49ers training camp report: The defense punishes Carlos Hyde



Here’s what stood out to me during practice Friday morning.


1. RB Joe Williams. Yesterday, Williams gained 32 yards on four carries. Today, he gained 58 yards on six carries and had his two best runs of the offseason. Both runs came when the quarterback was under center and Williams was in an I-formation. The first run was an inside-zone play. In one fluid motion, Williams took the handoff and cut back behind the right tackle, then sprinted through the defense for a 30-yard gain. Later on third-and-4, Williams took a handoff on an outside-zone play, exploded toward the sideline, turned the corner and gained 20 yards. He made both of these runs seem easy. After practice, Kyle Shanahan praised Williams: “I thought he had his best day yesterday, and then it seemed like today was better than that. I thought he has had two good practices in a row. It takes time for some of these guys. By no means has he arrived with two good practices – that’s why I try not to jump to too many conclusions after each practice, especially with the younger guys. They’ve got to learn the speed of the game.” Williams seems to have learned it. I expect he will excel during the preseason and make a case to be the starting running back.

2. QB Matt Barkley. The 49ers backup quarterback made the best pass of practice – a 30-yard strike which tight end Blake Bell caught between two defenders. Overall, Barkley completed 7 of 10 pass attempts with one interception. Every day, he seems to complete about 70 percent of his throws. He is one of the most underrated players on the roster. If Brian Hoyer were to get injured during the season, I think the offense would function just as well with Barkley at quarterback.

3. QB C.J. Beathard. Beathard mostly threw screen passes, but he also threw a beautiful 25-yard pass to rookie tight end Cole Hikutini. This was Beathard’s best pass of the offseason. He threw it over the head of linebacker Reuben Foster and hit Hikutini in stride.

4. TE Cole Hikutini. Hikutini beat Foster twice – once with a seam route (the play I mentioned above), and once with a quick out route. Hikutini runs and catches like a wide receiver – he’s very smooth. He probably will make the final roster if he plays well during the preseason.

5. WR Trent Taylor. Starting slot receiver Jeremy Kerley sat out practice with a tight hip muscle, so Taylor got to play in the slot extensively with the first-team offense and he was fantastic. He made the best catch of the day when he spun and used just his left hand to catch a pass that was thrown slightly behind him. He also caught a 20-yard pass near the sideline and dragged both feet inbounds before falling to the ground. On both of these catches, Taylor showed terrific body control, which Bill Walsh considered one of the most important qualities a receiver can have. Taylor will become the starting slot receiver eventually, although probably not this season – Kerley is a proven player who has terrific body control, too.

6. DE Arik Armstead. On the second play of practice, Armstead beat two blocks – one by right tackle Trent Brown and one by fullback Kyle Juszczyk – and tackled Carlos Hyde in the backfield. Armstead is having a terrific training camp. He is much more effective against the run at his new position (defensive end) than he was at his old position (defensive tackle).

7. CB Dontae Johnson. I was down on Johnson earlier in training camp, but he has come on big time the past few days. Today, he give up no catches, and broke up a deep pass intended for Trent Taylor. Johnson clearly is one of the best corners on the team. He seems like a lock to be a starter Week 1.


1. RB Carlos Hyde. Ever since Hyde ran through Ahkello Witherspoon this Monday, defenders have been hitting Hyde as hard as they can and tackling him to the ground. I’m guessing defenders feel Hyde showed them up, so they’re showing him up in return. Whether that’s the case or not, I appreciate the defense taking Hyde to the ground because now I can see exactly how many yards he gains every run – I don’t have wonder if he would have broken a tackle. Today, he gained exactly 18 yards on six carries. On one play, he ran into Arik Armstead, then turned around, ran backwards and got tackled for a nine-yard loss. Hyde may be in the best shape of his career, but I still don’t see how he fits this offense.

2. RB Matt Breida. The undrafted rookie running back has played well all offseason – he’s very athletic. But he weighs only 190 pounds. I’m curious to see how he plays during the preseason when defenders can hit him. Today, I got a preview of what might happen. Brieda caught pass over the middle, took a few steps upfield and ran into 193-pound cornerback Prince Charles Iworah, who shoulder-checked Breida onto the ground. The ball flew out of Breida’s hands and Reuben Foster recovered it.

3. LB Reuben Foster. Foster hurt his left leg and stayed down as if the injury was serious. The trainer ran over and examined Foster’s ankle as players crowded around him. After about 15 seconds, Foster jumped up and limped to the sideline. He stood there for a few plays, then ran back on the field and played the rest of practice with a slight limp.

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  1. Saw the video of Trent Taylor making that incredible catch.
    Is there not a scenario where Kerley and Taylor on on the field at the same time?

    1. There is a scenario, but I think Taylor will start the season as the 5th WR on the depth chart.

  2. 6. Armstead doing well against the run is music to my ears.

    1. Hyde will be the starter, but Williams will have a significant role.

      1. I am wondering if the Niners could trade back Zuttah to the Ravens for a 4th round choice, since they just lost their starting center.
        Maybe Snyder will do better with better guard play.

        1. Not likely. Some might see the 9ers offensive line as improved but it lacks depth. Multiple analysts argue that Garnett has not shown the off season improvement you would expect from year one to year two from a
          young offensive line player. I don’t see them trading Zuttah for any reason this year. Both Beadles and Zuttah are playing better than Garnett at this point.

  3. Grant no matter how long you push this narrative against Carlos Hyde,he will be the starter this year period.

  4. Grant, your bias and anti-Hyde agenda is laughable at this point. You are the only person that continues to say Hyde has not looked good and doesn’t fit the system….and it’s not because you know more than the others. By all other accounts far more credible than you, Hyde has looked like one of the best players in camp.

    Everything you write tries to prove your false narrative. The other day you said Hyde and Hightower have had even reps with the 1’s to make it look like there is a chance Hightower beats him out. All other reporters say Hyde has easily received the bulk of 1st team reps and competition not even close.

    You’be been doing the same thing with Vance McDonald trying to prove your narrative of Paulsen being the starter and much better than him too. Again , not one other reporter has mentioned Paulsen being anywhere close to McDonald in camp.

    You really are a joke.

    1. Finally.. someone gets it. Cohn is really just a Niner hater. You should read the crap he has written about the Niners the last 3 years.

      1. The last three yrs? Jed and Bulkey running the show?

        Whatever would make him say those things??????????

  5. Grant, I keep hearing and reading that “Hyde is having an exceptional camp” from other beat writers who have been talking to coaches in addition to their own assessments. I think some of your stuff has been good, but you really think Hyde isn’t going to make the team? It just seems like such a stretch.

      1. Practice squad for Bourne? How about Bolden and Colbert? Or just way too early to say about any of them?

  6. The D will go as far as the DL takes it, so I am happy to hear some of the big names have been getting praise the past few days.

    With Kerley vs Taylor – how has Kerley looked when he has been in? This coaching staff and FO won’t feel obligated to play Kerley if they feel Taylor deserves his chance. I expect Kerley will start, but sounds like Taylor is impressing just about every day atm.

      1. Did Taylor go up against Williams much with Kerley out? How did he go?

        I see no reason for this coaching staff to stick with Kerley if they think Taylor offers more to the team as the starting slot wr.

          1. Scooter and Razor

            That is the dumbest statement(s) on the thread…only because other than Garcon, those are the two best receivers on the team….what are you guys drinking ?….

        1. I don’t think Taylor beat Williams, but I could be wrong. I believe Taylor made most of his catches against Redmond.

          1. Oh well, either way, its a battle to keep an eye on. Taylor has already made Ellington expendable.

  7. Also Grant, what about Smelter, does he make it ?

    And according to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco, Smelter has started to make a name of himself at camp.

    He’s listed at 6’2″ with some speed. He would be ideal as a run blocking WR in the red zone or a threat to score down there himself with his size.

    1. There were videos of him winning one on one battles. He did catch a couple of TDs passes in the more recent practices. If he continues to shine, Kerley could get traded. We already have a similar playmaker with his skill set. Trent Taylor.

      1. Who plays slot if Kerley is gone and Taylor gets injured on offense or returning a punt?

  8. Grant I had read somewhere that Taylor also made two really good blocks did you see those?

  9. KS:
    “If receivers don’t block in the run game, I don’t believe you can have a run game. I think it takes all 11 people to run the ball. If not, you’re just putting it on your back to make great plays. So, we hold everyone accountable pretty hard in the run game. They don’t have much of an option if they want to be here.”

  10. Good to hear Williams is hitting his stride. We could have a dynamic one two punch in the making.

    Was Malcom Smith any better today?

      1. ugh.

        Well at least the CB’s sound like they are coming around, Johnson especially.

      2. It sounds like a lot of our LB’s are getting beat by TE’s and FB’s. Foster, Bowman and Smith.

  11. I feel all these injuries may be because they are working really hard, something that didn’t happen with Chip Kelly Mickey mouse system.
    Except Ward, that dude is made of glass.

  12. Hey Grant
    Do you think Barkley can eventually take over the starting qb job. Hoyer did get benched for Johnny “footall” in Shannys system

    How has Tank been looking? Do you see him as making the final 53?

    Id like to see what Redman can do on the outside.

    Didn’t Johnson play safety at NC State

    Penny for your thoughts

    1. 1. Only if Hoyer tanks.
      2. Tank has been playing the the starters all offseason. I think he’ll make the team.
      3. Redmond hasn’t played so well in camp.
      4. Correct.

      1. Really? Because I read a lot more beat writers than just you. And with them Redmond got props yesterday and today. LIke this bit:

        5. Will Redmond had an impressive day in the nickel position. His daily battles with Trent Taylor continue to be entertaining. Each player had their share of “wins”.

        I think Redmond’s biggest problem is the numbers game.

      2. I’m not sure there is a stronger “big” end than Tank in this league.That kid has freakish strength. If only he understood the intricacies of pass rushing better.

        How long can he hold the #3 pick off? Soooo much depth on this fantastic DL

    2. Shanahan didn’t want to start Johnny Foosball. That was a front office decision.
      Hoyer was always Shanahan’s guy when they were with the Browns and he’ll be the starter here as well.
      Something Grant didn’t mention was Barkley threw into triple coverage yesterday and the ball was picked.

  13. Grant, great coverage as always! I really appreciate how every summer you tell it like is. Keep up the good work!

    1. I also appreciate when the ‘like it is‘ changes, and the story is adjusted accordingly…

  14. really excited about this draft class!Seems like the NFL always has great stories of late round guys that come in and become impact players..The Niners have seemed to miss the bus on guys like that as of late,but I really had a feeling about Trent Taylor when they drafted him.He catches with his hands and is a shift route runner…It’s early but very encouraging so far.This is the great part of being part of the true Faithful fan base..Draft after draft losing season after losing season but seeing such a big turnover and a promising young draft class actually come in and perform is a refreshing break from the Baalke era!Cheers men and happy Friday

  15. Grant,

    Do you see a lot of similarities between Williams and Frank Gore? If so, how so? If not, why?

    1. No. Gore was an inside runner who had impeccable timing and could squeeze through tiny holes. Williams is a home run hitter.

  16. I have been postulating the possibility of Barkley out competing Hoyer, but I may change my mind. Why,? Interceptions. Sounds like Barkley is throwing an interception per practice, and that is way too many. Glad he is being aggressive, and he may not be synced up with his receivers, so the errant throw is to be expected. Still, a pick per practice is not a good stat.
    I would like to hear of a long Barkley pass to Goodwin.
    Maybe the Niners will risk CJB in order to save another player on the 53. Next year’s crop of strong franchise candidates will lessen CJB’s worth. Then he could go on the PS, study, learn, work out and get stronger.

    1. Throwing picks has been a problem for Barkley. Last year with Chicago he threw 14 picks in 6 starts and 8 TDs.

      1. The poor judgment and interceptions make Barkley like the fun and pretty wife who a couple times a year gets drunk, sleeps with some stranger, and then crashes the car driving home. Doesn’t make for a good long-term relationship. Have to wonder if Shanahan has regrets about picking him up.

        1. Doubt it. Would have been irresponsible to drive Beathard without having insurance, even if it was plpd.

          1. I’m not saying either one will make Shanahan sleep well at night with the prospect of an injury to Generalissimo Hoyer.

  17. Maiocco: He’s two good practices and isn’t actually challenging Hyde.

    Carlos Hyde has gotten off to a good start during training camp to seemingly secure his spot as the top back, but Williams is coming on strong in his bid to earn a significant role as a rookie.

    “I thought he had his best day yesterday and then it seemed like today was better than that,” Shanahan said. “So I thought he’s put two good practices in a row. It takes time with some of these guys. By no means has he arrived with two good practices. That’s why I try not to jump to too many conclusions after each practice.

    Cam Inman: Apparently Grant hasn’t been telling us everything. In short, the coach had to chew his *** to get him to perform. Not good.

    Williams is running harder and finishing plays better after a sluggish start to camp that earned him a lecture Monday from position coach Bobby Turner.

    “By no means has he arrived after two good practices,” Shanahan said. “That’s why I try not to jump to too many conclusions [*cough* Grant *cough*] after each practice, especially with the younger guys.

    Barrows: Waht, Williams had fumbling problems? He wasn’t running hard? He can’t block? I thought only Hyde was bad…

    Williams seemed to have trouble holding onto the football. Like most rookie running backs, he’s struggled against oncoming linebackers and safeties in one-on-one blitz pickup drills. And most glaring of all: He wasn’t finishing his runs with the gusto the 49ers’ coaches expect.

    That led to a chat with Turner a few days ago. Williams was receptive to it and seems to have shaken off the sluggishness with which he was playing.

    You need to drop your biases and just tell it like it is, ‘like it actually is’, not like how you want it to be ‘like it is..’ Because based on the other beat writers, it seems that you’ve been hiding a lot of Williams flaws while pouncing on every little thing on Hyde.

    1. Geeze Moses, you make it sound like it’s unusual for rookies to struggle to gain their confidence early on, when they come into the NFL with quite a bit a pressure, an extremely complicated offensive system, and don’t realize the kind of athletic shape that is required to excel in the big leagues.

      Honestly, if you knew ANYTHING about football, you’d know sometimes young rook’s get overwhelmed at first and lose confidence along the way. It’s an common part of the process for a lot of great players to take a little time to adjust to the speed of the game, and learn what it takes to be an NFL player.

      Joe Williams was always going to eventually play himself into shape, and get over the rookie jitters. That was never a question for me, and likely never a question for Kyle, who moved mountains to draft this kid. In fact, it was likely never a matter of if, only whenJoe hit his stride. When you have as much talent Joe, and are drafted into the ideal situation, unless you simply don’t want to work for it, your going to essentially exceed.

      The only question for me with Joe was how long it would take to get his legs under him, and turn the switch. Sounds like he’s right on schedule. My god, Hyde was about as inconsistent as could be during his first offseason. Even Zeke got off to a slow start early last offseason.

      1. The problem is not williams vs Hyde as I hope both do well .its the fact that Grant wants to bury Hyde because of some unspoken bias.i love both backs you don’t have to trash one to lift another up

        1. I agree with that Cedric. Carlos is the guy I want starting this season, and if he has a big season, which I suspect he will IF he can stay healthy, it’s all the better for everyone involved. I’ve been consistent on this blog about my belief that Carlos will fit just fine in this system. Joe will get his opportunities to prove his worth, and could contribute a lot this season. It does drive me nuts when people want to draw conclusions on rookies before they play a single game. And I cannot stress enough, the role confidence plays for these young rookies.

          1. Remember when everyone was calling Melvin Gordon a bust as a rookie. In his 2nd season, he led the team in rushing while scoring 10 TD’s, all while looking like a budding superstar!

  18. You have to love the reports coming from camp! (Tempered though) we have good reports on some players pretty consistently and a bunch of others are shining. The bad in camp is relegated to Grant’s pet issues and injured players. Look at one of today’s for instance, Matt Breida, an un drafted FA who isn’t playing or may not play up to NFL snuff! That’s really good news for the rest of the team if they perform well, since Breida would be icing on the cake if he played well but the expectation has to be low to start with him.

    Now before anyone thinks I’ve turned into a fan boy, I still think the team has 4-6 wins max. Injuries and normal challenges will crop up to bring everyone back to earth. Nevertheless, one has to like what’s going on thus far!

  19. Hey Grant any sign of Mike Shanahan at training camp practices? By the way keep up the good work.

  20. Hoyer said that KS promised him the starting job. Wish he did not tip off the competition so now they will be focusing on Hoyer, but it was pretty self evident with Hoyer taking most of the first team snaps.
    Wish he had waited until after the last preseason game, because I was expecting a spirited competition. However he said it, and it sounds like he is taking on the leadership role. Glad he is confident, and hope he is efficient and productive. If he does become the starting QB, I will root for him to succeed, and lead the Niners to victory.

    1. Shanahan probably knows exactly what he has in Barkley, and Beathard is still a pretty raw rookie and probably struggling with the speed of the game. Pretending Hoyer was anything but the anointed starter would have been a transparent sham.

  21. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/106642-bobby-turner-explains-what-49ers-looking-running-backs/

    “Number one is toughness,” Turner said. “Yeah, we want the obvious. We want guys that have speed, foot quickness, cutting ability. They also have to understand about the patience. I want a young man that’s coachable. Someone that’s willing to learn and willing to grow.”

    Hyde is tough (but fragile).
    Speed, for his size, yes.
    Foot quickness, yes.
    Cutting ability, yes, some cuts.
    Patience, yes.
    Coachable and willing to learn, hopefully.

    Williams hasn’t shown toughness consistently.
    Speed, absolutely.
    Foot quickness and cutting ability, yes indeed.
    Patience, yes.
    Coachable willing to learn, yes, he has been better since Turner chewed him out.

    1. Good stuff #80!

      We all know how fast this kid is. His 4.41 speed is not just a number he produced at the combine. He actually plays the game at this speed, and has instant acceleration hitting top speed in a flash. He’s such a great fit for this offense because he is a decisive runner with elite speed to get outside the numbers quickly, and instant acceleration when he sees an opening and makes his cut upfield. Of course, it takes more than speed to make it in the NFL, so let me add one more outstanding quality I’ve seen in Joe Williams, that seems to be an underrated trait: BALANCE

      Joe Williams has ELITE balance. He’s got the ability to simply pinball his way to the 2nd level of the defense if he needs to, because his balance is simply tremendous. All great RB’s have to have tremendous balance because it’s rare to go untouched through the first level of the defense, and Joe has an uncanny ability to keep his balance and keep his center of gravity (or balance) moving in the right direction on plays that many RB’s simply can’t. Football is a game of inches and Joe’s balance also shows up when it comes to picking up those crucial extra inches on most of his carries.

      One thing that really surprised me with some of the early reports we were getting from OTA’s and the first couple days of camp was the notion that Joe wasn’t finishing his runs like he did last season. Joe runs HARD. He’s not the biggest RB, but he runs very hard, even angry, which is a term Kyle likes to use to describe his players. I would suspect that Joe was searching for his confidence, and his legs were heavier than he’s used to feeling. By all accounts he’s worked his tail off to get himself back into top physical shape since he arrived in Santa Clara, and it’s now allowing him to have the burst and high end speed he’s accustomed to. Joe didn’t have ball security issues in college either, so it’s reasonable to conclude rookie jitters, and a lack of confidence for his lapses in ball security early on this offseason.

      I don’t pretend to be the greatest evaluator of football talent, but I’ve watched a lot of running backs since I became a hard core 49ers fan as a sophomore in high school (1982), and I am about as sure about Joe’s talent as I am about any RB I have scouted over the years. If he doesn’t develop into a lethal weapon in Kyle’s system, I’ll be simply baffled, because the way I see it, the only thing that can stop this kid from developing into a potent offensive weapon in Kyle’s system, is lack of commitment.

    2. Capable of blocking blitzing linebackers? Hyde, yes, Williams???
      Capable of catching the ball out of the backfield? Hyde, yes, Williams TBD.

  22. Interesting to note the dichotomy over an event both sides witnessed at the same time.
    Maybe both sides could be speaking truths, but some times one side may have on rose colored glasses.
    Grant has been proven wrong about Bowman, Vance and Hyde. All 3 seem to be doing well.
    Grant has been proven right about Joe Williams, even with being coached up on the side line. JW will be a perfect complementary back, and help them run the RB by committee approach which should wear down the defense. When some one mentioned that they lined up JW deep in the I, it was music yo my ears.
    Grant may say that he is just giving us the facts, but he is giving us much more. His stories, vignettes, assessments and insights, make me feel like I am standing next to……… Charles Haley. ;p

    1. Seb…. No disrespect, but all the beat writers do the same. Barrows, maioccco, branch, hell even Tim k was here. It’s cool u like this man’s writing, but don’t brush off the hard work of the others. Especially when they write without agendas.

      1. This man writes great, but a big portion of these training camp reports are based on his feelings and opinions. Like the Carlos Hyde thing. Hes the only beat writer that says he will be cut and is not cut out for this system. That whole assessment is pure opinion. But it’s his opinion, so i don’t have a problem with it, because everyone has one. And everyone is entitled to it.

          1. Grant.. understandable. And i apologize for the uninformed comment. Butt.. You still don’t think Hyde will be a big part of this team. We will agree to disagree sir.

          2. Grant, what you said was Hyde isn’t cut out for this system. You stzrted saying that in OTAs and you haven’t changed your mind regardless of what other beat writers and the coaching staff have said about him.

      2. Steele, none taken, and I respect your point of view. Yes, all are working hard, and yes, I look at all of them to get a more balanced perspective. However, both MM and Barrows tend to give the nuts and bolts report while Grant goes out on a limb with his pronouncements. Sure, calling for Hyde to be cut is just a method to generate posts, but after the last 2 seasons, I will take all of the reports with a grain of salt.
        I was surprised at the shade those guys threw at Williams, but maybe it was done to counter Grant’s opinion.

      3. While that is true Steel, they are sports reporters first. Grant, is a blogger and more of an op-ed journalist, so their primary roles are different.
        I also get upset with the slant that Grant’s reports take, but have to remind myself that’s part of his job.

  23. 53 prediction.
    QB- Hoyer, Barkley.
    OL- Staley, Garnett, Zuttah, Fusco, Brown, Gilliam, Beadles, Kilgore.
    WR- Garcon, Goodwin, Kerley, Aldridge, Taylor, Patrick.
    TE- MacDonald, Paulsen, Kittle, Hikutini.
    RB- Hyde, Hightower, Williams, Bibbs.
    FB- Juszczyck
    DL- Thomas, Buckner, Armstead, Mitchell, Dumervil, Carradine, Lynch, DJ Jones, Blair.
    LB- Brooks, Bowman, Smith, Foster, Harold, Armstrong, Coyle.
    CB- Robinson, Johnson, Williams, Witherspoon, Reaser.
    S- Ward, Reid, Tartt, Jerome.
    LS- Nelson.
    P- Pinion.
    K- Gould.

      1. I think they will risk it because they want to save another player for the 53, and yes, then he can go to the PS if he is not picked up.

        1. They tried that last year with a less highly thought of prospect and he was picked up. If they were to cut Beatherd, they are the same as saying he was not worth being drafted at all and they made a colossal mistake.

          1. With the prospect of Cousins possibly coming, and the plethora of franchise QBs in next year’s draft class, a project QB is not crucial for the Niner success in the future.
            Well, when Grant reported that CJB only completed 3 passes all practice, I also think he might be a colossal mistake.

            1. You do realize all the reasons you listed for cutting him were also true before the draft right? Cutting him now makes lynch and shanahan look like an idiot.
              Also, he’s been much better in these past couple of practices. Early on the news was the worst rookie in camp was Williams and he appears to have turned it around. And most importantly, it’s training camp. Without knowing what they are working on its really hard to tell who’s actually doing well or not… keeping in mind that we have terrible wide receivers and that betheard is most likely working with the worst of those.

              1. Niners need to make painful cuts. They will possibly protect a player, and risk losing CJB, because the risk -reward scenario will consider a 6th WR as more valuable than a third string QB.
                No, JL and KS may risk looking like what you say if they refuse to sign Kaep and he takes the league by storm, again.

              2. The Niners will keep 5 WRs and 3 QBs. And maybe only 8 DL. Beathard isn’t going anywhere.

    1. I don’t see Patrick anywhere but the PS.
      His primary function in college was go routes and he’ll need a lot of time learning the route tree.
      I love his speed and his height and I believe he’ll be a very effective weapon with time and coaching.

      1. It was either Patrick or Smelter, and I just listened to KS and his desire to get a different type of WR. At 6′ 4″, Patrick could get those jump balls over the smaller DBs.

      2. Ha! Bringing up Kap again, then crying victim when people take you to task for it……

        No one’s buying it, Sebs.

        1. Saw, I did not bring him up at all, while many others have, so you need to calm down.
          Why dont you yell at all the other posters for bringing up Kaep’s name?

          1. Sebs-

            Because, …………well, for one thing, i’m not yelling at you and I don’t” hate” you or anyone else.
            For another thing-and this is more to the point-your observations about Kap are as biased as could possibly be…………..a QB without fault, without shortcomings of any kind, better than, say, Staubach on his very best day.
            Without fault in his game of any kind!
            Sooooo, when you say something objective about him in any way, shape or form–thats news!

    1. Not me. If I were closer maybe. Some South Bay posters might. Maybe Bennie B.
      Also, the Church of the NFL consumes all day every Sunday for five months, so I try to lay off weekends in between to hang with The Duchess on things she likes to do.

        1. Razor
          We’ve got one little tradition. The last Monday before reg season begins we go to Monti’s in Santa Rosa for dinner. The daily special on Mondays is goat tacos, and they rock! But no tv screens, so,not back until January.

          1. Just checked it out. Looks like a nice place. Never had goat, but their prime rib looks delicious.

  24. Seb, CJ will make the 53. Barkley will be cut. He’s horrible. Did you see the Dolphins are seeking out Cutler? I almost spit up my coffee hearing that one! Does anybody with two grey cells still believe Kaep isn’t being blackballed? Regardless of how you feel about him, and obviously I’m not a big fan, but Cutler? Come on!! Kaep’s self inflicted wound continues to bleed.

    1. I’d like to see them carry just two quarterbacks to open a roster spot for another player on the cusp. Hoyer/Beathard.

      1. Normally i woyld completely agree vut with Hoyer’s injury history they should keep 3.:/

        1. My reasoning is that Hoyer should last at least 8 games, and at some point this year you need to see Beathard in live action in order to make an educated assessment on whether you need to take another quarterback high in the draft….

    2. Kap made a bad business and professional decision. He always thought he was bigger than the game not working on his craft and biting the hand that fed him.

      Now he pays the consequences of that decision .
      But before any of that, he’s a limited QB.

    3. Juan, I am kinda down with the trials and tribulations with the Gigantes.
      With their payroll, they should at least be competitive.
      Still think they should have poached a Japanese National player, and juggling the line up may help them score some runs.
      Concerning Kaep, I hope he breaks up with his Delilah. I think she has led him around by the nose, and her actions and advice are a big reason why he is unemployed. She cannot call an owner a racist, and not expect the blackballing to continue.
      Kaep should just tell her that he has lost millions because of her social activism, and that he could do a lot more positive good if he had remained a starter. I bet she was the one who gave him those pig socks, and wearing that Castro shirt was a huge distraction.
      Delilah made him come home early, so he could not study more with the team, which soured him with the present staff. He lost millions in endorsements over the love of a woman. If she truly loves him, she will tell him that she is costing him his career, and break up with him. Once he is no longer making millions, she will dump him, because she will have no more use for him.

      1. Wow, Seb! That was the most objective thing I have heard you say!

        He is her “cats paw”………….and she is going to be the worst thing that ever befell him……….

      2. Wow. Guess Seb isn’t a feminist.

        Listen Kaep,…..Sebbie wouldn’t treat you that way! Come home to Sebbie!

    4. Concerning Cutler, I think that it is like KS and Hoyer.
      Gase and Cutler did well together, so he may feel comfortable with him. Cutler does have skills, so if he can start fresh, bury the past, and be a leader, maybe he will not do so badly.
      Luckily, they have 2 games against the Jets and Bills, so they may win a few games.

    5. Different types of QBs. Cutler will fit the Gase system better. It was reported that Gase had to “tear up the playbook” when Tebow started in Denver. I doubt he would want to do that again for Kap.

  25. Offensive systems are designed to give the best chance for a rb to beat a tackle and get down field yards. Hyde’s explosion on contact gives KS his best odds of this. Williams clearly lacks maturity and emotional stability. With his talent and great coaching he can be very successful. Let’s hope they both succeed

  26. Longshot fellas, but I’m in downtown New Orleans. Can anyone recommend a good eating spot that doesn’t cost an arm n leg. I saw a $10 burger on someone’s menu. And that was just for the sandwich. Trying to feed the family. It’s 4 of us. 2 kids 2 adults

    1. Depends on what part of downtown. If you have good transportation, options expand. Bevi Seafood on N Carrollton is good and not overpriced.

    2. Steele
      My trick is to spot people who look local and watch where they go. Works great in the Islands. Worked in Barcelona too.

    3. Steele, I would ask the nearest policeman where he goes to eat. They know where the best food for the cheapest price is.

        1. Quit stereotyping policemen, They have to eat, and generally know the best places to eat. Try surviving on a donuts and pizza diet. You would get sick of that after one week.

          1. Gee Seb…now you’re not stereotyping law enforcement. You’re making progress…don’t stop.

    4. Wow! Now I know why I live in Prague.
      You can make a lot in the states but the cost of living is extortionistic.

        1. Thanks for the feedback gentleman. I actually settled in at the Riverwalk, they had a bunch of choices with reasonable prices. Had a lovely Philly steak, daughter had shrimp, son had a burger that wasn’t$10 and came with fries n drink, wife had chicken salad. All for under, $40. Good lunch today. Thanks again guys.

  27. Don’t underestimate Cutler. He had 111 passer rating in one of his playoff games, whereas Kaeps most recent playoff game his rating was 56.

    These are the facts. Who would you rather have? 56 or 111? Obvious choice.

    1. Kaep has a 91.7 QBR in the SB, and tied a record with Joe Montana, being the second QB in SB history to throw over 300 yards while also running for over 50 yards.
      In Cutler’s last playoff game, he had a 31.8 QBR.
      Cherry picking stats does not tell the whole story.

        1. At least he made it to a SB, and came within one pass of returning.
          Kaep helped JH make the Niners relevant again.

            1. A lot more than Baalke, who dismantled a SB team and sat on his hands, refusing to even try to win.

              1. And Dilfer has a ring as a wining SB QB… Explain that Seb, and don’t use the tired Ray Lewis threat explanation–like that was the reason.

                Just move on Seb. Kaep’s gone. Lynch and Shanahan are shaping the 9ers future. Embrace it.

    1. Hmm, good speed, but seems like he will be just a camp body.
      Wonder why, with all the injuries, they did not sign a Safety.

    2. “…and the freshly re-signed Jayson DiManche got hurt in his debut Saturday.”

  28. Love this quote from Shanny:

    “Trent’s not scared of anything. He’s not a huge guy, but he’s not going to turn anything down. He’s going to do his job. He’s going to get in front of a guy and he’s going to bring it as hard as he can. If you don’t do that in our offense, you can’t play it (WR) for us. ”

    Especially that last part.

    1. Yep.

      cubus says:
      August 4, 2017 at 4:54 pm
      “If receivers don’t block in the run game, I don’t believe you can have a run game. I think it takes all 11 people to run the ball. If not, you’re just putting it on your back to make great plays. So, we hold everyone accountable pretty hard in the run game. They don’t have much of an option if they want to be here.”

      1. I played wide receiver in high school, and lots of flag football after that, so I’m pretty much an authority on the subject. ?

  29. Seb,

    If you truly are a Sun Tzu master, you’d know the adage:

    “History is written by the victors.”

    Yes, Kap was the QB in the SuperBowl that season (but only for 1/2 a season. Alex Smith–former Ute–was the QB in the 1st half). Since Kap lost the SuperBowl only losers like you remember losers. Kap has already been forgotten and tossed into the SuperBowl refuge loss dumpster like so many before him: Tarkenton (4-losses); Jim Kelly (4-SB losses), etc., etc.,……Actually, if you do the math, Smith was the last to lead the 49ers to the SuperBowl, since he beat Kap out that season and had the 49ers headed into that direction, so Kap didn’t lead the team himself—he had help…..

    But go ahead. Try to keep piling on your loser personnel onto the 49ers roster…..I, on the other hand, identify with winners—Montana, Young, etc, who were undefeated in SuperBowls at 5-0. My winners memories vs. your loser’s memory.

    sebnynah says:
    August 4, 2017 at 8:36 pm
    TrollD, only a Raider troll would question the fandom of a die hard faithful 49er fan. I remember you rooting for the Raiders, so go to the Raider’s blogs and dazzle them with your wit.
    Bad player?, No I just want the last Niner QB who lead the Niners to the Super Bowl.

  30. And one more thing, Seb….You conveniently leave out the fact that Alex Smith had the 49ers poised for two SuperBowl appearances in a row.

    As you remember, the 49ers were getting the ball back for what I believe would have been the winning drive. Harbuagh’sFangio’s big boy tactics of slugging it out with NYG had taken it’s toll.

    By overtime, Kyle Williams was receiving a routine punt from a tired, and sad sacked NYG team who had given up. The ball was received by Williams at the 25 yard line and he fumbled. He also fumbled (had a punt graze him in the 4th and fumbled a double reverse pitch from Smith that the NYG’s returned for a TD….I say if Williams had never played that game then the Alex Smith 49ers go to the SuperBowl).


    1. TrollD, you really are desperate to bring up the Alex-Kaep controversy. There is no guarantee that AS would have run for 181 yards in a playoff game, or come back after being down 17 points in an NFCC Game.
      Alex may one day learn to run the Hurry up offense without huddling. Even with a good KC team, he still has not made it to a SB.

      1. Yeah, Seb, lets leave out the 3 fumbles by Williams –one when the 49ers had a wide open double reverse, with nobody on the other side—perfect call at the perfect time–and hands of stone, Williams fumbled a would be long gainer.

        Then he missed a punt that grazed him in the leg after a challenge flag by the NYG’s, that NY returned for a TD….If Williams simply uses your advice and flops on the ball the 49ers win.

        And we all remember the nail in the coffin clown fumble by
        Williams in over time to seal the deal for NYG….Yeah, Williams was on the NYG payroll that game from Rudi Giulliani……

        But for Williams, Alex Smith Guides the Niners to their 2nd straight SB, I don’t care what you say, Seb.

        1. TrollD, try harder. First it was Kaep, now it is Williams. AS benched himself. He would rather take the hit and not throw the ball away, because that would have hurt his completion percentage.
          It was not all on Williams. AS had 2 chances to lead his team to victory, and came up short.

          1. They were getting the ball back in OT, Seb—-The Giant’s were spent. Williams fumbled. Game over…That’s the lasting memory all 49er fans have.

            And all Niner fans lasting memory of Kap: failing to convert a TD with 3 tries from the one yard line in the SuperBowl for a loss……That 182 yards you like to extoll really showed its skills in that moment, eh, Seb ?……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I WIN…………I WIN……………I WIN………………I WIN…………………..

            You , Sir, will always be a LIAR AND A LOSER…………..LIAR AND LOSER !!!

  31. Barkley vs Beathard:
    During team drills, Kevin Jones of KNBR reported that QB C.J. Beathard took the second-team offense the length of the field against the first-team defense but the drive stalled and resulted in a field goal. “His best practice of training camp,” Jones said.

      1. Yup, cutting a mid round QB who is labeled a project would be catastrophic, and sink their chances for a SB run.

        1. He had the best footwork of any quarterback in the draft. In this offense that’s critical, so the project isn’t as hard as a week old Trubiscuit.

          1. The best footwork in the doubt….? Dubious…..Seb gives him a run for his money with Seb’s foot in mouth/keyboard disease !

        1. TrollD, now that you mention it, the Niners should improve their QB roster, and Kaep makes the most sense, since he has been a Niner QB for years, used to be their franchise QB, has a 4-2 road playoff record, came within 5 yards of winning a ring, and one pass from returning.
          Jed is a gutless wonder to be afraid of a mean tweet. However, he said he would do everything in his power to help the Niners win, so I will hold him to his word.

      2. Shoup
        Stay tuned. That’s just the first of several dozen final roster predictions this tool will make. He offered up 113,462 different mock drafts.

  32. Matt Maiocco

    Replying to @MaioccoNBCS
    Joshua Garnett is NOT listed as day-to-day, which implies a longer-term injury.

    1. Hope they just need to do more assessment, and that it is not too serious.
      O line injuries may sink the season before the first game.

      1. I’ll be surprised if Center and both Guard positions won’t need to be addressed next year. Staley is signed through 2019 I believe, and maybe Brown can take over by then. In the meantime, they’ve got Gilligan and they can continue to develop Williams Jr. on the practice squad. If we get lucky, Treadway gains muscle mass from the Wright way of working out….

        1. I’m still amazed that he lasted till the 5th round. IIRC he was Shanahan’s crush, which, based on what we are seeing and hearing, indicates that KS is a good/great evaluator of WRs – something we haven’t seen during the entire Baalke debacle.

          1. I recall a while back Shanny talking about how Julio Jones is one of the rare tall receivers who can stretch the field but can also chop his feet with the precision and control of a smaller, shifty slot type of receiver. Just hearing him talk about how the length of a receiver’s legs can impact his ability to run certain routes was really interesting. The way he seems to key in on subtle nuances is impressive.

      1. From what I’ve been reading and the little I’ve seen, he seems to be the most pro-ready of all the rookies. Not saying the others won’t be good/great, just that I think you could throw Trent in as a starter now and he would make a name for himself. I haven’t seen one comment about anything that he needs to work on, which is highly unusual for a rookie.

        Dylan DeSimone

        Trent Taylor and Marquise Goodwin are always open.

  33. Dylan DeSimone

    11 on 11: RB Hyde still having to evade tackles before the LOS, but he looks spectacular cutting. In great shape.

  34. Watch out Seb, there’s a new Sheriff in town:

    Joe Fann‏Verified account

    Matt Breida and Marquise Goodwin are the early crowd pleasers at the 49ers open practice.

    Grant Cohn‏ @grantcohn · 4m4 minutes ago

    Matt Breida had a 12-yard run with the starters during the first team period.

    11:32 AM – 5 Aug 2017 from Santa Clara, CA

  35. Joe Fann‏Verified account


     More

    Matt Breida again. Laying out for a throw downfield on a wheel route. #49ersCamp

  36. Watchout, Barkley—There’s a new sheriff in town !

    Cam Inman‏Verified account @CamInman · 2m2 minutes ago

    #49ers rookie QB @cjbeathard looking real sharp in practice, thrown darts to Matt Breida & Kendrick Bourne

  37. Jennifer Lee Chan‏Verified account @jenniferleechan · 8m8 minutes ago

    With Garnett out, starting #49ers OL was Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Fusco and Brown. #49ersCamp

  38. 49ers HUB @49ersHub · 1m .

    RT @49ersfangirl: Matt Breida looks good. Running back is going to be very interesting #49ers

  39. Thanks, Al, Keep it up—49er Faithful !

    Al Guido‏Verified account @AlGuido · 7m7 minutes ago

     More

    What a turnout! Love seeing the Faithful out today.

    Thanks for making the trip to #49ersCamp.

  40. Dylan DeSimone‏Verified account @DylanADeSimone · 20m20 minutes ago
    11 on 11: Hoyer hits the RB over the middle, who runs the length of the field for the TD. Been real decisive with the ball.

    Dylan DeSimone‏Verified account @DylanADeSimone · 25m25 minutes ago

    11 on 11: RB Breida makes a deep catch down the left sideline, Willie Mays style. UDFA is balling out today.

        1. Agreed. Starting to get worried about this guy. He looked like a bulldozer at Stanford. Disappointed up till now, because I was anticipating a bigger jump in year 2.

        1. Doubt it. Said to not be season ending. I guess it could be a mcl tear, but I’m thinking it’s a sprain. 4-6 weeks maybe. I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so take it for it is. Pure unadulterated speculation….

        2. Wrong. Must have some loose cartilage floating around, because it’s being reported he’ll need surgery.

  41. Kevin Jones‏Verified account @Mr_KevinJones · 40m40 minutes ago

    Shoestring diving 25-yard catch down the field from RB Matt Breida. The 49ers are going to keep a ton of undrafted guys

  42. Seb,

    It appears there is a team out there who is perfect for Kap and you….Pack your bags, TomD just found you employment…..Write to us Sebby, and pack your PB&J,

    Your friend,

    Kevin Jones Retweeted

    Ben Axelrod‏Verified account @BenAxelrod · 6h6 hours ago

    After watching the Browns quarterbacks last night, I’m beginning to think there may be a team for Colin Kaepernick after all.

  43. Seb,

    I guess you remember me saying Beathard would beat out Barkley….Book it !

    49ers camp observations: C.J. Beathard’s best practice shakes up 49ers QB situation

    Kevin Jones‏Verified account @Mr_KevinJones · 22h22 hours ago

     More

    C.J. Beathard is having a better training camp than Matt Barkley but still might start the season as the No. 3 QB http://www.knbr.com/2017/08/04/49ers-camp-observations-c-j-beathards-best-practice-shakes-up-49ers-qb-situation/

    1. Seb,

      That’s 2 of my picks to your–Breida and Beathard to your one–Lorenzo James……………………..I WIN AGAIN !

      1. TrollD, you are the biggest loser I know, other than Prime. Lets see if they can make the 53 before you crow.
        However, considering you are the guy who advocated a Kaep for Tebow trade, you will be considered a loser for life.

        1. Gee Seb, you’re rather judgmental for a gentle, self-effacing soul, no? You wouldn’t be a jerk, would you?

        2. Seb are you brave enough yo make that comment in person?
          If so, I’ll be in town week.
          If not, STFU!
          You decide.

  44. This seems to be something to get excited about (note that MM is talking about the last twenty years):

    Matt Maiocco‏
    Verified account
     @MaioccoNBCS 4h
    4 hours ago

    It’s early, of course, but C.J. Beathard looks better at this stage of camp than any #49ers rookie QB I remember.

    Matt Maiocco‏
    Verified account
     @MaioccoNBCS 3h
    3 hours ago

    Replying to @MaioccoNBCS
    My frame of reference dates back to 1997 and first-round draft pick Jim Druckenmiller. Tim Rattay was pretty good in camp of 2000.

  45. Grant-

    Perhaps a summation of the 49ers status to date? ie, are you still good on 9 wins? Depth chart movement? Ranking of potential weaknesses? ……. it appears they are doing better than anticipated (aside from the OL and ILB in coverage).

  46. Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 1m1 minute ago
    Matt Barrows
    “Robinson did not seem to be hurt badly, dunno about Malcolm Smith. Will ask Kyle Shanahan in a few minutes.”

  47. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman · 18m18 minutes ago

    #49ers finish practice with a TD to cap a 2 min drill. Hoyer found Goodwin after play broke down. Efficient day for Hoyer, 23-30. #campstats

  48. * Hmmm,

    Hoyer found Goodwin after the play brokedown…….And Seb thought Hoyer had no wheels to extend the play like this (above)…….?

  49. Grant Cohn‏ @grantcohn 1m1 minute ago

    “Kyle Shanahan says Malcolm Smith suffered a chest injury which might be serious.”

  50. Jerod Brown @JerodBrown_ · 19m .

    #49ers training camp gets day off tomorrow. So far, Hoyer’s been the MVP. Robinson is the player they’re leaning on

  51. Grant Cohn‏ @grantcohn 19s19 seconds ago

    “Kyle Shanahan says Malcolm Smith and Joshua Garnett have serious injuries and he’s holding out hope they can help the team this season”.

          1. If I crapped on ever offensive lineman that struggled as a rookie, it’d include all four of the mid-to-late 1970s 49er draftees that made up the bulk of Bill Walsh’s 1981 Super Bowl line. Because they were terrible. They almost got Plunkett killed. And they couldn’t run block. But, eventually, every one of them made became outstanding linemen.

            John Ayers:

            First-Team All-Pro (1984)
            Second-Team All-Pro (1985)
            2× Super Bowl Champion (XVI, XIX)

            Fred Quillan

            2× Super Bowl Champion (XVI, XIX)
            2× Pro Bowl (1984, 1985)

            Randy Cross

            3× Pro Bowl (1981, 1982, 1984)
            3× First-team All-Pro (1981, 1984, 1985)
            1× Second-team All-Pro (1986)
            4× First-team All-NFC (1980, 1984, 1985, 1986)
            2× Second-team All-NFC (1982, 1987)
            3× Super Bowl champion (XVI, XIX, XXIII)

            Keith Fahnhorst (the one I thought was absolutely the worst of the bunch)

            2× Super Bowl Champion (XVI, XIX)
            2× First-Team All-Pro (1983, 1984)
            Second-Team All-Pro (1985)
            Pro Bowl (1984)

            And it’s worse now than it was then:

            “You’re drafting a guy right now coming out of some colleges that haven’t been in a three-point stance since high school, and you’re going to pay him a ton of money. You have to teach him to get in a three-point stance and run block,” Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said. “It’s fundamentals that we’re going back now and have to teach. We never had to teach it before. Great athletes. The athletes are much, much better, but the fundamentals are worse than they’ve ever been.”


            That’s the state of college o-linemen now. That’s why you have to be patient instead of rushing to judge a player four-games into his rookie year like so many did…

          2. “That’s true for any team, but both players were borderline starters anyways.”

            …with not a heckuva lot of quality depth behind them.

            1. Veteran depth. Beadles can play anywhere on the OL, and Kilgore supposedly can play Center and guard. Zuttah as well.

              1. And my Aunt Tillie could play anywhere on the line. But she wouldn’t exactly be an improvement. Aaron Donald, Robert Nkemdiche, and the entire cast of the Legion of Boom are looking forward to their play dates with the Niners OL…

              2. Oh I don’t disagree, but you can’t plug all the holes. Beadles and Fusco are serviceable guys that you can depend on. The offensive line, specifically Center and Guard HAVE to be the priority next year.

      1. Cam Inman:

        #49ers Joshua Garnett facing knee surgery to clean things out, not long term injury but serious. Zane Beadles took first-team LG snaps today

        That’s not how you seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    1. I trust Seb isn’t performing voodoo on the 9ers cadre of QBs…wanting Kaep to be ‘forced to return’.

      1. RGIII. I would suspect Shanahan would go RGIII before Kaepernick. RGIII at least knows some of the terminology and play structures of Shanahan’s offense.

  52. Saturday afternoon song for Sebbie (Love The One You’re With – Stephen Stills)…

    When you’re down and confused
    And you don’t remember who you’re talking to
    Concentration slips away
    Because your Kaep is so far away

    Well there’s a rose in a fisted glove
    And the eagle flies with the dove
    And if you can’t be with the one you love, Sebbie
    Love the one you’re with (Hoyer)
    Love the one you’re with (Hoyer)
    Love the one you’re with (Hoyer)
    Love the one you’re with (Hoyer)

    Don’t be angry, don’t be sad
    Don’t sit crying over good times you’ve had
    There’s a QB right next to you
    And he’ll be starting for the 9ers crew

    1. Cassie Baalke,

      Thank you !

      I’ve been going about it the wrong way—trying to make Sebbie a 49er fan, instead of just kap, all Kap, all the time.

      I think your poetic prowess is the magic elixir.

      1. Cassie-you have a talent for song-writing. Should have been a sit-com writer, something to give us another “Seinfeld”……….

  53. EXCUSES—Thy Name is Seb. My Company Name: kapexcuses.com
    (excuse # 1,015)

    sebnynah says:
    August 5, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Delilah made him come home early, so he could not study more with the team, which soured him with the present staff. He lost millions in endorsements over the love of a woman. If she truly loves him, she will tell him that she is costing him his career, and break up with him. Once he is no longer making millions, she will dump him, because she will have no more use for him.

    1. Joe Montana’s Notre Dame girlfriend stole his horses the year Joe guided the 49ers to their 1st SuperBowl.
      Joe didn’t fold like a cheap suit like Kap did, Seb.

    2. Seriously, Seb is disrespectful of women–it’s the woman’s fault. Seb isn’t the progressive he wants us to believe he is.

      1. My point exactly…..I have a feeling Seb will have to respond here to regain what’s left of his political correctness ….I hear footsteps ???

          1. From within the administration and from without. Oh well, we’re screwed with or without Trump.

            1. Pretty much. Got to get people like McCain, Graham, Ryan and McConnell out of there.

              1. Agreed. God is taking McCain out. A buddy of mine’s wife had the same cancer. She lasted exactly 1 year from diagnosis.

        1. I should have used the term populist–for the people, for the workaday man and woman, for those barely making ends meet, for those subject to discrimination (in any form). Not sure where the Clinton reference came from, but it’s okay. Not intending to be political here.

          Just curious how Seb–defender of those less fortunate–comes up with this woman-causes-Kaep-downfall spiel.

          1. The Clinton reference came from seb’s Kap like support of Hillary, despite the fact that the Clintons are far from progressive.

          2. Plutocracy…….

            Face it. The Gulf between the top 1% and the rest of us—including what they would consider poor, the multi millionaires, is larger than the guilded age, up ’til now, what was considered the largest wealth gap in human history.

            And folks, it’s not going anywhere…..Off shore wealth acquired during the great recession economic collapse is why the current proposed tax change is being proposed. ie, to get those hidden Bermuda accounts back on shore w/o being taxed is the problem that won’t go away….There will have to be another collapse and it’s coming.

            The UK backed out of the European Union …..Think there’s a reason ? ….Yes, as of now interest on borrowed money goes to the elites at 0%. That’s a zero ! Start ups don’t even apply—(I’ve researched it–they get turned down). Only the elites are snapping up the Euro and re-lend it to other capitalists, who lend it to others.

            When last checked, we’re living amidst the largest Ponzi scheme ever witnessed on the earth’s face. No paper records have been kept on who lent who money.

            When it collapses, it’s goodnight.

      2. These progressives–I thought they were supposed to be overloaded with love and tolerance. That’s their story, anyway……….

      3. Cassie, if you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
        All women are not beyond reproach. Kaep did not start his social activism until she became his GF.
        Delilah has succeeded to destroy his career, and her calling an owner a racist just made Kaep radioactive.
        Until they break up, he will probably never play again.
        Like Adam and Eve, women tempt men to do unwise things. Like Sampson and Delilah, she distracts and weaken’s him.

      4. Progressives ARE supposed to be overflowing-like Niagra Falls-with love and tolerance for all………..

  54. Seb,

    Why not talk this out with Tracy and Cassie Baalke. You may need some help in this dept., eh ?

    Tracy Sandler‏Verified account @49ersfangirl · 24m24 minutes ago
    DJ Jones said the veterans have taught him to be coachable. #49ers

    Tracy Sandler‏Verified account

    Congratulations to Aaron Lynch, his wife for welcoming a baby last night. I guess that would be a 6th Fun Fact Here are 5

  55. Tom and Seb, you guys should do a YouTube show together and leave the rest of us out of it. People might enjoy your personal attacks there.

    I love that it seems Armstead is making the transition to Leo. I wasn’t sure he could do it. Glad to be wrong.

    Anyone else concerned with the number of injuries at KS’s camp?

    Hoyer seems to be a good fit, I hope he can put together 16 games.

    Love our TE’s and RB’s situation.

    1. These players haven’t had a physical camp since Harbaugh, so no surprise. The ones that survive will have calluses built up with which to enter the fray come September….

    2. The injury rate is about on par. All those training camps of the 70s/80s/90s/20s etc. churned out scores of injuries. Hoping we don’t suffer any season ending ones.

      1. Don’t be stunned if a trade materializes. Not guaranteeing one will, but…

      1. Grant believes this offense will carry the team with the likes of Kilgore guarding the middle, flanked by Beadles/Fusco inside, to 9 wins. I admire his cojones, but I just don’t see it….

        1. They’ll carry the team, all right. Just not to the destination Grant has in mind.

          1. I’ll be surprised if they get to 6 wins, but I’m predicting it anyways. Probably more like 4.

    1. For those with little economic saavy, Franklin Roosevelt’s administration wrote the Glass-Stegall Act, separating investment banks from commercial banks (where citizens hold bank accounts) as protection to prevent another 1929 stock market crash.

      ie, the investment bankers could no longer borrow money from commercial banks w/o putting up an equal amount of their own collateral.

      Speculation (stock gambling)–almost like derivatives nowadays was a large reason for the collapse then. They could dip into commercial bank accounts to fund their speculation, and since no AFDC existed, citizens were hosed.

      Well, the same situation is occurring in Europe. The commercial banks are lending money at 0% without collateral as a backup, and there’s no record being kept as to whose doing the borrowing.

      1. And who repealed Glass-Stegall? The corporatist Bill Clinton signed off on the repeal that was co-sponsored by Republicans Phil Graham, Jim Leach, and Thomas J Billey Jr.

  56. Joe Staley and Trent Brown are the starters at the left- and right-tackle positions. And Daniel Kilgore has seemed to tighten his hold at center ahead of veteran Jeremy Zuttah.

    OL looks to be settled with Staley/Beadles/Kilgore/Fusco/Brown. With the exception of Kilgore, no surprise.

        1. 49ers, Browns, Jets are three teams I’m confident I will not own any players from.

  57. White House as crime scene: how Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump

    There is a grand jury in Washington DC. The special counsel’s team is full of experts in financial crime. On Russia, the president can feel the net closing

    The legal net around Donald Trump’s beleaguered presidency tightened dramatically this week with news that a grand jury has been established a few hundred yards from the White House, to pursue evidence of collusion with the Kremlin.


    1. How’s the old Texas saying go? He’s so crooked he could swallow a nail and cough it back up as a corkscrew?

      1. Close, it’s: you’re so crooked that if you swallowed a nail, you’d poop a corkscrew

    1. “The list of undrafted prospects who have a shot of making the roster is climbing. There’s Breida, wide receivers Kendrick Bourne and Victor Bolden Jr., tight end Cole Hikutini, a pair of safeties in Lorenzo Jerome and Chanceller James. Of any player on this list, Jerome has seen the most first-team action (because of injuries).”

      All six won’t make the 53, but even 3 would be pretty shocking. Expect most or all of the draftees will make it as well.

  58. *(Above) Reporters charted Hoyer completing just over 75 percent of his passes. He really hasn’t had one poor outing eight days into training camp. Extremely impressive.

    1. Training camp coach talk. Let’s see where he truly ends up when the season starts. I open the floor to anyone who wants to bet that he is going to be the #2 QB. There is a better chance Baalke walks back through those doors than Beathard starts the season as the #2 qb barring an injury to Barkley or Hoyer.
      That isn’t a knock on Beathard’s talent. He will get there, he just won’t be there by Sept.

    1. On my end, the blog says the comment is awaiting moderation. Getting that a lot anymore.

  59. I got a kick out of this response from Reid:
    “[Aldrick] Robinson, however, also tried gaining extra yards across the middle when he got walloped by Reid’s shoulder; both Reid and Shanahan mentioned that Robinson should have headed out of bounds because it was a clock-saving drill.

    “It feels good to get back in the swing of it, but speaking from a team standpoint, he’s got to get out of bounds in that situation, so hopefully that helps him remember,” Reid said.

    Added Shanahan: “You better go out of bounds. Once you go inside you’re totally on your own. I couldn’t totally see it from my angle, it looked like he picked up 20 more yards. He went on his own and overcame coaching right there and did a good job. But, he can’t do that too much. It’s definitely the wrong decision until he proves us it’s right.”
    Nothing like physical pain to help a guy remember what to do.

  60. 1. RB Carlos Hyde. Ever since Hyde ran through Ahkello Witherspoon this Monday, defenders have been hitting Hyde as hard as they can and tackling him to the ground. I’m guessing defenders feel Hyde showed them up, so they’re showing him up in return.
    ~ Grant

    Hyde did not show up the defense, he took what some beat reporters feel was a cheap shot at Witherspoon.
    There was an earlier TC incident in which Hyde took a forearm shot at a defender as well, so it’s safe to say that Hyde has not endeared himself to the defense.
    Though I’m not crazy about Hyde’ antics, I am happy to see him running with a mean streak and hope this carries over to the season when he can take it out on opposing teams.

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