49ers @ Rams live blog

El running back de los 49ers de San Francisco, Matt Breida (22), corre para un touchdown contra los Browns de Cleveland, durante la primera mitad de un juego de la NFL en Santa Clara, California, el lunes 7 de octubre de 2019. (AP Foto/Tony Avelar)

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 6 road game against the Los Angeles Rams. I will update this with information and analysis from The Cohn Zohn.

11:41 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • QB C.J. Beathard
  • CB Ahkello Witherspoon
  • FB Kyle Juszczyk
  • OT Mike McGlinchey
  • OT Joe Staley
  • DT Jullian Taylor
  • WR Jordan Matthews

11:45 Here are the Rams’ inactives:

  • CB Aqib Tali
  • CB David Long Jr.
  • RB Todd Gurley
  • LB Clay Matthews
  • C Coleman Shelton
  • T Bobby Evans
  • DT Tanzel Smart

11:48 My dad and I will announce today’s game on HotMic. If you have an iPhone, you can listen to us by downloading the HotMic app in the app store. Use invite code COHN10. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can watch us announce the game on Periscope. I will embed the Periscope feed into this post.

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  1. 1. Browns leading Seahawks in the 3rd , 20-18
    2. I am sticking with Niners 27 – Rams 13.
    3. Let’s get ready to rumble.

  2. Enjoy the game everybody!
    We’re sippin on some Green Flash West Coast IPA’s over here and pissin off the neighbors with some loud grunge tunes (Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, Soundgarden, Hole etc)! 🎶🍺🍺🍺
    Beat LA!!!

  3. Rams 23
    49ers 20

    The Niners will be in this throughout, but the OL will hurt the run game, and a mediocre passing game will not be able to prop it up.

    As always when I predict the 49ers to lose, I hope that I am 100% wrong.
    Enjoy the game everyone. GO NINERS! 🏆

  4. Right off the bat the run D sucks badly. This garbage needs to tighten up NOW or this game will be over before it starts.

  5. There we go! Game starting to settle down now.

    Great rush by Bosa and Ford on 3rd down. Had those tackles on roller skates.

      1. Roller skates would make an offensive lineman go backwards easily when pushed by a Niners defensive lineman.

        Ice Skates would stick in the turf, and cause the offensive lineman to fall backwards, but not move backwards as far.

        When pushing the lineman backwards, into the quarterback, easily, it make it appear as is the lineman was wearing “‘roller’ skates.”

    1. Disagree with that. Grant is a gift for local Niners fans, whether we agree or disagree with him.
      We can go to the live broadcast if we miss Grant’s engaging in-game comments too much. And no other “beat writer” live blogs or provides as much content and opportunity to comment as does Grant Cohn.

      Grant provides considered information; directly states opinions; and engages fans openly about Forty Niner’s football in a forum that has zero cost of entry (not even a stupid Fbook login in required). No other local source, yet alone “beat writer,” puts out like that.

      The Athletic comes close, and has a lot of quality analysis, but requires a login; a subscription; does not have an in-game blog; is less responsive to fans’ direct comments; and has to cover all sports from many areas. I subscribe there.

      San Jose’s Tim Kawakami is a local beat writer that “covers the Niners,” and I appreciate him. But Tim is not as good as Grant at engaging fans; or being accountable, post-game, for prediction “mistakes.” Follow him in the Athletic if you’d like, but you wont get an explanation for his prediction that the Niners would lose to the Browns. SF Gates “beat writers” are o.k., but they too, like Tim, spend less time focusing on covering the Niners and engaging fans.

      Glenn Dicky, San Francisco Chronicle, was a stud. But that’s back in the day when Grant’s dad and a fully paid crew were writing for regional papers that cared about coverage and enjoyed a more literate audience.

    1. That was disgusting. I mean you expect this from a Josh Rosen maybe. He’s got a ton of potential but these plays he makes at least once every game makes Shanny’s head hurt.

  6. Grant might actually be right on Jimmy. Good lord, that was awful. He can’t do that. That’s not what he’s getting paid for. Just pathetic.

    1. Dude, Crab was a good receiver; and that pick caused a bad trip flashback for Crab fans.

      No. 7 to No. 15 fade passes in crucial situations did not work because of CK7 read/react progression issues that existed even when focusing on only one receiver:
      If No. 15 on top of the route, throw a fade to the “No. 15 or nobody,” out of end zone, spot;
      If read is covered on top, throw to No. 15’s gut or the ground on a curl back;
      If No. 15 covered top and bottom, run around like a deer in the headlights and take a sack; then,
      hand signal the coach: two fingers right, one finger left hand, No 21 – “call Frank Gore’s number, idiot!”

  7. I’m not sure floating a pass to the inside out to the flanker was an example of a Shanny special. Whatever the play call really was, Jimmy did it wrong. Sigh.

  8. That was inexcusable.
    Jimmy can’t make that throw… and why mess with something like that inside the run. Just qb sneak that.

  9. That was insane Donald did a shoulder tap on Person as he blew by him.

    Sure wish Wishnowsky was a good punter. Can’t remember a single good punt that didn’t have a lucky roll to it. He is just amazingly mediocre.

  10. Rams have come out super hyped up and knowing they need to win. 49ers are hanging with them and giving themselves a chance. Its not been pretty but it is impressive.

    1. Defence has been impressive. Jimmy stole points from the Niners, and I don’t care how accurate he’s been otherwise. He’s the single biggest reason the Niners aren’t winning this game. Him and Gould, at least.

      1. The INT was awful all round, no question. But given the guys that are out, the offense is still doing an ok job moving the ball and putting themselves in a position to score. Clean some things up and the D keeps making stops then the 49ers have a chance here.

  11. Seems we should have let Gould go to Chicago. Looks like he got old overnight, can’t get any if his kicks to curve back to the middle.

  12. Niners need to move on from Gould after this year. He’s done. I don’t like changing kickers midseason, but he’s what, kicking at 50% this season? Couple more misses and it might be time to move on instantly.

      1. I don’tthink age is much of a factor here. Confidence is the key thing, and Gould looks like his is shot. Thing is with kickers, once they lose it, it usually doesn’t come back, at least for a while. Look at Dan Bailey. Or, indeed, Robbie Gould.

    1. It’s his last year under contract, so he will move on from the Niners if Niners don’t move on from him.

      He’s having a bad string of luck, but may be lights out if Niners get into playoffs, wildcard or by beating SeaAdderal; if for no other reason than he would be conducting an “all eyes on us” try out.

  13. Oh look, Niners wasted a time out, so they did not have one to stop the clock, forcing JG to pass along the side line, forcing a 55 yard failure.
    When will they ever learn?

  14. It’s pretty easy to tell when JG is going to run a sneak. I wonder if they couldn’t use that to their advantage by running a fake sneak that should have at least one receiver wide open in the end zone.

  15. GRant ust said the rams can’t make it to 14. Here comes 42 points by LA.

    You said two games ago that Pittsburg wasn’t going to score…2tds later

  16. I have never understood why teams get cute from the 2 yard line in. If you have a few downs to get it in, just sneak it.
    Normally the benefit of the doubt will go to the runner if you cannot see the ball.

  17. Coleman should be looking for a new team next year. Guy is brought in because he’s supposedly good at catching, and can’t catch the ball. What value does he give? Waste of a roster spot.

      1. It’s true. Brieda, Mostert and Wison are all better running with the ball. Brieda is better at catching it, too. If Coleman was on the salary Brieda was, sure. But he’s not.

  18. Well Garappolo just took 4 points off the board on 3rd down. That 2nd down pass was pure ugliness, luckily it found Pettis because that was the kind of pass that gets picked off. Garappolo is so inconsistent?

  19. Jimmy has been pretty bad today. I don’t care what his pass accuracy is. He and Coleman have cost the team 11 points. This defence has proven itself legit, over and over, but he hasn’t. Not good enough.

  20. Los Angeles Passing (GOFF)
    7/10 27 2.7 0 0 2-13 72.9

    Look for the Rams to resort to trickery next drive to try and open it up in the passing game.

    1. Impact isn’t always measured with sacks and tackles.

      Anyone who’s a true niner fan would know this having watched Justin Smith and Bryant Young

    1. He totally f’d it up, if he would have put it 4 inches to the left Kittle could have turned faster and gotten a first down. :D

  21. After shutting the Browns and now Rams down, there can be no debate. This D is legit excellent. They can carry the team while key guys on offense heal up.

  22. Well that was going to be the nail in the coffin and then we screwed the pooch. Oh well, we win anyways but it’s going to be much tougher to close out.

  23. Are people still going to call me a fake fan/crazy for complaining about Jimmy’s play? The guy is actively keeping the Rams in this game. Very unimpressive. He’s ruining the effort from this defence.

      1. He threw an awful pick at the goaline, just gave the Rams a lifeline instead of taking the sack, and made what should have been an easy TD catch for Coleman tough. Are you going to tell me that doesn’t count, Jack? Jimmy is the sole reason this is still a game. If the Niners lose this, it’s on him.

      1. I’m from England. Because you’re clearly not educated on the English language, look up the spelling of “offence” and “defence” in British English, compared to American English. You’ll find that the British English spelling of the word is “offence” and “defence”, respectively. Before you try to correct my spelling, I suggest you consult a dictionary, as I’m clearly a lot more literate than you. You’re out of your depth.

        Of course, you won’t concede this point, you’ll just pretend that this never happened. Transparent.

          1. So are you telling me I should switch my spelling of words to American, whenever I happen to comment on American sports? Lol, you’re such a clown.

              1. “offense” doesn’t suddenly have a different meaning to “offence” just because the context it is used in pertains to an American sport.

        1. Hey Re(anus),
          My first degree is in English from UC Berkeley, so go eff yourself. Congratulations on using an archaic way of spelling an everyday word in a contemporary context just so you can feel different and special. You’re not writing for the BBC, you’re writing a comment on an American football site. If you’re surprised that someone might find it odd that you’re writing like it’s still turn of the 17th century, maybe you need to be a little more self-aware, Dumas. News flash though: being born in England doesn’t miraculously make you special. You’re really not a snowflake. Keep your trousers on and throw the attitude in the bin…and maybe learn to adapt to modern spelling/grammar.

          1. My first degree is in English from UC Berkeley, so go eff yourself.

            I’d ask for a refund.

            Congratulations on using an archaic way of spelling an everyday word in a contemporary context just so you can feel different and special.

            And here is why you should ask for a refund. It isn’t archaic, here. It is the default, typical spelling of the word. I’m from England, I live in England. Why wouldn’t I spell the word the way I have been taught?

            You’re not writing for the BBC, you’re writing a comment on an American football site.

            emJay made this same dumb argument. There is zero reason for me to use a language form I am not used to, and have not been taught (outside of cultural osmosis), when writing in English on an American platform. I would understand your complaint if I were using a word with a significantly different meaning in the American form of the language, such as “biscuit”, but this is not the case. We are talking about the use of an “c” in place of an “s”, with both being enunciated similarly. If you couldn’t tell what word I was aiming to convey, then I would be deeply concerned, doubly so in your case given your degree.

            I also love how you’re acting like I’m the asshole in this exchange. You, Betadux, are the one that decided to complain, because of one letter. It’s only now that I pointed out that my spelling of the word was valid, that you have moved the goalposts and complaining about be using archaic language, despite that not being true in context of where I’m from.

            you’re writing like it’s still turn of the 17th century

            That degree really hasn’t been put to good use, has it?

            News flash though: being born in England doesn’t miraculously make you special. You’re really not a snowflake. Keep your trousers on and throw the attitude in the bin…and maybe learn to adapt to modern spelling/grammar.

            I feel like you’re projecting here. Maybe you have some damage against the English, because none of what I said comes close to suggesting I’m some kind of snowflake. The fact of the matter is, the spelling of the word is entirely typical for my everyday use of it. To demand that I shift my language from British English to American English because I’m commenting here is pretty much the height of idiocy, and pedantry to boot actually. You’re the one with the attitude here. I’m simply providing you a free education, apparently that degree of yours has failed you lmao. You can thank me later.

              1. But you’ve been accused of 17th century utterances. There must have been King sometime in the 1600s, no? 😛

    1. Renas remember. Starting 4th and 5th tackles. We weren’t supposed to be in this game at all. Does your memory fizz out beyond 3 hours?

      1. I understand that the team is down tackles. But Jimmy’s mistakes have been awful irrespective of that. The pick, for instance, was just a poor decision. I’ll give you the throw to Coleman was affected, but if Jimmy is an elite QB he needs to make that (I blame Coleman more for that by the way, like 70/30). The fumble was just dumb, he should simply eat the sack there. Let’s give the tackles some credit here. Skule and Brunskill have been really solid.

      2. Exactly. Injured players, on the road against a solid defense, and managing the game. Has he made mistakes? Of course. It’s also his 13th started game. . Ribico, this is the person that said this D was bad after the first quarter of the first game. F

    2. Depends on what you consider a fair complaint really. He’s played well for the most part, but he has had a couple of bad throws that led to interceptable passes and that fumble obviously not good either. But he is also doing this with the 4th and 5th string OTs protecting him.

      1. I would argue that all Jimmy had to do today was not turn the ball over. He’s done it twice and there really hasn’t been any excuse for it. This defence is Super Bowl-tier, Jimmy needs to take better care.

        1. You must not watch a lot of American football on your side of the pond? Interceptions is something that QBs occasionally do.

          I would argue all Jimmy has to do is win. Are you saying he’s not?

          1. I watch enough, but there are some interceptations that are worse than others. The one Jimmy threw, was about as bad as it gets. Stole points from the offence. I don’t blame Jimmy for every INT he has thrown this year, but in this case, his turnovers have been his fault.

            1. JFC. The team is totally balling in a game they weren’t supposed to be in and all out of you is whinging (hey I know some Britspeak too). Are you going to be like this all season?

              1. My whinging is for during the game, celebrating is for after (now). Don’t worry, I’m not going to rag on Jimmy all week now. Niners won, and that’s all that matters. I’ll probably mention his play once more, when it pertains to the grades (I’m giving him a low C), but that’ll be it. I’ll just be enjoying the crow eating from all the analysts that picked the Rams.

            2. It is OK, Renas. That interception in the end zone should have garnered a flag for defensive holding on Kittle, but it was not called. That would have negated the turnover.

  24. Fck….i just knew something crazy was gonna happen….

    One more second JimmyG throws that pass for a huge gain….

    Cmon defense….we got this

  25. The real test for this defense will be Russell Wilson who is having an MVP year. If the defense can stop him, then there is no question that they are elite maybe even epic.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, this defense is very, very good but I’ve seen every game the smurf has played this year and he is on a different level this year. Near the top in TDs thrown, if not the top, yet 0 interceptions.

        1. Wilson is not the only one that has turned it up on the Seahawks offense. Lockett is having an impressive season as well.

    1. Stop with the myopia. Jimmy made some clutch plays along with his mistakes. No QB is perfect every game and he is still growing. JG is showing real leadership and the players respect him. He and the offense are very much a part of this 5-0 record.

      Nice TEAM win today.

  26. Hell yes! This defence will take this team places, and it’s still so young. Wonder how the talking heads will play them down now.

  27. Jimmy just wins. Defense is World Class! Very profitable day today! $$$ Glorious! Should be fun watching the D line chasing Russell around in a few weeks!

  28. T. Martins says:
    October 11, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    Rams will win this game 24-13. Rams had the Seahags beat and won’t let this one slide.

  29. We have arrived, WE ARE REAL!!!
    Time to PARTAAAAY!!! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  30. Just a great win today. Overcoming the schedule, the injuries, a bad start to just completely dominate.

    Garoppolo gets a B from me.

    The defense A+ across the board.

    An À for Shanahan too. He did a really good job of managing the game. His clock management at the end of the 1st half was as good as it gets.

    1. Yep. Can’t overstate how impressive this win is. The D was just awesome. I thought after the first drive this was going to be the game where the D cam back to earth, but they tightened up the run D and gave the Rams nothing in the passing game. Super impressive.

      1. Scooter, McVay prepared for 10 days, and then scripted nothing but mis-directional running plays, and I felt immediately that it was an acknowledgement that he had nothing, and no confidence in Goff….

        1. That first drive was well scripted and clearly not what the 49ers were expecting. But yeah, once the scripted portion was over and they needed to start passing the ball we saw complete domination.

  31. I wish to give Saleh a Happy Birthday wish, and congratulate him on one of the finest defensive performances I have ever seen. 5 4th down stops was impressive.
    I am glad they are playing NINER DEFENSE again!

  32. Fck yeah! Lambs had every reason to win this one going into it but this Niners team is tough. Kudos to Shanahan and his coaches, Niners are finally a force again with great depth.

      1. I wonder who badmouthed which coach the most after their first couple of seasons? Lowell with Walsh or Grant with Shannie? Two of a kind , those two.

  33. Hahahahahaha!! The Cowgirls lost to the Jets!! That completes a marvelous Sunday afternoon!! Time for baseball now!!! Great win! Have a great nite folks!!

  34. Awesome . Great performance against a good team. Defense dominated. Good game from Jimmy G.


  35. IMO, this defence has the potential to be better than the Harbaugh defence. With how the rules have shifted since then even further in favour (yes emJay, that’s how we spell favor here, too) of the offence, and how fast it is, I think it’s better all around. Just needs the results to hang onto them now.

  36. Those that say the Niners have not played a good team need to remember that the only close game they had was against the Steelers. A game where they had 5 turnovers. The other teams have not dominated teams as the Niners have. Look at Seattle against the Browns. That was a close game which the Browns could have easily won. Does anyone believe that if the Niners had their tackles they would not have scored at least 30 on the Rams.

  37. I really did not think the Niners would only give up 1 touchdown to the Rams.
    The Defense is awesome; A+.
    4 4th down stops; amazing.
    Except for the very bad interception in the Endzone, the offense played pretty good considering 3 starters are out. Aron Donald could have really torn the offense apart, but his impact was limited. I give the offense a B- under these circumstances.

    1. B- ???? Without juice we weren’t going to be able to run. With the 5 and 6 tackles we’d never be able to move the ball at all. Against a pretty good defense with the NFLs best player. B-???? No way, A’s all around.

    1. I’m wary of trap games. From how each team has played, it shouldn’t be close, but this is where the new challenge comes in for Shanny. He has to keep players focused, and humble. Luckily, a lot of the guys in that locker room have had a losing season, many even back-to-back losing seasons (and more, like with Buckner, who has never had a winning season). The 0-9 run might have done wonders for some of them. This is why people said that the team needed to learn how to win. Losing might have been the best thing for them, because it should mean that they can keep their heads when the pressure of winning starts coming around. Will be interesting to see, and, let’s face it, a much nicer problem to have than worrying about when the next win will come.

  38. I wonder what the average QBR of opposing QB’s is when facing the Niner D. Has to be in the top 6 in the league, surely? In fact, I wonder if there is a defensive stat the Niners D don’t rank top 6 in.

  39. Rubicon
    Can’t give the Offense an A. The two turnovers and a couple of lost opportunities limit their grade.
    Great victory!

  40. From a Rams blog…


    Rams outplayed, outcoached. Total ass whipping on both sides of the ball. Every player and coach on this Rams team should be embarrassed by their part in this game. Give the 49rs credit, they were well prepared and brought it. They were the better team by far. The holes in this team are looming large, and guys are not stepping up. McVay hasn’t done his job preparing this team. They look lost, never seem ready to play. Their opponents know what’s coming and are ready for it. It’s gut check time, the season is getting away and the blueprint for shutting the Rams O down is out. After watching the Cardinals game, not sure we could beat them either.

    Posted by Ramsfan75 on Oct 13, 2019 | 6:30 PM

  41. Excellent game called by Shanahan & Saleh….considering the constraints…….this D is ‘Awe’some! The Front office looks real smart now, in persisting with players like Ward & Armstead who are making plays.

    Kittle was outstanding this game and Pettis stepped up. WRs overall need to be more consistent….that drop by Goodwin was a killer.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. But he did make some tough throws in the face of a good pass rush. He’s not timid.

      1. He makes some jaw dropping throws and can usually fit the ball in tight.
        But the 2 INT’s were almost rookie caliber today.
        He needs to clean up his game and maybe that’s just inexperience but still, he makes me nervous.

          1. I was one of Smith’s biggest defenders here, but I’m sure glad the roll right throw it out of bounds right is not in JG’s playbook. Or maybe that was Roman’s playbook?

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