49ers trade C Daniel Kilgore to Dolphins

San Francisco 49ers center Daniel Kilgore (67) against the Los Angeles Rams during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

The 49ers just announced they have traded center Daniel Kilgore to the Miami Dolphins.

Here’s a statement from GM John Lynch: “On behalf of the entire organization I want to thank Dan for everything he contributed to this team and the Bay Area community over the last seven seasons. When Kyle and I arrived last offseason, we knew right away that he was a well-respected leader in the locker room and a true professional. We are pleased to be able to help find Dan a great situation to be able to continue his career, and we wish him and his wife, Megan, the very best.”

Kilgore, 30, started 39 games at center for the 49ers since 2014. He became expendable when the 49ers signed Weston Richburg on Tuesday, and made Richburg the highest-paid center in the NFL in terms of practical guaranteed money.

Richburg will be the 49ers starting center next season.

Question: Do you think the 49ers moved too quickly signing Richburg this offseason? I ask because the Miami Dolphins just released three-time Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey, who’s only 28. He played all 16 games last season, as opposed to Richburg, who played only four games and has gone to zero Pro Bowls in his career.

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  1. Kilgore is no longer my killjoy, and Richburg’s a very welcome addition that’s been a long time coming. Gonna take more than Pouncey’s sudden availability to ruin the best day of my life!;>)

        1. Hmmm, I wonder what your kids online handle will be.
          Or if in keeping with ausie films …

          Btw you do have the best handle on here imho.

  2. Depends on whether or not Pouncey has the “traits” needed for Shannahan’s offense. Can he reach block, zone block, get to the second level and get blocks there? Is he fast and agile enough to pull and get to the outside?

  3. I like Pouncey.
    The question is how is how mobile is he? From what I recall he was more of an inline blocker. I’ll need to do some research to know how I feel.

  4. I’m not sure anything the 49ers have done this offseason has been a quick reaction. They targeted guys who they believe are good system fits. None of the guys they signed were truly big names.
    I would have liked a better return for Kilgore but that’s me.

    Now I believe the most important needs in the draft are:
    1.Offensive guard
    5. ILB

    1. Prime, my rebuttal

      1.Offensive guard – Don’t sleep on Lankin T., he improved last year. I’d be more worried about Garnet. Unless Nelson is there I would not sweat G in first round. I’d focus on LB and the defense. I think Tremaine or Raquan is the selection. Insurance for Foster and they are projected as pro bowlers. Further, Tremaine as a bonus may develop into a pass rush specialist. I feel like Raquan Smith may get washed out easily in the NFL. He looks like a playmaker but need to keep OL off him.

      2.OLB/DE – See last comment :) With that said, maybe we overdraft EDGE guys… like 3 of them.

      3.WR – sme, maybe a developmental WR but I think we are good at WR.

      4.Corner – Yes, I would not count on Sherman. I would select CB in second round, unless there is a G you like.

      5. ILB – See first comment. Tremaine apparently can move around and play middle too… just what I’ve been reading… :)

      My priority order:

      1. LB for Foster insurance. Someone who can play M and outside
      2. EDGE EDGE EDGE EDGE dudes
      3. Guard
      4. CB
      5. Swing tackle and eventual replacement.

  5. Grant any reason why we have not heard anything regarding the Reuben Foster case? That went strangely quiet real quick?

    1. It’s in LE/CJ phase still. Lawyers tell everybody to clam up. Lynch said he’ll address it on the next development in the ongoing case.
      They’re planning around it somehow, but not going to let on how. Makes sense.

  6. Kilgore signed a really team friendly deal to stay with the team. To have that contract traded away to the dolphins is really messed up. The 49ers failed on a human level on this one.

    1. Would it be “fail at a human level” if Kilgore asked to be traded after being asked to play guard?

  7. Richburg is extemely athletic and a perfect fit for our offense. This is Kyle’s version of Alex Mack. He obviously wanted him badly enough to make him one of the highest paid centers in the league. If anything, I think Kyle deserves the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    Besides that, Pouncey doesn’t have the character that Lynch/Kyle want. “Free Hernandez” hats after their homie is charged with a triple murder? Bullying of Jonathan Martin? Rumors of being in a gang? No thanks. Take those bum hips elsewhere.

      1. Well, his grades and stats show a lot more than “solid”. One of the better pass blocking centers in the league.

        It’s also besides the point. Richburg was signed for what he could do in Kyles offense, not what he did previously in Giants offense. He has the traits that Kyle wants in a C, so let’s see what he can be.

          1. The Dolphins just kicked Pouncey to the curb for Daniel Kilgore. I suppose that doesn’t reflect at all on Pouncey as the special player he is.

          2. Pro Bowl. Lol did you say pro bowl? Pro Bowl is a joke. Better off going with All Pro. You always quote PFF grades. Lol!!!!!

      2. For a “special player” he sure did stink last year. Probably just due to the fact that the Dolphins stunk. Certainly nothing to do with him.

          1. To finish of the Mack comparison, Shanny said this:

            “I’ve been around some real good [centers] in my career. He’s put it all on tape and he looks right there with all those guys. That’s why I value him a ton off the tape. I didn’t know a ton about him until I turned on the tape and it was as good as I’ve seen.”

    1. In Shanahan’s offense, the center is key. Look how much better Atlanta got after signing Alex Mack. Obviously Shanahan feels Richburg can be his new Mack. Kilgore was maybe average. So it’s a definite upgrade at center. Now what do the Niners do with the guard positions?

  8. No I don’t think they moved too quickly to sign Richburg. They wanted Richburg, they didn’t really want Kilgore. They extended Kilgore as a fallback in case they were’t able to get Richburg. They got Richburg so they traded Kilgore before they were responsible for any of his contract. If they would have waited it out they could be stuck with Kilgore and without Richburg and a no guarantee that Pouncy would even be released by the Dolphins. Not a winning strategy. They got their man.

  9. I don’t know if Pouncy is a suitable for Shanahan’s system. Of so the 49ers may have moved too early. But I’m really not familiar with Pouncy.

    Not surprised about Kilgore’s trade.

      1. I haven’t seen any Miami games. My “I don’t know” was a literal question. The 49ers may have moved too soon in Richburg.

      2. Grant BTW:
        * Pouncey played 16 games in 2017, the first time he’s participated in a full slate since 2012. Pouncey struggled last season after returning from injury! The 28-year-old has battled hip issues, undergoing three procedures during his tenure in Miami. Any team that inks a center with health concerns must be confident his hip issues are in the past!
        * Do you know if, or how much, that’s affected his mobility? Or if he’s still effective in a ZBS? Can he can still get to the 2nd level? Have you seen the results of Pouncey’s last physical?
        * Could it be, that Lynch knows something you don’t?

  10. Good move. This bumps up my grade for this signing to a B+.

    No, I don’t think they moved too quickly in signing Richburg. It seems obvious now that ShanaLynch’s early FA strategy is to go hard for a few specific players who fit their criteria, check all of the boxes, and they are willing to pay a premium for these specific qualities. We’ll see if this is a wise strategy that pays off down the road. There are certainly pros & cons to this strategy, and it’s too early to know, IMO, whether this is a great strategy, or a poor strategy moving forward.

    We do know that Center is a position Kyle places more value on than some HC’s, and that’s due to the scheme. If the 49ers had failed to move on Richburg when they did, we may have been stuck with Kilgore for the foreseeable future. There were no guarantees that the Dolphins were going to release Pouncey, nor do we know whether Pouncey was/is willing to move across the country, and there is no doubt that the 49ers just improved the interior of their OL, one of the most obvious areas of their roster that needed upgrading. Whether Richburg becomes a perineal all-pro thanks to finding a better scheme fit, remains to be seen. I think he can be.

    However, there’s more work to do on the interior. OG needs to be near the top of their priority list. Whether they plan to address this position in FA, or through the draft, remains to be seen.

    1. If the 49ers had signed their No. 1 choice on the OL — Andrew Norwell — they probably wouldn’t have Richburg right now.

      1. Grant from what I’ve heard Norwell was not really considered as they he may have been a mauler and expensive at that.

        I’m really interested to see what Garnet can do… they said he is slimmed down. BUT he didn’t really dominate his first year. Just like people say Neslon was a mauler. The book on Garnet was once he got his mits on a defender he moved them… dunno. Sounds like this offseason and camp will be his time to show…

        FYI – glad we didn’t overpay for a WR especially one coming off an ACL.

      2. What’s your source Grant? I believe one of the Matts specifically mentioned that Norwell was not considered to be a good fit for Shanny’s system and was never under consideration for signing in FA.

      3. Grant:
        * Since you’re doing the “IF” thing…..”IF” the Giants still employed a ZBS, both Richburg and Pugh would still be NY Giants. YES?

    2. Is perineal referring to the space between the scrotum and the sphincter? Perineal All-Pro is a funny oxymoron! Like Sexy Butterface!

  11. Niners should have kept Kilgore and traded him after the preseason for more value. Lots of cap space and Kilgore wasn’t that expensive.

  12. According to Travis Wingfield, host of the @LockedOnPhins podcast, Kilgore asked to be traded.

    Travis Wingfield
    38m38 minutes ago

    When Dolphins center Dan Kilgore signed his extension in February, it made him the 15th highest paid center in the league. The 9ers felt they had an upgrade with Weston Richburg, asked Kilgore to kick out to guard, so he requested a trade.

    1. If true I wish he would of stuck around to see what happened in camp. But if he was that upset and he knows himself then glad it happened now.

    2. Lynch has shown himself to be rather accommodating of players eg Bow and now DK. It’s smart personnel management when you can afford it. No disgruntled players wanted. Gruntled only.

  13. Pouncy was not very good last year.. plus wasnt he one of the guys that bullied Jonathan Martin ? Yeaa no thanks..

  14. Why I didn’t think Cousins would extend with Washington or agree to a sign-in-trade (with any team) a year ago.

    2016-2017 Franchise Tags Fully Guaranteed – $44m
    New Viking Contract Fully Guaranteed – $84m ($90m with $6m incentives)

    Total Fully Guaranteed $128m (up to $134m with $6m incentives)

    And in three years he hits the market again.

    For quarterbacks it makes no sense to extend after you’ve been franchise tagged a 2nd time. The quarterback has all the leverage.

  15. Honestly when I read articles like this (and some of the others ones posted recently) I would think the 49ers are one of the worst run organizations ever. They sign the wrong guys, they overpay, they don’t pick up “better” options on the free agent market. It is shocking that some are saying the 49ers are one of the ascending teams this year. How can that be, since they can’t pick the right players?????

    1. Yeah, Shanny and Lynch are terrible at their jobs based Grant and some of his genius followers. They should open a scouting company called Armchair Brilliance.

    2. Beachie

      Isn’t it amazing ? With the ‘experts’ on here…I doubt that we’ll win again before2025….

  16. Hey, Cubus. Teams generally don’t draft guards in the first round. Especially early. Quinton Nelson will be an exception. Wait! Or is Justin Pugh a free agent? Hope we draft one of those beasty linebackers.

  17. My theory: the signed Richburg, they asked Kilgore to move to guard. He said no, trade me. Please reconsider. No. Ok Done.

  18. I think the 49ers are doing a great job of getting players who fit their system without breaking the bank. Lynch is a major upgrade over Buumke. He does more. Niners 10 – 6 next year! That’s all I give them because you have to realize other teams are improving, too. Jimmy G. Is not the only good QB.

  19. A bit of a surprise move, but guessing it was partly fuelled by Kilgore himself wanting to start at centre and realizing that wasn’t happening at the 49ers.

    I don’t think the 49ers regret signing Richburg at all. Great fit. Great locker room guy. Pouncey is a good player but has a questionable attitude.

        1. Hated: Joe Thomas, Terry Donahue
          Disappointed in some players, but no hate.
          Annoyed bigly by Crab’s rookie holdout.

          1. Yeah, hate may be too strong for Kyle Williams. But I was legitimately furious when I saw the replay of Phillips whiffing on that block. I won’t mention the exact play, I’m trying to forget it.

            1. I hate the memory. That and the time Sapp grabbed Rice by the earhole. Both memories make my stomach hurt.

  20. “Question: Do you think the 49ers moved too quickly signing Richburg this offseason?”

    No, this is the guy Shanny wanted.

    “the Miami Dolphins just released three-time Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey”

    One of those Pro Bowl seasons was at G. We could still sign him.

  21. Seems like a friendly win/win trade, like the one where Haralson was traded to the Saints after Aldon was named starter in 2012.

    Haralson requested the trade, just like Kilgore.

  22. To Grant’s question:

    No, you have to act quick in free agency and get people you really want on your team.

    They did that, and they are competing with 31 other teams so it will never be all roses.

    I like the team they are building, fast, agile on offense around a centerpiece QB, and a fast bully defense. Lets go!

  23. Not really surprising since the 49ers signed Richburg.
    No, I do not think the 49ers moved too quickly on Richburg because there was no inclination that Pouncey was going to ask to be released. Shanahan signed the center he wanted.

    1. Either one is ok. But I think Richburg is younger. Don’ know how Pouncys personality is, but I heard Richburg has good qualities the team likes.

  24. So I just posted a very time consuming post that I though all of the new bloggers in here, all the regulars and Grant would really enjoy but Grant deleted it immediately for some reason. I know it was not related to the earth-shattering Kilgore trade but wow. I guess I hurt Grant feelings by disagreeing with some of his commentary lately.

    I posted the dated introductions and goodbyes of all the former “Inside the 49ers” moderators from Matt Maiocco, Phil Barber, Eric Branch, Bob Padecky to Grant Cohn. It took me a couple hours to gather all them. It was nothing bad or negative, in fact it was pretty awesome but now nobody will get the chance to see it. Even Grant’s first introduction post was in there from July 2011. The only thing that Grant maybe didn’t want you to see was in his introduction when he said “some people call me Iggy.” What’s wrong with that?

    What a damn shame to delete something everyone would’ve probably enjoyed reading (the history of this blog and how it all went down).
    What a baby

    1. that sucks….been wanting to do that….list all the moderators since I joined…..

      @crab – it could be technical glitch

      1. One/Mood –
        I posted it on my PC and it was there and then I checked my phone and it was there. Then a minute later it was gone. I think Grant went David Copperfield and made it disappear.

        1. Maybe I’ll try again tmrw,
          I gotta run….I coach my youngest son’s 9-10 year old Pony league team and we have a game today.

      2. oneniner says:
        March 15, 2018 at 1:55 pm
        that sucks….been wanting to do that….list all the moderators since I joined…..

        @crab – it could be technical glitch

        Why are you going to file a grievance for them booting you off… multiple times?

    2. Crab,
      If there is a technical glitch preventing the posting, post it on google docs and post the link here. Would be fun to read it.

        1. 80 –
          Thanks bro! It’s obvious Grant deleted my post. That’s ok I’ll repost it when/if he goes on vacation. ?

  25. Sounds like Kilgore trade was doing the player a favor combined with a salary dump.
    One reporter at NFL.com is reporting that Pouncy wants a big raise and the Fins are trying to change the culture and get rid of certain players like Pouncy and Suh. So do the Niner’s want someone who has a bit of the “thug” culture i.e. supporting Hernandez and wants to get a big pay day? I say stay away.
    Niner’s still need to improve the interior line probably with a free agent and a draft pick. They need 6-7 linemen who can play and protect Jimmy G.

  26. Jerry Attaochu is a 49er! Good addition. He’s had a bad run with injuries, but he has some talent. Hopefully he can stay fit from here on out.

    That’s two guys added I really wanted the 49ers to get (Richburg the other).

      1. Really liked him coming out of college, and he looked like he was going to be very good his first two seasons in the NFL. But injuries have really hampered him the past two years. Plus the addition of Bosa relegated him to a reserve role.

        He is very athletic and super quick off the snap. And now has a year of experience under his belt learning a similar system to the 49ers under Gus Bradley (even if he barely played due to injury).

          1. Unless they pick up a FA OG of some note, I am once again thinking OG will be the pick. Then perhaps Turay in the 2nd round. But I will no doubt change my mind a few times between now and the draft.

            One thing I feel confident about is that an OG and Edge will be drafted by the end of the second day.

    1. Attaboy! Now draft a couple of Leo prospects and let the coaches do their magic….

      Those Wikipedia editors are fast! His profile is already updated.

    2. Heh, that is the second player you and I liked as prospects that have finally made it to the 49ers Scooter, with Richburg being the other. XD

  27. Jerry Attaochu NFL Profile:

    BOTTOM LINE Attaochu is a young, heady, disruptive, relentless edge rusher who profiles as a 3-4 right outside linebacker. Interviewed well and has the look of a trustworthy, long-term starter given his pass-rush ability, motor and makeup. Needs to get stronger, but impressive display of speed, athletic ability and explosion will enhance draft standing.
    Moves well laterally and can zone drop. Has experience in even and odd fronts, having played defensive end and stand-up linebacker. Power-leverage potential. Mature and intelligent. Cares about the game and prepares like a pro.

    1. Attaochu pro day at Georgia Tech…

      Clocked Attaochu at 4.58 and a 4.63 forty. 37.5 VJ, 7.28 3-cone, 4.64 short shuttle. 1.55, 1.60 ten yard split.

  28. Looks like Earl Thomas is goner from the Seahawks. Apparently a few teams are discussing trading for him.

    1. Thomas trade-whispers started about the time the Sherman-release whispers began. Looks like Pete and Schneider are in full rebuild mode on D.

  29. At today’s press conference, Shanahan said that McKinnon is the guy they brought in to be the starting running back, with McKinnon believing that he will be put in a strong position to succeed in this offense.

    So, once again, it appears Grant was wrong with his initial assessment on McKinnon’s role…SHOCKING lol

      1. Grant, if that’s true, 17-20 touches a game still is starting back material. He wasn’t getting that in Minnesota

        1. True. But, I doubt he’ll get more than 12 carries per game. He’s not that kind of player. But he could lead the team in receptions next season.

      2. 17 touches is quite a bit, gets you to 272 touches on the year. I’d take the over but we’ll see. Shanny loves Mckinnon as is obvious by his statements etc.

        Mckinnon is the best athlete at the RB position in the NFL through the combine, and Shanny wanted him for this system. Its got me excited no matter what you think on his supposed workload.

        1. Plus 12 carries plus 5 catches per game could be close to 100 all purpose yards a game. Are you saying that is bad?

          1. 14 carries and 5 catches which is really close to yours is 224 carries and 60 catches. That matches Devonta Freeman in 2016. He went to the Pro Bowl that year.

              1. Ha, well thats a specific projection and subjective. But whats not subjective is that Devonta Freeman had 227 carries and 54 catches in 2016 for 281 total. Your 17 touches results in 272. So 9 different than a pro bowler had under Shanahan. Congratulations on creating a lot of postings though!

              2. McKinnon is different than Freeman. McKinnon will carry the ball fewer times and catch more passes. Think Christian McCaffrey.

    1. Grant will cherry-pick what plays out to fit his narrative. He’s still working on the Shanahan as ‘glorified OC’ take.

  30. In my eyes, Mike pouncey is a better player. Would have been perfect fit for him harbaugh. But in the eyes of Kyle and Jon, this man is the better fit for their scheme. So as a fan, I wouldn’t swap them out because pouncey doesn’t fit the scheme. At least not according to Kyle and john

  31. Jason La Canfora
    Expect a hot market for Mike Pouncey. Several teams interested. He did not request his release from Miami. Declined to take a 50% paycut.

    You dont ask a player to take a 50% pay cut unless their play is declining.

    The answer in absolutely not Grant.

  32. Grant you have as many excuses , as a virgin on prom night , with the room booked by her .


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