49ers’ Trey Lance to miss 7 days with injury to throwing hand

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance (5) before an NFL preseason football game against the Las Vegas Raiders in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021. (AP Photo/Jed Jacobsohn)

According to San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, rookie quarterback Trey Lance will be out of practice for the next seven days suffering a small fracture to one of the fingers on his throwing hand.

“It’s a micro-chip of a bone that’s off. It’s a chip fracture, which is worse than a jam and why it won’t heal on its own,” Shanahan said on a media conference call. “He can’t take snaps right now. We’ll rest it for seven days and hopefully, he’ll be good next Monday when we get to practice.”

Shanahan would not specify which finger was injured, however, based on the TV replays it is either the index finger or thumb.

Lance didn’t seem too worried about his hand following the game. “I don’t really honestly even remember what play it happened on,” said Lance after the game. “But I think I jammed it on a helmet or something. But, yeah, no, I’m not worried about it.

“See how it feels tomorrow, for sure. I think it will tell a little bit more, but yeah, not too worried about it at all.”

The injury occurred with only fifteen seconds in the first half when Lance struck his throwing hand on the helmet of Raiders linebacker Max Richardson on an incomplete throw after a miscommunication with the receiver.

The 49ers are set to open the season in 13 days against the Detroit Lions, however, Shanahan does not anticipate the injury to have much impact on preparations for the game. The focus right now for the team is trimming the roster down to 53-players, which must be accomplished by 1 pm tomorrow.

The team will then hold practices on Wednesday and Thursday before all teams are set to shut down activities for three days. The bulk of the preparations for the season opener will start when the team returns on Monday.

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  1. Honestly, I’m happy it’s just 7 days. Thats the type of injury you play through during the game and then find out after the game it’s broken and you’re out 6-8 weeks. When it first happened, I thought it was much worse. From what I hear about Lance, this will actually be a good opportunity for him to take a breath and focus on the mental side of the game.

    1. It’s a good one. Kollman’s been one of the most consistent Youtube breakdown guys over the last few seasons. He has spiffed up his videos’ production value with all those tastefully-presented endorsements.

  2. The hit on the helmet did not look good the way it occurred. Relieved that it’s a minor bone chip.

  3. The York curse persists … Mac Jones to start for Bellichek, Pats…Trey Lance to sit out for at least
    a week with injury … As stated before, 49ers never going to Super Bowl playing in that stadium
    under that family.

    1. If Kyle can be believed, by missing this week he only misses 2 practices one of which is a padless walkthrough essentially but none of the Lions Prep. So it shouldn’t mean much.
      That said, when the niners talk about injuries and their return timeline they cant exactly be trusted.

    2. Funny, I thought 49ers have been to two Super Bowls under the York’s. Maybe you mean that they are never going to win a Super Bowl under the York’s while playing in Levi’s Stadium.

    3. Am wondering now whether the 49ers whiffed on Mac Jones, just as they did Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers so many years ago. Jones looks so good in that Patriots offense, and the Niners could have gotten him with the 12th pick. Yep, the York curse persists. The 49ers will not win another Super Bowl playing in that beastly stadium under the current ownership.

  4. I have a feeling this is going to be more than what it’s been advertised as in terms of lost time.

    With the 49ers organization you always get the most optimistic and unrealistic expectations in terms of injury downtime.

    Time and time again we’ve seen *minor* injuries turn into season long issues.

  5. Sure didn’t take long for Lance to get hurt. Maybe the Niners do need two starting QB’s to complete a season. The reason Lance was drafted because JG was constantly hurt….

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