.

    > What would it take to grab a replacement for Boldin?
    > Was that kid from Clemson last year the next Jones?
    > OBJ was a nice surprise in the mid rounds…Q. Patterson was/jury still out, suppose to be like him. Point nice mid round selection. Is Green-Beckham that person? Risky…
    > Is Devante Adams or J. Strong solid pick ups that can be #1


    > Do we go grab Cooper or the WV kid?
    > Or do we trade back to grab the OL noted by Grant or some other filler pick to grab another pick in the mid rounds?

    I don’t think the burners from Miami and Ohio St will be there in the third. Can they develop to a TY Hilton or will they be a one trick pony like T. Smith and J. Simpson?

  27. Aaron Wilson ✔ @RavensInsider
    Erik Pears two-year 49ers deal, $4.7M, $1M gtd, $500K bonus, salaries $1.45M, $1.45M, $500K of 2015 base gtd

  28. If the 49ers are looking to draft an interior OL this year reasonably high to come in and compete for a starting job, they might be better served looking to the 2nd round with Ty Sambrailo, and using the first rounder elsewhere.

    Sambrailo sounds like exactly the type of aggressive and tough player the 49ers should want at OG, with good athleticism. I like what CBS has to say about his work ethic too.


    I’ve also seen a few scouting reports that say he’s a guy that should be able to start at OG from day 1.

    1. Maybe he’ll be available in a lower round. He’s been in a knife fight and beat up four freshman at a party. Some of these guys are in a world of their own, I guess.

      1. Most scouting reports I’ve read seem to think he’s a first or second round talent. He drew a lot of interest at his pro day, and apparently looked excellent. The off field incidents need to be checked out, but I’d be surprised if he makes it out of the second round.

        1. Scooter, he might have become reborn for all I know. It amuses me in a twisted way, I guess, that people like this wander the earth without leg irons, and I couldn’t resist posting that. But the more I think about Baalke drafting an olineman in the first round, the more I reject the idea. BPA aside, I think it’s more likely to be a CB, pass rusher, or WR. Even ILB and RB make more sense to me.

          1. I think you’ll find CBS may have gotten it slightly wrong. Sambrailo was at a party and got stabbed (and two other Colorado State players were also injured). Three weeks later the other two guys that were injured at the party (plus a third guy, not Sambrailo) got suspended indefinitely for beating up three freshman in, I believe, a separate incident.

            I’ve not seen anywhere else but CBS that Sambrailo was suspended or involved in the beatings.

  29. Baalke is drafting a pass rusher in the first round. It will present as the best value since the top 3 WRs will all be off the table and you can never have enough pass rush. Particularly someone who can rush from a 3 point stance.

    A top pass rushing DE can be worked in to play the rush end on passing downs and will act as insurance if Cowboy doesn’t come back or if Tank Carradine doesn’t pan out or if Aldon has issues this year or is not re-signed next year.

    I suspect Baalke will take a pass rusher at 15 and then look to trade Brooks for an extra pick in this year or even next year’s draft.

    1. lol someone watched the nfl network. Here’s some news or you. They are guessing on a team they never pay attention to. Not happening. Raider boy!

  30. Here are some scouting reports on Brandon Thomas from last year:


    “BOTTOM LINE Strong-bodied, dependable gap blocker who played left tackle in college but will likely slide inside in the pros. Showed improvement as a senior and has the potential to be a long-term fixture at left guard. Ability to play tackle in a pinch adds to value.”

    Niners Nation:

    – Fits the mold. Thomas has good size and excellent arm length that allow him keep defenders at bay. Earned 1st team All-ACC honors in 2012 and 2013.
    – Efficient blocker with “heavy hands”. Thomas has quick and strong hands with an effective initial punch.
    – Thomas’ above average quickness and awareness in space allowed him to be successful getting to the second level. Many of his initial reads in the run game called for him to seal a linebacker at the second level to which he was quite successful.
    – Experience at both tackle positions and left guard where I think he projects best.

    The Sideline View:

    – NFL body type with NFL power in his hands
    – Keeps a sturdy, wide base in pass sets
    – Good foot quickness with choppy shuffle steps in protection as a tackle
    – Shows good awareness
    – Will likely move inside, but has pass pro skills to be a swing tackle
    – Not a ballerina to the 2nd level, but tends to get guys blocked
    – As a sophomore showed quickness around corner as pulling guard

    The general consensus last year was he had all the tools you look for in a LG. He’s good in pass pro with experience at LT and LG, with good enough lateral movement for the position. He’s also got a strong punch and can be an effective run blocker in line or in space.

    1. Good stuff Scooter. Even the article Grant linked too said Thomas’ future was at LG. Grant likes to argue even when the data doesn’t support him, maybe even moreso in that situation.

      1. It seemed pretty obvious when they drafted him last year they had Iupati coming off contract this year in mind. He’s been drafted with the idea of giving him a shot at the LG position. And he was one of the best LG prospects available last year.

        The only thing that stops him winning the LG spot this year would be his knee, and how far along he is in his recovery.

        If he doesn’t work out at LG, then sure, next year he may be a candidate to replace Boone at RG.

        1. I don’t see it that way. Boone’s contract is up next year. Thomas could be Boone’s replacement. The 49ers have never handed a red-shirt a starting spot before. Thomas could use time to re-acclimate himself to the game.

          Thomas might become a solid starter, but he won’t be a top-level player at guard or tackle. The 49ers offense was really good when they had three top-level offensive linemen in 2012.

            1. Thanx for that.

              I think it bodes well for his recovery that he’s gone through this before. If it happened to the same knee twice I’d be concerned but this looks like both his knees could be stronger than before. And mentally he knows he can be confident in a repaired knee.

              1. Also this

                “He might be needed next season. Thomas was an All-ACC first-team selection last season while playing left tackle. The 49ers project him at guard. And depending on whether the franchise re-signs Mike Iupati in the offseason, the 49ers could have an opening next season at left guard.”

      2. It also says he struggles in space, which contradicts the claim that he can play left guard effectively.

      1. That was all you took from that post?

        I just did a quick search of scouting profiles. I’m sure if you keep going they will all say the same things. You appear to be the only person that thinks he can’t play LG.

        The CBS scouting report you posted points out this “Effectively combo blocks with his mobility and looks natural blocking on the move.” That is prototypical LG.

        Given he “looks natural blocking on the move”, this comment “Looks uncomfortable in space or when asked to cover a large area.” would appear to be more referring to his ability to block on the edge in space. Playing LG the space he would need to cover would be much less than at LT.

    2. Sounds like he might be the cure to our left side ills. A guy who can run block and pass protect. What a treat that could be!

  31. Either Martin or Thomas will most likely be plugged in at LG this upcoming season. Whoever loses the battle at this position will be a decent backup at both guard position and center. Meanwhile we have Staley firmly entrenched at LT, Davis at RT, and Kilgore at C.
    I’m trying to figure out why some (including Grant) seem to believe this is a problem area that should be addressed in the first round because frankly, it doesn’t any sense. The only area I see that needs addressed with the OL is depth and the quality of it. That can be tackled after the first round and probably the second as well.

  32. Grant,

    So, is it weird when you’re doing the TV interviews to have to look at the camera and the other guy? I mean, it looks awkward, unnatural. What say you? It could be a funny written exercise, I believe, if it’s actually as awkward to do as it looks on TV.

  33. @MaioccoCSN
    RB Reggie Bush’s contract with 49ers is one-year deal via source. Still no official terms to report. (Lions cut him to avoid $3.25M salary.)

    1. Living 2 hours south of Indianapolis is going to make it difficult to see blue/white Frank Gore jerseys.

  34. My mock draft v2, taking into account recent moves in FA.

    Round 1. Alvin Dupree, OLB/DE, Kentucky. The 49ers pass rush was poor last year. Brooks is currently sticking on the roster, but he seemed unmotivated last year and could be a post draft casualty. And Aldon is in the last year of his deal so no guarantee he’ll be back in 2016. This is a very strong year for pass rushers. A guy with Dupree’s talent would usually be gone well before pick #15, but this year he may drop given the number of quality edge players. He needs some work on his technique, but you won’t find a better athlete for the position. The 49ers attended his pro day and met with him privately.

    Round 2. Ty Sambrailo, OT/OG, Colarado State. Aggressive, athletic and versatile OL with high football IQ and good work ethic. Can compete to start at LG this year, or could be a key backup this year and move into one of the OG spots next year if the team can’t re-sign Boone.

    Round 3. Tre McBride, WR, William & Mary. Not exceptional in any one area, but a good all round WR with decent size and speed, good hands, nice route running skills, and high football IQ. Could be the #3 or #4 this year, and slide into a starting role in 2016.

    Round 4. Cameron Artis-Payne, RB, Auburn. Physical runner with good vision, balance and movement skills.

    Round 5. JaCorey Shepherd, CB, Kansas. Former WR that does a good job of reading the WRs eyes and making plays on the ball. Had 32 passes defensed and 5 INTs the past two seasons. Doesn’t look like he has great speed, but does have good acceleration and fluidity to stick with the receiver.

    Round 6. Martin Ifedi, DT/DE, Memphis. Lined up all over the DL for Memphis, but would be a DE for the 49ers that could play 3-tech or 5-tech. Doesn’t have great height, but has decent arm length. Physical, active player with good speed and high motor. Had 22.5 career sacks at Memphis, and looked good at the East-West Shrine Game at both DT and DE.

    Round 7. Junior Sylvestre, ILB, Toledo. Small for an ILB, but has good speed (4.5 at his pro day) and has been a tackling machine for Toledo. Two time All-MAC, known as an impact player with great closing speed and hitting with force. Could be a nice weakside ILB option. 49ers met with him at his pro day.

    Round 7 (comp). Chris Bonner, QB, Colarado State-Pueblo. Big time project with great height, strong arm, and nice pocket instincts.

  35. For Peat’s sake no. He’s in that second tier of OL. The only OL taken top 12 will be La’el Collins in my opinion. After the dust settles, and Baalke is still standing on pick 15, this might be the next tier of players to choose from:

    Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State
    Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma
    Landon Collins, SS, Alabama
    Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa
    Arik Armstead, DE/OLB, Oregon
    Owamagbe Odighizuwa, OLB, UCLA
    Malcom Brown, DT, Texas
    A.J. Cann, OG, South Carolina

    In this scenario the 49ers would probably take Waynes, and we could nickname him The Batman….

    2nd Round I’d go with Tevin “Rock” Coleman RB IU Third best back in the draft….

    3rd Round Marcus Hardison DT Arizona St

    4th Round Darren Waller WR Georgia Tech The Monsterman….

    5th Round Taiwan Jones ILB MSU

    6th Round Zach Wagenmann OLB Montana Think Samson before Delilah came into the picture….

    7th Round Miles Dieffenbach LG Penn St

      1. Not damn that you beat me to it, btw, damn that Borland is retiring. It’s a smart move, though…

  36. I think it’s fair to say that MLB has now skyrocketed to the Niners top need. Wow this is devastating. Any LB worthy of the 15 pick

    1. The guy that Grant mentioned in this article was also mentioned in Barrow’s article.

      “The 49ers spent time with Clemson inside linebacker Stephone Anthony, a NaVorro Bowman-Patrick Willis clone in terms of size (243 pounds) and speed (4.56-second 40-yard dash). Baalke surprised people by taking Chris Borland in the third round last year when there wasn’t a need. Anthony is predicted to go somewhere in the middle of the second round. The 49ers pick 14th in the second round.”

      Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article14563508.html#storylink=cpy

      1. Prior to Willis’ retirement I mentioned the team met with Anthony and that I didn’t understand the rationale why. With Willis now Borland retiring, it has become abundantly clear!

  37. What have we 49er fans done to deserve the wrath of the football gods?? This is getting surreal! It’s like the offseason from hell!

  38. Wow, this franchise has been cursed. What in the world is happening. This is absolutely unreal.

  39. Unbelievable. Massive shock losing Willis and Borland to retirement this offseason. I wish Borland the best, and applaud his decision to put health before $$, but this really does put the 49ers in a hole at ILB.

  40. Does anyone else think we might be seeing the beginning of the end of football? Or, at least, the end of football as we know it.

  41. The way this moss covered rock is rolling, next we’ll hear that Justin Smith is retiring.

    1. To be honest when they signed Dockett I just assumed the team expects him to retire.

    2. Don’t forget about the “sexual touching” charge that may be filed against a player resulting from the McDonald investigation. Not out of the woods yet….

      1. You lost me…McDonald’s gone and is not coming back….so, not sure how this applies?

  42. Borland retires?
    Come on Grant make me feel better with a article on how this is a positive for the 49ers. Don’t pull a Alex Smith 180 and change your views on a player after they are off the roster.

  43. Peat’s an outstanding OL…but I don’t see Baalke drafting him. Like some other OT’s, he’ll get snatched up early. I can see TB taking a stud DL, CB, or a pass rusher in the 1st rd. Now that Borland’s announced his retirement (unofficially, at least), agree with the Anthony pick. Baalke really likes him for his size (6-2, 243) and speed (4.56 X 40). He fits the mold. I disagree w/Dorsett for a couple of reasons. First, with the acquisition of Jerome Simpson and Torrey Smith, there’s some serious speed at the WR position. With Boldin entering his contract (& potentially final) year, drafting a bigger, RZ threat WR would seem more appropriate. I think Allen would be fine as a RB pick. Waiting ’til the 5th rd to take a CB isn’t conducive to getting the kind of DB the team needs. That could be somewhat tempered if they sign FA CB Sterling Moore, but still think Baalke will pull the trigger on one considerably earlier than rd 5.

  44. I have a feeling we end up with Devante parker in teh 1st and 2nd we take Mckinney or Anthony for ILB

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