49ers place RB Kendall Hunter and TE Busta Anderson on I.R, cut ILB Nick Moody and 13 others

The 49ers just announced their final wave of cuts. The following players have been placed on the Injured Reserve list:

RB Kendall Hunter
TE Busta Anderson

And the following players have been released:

WR DiAndre Campbell
CB Marcus Cromartie
G/C Dillon Farrell
RB Kendall Gaskins
TE Xavier Grimble
CB Leon McFadden
LB Nick Moody
DT Kaleb Ramsey
OL Justin Renfrow
DL Marcus Rush
NT Garrison Smith
QB Dylan Thompson
S Andrew Tiller
S Jermaine Whitehead

Here’s the 53-man roster:

1. QB Colin Kaepernick
2. QB Blaine Gabbert
3. RB Carlos Hyde
4. RB Reggie Bush
5. RB Mike Davis
6. RB Jarryd Hayne
7. FB Bruce Miller
8. WR Anquan Boldin
9. WR Torrey Smith
10. WR Bruce Ellington
11. WR Quinton Patton
12. WR DeAndrew White
13. TE Vernon Davis
14. TE Vance McDonald
15. TE Garrett Celek
16. TE Blake Bell
17. OL Joe Staley
18. OL Alex Boone
19. OL Marcus Martin
20. OL Jordan Devey
21. OL Erik Pears
22. OL Brandon Thomas
23. OL Nick Easton
24. OL Ian Silberman
25. OL Trent Brown
26. DL Glenn Dorsey
27. DL Ian Williams
28. DL Quinton Dial
29. DL Arik Armstead
30. DL Tank Carradine
31. DL Tony Jerod-Eddie
32. DL Mike Purcell
33. OLB Ahmad Brooks
34. OLB Aaron Lynch
35. OLB Eli Harold
36. OLB Corey Lemonier
37. ILB NaVorro Bowman
38. ILB Michael Wilhoite
39. ILB Shayne Skov
40. ILB Nick Bellore
41. S Eric Reid
42. S Antoine Bethea
43. S Jaquiski Tartt
44. S Jimmie Ward
45. S L.J. McCray
46. CB Tramaine Brock
47. CB Dontae Johnson
48. CB Kenneth Acker
49. CB Keith Reaser
50. CB Shareece Wright
51. K Phil Dawson
52. P Bradley Pinion
53. LS Kyle Nelson

The team released the following statement about Ahmad Brooks, who remains on the 53-man roster for now: “We have been in close communication with the league and a preliminary status decision has been made regarding Ahmad Brooks.  Ahmad will remain on the active roster.  In addition to the steps the organization has taken to this point, both the judicial and the league process under the Personal Conduct Policy will continue. Those processes will dictate any further action.”

And here’s a statement from the NFL about Brooks: “Based upon our investigation to date, we determined that placing Ahmad Brooks on the Commissioner’s Exempt List was not warranted.”

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    1. Easton is of Noooo help. Harvard Football is a Division 1 Subdivision, and like Baalkes 2012 draft, will not be starting. He’ll be luck if he makes the team

            1. You keep pulling your cord because no one else will, and it snaps back the same baby drivel that it did when it was released….

        1. Enjoy your Roster of 6th round Picks…Maybe with enough of them we can win the Superbowl…Then we can hire all of Bemidgi’s coaches to our staff and create a dynasty…Who will win, Bemidgi college vs. Michigan?

      1. And of course TomD has watched Easton in action in all his preseason games and is well qualified to evaluate him.

  1. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
    49ers announce that Ahmad Brooks will remain on active roster; NFL will not place him on commissioner’s exempt list.

          1. They’re paying him, he’s taking up a roster spot. If he’s not gonna play for an indefinite amount of time, why not just cut him.

            1. Maybe they don’t know the end game? I just know until it’s official, I wouldn’t count on him playing. The NFL just forced the 49ers to make the decision on whether or not he plays as a member or gets payed leave….

              1. That’s what I’m saying. They don’t know the end game. The legal process can take forever, and there’s only 53 roster spots.

              2. The Niners must have seen the tapes and showed them to the NFL, and both deemed them not serious enough to suspend him. Thats my guess.

              3. And how long would you be willing to keep him on the roster and payroll without a contribution, while his skills atrophy and his conditioning declines? It’s just not prudent.
                If the NFL says the situation doesn’t warrant the exempt list, I don’t see what’s holding them back from playing him, other than P.R., which they have clearly demonstrated they don’t care about.

              4. Razor,

                He’s going to play. The announcements from both the team and the league are essentially saying there is nothing to warrant keeping him off the roster as of now. He’ll be starting week 1.

              5. Rocket, when was the last time he practiced with the team? Has Tomsula stated he will play? The tweet did not give us a definitive answer. You and I hope he’ll be playing. We should know as soon as practice reports come in….

              6. They held him out while awaiting word from the league I would imagine. There is no reason to hold him out which is why I believe he will play.

              7. You believe, and I wanna believe, but no definitive answer on whether or not he practices or plays anytime soon has been given. All we know for certain is he’s eligible, that is all….

      1. I forgot about that. I was spending the last few minutes visualizing Brooks making hamburger out of Peterson.

    1. Thanks Grant

      …I don’t like to see any of them cut, but would have liked to have seen more of Thompson….Moody and Rush sort of surprised me

  2. Looks like the 49ers will carry 7 defensive linemen (for now, as trades are still possible).

    Ian Williams, Glenn Dorsey, Quinton Dial, Tank Carradine, Arik Armstead, Tony Jerod-Eddie, Mike Purcell.

    Alot for a 3-4. Relatively speaking its a more D-linemen than the 1984 49ers, which carried 9 on their 4-3.

    I thought Tank might have been a surprise roster cut.

    1. I mentioned in the other thread in response to this that maybe they see TJE as a DL/OLB tweener now. He wasn’t terrible at OLB against the Chargers. Versatile player.

    2. Same here in regards to Tank B2W.
      Can’t say I’m surprised about Jerod-Eddie making the roster though.

  3. Saw most of these cuts coming. I wasn’t sure how they would hold onto Busta because I was pretty sure he would be claimed. I love his receiving skills for a TE.

    Nick Moody is the shocker for me, if you can call it that. I thought he was having a fantastic camp? I guess it didn’t translate to the field although I thought he played pretty well in the preseason.

    Anyone else scratching their heads on this one?

    1. Might be more of a credit to Tartt than anything. His situational nickle/dime role could mean less snaps (and wear) on ILBs.

      1. I think you are 100% right there Brodie. I think this is the clearest indication yet the team will use a lot more big nickel and dime looks.

        1. I think Tartt, McCray, and Ward all play into Moody becoming obsolete. Mostly Tartt thought. Its the way their replacing Willis. Good call guys, exactly what I was thinking.

      2. Yes, Brodie, good point. I guess that would explain why Skov beat Moody out. Shayne is better in run support. But, is Bellore more valuable than Moody considering as many young studs that we have on our special teams coverage?

        1. Good point. ST are packed. The 49ers might be so high on Tartt that they don’t want to risk him on coverage units.

          On the other hand, Bellore isn’t just good, but one of the premier ST guys in the league. If Pinion was playing possum (or mainly working on weaknesses), the triad of Hayne and Bellore can give the 49ers a big field position edge.

    2. Well, during the Texan game, he did not cover, and it went for a TD. He also looked out of position on several plays. Guess Bellore and Skov were better.

    3. I was surprised, but maybe not shocked about Moody. He didn’t show well in coverage when I was watching, but I thought he was ahead of Skov. Surprised at the injuries to KH and BA.
      When Looney got cut I thought Farrell would make the 53.

    1. I thought he was playing rather well in the defense Thursday evening, given he missed quite a bit of time….

      1. Yeah, I agree with Brodie though. I don’t think the 49ers will be counting on Bellore for his play as an ILB. Its basically 3 ILBs and an emergency guy.

        1. Moody definitely a suprise for me, but I thought it was either Moody or Skov, I just thought it was for sure Moody.

          What happened to Bishop, was he released or on IR? Either way we could see Bishop or Wheeler back if they figure they don’t need Bellore.

          1. Leo,

            They worked out an injury settlement with Bishop. It’s interesting because his agent is saying he’ll be ready to play week one.

            1. I wonder if this is partly what stirred the mysterious twitter comments yesterday about unrest at the 49ers? Maybe some players and agents weren’t happy with how the 49ers were going about their transactions. For Bishop, at 31, being placed on IR for the year if he was likely to be fine to play in the near future would be a blow. If the release and injury settlement means he now isn’t allowed to sign for another team for a whole that will also be a blow. Hard to keep finding chances at 31 for a fringe player, especially if moves like this prevent you from being front of mind.

              1. I conjecture they sat down and had man to man talks with each player, but were gentlemanly this time. I am sure they talked things over, then told them to keep quiet out of respect for each player cut.

              2. Maybe, but I doubt it. Players seemed to be tweeting they’d been let go once they found out.

              3. Yes, the players who made it were talked to yesterday. The ones on the bubble were addressed today.

              4. I don’t think that is correct Seb, as Jarryd Hayne tweeted he was still to find out if he had made it at around cut off point for final decisions.

              5. Hayne himself reiterated in his conference call he only found out he made the roster 15 minutes after the deadline. I think your assumption is busted.

    2. All things considered, I have to say, I’m still sorry they didn’t find a spot for Moody. I am really concerned at ILB. Bowman and Wilhoite must stay healthy or we could be screwed. A 3-4 defense is only as good as its Linebacking Corp! What’s happening with Desmond Bishop?

      1. I’m surprised Moody was cut, but figure they must have a plan for the D that doesn’t involve heavy use of ILBs.

        Bishop broke his hand and was placed on IR when the team cut down to 75.

          1. Barrows said they had an injury settlement and he can sign with any team. 49ers have to wait til week 9 to resign him.

        1. I would like the Niners to look at Lamin Barrow LB of the Broncos. He has the size, just needs more training.

          1. Not a bad idea Seb. Will come down to what the 49ers want in their ILBs. Barrow may not have the speed they seem to be coveting.

      1. Scooter:

        What do you think of the Easton pickup? I think it was a very good pickup due to his high PFF grading, scouting reports as a good center for ZBS and overall smarts that a center needs. Having said that, the idea that he starts right away is ludicrous to me. Still I’m looking forward to what he brings in the future.

        1. I thought it was a very good pick up. Looney was rubbish this preseason (well, when wasn’t he rubbish?), and I was never a Farrell fan. Easton meanwhile has played excellent football for the Ravens this preseason. The move makes a lot of sense. I don’t expect him to start, but he’s better than what they had and is only a rookie, so has some upside.

          1. Yeah I agree Scooter. It’s not like they released a great player to make room for him, and the upside is worth a shot. I’m all for trying to improve the Oline any way possible.

  4. Here’s something interesting on PFT. I wonder if this will start a new trend:

    “Rams hold off on announcing cuts, but announce Todd Gurley won’t play this week”

    “Fisher said that the team wasn’t releasing their cuts, which have been made, because of the competitive advantage he believes it gives them when it comes to signing players back to the practice squad.”


    1. Either Fisher is an idiot or he’s lying through his teeth. There is no competitive advantage, as all players have to pass through waivers and all teams have access to that list.

  5. What about Bishop being placed on IR/Designated for return? If not him, who else might they put on the list……. Busta Anderson or Kendall Hunter? I say it should go to Bishop unless kilgore is headed for that list?

    1. I posted earlier that Bishop had an injury settlement and can now sign with any team. The Niners must wait til week 9 to resign him.

      1. Just to clarify Seb, can Bishop sign and play for any team as of week 1, or does he still have to wait a certain period due to being placed on a team’s IR and reaching an injury settlement?

          1. Cheers rocket. Good, I’m glad they reached an injury settlement with him then so he can try and latch on somewhere else.

  6. Other than Moody being released in favor of Skov, the roster looks pretty much like I figured it would. I’m a little surprised Silberman made it, but Baalke has a tendency to hang onto drafted players their first year.

    Sure hope Busta is ok ;)

    1. I had Dockett, Moody and Looney making the roster over Purcell, Skov and Nick ‘the wild card’ Easton. I’m surprised that Dockett and Moody didn’t make it.

      1. I meant after yesterdays cuts Scooter. I too expected Dockett and Looney to make it but I’m not upset that they didn’t. Neither deserved a spot based on TC and preseason.

      2. Just a guess about Dockett:
        1. They needed a major signing at the time for PR purposes.
        2. He’s 34 and coming off an ACL.
        3. Armstead is coming along faster than expected.
        4. They really like the younger TJE and Purcell, who is insurance for Dorsey/Williams.
        5. They didn’t like Dockett’s haircut. (Joking.)

        1. Some of column 2, but I think 3 and 4 were the kickers, George. I think the FO was/ is quite happy with how the young DL guys have looked.

            1. Hayne is a heck of an athlete.

              Next Aussie up should be this guy – Israel Folau:


              6’3″, 225lbs, 26 years old, and probably faster than Hayne. Doesn’t really show up in these highlights, but the guy has unbelievable hands as well. And he’s already played three football codes at the professional level, two of them at an Australian international level. Phenomenal athlete.

              1. At least the 49ers will not have to face the purple nightmare from Poland against the Vikings….

        2. Jim Tomsula on release of Darnell Dockett: “That play of that whole (DL) group impacted that decision.” – Branch

    2. Happens every year.
      2013 – Okoye hurt his knee in the final preseason game. He was filmed walking out of the training room with a big grin, like he won the lottery.
      2014 – Kenneth Acker
      2015 – This season Busta (after snagging a nice TD last Thursday) somehow hurt his ankle. I could have sworn Tomsula said there were no injuries. LOL.

      1. What I’ve heard so far anyway. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing. Over 90 mins of new material.

        1. Been playing continuously at my house since its release, but that’s not unusual. Enjoy brother!

  7. Looks like I right about Skov and Jerod-Eddie. Interesting that Hayne made the final roster, but I’m guessing it’s because they want to use Ellington more on offense.

    1. Nicely done MWD, but your rule now has a Hayne(s) exemption. Glad I bought his jersey, but I had a question for you. How many games before they stop kicking to him?

      1. As I said, that was based on what Baalke and Tomsula had said during the off season Razor.
        How many times? That’ll depend on how many times he can give the 49ers great field position or takes it to the house.

    2. The wonder from down under.

      Special teams play can be the catalyst that propels us to the playoffs.

    3. Good work Mid. You were pretty darn close.

      Mid, what was your take on TJE at OLB the other day?

      1. Didn’t get to see the game, but my best guess is that they were playing him there in case Brooks was still told to stay away. Mangini tuns a complex system that will require a lot of parts, and having just three OLBs would have been problematic because they would have had less time to rest.

      2. TJE had an interception in the past.

        Getting some preseason reps at OLB might be preparation for zone blitzing since they both involve dropping into throwing lanes.

        1. Hadn’t thought of that. Good point Brodie.

          He surprised me with how well he moved out there.

          1. Never saw it like that. Both did well during the preseason from what little I saw and the articles I read.

      3. Scooter
        TJE should be able to set the edge, eh? I was shocked seeing him running around in coverage. Versatility and Availability.

  8. Joe Fann – “As of now, every member of the 49ers 2015 draft class is on the roster. (DeAndre Smelter and Busta Anderson on IR)”

      1. Just because they’re on the roster doesn’t mean their stars all of sudden. Lets see how they do during the season.

    1. Let the chorus of media and figureheads that have no business sticking their nose in commence in 3…2…1…

  9. The clock makes boring college football games interesting, but Bobby Petrino just completely crapped the bed.

      1. After a tough start he played well in the 2nd half. That timeout though!!! They probably would have lost the game anyway, but that blunder sealed the deal. Not the first bad decision Petrino has made.

    1. Total brain cramp from Petrino. No idea what prompted him to call that TO.

      It’s between him and Reilly for HC hated most by their fan base this afternoon.

  10. I never changed my pre-camp 53 projection. Ultimately I got 44/53 right which is only 83% so it kinda sucked. Obviously Hayne was my big hit. Mike Davis being the #2 RB although not official I’m pretty sure will ultimately be proven true as well. Although I had Simpson on my 53 projection I argued early that he wouldn’t be much of a contributor and probably cut by mid season. Glad to see Busta find a spot with the team and not hung out to be snatched up on the P/S. Truly can’t wait to see Smelter and Anderson on the field together. I don’t have a lot of optimism about our 2015-’16 offense but next season is going to be exciting. With Mike Davis, Hayne in the back field and White, Anderson and Smelter in the receiving/te corp we’ll have plenty of weapons with a years worth of experience for whichever QB we end up drafting. Or maybe even Colin if he manages to not lose his job this year.

    Offensive line:
    Joe Staley
    Alex Boone
    Marcus Martin
    Daniel Kilgore
    Brandon Thomas
    Erik Pears
    Trent Brown

    Joe Looney

    Colin Kaepernick
    Blaine Gabbert

    Running Backs:
    Carlos Hyde
    Mike Davis
    Reggie Bush
    Bruce Miller

    Trey Millard I really thought Millard would make it.
    Jarryd Hayne How many other PRE-training camp 53 projections had Hayne making the team?

    Anquan Boldin
    Torrey Smith
    Bruce Ellington
    Quinton Patton

    Jerome Simpson
    DeAndre Smelter

    Tight end:
    Vernon Davis
    Vance McDonald

    Derek Carrier
    Blake Bell

    Defensive line:
    Arik Armstead
    Glenn Dorsey
    Ian Williams
    Tank Carradine
    Quinton Dial

    Darnell Dockett
    Tony Jerod-Eddie

    Navarro Bowman
    Aldon Smith
    Aaron Lynch
    Eli Harold
    Michael Wilhoite
    Ahmad Brooks

    Philip Wheeler

    Tremaine Brock
    Shareece Wright
    Dontae Johnson
    Keith Reaser
    Kenneth Acker

    Antoine Bethea
    Eric Reid
    Jaquiski Tart

    Craig Dahl
    Jimmie Ward

    Special teams:
    Pinion Bradley
    Phil Dawson
    Kyle Nelson
    This of course was the version that included a LS after Rocket caught my roster faux pas on the original.

      1. If so probably not by much. As we discussed at the time the variations between the lists was minute. Our discussion about Hayne I think is a tie. We both liked the player and both ultimately saw him on the team as a contributor we just had different timelines as to when that would occur.

        1. CFC,
          Nice list. I thought going into TC that Millard had the better chance at making the team over Hayne.
          Millard never got going but even if he had, it’s doubtful that he could have held-off the hard charging Hayne.

          Special Teams will be vastly improved because of Hayne and also DeWhite. Throw in Pinnion and the consistent Dawson and we may see a repeat of a David Acker and Ted Ginn Jr. type play.
          So many changes going into 2015. Hope it comes together sooner than later.

  11. Interesting pecking order by Maiocco:

    Quarterback (2)
    Colin Kaepernick
    Blaine Gabbert

    Running back (4)
    Carlos Hyde
    Reggie Bush
    Mike Davis
    Jarryd Hayne

    Fullback (1)
    Bruce Miller

    Wide receiver (5)
    Anquan Boldin
    Torrey Smith
    Bruce Ellington
    DeAndrew White
    Quinton Patton

    Offensive line (9)
    Joe Staley
    Alex Boone
    Erik Pears
    Marcus Martin
    Jordan Devey
    Brandon Thomas
    Trent Brown
    Ian Silberman
    Nick Easton

    Tight end (4)
    Vernon Davis
    Garrett Celek
    Blake Bell
    Vance McDonald

    Defensive line (7)
    Glenn Dorsey
    Ian Williams
    Quinton Dial
    Arik Armstead
    Tank Carradine
    Mike Purcell
    Tony Jerod-Eddie

    Outside linebacker (4)
    Ahmad Brooks
    Aaron Lynch
    Eli Harold
    Corey Lemonier

    Inside linebacker (4)
    NaVorro Bowman
    Michael Wilhoite
    Shayne Skov
    Nick Bellore

    Cornerback (5)
    Tramaine Brock
    Shareece Wright
    Keith Reaser
    Kenneth Acker
    Donte Johnson

    Safety (5)
    Antoine Bethea
    Eric Reid
    Jimmie Ward
    Jaquiski Tartt
    L.J. McCray

    Specialists (3)
    Phil Dawson
    Bradley Pinion
    Kyle Nelson

  12. Is there possible recourse from the league for IR violations? Does anyone here know if an IR player can be signed by another team while they are on IR? I just have a hard time fathoming how an agent would allow his client to be put on IR when there is a chance another team would sign him as is the case of both of these players.

    1. No one can be signed by another team while they are on IR. Only one player can be reactivated during the season.

      1. Like the required psi in a football, the NFL doesn’t seem interested in how injured a player is when they are put on IR. The NFL added the reinstatement of one IR player in 2012. Of course, if Goodell has a reason to make an example of someone, the IR list requirements might become a focal point like psi.

    2. I dont. Player gets paid for not playing.
      There are doctors that are certified by the league, so they cannot employ quacks, and those doctors cannot diagnose phantom injuries. Everything must be documented, but Im sure there are grey areas for the doctors to have some leeway.

  13. Hayne will make for a professional interview. I hope the team is turning the corner on the remaining bad luggage and sets a more sustainable course similar to the Giants and Warriors.

    1. The success of Brandon Browner had people over valuing him and McGill last year. McGill is still in the competition as a potential starter for the Raiders this year, but only because the rest of the CBs for the Raiders are so bad.

    1. Bad QB play, inadequate coaching on offense, non-existent game planning and hideous play-calling. Stanford’s season is done. Another 8-5 season at best. This is what happens when the coach removes competition at all position and anoints a QB for the season. Very disappointed but not surprised. Shaw’s obstinacy stemming from his ego has been killing Stanford at critical moments starting from the moment he took the ball out of Luck’s hand against Oklahoma State at the Fiesta Bowl.

  14. This is a remarkably young roster and exceptionally athletic. With A. Davis returning next yr that gives the 9ers the equivalent to a top 10 1st rd pick, the only question mark I see is CK. If the O line can improve this yr and CK improves over last yr we can win this yr. If CK doesn’t improve I think all of the pieces are in place for a new QB next yr. I’m still not sure about this years results but I do think things are in place for the future. Oh and GO IRISH!!!!

    1. Old Coach
      Do you really think that AD is just going to be the prodigal son and get plugged back in at ORT?
      Aldon did the best he could, screwed up and now he won’t be back to SF
      AD did what he had to do, but he let down his teammates as much as Aldon did.
      When he’s ready, he’s trade bait imo.

      1. Brotha if things don’t go well with the 9ers O line this yr yes I do believe Davis will be plugged back in at OT if he is still able to play at his 2013 level. A trade for a draft pick won’t bring in anything better than a 4th rd pick. If he is able to return he provides a pro bowl talent at OT.

        1. Desperation does have a way of changing one’s priorities, I guess. Agree, a dysfunctional OL can’t be tolerated. Personal commitment & reliability count though.

    2. I look on this team as dripping in talent, with speed everywhere and an improved defense where Cowboy, while great, admitted he was playing with one arm. PW had a bum toe. The CBs are younger and faster. Aldon failed to help them win last year when everything was on the line. Then he failed the team again spectacularly by drinking away 100 million dollars. AA is taking on double teams and most importantly, Bow is back. If the defense is solid, it does not matter if Kaep improves dramatically. All I hope is for him to get faster play calling, and no more delay of game penalties. Since they are going to run the ball, I am content for Kaep to merely hand off, or do short quick passes that gets the ball in the hands of his playmakers. If they can get the running game going, those play action passes will be dangerous explosion plays.
      I oppose Bob Fitzgerald because he seems so unctuous about his love for the Golden Domers, but then I remember Joe played for ND. So go irish…

      1. Seb I agree with you I think the roster is strong but they might be a year away. I do believe that CK needs to make if not a dramatic improvement at least a strong improvement. You can win a SB with a great running game, defense and ST’s without an outstandinf QB but those teams are few and far between. imho

        1. I am dreaming Kaep takes the league by storm, but expect less. I agree, a team needs balance. They have to be good in all phases, and not excel in just a couple.

    3. I wonder if AD’s public chatter about returning to football is legal maneuvering. If he says he’s willing to play and the 49ers refused his services, he might be able to keep more of his prorated (signing bonus or guaranteed?) salary.

      Any salary cap gurus have the lowdown?

      1. Team has his rights, they will trade him for as much value as they can recoup and move on with polite good wishes for Ant’ny in his continued career. It really doesn’t have anything to do with refusal of service, and there will be some interest in AD on the market.

      2. I am hoping that AD has fully recovered, has no lingering symptoms, and misses the game. He will not return if the Niners are struggling, but if they go 5-3, he might be a savior if Pears struggles. Hope he keeps in shape.

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