49ers – Seahawks NFC Wild Card Live Blog

This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers (13-4) Wild Card playoff matchup with the Seattle Seahawks (9-8) from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. I will provide updates and analysis throughout the game.

11:42 My five keys for the 49ers begin with Brock Purdy being ready for the moment. 

12:00 49ers inactives: Jimmy Garoppolo, Ambry Thomas, Ty Davis-Price, Nick Zakelj, Ross Dwelley, Tevin Coleman, Drake Jackson.

With Davis-Price and Colemen inactive the 49ers will have just three running backs today. An interesting decision considering weather conditions that lend themselves to a more run heavy gameplan. 

1:30 The 49ers will open on defense. Can they set the tone?

1:35 Great start for the 49ers defense. Kenneth Walker with a gain of nine on the first play, then Javon Kinlaw stuffs him for a loss of one and Arik Armstead finishes off the three and out with a sack of Geno Smith. 

1:39 Deebo Samuel getting work from the backfield right away. The receiver takes a toss around the left side for 22-yards. Terrific blocking up front to open that up for him. 

1:42 Brock Purdy looking shaky on the first possession. He’s been inaccurate, missing Deebo Samuel and Jauan Jennings before nearly throwing an interception on third and three. 

Robbie Gould hits from 34-yards out to put the 49ers up 3-0.

1:48 Back-to-back three and outs for the 49ers defense to start the game. Tashaun Gipson drops Geno Smith on a third and two run around the left side. Deommodore Lenoir with tight coverage on D.K. Metcalf on second down, holding the receiver to a gain of just four. 

1:54 Christian McCaffrey showing why he’s the 49ers best midseason trade acquisition since Fred Dean. McCaffrey rips around the left side for 68 yards on the first play of the possession, then takes a pass from Purdy into the endzone from three yards out. 

In between the big plays from McCaffrey, Elijah Mitchell took a check down from Purdy for a gain of 18 to set up the offense at the Seahawks two. 

49ers 10 Seahawks 0

2:00 Dre Greenlaw is down, he has been dealing with a back issue. He jogged off the field. 

2:05 Greenlaw is back in.

2:06 The first quarter comes to a close with Seattle driving. Smith has completed three of four passes and run for 11 yards on this possession.

Seattle is going after Deommodore Lenoir. 

2:10 Now Charles Omenihu is down. 

2:14 Seattle beat the 49ers up at the line of scrimmage on that possession, running the ball eight times for 38 yards and also allowing the 11 yard scramble by Smith. Kenneth Walker gets into the endzone with a run around the left side from seven yards out. 

49ers 10 Seahawks 7

2:22 Purdy showing off his speed, climbing the pocket and taking off for 13-yards and a first down. He has everything the 49ers need for this offense. 

2:27 San Francisco gets down to the Seattle 12. Protection breaks down and Purdy is sacked by Bruce Irvin for a loss of eight. 

Robbie Gould hits another field goal to make it 13-7 San Francisco.

With Aaron Banks returning from injury the 49ers have gone back to rotating Spencer Burford and Daniel Brunskill at right guard. 

2:34 Huge throw from Smith to D.K. Metcalf who got behind Charvarius Ward for a 49-yard touchdown to give Seattle a 14-13 lead.

2:38 Big play for the Seattle offense followed up by a quick three and out for their defense. A checkdown from Purdy for seven, McCaffrey run for no gain and Purdy tries to fit a slant in to Deebo Samuel and it is deflected by the Seattle linebacker. 

2:44 The 49ers defense has been punched in the mouth and they are not responding well. 

2:46 Seattle takes out Kenneth Walker and DeeJay Dallas is stopped for no gain on consecutive plays. 

San Francisco will have an opportunity to take a lead into halftime. They take over at their own 23. 

2:54 Purdy hits Brandon Aiyuk over the middle for 33 to open the possession. Follows that up a few plays later by hitting Samuel on a crosser for 18. 

Around those two plays Purdy looked frenetic, bouncing out of the pocket to his left repeatedly. 

Gould hits from 46 yards out to put the 49ers up 16-14. 

2:58 What a bad play by Jimmie Ward.  

Geno Smith takes off on a scramble and Ward hits the quarterback as he starts to slide. Instead of going into halftime with a lead, San Francisco goes in down 17-16. 

3:23 Purdy with a pair of big completions, one to George Kittle for 23 and one to Deebo Samuel for 21. McCaffrey then gets the 49ers to the one and Purdy sneaks it in for the touchdown. 49ers 23 Seahawks 17. 

3:34 Charvarius Ward is getting eaten alive by Metcalf and Lockett in this game. 

3:38 With Seattle threatening in the 49ers red zone, Charles Omeninhu comes up with a huge play. Omenihu knocks the ball out of Smith’s hands and Nick Bosa falls on it for the recovery. 

3:44 A completion from Purdy to Samuel and a pair of runs from McCaffrey get the 49ers to the Seattle 40 as the third quarter comes to a close. 

49ers 23 Seahawks 17

3:48 Purdy opens the final quarter with a 33-yard completion to Jauan Jennings off play action. Two plays later he spins out of pressure and hits Elijah Mitchell in the left flat for a seven-yard touchdown. 

Purdy hits George Kittle on the two-point conversion chance and the 49ers are up 31-17

3:58 The turnover by Omenihu has turned this game around. 

Touchdown by the offense to go up 14, and the defense comes gets off the field quickly. Time for Kyle Shanahan to take the air out of the ball and spin the clock. 

4:03 Purdy hits Deebo Samuel with a short pass off play action and the receiver takes it 74 yards for a touchdown. Brandon Aiyuk with a great block downfield to give Samuel room to run down the sideline. 

49ers 38 Seahawks 17

4:16 Brock Purdy is 9-11, 185 and two touchdowns in the second half. 

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  1. Currently cloudy with no wind or rain. Rain forecast seem to be shifting a bit, chances now <50% till about halftime, and maybe through all game (depending on the forecast service) and peaking at 80% later in the evening.
    Niners can hopefully take a 2 score lead going into half time and run the ball effectively in the second half.

  2. Jack

    No matter what happens the rest of the season, this has been a very interesting and entertaining team to watch to say the least. Losing the #1 QB, then Jimmy G taking over and having his best year ever before being hurt, and finally the last player taken in the draft looking like an all pro, what a Cinderella story.

    Think you for bring some sanity to this blog. It is obvious you put a lot of work into your articles. It has been great to read your reporting without all the hot takes and the drama.

    1. “Sanity” is key, unlike a predecessor who seems far more focused on clicks & controversy than accuracy & fairness.

  3. What does Drake Jackson, Ty Davis-Price, and Ambry Thomas all declared inactive say about their future with the team???

  4. Drake Jackson was slow to develop this season but had good moments. He needs to work hard in the offseason. Ty has some ability but needs more chances. Ambry is likely not to be renewed.

  5. J. Jenkins is intriguing as an old vet who can still play He may need to be the surprise defensive difference-maker if Lenoi crumbles.

    I am trying to calm Purdy who seems a bit hyper. I am terrified Purdy is smacked in a sack and is hobbled. No real backup. Jimmy G needs to get ready and fast.

    Wanna see Kalia next year.

    1. You hit on something that most if not all of us are wondering. Will Purdy succumb to the pressure of the playoffs? In 3 hours we’ll know.

  6. A thunderstorm and massive down pour just rolled in up here in the N. Bay. The forecast has thunderstorms for later in S. Clara (like 4th Q). I sure hope the Niners are up by a couple of scores if one does come in then. It was like Chicago rain for a short while here.

    1. Hopefully just some opening nerves. If a nervous Purdy gets them 3 points, imagine the settled down version.

  7. Many people have said it, I’m just going to echo it. Purdy plays with a different type of poise. Even when he’s over or under throwing receivers it’s a look, that screams I’m not going to panic. I can make that throw.

    1. No shrugging of his shoulders, no pointing at his receivers, no indicating that someone ran the wrong route, etc. It almost looks like he doesn’t care but I pretty sure you are right, Purdy showing he’s not going to panic. I liked that about Jimmy G also. Some people read it as indifference but I see it differently.

    2. I was going to actually use the word nonchalant but I don’t like because it has a negative connotation to it. But he doesn’t let it bother him and that’s great for a QB

  8. Not a good defensive series, hopefully it is just a one off. But concerned about all the guys getting hurt already. Not good!

  9. And now we are losing. Defense has been bad since those first 2 drives. Offense keeps stalling out and multiple times Purdy and the receivers have been on a different planet. Times for the Niners to get their s*** together.

  10. Now a 3 and out. Run game is all or nothing, lots of runs with nowhere to go. That 3rd down pass was awful and should have been picked. Right now there is a nasty smell in Santa Clara.

  11. We’re doing a lot of passing and not a lot of running the football. That bothers me. We’re a run first team. Kyle forgets that in the playoffs

    1. The O-line is getting its ass kicked. No running lanes on the majority of runs and way to much pressure in Purdy. Almost every pass is under pressure now. It is on the left to, T. Williams side.

      6 rushes for 3 yards outside the 2 bug runs.

      1. Correct, Seahawks’ big fats guys (Ford and Woods in particular) are plugging the running lanes and handling the Niners interior. Their front edge and LBs have been also been good running sideline to sideline restricting outside zone runs.

    2. I disagree. We have 10 carries for 110 yards. Even if you go that thing everyone around her likes to do, take the long run away, it’s still 4.6 years per carry. I’ll take that ALL DAY.

        1. I don’t read PFF. Stats are like facts-they don’t lie. Holes are being opened up, and we’re rolling through. I’m unsure of what you’re reading because it’s not the football game. And regardless of how bad you think the run game is going, you stick with it to keep them honest in the pass game. Thats a fact as well.

          1. If you follow Niners’ football then you should know that no offensive playcaller in the NFL likes to run the ball more than Kyle.

            If he’s not running the ball, it behooves that you and I try to figure out why. Just because the run YPA is low doesn’t mean that the run game is bad (defense may be selling out to stop the run) — and a high YPA doesn’t mean run game is effective (because one explosive play skews the numbers badly).

            Everything depends on down and distance, and matchups. Niners ran fewer times they would have liked in the first half also because they did not convert sufficient third downs. Just watch the game. They also made a couple of short passes that were basically runs.

  12. Two quarters in and we are discovering the answer to whether Purdy will succumb to playoff pressure. He is.

    1. Clearly the officials didn’t learn from last week. Saw the NFL called out the officials last week for giving Seattle the win.

  13. Geno looks like he is playing with a big chip on his shoulder. When you are a big underdog you have nothing to lose.

  14. That is awesome for Lenoir.

    Now to run it down their throat for another score and finish this off.

  15. Terrible first half, terrific second half. Great win overall!

    But really beginning to feel the offense win be what wins these games as the challengers ratchet up in the next game(s).

  16. excellent second half but I worried throughout the first half. We looked flat. The defense did not look itself in this game.

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