Should the 49ers sign Jeremy Maclin?

Kansas City Chiefs’ Jeremy Maclin (19) runs during the first half of an NFL football game against the Indianapolis Colts, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

The Kansas City Chiefs released 29-year-old wide receiver Jeremy Maclin on Friday.

Maclin made only 44 catches in 2016 and was earning an average of $11 million per season. The Chiefs didn’t need to pay him all that money — they were hardly using him. Andy Reid rarely calls a pass that travels more than 12 yards past the line of scrimmage. His passing game features tight ends. The Chiefs were smart to cut Maclin.

And the 49ers would be smart to sign him. Maclin is a deep threat who would be a major upgrade over Marquise Goodwin, the 49ers’ No. 2 receiver. And Maclin would be a terrific complement to Pierre Garcon, who runs mostly short and intermediate routes.

Do you think the 49ers should sign Maclin? Why or why not?

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  1. Didn’t we just get rid of an expensive one trick pony in Smith? I don’t see the need with Robinson and Goodwin. Sure Maclin’s better than those players, but is he 8 million dollars better? I don’t think so….

    1. Razor – he’ll be an immediate upgrade at WR. His production dropped last year, but he’s still a solid WR especially in the red-zone.

    2. My thoughts exactly. If Smith didnt work and was cut why invest in Maclin? Also, he’d have to want to come to SF.

      1. Because none of seem to understand that Maclin is a complete WR with some of the best hands in the NFL. He’s not a limited WR like Torrey Smith. He runs outs, slants, curls, flys, bubble-screens. He goes deep, he goes intermediate, he goes across the middle in front of (and behind) the linebackers. He can beat coverage. He can beat the zone. He does it all.

        I don’t know why anyone thinks he’s Torrey Smith except for the fact that when he came out of college 8 years ago he was known as a speed WR.

        1. If he is everything you say, why would he come to SF? A complete receiver of his “skill set” can pick where he goes…

          1. Matt- that’s the big question posed by at least one sports writer yesterday. A couple of people reported that there is a big incentive to go to a team like the Bills who have a better shot than the Niners at making the post-season this coming year. However, Maclin may be drawn to us if we put the money forward. We have the cap space so its really Shanahan, Lynch and Marathe’s call at this point. The brass needs to determine if he’s worth it. I tend to agree with MosesZD above; he would SIGNIFICANTLY increase the scale and down-field reach of an offense that needs a more reliable deep threat than Goodwin (although his speed is out of control!).

    3. 1. He’s not a one-trick pony and the reason the Chiefs released him had more to do with his increasing cap cost. In short, this was an economic decision made by a team that is up against the cap. Before they released Maclin, they had $2.1 million in cap space.

      They are, despite the cut, projected to be over the cap next year. That means Alex Smith will likely be cut next year. Hence the giant draft move to get Mahomes this year. Tamba Hali is also likely to get cut next year as the Chiefs have to not only get under the cap, but need to resign Peterson & Dee Ford who are key cornerstones in their defense.

      2. He’s so much better than Goodwin (who hasn’t even shown himself to be as good as Torrey Smith or Kerley) that we have a legitimate open spot for him.

      3. He’ll have the best hands on the team. One drop last year, two drops the year before and two in 2014. That’s 5 drops in 343 targets over the past three years. That’s better three-year-run than any three-year-run by Jerry Rice run. Even at his peak.

    4. With 63 mil in cap space, the Niners should try to sign him, because he was let go because of cap concerns, not playing ability. He would be an instant upgrade, and would mean that there would be fierce competition at WR.
      However, Maclin may not want to come here. He may want to go to a team with SB aspirations.

  2. Well, it depends on how much he wants over how many years, and how bought into the system he’ll be. Unsure on how good of a blocker he is but there’s no question he’s an upgrade on what we have. The guy can play and even coming off a down year will help us right away.

    Depending on his commitment and $ request, yes absolutely.

  3. He’s pretty similar to Pierre Garcon. He’s got a little bit more of a deep ball threat to him then Garcon but his career avg is closer to Garcon’s then it is Torrey’s.

    He’s a slight upgrade over Garcon whom they already overpaid. At this point I’d stick with Garcon and give the reps to younger receivers.

  4. IMHO we don’t know yet whether we have a QB that can get him the ball deep. Same problem Reid had. If it was good for Reid to get rid of him, I can’t see how it would be good for us to sign him. Too much money to roll the dice.

    1. What I find perplexing is that they moved up to get a quarterback in Mahomes that can actually GET him the football deep, and then they release him. Unless they plan on bringing him back through a restructure similar to the way the Packers did A. J. Hawk, they better hope Hill and Conley don’t go down….

  5. Kaep and Mac should sync their agents. They could work out together, and do team visits as a package deal. Maybe sounds crazy but Kaep needs some out of box thinking. This only works for teams with wimp armed QB with no downfield game to start. It would be guaranteed publicity on the national stage.

    Stramger things have happened. Considering some of the stuff flowing on this blog, this one is within reason.

    1. Maclin would kill his stock partnering with Kaepernick. I think Manziel will sign ahead of Kaep. And Manziel already has a receiver pining for him. Any mention of Kaep should levy a 1 week ban.

    2. Sounds nice, but since Kaep s being blackballed, Maclin would be unwise to associate with Kaep, and I say that being an unabashed Kaep fan.

  6. Simply No. Fans want to win now with no regard for the future. Maclin would have to learn the system. He is 30. He is on the downslope of his career. Sf is rebuilding and Maclin doesnt figure into those plans. Now all of this is pressumptive. Maclin has the ability to choose where he goes. He wants a ring. Sf is not his first choice.
    Better choices would be Green Bay Pittsburg or Tampa. Literally you could pick any team in the AFC North or South and he would fit. Drug testing is going to put Maclin in a great position with a great team.

    1. He’s played in a similar system to Shanahan’s his whole career so learning the offense is not an issue. He has few options and none of the teams you listed have a need for him. Bringing in talent is not a bad thing and I have no idea why some are so resistant to that. If we were sitting here with some good young prospects at WR that needed reps, then a case could be made to develop them, but there aren’t any clear options on the roster that fit that description.

  7. Grant, do you think our current quarterback situation would compliment the salary and need for Macklin?

  8. it would be a great signing if he’s willing to sign a moderate contract. The thing is, this team is far away from attracting star players without having to over pay.

  9. This is a no brainer: of course they should sign him. Why wouldn’t they? They currently have no young WR’s who have shown anything which is why they went out and signed Garcon and Goodwin to begin with. He is a complete WR who was underused in KC because the passing game is a conservative dink and dunk with the main focus on the TE’s as Grant mentioned. Money is not a factor. Any contract he signs will wind up being a year to year proposition at this point and this team has a ridiculous amount of cap room that will be rolled over into next season. There really is no reason not to sign him unless you are in the tank for the top pick contingent and the team brass has shown clearly that is of little interest to them.

  10. I don’t know if Maclin is better than Goodwin. Maclin has had the benefit of playing in competent NFL offenses. Goodwin has been stuck in Buffalo. They are basically the same guy so it makes no sense to sign Maclin unless Lynch/Shanny have been unhappy with what they’ve seen of Goodwin so far.

    1. They are not the same guy at all Houston. Goodwin is a fly route WR who hasn’t been able to stay healthy or been much of a factor when he has been. Maclin is a proven #1 WR in the league who can run a variety of routes and play any role you need him to.

      1. Disagree. I don’t see Maclin as a #1. I see Maclin as a solid #2 WR. He’s had decent numbers but he’s also played in some good offenses. Goodwin hasn’t had that luxury. Goodwin does come with injury concerns but so does Maclin. He tore the same ACL twice. Also, I don’t think Goodwin is as limited as you see him. I think he can stretch the field but I also think he is better on the route tree than you might expect.

        How does Maclin fit in if you sign him? Does he take snaps from Goodwin or does he take snaps from Garcon. What about Jeremy Kerley? How do they all fit together?

        1. XWR Garcon
          ZWR Maclin
          SWR Kerley

          Who cares if Goodwin gets less snaps. Maclin is superior to Goodwin. The only young WR we have with huge upside is Taylor, who is mostly a slot guy. So signing Maclin wouldn’t affect him.

        2. No matter how you feel about each individual there is no comparison based on their careers Houston. Maclin has been an impact #1 WR and Goodwin has been a deep threat with little impact so far. He would take Goodwin’s spot if he was signed, no doubt about it.

          1. If you take the names away and just look at stats, Maclin obviously wins. I watched Goodwin play several times in college. He’s a damn good football player. I felt like he was wasting away with the Bills so I’m excited to see what he can do in Shanny’s offense.

  11. Yes,

    Sign Macklin.
    Gives them another option in 12personnel, on 3rd an 4, other than the smurfs.

    Born: May 11, 1988 (age 29) · St. Louis, MO
    Height: 6′ 0″ (1.83 m)
    Team: Kansas City Chiefs (Wide Receiver #19)
    40-yard dash time: 4.45 seconds

  12. All depends on Maclin’s contract demands. He’s certainly getting up there in age and unlike Garcon (and Q Boldin) Maclin’s does rely more on speed. I think he’s an immediate upgrade over Goodwin, but I don’t think he’s a long term answer.

    Good all around WR with wheels. He’s a constant deep threat. However, I’m not in favor of overpaying for a 30 year old wideout at this stage.

    1. Correction – Maclin just turned 29.

      Being released by the Chiefs does give me some pause, but it seems clear that the Chiefs are high on my boy Chris Conley (6’3″, 210, 4.35 speed) who I mocked to the 49ers as a round 3 pick, and was sorely dissapointed that Baalke passed on him. Of course Baalke couldn’t identify a quality WR if his life depended on it. Tyreek Hill is going to have an expanded role, though he’s not an ideal wideout.

  13. Interesting no one mentions Maclin’s attitude. He doesn’t really seem like a team guy. He seems more like a me guy. I think that’s part of the reason Kelly traded him. Probably has something to do with his release. The fact that the Chiefs couldn’t even get a late round pick for him shows you how he isn’t viewed around the league.

    1. At, 30 years of age, Jerry Rice had the right to be a me guy….Not Macklin.

      Most 30 year olds know their place, in terms of salary, Macklin has no place to call himself a me guy, and will come to the 49ers with his hat in his hand, lucky to have a job.

    1. I am not too worried, since Dial is the second best NT, and the Niners will rotate players to keep them fresh.

      1. Except you can only keep 53 on the roster, which means at most 3 NT’s, provided they have some versatility. If Dial is playing exclusively at NT, he’ll need to show more versatility, and a higher upside than the Jones’. And the fact is, Dial is not built like a prototypical NT, which means he’s on the bubble if he’s not being groomed as a 2-6 tech.

        Dial making this roster ahead of Jones and Jones has nothing to do with keeping the zero or one-tech “fresh” Seb.

      2. They have too many linemen, don’t you think? Physically, he’s not your typical NT. Plus they have guys who are closer. Will he beat out either of the Jones boys, including a guy they just drafte? Will they carry three NTs?

        1. 2 NT’s (E. Mitchell, DJ Jones) and a 3rd tackle who can play NT plus multiple positions, like Chris Jones. Dial does have that versitlity also, so I think it comes down to C. Jones vs Q. Dial for one roster spot. And C. Jones has become somewhat of a coaching favorite thanks to his hard work and relentless hustle.

          1. Mitchell is obviously a lock, and DJ Jones has bigger upside, IMO, than Dial, especially at NT, and was drafted by the current regime. It’s likely Chris Jones vs Quintin Dial for one spot and for me personally, I think 6’5″ is just too tall to play over the center.

          2. George, I still think Dial has skills, and he is a veteran, so he may not be preferable to losing, rather than a 6th round pick that could possibly slip to the practice squad.
            Of course, Training camp will decide who makes the team, and I am heartened that the Niners may have some painful cuts. That means that the talent level has improved.

  14. Why 49ers fans should be excited about Lorenzo Jerome

    Lorenzo Jerome, was thought to be a mid-round pick by some because of a Combine performance that saw him run a 4.70 in the 40.
    But to (don’t) discount Jerome. Jerome has excelled at every opportunity, and against every level of competition he’s faced on a football field. During his collegiate career, Jerome recorded 18 interceptions, including six in his senior season. He was a first-team All-Northeast Conference selection every year of his career, and was named a first-team FCS All-American by the Associated Press, an honor which helped him earn a trip to the Senior Bowl. During that game, Jerome shined against some of the best competition college football had to offer, grabbing two interceptions, forcing a fumble, and adding three tackles (one for a loss). Simply put, despite the perceived pedestrian Combine numbers, Jerome can flat out play football.

  15. Here’s a name that people will be talking about in a year or two: Chazz Suratt. Will be watching this one closely, has the makings to be special.

  16. On (S) Jerome: “He was easily the most instinctive safety at the Senior Bowl, said an AFC Scout. “He jumps everything, and I mean everything.” ESPN’s Todd McShay agreed with the scout’s assessment.

    Said Jerome: “I’m really not a straight-laser guy that can burst out and just run straight. I think football’s more about angles and having a feeling where the ball’s at.”

    Robert Saleh is installing a 4-3 defense similar to the one the Seahawks have.

    ” They (the coaching staff) wanted to get a competitive safety, they compare me to Earl Thomas all the time and I relate my game to Earl Thomas and Ed Reed so I feel like I have a good shot of running this defense and playing in coach’s system right now. They say just keep pushing and keep doing what I do, get the ball back and be a great safety.”

  17. Hey Grant – Maclin just turned 29 on May 11, according to wiki. Where are you seeing that he is already 30?

    1. you look at his highlite film, Jeremy Maclin is head and shoulders ahead of most WR’s in the league…He is noted for his speed, but also unafraid to challenge the middle of the field. As much as I defend Alex Smith and regale the STUPID trade that set the niners back 5 years, Alex would have had a difficult time matching his stats without Maclin there as a dangerous receiver threat as much as a decoy to open up KC’s TE’s and WR’s….I’d love to sign him to a reasonable contract…if that’s possible…’also would allow us to get shed of Ellington…

  18. Has the team made any moves or given any indication that they are interested in Maclin? So far I haven’t hear anything. Have I not been looking in the right places? Perhaps they know something we don’t ? And and maybe know better?!

  19. Donavin Newsom viewed by several as underrated UDFA gem for 49ers

    NFL draft analyst Tony Pauline released his draft grades for the San Francisco 49ers. He gave them an A-minus.
    In discussing the UDFAs, Pauline had an interesting comment about linebacker Donavin Newsom.

    Donavin Newsom was one of the most overlooked linebackers in this draft, and I would not be surprised at all if he makes the roster as a backup weakside defender.

    Donavin Newsom is 6-foot-1 and 237 pounds.

    He ran a 4.54 40 at his Pro Day…

    It would have been the second fastest LB time at the Combine. The only faster time belonged to defensive back Jabrill Peppers who did workouts with the linebackers as well.

  20. Buffalo Bills in preliminary talks to sign free agent WR Jeremy Maclin … hours ago

  21. 49ers just signed pass rusher Elvis Dumervil, 33. Wondering what the terms are. I’m fine with older pass rushers that play on a rotational basis.

    Seems like a win-now move. I’m starting to agree with Grant’s notion that the 49ers are planning to squeak into the playoffs.

    1. Brodie,

      The 49ers weren’t fooling when they said they’re creating competition at every position.

      Last I checked, 49er officials stated that “Aaron Lynch has been hitting the weight room like a madman, trying to lose weight, and are happy with his progress in their offseason program.

    2. Could also be they’ve realized they’re not in good hands with Lynch Mob, and like a good neighbor, Dumervil is there….

      1. Or have doubts about Armstead at Leo. I’m be fine keeping Armstead at an interior pass rusher, even if it meant less snaps. Better to have good rotational depth than put a guy in the wrong position.

        1. Last year, in spited of 2-gapping, Armstead was having a superior camp.

          Saleh’s D calls for 1-gapping.

          Aaron Lynch says he’s excited about this defense because it allows 49er defenders to use let loose their natural talents and disrupt plays.

  22. Should the 49ers sign Maclin?

    Hell yes! We have the money. We need another WR. Give Maclin a a 4 or 5 year deal with a team option after the second year.

    Contrary to popular belief, Shanny and company are trying to win now, they’re not waiting until next year or until late in their contract,. we just signed Dumervil.

  23. They absolutely should try and sign him. He seems a great fit for Shanny’s offense. Certainly better than Goodwin or Robinson.

  24. He won’t have Alex smith. So yes sign him and watch him blow up next season with Cousins as the qb.

    1. At this point in his career, it begs the question, wouldn’t it be prudent to go to a division that is not as physical as the NFC West?

  25. Sign him. They have cash. They need the depth. Veteran leadership. Good if he’s coming off a down year or on the downslope of his career. That’s what motivates players, to prove they can still play and prove everyone else wrong! Win win. Sign him.

  26. Maclin is solid and a good citizen he as the ability to make Hoyer better. Cut a deal get him on board.

  27. Macklin is certainly worth kicking the tires . I hear Elvis is in the building.
    Anyone hear who the team released to sign Elvis.

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