49ers need talent, not good manners

This is my Saturday column.

Let your general manager do his job, Jed.

You keep saying you want to win with class, as if you know what it takes to win in the first place. As if winning is a given and what matters is the players’ moral standing. You should make yourself the general manager if class is what you want. You sign and draft the players. We’ll see how well you do. Otherwise, be quiet.

You may not realize it, but you’re undermining Trent Baalke. You hired him to get the best players he can find – that’s his job description. No, it’s more than his job description. It’s his mandate.

You didn’t hire Baalke to put together a team of clergymen. He would torpedo his own career if he got class players instead of good ones. People won’t care how classy your team is if it’s terrible, people simply will stop coming to the games. And then you will fire Baalke, and no NFL team will hire him to be their general manager. He’ll be known as the guy who gets players that lose with class.

Baalke should ignore you. That’s seems like what he’s doing.

He recently signed wide receiver Jerome Simpson, who has been cited twice for possession of marijuana. After the signing, Ann Killion tracked you down and asked what the thinking was behind the signing, considering your desire to win with class.

“I don’t know what the thinking was,” you said.


I can guess what Baalke’s thinking was – Simpson is a good player. The Niners need good players. Their record was 8-8 last year. That’s not a good record. Winning with class is impossible without winning.

One of the best players in the upcoming draft – wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham – has a track record similar to Simpson’s – or should I say just plain “record?” Green-Beckham was arrested twice in 15 months for possession of marijuana. Police also investigated him for allegedly breaking into an apartment and pushing a woman down stairs. Police never arrested or charged Green-Beckham for the incident, but the University of Missouri dismissed him from its football team, and he didn’t play in 2014.

If not for those off-field issues, Green-Beckham might be a top-five pick this year. It seems he will drop in the draft and Baalke will have to chance to take him at pick No. 15.

Should Baalke draft him?

Hell, yes.

Players like Green-Beckham don’t come around every year. He is 6-5, 237 pounds, he runs a 40-yard dash in 4.49 seconds, and he dominated the SEC when he was 20. The SEC is the best conference in college football. Green-Beckham made 12 touchdown catches his sophomore season at Missouri. Julio Jones and A.J. Green – former top-10 picks – made 10 touchdown catches combined their sophomore seasons in the SEC.

If Al Davis were alive, do you think he would pass up Green-Beckham? Not on your life. As long as Green-Beckham wasn’t in prison or sentenced to exile, Davis would draft him with a smile.

Will you let Baalke do the same?

A reporter recently asked Baalke about winning with class. Here’s what Baalke said: “It’s a risk and reward business. We’re not going to bring people in we don’t feel can live up to what we expect a 49er to live up to. But we’re also not going to take everybody that has made a mistake in their past and take them off of our board. We’re just not going to do that…We do everything we can so that when we do take a player that has had some transgressions off the field that we feel like we can go forward with that player and not run into any of those situations moving forward.”

Translation: It’s not a class-reward business; it’s a risk-reward business. Take the best player and work with him.

In Green-Beckham’s case, give him a babysitter. Teams have been known to do that with problem players. The Cowboys did it with Dez Bryant. Al Davis did it with any number of players.

Here’s how it works. Monitor Green-Beckham’s every move. Don’t let him drive. Don’t let him do anything by himself. Hold his hand until he grows up. Protect your investment. Green-Beckham is worth the effort.

You might disagree. Maybe you feel he’s too much of a risk.

But it seems Baalke has positioned himself to work around any misgivings you might have. Green-Beckham and Colin Kaepernick just happened to work out together this offseason in Arizona. If Baalke drafts Green-Beckham, we can guess what Baalke will say to justify the pick: “We did extensive background checks on Dorial and felt good about what we learned. He and Colin worked together this offseason and they hit it off. They developed chemistry. Colin was especially impressed by Dorial’s work ethic.”

If this happens, swallow hard and try to smile. It may not be the class move, but it’s the right move.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. As I said in the other thread, I think the offense is better placed in terms of veteran leadership and strong, positive influence characters to handle a player like DGB than the defense is to handle a similar questionable character player.

    I completely agree the 49ers should not be taking all players that have had a checkered past off their draft list. But the risk needs to be weighed along with the reward. Saying the 49ers should draft DGB despite his checkered past does no service to the risk part of the equation.

    1. “The risk needs to be weighed with the reward”-Scooter McG.This is a reasoned statement. The 49ers are no strangers to taking chances on players with character concerns certainly, even the great Bill Walsh had his share. Honestly, I bloody hated Terrel Owens- thought he was the antithesis of a great sportsman and example of a supremely talented who put his ego before team, can’t stand Dez Bryants style either! Parallely ,as saying goes”winning is everything” A judgement has to be made.Do the character concerns of a player outweigh talent and ultimately how does that affect the team as a whole(are you listening Aldon?).Team as the saying goes as well “is everything”.Taking a chance on a young kid who has had a troubled family and needs a “culture “to support maturation is easier for me to accept than a grown man who has it all and abuses and kills dogs for instance. It is a balancing act which requires a knowing set of hands.

      1. I agree, hightop. Personally I would have no issue with the 49ers drafting DGB at #15 (or even better yet, trading down and then grabbing DGB, if possible), but I would assume if the 49ers draft him it is because they believe his past indiscretions are just that, in the past.

        I just think broad statements that DGB is definitely worth pick #15, as in the article above, don’t do justice to the high risk such a player presents. I’m betting the Jaguars wouldn’t be so quick to draft another Justin Blackmon.

        And I disagree it is as simple as just putting a minder on him. It comes down to whether the player wants to mature and avoid similar mistakes in the future.

        Finally, I do think saying DGB would be a lock to be a top 5 pick without the off field issues is incorrect. He doesn’t look like the next Calvin Johnson to me. He’s not even the prospect Mike Evans was last year. He’s more a Plax Burress type player, but with a little more speed to his game. Plax Burress was very good, and worthy of a first round pick, but not a top 5 pick.

  2. Preaching to the choir Grant. I was saying the same things back in February. Class is humility, something Kaepernick seems to be learning. He could be growing up before our eyes….

  3. I don’t recall a draft with so much hinging on what’s going on between the ears of Winston, DGB, Peters and others. This headcase packed round one is going to get a GM fired.

    If a GM drafts a headcase and the rookie reverts to his old ways… he’s fired for wasting a high pick.

    If a GM passes on a headcase, and the rookie gets his act together… he’s fired for skipping over a HOF type player.

    It must be awful to build a scouting staff, view countless hours of film, travel far and wide to pro days… and still have all this uncertainty. The DGB decision will have little to do with class, and alot to do with character and personality assessments.

    Can the maturity of Boldin, Torrey Smith, Bruce Ellington overcome any issues BGB and Jerome Simpson might bring?

    1. Probably because this is the only draft to ever have “Winston, DGB, Peters and others”… ;-)

      But to your point, there are often a few top shelf athletic prospects with questionable character, but this year does seem to have more than usual that are considered first round prospects.

      1. Sorry. Should have said “I don’t recall a draft with so much hinging on what’s going on between the ears of [top 15 talents like] Winston, DGB, Peters and others.”

        Every draft has its off field behavior wildcards. Comes with the territory. But this one has three upper round one phenoms guys with major baggage. Its a risk, but also an opportunity.

        Boldin, T.Smith and Ellington are known as high character guys. Maybe they can show DGB the way.

  4. I would hedge my bet and trade down to 21-25 range, and draft DGB there. Picking up an extra 3rd along the way. I think he’ll fall past 15, with the risk level involved. If he’s not there when you trade back, then we could still settle for Peters, Strong, or La’el Collins

    1. You can’t force someone to take that bet, and Baalke has yet to trade back in the first round….

    2. No time to be trading down,WAYtoo many teams need a WR ,trading down would not be a smart move at all…teams right below us need WR and teams above us need WRs,have you really thought this out? too many times people make statements that sounds good to them but have not really looked at the whole picture,DGB is a top 15 player and a top 4-5 WR,there are 4-5 teams that pick ahead of us that could take Him,so it is more then likely that the 9ers might have to trade up to get their man whether it be Cooper,White, or DGBand God forbid Parker……

    3. Solid thinking. All three of those guys are great backup plans that would provide immediate impact. I’m personally all in on O-line in round one. I say it’s time we get back to playing beat em up football!

    4. WRONG!!! If a player is on the board that the 49ers want when it is their turn, then they take him!! You don’t give another team a shot at the next Randy Moss. If he falls past 15, there’s a guy in New England that could use him, and the easier it becomes to trade up, the more likely that happens. If anything, the 49ers should move up from 15 and get DGB.

  5. Thinking on Tomsula’s comments about the d-line. There’s a difference between being deep and having quality starters.

  6. We don’t need DGB we need offensive lineman to protect KAP, Old man John Madden always said, it always starts up front and the rest will work out.

    1. Bill Walsh always said “draft the best players and keep winning Super Bowls” unless I’m mistaken he never took a lineman in the 1st, so go back to your video games john madden

      1. That may be true but Bill also had the greatest offensive line coach in NFL history. Bob was the only coach Bill never messed with because he routinely turned sows ears into silk purses.

    2. I hear you Jim,however if DBG is their target in the first getting a solid Olineman would still be obtainable in within the first three our four rounds.

    3. Yep. O-line helps out Kap and Hyde, which in return helps out the receivers. Win win situation. No amount of receiver help is going to make a difference if Kap is getting pressured or sacked every play.

      1. MauiMike—— Actually in this case a receiver would make a greater one player impact. With Kaep they can run schemes getting him out of the pocket too buy time. This is what they did in 2013 but when Davis was injured and Boldin doubled he had no one to pass too. If they have no receivers to get separation buying time does little good. All it takes is one lineman to break down and you have QB pressure. All it takes is one WR to get open to give the QB a receiving option. For an immobile passer your point makes sense. For a mobile QB receiver a Wr would make a bigger one player impact.

  7. Finally something we can agree on Grant, he may not just be the best receiver in this class he has the talent to be the best player from this draft. And Baalke cannot afford to miss on another mid round receiver, I just hope Baalke doesn’t prove everyone right and outsmart himself again.

  8. Grant you refer to Al Davis a lot. Problem is Al Davis never won in the modern day age of the NFL?

    1. Don’t know what you call the “modern era”, but Al Davis as head of the Raiders won SB’s XI, XV, and XVIII, and made it to XXXVII. By your logic Bill Walsh never won in the modern era!

  9. “If Al Davis were alive, do you think he would pass up Green-Beckham? Not on your life”.

    Not exactly an endorsement for Green-Beckham.

    Jamarcus Russel, Todd Marinovich, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Robert Gallery etc. etc.

    1. Domingo- Those players you mentioned were not busts because they reverted back to character red flags and issues they had shown in college. They were busts because they just were not as talented as they were projected to be. Russel because once he got his big contract he didn’t want to put in an effort, rather he just wanted to have a good time spending his money. With the new rookie contracts that will not happen again. I think Grant was referring to Davis not being adverse to taking players that had reputations and were a bit rough around the edges. Alzado, Matuzack (sp.) etc.

      1. Neither Alzado or Matuzack were drafted by Al Davis and the Raiders. The Raiders acquired both players after each had demonstrated an ability to perform in the league. Al’s talent for evaluating and selecting players in the draft diminished over the years as did his reputation. Saying that Al Davis would not pass over a certain player for any reason whether due to character or talent concerns is not exactly a ringing endorsement for that player.

        1. Domingo— The point in question, to your initial response, was in respect to if Al Davis would pass on a player due to character issues. Your response mentions 4 players none of which’s problem were related to any previous red flags about character. There problem was not character rather either a lack of talent or effort. The players I mentioned although free agents were avoided by other teams due to perceived character issues. I mentioned them as an example of Al not passing on a talented player just because of character issues, which reflects back on the issue of the point Grant was making. It was your post that went off point, not mine.

        2. There are good…..and bad people in every walk of life. Even sacred positions like, politicians, police, priest etc…all have bad apples that slip through the cracks.

          Social media and the internet have just magnified every athlete, and put them under constant scrutiny.

          The sporting world has not changed, but society has. Some people are more interested in knocking athletes off of their pedestal and watching their fall from grace than they are in the actual sport.

          It rubs me the wrong way that athletes do wrong things and get so much bad press and scrutiny……but regular joes do far worse things and no one bats an eye lash!
          The disgusting fact is that were a society of haters! We do not care about the victims at all, but we cant get enough of watching/reading/talking about peoples lives falling apart……just because they have it better than us.

          That is the definition of a hater- wanting someone else to suffer just because you are jealous!

          isnt that one of the original sins? to envy thy neighbor?

    2. “If Al Davis were alive, do you think he would pass up Green-Beckham? Not on your life”.

      Yup, I was with Grant until that doozy.

      1. This may be the first time anyone has ever said Al Davis would take a guy as an argument for drafting him, especially as an argument presumably aimed at 49er fans.

  10. Barrows “Jarryd Hayne, at nearly 225 pounds, keeps pace in a shuttle race with several defensive backs, all of whom are 200 pounds or lighter.”

    At minute 1:07

    Makes the NFL or not, the dudes an athlete. If Hayne sticks and the 49ers draft Jay Ajayi, it will be the Hayne Plane and the J-Train.

    1. Not sure how long it will be before we see him taking hand offs but I think he’s got a near lock on kick returns.

      1. I read somewhere one of Hayne’s unique skills was his ability to accelerate immediately after cuts. If that’s the case, he has major job security.

      1. Hard to tell. I was trying to spot V-Mac myself.

        “Eight months after ACL, 49ers’ Kendall Hunter looks ready to roll”

        Several 49ers who ended the 2014 with injuries also can be seen taking part. That includes safety Jimmie Ward (foot), nose tackle Ian Williams (ankle), tight end Vance McDonald (back), tight end Derek Carrier (foot) and tight end Garrett Celek (foot).

        1. “Eight months after ACL, 49ers’ Kendall Hunter looks ready to roll”

          I always try to convince myself that the glass is half full. I would love to see the Kendall Hunter we used to know in what was it, 2011? But KH hasn’t played a down of football in over two years and the poor guy somehow suffers a season ending injury before the season even starts every year. It sucks, but I have a hard time putting too much faith in Hunter’s chances of contributing to this team ever again. I sure hope I’m wrong about that.
          On another note; is it just me or did Kaepernick kinda diss Carlos Hyde in his answer regarding Frank Gore’s departure? I would’ve thought the first words out of his mouth would’ve been praise for Hyde, but he goes with KH first, and then sort of a lukewarm-at-best endorsement of Hyde. Did that make anyone else a little nervous? To me it sounded like Kaep doesn’t have a lot of faith in Carlos Hyde.

          1. I went back and read Kaep’s response again and it didn’t sound so weird the second time I read it but it still doesn’t come off as a ringing endorsement. It could just be that Kaep knows there are some seriously big shoes to fill now that Frank the Tank’s an Indianapolis Colt.

            “CK: “It’s going to be different without Frank. Frank was a huge asset to us, but we have a lot of great running backs here. We have [RB] Kendall [Hunter] coming back who a lot of people forget about. [RB] Carlos [Hyde] had a great rookie year for us, and we’ll probably be using him a lot more this year. We’ve brought [RB] Reggie [Bush] in who’s another great weapon on offense. And those are just to name a few of the guys that we have back there. He’ll be missed, but we also have people who are more than capable of filling that void.”

            1. Colin is just paying his respects to the best producing running back in 49er history. He’s also saying that they have a lot of talent at that position. There’s no reason for him to single anyone out as a team leader while Frank’s locker is still warm. None of them are at that level yet.

          2. Sounded to me like Kaepernick praised both.


            Kendall Hunter Running
            Year – runs – yds – avg
            2011 – 112 – 473 – 4.2
            2012 – 72 – 371 – 5.2
            2013 – 78 – 358 – 4.6

            Carlos Hyde Running
            Year – runs – yds – avg
            2014 – 83 – 333 – 4.0

            Why I like Kendal – 2012 is the most accurate benchmark for Kendall ceiling. He was both healthy and familiar with the system at the same time. This is why Baalke re-signed him right after his recent injury.

            Why I like Carlos – Carlos ran behind an under-performing line. Many runs were short yardage situations. With more carries, his YPG should go up. Carlos is a stud.

            Kendall Hunter Receiving
            Year – rec – tgts – yds – avg
            2011 – 16 – 26 – 195 – 12.2
            2012 – 9 – 12 – 60 – 6.7
            2013 – 2 – 4 – 13 – 6.5

            Carlos Hyde Receiving
            Year – rec – tgts – yds – avg
            2014 – 12 – 16 – 68 – 5.7

            Though frustrating at times, Captain Checkdown has its advantages.

            Summary – If Kendall Hunter could stay healthy, he’d be a household name. A lock for pro bowl.
            But he hasn’t stayed healthy so far. Keep Hunter, but don’t count on him. Draft at least one more back.

            1. B2W,
              I’ve been a fan of Kendall Hunter since his days at Ok. St.
              I agree with you that KH could be a star in the league if he stays healthy. But so far his own body has been his worse enemy in that both of his injuries have come without contact.

              I remember that we both were excited about this time last year over KHunt’ return to the team then came the sense of disappointment when he was injured again.
              I still have high hopes for Hunter having a good career but this time I’ll contain my excitement with a cautious optimism.

              Like your write-up on KHunt btw.

              1. There are so many injury variables it makes my head spin. That’s why I’m not making a full mock.

                Before Borland’s retirement I was certain the 49ers would draft two running backs. One on day two. Another day three. This draft is so deep, it would be a shame to pass such an opportunity to secure Baalke’s 3-headed monster ideal.

                But with that ILB need looming, I’m not so sure.

  11. This is the ONLY time I agree with Grant for the past three years. Grant’s writing style has been negative and sarcastic (which is a form of anger), and usually not constructive. This time around, I agree with the high-risk high-reward analysis on DGB. I’d go with DGB all the way with the 15th pick… not even considering trading down, since other teams might trade up and grab him. You do not want to take that chance. Draft DGB!!!

    1. Baalke won’t do it. He won’t draft DGB, as much as I would love to see it happen, he won’t do it. He’s got a sealed envelope again and it’s probably some obscure fringe player that’s again going to make us all go Huh? Who? WTF?

  12. Grant (Re-post)

    Did you know that DGB is an adopted child of an upstanding family in the Midwest, specifically his highschool football coach? He has a younger (blood) brother with cancer, who was also adopted by the Beckhams, and an adopted, very young sister with whom he is very close.

    I believe that his past transgressions are less predictive of his future successes than his newfound family structure will be. He had his entire family in attendance at his pro day, and every time there was a break in the action, he was with his family members. There’s a sweet picture of him walking off the field after the action holding his young (8 year old) sister’s hand.

    I think his pro day could be viewed as a very classy display of impressive skills melded with family values. I was impressed, anyway.

  13. I don’t know if it is a given that a young players actions are necessarily predictive of his future actions when he finally matures. You have examples to players that dropped because of character question marks which never came up during their careers. I bet all the twenty five plus teams are kicking themselves in the collective rears for passing on Randy Moss. Then their are players who are clean in college and go off the deep end once they have the extra freedom and money to exploit new opportunities that never existed before.

    Baalke has often taken a risk with his first pick. If he needs to do that I hope he takes a risk with a higher reward than the ones he has taken previously. DGB definately presents a high reward. I wouldn’t be upset if he took a shot at him. He might because if he pans out than he would have pulled one over on all the other GM’s. This sort of fits his pattern. Hope he does and he gets his wish.

    I think the Niner’s should put in cells XXXXX I mean player apts in their complex. They could just live there and wouldn’t need to leave to get into trouble.

  14. Grant you hit the nail on the head. People make mistakes I think we have the locker room to get somebody like Green Beckham on the right path. Navorro Bowman had character issues coming out of Penn st. Had been nothing but a model player and citezen since. I f we drafted a Green Beckham his position would include Torrey Smith and Anquan Bolden two of the most stand up wrs in the league I think both were nominated for the Walter Payton award draft for need and let his team/family guide him.

    1. This mock started well in the sense that the 1st round picks 1-14 seemed rational for each team. Not necessarily the only picks they could make, but logical. Gregory has sufficient value at #15, but I noted that Peters was still there too. I won’t try to predict how the FO (Jed>Trent>scouts&coaches) view the off-field stuff.
      But then in subsequent rounds a pretty heavy defensive focus and heavy at CB. I wonder if this scouting service remembers Acker & Reasons.
      Baseball is underway. NBA Playoffs (Playoffs?) coming, and D-Day is less than three weeks away!

      1. Pretty much my take as well Brotha. Did you see where Coach Henry was in attendance for Alabama’s Pro Day? Either they’re looking for 100% confirmation Cooper is worthy of spending the draft capitol required for a trade, or it’s another M8….

        1. If its just a red herring ploy its a good one. It tickles the imagination to even flash the thought, but I think its unlikely; at least @#4. RayDuhs might be smart to want to move back, but it depends upon the cost to SF. Any other likely partners if he slides a little closer? Unknown.

  15. Well, well, well……. What difference a year makes! If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t Grant among the media pack nipping at Jed’s & Trent’s heels for their shameless tolerance of bad apples? And now TB’s the beleaguered GM trying to survive Jed’s antics. Hmmm.
    TB’s record going back to T.Brown has shown some patience.

    1. I thought McDonald shouldn’t have played while under investigation, but I didn’t think the Niners should have cut him.

      1. OK. The pack mentality I accuse the media of began when Culliver and Aldon (x2) and RayMac did dumb s— to call attention to themselves. Its on them, and many of the questions posed to the team were legitimate, but then it seemed to erupt into a feeding frenzy that seemed imo disproportionate. Killion and Kawakami then launched their Cultural Revolution. TK moved on to the Harbaugh debacle, but Ann’s still playing Church Lady.
        To your basic premise I generally agree. Its risk/reward on every player in every way. Each team will have a unique set of tolerances for players. Cincinnati has taken a lot of risks over the years; to bad effect often, but with better luck the last few years. I’m not going to be displeased with Gregory or DGB. I would not support signing Ray Rice. I’m so hard-headed that I would not sign Adrian Peterson either if that were Cap$ and contract possible. <<<Yeah, right there is where my Faithful brothers leave me, LOL! Adrian never showed me the remorse I'd expect for his actions; a precondition I think for redemption in the public sphere.

        1. How can one tolerate an adult who beats a child or a man who strikes a woman? As for smoking weed, come on, even if that’s a crime — which in my book it isn’t and shouldn’t be legislated against — it’s victimless.

          1. BT and George

            I guess that I didn’t get the whole story on both Adrian Peterson and/or Ray Rice…I’ve never struck a woman, but I have witnessed several that I felt should have been…I have felt the nastiness of scorned woman who felt that it was all right to act as a man to her man…. I have injected myself into a male /female physical scrape, and was rewarded with thumps from both sides….only once.

            As a child, I was spanked on occasion, and did not feel hate toward the spanker….It was explained to me, that I had screwed up and it was deserved. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know that much about the AP case, (how badly was the child beaten ?) Was it the job of the NFL to be judge, jury, and executioner of these players? Was it something that was or became repetitive? I’m still waiting to be convinced…….?

            1. This was no spanking. I was spanked too. Not a big deal. Peterson caned his son, including his genitals. It was horrendous. Here’s something from the web. I’m not going to argue this with you. My mind is made up.

              1. Oniner, I hope I didn’t overreact or sound combative in my post above. If I did, I didn’t mean to. Talk to you soon, amigo.

            2. Oregon-
              You and I are old enough to have gotten the switch or belt or back of a hair brush on the posterior a few times. We lived through it just fine, but I didn’t use that approach as a parent. Fine.
              Peterson’s use of corporal punishment on a young child left bloody marks on the child; visible evidence of disproportionate use of force, and apparently matched the criteria of Child Abuse with Child Protective Services. Peterson faced criminal charges. That aint some belligerent girlfriend.
              Rice’s (then) fiance was trying to provoke him, she spit in his face in anger. His reaction was also disproportionate and inappropriate. He also faced criminal charges. He gave her a right hook and knocked her out cold. At least Rice was remorseful, but whatever team signs him will rightly or wrongly be accused of being soft on spousal abuse; he’s radioactive in that way.
              Peterson is trying to paint himself as the victim of Vikings management selling him out publicly when sponsor and fan reaction turned against the team due to Peterson’s actions. The only reason for any of the criticism is that a huge powerful man beat a little boy’s butt bloody and shrugged it off as getting a little carried away with discipline.
              OK, now my Church Lady rant is complete. Just opinion.

              1. George and BT

                Yeah , the AP thing is ugly….thanks George for sending the accompanying piece along with it. To make it short, G….I am convinved…

                thanks to both of youeorge, you get no argument from me

              2. Oniner, I hope I didn’t overreact or sound combative in my post above. If I did, I didn’t mean to. Talk to you soon, amigo.

              3. George and Bro tuna

                I am re sending this, because when I first wrote it, it was around midnight, and upon rereading it, didn’t make a lot of sense so ….take two

                George, thank you for taking the time to send that piece along with your explanation of what happened….and no, you did not sound combative in your post.

                Bro T…both you and George came across well in clarifying what I was foggy on…thank you . It means a lot that the two of you commented back, in that I value the posts that each of you contribute. I am convinced….I AM convinced….again….Thanks to you both….

      2. Grant, I’m glad to hear you say that. It was a kneejerk reaction. Foolish, IMO. Now the Bears have him.

      3. I also agree with Grant’s assessment of the action that should have been taken with McDonald. As most of you already surmised I am always on the look out for plots by the front office. lol. I do think that this turn around reflects that the McDonald action was not a true reflection of their policy or beliefs but one of the their actions to create an image with which to justify getting rid of Harbaugh using character issues.

        1. Certainly possible. It’s a shame Jed had to introduce “winning with class.” I also felt it was a sleight against Harbaugh. Very low blow.

          1. George

            Harbaugh thought the answer to any dispute was to pop a guy in the nose. He is the anti-class. He is W, he is Cheney.

            Class has to do with the type of relationships between men, and Harbaugh’s track record strongly indicates that he is utterly incapable of sustaining long-term relationships with his superiors. Michigan’s AD will learn that soon enough.

            1. Perfect. Harbaugh was the team dork when he played for the Bears and graduated to a dunderhead.

              1. Guys— Two wrongs don’t make a right. I for one felt Harbaugh had plenty of warts and wasn’t as great a coach as some made him out to be. It’s all about trade offs he also had a lot of good qualities as a coach. It’s was just a matter of does the good out weight the bad. While the firing of Jim for cause might justifiably be argued, the methods used to accomplish that end is still on the front office. If you don’t want him just fire him, but don’t spend a season trying to create justification purely for PR purposed. I personally think that the die was already cast at the start of the 2013 season. Because Harbaugh character is straight forward and lacks gile he just didn’t see it coming until it was too late.

            2. E, first I ever heard of Harbaugh being violent towards anyone. Are you sure we are talking about the same person?

  16. Kaepernicks’ humility bodes well for the 49ers 2015 Campaign, and Baalke could reward him with a shiny new receiver like DGB….

  17. A few thoughts…

    – Yes, Jed should let Trent do his job without public comments that seemingly undermine him
    – Jed is not in the wrong for wanting to win with class; it’s a noble goal. He’s a hypocrite, though, and it comes across as fake and, again, meddling with Trent’s actions
    – The idea of picking up “high-character” players is not just valuable for a locker room and overall team philosophy, it can also go hand-in-hand with winning and sustainability. There are many difficult personalities that don’t impede a team’s success, sure, but there are a lot of risks in drafting an unknown who may cost your team wins due to suspensions. As talented as Aldon is, he impacts our sustainability: do you we draft an OLB as insurance because we just don’t know how things’ll pan out? Do we commit long-term to him? And in Clevland, I’m sure they’d love to get the draft picks back that they used on Gordon and their celebrity QB
    – With all that being said, immaturity and not having your head screwed on straight are two different things. It’ll be up to the Niners to figure out which is which and possibly take a risk for a big reward.

  18. We watch and enjoy sports because we identify emotionally with the teams we follow. We feel that we are part of the greater team and revel in our wins and become depressed over our losses. We in the Bay Area have been very lucky to have two championship-caliber teams to follow which have been almost devoid of criminals and knuckleheads – the Giants and the Warriors (and the A’s are in the same category). That increases the pleasure of following them, and the exhilaration when they do well. Each time I read about one of the 49ers getting in trouble with the law, I identify a little less with the team, and I care a little less whether they win or lose. I know that many fans don’t really care, as long as the a-hole is a good player, that the only thing that matters is winning – but for many others like me it diminishes the pleasures of success if you wouldn’t want to have certain members of the team in your home.

    I’m not the only one that feels that way.

    1. Wilson- Good post! You articulated the fans viewpoint and emotional involvement very well. With out some sort o emotional involvement sports isn’t much fun. There is, however another side to that same coin. A fan can also lose perspective if they become to emotionally involved or invested in a team or it’s players. Being too emotionally invested in something you have little control over can lead to a lot of frustration. This sort of frustration often looks for some sort of outlet, and it often take the form of anger at individual players who become convenient scape goats for the team failings. A player becomes a personal target because the frustrated fan needs someplace for the anger to be directed at. It becomes doubly true if a player or coach is seen as responsible for a perceived injustice against a player that they have emotionally identified with. Our over identification with the player or team makes it a personal affront to us and all objectivity flies out the window. Bottom line it’s just a business and our personal involvement is just pretend experience that helps make our lives more interesting and bearable.

  19. Pot isn’t the issue, the law/rule is. IMO prohibition of pot is a bad law and rule. Regardless of your stance on marijuana it is still illegal in most states and against the NFL rules. You can call it all you want, immaturity or boys will be boys, the fact of the matter is at 18 society says your a man and along with being a man a certain amount of responsibility goes with it. You can vote at 18 and you can die for your country at 18 there is no reason a young man of 22 or so should not be held accountable for his decisions. The part that gets me is there is millions of dollars at stake and the inability for him to refrain from making decisions that are detrimental to his success raises a big red flag in my book. Hard to count on someone that does not have the discipline to stay away from trouble. If they cant do it for millions what makes you think they will stay out of trouble for the team. Once again its not about pot, its about discipline or the lack there of.

    1. I agree about pot, but throwing a woman down the stairs, or anything similar, is an issue.

      1. So is a trifling friend of a man’s girlfriend. Talk about man’s worst enemy; a trifling friend.

  20. Now the third installment of the small school sleepers I love in this draft,although he is not much of a sleeper any longer Tre McBride is a guy who has positioned himself to be a top three rounder as we move into the draft in just under three weeks. Listed at 6’2″ 205 lbs ran a 4.41 40yd at combine McBride may be one of the top hands catchers in this crop,he appears to have full comprehension and use of the route tree and just looks smooth and in control in doing so.Deceptively so.Although he doesn’t boast the size of a Perriman or DGB and therefore his role might be seen as divergent from theirs and perhaps redundant in our receiving squad nonetheless he warrants our attentionhttp://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/1825510/tre-mcbride -orhttp://bleacherreport.com/articles/2379843-tre-mcbride-could-prove-to-be-big-2015-nfl-draft-steal-love this kid!

    1. Haven’t made a mock yet that didn’t have McBride on it. I taken him in the third round each time. He could move into the second.

      1. What I find interesting is that the 49ers have interviewed or met with a lot of WRs expected to go in the first 3 rounds, but McBride isn’t one of them. A little reported fact is the 49ers were one of 18 teams represented at the William and Mary pro day, and McBride was pretty much the only draw card for that pro day. Maybe trying to keep their interest in him under wraps, and diverting attention to other WRs?

        1. Funny thing is, I still think Patton was a steal in the 4th!

          He hasn’t developed as I’d thought he would, but I still have hope for him yet.

          1. Ya I thought so too scooter. The closer this draft is getting I have a feeling Balke is making a move up. Just a feeling.

            1. It seems likely, but somehow I think it might not be a move up with just draft capital. A chance that a player is traded as well – Aldon Smith, Boone. If I understand the details correctly, the restructuring of Aldon’s contract should make it easier to trade him. I don’t know how I feel about that.

              1. Interesting idea, cubus. A picks plus player trade could well be the way they work it.

              2. I’m not trading Aldon at all especially including picks. That’s balkes boy ain’t happening. A brilliant pass rusher no way he is traded. Boone should be traded. Way overrated!

              3. Scooter:

                What was your impression of Aldon’s play last year. I think he only had two sacks, but sacks don’t tell the whole story.

              4. It wasn’t just a lack of sacks last year from Aldon, he wasn’t generating as much pressure as usual either. As to why, I guess the simplest answer would be he wasn’t match fit, but to me for a guy that had missed the first nine games of the season he didn’t exactly look like a guy that was chomping at the bit to be out there. He needs to play with more fire than he showed last year.

              5. I threw that idea out back when we were discussing the cap problem-took heat on that one.

              6. E:

                No, I’m suggesting it would be our first plus Aldon or another player to move up to around 6 to 10 (Raiders at #4 might go for it since they have a ton of money). I’m not saying I agree with this strategy, but it could be one that they employ. I’ve been on the band wagon to draft a OLB early because I perceive a lack of depth at that position (Lemons has been exactly that). It is possible that there is something going on with Aldon that we aren’t aware of. He did recently sell his house (in and of itself that doesn’t mean much). He only had two sacks last year in 7 games; at that pace we’re looking at just 4.5 sacks over the 16 game season. Hardly worth almost $10 million per year.

          2. Scoot- I wonder if the CBA restrictions on practice time with coaches makes it harder for the new guys to get reps. It takes reps to get better. The individual still must grab the opportunity or somebody else will. I’m looking for Patton to get his chance.

            1. That could be the case, Brotha.

              I feel a bit sorry for Patton. He earned the #3 WR spot his rookie year while practising with a broken finger, then broke his foot when he got a chance to start. Then last year he was in the competition for the #3 WR spot but its hard to beat out four veteran WRs, especially on a team with a coaching staff that preferred to go with experience over potential. At the end of the year he started getting some game time, but didn’t really do much.

              From what I have seen of him, it looks like he is trying too hard when he gets an opportunity. He needs to relax, and just play football. He’s got some natural skills to be a contributor.

              1. I think our perspective of Patton might be influenced by his likability. Who could not like the enthusiasm of a player paying his own way to come in early too camp. We might have pinned to much hope on him. As a fourth round pick in a weak WR class he was a pretty good pick up. The fact that the receiving corp that season was really weak might have made him shine brighter in comparison. I personally thought that Ellington was going to have a more successful career. Main thing is that he seems to not be able to stay on the field due to injuries. Some players are just injury prone. I think that’s one of the advantage Ellington has over him. He is built sturdier.

  21. I see Mayock is now saying Agholor is one of the fast risers in this draft, that he is more than just a slot WR, and he could be a first round pick.

    I’ve been saying for a while this kid is a good player. He’s a better prospect than Robert Woods or Marqise Lee were. He’s a poor man’s Amari Cooper and his skill set is a perfect match for what Baalke tends to like at WR (as is Cooper’s). If he’s there in the 2nd round (and they don’t take a WR in the first) he could well be a guy the 49ers draft.

        1. He’s never done it in the first round, but it doesn’t mean he won’t. Maybe 20% chance, I dunno….

      1. I think you are very wrong on Agholor, Grant. You’ve been writing him off from the start, so you are consistent, but he’s a much better prospect than you give him credit for.

        I’m not at all surprised that both Mayock and Matt Miller are saying he is rising up team draft boards, with Mayock saying he is a top 40 player.

          1. Yeah, I know you’ve been on board with him, but I’ve always thought he was better than the 40 to 50 range. Back in February I said I couldn’t understand how if guys like Jaelen Strong and Devin Smith were being considered as first round picks that Agholor wasn’t in that discussion too, and that he should be late first to early second round pick.

            Now we are getting to the pointy end of the draft process and its around this time that Mike Mayock is changing his draft board based on what he’s hearing from teams rather than just his own ratings. And he now has Agholor as his sixth best WR, and with a first round grade. Mel Kiper also now has Agholor as a first rounder, while Matt Miller suggests he could go as high as #20. Daniel Jeremiah is also saying he should go in the 30s.

              1. Yeah Grant- Maybe Gregory also, but not too far. We’ll also see who vales whom at OT.

              2. Every time I fall in love with a player, they fly up the draft board.

                I had the 49ers taking Kevin White, then he ran that blazing 40.

                I settled for Parker, then he magically stopped dropping past pick 14.

                I thought the 49ers could trade back and still get B. Perriman. Now he’s top 10.

                Thought the same thing about Peters, but chatter now suggest if he’s at 15, take him or someone else will just a few spots later.

                In fact, I had the 49ers trading back for an extra 3rd. Selecting Peters or Peat somewhere in the low 20s. Then Packaging 46+79 to move into the late first for B. Perriman.

                Oh well. For every riser there’s a faller.

              3. Between the projected and available de/olb’s, dt’s and ot’s I have a hard time seeing more then two WR’s go in the top ten. If that’s the case is there much likelihood that those two wouldn’t be Cooper and White?

        1. Just reviewed highlight footage of Agholor and Patton.

          I understand highlights can be deceiving, but here’s what I see.

          They are both similar in dimensions.
          They are both hard workers. They fight for the ball, fight for every inch of yardage, fight to get into the end zone.

          Agholor is clearly the more sudden mover. Better change of direction. Appears to play vs better competition (at least from the highlights). Agholor has the larger body of big plays. (Patton’s highlights are puffed with varying angles of the same play.) Agholor’s a great returner.

          I acknowledge highlights are not the best way to judge a player, but I can still get an idea of how they move, and how frequently they have explosion plays.

          Tale of the tape…

          Patton at 6-0, 204, 4.53 (40), 1.56 (split)

          Agholor at 6-0, 198, 4.42 (40), 1.53 (split)

          1. Very similar whole-hearted attitudes to the game (which I love about both players), but Agholor is a smarter player that works his routes well and sets up defenders (and no offense to Patton, Agholor comes across in interviews as smarter in general), and he is a superior athlete.

            The thing that often gets lost is he was a 5-star RB recruit out of high school. He’s a great athlete that has improved in leaps and bounds each of his three years as a WR.

            1. One of the criticisms of Agholor is that he’s “quicker than fast” and “just” a slot guy.

              Agholor does seem like the slot type… but what’s wrong with that?

              Its easy to imagine Agholor’s role. A great route running slot that can also split out, and a superb return man.

              Patton’s footage shows a hard working generalist. I’ve always had a hard time imagining his role because he’s so Even Steven at everything.

              I hold out hopes Patton can be productive. It seems like he could pair very well with Adam Henry, having similar build and attitude to Odell Beckham. (come to think if it, Agholor would pair well with Henry)

              1. Patton put up better numbers in two seasons at LA Tech than Agholor put up in three seasons at USC.

              2. I’m going on what I see in the “tape” (as Greg Cosell would say), so I’m not taking a stand on who is better. I loved AJ Jenkins tape.

                Agholor looks like the quicker player that’s more “sudden in his movements.” (Another Cosell-ism. I’m going to start saying “route concepts” any minute now)

              3. I’m hearing the phrase “number one receiver” ten times more then I did last year.

                Is the #1 WR an X or Z? Does it have anything to do with alignment?

              4. “Patton put up better numbers in two seasons at LA Tech than Agholor put up in three seasons at USC.”

                Comparing apples and oranges there. Patton played his junior and senior seasons at LA Tech. Agholor played freshman, sophomore and junior years at USC.

                Comparing junior seasons (catches/ yards/ TDs):
                – Patton: 79/ 1,202/ 11
                – Agholor: 104/ 1,313/ 12

                Agholor had better stats in their comparable year, against better competition.

              5. Pretty much the same yardage and touchdowns. Agholor played in a better offense. Patton was the only talented player at LA Tech.

                A 5-10 corner who runs a 4.49 shut down Agholor. He’s just a guy.

              6. I’m hearing the phrase “number one receiver” ten times more then I did last year.

                Is the #1 WR an X or Z? Does it have anything to do with alignment?
                The #1 doesn’t equate a specific WR delineation. A #1 could be your X or your Z, until this recent trade you could argue that the Saint’s #1 receiver was their Y. A #1 receiver is a weapon that dictates coverage and a guy that defenses will roll coverage to.(Take your Eye off the Ball Pat Kirwan) Larry Fitz, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson these receivers in their prime are examples #1 receivers.

                You can easily argue that there are plenty of teams that don’t have a #1 receiver.

              7. “A 5-10 corner who runs a 4.49 shut down Agholor. He’s just a guy.”

                DGB got shut down by Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Tennessee and Ole Miss. In fact, he only had three games of 100 or more yards receiving. I guess he’s “just a guy”, too.

              8. Now you’re comparing apples and oranges. Agholor was a junior when he got shut down by the mighty Steven Nelson.

              9. You put far too much weight into the stats from a couple of games. You knock Agholor for not putting up big stats against Nelson (a legitimate mid round draft pick in his own right, btw), yet he also had good games against Stanford (Alex Carter) and Utah (Eric Rowe), two CBs that are being considered as 2nd/ 3rd round guys.

              10. Agholor had one catch for 3 yards and two drops when matched up man to man with Carter.

                Most of Agholor’s production came from the slot.

              11. I don’t think we are getting anywhere here, so lets just say we both have strong but differing opinions on Agholor. :-)

      2. Patton = Even Steven?

        I reviewed Patton’s college footage when he was drafted. My first impression was how physically “Even Steven” he was.

        He wasn’t particularly tall or short. He wasn’t thick bodied or scrawny. He had decent speed, but wasn’t a burner.

        What did stick out was productivity and effort.

        AJ Jenkins was a smooth, gifted long strider that seemed to have the competitive instincts of yesterday’s applesauce.

        Patton seemed to be the anti-Jenkins. His productivity came from effort, guts and buckets of give-a-dang.

        I figured if he was going to succeed it won’t be because he ran by or through defenders with ease. He’d have to be the blue collar type that strives to run a little better routes today then he did yesterday. A worker.

        This is his camp to show us something.

    1. He gets deep but is undersized and slender. I wasn’t impressed with his KO returns, but maybe he could be coached to be more decisive. A scouting report mentioned “retention” weakness requiring some added tutoring. I’ve not watched much Diggs yet, but Dorsett looks better to me than Alford; guessing.

      1. He’s an inch shorter and three pounds lighter than T.Y. Hilton. He averaged 28.6 yards per kick return last season. He ran a 4.27 at his Pro Day. He has bigger hands than Crabtree.

        1. I saw the size of his mitts when I looked him up. He really threatens those DBs. I just think Dorsett and Lockette are more sudden, change direction faster and accelerate faster, making them better choices in the slot. And yes, 4.27 (as opposed to the 4.43 at Combine) is special speed. He’ll be a value somewhere.

        1. One of the most underrated players in the draft small but blazing speed good hands KR ability, got overshadowed by White but if I recall correctly was the leading WR on the squad.For me a fantastic low round option!

    2. No one talks about Mario Alford.
      Maybe that’s because he’s considering a job in hollywood as a little person stunt man. We have a return stud already. I’ll pass on 5’8″ receivers tyvm.

      1. You’ll pass on him and someone will pass to him and he’ll burn it, kid is small but tough and talented.

    3. Alford is an intriguing late round prospect, but better than Dorsett? You’ve let draft fever set in.

          1. Actually, Alford is slightly quicker, and he’s a better kick returner. Longer arms, too.

              1. Alford ran a 6.64 3-cone drill. Dorsett ran a 6.70.

                Alford is a far superior kick returner, too. Alford played running back in junior college.

              2. Watching them play, Dorsett appears to get up to top speed much faster than Alford. Looks like he plays quicker.

                I like Alford, but he’s not as good as Dorsett.

              3. Alford’s 10-yard split is 1.50 and Dorsett’s is 1.54.

                Alford caught almost twice as many passes as Dorsett last season, and Alford is a much better kick returner. Averaged twice as many yards per kick return.

              4. And despite the 40 time and 10 yard split in underwear, Dorsett still looks quicker on tape.

                Are you saying Alford is a better player because he’s a better kick returner?

              5. Alford looks quicker on tape, which is part of the reason he’s better at kick returns and screen passes.

                Dorsett is a small deep threat who is not a good returner.

              6. Well, that’s not how I see it, but either way they are both fast and both quick anyway.

                Dorsett is being over valued at the moment. I’ve seen reports he’s being considered in the late first round, which is nuts. He’s a 3rd round prospect for mine that can be a deep threat WR but also provides the shiftiness, suddenness and understanding of route running to be decent at getting open underneath from the slot as well.

                Alford is under valued, as he offers some very similar skills to Dorsett. However he’s nowhere near as good a route runner at this point in time, and from what I understand has had some trouble learning in the past. He’s not as good a prospect as Dorsett, but he’d a good value late round pick.

              7. @Scooter “Are you saying Alford is a better player because he’s a better kick returner”?

                He must be because he keeps saying it over, and over again…; > )

              8. He caught more than 60 passes even though he had to share targets with Kevin White. Dorsett caught just 36 passes as a senior and he didn’t play with White.

              9. It does appear to be a key selling point!

                I like Alford. If I had the option of taking Dorsett in the 2nd round and Hayes Pullard in the 5th round, or Denzel Perryman in the 2nd round and Alford in the 5th round, I’d probably go the latter.

              10. There were a lot of passes to share around at West Virginia. Great team to play for if you want to pad your stats as a receiver. Just ask Tavon Austin.

              11. Dorsett was #1 on his team in receiving yards, and made up 27% of his teams receiving yards. Mario Alford was second on his team in receiving yards, and made up 23% of his teams receiving yards.

              12. Not to belabor the point but Alford also led his team in YAC’s and TD’s-I’m not sure who is the better of the two but Alford in the sixth or seventh(CBS) is a steal imo.

  22. The NFL.com guys all have SF taking Armistead at #15 seeing him as a replacement for Justin Smith. I think he’s a 5T, so not a perfect fit there for the D scheme we’re familiar with.
    A couple of those guys had Amari Cooper falling to da Bears @#7. 2 of them had DGB falling out of the 1st

    1. Brotuna,

      Somebody on this blog recently had a very strong opinion about those mock draft participants on NFL.com that I happened to agree with. He said something about them cutting and pasting each others “analysis” regarding the 49er’s personnel situation and draft needs. They all say the same tired crap about Justin Smith and the sky falling, blah,blah, blah. I would bet that if J Smith announced this week that he definitely is going to play this year that those drones on NFL.com still wouldn’t take the time and energy to reassess the 49er roster, and consider changing their boring, almost across-the-board Armstead picks at 15

      1. NFL Corp. hires nearly braindead former players like Heath Evans to run analysis. I only listen to Eric Davis, Lindsay Rhodes, and Willie McGinest. The rest are shills or morons.

      2. Might have been me.

        Tomsula said last month D-line was the deepest ever. Two days ago he said the 49ers have been preparing for Justin’s retirement since 2011.

        All the national media sees are departures. Its the lazy mans mock. See player leave, assume that’s where the biggest depth problem is. Plug in player at same position.

        Justin Smith retiring? Then the (certain to be last place) 49ers will reach for Armstead.

        What many don’t consider is the 49ers aren’t losing the 2011 Justin Smith… the Justin that that flung O-linemen like rag doll into the QB. They are losing the 2014 Justin. Very good to be sure, but its time for the subs to step up.

        I’m not ruling out the 49ers will draft Armstead, but if they do it won’t be just because Justin’s retiring.

        1. I’m hoping Justin goes on IR, then rejoins the team later in a closer role similar to what DC Seifert did with Gary (Big Hands) Johnson.

          Then defensive coordinator George Seifert was a strong believer in rotation. The 1984 49ers had nine defensive linemen on the roster, and used them all. Lawrence Pillers, Jim Stuckey, Dwaine Board, Fred Dean, Jeff Stover, Manu Tuiasosopo, Gary (Big Hands) Johnson, Louie Kelcher, Michael Carter

          They already had good depth, but brought in older guys like Gary (Big Hands) Johnson to play the rotational “closer” pass rusher role. Came in handy vs Marino in the Superbowl.

          I love Fangio, but I would have liked more rotation. I think we’re going to get rotation with Mangini.

          Docket is older, but I bet he can give 15-20 high quality interior pass rushes per game, keeping his (and other players) legs fresh later in the year. I can see Justin going on IR for much of the season, and being activated later in the year.

          Kaleb Ramsey has closer potential. He may not make it though a season injury free, but for a late season stretch run he can be a bowling ball inside.

          Imagine game 16, a tired O-linemen suddenly sees a fresh legged Docket or Justin or Ramsey lining up front of them.

            1. Ha! Someone must have been. If I wrote is “Gary Johnson”, alot of people wouldn’t remember who I’m talking about.

      3. I think Brodie, HTWaits, and CfC have all pointed that out. I think part of it is that many folks around the media and fandom assume SF dropped out of relevance. I think and hope that the reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated (to steal a phrase). That’s part of what makes this forum appealing as an alternative.

  23. DGB is the biggest no-brainer at the WR position since AJ Green, who was more highly touted than Julio Jones in the same draft. He should be the 1st WR taken, but Cooper is more ready to play now, and will therefore go 1st, unless some poor schmuck of a GM thinks Kevin White is a sure thing.

    If Baalke skips on DGB, I will absolutely lose my marbles (like never before, like much, mich worse).

      1. Grant, if you can do your part to make it happen through subversive psychological tactics at 4949 Centennial over the next couple of weeks, it’ll make for a hell of an “I told you so” come May!!!

        1. Jed could’ve answered that so much better! ‘I don’t know what his thinking is’ Pffft!
          Why not: (‘Trent and I have discussed personnel goals, and he’s the guy I trust to do his homework and use his judgement. I don’t expect him to consult with me at every turn; we have different jobs.’) ? It would’ve have honestly stated that he didn’t know the vetting process on that player without it seeming like he was distancing himself from his GM.

          1. Unless, of course, Jed intended to distance himself from his GM as he did a year before Harbaugh “ask” Jed to “release him” for a “mutual” departure.

            Our Jed thinks he’s subtle.

      2. I hope you’re right Grant, I completely agree with your article this time especially
        when you said “you can’t win with class until you win first” or something along those lines. It’s true and the whole winning with class mantra is a bunch of ridiculous BS anyway. If Harbaugh would’ve won a Lombardi or two with his three attempts it wouldn’t have mattered one iota to York if the team was comprised of Atilla the Hun and his mongol hordes or 53 Satan worshipers.

          1. I read that the Wiccans in Indiana were laughing at the religious freedom act. Their take was: Great, we can dance naked in the meadow in the moonlight and neither the State nor religious right can interfere! ; >)

      3. Baalke greased the wheels to pick DGB when he signed Simpson.

        How did you come to that conclusion?

    1. DGB has a chance to be a good player in this league, but the comparisons to Moss and Megatron are laughable and nothing but speculative hype. He didn’t dominate in his two years at Missouri, and hasn’t played a game in a year and a half. What he is, is a very talented guy who is still a work in progress and has some off field concerns.

      I’d be ok if the Niners take him because I think he can become a very good WR, but they better by damn sure they’ve done their homework before making the pick because he’s far from a sure thing.

      1. 12 touchdowns as a 20-year-old in the SEC is dominating. Julio Jones and A.J. Green never did that at that age. Mike Evans did, but he played with a good college quarterbacks. DGB didn’t.

        1. The 12 TD’s looks nice on it’s own, but then you look closer and see DGB was pretty much a non factor in half the games he played his final season. That’s not the production of an elite player to me. That’s not to say he couldn’t develop into an elite player because he has the talent to do so, but he’s not in the same neighborhood as a Moss or Megatron at the Collegiate level.

          If you draft him in the first round you are gambling on his physical abilities and not much else, but you do so knowing he is far from that level of play at this point. He has a lot to learn and it will take some time imo. Then you have to consider the character risk on top of it which makes it a gamble a number of teams aren’t likely to take.

          1. Green-Beckham smashed Auburn at the end of the season.

            Odell Beckham was a non factor in half the games he played his final season, which was his junior season.

            Moss didn’t play in the SEC, so it’s tough to compare him to DGB. I see Green-Beckham as Brandon Marshall with deep speed.

            1. Brandon Marshall is a pretty good comparison for him. Again I’m not saying he won’t be a good player, and I would be ok with him in the first as long as they do their due diligence, but I don’t see him as the type of immediate impact player that Moss and Megatron were. I don’t think he’s at that level both because he only played two years, and he hasn’t played in a game in so long. Based on his situation, you are gambling that he can take the next step, whereas the other two had already taken it.

              1. Yeah, I think DGB will blow up during Year 2 like Marshall did.

                Here’s an interesting breakdown of DGB http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=harmon_receptionperception_nfldraft_dorialgreen-beckham15

                “While, I’ve written about my concerns with Julio Jones being a tad too robotic in his movements to ever develop in the fine crafts of the position, those concerns do not spill over to Dorial Green-Beckham. The former Missouri wideout may be even smoother through his in-route movements than the wildly successful Jones. With proper coaching, and provided he takes to it, Green-Beckham should absorb these finer points sooner rather than later in his NFL career.

              2. Grant

                I can’t say that it happens often, but when we share an opinion on a guy’s draftworthiness like we do on DGB’s, you’re a great read!!! Thanks for posting the link.

              3. I understand the hype on a 6’5″, 235 lbs WR that runs sub-4.5 with smooth movement and pretty good hands/ coordination. That is a rare athlete for the WR position. But I agree with rocket, he’s all raw potential right now, and comes with some serious concerns about his maturity and ability to not let off field issues derail his career.

                I don’t see Calvin Johnson or Randy Moss when I watch DGB. Both of those guys were already quite smart/ good route runners entering the NFL, not just great athletes. As Mike Mayock says, DGB has no clue, but he makes plays. Assuming he will become a savvy player despite not getting it in two years of college is a leap I’m not willing to take as fact. And make no mistake, for all his athletic gifts if he doesn’t develop some savvy to his game he will only ever be a tantalising prospect that makes some big plays, but leaves a lot on the field.

                On the flip side, I like him as a prospect and would have no qualms taking him at #15 if he checks out after the 49ers do their homework on him. If he does develop his game then he could be a truly dominant WR in the NFL.

                In short, he’s not the sure-fire, can’t miss prospect that E and Grant are suggesting.

              4. Good article link Grant, and it pretty much sums up exactly what I’m saying. He’s a physical specimen that has a lot of work to do in improving all facets of his game. If he didn’t have the character issues, teams would probably be willing to take him in the top half of the first round on potential alone, but when you combine the drug and assault cases with his lazy route running, it’s not so cut and dried anymore. I still expect him to go in the first if teams get a sense of remorse and a commitment from him to put the game first, but he’s not in the same class coming out of College that Moss and CJ were, or for that matter Julio Jones and AJ Green. Not having the big Jr.year to put on tape to show refinement in weak areas could cost him along with the off field nonsense.

              5. Based on what, Grant? Plax was one of the best vertical WRs in the NFL during his prime.

              6. Nice hyperbole, but Burress ran plenty fast enough to beat DBs deep to go along with his size.

              7. Not sure how much you remember of Burress in his prime, but he never lacked for speed to beat a DB deep with pads on.

  24. Even I had to laugh when I read the comment from the Titans about Mettenberger being a poor man’s Brady. I like the kid but let’s not get crazy. If there ever was a statement that says they’re considering taking a QB early I think we just heard it.

    1. George

      Cosell & Farrar talked themselves into the realization that DGB is Megatron II and could be the best WR taken in this year’s draft. I think he’s better; just call him Mossatron.

    1. Another mock with the 49ers taking a 3-4 DE at 15… skipping Waynes (16), Peat (21), Shelton (23), Gurley (24), Perriman (26), DGB (31), Peters (32).

      Re: “…the bottom two thirds of the first round isn’t exactly stellar. The PFT consultant had an easy time filling out the top 10, but a hard time with the next 22. There just aren’t 32 first-round talents in 2015, even though there continue to be 32 spots.”

      I agree… sort of. There are several round one gamble picks.
      – Injury (Gurley)
      – Behavioral (Peters, DGB)
      – Athletically gifted but not developed at their position (Several including Armstead)

      Some will flop. Others will have stellar careers worthy of a top 10.

      1. Greg Cosell in that podcast about RBs raved about Gurley, saying no one came close to him. Think it would be possible to rotate Hyde and Gurley?

          1. At least if the Falcons took Gurley it would push an “elite” player closer to 15.

            I believe Baalke when he says he’s building a rotation of backs. The sticky part is keeping the backs happy. A selling point would be longer careers and fresh legs for free agency 4 years down the road.

        1. Gurley should be in the equation,I don’t think we will take him or would he would necessarily be my first choice , but if we do in the midst of the uproar I’d have a “cheshire grin”.

    1. I like the list Grant, especially Stevie Brown and Red Bryant. I think those two alone would give them a nice little return on investment on short, one year deals. Brown just has a nose for the ball and Bryant has always been a very good run stopping 5 tech. Moreno is an interesting one for me. His time in Miami seemed kind of strange, but I always did like the skill set. If he’s far enough into his rehab, I wouldn’t mind that signing. He’s still young enough to give you at least some production (without the burden of being the number one guy). Briggs as a stop gap, two down LB is a decent option. And Gresham is a guy who’s had at least 50 catches every season except one (2013), so he has talent. Is the injury the only reason he’s still available?

      As far as three down LBs go, would you include Kendricks in that group? Though a little undersized, he seems like a guy who could do it.

    2. Grant, I agree about the depth issue at safety. When Craig Dahl goes in, things fall apart. If they safety in FA or the draft, I think it means they like Catawba’s own LJ McRay.

      1. If they [skip a] safety in FA or the draft, I think it means they like Catawba’s own LJ McRay.

        1. Thanks, Brodie. That was a great piece on McCray, Tomsula, and Catawba. Excited to see his growth at the safety position, and wonder how he’d fare if the Niners give him a chance as a kick returner.

    3. Grant

      I love Red Bryant and Jermaine Gresham to the Niners. The rest I’m not on board with.

      Stevie Brown? Is LJ McCray chopped liver? I think he’s a dynamite youngster who’s already a heck of a lot better than Dahl, and could step in for Reid no problem. Is he deficient mentally, or something?

      Knowshon Moreno? Too expensive; way easier and cheaper to get a guy in a deep RB draft.

      Lance Briggs? I don’t know; he’s good, but almost decrepit, no? I’d rather believe the Niners are covered with Bow, Wilhoite, Moody, and a 2nd round draft pick, whomever it might be.

    4. I’m really surprised Bryant hasn’t been signed yet. He is a great run stopper and likely wouldn’t cost that much at this point. If JS ever makes up his mind, maybe they’ll sign Bryant as another candidate to join the rotation.

      1. Justin Smith has got to realize the anguish he’s putting Baalke and Tomsula through with his indecision. If he drags this on beyond the draft and until after all the viable free agent replacements are signed, and then still decides to retire, he’s got to know he would really be hurting the team, and I think he’s got to much class to do that. So, if he doesn’t announce his retirement in the next week or so I suspect he’s going to play another season. C’mon Cowboy, quit leaving us all hangin, we all want you out there wreaking havoc!

        1. I had this discussion with Cubus a few weeks ago, but I’m even more convinced they should move on now. As much as I appreciate what Smith has done for this team, he’s checked out mentally. If you need to be convinced by other players and Coaches to come back, then it’s time to retire. He’s obviously torn and imo leaning more toward retirement due to the time line of indecision, so at this point I hope he retires so they can focus on building the best Dline they can without him. You have to be all in to play this game at a high level, and I think it’s pretty obvious Smith is not.

          1. The decision has been made, he’s just following the 49ers directive to keep it under wraps until after the draft….

          2. Could be his sense or professionalism. He really wants to play, but only if he’s certain he can play at a high level.

          3. Its easy to forget rotating players is an option with Fangio. I want to see every D-lineman on the team coming at offenses in waves.

            I can envision Justin being on IR much of the season, then getting activated to play a “closer” role if a roster spot opens. Kaeleb Ramsey would be good in the role too. Rotating would keep Dockets legs fresh all season.

            D-line and (running back) rotation is perfect for a late season push.

      1. Thanks. He has alot “Coaching 101 videos going all the way back to October, 2012. I also can’t paste multiple links, but here’s a list.


        Oct 22, 14 Logan Coaches Prepare The Emotional Gameplan
        Sept 9, 2013 Coaching 101 Tampa 2
        Sept 24, 2013 Coaching 101 The Fire Zone Blitz
        Sept 30, 2013 Coaching 101 Techniques And Coverage Schemes
        Oct 7, 2013 Coaching 101 What Is The Zone Read
        Oct 14, 2013 Coaching 101 Learning Coverages
        Oct 21, 2014 Coaching 101 Scripting Game Plans
        Oct 28, 2013 Coaching 101 Loading The Box
        Nov 4, 2013 Coaching 101 Knowing A Football Play
        Nov 11, 2013 Coaching 101 Completing A Successful Pass
        Nov 18, 2013 Coaching 101 Play Calling
        Nov 25, 2013 Coaching 101 Play Action Passes
        Dec 2, 2013 Coaching 101 Following The Fullback
        Dec 9, 2013 Coaching 101 Pass Protection
        Dec 17, 2013 Coaching 101 Fringe Red Zone
        Dec 23, 2013 Coaching 101 Tight Red Zone
        Dec 30, 2013 Coaching 101 Safety Rotation
        Jan 6, 2014 Coaching 101 Screen Plays
        Jan 13, 2014 Coaching 101 Hug Rush/
        Jan 20, 2014 (49er Fans May Want To Skip) Coaching 101 The Free Play
        Jan 27, 2014 Coaching 101 Beating The Seattle D
        Sept 2, 2013 Coaching 101 The 4 2 5 Defense/
        Sept 8, 2014 Coaching 101 Double Eagle Defense
        Sept 15, 2014 Coaching 101 Outside Receiver Route Tree/13955442/
        Sept 29, 2014 Coaching 101 Inside Receiver Route Tree
        Sept 29, 2014 Coaching 101 The Wildcat
        Oct 6, 2014 Coaching 101 Running Back Route Tree
        Oct 13, 2014 Coaching 101 Quarterback Pressure
        Oct 20, 2014 Coaching 101 Who The Running Back Blocks
        Oct 27, 2014 Coaching 101 Building And Beating A Good Qb Pocket
        Nov 03, 2014 Coaching 101 Split Back And Inverted Veer
        Nov 10, 2014 Coaching 101 The Anatomy Of A Play Call
        Nov 17, 2014 Coaching 101 The Hokies Blitz That Beat Duke
        Nov 24, 2014 Coaching 101 The Single Wing Offense
        Dec 1, 2014 Coaching 101 Post Huddle Adjustments

        I’m trying to save them as flash or mp4 to build a library, but the format isn’t compatible with my downloader.

  25. In our draft speculations here we’ve discussed the tiers of talent in R#1 and the trade implications. There will be much interest in the top 12 picks to get into that upper tier. Some here have opined that the trade market may drop off after 12 as the remaining talent may be flat into the upper 2nd. My thought is that there could be a lot of wheeling and dealing if the views of who’s next on the board are quite divergent between teams. One GM shrugs at 4-5 equivilent talents while another might like one of his 4-5 a lot.
    I don’t have the first clue what or if trades happen, but here are a few thoughts. Picks 2, 4, 5, (15?), 31, & 32 could all be trade-back possibilities. Saints and Browns each have two in the 1st so could be trade-up candidate. Other trade-up possibilities: Jets, SF, SD, and Dallas.
    I don’t have much confidence in any of my guesses about Trent, let alone the other GMs, but it could get interesting.

    1. BT,

      It’s hard to predict this year because there seems to be a consensus that the talent level is pretty close from the middle of the 1st into the middle of the second. Whether that is true or not is another story, but if that is the prevailing opinion, then there will likely be few if any opportunities for Baalke to move down. That also doesn’t take into account that Baalke has never traded down in the first round anyway.

      If I were betting on the move which thankfully I’m not, I’d bet Baalke stays put and takes BPA out of: WR, CB or OLB. Not exactly going out on a limb here, but the more I look at it, the more I see it likely going this way.

      1. All the chatter, whether its GMs, reporters or mocks show a high level of elasticity after the upper-mid first.

        Two GMs have already discussed the small number of “round one prospects.”

        One said he talked to several other respected GMs.. and they rated the same player(s) in an extremely wide range… from mid first to the high 50s’.

        I thought the mocks were unrealistically elastic, often rating the same player (like Armstead) from 15 to 36. Maybe they aren’t being elastic enough.

        But there’s hope. This draft is full of risky, high ceiling players that could entice a GM into trading down/up to 15. These risk players can cause chaos to break up the “elite” and “2nd teir” blocks.

        – Injury (Gurley)
        – Behavioral (Peters, DGB)
        – Athletically gifted but not developed at their position (Several including Armstead)

        Some will flop. Others will have stellar careers worthy of a top 10.

        So lets say a top 14 team needs a corner or receiver… they could trade back to 15 for an extra 3rd or 4th, and grab Peters or DGB.

        Or a mid 20s team that’s madly in love with Gurley, Peters, DGB might want to trade up to secure the pick.

      2. Another oddity in this draft… its deep in running backs, receivers and pass rushers. BPA at picks 15 and 46 could both be running backs.

        It would be a hoot if Baalke grabbed the best two backs in the draft. Gurley would be the high ceiling, low floor risk at 15. The back picked at 46 would be the safe, high floor guy.

        Stash Gurley on NFI for the season to tack an extra year on his rookie contract. The 5th year option could be exercised in the 6th year.

    1. Thanks. If you go to his twitter, you will find alot of links to the blogspot series and other interviews.

      On Receivers

      He’s not wild about Davante Parker.

      He’s done D-line, Running backs, Quarterbacks, Offensive Linemen, Receivers. If he hasn’t done linebackers and DBs I think he will before the draft to cover all position groups.

    1. Yeah, though Landry is more solidly built. Very similar players. Just Like Landry, Hardy will likely end up some QBs best friend.

      1. Maybe Kaepernick’s best friend. Steve Logan should be very familiar with Hardy. I wonder if he’s campaigning for him. The Niners need a Z to replace Boldin.

        1. Hardy is only a replacement for Boldin in the Z. He’s not an outside WR. I’d rather take Tre McBride than Hardy, as McBride has the athleticism to play all three spots and is also a great hands catcher.

              1. Justin Hardy – 5’10 192 lbs – 4.56 Forty – 6.63 Three Cone – 4.21 Twenty Yard Shuttle – 36″ Vert – 11 Reps Bench

                Antonio Brown – 5’10 186 lbs – 4.57 Forty – 6.98 Three Cone – 4.18 Twenty Shuttle – 33.6″ Vert – 13 Reps Bench – 1st in yards and receptions 2014 NFL – 2nd in TD’s 2014 NFL

              2. Antonio Brown is an outlier – he plays way faster and more explosive than he timed. I don’t see that in Hardy, he’s a grafter.

                Not that I put much stock in the measurable comparisons in these spider charts, here is who Hardy compares to:


            1. Big hands are helpful, but they don’t make the receiver, and McBride’s hands are big enough to not be a hindrance. McBride is bigger, faster and more explosive. Both guys are good route runners and know how to get open.

      1. I assume you mean at #15?

        If they trade back to late round 1, while I wouldn’t love the pick, he’s getting some buzz as a potential first rounder and he certainly has some athleticism for his size.

        1. I all of a sudden feel a burning need to go back and watch some film of Edwards. I remember thinking he reminded me a bit of Tank – slow off the snap, but pretty athletic and powerful.

  26. Maiocco “Good news for 49ers that WR Michael Crabtree will reportedly sign with Raiders. He’s eligible to count as a loss in compensatory formula.”

  27. Been kicking around trade up possibilities packaging a player with a pick.

    Factoring in salary, time left on contract, depth and fit with new team… which 49er is the best trade bait? Which team is the ideal trade partner?

    1. Aldon and #15 to the Raiders for #4. Aldon’s reworked contract should make it easier plus he is a free agent next year. New team won’t be locked in for more than this year and they’re covered if he creates problems where he can’t play. Not saying I want this to happen, but you asked for hypotheticals.

      1. Its an interesting hypothetical. If they did that they still have their starting OLBs in place (Lynch takes over the ROLB spot, Brooks remains at LOLB), they get a legit #1 WR, and they still have all their other picks.

      2. I’m a bit surprised to see folks seeming eager to dump Aldon. I think he’s poised to have his best year yet.

        1. CFC:

          “Not saying I want this to happen, but you asked for hypotheticals.”

          We’re just discussing hypotheticals. Why don’t you join in.

          1. Sorry I did miss that. Just got home and stuck my nose in without knowing the low down.

        2. “I think he’s poised to have his best year yet.”

          CfC, why do you think Aldon failed to show that he was poised for much of anything in the last seven games in 2014?

      3. Read my mind. The Raiders have plenty of cap space.

        Most of us would balk of course. Aldon’s perhaps the most talented pass rusher ever, but from managements standpoint he’s a one year rental. Its a plausible scenario.

        Mack + Aldon would be a heck of a pass rushing duo, leaving the Raiders with picks 15 and 35. That’s alot of firepower.

        1. Love Aldon when he can play. Aldon is a key reason why I’m one of the lone optimists about 2015. Lynch+Aldon could be one of the top edge rush tandems ever.

          I was thinking Brooks+15+late pick, but I think the Raiders are a 4-3. (with pass rushers like Aldon, who cares about scheme)

    2. Much hinges on depth, not if I like or dislike a player or if I want to keep him. If Skuta was here, OLB would top my list. But there’s still good depth at OLB now. (in 2011 they only had three… Aldon, Brooks and Haralson).

    3. Vernon Davis and #15 to Atlanta for #8. Although he’s widely regarded as one of the best TE’s in the NFL a look at his stats shows an inconsistently good career at best. His motivation and commitment for the moment appear to be focused on football but how long will that last. If the 49ers have a bad season again will he disappear like last year? Davis could have another decent year for us but how many more of those are left and how much longer does he even see himself playing in the NFL. Trade him while he still has maximum value and will most likely be gone if not next season in the very near future.

      Matty ice misses Gonzalez. Jacob Tamme has never caught more then 4 TD’s in a season and they’re other TE option is Tony Moeaki. The swap gives Ryan the TE target he and that offense sorely need plus they move back just far enough to still be in play to take Gurley, that’s if the Giants don’t first.

      The move puts them in play to take Cooper, White or maybe(although unlikely) Beasely. Although it’s a high risk option, I’d take Rory Anderson in the 5th round. If Anderson is a bust I don’t see any other TE’s in this draft that could be a replacement for Davis this season. Given his near absence last year I think we’d be OK.

      1. CFC- not a bad idea. spot on about ATL having the need and VD likely playing his last year here.
        Personally though, id rather stay at 15, take peters, Waynes. DGB or one of the big 3 wr’s if one slips….and get a 2015 2nd rounder straight up for VD.
        Or even VD and a 2016 3rd or 4th for ATL’s 1st rounder

      2. CFC:

        Your analysis seems sound EXCEPT that it assumes that VD is viewed as valuable (“maximum value”) outside the niners. I think last year did a lot to damage that viewpoint.

        1. maximum value simply means that this is the most amount that he’s ever going to be worth the longer we wait the more his value will continue to drop as we get closer to him no longer having a contract with us.

        2. Cubus

          All of the other teams saw and knew what a mad scramble the niners were in last year what with JH and the niner FO….they know that VD is still a vibrant threat.

        3. VD wouldn’t command much in compensation at this point imo. Wrong side of 30, coming off of a poor season and in the final year of his contract. That won’t get you much on the trade market.

          No way I would trade Aldon. He’s had a rough couple of years with the rehab and suspension, but this guy was on pace to set sack records before that happened. Top pass rushers are hard to find and it’s worth it to keep him for this season to find out if he can recapture what he had two years ago.

          1. I agree, for me and Aldon it’s a remind me again why the tolerance level is so high for your BS….

    1. What’s happening with Dawson right now reminds of a similar situation with Vontaze Burfict a couple of years ago. Looks great on the field but the testing numbers were below par. Moral of the story is pay attention to the game tape and take the combine numbers with a grain of salt. Football is as much about instinct as it is about speed and explosiveness. If Dawson somehow falls to the Niners in the 3rd round I’ll be ecstatic.

      1. It’s a good bet teams learned that lesson by passing on Borland, so I’d really be surprised if Dawson is available in the 3rd Round….

      2. Completely agree with relying on what you see on tape. I think the main concerns with Dawson have nothing to do with how he tested, but the rumours of how much effort he puts in during the week.

        1. I think you need to ask yourself where those rumors are coming from, and what teams would benefit from seeing Dawson slide….

  28. Didn’t one of you guys scoop the Crabtree story last week? The gent with a friend who drove MC to the airport? I think you guaranteed it. Well done!

      1. good call big niner! do you know anything about the J’s ? witch ones are they?
        I have a pair of 12’s that i saw him wearing a cleat version of in a game.

        1. They are the IV ‘s blue / white / grey metalic, size 12 with no soles. He uses orthopedics so they’re missing. My wife put them up on ebay, I’ll post the listing tomorrow if I can remember. They’re sweet though.

      1. I’m just happy we get a compensatory pick. I’m wondering what round it’ll be in.

          1. I should also point out that according to the guys at Over the Cap (I think it is them), the comp pick for Crabtree will likely cancel out, so they likely won’t get anything for him.

        1. No problem, funny thing is my friend knows nothing about football, I had to put things in place and investigate..Crabtree told him he player football for the 49ers and just flew in from texas. he said he’d be back in a couple of months (training camp).
          There more to the story but I’m not going to put him on blast, lolll

            1. No….definitely not, no drugs or women in the car. Let’s just say it’s great to be an athlete. …

            2. Not on here, he’ll be back in a couple of Months. My friend might end up driving him again so in case he reads this, I choose to protect my friends privacy and trust in me. Now if we met in person I’d tell you.

    1. I remember the limo comment now. That’s a great call!

      I thought he’d hold out till May to spite the 49ers. Glad he isn’t. Also keeps things friendly between the 49ers and the (pick #4) raiders.

        1. the niners not willing to take a 1 year flyer on Crabb for the lowly sum of $3mil
          indicates the 2 sides had had it with one another…….or………TB is dead set on landing WR VERY EARLY come draft day

          1. I’m wondering If he saw the writing on the wall. Figured he’d go to a team where he can get inflated stats and land a bigger contract. He becomes their best WR right away.

          2. indicates the 2 sides had had it with one another…….or………TB is dead set on landing WR VERY EARLY come draft day”

            Or both!

    1. One consistent theme that I’m seeing is that after the top 10 picks people have wildly different opinions on prospects. I actually think it is less than the top 10. There are only four players everyone seems to agree on (Winston, Williams, Fowler, Cooper), then four more that the vast majority are sold on (Mariota, Beasley, White, Shelton). After that, let the games begin!

      1. A bit of hedging on Beasley is an undercurrent I’m picking up very recently. Too much a One Trick Pony?

        1. I said the same thing about Bruce Irvin in 2012. He may not be an elite player, but he’s proven to be a highly disruptive player. I’m not making that mistake again, and I think Beasley is better than Irvin.

      2. Scooter,

        I think you have it right, and I also think that this is better for the 49ers than if there were say twelve consensus first round picks.

        Of course it would be best if there were 18 consensus first rounders, but…

        1. Yeah, that’s why I’ve said previously I think the worst place to be drafting is around that 9-12 mark, where the talent shelf drops and teams will either be picking relatively safe but uninspiring players, or high ceiling but high risk players. Those should be premium picks, but not this year.

    1. Nice. I agree Cooper is best case in round 1 and reaching for an ILB would be worst case.

      It gets murky after round 1 as it largely depends on what happens in round 1. But Darby as best case I’m not sure I agree. He’d be good, but best case may be for one of the other CBs you mentioned falling – its no guarantee all 6 of those guys will go before #46. If the 49ers don’t go WR in round 1, there’s a chance a really good option could also fall to them in the second round. And its a strong year for RBs & OLBs too.

      I also think Perryman doesn’t really fit the bill as worst case scenario. I understand the misgivings of Perryman as a two down LB, but getting a dominant ILB for first and second down in the second round isn’t the worst thing in the world. I think an average effort DL like Carl Davis would be far worse. And I’m not a big fan of Clive Walford who looks a decent but nothing special TE option and probably shouldn’t be a 2nd round prospect if not for the weak TE crop this year.

      Third round is the same – best case depends on what they’ve done in previous rounds. Dawson would be a good pick, but there are a number of WRs and RBs that could also be great value. But I agree that reaching for a QB in round 3 would be a big mistake.

      1. What are the chances Cooper will fall to 13? Beckham fell to 12, and he is more explosive than Cooper.

        1. Cooper doesn’t have a Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans competing with him for first WR off the board. Kevin White may go ahead of him, though I think that would be a mistake. So I’m not seeing a high likelihood of him falling outside the top 10 picks.

          1. Many draft experts prefer White. Some have projected Perriman to get picked top 10.

            1. I noticed that, but my caution warning bell went off. He’s a nice prospect, but he doesn’t look on tape like a 4.2 guy. I saw a suggestion he’s better than White. I think his functional speed isn’t that close, but he’s a better route runner. Coach them both up and I think White tops out.

            2. There’s a lot to like about White, but I don’t understand why he is being considered a potential top 5 prospect or as a better prospect than Cooper.

              To be perfectly honest he scares me as a prospect. Only one year of real production (in his senior year at that), and even then his stats are inflated by being in a pass happy offense. Plus his production really dipped the second half of the season. I wouldn’t want to draft him in the top 10.

              Perriman I can understand why some would consider in the top 10. His upside is huge. I really like what I see from him in terms of ability to get separation at all levels of the field and take the top off a defense. In terms of talent I prefer DGB to White also.

              1. I agree Scooter. People get too caught up in the drills and forget about the game tape. Cooper was the best WR in the Country and can do everything at a high level already. White is a little taller and faster, but he hasn’t shown the ability to play WR at the level Cooper has. If I’m the Raiders I’m taking Cooper.

                I’ve become a big fan of Perriman, and while he is not nearly as polished as the 3 above him in the rankings, I see so much upside with this kid it’s ridiculous. I truly think he could develop into an elite WR threat at all levels of the field and that is hard to find.

        2. Zero to none Grant. Cooper would be scooped up by any of these teams before that happened: Bears, Rams, Vikings, or Dolphins.

    2. If the 49ers got Cooper only sacrificing a 4th rounder I’d jump for joy.

      I bet several teams think the 49ers will stink this year. I bet packaging 15+4th(2016) would be better trade bait.

      1. I agree in all cases. Reaching for an ILB that’s probably not as good as one you could get in the 2016 3rd would be frustrating.

      2. Recover the 2016 4th rounder by trading pick 126 that to 2016. Its low risk since 126 is toward the end of the 4th.

      3. What I like about Cooper is you get a full 4 years + 5th year option of starter productivity. If they’re lost to free agency, you still got alot of quality snaps.

        With less polished players you’re lucky to get two years before their gone… essentially wasting draft capital acting as a farm system for some other team with cap space.

    3. Grant:

      The worst pick in each of the first three rounds is the WTF pick (which Baalke has made in the past).

  29. What’s the likelihood Mariota will drop to 15, the Niners draft him and trade Kaepernick?

    1. Slim to none trading Kaep. They’ve been working on installing the offense with the new coaching staff. I can’t see anyway they would start over literally from scratch. Then there’s the issue that Kaep is more NFL ready. However, I’m not saying they wouldn’t take Mariota just that they wouldn’t trade Kaep this year – probably next year in this scenario.

    2. Why would you draft a guy who is hoping to be as good as kaepernick. You already have one.. Come on Grant stop the non sense.

    3. This was mentioned a month ago. He’s probably BPA and you take him and don’t trade CK. Best imaginable scenario for Marcus. Later someone hits the road as an asset (trade).

    4. Nil. Zero. Not after this veteran team has been asked to abide by the coaching changes and player upheaval. Mariota is a rookie, will not be as good as Kap in 2015, and likely not in 2016 either. Yes, Mariota will be dirt-cheap … er, yeah, it’ll happen, 100%.

    5. Very little, but it would be an interesting trade bait ploy.

      Succeed and the 49ers extract a kings ransom for a modest trade back from 15.

      Fail and your stuck with a QB nobody badly wanted nearly as much as the press indicated.

    6. Trade Kaep and keep a guy that has less talent than him? Ok. Sip one too many there Grant?

  30. This is a music post and has nothing to do with the 49ers, so feel free to skip it (I’ve never understood why Grant starts non-49er post with that disclaimer. Does he really think his readership is that dopey?).

    Do yourself a favor and check out the band Royal Blood. They played the Fonda theater in Hollywood tonight, and were tremendous. Two pieces, an electric bass and a drum kit, and they generate a big sound. Lots of energy on stage too. Great album (self titled) and very good live.

    1. George ..
      Thanx for that ..

      I find this line intriguing =>

      “….It is kind of crazy to think that Skuta ended up with a sizably bigger deal than Crabtree….”

      (wonder if that humbles The Crabs .. a bit ?)

        1. Oh yeah.. fer sure …

          Now, I’m wonderin’ what the Fins offer was ?

          The veteran minimum, perhaps ?

      1. He won’t have to endure the physicality of the NFC West anymore, so maybe he stays on the field for all 16 but I wouldn’t bet on it….

  31. For those who don’t think Baalke had a good draft last year, take a look the list of twelve players from last year’s draft who are on the roster.

    For those of you who think the seahawks FO is way ahead of the 49ers, what do you think the Seahawks defense would’ve looked like last year if they had lost Sherman, Thomas and Wagner for all or big junks of the year? Because the 49ers suffered that and worse. Hell, they lost the super bowl because they had to put back up DB and DL on the field. They are talented, but paper thin depth wise.

    Of course, it remains to be seen how the coaching shakes out, but there is reason for some optimism.

    1. After winning the 81 Super Bowl, 49ers went a miserable 3-6 the following year (mainly) because they had 8 starters injured.

      The 2014 had 8 starters injured on defense alone. They went 8-8, The D lead the league in interceptions and ranked 5th over all. Players matter.

      2011-2013 the 49ers have had the most talented defense on aggregate… but Seattle’s corners can cover without safety help. Their numbers advantage in the box is what tips the balance.

      That’s why I’m fence sitting about Peters. If the 49er brass thinks he can cover without safety help, grab him at 15.

      1. thats a good point brodie. Grant was beating the drum for a 1st round cb for a couple years back then, i was against it. My point ( a valid one) was that we didnt need to invest in a top tier cb ’cause we had the best front 7. they defended the run AND put pressure on the qb, thus making mediocre cb’s effective.

        The proof is in the pudding, SEA has a ring.

        1. The hard part is figuring out if the first rounder really can shut down receivers without safety help.

          Its a rare quality. Most first round corners can’t, even pro bowlers.

          Pete Caroll’s good at spotting and developing cornerback talent in late rounds. He also exploited an officiating habit of rarely throwing more then 2 PI-DH flags in a game. The era of the tall, crabby press corner was born.

      2. B2W,

        I remember that 3-6 post ’81 SB team. Frustrating. Didn’t Wersching miss a chip shot FG attempt that would’ve put them in the playoffs in the last or second to last game?

        Players do matter. I laugh at the dire predictions for the 49ers next year (4-12!?!?, please). If they are relatively healthy and the coaching situation isn’t a disaster (which I don’t think it will be), 9-7 is about the worst they will do, with 12-4 as a possible upside (not likely, but possible).

      3. I’m not a Peters fan period!
        Peters is not only a poor tackler, he is an unwilling tackler. I’ve seen him pull-up on making a tackle because he see’s a teammate converging.

        If Waynes or Collins are gone, I take a risk by waiting for either Darby or K.Johnson in the 2nd rd.
        The year we went to the SB our DB’ were outstanding at tackling, Peters is the antithesis of that.

        1. Peters is a P-L-A-Y-M-A-K-E-R. He has receiver hands. He’d be a great addition to the 49ers secondary imho….

        2. Peters is a P-L-A-Y-M-A-K-E-R. He has receiver hands. He’d be a great addition to the 49ers secondary imho….

          1. Razor,
            I’m not sold on Peters for the reason I cited above. I see him making great plays as well as making a boneheaded mistakes in games.
            The only way I pick a CB at 15 is if he is a shut-down player. Peters is not that in my book and his impressive combine stats don’t warrant a 15 pick imo.

            1. I’ve seen the dude knock receivers to the ground before they can make a move on him. Like the Incredible Hulk, his weakness is anger management, but make no mistake, he’s capable of erasing an opposing teams number one wide receiver….

              1. Razor,
                I’ve seen him make those plays too. But I’ve also seen him make a good percentage of plays on poorly thrown passes.

                After watching his highlight tape against Colorado it validated my earlier comments of making big plays and bad plays (bad tackling) in the same game.
                Marcus Peters is a very good player, but again, just not a 15 pick for me.
                I’ve seen one mock that actually has him going before Waynes – so he is definitely a high potential prospect.
                I will be checking in on his numbers on the team that drafts him just out of curiosity.

    2. Great point Ex. Seattle has some pro bowl starters but little in the way of quality depth behind them. When you look at their draft record it’s not nearly as impressive as people think. They’ve blown a number of high picks and benefited greatly from some late round and UDFA’s which is pretty much luck and not much else.

      1. Rocket,

        Thanks and you know I agree on Seattle’s draft record. One HOF DB in the fifth round is hitting the draft lotto. Two in two years is like winning a $500,000,000 Power Ball (which I hear is kind of rare).

  32. Matt M has an interesting mock on CSN BayArea. A bit different than the consensus for some teams above #15.

    1. Have a direct link to the mock? I can’t find anything on CSN BayArea website.

  33. 4/14/15 Draft.This not what I think Baalke will do but what I think makes sense given where players are likely to fall and loosely what our team needs are: (1) always the most volatile for fan reaction and knowing there is a fervent contingency who want nay expect DBG to be chosen(I confess I’m not sold ) I’ll start with Todd Gurley RB- a guy sans ACLwho would be a a top 5 pick,yes he is injured but is said to be ahead of schedule in rehab, and reminder his injury is no where near the degree that ultimately felled M. Lattimore.Gurley and Hyde would make one of the most lethal RB tandems in the NFL given the improvement of our OL(a key element in our QB success).Gurley has become my siren on the shore much as DBG has become for others! :(2) Ali Marpet OL a straight up draft crush for me can play multiple slots on OL and is a shot out of the dark winner;(3)Paul Dawson ILB should be our guy here a highly competitive firey guy who fits nicely next to Bowman(4a )Chris Conley WRhttp://bleacherreport.com/articles/2372623-meet-the-nfl-combines-most-athletic-wr-chris-conley- kid screams winner tore up the combine;(4b)Henry Anderson DE-disruption Inc.;(5) Davis Tull OLB-if he here grab him http://draftbreakdown.com/players/davis-tull/-(6) Nick Marshall CBttp://www.rotoworld.com/recent/cfb/132463/nick-marshall-(7) Conner Halliday QB;(7b )Mario Alford WR/KR a steal here( Antwan Goodley is an alternate WR choice here)!

    1. Great write up. Well thought out mock. Not just a cut-and-paste.

      Todd Gurley – If healthy, he might be the most impactful candidate out there.

      Ali Marpet – Don’t know much about him, but from what I saw the other day he has fantastic footwork. The greedy part of me wants to draft him later, but there’s too much buzz on him now

      Connor Halliday – His footage really jumped out. I especially noticed the quick release. Rare for a tall, lanky guy to get rid of the ball so fast. Plenty of zip too. I didn’t see him under center, but he has nimble pocket footwork. His footwork throwing is also a good sign he can transition to a pro set.

      Halliday and Smelter are my NFI redshirt favorites.

    2. hightop,

      I don’t advocate going RB in the first for a number of reasons, but you make a strong case for it, and the next two picks are strong as well. We all have our own ideas on where the Niners should go, but ultimately you want quality starters and depth and you achieve that here.

    3. Nice one hightop. As with rocket I’m not fully on board with taking a RB in the first round, but Gurley could be something special.

      1. I was hoping for one, but many say the numbers suggest a 4th, + some later picks.

        My concern is the committee will use Torry Smith’s media inflated “rolling” guarantee contract amount to cancel out the largest 49er FA loss. I was expected two 4th rounders, but I think their will only be one.

      2. I think most of the compensatory formula is based on contract and playing time so don’t know how that would work out. I would imagine at best we’d be looking at a 5th if Crabs has a good season and a 7th if he doesn’t.

        1. My understanding is it should be around a 6th. As to whether they get it after cancellations I don’t know.

    1. Absolutely Jack ,if they add Cooper and a decent OG, that fine young QB is gonna shine even more,

      1. Maybe, maybe not. Sophomore seasons can be eye opening. Now there’s film on him. Defensive coordinators will be ready.

    2. A one year prove-it deal with performance incentives on a team with lots of cap room sounds like he’s betting on himself. I agree, he will pair well with Carr.

      1. They still need a deep threat or else it’ll be very similar for him there as it was Here.

        1. Absolutely.

          Crabtree was a two time Biletnikoff award winner. Ironically his role is close to Biletnikoff’s.

          Biletnikoff had a Branch to stretch the defense and a Stabler to get him the ball in tight spaces. Carr might be that guy. Its early, but he sure looks good.

          The Raiders are extremely well positioned in this draft with picks 4 and 35. They can get darn near anyone they want with the 4, or could trade back only 4 spaces for an extra 2nd or 3rd and still get one of White or Cooper.

          And plenty of talent mocked to the first round should be there at 35.

  34. So the 49ers are bringing in a bucket load of WRs for visits, most of them expected to fall in the 1st through 3rd round but also guys expected to go after that. So a good chance a WR will be taken at some point this year.

    With that in mind, here is my current top 20 WR list, based solely on talent (i.e., not factoring off-field issues). Note I have not included Devin Funchess in this list as I see him as a flex TE, not a WR):

    1. Amari Cooper
    2. Breshad Perriman
    3. Dorial Green-Beckham
    4. Kevin White
    5. DeVante Parker
    6. Nelson Agholor
    7. Jaelen Strong
    8. Tyler Lockett
    9. Rashad Greene
    10. Devin Smith
    11. Phillip Dorsett
    12. Tre McBride
    13. Justin Hardy
    14. Sammie Coates
    15. Chris Conley
    16. Jamison Crowder
    17. Stefon Diggs
    18. Titus Davis
    19. Tony Lippett
    20. Kenny Bell

    I really like DeVante Parker, but I’ve dropped down my list to number 5 on a talent perspective. I said back in February I think he should be a late teens/ early 20s pick, but due to limited top end talent available this year will likely go higher than that. He looks like a good player with very reliable hands and the ability to go up above DBs for the ball, but I don’t see a great player there.

    1. I like Parker. He seems to be cooling a bit as pundits have more time to dig into what other receivers can bring. Cosell seems to have soured on him, but still love his catching radius, and he’s nimble for a 6’3″ guy.

      1. Yeah, he’s been my second favourite WR in this draft from the get go, behind Cooper. That hasn’t changed as I really like the way he plays. But from a talent perspective I rank him behind Cooper, Perriman, DGB and White.

    2. Cooper

    3. I might put Devin Smith a spot or two higher, but other than that, I agree pretty much across the board with how you ranked them Scooter. What jumps out immediately is how much talent there is at the position for the second straight year. So many great WR’s were drafted a year ago, and yet here we are a year later and the position is stocked with quality again.

  35. Why does it seem to be a given on here that the 49ers need to draft Iupati’s replacement, when Daniel Kilgore was playing center at a high level (I’m assuming he’ll be ready to go for 2015), prior to being injured, leaving Marcus Martin and Thomas to compete to fill the open LG spot? I’m not saying the 49ers shouldn’t draft OL at all or that either of those two will work out for sure, but I’m certainly expecting at least one of the two be good players. Am I missing something?

    1. All three have durability concerns, Martins’ kneecap, Thomas’ knees, and Kilgore played well, but is undersized and has yet to prove he can sustain a full campaign. Farrell played well but he needs to get stronger. No legitimate swing T either other than maybe Boone/Pears. Boone is Gandhi next year too. So, many question marks and I would expect Baalke to find an answer sooner rather than too late. Maybe not in the first round, but perhaps he uses some low round draft capital to get back into the 3rd round for a guy like Donovan Smith or Cedric Ogbuehi….

      1. Razor,

        Kilgore is listed at 6′-3″, 308#. Is that undersized for a center?

        A third round draft of an O lineman would be ok, but it would have to be a value too good to pass up to any earlier, in my book anyway.

        1. I’d rather have a 320 pounder in the middle myself. Now at 20 years old, M&M weighed in at 320 lbs at 6’3″. The Cowboys center is also around 320 lbs. If M&M can stay healthy and outright win the Center job, I think the 49ers would be improved in the middle. After all, Kilgore was a 5th round pick and Martin was considered the top center coming out by several evaluators….

          1. Fair enough, but I thought Kilgore was playing quite well a center before being injured.

            1. Oh he was, but does he have the salt to be nicked on throughout an entire NFL campaign? He’s Hammers’ and Maioccos’ favorite to win the job, but once he does, he’ll have to prove he can hold up….

            2. Don’t forget Joe Looney. That’s four guys competing for LG.

              The bigger concern seems to be swing tackle. We saw what happened when A. Davis went out. The offense came back to life when he returned for the last few games.

              Some some reason the 49ers lost faith in Boone as a swing tackle. Maybe he can sub better at LT then RT? Who knows. Boone’s hold out didn’t help.

              Thomas and Pears have played tackle. I think Pears is an awful guard, but decent tackle. I think Thomas can be a good tackle, but lets see how his body holds up.

              If Baalke thinks Davis’ injury issues will continue, he’ll be forced to draft a tackle.

    2. I don’t think you are missing anything. I agree. But I do think they should draft an OL in the later rounds.

      1. To be clear I’m thinking draft OL in the 4th round with one of our two picks in that round.

        1. Cubus,

          The fourth round sounds about right for an O lineman, all things being equal. Of course, if there’s a value to good to pass up at any point in the draft, that would change things.

  36. A few of you guys have mocked Karlos Williams, RB, Florida State, to us in a late round. As you probably know, he’s 6’1, 230 lbs, and runs a 4.5. Truly an exciting runner but he has “off-field issues.” He’s also supposed to be good at special teams and was a five-star safety recruit. Anyone know why they made him an RB? Seems to me he’d be a good late-round pick for several reasons.

  37. Assuming the draft unfolds in similar fashion:

    1. Winston
    2. Mariota
    3. Williams
    4. Fowler
    5. Cooper
    6. Beasley
    7. Armstead
    8. Gregory
    9. White
    10. Schreff
    11. Parker
    12. Waynes
    13. Dupree
    14. Peat

    Who’s the guy for you’re taking for the 49ers?

    15. I’m taking Perriman WR

          1. That kinda defeats the purpose of the exercise. Give me your pick of the rest….

      1. I think the offense needs to put up points and Perriman has no character issues that I’m aware of. Tough choice, because I love what Peters brings to the table but at the end of the day, Perriman could be special under Coach Henry….

            1. If I remember right, Lynch’s coach and Harbaugh were friends. The coach vouched for Lynch, so Baalke gambled a 5th rounder.

              We all know 49er management can be opaque and deceptive, but when Baalke says many fingerprints go into draft decisions, I believe him. The Lynch and Kaepernick picks have Harbaugh’s fingerprints all over them.

              The 15th overall pick is alot to risk. I’m not saying no. I love what Peters can bring. Be pretty happy of the 49ers got Peters or Perriman.

              1. That may very well be, but I highly doubt Lynch put down Hans Straub as a reference….

            2. Razor I think you are mixing up Lynch’s conditioning coach with his head coach. Lynch’s conditioning coach may have been fired for what he said about Lynch.

              1. I didn’t mean to infer head coach, hence using the word coach only and Hans Straub was his strength coach….

              2. “I cannot but think that if we had more true wisdom in these respects, not only less education would be needed, because, forsooth, more would already have been acquired, but the pecuniary expense of getting an education would in a great measure vanish.” … unknown dreamer

    1. That guy seems to think along similar lines to me – Dupree at #13, Erving #18, Perriman #19 and Peters #22. That’s my four potential elite prospects at #15!

      1. Not as big on Dupree as you Scoots but nonetheless would be happy with any one of those guys , big on Erving!

    2. Well, obviously I’d be happy with any one of Erving, Perriman or Peters. Even DGB.

      I’d pick Perriman too, but I think the 49ers would pick Peters.

    3. Tough one Razor. It would be between: Perriman, Peters and Shelton for me. I’d probably go Perriman, but I don’t think Baalke could resist Shelton.

      1. No one cares about that pos. I’ll always remember Phillips as the one responsible for getting Young murdered. Horrendous decision bringing him on board….

  38. Pick of the litter offensive and defensive team:


    Winston QB
    Gurley RB
    Maxx Williams TE
    Cooper/Perriman/DGB WR
    Flowers LT
    Collins LG
    Erving C
    Scherff RG
    Fisher RT


    Armstead DL
    Shelton DL
    Williams DL
    Beasley OLB
    Dawson ILB
    Anthony ILB
    Fowler OLB
    Peters CB
    Waynes CB
    Tartt SS
    Prewitt FS

    1. Nice.

      On offense, I’d have Peat at LT, Flowers at RT.

      On defense, I’d have Preston Smith over Armstead at LDE, Kendricks over Anthony, Dupree over Fowler as a LOLB, and Collins over Tartt.

      1. Hey Scooter, you know I’m running to the left when I need a nasty foot down on the goal line right?

        1. I prefer the right side of my OL to the left side of yours for getting said foot. :-)

    1. Shaq Thompson fits what Baalke calls “athletically unique.”

      I was arguing against ILB at 46 assuming it was much of a “reach” RB/WR would be better BPA in this draft… but Thompson’s athleticism and speed would make me feel pretty good that pick.

      1. Thompson might be the best ILB in the draft. The Niners can work around his weaknesses.

          1. Yeah, or use an over front, put Thompson at LILB and stack him behind the 3-tech.

            1. Interesting idea, but not sure how that works with the personnel. The over front is really pretty limited to a 4-3.

              Would you have Williams/ Dorsey as the 1-tech (weakside), Aldon as the weakside 6-9 tech, Dockett as the 3-tech (strong side), and Lynch as the strong side 6-9 tech? Not much point having someone like Dial as either the strong or weak side DE in such a formation.

              1. Red Bryant played 5-tech in an over front for years. Dial could do it.

                Aldon could play the strong side and Lynch could play the weak side.

              2. Sure, Dial could play as a 5-tech in the over front, but then you want smaller, faster LBs like the Seahawks have. Aldon and Lynch are not suited to playing LB in an over front.

              3. No they’re not if you want them in man to man coverage. But Thompson and Bowman can handle the man to man coverage. It would be a modified over front.

              4. I’m just not sure I see the benefit of it. The under front seems are far more balanced front to use on base downs.

              5. Yep, if they draft Thompson and want to continue using a 3-4, I think RILB (or weakside ILB) is the only spot for him on base downs. Bowman/ Wilhoite would play the strongside.

              6. Of course, Grant, one could argue switching to an over front would be a good excuse for trading Aldon, as they would have a surplus of 3-4 OLBs if they did so (though would probably need to invest in another LB for a 4-3 in addition to Thompson).

              7. I want to see the 2015 Aldon Smith remind everyone why he’s worth the disappointments he’s been responsible for….

        1. Yea, I’m thinking it’s close to 75% chance he’s gone with the wind when the second round blows in….

          1. A trade back a few spots would garner a 4th. Risky, but a good chance Perriman or Peters would still be there. Then package 4th+46 up for pick 40.

            Pick 17 – Perriman (or Peters or Gurley or Peat or DGB or BPA)
            Pick 40 – Thompson (or Ajai or BPA)

            If we’re willing to make big risks on players like DGB or Peters, why not make a far smaller risk trading back a few spots?

            I know Baalke is loath to trade back in the first. But the multiple needs, even talent 15-32, multiple “high ceiling but low floor” players screams trade back.

            The roster 2011 to 2014 had fewer holes. Baalke’s “secure the prime need day one” strategy made sense. Not so much this year.

            (unless Baalke just loves the player. If Peters is truely a “shut down” corner, then grab him at 15)

    2. No to Strong or Edwards at 15, but the other picks are actually pretty good. I know it won’t happen, but Gurly would not only put a smile on my face, Hightop would also be cheesing….

      1. Grant ..
        Can we call this latest BR column .. your “mock” ?

        I like it .. good job !

        Just have one question, though …

        “…and Smith can be the No.3
        receiver—the deep threat off the bench…”

        a $40 Million – one down WR ?

        Somehow I can’t see that happening very often ..
        With so many new faces on the D .. perhaps
        the offense will pick up the slack .. and
        just maybe we’ll see a lot more
        3 WR sets … where your scenario seems
        more likely

        1. No. We drafted Hyde as the heir apparent to Gore. Let’s at least let him have a chance at showing us that he is.

    3. Some interesting names on that list Grant. I don’t see any way Smith isn’t one of the starting WR’s though, especially if the pick was Strong.

      CB is definitely an area where a rookie could come in and start right away which is why I think there is a better than even chance they take Peters or possibly Waynes if he somehow falls to 15.

      LG is the other where there is a chance a rookie could conceivably start. Other than that, I don’t think rookies are going to start for this team no matter where they are picked.

      I think Wilhoite is going to start regardless of who else comes in, at least in the beginning of the season. Any RB taken will be in a rotation with Hyde and the others. Dline is set as long as there is no injuries.

      CB to me is the obvious place to look at in regards to a rookie starter.

  39. I’m going to to ignore the whole ‘leave poor little Ballke alone’ and ‘character beware’ syndrome because (frankly) both are stale and need to be put out to @$!#ing pasture already.
    Instead, I’m going to focus on your statement that Beckham is worth the risk at the 15th pick. Guess what? He isn’t worth the 15th pick and he doesn’t fit the type of offense the team is expected to have.
    The reason I say this is because of what shows up on his tape. Beckham isn’t as physical as he needs to be in the passing game, is nonexistent when it comes to blocking, appears to be going through the motions during a game, and fails to use his legs to outleap a defender in the endzone. None of that screams first round pick let alone a top 5 prospect. The very fact that he isn’t as physical as he needs to be alone negates Beckham as being a fit for the 49ers offense, but add to it that he isn’t really interested in blocking and doesn’t utilize his legs on jump balls (even in the endzone and you have a recipe for a wasted first round pick.

    1. We know, you said he wouldn’t be drafted until the 3rd Round and then you modified that to late the 2nd Round….

      1. Point out where I modified it. I still believe he’s a third round pick. There are only four WRs worth drafting in the first round and Beckham isn’t one of them. He has second round talent, but tack on the other problems and you have yourself a third rounder.

        1. Seriously? My memory is rock solid and although you may have again put him back where you originally scouted him in the 3rd round, soon after you changed it to the late second round whereupon I called you on it. No big deal. You think he’ll last until the 3rd round, we’ll see….

          1. I said he’s a third round pick that will probably go in the second round. I still maintain that. I personally wouldn’t touch him until the third round but that doesn’t mean others agree with me.

              1. But I wouldn’t touch him until the third round. I’m also not completely sold on someone drafting him in the third round. He’s raw and unmotivated at times.

      2. And besides, I don’t see him as a fit for a run first offense. He needs to be in a pass heavy offense.

    2. MWDynasty

      You obviously haven’t watched much film, let alone done much, if any, homework on DGB. Don’t bother retorting just yet. If after 2 years he’s not a top-5 WR in the NFL, I’ll buy you a vintage Steve Young jersey, and you can buy me a vintage Joe Montana jersey.

      1. Sorry, but I recently produced a video from draftbreakdown.com that backed up what I said. Sorry you seemed to miss it.
        And judging a WR after two years when the ‘make or break’ year is the third one is idiotic. The only way you can do that is if he has an A.J. Jenkins talent level.

    3. I can’t see DGB getting out of the first round unless there is more to the character issues than we know right now. Too talented to fall out of the round completely. If he somehow gets to the second and the Niners didn’t draft a WR in the first, I would trade up to get him if I were Baalke.

      1. I think there’s a real possibility that he does fall out of the first round. The character issues, his rawness, and the appearance of seeming unmotivated are enough cause for concern that I don’t see a GM willing to pull the trigger on Day One. Also (though don’t hold me to it), I believe Beckham was one of those that didn’t do well with the interviews at the Combine.

    1. Brodie

      I like Kap .. but he sure does like
      to ratchet-jaw, doesn’t he ??

      Sure hope his mouth doesn’t try to cash
      any checks his butt can’t back up, tho

    2. He was also penalized on that play.

      If I were Tomsula, I’d be preaching a line I first heard from Harbaugh during the 2011 combine… “lay in the weeds, and sharpen our knives.”

      All the predictions of doom for the 49ers makes me downright giddy, as long we we (the 49ers) stay quiet, work hard, lay in the weeds, sharpen our knives, and stun opposing teams right out of the gate.

      1. Didn’t Tomsula brag about how they were going to utilize Kaepernick as a runner? Kaepernick is just reinforcing that mentality, gearing up to whack down the weeds….

  40. MM had a Q and A today. One of the answers I found interesting was in response to a question about how the offense might change this year:
    “One team source told me that the 49ers’ offense relied a lot on game-planning. Let’s just say, 30 percent of their offense was the same every week and the other 70 percent was game-specific. This year, they’ll try to flip it. Most of their base offense will carryover from one week to another. There will be less shifts and motions and fewer adjustments required from Kaepernick at the line of scrimmage.”

    I don’t know if he was exaggerating when he us 30-70. But if not, that’s pretty dramatic, don’t you think? How could an offense get in a groove?

    1. I think the bigger question is how exactly is Chryst going to make a offense that stays the same a contender.

      1. “….I think the bigger question is how exactly
        is Chryst going to make a offense …”

        There .. I fixed it for ya, MidWest

    2. We had an offense like that not too long ago, and the other teams and our fans could call out the next play frequently. Lombardi did it in his day. Who’s done it recently?

      “Noooooo One!”

  41. Question to all – Do you think Baalke’s selected his “targeted” player already?

      1. Same here. I wouldn’t really care for the Peters pick, but I said before that who I expect Baalke is targeting.

        1. I think at WR they are hoping one of the top 3 falls (Cooper, White, Parker). We’ve heard they are very interested in Cooper (including potentially interested in trading up for him), and Parker they will be meeting twice before the draft (private visit and official visit at 49ers HQ).

          If those 3 are gone, my gut says they take Peters, and then go WR in 2nd or 3rd round (thus the reason they have been meeting with a bunch of WRs expected to be drafted around 2nd through 4th round).

    1. What Scooter said. I think it’s WR or CB unless somebody unexpected drops like Shelton or Gregory for example.

      1. I’d pass on Gregory. Pass rusher who can easily be made to disappear. Just ask Rob Havenstein.

        1. I’m not a huge fan either Mid, but pass rushers with his credentials don’t often fall very far.

          1. There’s too many times that he disappears on tape for my tastes. Like I have said before, loved him as a Cornhusker but don’t love the idea of drafting him.

  42. Now we start the quickening://www.si.com/nfl/2015/04/09/2015-nfl-mock-draft-marcus-mariota-trade

  43. Aaron Hernandez found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

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