49ers-Seahawks live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 7 Thursday night game against the Seattle Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with observations and analysis from the press box.

7:40 On second and 12, Frank Gore runs up the middle for a 37-yard gain. Wow.

7:41 Hunter gains two yards and Kaepernick subs in for Smith.

7:42 Kaepernick runs to the left and gets smaked, losing a yard.

7:42 Very next play, Smith rolls left, throws across his body to Delanie Walker and gets picked off by Brandon Browner in the end zone. Browner returns it to his 4 yard line. Frank Gore did not get a touch those last three plays when the 49ers were close to the red zone. Roman was too cute, and Smith forced a bad pass, and the Seahawks are back in this.

7:45 Lynch appeared to fumble and recover the ball on his first-down carry. Harbaugh wants to challenge, but the refs said Lynch’s forward progress had been stopped so the play in unreviewable.

7:47 Lynch drops a pass in the flat on third and four. The Seahawks have to punt with 10:26 left in the fourth quarter. Ted Ginn Jr. returns it to the Seahawks’ 49 yard line. The 49ers can put this game away right here with a touchdown drive.

7:49 Vernon Davis still has not been targeted for a pass.

7:54 Gore gains 10 yards on the first play of the drive and then 20 yards on the third play. He and Hunter have combined for 24 carries. The 49ers are undefeated in the Harbaugh era when they combine for more than 20 carries.

7:56 An Anthony Davis tripping penalty pushes the 49ers out of the red zone. On third and seven, Greg Roman calls an ultra-conservative play – QB draw with Alex Smith. That sets up a 28-yard Akers field goal. 13-6 49ers. They could have put the Seahawks away with a TD. 5:24 left in the fourth quarter.

8:02 Lynch gains 9 yards around the left side on first down, then runs up the middle on second-and-1 and gets stuffed by Justin Smith. The refs generously marked the  ball at the 30, meaning first down Seahawks. Harbaugh is challenging the spot.

8:03 Russell Wilson has zero completions in the second half. The offensive coordinator does not have any get-back-in-the-groove type of pass plays to call. Every pass play is a deep shot.

8:04 Harbaugh wins the challenge. It’s third and 1.

8:05 Fullback Michael Robinson runs up the gut for 2 yards to pick up the first down for the Seahawks.

8:07 Chris Culliver knocks away a pass to Sidney Rice on second and 12. Third and 12 and Wilson calls the Seahawks’ first timeout of the second half. They’ve had the ball for three minutes and have gone nowhere.

8:10 Willis tips the ball at the line of scrimmage and the pass falls incomplete. The Seahawks punt with 2:05 left in the fourth quarter. They have two timeouts and the two minute warning. 49ers ball at their 23 yard line.

8:12 Hunter gains two yards up the middle on first down. Two minute warning time.

8:14 The right move for the 49ers is to run the next two plays and force the Seahawks to use their last two timeouts.

8:14 Hunter runs up the middle for no gain and the Seahawks call their second timeout. Strange Roman doesn’t call these runs for Frank Gore or Brandon Jacobs. I guess Jacobs will not play a single snap in his first game as a 49er.

8:16 Alex Smith gains 3 yards and the Seahawks call their final timeout. Andy Lee punts. Seahawks ball at their 11 yard line wih 1:36 left and no timeouts.

8:19 Aldon Smith rushes from the left defensive end spot and sacks Wilson for a 7-yard loss on second and 5. Now it’s fourth and 17 from the Seahawks’ 4.

8:20 The 49ers will win 13-6, and they didn’t throw it to Vernon Davis once. I’m running down to the locker room. Back at you shortly.

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