49ers removing grass from field in Levi’s Stadium

The 49ers are pulling up grass at Levi’s Stadium. It’s unclear whether they’re pulling up some or all of the grass.

Do you think the 49ers will put in new grass or field turf?

Do you think the 49ers and Chargers should play Sunday’s game in Santa Clara or San Diego?

Do you think they should play in the Oakland Coliseum? Stanford is nice.

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    1. Evergreen Turf is inexperienced. Why don’t they do that field when Super Bowl is in town? Do your research.

  1. Tell them not to bother replacing the turf in the end zones. It is of no danger to our players there.

    1. Remember when Chris Clemons tore his ACL at FedEx during the playoffs in 2012. I think I remember reading that RG3 hurt his knee the first time in that stadium. (not sure) Snyder was/is notorious for not mainlining that turf/grass.

  2. The 9ers will play at Levi this weekend. There is absolutely no way they would refund approx 70,000 tickets and regardless of where they play they would have to refund all tickets. While we are on the subject of Levi is there anyone out there who took Cal train from the city to Mountain View and then transfered to to Levi? I was wondering how long the trip was and if there are any plans to run a express train from SF to Moutain View?

    1. OldCoach— they won’t have to refund the tickets if they can’t play the game. They can just give everyone tickets to the 49’er museum.

  3. When asked about the situation the 49ers response was, “Levi’s Stadium is currently working through something. We’re not in the grass so we can’t get into the specifics.”

  4. They should play the game at Santa Rosa JC. It will be a squeeze for 70,000, but there’s plenty of available parking spots at River Rock Casino.

    1. According to NN they (49ers? West Coast Turf? Subcontractor?) used the wrong kind of sand as the base. Someone is in big trouble!

      1. They are professionals and know what they are doing so they couldn’t possibly mess things up. Right! This is why I don’t trust someone’s competency just because they are professionals.

  5. Is Candlestick still available? What about the Oakland Coliseum? They could alternate with the Raiders. Rancho High had a nice new field put in a few years ago.

    The 49ers could play strictly away games this season. It would be historic.

    1. “When the 49ers take the field for their first preseason game later this year, the countless hours of planning, mowing, fertilizing, watering, and painting will have all been completed. Head groundskeeper Matt Greiner can be confident in the fact this field will match the standard of performance the 49ers are accustomed to.”

      1. Does anyone think that they will have it together for the scheduled Super Bowl game in 2016?

  6. Speaking of grass:

    Why do midgets laugh when they run?

    Because the grass tickles their nuts.

      1. Rumor has it Tom Brady punched Russel Wilson at a fancy social event. Apparently Wilson complimented Gisele Bundchen on her nice smelling hair…

      2. Prime, Nick – I thought Grant might delete that one…..
        Damn…..are we playing the Cowgirls yet…..Enough of this preseason man! I can’t take it anymore.

    1. Crab, it’s very politically insensitive of you to make jokes that might be deemed hurtful and/or insulting to members of the vertically challenged population. Lol, makes me think back to the firestorm of hate mail Randy Newman generated with his “Short People” song back in the 80’s.

      1. Bar None – Vertically challenged….Belly laugh!….Hey I forgot about that “short people” song…..Did Randy Newman play that 80’s song “Cars” too?….Or was it “In Cars?”

        1. Bar None – It was Gary Numan that played “Cars” song…..Spelling names these days has gotten weird….There’s a kid on my sons football team with the first name Dave but his is spelled Daive…..I hate this crap…..Anything to get some attention.

        1. Do we really need help at DE? J. Smith, Ray Mac, Tank, Dial, TJE, Dobbs, Okoye… we already can’t keep all of them, and Bowers has done nothing in 3 years to suggest he’d be an upgrade.

        2. Headcase!
          Remember when he got caught with a gun at LaGuardia last year?
          Plus, the kid’s always hurt, sooooo…

  7. Maybe the could import some grass from Colorado. Just give it to all the spectators, coaches, and players. No one will give a damn how bad they screwed up the field.

  8. Remembering the origins of the game of Football,
    (as in the boys “giving it the old college try” in the pasture behind the campus) it does seem ironic that all these many dollars were spent on the colossus that surrounds the field, but the field isn’t usable.

    1. They did get the luxury boxes finished though.
      What else matters???

    1. Yep. That deal was done yesterday. He’s a good example of a guy that the 49ers made the right call to move on from.

  9. Hey now!
    Be nice to Ice!
    Been watching the young man since his UH days…

  10. My theory on this grass replacement thing is that the big solar reflector they call the luxury boxes is cooking the field in the same fashion as it does the bleacher seats (once occupied by fans before running for shelter and ice cream). To compensate they have had to over water the field. This results in a soggy sod condition not unlike the, below the water line, candlestick field.
    So, if I may suggest a solution based on some past horticulture experience. Hemp grows exceptionally well in hot house environments. And has other benefits.

  11. They could sell the grass they ripped out to the two steelers players. Get some coin back. Muahahahaaa

  12. If the turf starts falling apart this Sunday, Harbaugh can always stop the game and move it over the the practice field.

  13. 49ers COO Al Guido, “We are not looking into FieldTurf. We are looking into making sure the solution for 49ers games is natural grass.”

  14. what are they going to do with the old turf removed from the levi stadium are they going to donate it or throw away

    1. I would like to have a few yards to replace my lawn at home, this would be great!

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