49ers prep to face Tampa Bay’s powerful offense

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver DeSean Jackson (11) beats Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Terrell Edmunds (34) during the second half of an NFL football game Monday, Sept. 24, 2018, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers flew cross country Friday afternoon to face the best bad team in the NFL: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs’ record is 3-7. They’ve lost four games in a row and seven of their past eight. They languish in last place in the NFC South. They’ve allowed more points and committed more turnovers than any team in the league. They fired defensive coordinator Mike Smith on Oct. 15, might fire head coach Dirk Koetter at the end of the season, according to local reports, and can’t settle on a starting quarterback 12 weeks into the season.

Koetter has benched quarterback Jameis Winston once and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick twice. Koetter goes back and forth between them because each throws interceptions. Winston has thrown 11. Fitzpatrick has thrown 12. In contrast, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has thrown two.

Winston will start Sunday against the 49ers. If he struggles, Fitzpatrick could finish the game.

The Buccaneers seem like a typical bad team.

But they’re not. They’re three-point favorites this Sunday and pose one monster challenge.

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  1. “They’re going to sling the ball and we know that,” 49ers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon said in the locker room. “The ball is going to be in the air. A team that passes that much, you’re going to get your opportunities (to intercept passes). It’s going to be up to us how we respond.”

    He’s been crapped on all week. How will Spoon respond? We should see just how competitive he really is. This is a statement game for him. Time to show out Ahkello.

    DeSean is questionable.

  2. I do not care how much they like Witherspoon. He may be a practice warrior, but during games, he is toast.
    Witherspoon is hurting the team, and he should sit until he learns to be able to turn his head and track the ball.
    Maybe the Niners should go with the veterans. Richard Sherman and K’Waun Williams at CB, Exum or Tartt at SS, and Ward at FS.
    Maybe they should start 3 rookies. The main thing is- do not play AW and Mabin. they both need improving.

      1. And all of these guys are expendable. I might keep Armstead though. The rest can probably be replaced with much cheaper options.

            1. Ward was their State Farm against Sherman/Colbert. He will no longer be on the team next year. Armstead’s replacement is waiting in the wings in the form of Taylor and Street. I guarantee the 49ers do not exercise the 5th year option on Armstead….

              1. « I guarantee the 49ers do not exercise the 5th year option on Armstead…. »

                They picked it up in April.

              2. You’re right, but he won’t see a dime of that 5th year because he will be released prior to the deadline.

              3. Razor

                GET IN THE GAME…That is bloody hilarious…you and your damned guarantees…They just picked up Armstead’s option for the fifth year…better get out your own fifth. Taylor and Street should become depth for Armstead and Buckner for the next 6 years as they get their NFL licks together…Ward should be gone THIS year…Trade him along with Celek and Thomas…

              4. Instead of exercising I should have said finalizing. My bad, Oregoniner. You might need a 5th when they release him.

          1. Razor

            Consider this,
            Arik Armstead doesn’t complain about why opportunities for sacks don’t come to him that often…perhaps that opponents see him as a greater disruption than Buckner(more Power), and keep watch on how they double team him and set up the sacks for Buckner who is admittedly a bit faster than AA. They did it for 3 years at U of O and now they’re doing it for the 49ers when not injured…Between both of them, they create a no-pass wall some 9 feet high…just my opinion…?

            1. That’s all fine and dandy, Oregoniner but my reasoning is as follows:

              1. He’s not this regime’s draft pick.
              2. He’s redundant.
              3. They drafted two defensive lineman.
              4. Too expensive for his production.

      2. Eight guys – five draft picks and a less than stellar history in free agency. Even worse maybe is the consensus that no major changes need to be made to the staff. What’s that thing about insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. For those that are projecting a long process, don’t forget that the two longest serving head coaches in the York era are Nolan and Harbaugh at 3 years. All the rest are 1-2 years. Not one made it through his contract term.

            1. 👍 It’s those never defined “business factors” that we have to worry about. Kyle wants Eric Reid. He’s an important part of our long term plans”. That’s football talk. Then when they don’t sign him we hear from 4949 that Reid wanted a long term contract and wanted to be guaranteed to start. (Then Reid goes on to sign a 1 year minimum wage contract with the Panthers). Football decision?” No way. Financial decision? You get the picture. When Kyle explained what happened well after he said how much he wanted Reid, I’m told by a good source that you could barely see Jed’s lips moving in the background. (The last sentence is a stab at humor for you thought police types)

            2. EastCoaster9er – You think the Yorks are the problem, but be thankful you are not a Tampa Bay fan because the Glazers (owners of the Bucs) are a total train wreck, and with them there definitely is no daylight at the end of the tunnel. They have butchered that franchise for decades outside of the SB won with Tony Dungy’s players but coached by Little Chucky in 2002!

              Since Malcolm Glazer bought the franchise in January 1996, the Bucs are 164-198 for a 45.3 W-L% in 23 seasons, including this year’s 3-7 record and 5-6 in post-season play.

              1. Mike, didnt say other organizations aren’t internal train wrecks too. There is no monopoly there as the Browns, Redskins, Cowboys and Raiders regularly attest.

                I’m a 49er fan so I only really care of how it affects my fandom though.

            3. No argument form me.

              Yorks need a very strong, stable, impeccable football mind at the top of the ‘football’ organization. Lynch may become a decent GM, but he’s not the one to wear that crown. Guido is on the business side (Business Operations). We need a powerhouse football exec on the Football Operations side.

              Jed is just Jed… The ghost of Bill Walsh visits with King Jed…

        1. “Eight guys – five draft picks and a less than stellar history in free agency.”

          Armstead and Celek were already under contract. The rest were signed to short deals that could be gotten out of if they didn’t pan out. None of those contracts (individually or as a whole) put us in salary cap hell. We had to field a team somehow after Baalke ruined the roster.

          “Even worse maybe is the consensus that no major changes need to be made to the staff.”

          Says who, Kyle? He’s not going to say changes to the staff need to be made before the fact, it could still happen. KS did question why Saleh didn’t play Thomas. And I suspect Ken Norton Jr. wasn’t just hired to be Foster’s babysitter, potential DC replacement?

          Also, you blaming Jed for us not resigning Reid is based on nothing. Why would Jed let Lynch/KS sign Juice, Jet, JG, Richburg, Sherm, and the other people from my link, but not Reid?

          1. Obviously you have drawn your own conclusions. I can’t say you’re wrong. As far as Reid is concerned, probably the most important mind on the football side of decisions says: I want to sign Reid he is part of our LONG TERM plans. But then later when he is not signed we hear that the people upstairs cant find a way, I smell a rat. Was KS just lying? He’s the football man. I’m not a lawyer but have had considerable experience with them trying to flesh out the truth. First lie and you will never get past the problem of “Well Kyle were you lying then or are you lying now”. I stand behind my fundamental principle with the Yorks: you can never believe anything that they say about what is really going on. They signed the rest because Paarag’s analytical algorithms said 👍 and they didn’t sign Reid because it said 😜. Talk to me when the 49ers spend all of their cap space and try to remember that Uncle Eddie spent MORE than his cap space and then took the heat. At the end of the day, the Yorks are more concerned about $$$$ than winning and as far as Jed is concerned, talk is cheap. The man the Yorks have hired to see over the mission is….a Stanford MBA who wrote a program that charts the course. I’d give a lot to see the organization chart for the 49ers to see who really is whose boss. Rocket says I’m nuts that the fans have any impact. Maybe he’s right. But I will say this, the only thing that moves the Yorks to act is….the fans and the potential impact on their cash flow. Strategize all you want, but until there is more noise on our part, expect what Einstein said is the definition of insanity.

            1. “Was KS just lying?”

              I’d call it coach speak, but yeah.

              “Rocket says I’m nuts that the fans have any impact.”

              I completely agree that the fans DO have an impact. Denise decided to be more hands on because she was embarrassed. The fans made that happen with embarrassing banners and by staying at home. I truly believe that Baalke would still be GM if it wasn’t for us fans.

              1. If Baalke remained GM the 49ers would have hired the same level of coach as Tomsula. Meaning no quality coach would have ever come to SF.

        2. There have been some misses in free agency, but there have also been beneficial additions as well. Juice, Goodwin (if he can stay healthy), Gould, Dumervil, Fusco, and Person were or have been good free agent additions.

        1. I would put Smith on the send packing side.

          On Armstead, the only way to restructure is to give him more years. They’re better off to let him play on the 5th year option.

          1. Depending on what Smith is like in the locker room and with the young guys, maybe keeping him around another year would help.

            1. Prime,
              Last I looked it was OSU 34 and MU 19.
              I like Harbaugh a lot but his brutality style of football will always have problems against teams with speed.
              He couldn’t beat Oregon in big games, couldn’t beat the seahags and he can’t beat Ohio St – all fast teams.
              His system falters in the big games.

              1. Yup, they might come close.
                Will Harbaugh walk after this season?
                He is becoming the football big game version of the Kershaw curse.

              2. He is a shelf life coach. Good for one maybe 2 seasons then his message gets old.
                His hype is unwarranted.

              3. He’s the best coach the 49ers have had in 15 years, and his record backs that statement up.

                That being said, they got smoked today. He needs to get better athletes, especially on the back half of his defense.

                That poor DB #28, looked like Lucas running around out there.

              4. I agree with you on Harbaugh, Jack. Having said that I wonder if the game has passed him by. More so than having better players, I think the way he builds a team might, in this day and age, be his fatal flaw. His strategic plan seems to be to try and have a very good defense but a conservative offense. These days offense really outpaces defense not only in college but in the NFL as well (perhaps assisted greatly by changes in penalties that favor the offense). In college Alabama has bucked this trend somewhat, but we’ll see what happens this year. Harbaugh likes old school but in the process is regularly schooled in big games.

              5. 44-19, 3 straight NFCC Games.
                He has been a strong leader, but for some reason, he has not won the top award.
                I think he was innovative enough, because he defied convention and promoted Kaep.
                Granted, he may have been too loyal to Roman, but he is old school, and could not fathom the politics and back stabbing.
                Yes, he got whupped today, but the team did suffer some major injuries on defense. Thankfully, he may have found his new starting QB in the 4th quarter.
                I still am impressed with JH, and still wish they had fired Baalke, and kept JH.

              6. « I wonder if the game has passed him by »

                He’s won 10 games in 3 of 4 years at UM.

                Their problem is they just don’t have the athletes to keep up with OSU, and that falls on Harbaugh. He needs to find a way to beat Meyer in February to have a chance in November.

              7. The bizarre thing about this game is it was the Michigan defense -which has been dominant all year – that fell apart. The offense scored more than enough to win with a typical defensive performance, but they looked helpless against Ohio State.

              8. The game today turned into a blowout with the blocked punt TD and the pick on the 22.

                The Michigan pass rush was nonexistent and OSU just has too many athletes for UM to keep up.

              9. Typical Harbaugh. Can’t win when it matters.
                In SAN Fran he had the best coaching staff and a ready made team and he still could not win.

                I don’t think he was the best coach in SF. If Mariucci had those teams we would have at least 2 more Superbowls.

              10. « In SAN Fran he had the best coaching staff »

                Most of whom he hired.

                « I don’t think he was the best coach in SF. If Mariucci had those teams we would have at least 2 more Superbowls. »

                You’re not very good with math are you?

              11. As much as I love College ball and the possibilities of the playoff, another title for Bama just seems like a foregone conclusion. Nick Saban has set a new standard that will be hard for anyone to reach.

              12. 44-19-1 dont mean
                Jack Ish in the grand scheme of things without a championship..to show for it..
                Winning The BIG GAME!

                He’s a tease..a mirage..a facade..
                Glad he’s not our coach anymore..
                Also Glad Urban keeps beating his ass..

                Some 49ers fans were starving and hungry for something at the time…Anything! Myself included
                He gave it…

                But when you realized what you were digesting over time..
                Became harder to swallow..
                I know there was a better meal than what he was feeding us…Pete Carrol cooked it,Coughlin cooked it,Harbs brother knew how to cook it…
                Belicheck cooks it every week..
                Some success went to his head and 49er fans…elevating him to Godly status….
                Im like you gotta be kidding me

              13. Hammer you keep pumping Harbaughs tires but like always he fails the big challenge.

                Yeah he hired all those coaches and had an all world defense and still could not win the big game.
                Just admit that. He’s the Dan Marino of coaches.

                15 years, 20 years it doesn’t matter. He wasn’t even in the same conversation as Mooch!

              14. I’d really like to see them go back to an 11 game regular season, and have a 16 team playoff.

                Me too, but the conferences have gotten so big that the only way to do it would be to cut out the cupcake games which they’ll never do. I do think they’ll go to 8 teams at some point in the not too distant future.

              15. « He wasn’t even in the same conversation as Mooch! »

                Which is exactly why I said the last 15 years.

              16. « cut out the cupcake games which they’ll never do. »

                Wouldn’t the additional revenue created by the playoff create more revenue than bodybag games?

              17. It would but a lot of the Coaches like having easy win games at different points in the season. They justify it with the fact the small schools make more money from those games than the rest of their schedule, but it just comes down to the big conference teams wanting an extra week off.

              18. No, JH could have won if he had a decent GM. Baalke drafted AJ Jenkins before the SB season.
                He could have drafted Alshon Jeffrey, who went 15 spots later. Baalke could have drafted -Doug Martin RB, David Wilson RB, Brian Quick WR, Coby FleenerTE, Courtney Upshaw LB, Derek Wolfe DT, Mitchel Schwartz OT, Andre Branch DE, Janoris Jenkins CB, Amini Silatolu OG or Cordy Glenn OT. They were the next 10 players chosen after AJ Jenkins.
                JH needed help, but got stabbed in the back.
                JH took that downtrodden , under performing team and made them relevant again. For that all Faithful Niner fans should be thankful for, unless you rejoice in the last 4 years after JH. The Niners have gone 15- 43 since JH left.
                3 straight NFCC Games is nothing to sneeze at, because since then, they have not sniffed the playoffs.
                Personally, I would welcome back JH with open arms, because we have had to deal with the Keystone Cops since then. However, JH would never return to a team that was owned by Jed, because he wants a man in charge, not some one who his mother bails out of messes.
                Yes, JH has not achieved greatness, but he is striving mightily, giving everything he has to win. It will just make his final achievements all that more sweeter, because he shows how hard it is win it all. That new QB in the 4th quarter may be the missing link, for him to beat his rivals. He had the number one defense, so with some offensive firepower, he could finally succeed.

          1. Raz

            I don’t agree on Celek…I believe that there at least a half a dozen TE’s on PSs throughout the league with better hands and more speed and blocking abilities…Pull a raid…He’s just used up…it happens…

  3. The 49ers aren’t a good road team and have an early game. It does not bode well, and yet this is a very winnable game for them. It all depends on who shows up to play. They are 0-5 on the road currently.

    Losing will only demonstrate how far away this team is. Winning will be a nice feather, but a light one since it will put the team out of the #1 pick and likely out of contention for the top players. Nevertheless, this team needs a pick-me-up.

      1. Sebbie… Love the way you remain loyal to the 24-23 score. I think I’ve seen it at least 8+ times over the last several months.

        1. Cassie, I just want the Niners to win, even if it is by 1 point. The other team can score more times, but if the Niners go bold and score TDs, and not settle for field goals, they will win.

          1. Seb,

            Always original! Always fresh! Always witty and clever! Always right! Even in the face of all evidence to the contrary! Way to roll that rock Sisyphus!!

              1. East there you go again. Trying too hard, Cannot come up with anything, so you just parrot.
                Believe it or not, it just makes you look desperate.
                For once in your life, try hard think of something original.

  4. Two stats the 49ers will need to overcome for the win:

    1. Internal body clock. Very difficult for west coast teams traveling to the east coast.
    2. TB throws a ton of Int’s but the 49ers have only 2.

    1. 9ers will get one pick. Buc pass will hit Witherspoon in the back of then head…deflected to a yet-to be-named 9er safety.

    2. And both teams produce tons of turnovers. The game should be pretty sloppy. TB averages 26.7 ppg and SC 49ers score 23.

      Therefore final score 27-23 TB.

  5. whine country says:
    November 24, 2018 at 7:05 am
    Eight guys – five draft picks and a less than stellar history in free agency. Even worse maybe is the consensus that no major changes need to be made to the staff. What’s that thing about insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. For those that are projecting a long process, don’t forget that the two longest serving head coaches in the York era are Nolan and Harbaugh at 3 years. All the rest are 1-2 years. Not one made it through his contract term.

    Reply: What I’ve been saying for years, since 2000, when the York’s assumed ownership…
    Many will post that I advocated Shanahan. True, with the caveat that he was smart enough to obtain bright defensive coaches as Harb’s did.

    Keep in mind it’s only year 2 and some of the best defensive minds contracts are up next year. I am still in Shanny’s corner and I believe he will pull a Jim Harbaugh, restock his defensive staff with talented coaches. As a firm believer in year 3, lets see what happens.

    1. He could also pull a Harbaugh and be stubborn enough not to fire a coordinator.. ie. Roman/Saleah. It bit Harbaugh. Might bite Kyle.

  6. “Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s career almost went full circle last offseason if the San Francisco 49ers had their way.

    The organization hired Kyle Shanahan to take over as their head coach and he wanted Fangio to be his defensive coordinator. Unfortunately for him, the Bears wouldn’t allow the veteran coordinator to speak to the organization.”

    Vic’s a guy I respected a lot,” Shanahan said on Wednesday, via Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic. “Vic was under contract, so I wasn’t able to get him.


    1. “Vic’s a guy I respected a lot,” Shanahan said on Wednesday, via Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic. “Vic was under contract, so I wasn’t able to get him.”

      Is Shanahan setting the stage to replace Saleh? I don’t have access to the interview between Fishbain and KS. I wonder if KS said at any time during the interview that the team was happy with Saleh at DC. If he didn’t ….

      The article cited by Tom also says:

      “Reports surfaced on Tuesday that Bears general manager Ryan Pace does not have Fangio on his list of potential head-coaching candidates for next season, meaning it is unlikely he would return as the coordinator.”

      I guess I don’t understand this statement. Are the Bears planning to replace Nagy? If so, does this statement mean that Fangio wants a HC job. However, if he doesn’t get one would he stay with the Bears as DC?

      I’m not convinced that we don’t have most of the personnel we need for a 3-4. DL seems okay to me, but the LBs are probably an issue.

      1. Thought you’d like that!

        The two edge guys I have been saying the 49ers should look at have had themselves a game to finish the season.

        Polite: 3.5 TFL, 2.5 sacks (with a qtr to go).
        Sutton Smith: 5 TFL, 4 sacks, 85 yard fumble return TD.

          1. I think he goes end of day 2/ start of day 3. He’s undersized, but he is very twitched up and surprisingly strong for his size, plus highly productive the past two years. I think a few teams will be willing to look past the size. Hopefully the 49ers are one of them. I think he has a lot of potential as a LB in base and designated pass rusher in nickel.

        1. “The two edge guys I have been saying the 49ers should look at have had themselves a game to finish the season.”

          Yeah, good stuff for sure. I’m expecting a strong finish for Joe Jackson in about 10 minutes.

          1. I hope for him he does. But as I said in reply to your post about Jackson, he’s a guy I have serious reservations about as he hasn’t progressed much at all since his freshman year. He gets by on athletic ability and doesn’t seem to be picking up the nuances of the position. Is that poor coaching, lack of application on his part, or just a lack of ability to pick things up?

              1. And guys that love football and will work hard at their craft. And I expect the failure of Joe Williams will have just cemented that sentiment.

              2. Grant has the acumen in spades. If he could just could grow a couple inches, gain 80 lbs, and get his 40 time under 4.7…

            1. 1 sack already. The coaching is fine on that side of the ball. Offensively. not so much. Joe has a bull rush and a swim move. Give him another look on ESPN if you have the time. I’d be interested in hearing your take.

              1. Just noticed that you are watching by reading your 12:45 post. My bad, I’m trying to do 100 things at the same time while watching the game.

              2. I’ve watched him a few times this season already. He was one of the guys I decided to follow a bit this season knowing the 49ers needed an edge player.

                The sack was a nice play, but it was typical Jackson. He won that rep with his first step and then hustle, but his hand usage was not good. He just had another good play pushing the OT into the QB, but again, his hand usage was non-existent.

                He has all the physical ability he needs to be successful. Good first step, strong player, can bend well enough. But that’s what he has relied on for 3 years. The lack of development is a concern for me. Its all teachable stuff, but why hasn’t he been learning it?

              3. Another nice play by Jackson.

                To your question, he’s been able to get by at the college level. He will absolutely have to add moves at the next level. He did expand his arsenal a bit after his freshman year. I do think he will be coachable.

              4. This has definitely been one of his better games of the year so far. And against a pretty good OL.

                If he can improve his hand usage and add a couple of moves he can be a handful with his combo of size, strength and athleticism. Tbh, I would just be happy to see him use his length to get OTs off balance and keep them off his body more – that would instantly make him more effective. With his strength and length he could control an OT pretty regularly at the college level if he wanted to.

                I have no real idea how coachable he is or how hard a worker he is, but I haven’t heard anything negative in this regard. My concern is solely based on the relative lack of development in his game. If an NFL coaching staff can improve his technique they will likely be getting themselves a pretty good player.

          1. Prime, I actually feel perfectly fine being wrong at times, because when I get 9 out of 10 things right, like my post about the draft, those resonate more with me.
            I am especially proud of advocating for the Niners to obtain 2018 second and third round picks, and seeing that prediction unfold just like I envisioned it.
            When I wrote that JL should put on his Trader Bill hat, and have fun, then see him consummate 6 trades, I felt like he not only followed my advice, he tipped his hat to me.

              1. Prime, did you know that telling me to be quiet just means I get to talk more about Kaep?
                Did you know that you once admitted that Kaep took the league by storm?
                Looking at the second and third string QBs like Gabbert, Fitzpatrick, McCoy, Osweiler, Peterman and others just proves that Kaep is being blackballed. In fact, the Butt Fumbler has a job.
                Sure looks like they would rather lose without Kaep than win with him. Guess losers like them and you, think that way.
                Keep engaging me, because I like to talk about Kaep, since that is the last person who you want to talk about.

          1. And those who have no original thoughts, think they sound clever bullying and making fun of others, but just expose their own faults.
            I just showed class by being humble, and admitting that I was wrong. Of course, class is a foreign concept to you.

              1. Oh Seb, go ahead and pay yourself on that back! You may be the only one to do so.

                All village idiots always thinks everyone else is crazy too!

                Looks like you get the cookie today!!

            1. You are so funny cupcake! We only make fun of you! You lead, as you often say, with your chin! If you are so classy, why do you think that the quote targets you?

              Reading is very fundamental! May want to read the quote again!

              Of course obfuscation and taking a new line is your usual course of action, but own it Sebbie!

              1. Yup, so predictable, but I am not whining like you are. Maybe the Binky remark should be assigned to you, since you like to bring it up so much.
                Making fun of people is not an admirable trait, but I guess you cannot help yourself. You think it makes you look smart, but just does the opposite.
                Once again, try harder.

              2. Look into that mirror deeply cupcake! You may not like the reflection you see Dorian!

                And I’m not making fun of people! I’m laughing at you!

              3. East, being easily amused is not something to strive for, but you seem to embrace it.
                Ooookay, it seems like I am engaging in a battle of wits against an unarmed foe.

  7. Hmm, Jake Browning led the Huskies to a victory over Washington St.
    Wonder if winning the Pac 12 North will improve his draft position.

    1. That’s good, but can he keep that up? The main areas of concern from what I have read are his arm strength and decision making.

      1. Yea, that’s why it kinda surprised me. Browning’s redzone int last night to Skylar was an anomaly, I think his value is similar to Beathard’s….

      2. Mid, I just remember the time he threw for 6 TDs. That showed me that he is accurate.
        Yes, his decision making can be second guessed, but he also knows how to manage games.
        If he can beat Utah, his stock will rise.

        1. Being able to manage while making poor decisions is not good though Seb. At best, Browning will move from being an UDFA to a prospect that could be taken in the 6th or 7th round.

          1. He was touted as a second or third rounder before he decided to stay in school. Sure, he has had some bad games, and was even benched, but I still like his passing skills.
            He would benefit from sitting a year, working out hard to get stronger, and studying the playbook. If he gets thrown to the wolves, he might get the AS treatment.

  8. If I’m Shanny, I might get off the bus incorporating Gus’ screen play. Two offensive lineman split wide, and the quick throw to the outside wr….

  9. This was inevitable.


    “Jim Harbaugh and the terrible, no good, very bad offensive gameplan”

    “Boring, uninspired, predictable play calling from Harbaugh and Hamilton.”

    “If Michigan doesn’t find a way to beat Ohio State today then I’m not sure they ever will with Harbaugh”

    “This L is on Harbaugh and the coaching staff pure and simple.”

    “UM had the talent to win this year but Harbaugh wouldn’t give then the game plan to win.”

    “I’m starting to think Harbaugh will.never take this team to the next level. He was in perfect position to do so and can’t follow thru”

    “Harbaugh at this point looks like he’s trying to lose his big games. Unreal”

    “Fire Harbaugh I’m Done Wit Michigan Til We Get A New Coach”

    “Another year of getting close, losing to Ohio State and ending up in a New Years six bowl game. The legend of Harbaugh”

    “Can we fire Harbaugh now or what”

        1. Marv levy has accomplished more than those two combined. I think he’s better than both of them. To go to the super bowl 4 straight years is amazing. Just couldn’t win. That’s why I said Marty. Pretty much they both achieved great regular season success. No rings, and one trip combined.

    1. The loss was bad, but the “Fire Harbaugh” chant is sheer idiocy. There are plenty of universities that would love to have the 38-12 record Michigan has under its belt since Harbaugh took over.

      1. True, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Michigan is not one of those universities. It might be time for Jim to move on and turn around a program at another university or an NFL team. That is his main strength and he is one of the best if not the best at it.

    2. Here’s your chance Grant. Take Michigan to the National Championship then the 9ers job is all yours–2024 at the latest.

  10. Gary Danielson has got to be the most irritating color commentator in NCAA football. Does this guy get paid by the word? If so, he must be a millionaire….

  11. What is up with Goodwin? I was pretty psyched when the Niners signed him, because I thought he was wasting away in Buffalo, and when he’s been healthy and on, good lord. But there always seems to be something with him. He’s either hurt, or getting hurt, or something personal (I get the child that passed–no judgment there), but he’s got a bit of a drama/high maintenance vibe.

    I dig Bourne.

    I hope he as a solid game.

  12. I brought up DK Metcalf yesterday and the potential for the 49ers to look at a WR with their first pick. I think if they trade back a guy like Metcalf could be someone that interests Shanny as something of a Julio Jones type athlete at WR.

    However, the WR I think Shanny is more likely to target is Deebo Samuel in the 2nd round. He doesn’t bring that size advantage many 49ers fans want (though at ~210lbs he’s not small either), but he is explosive, tough, a good route runner and very dangerous with the ball in hand.

      1. Are you sure that’s a criteria? Maybe for the offense, but watching the secondary run around like the Keystone cops, as Baldinger put it, makes you wonder.

      2. Can’t answer that I’m afraid – not privy to that sort of info. But the attributes I listed above are all traits Shanny does value highly.

        1. Well, he’s versatile playing all three position and even as a tailback. That would tend to suggest he’s got some smarts. Developed route tree. It’s bit of a dink n dunk offense isn’t it?; uptempo with some stretch runs, rpo’s. They don’t go deep very often. We should get an idea, but yea…you’re right about not getting access to the chalkboard quiz boards….

      1. Yeah, he obviously can burn defenders with his speed and quickness. His hands can be a little suspect, a bit like Goodwin. But heck, can you imagine defending both him and Goodwin?

    1. Well, as always don’t want to jump to conclusions, but guilty or not, he finds trouble. At this point have to think the team is better off moving on from him. What a waste.

    1. Hmm. For once I agree… This is the wrong sport to draft on potential. This Isint the NBA or mlb.. Inmy opinion, rebuilding teams need to draft on production plus potential. This class is Kittle strong. With a backup QB and CB who literally could have been drafted 2 rounds later.

  13. Alabama 12-0.
    Clemson 12-0.
    Notre Dame 12-0.
    Georgia 11-1.
    Oklahoma 11-1.
    Ohio State 11-1.
    Utah State 11-1
    UCF 11-0.
    They should expand the college playoffs because all of those teams have good enough records to be in the playoffs.
    Maybe each of those teams could host a Bowl game, so the playoffs could be expanded to 16 teams. It would boost those major bowl games, and generate billions in revenues. Then there could be an 8 team quarter final, 4 team semi final, and the final championship game could be played on the weekend before the Super Bowl. Those quarter finals and semi finals could be played during the week, so they would not interfere with the Pro Playoffs.

    1. Michigan 10-2.
      Washington State 10-2.
      Boise State 10-2.
      LSU 9-3.
      Florida 9-3.
      Penn State 9-3.
      Texas 9-3.
      Washington 9-3.
      Those teams could be the 8 other teams to make up the playoff pool.

  14. Well we missed on Thomas and Foster…Crazy to look back at all the praise Lynch got..2017 I’d looking like the worst first round in SF history..We drafted 2 aj Jenkins in one round.
    That’s gonna leave a mark!

    1. Thomas is not a bust. He has contributed to the run defense.They also got additional picks for the Trubisky -Thomas move back.
      I advised the Niners to avoid the red flagged players, but they insisted on doubling down, by wasting additional picks to move up and draft Foster and Joe Williams. In hindsight, those were not smart moves.

  15. According to Tampa police, victim alleges she and Foster were engaged in a verbal altercation, during which Foster slapped her phone out of her hand, pushed her in the chest, and slapped her with an open hand on the right side of her face. Police observed a one-inch scratch on her left collarbone.

  16. Do you think they have TV in the Tampa jail? At least Reuben could watch in the jailhouse. Be a nice group there he could hang with. Some DUI’s, a bar fight or 2, some auto thieves, maybe a Home Invasion professional. Reuben knows what to do on game day.

  17. John Lynch has to go after this season. The Thomas pick was predictably awful.

    Foster had anger issues and a questionable shoulder pre-draft. Now Foster gets arrested (again) and he has a dead arm.

    I’ve seen enough. I’ve heard enough. Promote Peters or find someone else.

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