49ers offense not really Greg Roman’s

Jim Harbaugh constantly asserts that “this is Greg Roman’s offense” when speaking of the 49ers offense. Is that the case?

It is likely the offensive game plan is not just Roman’s, but an amalgam of input from the assistant coaches.

Two players on the 49ers confirmed this exclusively to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat Thursday afternoon on the record.

Third string quarterback Scott Tolzien said, “For the most part, Coach [Greg] Roman does the run game, [Wide receivers] Coach [Johnnie] Morton does the pass game and [quarterbacks] Coach [Geep] Chryst takes the red zone.”

Later, Anthony Dixon confirmed Tolzien’s statement for the Press Democrat, saying, “That sounds right.”

So, when Harbaugh says it’s “Greg Roman’s offense,” that does not seem to be entirely accurate. The offense is more of an amalgam. When discussing the pass game, apparently the questions should be directed at Johnnie Morton and not at Greg Roman.

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