49ers v. Titans matchups: Vernon Davis vs. the Tennessee secondary

Before the 49ers play the Titans Sunday in Tennessee, I’ll break down the key matchups.

TE Vernon Davis vs. SS Bernard Pollard, SS George Wilson, FS Michael Griffin, CB Jason McCourty and CB Alterraun Verner.

Vernon Davis destroyed the Cardinals last week, but the Cardinals have a bad secondary. They have Patrick Peterson and that’s about it. The Titans have a good secondary.

They have two good cornerbacks – Alterraun Verner and Jason McCourty. Verner ranks No.1 on Pro Football Focus and McCourty ranks No.4.  If the 49ers line up Davis at wide receiver occasionally like they did against the Cardinals, Davis will have his hands full.

The Titans also have three good safeties – Michael Griffin, Bernard Pollard and George Wilson. On Pro Football Focus, Griffin is the fifth-rated safety, Wilson is the 20th-rated safety and Pollard is the 42nd-rated safety.

The Titans’ safeties can afford to double-cover Vernon Davis because both Verner and McCourty can cover Boldin one-on-one. The Titans’ safeties have the talent to take away Davis’ deep routes like the Seahawks routinely do.

Advantage: Titans

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