49ers offense halfway there

This is my Wednesday column.

I want to help the 49ers.

Not because I root for them. I don’t. I root for the highest level of play and coaching. I root for perfection. I cannot bear to watch a team underperform.

I’m a mere journalist, but I sincerely want to help Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman if I can. So here goes. Their offense should be better than it is. It should be one of the best offenses in football this season.

Funny thing is, before halftime, the Niners’ offense actually is one of the best in football. It is averaging 6.2 yards per play in the first half. To put that into perspective, the Broncos are averaging 6.4 yards per play in the first half. And that means, in the first half, the 49ers are pretty close to perfection.

But in the second half, the Niners are averaging just 4.4 yards per play. The sad-sack Raiders are averaging almost a half-yard more per play in the second half than the 49ers. Unfathomable.

It gets worse.

Nine games into the season, the Niners’ first-string offense still hasn’t scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Unheard of.

The players aren’t falling asleep after the second quarter. The problem is clear. Opposing defensive coordinators are figuring out the Niners’ offense. Part of that is Roman’s fault, part of that is not. Let’s start with the part that is.

Roman fires all of his bullets before halftime. He saves no new plays for the second half. That’s a no-no. If you show everything in the first half, the other team will adjust, figure out creative ways to stop your plays, and you won’t have anything new to surprise them with. Almost all good offenses hold back plays.

Defenses adjust faster and faster as technology improves. Every player has his own Microsoft Surface tablet (like an iPad) on the sideline. This is new this season. Players scroll through a photo gallery of footage on their tablets and study seriously between series. They’re not looking around for the cheerleaders.

Players don’t have to rely on a coach explaining something or drawing something on a chalk board. Players can see everything for themselves. When they return to the locker room for halftime, they’ve already seen and digested what the coaches want to teach them.

When Roman game-plans during the week, he must make a concerted effort to spring something on the defense later in the game. Something flashy, like a flea flicker, or something subtle, like a new shift or formation or personnel grouping. Or something humble. But it has to be something unexpected.

Roman must let the players know what the second-half surprise will be as they go through meetings during the week. Roman can’t introduce the surprise to his players at halftime. Players need familiarity with it, need to know it’s coming, and need to practice it.

Roman can make these adjustments quickly. We’re talking small tweaks to his game plan, not fundamental changes.

But there are deeper problems with the 49ers’ second-half offense, issues Roman has nothing to do with.

Every offense has to scout itself, understand its own tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. Every NFL offense does this. Who scouts Roman?

Most teams have a Quality Control assistant for the offense. The 49ers do not.

Last season, Eric Mangini was the Niners’ Senior Offensive Consultant. He had 17 years of NFL experience as a defensive coach. It was his job to show Roman how an opposing defensive coordinator would look at his offense. Mangini was good at his job. When Mangini was the Senior Offensive Consultant, the Niners averaged 5.5 yards per play in the first half and 5.3 yards per play in the second half, remarkably symmetrical. Opposing defenses teams did not outfox Roman at halftime.

This season, the 49ers made Mangini the tight ends coach and did not hire a new Senior Offensive Consultant. They didn’t even hire a Junior Offensive Consultant. They hired no consultants.

The Niners hired Richmond Flowers to be an offensive assistant. He never has been one before. The Niners also made Mick Lombardi an offensive assistant. Like Flowers, Lombardi has no experience in this role. He was the Niners’ assistant to the head coach last season.

The most experienced offensive assistant on the 49ers’ staff is Ronald Curry. He has two years of experience. He was the head football coach at Mooresville High School in North Carolina as recently as 2012.

Roman doesn’t have time to scout himself. He needs help. He needed help against the Rams just the other week, the week after the Niners’ bye week. The bye week is a serious self-scouting week.

I’m sure Curry, Lombardi and Flowers worked hard to do that for Roman. But they’re doing it for the first time. They’re novices. The 49ers need someone experienced, not people referring to the manual and learning on the job.

The 49ers need to hire a new Senior Offensive Consultant pronto. Don’t consider me presumptuous for making that suggestion. It’s the little omissions that kill a good team.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. Did I miss understand Grant some of you dialogue this week with Jack about him calling the “right” plays over that worked in the second half? It seemed like you were advocating for him not being creative but using successful plays and pushing for Roman to not use diverse formations that you deemed unsuccessful.

    I agree with your point that adjustments need to be made. I would ask what percentage is execution vs play calling? The over all trend suggests predictability of opposing defenses knowing what the 49ers are going to do. There’s lots of tape out there now of Kap, Roman and JH. I pose that Brady and Manning have lots tape out there too and the opposing teams know what they are going to do. They execute better or the QB has better options at the line or reads the defense better in the correct at line play option. Last week as Jack pointed out the execution killed us with the drops and sacks at key points.

    1. I was quoting this but screwed up the code and it got hidden.

      Roman fires all of his bullets before halftime. He saves no new plays for the second half. That’s a no-no. If you show everything in the first half, the other team will adjust, figure out creative ways to stop your plays, and you won’t have anything new to surprise them with. Almost all good offenses hold back plays.

      1. As usual Grant “whiffs” & will always go for the Low Hanging Fruit,

        Yes some of the Play Calling has resulted in why the 49ers have been Anemic in the 2nd Half but clearly there’s more to it than that thus the “Low Hanging Fruit” by Grant.

        I’ll take a Standard Line from Kaep….”Execution…..we need to execute better”

        I know that this Standard Response is limited in information & down right boring but it really is the truth.

        Take the 2nd half of the Saints game, how many drops did Boldin & Crabtree have?

        Those drops alone were a Major Factor in sustaining drives so that the 49ers could have the opportunity to score points in the 2nd half.

        And it’s been said many times to count that you need ALL 11 Players to do their job on every play for the Team to be successful.

        1 Word


    2. I don’t believe holding your cards close to the vest is a recipe for dynamism. Exhaust every arrow in your quiver and force the defense to play on its heels. The gimmicky “gotcha” element of surprise is what forces kaep into telegraphed throws that are momentum killers. Romans not splitting atoms, his proclivity for micromanaging is retarding kaeps growth to think on his feet and read coverages. Take off the training wheels and trust in the preparation. Our drives stall when he’s limited to two reads and ends up taking a sack. Whenever roman begins to worship his own Xs & Os acumen he becomes over reliant on the deceptive belief of a perceived weakness in the defense at that given time. It’s hit & miss, all I ask is he provide a safety valve(rb in the flat,etc) Our wideouts have the best hands in league, I attribute the drops to bad juju. You have to get the involved early(1st quarter,3rd quarter) so they continue running their routes at full speed as if the ball can find them at anytime. It’s a game of energies & momentum. They lack cadence and rhythm, you don’t always have to confuse a defense with exotic formations. They should try changing tempo ala snap count, even no motion would be a surprise at this moment.

  2. 49ers lost 84 yards not counting potential YAC due to dropped passes on Sunday. But yeah, let’s blame it on the coaches.

    1. I completely agree with you Jack. The dropped passes last game made the offense look worse than it was. However, would you agree that there is a clear problem in the second half as opposed to the first half, specifically the first quarter. Its something I have been wondering since week 3. are we being outcoached in the second half? also can someone remind me why the hell Mangini (a defensive coach) is our TEs coach? I thought he did well in his role last week, and I feel like Grants point does make some sense and moreover, our TEs are have played terrible.

      1. I’ve wondered about Mangini. His title says Tight Ends coach, but his role may be the same as it was last year. The 49ers list 2 TE coaches on their website. I think Mangini’s job title doesn’t fully describe what he does.

        1. According to Tim Kawakami, that would make the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh liars. Shame on them.

    2. You make a good point Jack, but I think Grant does also. I think our offensive woes are due to multiple factors; coaches (scheming and play-calling), players under-performing (dropped passes, missed blocking assignments, misreads, etc.), and less than perfect officiating (or just plain ol’ unlucky).

      Sometimes one factor contributes more than the other, sometimes they all rear their heads at once. The offense just can’t seem to get rolling and firing on all cylinders for whatever reason. If I had to name the biggest factor, it would be the O-line.

      But hey this is all just IMO.

      1. You need to look at it on a game by game basis. I just don’t have time to go through it all right now.

      2. I think you make some good points, though the failure to play complete games has plagued this team for several years (Super Bowl prime example, but they had been doing that for some time). This year the poor play has shifted to the second half when it was the first half before.

        Not sure why it is going on. Injuries and shifting players have contributed but I get a sense there is more at issue which starts with coaching.

    3. Jack

      So that extra 84 yards on 69 plays would have meant a bump in yards per play of about 1.2. While your point is well-taken, you can’t possibly believe that Roman and Harbaugh possess a firm grasp of the intricacies of the passing game, nor that that they orchestrate a tactically brilliant gameplan. The Niners lack fluidity on offense, even against pathetic defenses. Can you imagine our offense EVER scoring more than 10-17 points on our defense? No chance.

        1. Jack

          No, it’s not off. You said the game included 84 yards of dropped passes. I took you at your word. The game also included 69 plays. If I just count second half plays, that skews the average in a way that would be statistically flawed, as dropped passes, whenever they take place, comprise part of the total.

          The point you seem to want to make is that players are not executing, while the coaches are. The point I am trying to get across is that the coaching staff must take a large degree of responsibility for the offensive woes precisely because the players are not executing. Q and Crab do not have propensity to drop balls, yet they’re doing it this year; Vernon is dropping everything; Ellington and Johnson and Carrier catch everything thrown their way, yet they play or are targeted rarely; Hyde, Miller, and Gore are proficient pass-catchers, yet they are used sparingly. This is not on Colin, who, admittedly, has earned a legacy for choking in big moments, a la Steve Young in his early career as a starter.

          The coaches, paid millions, seem reticent to embrace the wealth of talented options available to them, and that has nothing to do with execution by the players, but rather with the apparent limitations of this coaching staff to design plays, schemes, and game plans that exploit the talent available.

          1. 6 of those 7 drops occurred in the 2nd half and the majority of those lost yards were on the deep ball to Boldin. Again a 2nd half play.

            Also, those 84 yards are based on distance to receiver when ball was dropped and do not include the potential YAC that way lost.

            1. Jack

              I’m aware of all that. And the 84 should been 135 based on that one Boldin drop. I get what you’re saying, but you can’t just point to that one half and ignore all the other plays. Grant does that with Gore when he declines to include long runs in his averages. You could just as easily point to Kaep’s 65-yard cross-field completion to Crabtree to prove the miraculous execution of our team as you do to Boldin’s ridiculously out of character game of drops. None of that was the point. Obviously you don’t read through each post, because you’re stuck on the one issue of drops, but fail to address the more interesting issue of the coaches’ failure to get everyone involved.

              1. I tend to agree with Jack on this one. Additionally the majority of these drops were for first downs. This means an additional 3 downs to get more yards and points… I dont know when the drops occurred, but it would be intersing to know how many downs were lost due to drops.

                With that said we must also note look at the larger sample size than one game. In the Saints game I dont know that the niners game plan was that bad, but when looking at the season as a whole we can see that the game planning in the second half has been poor. See Chicago, Dallas, Arizona, St. Louis, and Philadelphia for examples.

          2. Include Lloyd in those examples. He’s caught just about everything thrown his way also.

            Right now my eye test tells me that on a consistent basis the two that I distrust the most in terms of dropping balls are Crabs and Vernon.

    4. True! I was thinking the same thing. It seems every week the second half of games it’s something different. A different reason why the sputter out. This last week was dropped passes,
      The week before dropped passes and not running the ball, den game??? Welp like it mattered.
      Chi game. Ck turning it over,
      Arz game they actually looked better in the second half.
      Been a weird second half of quarters for this team. It feels like maybe they will get it together when they wear out every different reason to suck after halftime. What’s next???
      Delay of games/penalties? Naa done that.
      I can’t see any other way to not score in the second half. So that must mean they score big this time and continue it for the rest of the season.
      My prediction…… Second half woes are over.

    5. While players clearly play their part, I believe much of the second half woes can be traced back to the lack of diversity out of certain formations. Too much passing out of spread formations, in particular, but also a much heavier dose of running from tighter formations. As the game goes on the opposition becomes more comfortable identifying quickly what the play is likely to be based on formation and react accordingly.

      1. There is some of that Scooter, but there are other issues. Against Dallas penalties wiped out some big plays in the 2nd half. Against Chicago they opened up the 2nd half with an 84 yard scoring drive. The next two possessions ended on interceptions before having success on the final drive.

        This subject calls for a much more detailed analysis than provided here.

        1. And a phantom call that called back a long TD run by Gore in the Bears game as well. Ref’s had their hands all over the Cards and Bears losses.

      2. Execution is the biggest issue imo. Each week it seems a different position group takes a turn wearing the goat horns. I have yet to see all pieces of this offense working together smoothly and effectively.

  3. All good point, but I also think the 49ers offense has under performed for three years under Roman. I watch how the ‘Hawks use Wilson’s running ability and it is a clear difference-maker. Where has that gone. Kaep doesn’t even think to run outside of the pocket anymore and in several situations his choosing to pass has cost up first downs. The offensive approach, one minute this, the next that, is too inconsistent. No rhythm is established, hence the up and down season for Kaepernick. The MOST important thing for a young QB is having consistency around the play calling. Simply not there and really, never has been since Alex Smith. With Alex, his limitations forced the Niners to a particular brand of football.

    1. The Hawks offense is probably not a good comparison. RW is running because they don’t have options to throw too.

      1. True, but they have effective plays using his legs. We do not. I am amazed at how many times Kaep gets nailed when we try to run out of the pistol/spread. I just don’t see that happen with Wilson very often.

        1. I think Lynch is a bigger draw to get the hand off that Gore is and they are willing to let RW run a bit. Our read option does seem to have been figured out.

              1. No, I didn’t see your post. Which thread? Tough year all around. I saw that P Willis is the 10th or 11th starting ILB to go down for the season.

              2. Wilson you’re cool and all, but c’mon man can you take that Seahak chatter over to their blog? Fraternizing with the enemy isn’t cool.

  4. A little editing please…

    All good points. I also think the 49ers offense has under performed for three years under Roman. I watch how the ‘Hawks use Wilson’s running ability and it is a clear difference-maker. Where has that gone? Kaep doesn’t even think to run when he is outside the pocket these days, and in several situations, that choice has cost us first downs. Our offensive approach is lacking, one minute it is this, the next that; too inconsistent. No rhythm established. Hence, the up and down season for Kaepernick. The MOST important thing for a young QB is having consistency around the play calling. Not there and never has been since Alex Smith left. With Alex, his limitations forced the Niners to a particular brand of football.

  5. Grant an old coaching friend of mine used to say, he almost would rather trail at half time than have the lead. That way he could make the adjustments. When you are playing well at the half you have to guess how the other coach will adjust and then how to react, its all guess work. Subsequentialy it is very difficult to game plan specificly for the second half, you just do’nt know what kind of adjustments the opposing coach will make. You point out that the 9ers are gaining a half of a yard less than the Raiders in the 2nd half but you do’nt mention where it places them in the NFL rankings. Lastly is it possible that the 2nd half O rankings have anything to do with teams playing from behind and not rushing the ball any more?

  6. Grant, good observation.

    I posted something similar http://49ers.pressdemocrat.com/49ers-27-saints-24-grades/#comment-702159 but I didn’t filter out defense points. Still very stark.

    “Average 49er scoring by QTR after nine games:
    First 6.8, Second 8.3, Third 3.3, Fourth 2.9

    This screams game plan good, game management bad. Who has the biggest fingerprints on game management… HC or OC?”

    Good teams often score less in the 2nd half because they’re chewing clock, protecting leads… but the 49ers weren’t that far ahead in the 2nd halves this season.

    No 4th qtr TDs in 9 games? There is something very wrong with the 49ers second half offense.

    1. The last 4th qtr TD was January 5th vs the Packers in the wildcard round.

      Grant, is 11 4th qtrs in a row without an offensive TD an NFL record?

      1. correction in []: The last 4th qtr [offensive] TD was January 5th vs the Packers in the wildcard round.

  7. I’m sorry but that article isn’t worth putting in a high school paper. i can see JH now calling a offensive staff meeting and telling G-RO you better call hat Cohn kid. We ain’t got much of the season left for him to help us. Puleeze

  8. At least 2 of 4 teams ahead of us in the standings are going to lose this weekend.

    Oh, and go Alex! Jordo, bay and md – you guys have to root for him at least a little this weekend, right?

    1. Rib anyone who does’nt show their love for Stafford and Alex Smith this week certainly is’nt a 49er fan!!!

      1. It’s going to be a difficult week for them, especially jordy and bay. I don’t think they could bring themselves to root for the Chiefs to go 8-8 last year.

        1. Alex smith isn’t a 49er it shouldn’t be a tough weekend for anybody if he wins.

          And coach… I’m kind of stuck between rooting for the Cards or Lions. The lions are a step closer than Arz and the division.

          1. Alex smith isn’t a 49er it shouldn’t be a tough weekend for anybody if he wins.

            I’m confused. Was it ever tough when he won as a 49er?

            1. My point… He’s not a 49er. I don’t care what he does who he beats or how bad or well he plays. Old news. We have a better qb now. We’ve moved on so has he. I hope he plays well enough to win this weekend but I won’t hold my breath either.

        1. Go look up what a troll actually is. Me not supporting a QB from Kansas City does not make me a troll in a 49er room. Your intelligence is seriously lacking….

          1. Based on your posts over the weekend, which I think you are trying to blame on Prime or CFC, you only love Kaep. you don’t like the team. And now you’re rooting for Alex, which we knew deep down inside you love. So you’re a troll. You’re not rooting for the Niners.

            1. Hahaha. Now I’ve heard it! The bull@#$% circle is complete.
              F77 sez to Bay: “And now you’re rooting for Alex, which we knew deep down you love.”
              Hilarious. BAYAREA IS A SMITHER!!!!!! Heehee. We could balance the national debt if we had a dollar for every time Bay bashed Alex or any of Alex’s supporters or anyone who was willing to take an even-handed approach to evaluating Alex. So let’s not let facts or historical accuracy get in the way.
              77 has a remarkable ability to be wrong about everything.

    2. No way!!! I want him to FAIL!!!!
      Lol of course I’m rooting for Mr Smith.
      That’s a game that will be on the split tv. I’m really intrigued in the crowd noise. That place is gonna be very loud. That you can bet. I’d like to see how midget man and his chewing gum puppy dog handle loud noise. Should be an interesting game.

  9. My thoughts on the matter of 4th Q under-preforments: After 3 games this year, the board lights should have gone on. Now it’s 6 more games and nothing has changed. Come on…this is no coincidence. (Phew…that’s a big word for me to spell) Tks Webster

  10. Offensively we have issues no doubt. I actually like this article. You finally went away from the TMZ stir the pot bs you usually feed us. While some folks on here might consider you a bit pompous for your suggestion, I actually agree with you.

    The blame for our inability to move the ball and score in the 2nd half can be spread around. The part that falls squarely on the shoulders of Roman specifically has to do with completely going away from running the ball and lack of adjustments once a defense has adjusted to what he is doing offensively. That and only utilizing successful plays only once a game. ( you’ve mentioned this )

    The New Orleans game was a well called game. My only issue with the game plan versus the Saints is that Hyde is not getting more touches. 3 carries a game is lazy and irresponsible. Dropped passes held us back from putting up a much better showing against a team that was 19-0 in that building. We should have won by 10 points.

    The Bears game from an offensive perspective was lost by the coaches. Yes Kaep $hit the bed. I’ve never seen a Harbaugh coached team lead 17-3 and be as pass heavy as they were in the 2nd half.

    It takes a good OC a game to realize their mistake. But Roman is thick headed. He did the same thing the following week. I counted 2 carries by running backs in the 2nd half. While I believe the refs and the combination of Reid / Ward cost us this game, Roman killed us by going away from the run.

    One good thing that came from our first two losses was the WR vertical route. We FINALLY realized that Safeties were sitting on routes. We utilized it beautifully versus KC and St. Louis. And then we….. stopped.

    Denver was a good old fashioned ass whooping. Fangio had egg on his face for not pressing and blitzing at all in that game. It will serve us well if we face them again this year. It had to be a shootout. The dropped balls in the first half plus the defenses inability to stop Peyton caused the offense to quit IMO. The players basically quit.

    The Rams game falls squarely on Roman. Yes the offensive line was terrible that game. But they were not put in a position to succeed. Even a high school coach knows that if you can’t protect your Qb, you go to shorter routes. You also run more. 16 carries by RB’s and only 2 by Hyde is terrible. And a QB sneak on the goal line is as unimaginative and irresponsible a call as I’ve seen Roman make.

    Roman’s issue is that he doesn’t have a plan b. Meaning a second game plan to immediately go to when game plan one has been adjusted to. And if he does, the results sure don’t show it. The good news is that he called a brilliant game plan in New Orleans. If the WR’s didn’t $hiat the bed so badly, it wouldn’t have even been close. While I believe that Roman and Harbaugh’s passing offense lacks sophistication, I believe we have the talent to still make it successful. But I also believe that there are better OC’s that would get more out of our offense without complete changing our identity.

    1. It still comes down to execution. In the 2nd game if Kaep doesn’t crap all over the place the team wins that game going away. It was the 2nd game of the season and a chance to see how much Kaep has developed, turns out not as much as they had hoped.
      Did the Niners find their ID? Their ID is they are an inconsistent team because they can’t predict what the QB will do and how he will perform so they really can’t game plan against a defense. How can you make adjustments if you don’t know how the QB will do?

      1. Troll77,
        how old are you five? Six? The adults here are talking football. While I spread the blame. And spoke about game plans, WR’s, running the ball and yes the QB, you point to one issue. The QB.

        You act like a 2 year old learning to speak for the first time. And the only phrase you know is QB sucks. Keep dazzling the room with your garbage. At least everyone knows you are a troll now.

        1. Instead of guessing my age, why don’t you suggest how he is consistent, or how his radical unpredictable play is not accurate? We’ve had 3 preseason shows and 9 games as a body of work.

          1. Fan here’s something I posted in another thread. Take a look at Kap’s first three full seasons to Bree’s. Is he really that inconsistent or is he just young. Is he developing too slow. It took Bree’s about 6 seasons to reach elite.

            Those passing and rushing titles are nice things to make a HOF case and showcase someone is elite talent. I don’t think the 49ers D is getting enough credit for causing some of those mistakes. Again you are comparing a 12 year veteran to a 4th year pro and second year starter. Lets look at Bree’s first three seasons compared to Kaps for a better and fairer comparison.

            Brees (first season he threw 1 pass)
            2002 3284 yds 17 tds 16 ints 60.8% compl
            2003 2108 yds 11 tds 15 ints 57.6%
            2004 3159 yds 27 tds 7 ints 65.5%
            Wasn’t till his 6th season that his #’s jumped

            2012 1814yds 10tds 3ints 62.4%
            2013 3197yds 21tds 8ints 58.4%
            2014 2166yds 13tds 5ints 61.9% (Through 9 games see projections below)

            I think you need to be more patient with his development. Bree’s wasn’t great in the beginning and got hurt and traded and now he’s a great QB but after 6 seasons.

            Fan did you read this? http://blog.sfgate.com/49ers/2014/11/06/kaepernick-on-pace-to-produce-historic-season/

            1. I read the post. Did you read the comments. You know what else is historic? Our starting QB has not lead his team to a TD in the 4th quarter the entire preseason and post season.
              That’s almost unprecedented!

              1. Fan I don’t really care about the comments under an article because its often useless uninformed dribble.

                At some point it’d be great if you actually engages in the content and facts people are posting rather than going back to your tired one thought posting. Yes we haven’t scored a 4th Q TD. Its a problem. But as several of us have already pointed out and you failed to respond to its sometimes the responsibility of the QB and in other cases the players and coaches around him. You need to see the bad and the good of Kap, but you refuse to. You just hate and probably blame the weather and when your car won’t start on him too. Its really old and tiresome.

              2. I think you refuse to acknowledge that Kaep’s shortcomings are his and his alone and there’s only so much hand holding that the coaches can do. We are paying Kaep a top tier salary, so there are expectations that come with that.
                I only rehash those points when people, not saying you, fail to admit he has these shortcomings, and that as a QB and leader of the team, his shortcomings and lack of execution have a greater impact on the outcome for the Niners. Simply put, pressure is on the QB. It always will be.
                Would you agree that the QB is the most important offensive player on the team, and that’s why they are paid so much money? Would you agree that Kaep can make great plays and at the same time make stupid ones?

              3. I think that you refuse to acknowledge that more and more people dislike you and your posts every day. Mostly because you are a troll…..

              4. Bay Troll Fanatic,
                I think I’ve proven that you are the troll. You hate Crabs, Vernon, Roman, the O-Line, Fangio. You LOVE KAEP.
                I have merely stated my opinions on why the team is failing to meet expectations, which is the inconsistent unpredictable play of KAEP. You have taken offense to that because he is your number love of your life.
                During the Saints game you said you didn’t care if the Niners lost, so long as Kaep threw for over 400 yards.
                You find his current level of play acceptable. I do not.
                Just as you find the level of play of the O-line unacceptable. So why don’t you admit that based on your criteria, you are also a troll?

      2. Fan you are a single read poster. One comment every time and done. Its your Crabtree to the corner don’t care if he’s covered throw.

        If there’s nothing else there you just blame Kap. Add some dimension to your comments. The whole offense is inconsistent, not just Kap. How many times in those first four games were we hindered by O line penalties, Stupid penalties by Boldin and others. Poor performances by the O line, Gore, WR’s all hurt us. Kap at the Bears and at home vs the Rams really hurt us. But the inconsistency doesn’t always like at his feet. This week the drops as Jack posted lost us 89yds of offense. We also have inconsistency our of our TE’s. Where’s Davis? Can McDonald catch the ball?

        Its not just Kap.

  11. The Forty Niners organization is tight-lipped, suspicious, defensive, evasive and secretive with the Press and the public. By now we know this. It drives Lowell, Grant, the Matt’s, everybody in the press crazy, and it ticks them off too; Big Time. So I find it ironic that Lowell subscribes to a similar
    strategy in dealing with his readers. HTWaits mentioned here yesterday that comments to LC’s site were being deleted even if there was no personal attack or rudeness; simply for disagreeing or questioning the logic being used by the writer. When I checked out the comment section on Lowell’s article I found all of 3 comments; 2 of them supportive of LCs piece. So I don’t know, but based on the volume and tenor of responses here I might guess that Lowell’s delete button may have been pretty busy yesterday. Now he doesn’t run a chat room like we have here but still, I’ve seen Lowell get more responses on a piece about traffic.

    1. i don’t know about Lowell. But you have to give Grant credit for taking the criticism/abuse he gets or even encourages (though much of it is deserved). Grant gets lot of things wrong, doesn’t admit mistakes and makes some absurd claims…but he generally puts in good work in his pieces (aside from the occasional short post asking what we think) and takes his lumps for it.

  12. to sum up your article: Roman needs to make half time adjustments.

    I guess that never occurred to him?

    Remember players still have to play.

    The problem is that the Niners’ offense has a specific set of strengths (and conversely limitations). Power run, play action passing and passing from the spread (when pass pro holds up) are all what they do well. The Niners establish the run in the first half great. Then defenses adjust and shutdown the run. Which shuts down play action and then puts them into obvious passing downs making those spread plays more dangerous because the defense is prepared for them (as opposed to passing out of the spread at 2nd and 7).

    That all said, even within the Niner’s strengths adjustments can be made. Sometimes they’re made. Other times players just don’t make their blocks/catches/reads…etc…

  13. Grant,

    I don’t think it is as dynamic as even mixing up trick plays in the second half. We simply should be getting into a rhythm and wearing down the defense in the 2nd half like we used to do. We no longer do this and it is a key to opening up the offense downfield. But I think Roman should have been gone 2 years ago to tell you the truth. I hope Harbaugh and Roman are gone at the end of the season and Fangio stays.

    1. there’s another central figure necessary for “getting into a rhythm” on offense. Kaepernick is a big play waiting to happen. Lightning in a bottle. But he’s sure not consistent. And it is consistency that is needed for “getting into a rhythm”. Also, all the shuffling on the O-line up until the last game was a lack of personnel consistency and messed with the rhythm of the game too.

  14. “Players scroll through a photo gallery of footage on their tablets and study seriously between series.”

    Maybe the camera never shows it on the sideline, but I don’t ever see Kap reviewing plays on the sideline.

    Here’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask anyway. Despite what Roman calls in…who has final say over the protection scheme for a particular play? Not killing the play, just adjusting the protection.

    Also, when was the last time you saw Kap bring a guy in motion to actually check the defensive alignment and not just bring a guy in motion because that was part of the play design?

    Just provoking thought…

    1. Usually it’s ether the QB or Center that makes the line calls. I think it was Jonothan Goodwin up until this year who made the line calls. I don’t know if it’s still the Center or maybe Kaep had to take over the line calls because of the rookie Center?

      I’m not sure Kaep has the flexibility to simply send a guy in motion in the offense unless it’s built into the play.

      1. Doesn’t the protection have to change based on what the QB sees from the defense? Overall, I’m just wondering if Kap actually makes protection adjustments at the line. I say that because we’ve been getting our lunch ate with blitzes all season and we haven’t fixed it yet. A play can come down from Roman but he doesn’t know what the defense is going to do…the QB & O-Line see that.

        Seems to me that they’re just running the play that’s called in. Kap “may” audible but the next play may still not have the proper protection. I don’t see him doing that.

        Another point is that the protection doesn’t always have to change either…maybe a hot route needs to be called. I don’t see that happening either. Either way, those things should be called at the LOS.

        1. It seems you may want to blame the lines missed blocks on Kaep. I’m not sure who does it now but it has fallen on the center. In high school, college, and pros many centers call the adjustments and blitz pick ups. I’ll go a couple steps further. I believe it was staley that said stupid block techniques and schemes (this has nothing to do with Kaep). Also, Hyde missed a blitz pick up. Harbaugh said he didn’t hear the adjustment. I believe that adjustment was made from the line.

          I know many people believe the QB is “Jesus” of an offense but that’s far from true. Centers are some of the smartest guys on the field. They know what’s going on and when to make adjustments. You can’t get caught thinking every QB is like Peyton Manning and runs their entire offense. It doesn’t work like that.

          1. KY,

            I’m observing the season as a whole, not calling out any one specific play. Obviously, I saw the play where Hyde had that terrible miss. Missed blocks have certainly been part of the issue. When we have consecutive plays blown up by pressure…I would think Kap would start trying to attack the areas left void by that pressure. You don’t have to be Peyton Manning to simply call a hot route to cover the area where blitzing is most likely to leave open. So, even if the center makes the calls the QB still has responsibility in the area of “protecting the integrity of the play.”

            We’re not going to win every down, no one is. I just think we can make some adjustments to start winning a more.

            1. again, I think you’re expecting more flexibility in the Niner’s offense than is there. The Niners don’t typically call hot routes in their system. Most of their adjustments are more macroscopic. If it isn’t the right play the QB call another one vs. making specific adjustments to the called play.

            2. We all want to see “hot routes”. While it seems simple, i would question why the O Coordinator hasn’t put it into play. It’s obvious teams stack the box against and blitz more than normal. These are the adjustments Harbaugh and Roman should be making in between games and halves. Kaep is playing with what he’s given. He’s given what the coaches believe he can handle. Which ends up being deep route after deep route.

              1. I do not know to what degree they exist in the offense. I’m sure they do to some degree. (communicated by hand signals I think). But my impression is that the play pretty much sticks to form unless the play is “killed” and another one is called.

                As for why the “hot routes” do not appear to be in the offense (or not as much as other offenses), I think in general the Harbaugh/Roman offense likes to keep things as simple as possible for the QB and receivers and not make things too complex. Weather or not this is because of an all encompassing philosophy or if it’s because they want to bring Kaepernick along slowly…I don’t know.

              2. ….or we could look at the new blog post that quotes Harbaugh on site adjustments….perfect timing Grant!

          2. KY49er: Thanks that was very informative and answers some questions I hade. Are the coaches hooked up to any of the players via a mike or anything?

    2. Kap was reviewing plays on the tablet this past weekend. I’m Sure he doe it, but cameras haven’t caught it till this last game.

  15. Grant not sure if this has been discussed but with the chance Bowman not returning, any way Ahmad Brooks moves inside?

    1. why would they move Brooks inside? So far Borland and Willhoite seem to be doing a good job. And no matter how much Lynch flashes, he’s a rookie and it is Brooks in the base defense that holds the edge. He may be subbed in passing situations but I suspect Brooks is rounding into form in that area too. After Borland and Willhoite I think it’s Skuta in a pinch and then Skov off the practice squad.

  16. “I want to help the 49ers. …….Not because I root for them. I don’t. I root for the highest level of play and coaching. I root for perfection. I cannot bear to watch a team underperform. …I’m a mere journalist, but I sincerely want to help Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman if I can.”

    C’mon, Grant. Admit it — you are no “mere journalist”. You’re a brilliant, perfectionist football mind trapped in a journalist’s body waiting for the chance to be an offensive quality control coach!

    But seriously, it’s a pretty decent article despite my wincing a few times.
    “The sad-sack Raiders are averaging almost a half-yard more per play in the second half than the 49ers. Unfathomable.”
    That’s not too unfathomable. The Raider fall behind very far in the first half, and then get themselves some garbage time TDs to pad the stats.

    I agree that Roman needs some help. I thought that they should have brought in a passing game consultant in the off-season. Even COTY Bruce Arians, whose strength is the passing game, brought in Tom Moore to help out his OC Harold Goodwin. Maybe Harbaugh doesn’t want to hurt Roman’s feelings.

    Roman is learning on the job as a first time OC. Contrast his game planning with that of the highly-experienced Fangio whose brilliant scheming (together with Baalke’s personnel acumen) has compensated for not only injuries and Aldon’s loss, but also for off-games by Reid, Brooks, etc.

    I have faith in Roman that he will be grow from this experience.

    Tanier has an interesting perspective of the Niner’s situation:
    “One reason the 49ers offense has been so schizophrenic this year is its need to keep veterans both healthy and happy with their touches and make the tough decisions necessary to prepare young players for increased roles.”

    1. Thanks. What’s really unfathomable is that the 49ers’ offense averages the fewest yards per play in the second half of any team in the league.

      And Tom Moore is the most underrated offensive coordinator in football.

      1. Grant, is 11 4th qtrs in a row without an offensive TD an NFL record?

        The last 4th qtr offensive TD was January 5th vs the Packers.

      2. That horrendous second-half performance has had me perplexed all season long. But wiser interlocutors on this site have counseled me that it is all about poor execution by players :)

    2. Mood:

      I appreciate the link to Mike Tanier’s article. I can’t bring myself to go to the bleacher report website and look for it each week, so I count on you to link directly to it. Thanks for taking one for the team.

      His analysis of the 49ers’ offensive issues is insightful.

      1. Claude,

        Glad to be of help. Don’t blame you — BR is still awful overall. Time Warner has poured some money after they bought BR for reportedly $200M, and hired some quality writers. Tanier probably misses a more discriminating readership like the ones he had at Sports on Earth and Football Outsiders, but is hopefully making more money at BR.

        1. Mood:

          Tanier probably misses a more discriminating readership like the ones he had at Sports on Earth and Football Outsiders, but is hopefully making more money at BR.

          I hope so. I also hope he has been given the power to improve the quality of the writing, including the oversight and hiring of other writers. I think he could and would attract some good ones.

          Jack, send him your resume.

    3. Walsh would not have had this issue. Walsh was a master of getting rid of players just as they were declining.

      No excuse for not getting Ellington and Hyde more snaps. With Hyde it’s as simple as getting him eight more carries. For Ellington to get the ball it would require a creativity that so far eludes Rom/Baugh…

      1. Walsh ruled in the pre-salary cap and pre-FA era. He had the luxury of having starter-quality players warm benches for multiple season.

        There may be multiple reasons why Ellington and Hyde are not seeing more snaps. One reasons is their limited blocking abilities, as we saw with Hyde who failed to pick up a blitz when he missed Boone’s call to adjust at the LoS. Hyde made Anthony Davis look bad. Harbaugh pointed out that out — a rare occasion when Harbaugh publicly singles out a specific assignment error.

        There’s a reason why Gore is still the Niners’ reliable offensive weapon, and it’s not because of the F.O.’s unwillingness to draft a future successor.

      2. Walsh’s issue would be to try and turn Kaepernick into a reliable, efficient QB from the pocket.

  17. Grant SEZ :

    ” … I’m a mere journalist, …”

    H-mmm debatable, Grant .. here’s why :

    ” Journalism .. (or, the reporting of news) .. requires
    only these :

    The “who”
    the “what”
    the “where”
    the “when”
    the “how” .. and
    the “why” … of a story …

    anything more .. or anything less ..
    and it cannot be considered news ..
    because .. it’s just opinion ..”

    These words were spoken during the very first class of
    Journalism 101 .. at CSM .. by Prof. Vainowski
    (some years ago)

    1. That’s certainly old school reporting. Journalist seem to be much more about making news or getting a unique spin these days than just reporting the facts. Reporting has been replaced with the journalists opinions every where.

      1. Heard about it but didn’t have all the details, so I wasn’t sure if it was post worthy. Hopefully he will be okay. I just don’t know how we are going to keep overcoming these injuries. The offense needs to improve so this D can rest more.

        1. yeah, well there isn’t many details on that page, either ..
          just a mention ..

          This story should be worth a lot more than a mere
          mention, though

          1. Borland, Gore, McDonald all have injuries that have histories, and so they will nag them throughout the remainder of their careers….

              1. Yeah, he’s definitely got a bit of Zach Thomas to him. His aggressiveness and quickness to the hole reminds me a bit of Sam Mills.

                Lets hope he can have that type of productive career.

    1. Great. So how many players do we have injured right now? This team is a bunch of sissies. Yet our QB has never missed a game even though he takes the biggest hits, go figure….

      1. Sissies? The Niners have been one of the most physical teams in the NFL for over 3 years and you label them sissies? And then you are comparing the wear and tear a QB takes to guys that play their position and special teams and have to tackle, block, get blocked? You obviously have never played football!

          1. Fantasy football fan. Now I’m starting to believe that no one ever did “hijack” his lame Erik Estrada avatar. He really is all CK and nothing else!

      2. Grant enough with allowing my name and avatar to be hijacked. Expose the coward. Is it fan77?

  18. Hoo boy, here comes the next one:
    NBC Bay Area is reporting an Internal Affairs investigation of the SJPD for alleged improper acceptance of gifts/favors/tickets from the Niners. Initially my take is that much of it centers on the very open Law Enforcement Appreciation Day the Niners have put on, not back room stuff or payouts. The violations seem to be to the Department’s policies, not to the criminal code. So likely a bigger deal tomPolice personnel and not much to the team.
    If Kawakami and Killion’s hadn’t been so busy trying to scoop the small fish story of Crabs’ supposed unhappiness they might’ve scooped a big fish story that leads to the top of the SJPD and somewhere into the Niners organization. Doh!!

  19. Grant,
    Good observations.
    Was there ever an official report as to why Mangini was moved to the present role?
    Our TE’s have had a limited role this season and this should come to roost on Mangini’ lap.

    Sans the drops, VD’ opportunities have shrunk this season and VMac is on track to catch 15-20 receptions this year – definitely nothing noteworthy for the TE position.

    Is Roman lulling teams to sleep by making them think that our TE position is no longer a threat, and then suddenly spring our TE’ loose to catch and run wild in the near future?
    I do know that there is no creativity to free up VD/VMac in our offense like there was a couple of seasons ago with VD and DWalk and that limits the offensive fire-power.

  20. KY49ER:

    “Also, Hyde missed a blitz pick up. Harbaugh said he didn’t hear the adjustment. I believe that adjustment was made from the line.”

    The center does make the calls, but Kaepernick can change the play.

    Actually, Harbaugh didn’t say that Hyde failed to hear the adjustment. It was a hand signal from the right guard that he missed. They played the whole game with silent counts and hand signals.

    On another trivial matter, you guys are not reading 77whatever’s closely and I understand that. But sometimes you can miss a real gem of a comment. I can’t quote it but you all know his one note complaint which is that Kaepernick hasn’t been able to lead the team to a fourth quarter touchdown. Then he went on to add in the regular or PRESEASON.

    No one seemed to think that it was worth the effort to point out to him that Kaepernick doesn’t play in the second half of preseason games. Enjoy.

      1. You missed the point — Even in the preseason, when Kaep played, the offense rarely scored. Who scored the first TD at Levi’s? It was Blaine Gabbert.

        How can anyone in the right mind expect this offense to be efficient and feared, if the first string QB has failed to lead the team to a TD in the 4th quarter? it’s not like the team has been blowing teams out.

        Hey, go ahead and think all is well in Niner land. Team barely won last week. And Lost the week before to the Rams, because the QB failed on a sneak. A sneak!

        1. It’s hard to understand some points. You are right, i missed your point. Do you happen to know how hard Harbaugh tries to score with the first string on the field in preseason?

        2. 77, that you keep trying to make this moronic point about how our backup QB led the team to a TD in garbage time after both teams cleared their benches or how successful he was in pre-season automatically eliminates you from contributing meaningful conversation on any other aspect of the game.

          1. Is it safe to say that 77 will have some kind of flaw to bring up against ck and that folks should start treating him like 8-8, mora and Mary and start ignoring him?
            When you have a team of Prime, onelame, and a Seahak troll named Mary rolling with you. And they’re the only ones…. Something’s gotta give. Ignore this clown! He’s going to have ammo every week. Is it worth the space folks?

            1. Why you always grouping people together? This labelling or gang connotation is what little kids do. Then again anything you ever expressed on here is elementary at best!

              1. When you ride the nuts of clowns like this an it’s the only guy who ever agrees with you and you agree to pick on others he does, then you’re a group. And a pathetic one too.

              2. Like this quote?
                You don know football if you don’t have madden? Lol idiot.
                Or how about this latest one.
                “I call him Thomas 2.0” man please that nickname has been out. Or how about
                Gay slurs
                Talking trash about someone’s wife who had cancer…
                Someone’s wife’s chest…
                Yes prime enlighten us with more of your all knowing intelligence.

            2. When a QB fumbles the ball on a one yard sneak, that’s not a flaw. When the QB throws a really bad pass to a wide open WR for a game winning TD, that’s not a flaw.

              When a QB takes a lot of sacks because he can’t go to his 2nd read or figure out a blitz, that is not a flaw. When a QB can’t lead a team to a 4th quarter TD, even when the defense spots him a 51 yard hail mary, that’s not a flaw. THAT’S A PROBLEM.

              When Kaep finally throws a game winning TD pass, I will not hate, I WILL BE RELIEVED!

            3. Look md you’ve got issues so why don’t you go somewhere else. My guess is you make enemies IRL and everywhere on the net. Do you really think you can run us off of here by intimidation, just b/c you don’t approve of what we say??? Don’t read our posts. Stick to football!

              1. Isn’t that what you’re doing you hypocrite? ‘go somewhere else’
                If it came to a vote on here you’d be walking the plank Mary Palin. And now you’re engaging with Mud? Snicker, you just made Ninermd’s point for him.

              2. Don’t be so trollish and maybe you’ll fly under the radar a bit. This may be a public forum, but you are not a fan of the team, you’ve been hypocritical, insulting and then you want to stand back and play victim. It doesn’t work that way.

                Go hang out in a Seahawk room….

              3. My enemies are morons from the past, and few. I don’t go to Seahak or other blogs to troll around. Again you’ve got nerve telling a 49er fan to go elsewhere.
                I thought you were out of here anyways? Liar. Bet it Seahak fan. NOBODY but 3 listen to your garbage.

              4. Oh and Mary…
                Please describe this “we” clan. If you will? I’m sure the 49er fans on here are going to loooove being a part of your “weeeeeee” bunch. Lol
                Rep your clan Mary.

              5. “Look md you’ve got issues so why don’t you go somewhere else.”

                Wow. Mary, most of us here have let you talk as long as you stick to football conversion. But don’t think for a second that most of us here will side with a Seahawks fan. You might have your little “groupie” here that for some reason enjoys your presence here, but as Brotha says, “you will be walking the plank” if it comes to a vote. Oh by the way, why don’t you go somewhere else and leave this 49er forum, forever!

          2. What you fail the grasp is that that offense has not been good all year, specifically the 1st string. Kaep is has been inconsistent last year, and this year. While he has made some improvements, the development has been slow. After the Rams game. everyone was ready to blame the O-Line, and Roman. Then someone post an article from Football Outsiders with all-22 from the Rams game, clearly showing open WRs and well designed plays. Kaep failed to see the reads.
            There will always be an amazing play by Kaep that makes everyone forget the bonehead mistakes.
            As a whole, the offense is out of synch and inconsistent. Who is the captain of the Offense? Alex Boone? Iuapit???

          1. Yes that play lost the game, but it should have never come down to that last play. We were outplayed by the Rams and are lucky Kaepernick wasn’t killed in that game

            1. Yeah, shouldn’t have come down to that but it did right? Oh, and why did it come down to that? Because of the inaccurate throw by the same player right?

              1. Or maybe the 7 sacks and pressure all day, dropped balls, like I’ve said before since we are on one play and blaming. How about Borland missing his assignment and giving up the only TD of the game? Is it his fault they lost?

              2. Borland missed the tackle for the TD in the 3rd quarter. Kaep didn’t just make one bad play, but 2 in a row at the end of the game. He missed a wide open Crabs with a bad pass, and he fumbled crossing the goal line. That’s all you need to know.

          2. And now this clown has been waiting for a little group of ck badgers to start and he is slowly starting to join. Go figure. If it’s not Alex smith it’s no qb cold blooded assassin of his. You and prime are pathetic.

      2. htwaits: Would you or someone explain to me how it works: The center makes the calls and is he connected by an earphone and then as you said Kaep can change the call? In one of the SF games I saw Kaep had something in his hand & is that several calls he can make according to how the defense lines up??? Tks.

  21. One key to this game is stopping the Giants TE Larry Donnell who has 41 catches (2nd on team) and 5 TDs (1st on team). Michael Wilhoite will probably get that assignment. It will be an interesting matchup to watch.

  22. No one listens to what harbaugh says anymore….

    He has created this view of himself and it’s affecting the players and the fans.

    Hate to say it. But it’s time to go.

  23. Here’s another thing to watch this game. The Giants were gashed on the group by Seattle last week mainly on read option plays and they’ll be prepared to stop it this week. I expect the 49ers to come out in base personnel with a heavy emphasis on the run. We may see some read option plays, but not a heavy dose of it. I want to see Hyde get more carries. Expect big plays off of play action and I have a feeling that Vernon will have a huge game.

    1. The read option was supposed to kill the Bears because the Bill’s used it so effectively against them. They were ready for it so you’re correct that the Giant’s will do everything not to be embarrassed again this week. I say don’t run it but make them prepare for it.

      1. Yep. What happened to NY last week was similar to what happened to Chicago in week 1. They’ll be ready for it.

    2. Nick

      Thanks for keeping the focus on the upcoming football game. Yes, I think the Niners will open with a heavy dose of Gore in Q1 and then increasing dose of Hyde. I think Hyde will have about 10 carries. Yes, it’s also time for some bounce-back performance from the TEs in receiving. The key is for the offensive brains-trust to keep things simple and not to outsmart themselves.

    3. Nick: Seattle laid a blueprint for the 49ers. Run the ball down their throats. Protect the ball b/c they intercepted twice. And I’m not sure but I think your secondary might be the weakest part of your defense, but Manning is a concern. I see no reason why you won’t win this game.

      1. Mary says…..
        Nick: Seattle laid a blueprint for the 49ers. Run the ball down their throats. Protect the ball b/c they intercepted twice. And I’m not sure but I think your secondary might be the weakest part of your defense, but Manning is a concern. I see no reason why you won’t win this game.

        Yeah Seattle is the only team that’s beaten the Giants this year. Yep they laid the blueprint to a win vs this unbeatable team.
        And our secondary being our “weakenes”? Try it being the weakenes on your no holding can’t cheat secondary.
        This is another reason why Seattle fans will NEVER be welcomed on here.
        1 you’re new to football
        2 you troll your rivals blog and spit nonsense like this.
        Smh! Keep it up for Seahak nation. You’re fitting in perfectly.

  24. If …. then…

    If the Giants can start the 4th quarter at 17-17
    (tied with the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks),
    then New York is capable of beating the 49ers.

    Note to Coach Harbaw: another loss
    (putting the Niners at 5-5…) will have season-long
    impact. It will tell the fans and the world that you
    are still vulnerable … to much weaker teams.

    I am the Super Bowl monkey (on your back). Ok?

    1. “I am the Super Bowl monkey (on your back). Ok?”

      No, you are a pathetic little man with nothing going on in your lonely, miserable life so you act like this. Sad, pathetic and more than a little creepy…

    2. 8-8 Anyone is capable of beating anyone and the Giants are at home and they have something to prove. They know 49ers bring the same kind of game and will pass “more than the Seahawks.” haha. Lord Wilson has to get some TE and figure out how to move the chains. They picked up Allen Bradford yesterday. He’s listed as a LB on the roster but I think he was a tight end at USC under PC. He was on Cleveland’s PS.

  25. Looks like Brock is out…

    I wasn’t paying attention Sunday, We had all of our CBs healthy. Who were our starters?

    1. Hate that Brock is out again, but at this point I just want him to get healthy. So far we’ve been decent all year at outside CB despite his absence (Not saying we don’t need him…still think he’s our best CB). I’m more concerned about Reid. He hasn’t done much this year.

      Starters were Cox and Culliver with Ward at nickelback again.

      1. JustdaReal: I like Perrish Cox. Graham did push off but Cox can peruse an acting career after football. haha.

        1. Wrong, sqawk fan. It’s Jimmy Graham who should take up a post football acting gig. After all, he can cry at the drop of a hat.

          1. Or a magician. Where he magically moves someone off of their spot without pushing them.
            He has hot top 5 most hated status after last week.

  26. Grant,
    control your blog already. Who is hijacking my avatar and posting under my name? Is it Prime or Fan77?

  27. Alex didn’t please Jordo, bay, md, houston and others. CK doesn’t please 77, CfC and growing bunch of others. GRo pleases no one. Harbaugh has lost the team. Baalke is borderline schizo and pick horder who couldn’t draft a WR out of a bag full of Dez Bryants and Odell Beckhams. OL can’t pass block to save Kaep’s life. According to Junior and Pops we should just lock up McDonald and throw away the key. Crabtree is done. Gore is done. Willis is done.

    Hey how about this? Let’s just get rid of *everybody* now and start from scratch. Everybody down with that?

    1. Ribico,
      What do you think of the Giants offense? I haven’t followed them closely. It looks like Manning is having a decent year. His numbers are very comparable to CK’s. They have a new OC, but I’m not sure how that’s gone for the team. Since you live in the area, you might better tuned to all this.

      1. Nick
        Until Rib or Rocket get back to you, here’s my thought: the new OC changed them to a quasi-West Coast system and Eli took a bit to adjust. He’s doing better lately, so I’d say focus on his game numbers from recent games rather than just his season stats. Yeah, the TE is good and Beckham is hitting his stride.
        If Lynch, Aldon and Brooks can bring heat off the edges maybe Justin can help get some push up the middle. The Niners will need inside pressure on Eli or its trouble. Against this scheme the LBs and DBs need to tackle well.

      2. Nick, wildly inconsistent, mostly due to injuries. First part of the season, Manning and co looked lost with the implementation of a entirely new system – philosophy and nomenclature. They seemed to had figured it out a couple of games in, then came the season-ender to Cruz. Beckham has been a find, but he’s not the playmaker and Manning security blanket Victor Cruz was (yet). We’ve had trouble with TEs and Larry Donnell is having a fine season, supposedly on pace to break NYG TE receiving records.

        RB Rashad Jennings is back after missing the last 4 games, all losses. They rushed for an average of 154 yards when he was playing and 83 yards in the last four games when he was out. So Niners would do well to key on him. Backup RBs Peyton Hillis (concussion) is likely out as is Michael Cox (gone for the season with a broken leg).

        Check out these numbers. I thought they were a misprint:

        21.7 points/game
        343.4 yards/game
        5.2 yards/play

        21.7 points/game
        343.9 yards/game
        5.2 yards/play

        That half yard in our favor will be the difference.

        1. ribico:

          That half yard in our favor will be the difference.

          So, you’re saying it’s going to come down to another QB sneak at the goal line? And this time, it will be successful?

          I love a good redemption story.

    2. When Kaep becomes more consistent, and starts to take big strides in his development as a pocket QB, I’ll be happy. It’s sad it’s taking so long but what can you do? If he continues at this slow pace, then yeah maybe I need to vent my anger on Baalke for drafting this guy, or not finding a suitable replacement.

    3. “GRo pleases no one.”

      Yep. Winning 30+ games over their first 3 seasons has been no fun at all.

    4. Alex didn’t please me pre harbaugh. I was on record saying I would back Alex smith. He made good strides and I didn’t knock him the first year, I wanted more throws downfield and more than one read from him. Obviously Harbaugh wanted the same. I have Smith his props, and totally stepped back and let him do his thaaang! When I’m wrong I’ll admit it. He became more than what I thought he could and less than I thought he could be.
      Let’s get that straight.

  28. Colin sure looks cute in his shiny gold football tights, we can all agree on that! I would love to kiss his biceps….

        1. Bay,
          Since Grant is not stepping in and stopping the none sense, use a different e-mail address and avatar.

  29. PFT had a story today about dissension in the Fins locker room surrounding their OC. Having seen the smoke on the unattributed remarks about Harbaugh, I take it all with a grain of salt for the moment. The writer claimed to have multiple sources, but anonymous ones. Sounds familiar.
    Here’s why I bring it up: speculation in the article was that Mike Wallace, who has previously been vocally critical of the offensive scheme and play calling, was one of the sources. So here’s a guy who left a winning program to sign for the big bucks with a team that had the cap space but no offensive identity. Many on this blog wanted him, but his price was too high for Baalke. His price was too high for a lot of teams.
    So he got his money and now he’s whining; and perhaps saying stuff that he won’t put his name on.

  30. Bay: Is that the real you? Okay I will take your advice and not engage in any negative responses by Claudia and md.

    1. Playing it safe doesn’t always win you game. Alex Smith played it safe with 4 possessions versus SF and couldn’t bring his team back. And when he tried to air it out, he threw the game sealing INT.
      Who cares about other teams troll? We are 49er fans. All we care about is our team.

          1. I love how you blame everyone but the QB who couldn’t make an easy pass to Crabs for a TD, or how he couldn’t execute a QB sneak from the one inch line. It’s not a popularity contest on this blog, so I don’t give a crap what people think of what I post. However, I do know that you call everyone you disagree with d-bags, gee how endearing! The only reason you’re welcome here is every village needs an idiot and you’re the best one on here!

          2. Harbaugh pounding Alex’s pads trying to get Meek Alex fired up before games

            Smh. Only you would try to spin that into a bad thing.

            By the way, do you not realize that Harbaugh pounds on Kaepernick’s pads before games?


            You keep projecting your thoughts about Smith onto others, and you make a fool of yourself just about every time you do it. How many more rakes do you plan to step on?

            1. It’s pretty evident that Bay suffers from dementia or schizophrenia. He does don’t even realize it’s himself posting. Instead he blames it on others hijacking his avatar. I think someone should bring him to the nearest hospital for examination. MD, why don’t you head on over to Bays house and help him out?

            2. Clod,
              you continue to trail my nuts uninvited. I used to think it was cute, but now it’s just creepy. Even Mary calls you Claudia. Look if you act like Nathan Lane, then you’ll get treated like it. Not interested Claude, even if you are a bottom….

              When Alex needed the pad slapping, Colin tolerates it. that’s the difference.

              1. Bay says “Colin tolerates it. that’s the difference”

                How do you know? Call your doctar and make an appointment to get your meds refilled. It’s embarassing.

              2. bayareahypocrite:

                you continue to trail my nuts uninvited.

                And you continue to post hypocritical, stupid comments uninvited. As long as you do, I’ll continue to call you out for it. If you want me to stop calling you on your b/s, all you have to do is stop posting b/s. The fact that you don’t or can’t suggests to me that you must like the abuse you get.

                You interact with Fansince77 far more than I interact with you. What does that say about you and his nuts?

                Even Mary calls you Claudia.

                When you phrase it that way, you suggest that there are lots of commenters who do so. There aren’t. Only you and Mary do that. No one else. I’m quite comfortable being on the other side of the line from you and Mary. It assures me that I am on the right side.

                Besides, didn’t you just criticize Fansince77 because only Mary sided with him? Yes, you did. Are you ever not hypocritical? Or do you just not think before you post?

              3. Oh, I almost forgot.

                Alex needed the pad slapping, Colin tolerates it.

                Nonsensical statements like that make me think that you don’t just step on rakes metaphorically. That would explain a lot, actually.

              4. >>When Alex needed the pad slapping, Colin tolerates it. that’s the difference.

                bay, that’s a pretty good imitation of that idiot imitating you. This is the real bay, isn’t it?

      1. Guess what the current Niner team is doing? Yeah, reverting back to 2011 Niners. We spread it out, we lose. We run Gore, we win. Did you even read the article about the team’s red zone efficiency?
        No because all weekend during the Saints game you talked about how you wanted Kaep to throw for 400 yards.

        I never realized how right Prime was about you. How much does Grant pay you to drive up the blog hits with your antagonizing presence?

        1. My guess is that you are Grant, or Lowell or Hofer. I’m just glad that the room has come around to dislike you as much as I do. Well, except for Prime and Mary. Nice company you keep.

          1. Stop your crying already. Who do you think the blog hates more than to impersonate? You are just California smog is all-POLLUTION

            1. For real — Why would I want to impersonate this d-bag who is clearly intellectually inferior? He can’t offer any counter arguments of relevance, so he resorts to the usually bully tactic.
              He hates me because he knows deep down I have a point, and he can’t dispute it. FACTS DON’T LIE BAY — How many 4th Quarter TDs this year? NONE! How man fumbles on the one yard line? ONE! And that’s one too many!

              1. How many blown coverages on the defense?
                How many dropped balls?
                How many sacks?
                How many penalties?
                See how this can go?

              2. And everything comes back to the goal line when the QB had a chance to make a play to win the game, but didn’t.
                Do you see how that can go? Of course not.

              3. Yeah but if Borland doesn’t blow that play they don’t score 6. Therefore the goaline play shouldn’t have happened. And btw CK did his job and got I over, the ref don’t do his job. Thank you… Come again

              4. If Borland didn’t do this, if a butterfly didn’t flap his wings. You clearly also believe in unicorns and fairies too, so it doesn’t matter if you think he got over with the ball.
                You and Bay are always looking for the refs. Guess what – make a play. Oh yeah — Borland is a rookie, covering for a Pro Bowler. Kaep is a starter but has a consistency of a back-up.
                No soup for you!

    2. Damn if only ck had receivers that get so much YAC. All he would have to do is throw 3 yards every play and have his receivers and rb do the work for him.
      Oh and the difference between us an then…. We beat playoff teams KC doesn’t very often. In fact rarely. I think I’ll stick with ck and the Niners over a team we’ve already beaten.

  31. Looks like Dontae Johnson will be getting extended playing time this week with Brock and Ward both out.

    1. I really like Dontae and I’m sure he’ll be fine bouncing to the outside in the nickel. My concern is 4+ WR sets, what happens at that point. I wish Cook and Ackers didn’t go down for the season. I’ve doubted Fangio for too long with all these injuries, so I’m not too worried. I guess if we’re going to rest up some guys these next 2 weeks would be the time to do it.

      Any word on Dorsey this week?

      1. I guess we’ll get to see if Leon McFadden is any good. I actually liked him leading up to last years draft as a potential mid rounder, but the Browns took him in the 3rd.

  32. Dang, it’s getting confusing around here for an old geezer like me.
    Neal. Real Neal. Bay. FauxBay. Huhhhh?
    (Cue the theme music from The Twilight Zone)

  33. note to “ghost”
    (just like all the rest of us: waiting for Lombardi #6…)

    pathetic… lonely… miserable life.. sad…
    and more than a little creepy
    (just watch a few of his pressers, willya?)

    you gave us an apt description of Coach Harbaw
    (the day his season ends “early” and the Niner
    organization says “see ya”…) Stay tuned, fella.

  34. 1. the Niners are a mere 5-4
    2. the Giants are struggling
    3. the Niners have posted some
    prior losses to such teams.

    Therefore, will someone please advise Colin
    that an ugly win will not suffice tomorrow.
    A squeeker, last minute/overtime win is no good.

    This week the 49ers must come out strong;
    points on the board in every single quarter.
    So far ahead that with the start of the fourth quarter,
    the starting QB is on the bench. The win is assured.
    And the backup QB is getting some much needed reps.

    To not be in front by at least two or three TDs by halftime,
    or for Kaepernick to still be taking snaps in the fourth quarter,
    ….at that point the win means nothing. N -O-T-H-I-N-G.

    Just take a look at the top four or five teams….
    I am the Super Bowl monkey…

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