49ers vs. Bears live blog: Fourth quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 2 game against the Bears. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

8:05 Cutler completes an 11-yard screen pass to Forte. Two plays later Cutler completes a 5-yard TD pass to Marshall in front of Ward. 20-14 Niners.

8:08 Bruce Miller returns the kickoff to the 49ers’ 22.

8:11 On first down Kaepernick drops back, throws a short pass to his left and Kyle Fuller picks it off. Kaepernick is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for inappropriate language. First and goal at the three.

8:13 Cutler completes a 3-yard TD pass to Bennett, who was split out wide and single-covered by Eric Reid. 21-20 Bears.

8:14 Kaepernick still doesn’t see underneath coverage to his left. He throws blindly when he throws that direction.

8:16 Ellington returns the kickoff to the 49ers’ 23.

8:21 Kaepernick throws to his left to Derek Carrier on third-and-12. Guess what happens? Interception.  Bears’ ball at the 49ers’ 42. Kyle Fuller picked off another one.

8:25 Ward gives up a 4-yard touchdown catch to Marshall. Third TD Ward has given up to Marshall  today. Ward is a mark. 28-20 Bears. The touchdown was set up by a 29-yard pass from Cutler to Jeffery, who beat Culliver, who never turned his head to find the ball.

8:27 Remember when it was 17-0?

8:28 This is the worst game Kaepernick has played since two games ago.

8:29 Touchback.

8:30 6:55 left.

8:30 Kaepernick takes a sack on first down. Loss of six. Jonathan Martin got beat.

8:31 Kaepernick hits Boldin for 13 next play and then scrambles for 15 on the next play. First and 10 at the 49ers’ 42.

8:32 Vernon Davis has an ankle injury and is out.

8:34 Jonathan Martin gives up another sack to Willie Young. Third and 13 at the Bears’ 48.

8:35 Kaepernick scrambles for 7 yards on third down. The 49ers are going for it on fourth and six.

8:35 Kaepernick calls timeout as the play clock hits 3.

8:38 The Bears blitz. Kaepernick scrambles to his right and hits a wide open Crabtree for 9. Two-minute warning.

8:41 Kaepenick hits Carrier for a gain of 14 then loses two yards on read option run.

8:43 Kaepernick is flagged for delay of game on third-and-12 from the 20.

8:43 Kaepernick checks down to Gore for an 8-yard gain and the 49ers take a 30 second timeout. Fourth and 9 from the 17.

8:44 Crabtree drops a pass in the end zone and the 49ers turn the ball over on downs with 1:11 left. Ball flew right through Crabtree’s hand. How did Roman not call a play for Boldin? No brainer.

8:46 Cutler takes a knee and the Bears win 28-20. I’m headed down to the locker room, back at you shortly.

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  1. I called a 4 point win and a seattle loss. Boy I am really nailing it. Problem is that’s about all I got right this week.

    1. I dont care who was on him, he throws that ball 10x out of 10 n its a td with marshall. All he did was turn around. Should have played press

  2. I expect to see me Kaepernick bootlegs and Gore runs. A couple dink and dunks. Expect them to take 6 minutes kicking another FG

    1. The coaches should be fired–i know a new play caller and system may hinder kap but roman will ruin another season. vic –its called a blitz on 3rd downs.5 minutes left and lets huddle. at halftime –if you look at all the games the last 3 years they never make adjustments other teams do if its not working CHANGE THE CALLS. did we ever call a screen pass–its always 10–15 yard pass on 1st downs.HARBRUGH–quit making faces on the sideline and control your team–16 flags–5 minutes left .down by 8—lets go to huddle –its painful to watch.whats up with always going to crabtree at the end of the games hes now 0 for three–dont change the call roman everyone in the leauge knows it and mabey he will convert and people will call you a genius. yuo IDIOT.

      1. I agree with everything you say, but I had to laugh at “but roman will ruin another season”. Another season? I understand Super Bowl or Bust expectations, but three straight deep playoff runs cant be considered ruined seasons. Can they?

  3. Now we need to go and score! We played down to the Bears with the penalties and lack of execution with our offensive line. Now we have a fight on our hands. Ward is getting a lesson from Marshall. Can’t cover him.

    1. Dropping the N word right in front of a ump or ref will get you flagged. It was talked about a few months back.

  4. I am so sick of Haurbagh. .The Niners have always had the same problem..up ten points…lay down like a dog…they deserve to lose this game.

        1. No the the play calling up to this point was terrible. Good first couple of series than they got conservative.

      1. You’re right!

        The cutesy plays that have never been tried before should be left on the shelf. How many times did the niners get penalized for too much time? Krappydick needs to get rid of that stupid hat he wears as well.

      1. Yes, I agree. Is there a worst QB on a starting team? You’d expect more from a seasoned QB….but we get more of the same.

        1. There are worse ones but hype vs production none more. The dude is a bottom 10 qb and yet got paid like a top 5.

    1. You mean, too many fans giving their opinion? I thought that’s what this blog is for? Good riddance…

    2. A hapless Bears team is beating a Niner team in their home opener. There are no leaders on offense…no coaching, no defense, and no improvement from the QB..

  5. I told you guys about Kyle Fuller, but one year wonder right Grant? God Kaepernick needs to get this together before I lose my mind

  6. Why throw for 25 when you need 12?? Kap has to use his legs. His arm isn’t working. He’s been off since the start of the game.

  7. This is why some were not happy when we were up 20-7.
    Its hard to hold on to victories with this kind of offensive ineptitude.

  8. Another pick? He seems in control bit bad luck? Telegraphing throws? Bears are better then people give them credit but we are not playing crisp, bears just seem to want it more! Sad because it is the first game at Levi’s!

  9. Haha..this is almost laughable. .what a collapse..its early in the season but Kap is not a very good qb…now we have to watch that press conference with his powty face …epic

  10. OK, every QB has a crap game in them (witness Brady last week). If we can’t pull this out, shake it off for next week.

  11. Three touch downs for Marshall?! Let’s tear down Levi’s , maybe McDonald is guilty and this is karma, I hope I am wrong! Ok kap, time to become kaptain comeback!

  12. Well let’s hope kap can get us back in this. But the way he’s playing, this game is over. But who knows. We will see I guess. But this is a terrible game, and it sucks!

  13. some big mouth was talking a lot of trash, and felt everything was just ok being up 20 to 7! This is the NFL and if you dont take advantage of every situation it will come back to hunt you. We have ZERO pass rush, 4 turn overs. God Help us

  14. Well this drive will say a lot about our franchise QB. Down 8, 4th quarter. Let’s get it done CK!

  15. U.G.L.Y.

    No creativity on offense….Kaep making terrible decisions.
    No creativity on defense….are we not allowed to blitz?

    I was trashtalking my Seattle fan buddy…..now I might have to eat crow….great.

  16. A hapless Bears team is beating a Niner team in their home opener.This is ridiculous…embarrassing. I can’t wait to see CK’s press conference.

  17. We can do it, Davis is out but bears have lost def players, run gore! Let’s climb out of this! One play at a time!

  18. Looks like the 49ers bought into all the talk/print that this was an easy win.
    Right now, its Kap giveth, and Kap giveth away.
    Mostly giveth away at the moment.

    Bears are playing some spirited ball and all the turnovers, penalties, and poor blocking have been the difference.

    Perhaps the only solace of the day is that the c-hawks lost as well.

  19. oh god Kap please dont do what you did in the super bowl and nfccg and lock onto one receiver or get greedy.

  20. I am with you 49er girl, gotta believe one play at a time! Nice throw to crabs! Kapernick has talent but so darn in consistent!

  21. was that really the best person to throw to?? Kaep forcing to crabtree to end games is NOT a great finishing move.

    1. Crabtree did not finish his route. Period. That pass is there if he does. That is correct anticipation. Rest of Kaeps throws sucked, but not that one.

    1. really? He looked fantastic last week and last year in the playoffs but now he sucks. He had a bad game, so did Brady last week, and Bree’s this week.

  22. That one’s on crabs. Ugh.

    Ugly game all around, this one was off from the beginning with all those flags.

    1. Never mind the turnovers, the delay of game at the end was the worst thing. You basically led your team to a loss by not having command of that situation. It’s his 3rd year, that’s inexcusable!

      1. He got away with a delay of penalty earlier in the game. It seems that he is always a second or two from running out of time. You’d think that after 3-4 years he’d had learned to manage the clock…

  23. If this turns out to be harbaugh’s last year- I am not going to cry any tears over saying goodbye to the Roman offense.

  24. Well, Krapernick has been off target all night long. That’s the game. Bad OL play, bad pass defense, horrible officiating, and bad quarterbacking. That will loose a game almost every time. Krapernick just continues to be a mediocre passer, I wonder if this is all that he will ever be. Also, Roman continues to be an idiot. Safeties jamming the line and we never take a shot downfield. Plus the third quarter drive that ended in surrender with three stupid runs in a row in the redzone. Yuck!

  25. Our OL got schooled today! and we had no pass rush then add the turn overs = wow this really hurts

  26. Coaching staff lost that game as well. As long as we continue to get conservative every time we get a 10 point lead, we run the risk of having the momentum switch and losing the game. We didn’t learn anything from the Seattle game last year. We have to destroy teams when we have them down. We have to go ahead and step on them. Put the pedal to the metal. Harbaughs philosophy is loser football. We can’t win a Super Bowl this way. We never have. We have to play the way that Steve Young’s team played when he won it. Beat teams by 4 touchdowns when you can. This staff does not understand that.

    1. + Infinity

      When the Hairball era is over, I hope we get a coach that knows how to finish off an opponent. I was wondering earlier if our kickers are paying Roman to not try and score TD’s in the redzone. It’s like Roman is afraid to try and go for the throat of the opponent.

    2. Jord thats what i was saying from the first Q! however we have major issues this season. This defense is not the same with out Bowmen and Aldon Smith.

      1. The irony….you spelled Bowman “Bowmen”…and your avatar is Bowman WITH his name right there. Classic

    3. 23- you nailed it. Last week no points in the second half. Tonight when we had 17, we ran twice close to the end zone, obviously settling for 3. No guts no glory. I hate the “prevent offense.” On D, I understand a blitz is a big risk if it’s picked up but if you can’t pressure a good passer with four guys you need to take that risk cause no pass rush usually equals a loss in today’s NFL.

  27. How the hell do you get a delay of game in that situation. What a pea brain. And Ward can’t cover crap.

  28. Cutler sounds nice giving credit to everyone else, maybe married life is good for him, kapernick needs a wife!

  29. Ive said it once ill say it again..levis stadium is cursed..3 people have died there already…shoukd have never left sf….

  30. Kap gave the game away. 4 TOs. If there were a competent backup QB on this team, I’d bench him for next week. Oh and Harbaugh, play Carradine! Need rush up there besides Smith. And Roman, stop with the whole 3 runs up the middle and punt or kick an FG inside the 10 crap. You think teams are looking pass first with this team or not looking for Kap to run? Everyone is looking for it Snatching a loss from the jaws of victory.

  31. What a weird, strange, game. Our defense was on fire for the first half and then disappeared the second half. Worst game ever by Kaepernick. Not even sure what to say on some of those throws. Also, can we please fire Roman. I am so sick of the pistol crap. It is terrible and doesn’t work 3/4 of the time and sets up back to 2nd 15 more times than I can count. What a sad effort by team. Really embarrassing in the 2nd half. Kudos to the Bears for sticking in there, they really aren’t that good, but looked like a world beater for 2 Q’s.

  32. 16 penalties. I guess the changes hurt us like we expected them to hurt Seattle. That was a horrible loss. The team should be embarrassed. The coaching staff should be embarrassed.

  33. That was pretty awful. The QB looked like he was staring into an abyss…much like last year, and the offensive plan–was there any?– was inept and lacking on physical play that has become the trademark of this team. It was pretty awful–Dennis Erickson awful…

  34. Grant,
    Ok, I’ll say it for you; Kaepernick – F+

    We made it a little interesting in the end, but we deserved to lose this game. 4 TO’ and the defense allowed Cutler and both Bears WR’ (who were supposed to be hurt) to make big plays down the stretch.

    Gore’ long TD run called back for a phantom holding penalty was bogus, but these calls are going to be part of a game and good teams should be able to overcome them.
    One of CK’ worse games, but there is plenty of blame to go around.

    1. On the Niners home opening. You’d think that the team would have been amped up for this game…they looked flat and mediocre against a hapless and average Bears team.

  35. Plenty of blame to go around. I am to tired to name everyone responsible but that was a depressing way to start the Levi stadium era. This looks like a team in transition. Gotta regroup.

    1. Domingo: they sort of look like last year’s team. Mediocre QB play, good Oline run blocking..and hoping the D holds the line.

    1. I meant go back to the stick, maybe I need alcohol ! I have not had any for thirty years! Games like this hurt!

    1. tale of two halves for the both lines. I would have given both lines B’s in the first half. Bears couldn’t run and really couldn’t pass. OL had good protection and Gore had a couple good runs, although we did not run a whole lot to begin with. Second half, everyone F’s

        1. Boldin and Crabtree were on the same side of the field the last play. Kap was looking that way. They were within 5 yards of each other. I just think Kap was looking to throw to Crabtree.

        2. I saw a QB with “happy feet”…at times he held on to the ball too long, at times he threw into coverage, and at times he didn’t know what to do and ran for his life.

          1. Agreed. Nobody is perfect. However all Kap had to do was get it over the DB and Boldin would have had a TD. Providing he caught it.

          2. I don’t think I’ve ever see you post anything positive.
            I wish you a blessed night and a new day in which you can find something simple and beautiful to smile at.

            1. First time I ever posted. I wouldn’t say I was negative, just stating what i saw and thought. You must have me confused with someone else.

            2. Sam:

              I don’t care what you think about my comments. Get one thing clear: you don’t tell me what to think or write. You don’t have to read my comments…you certainly don’t have to bother to respond to them. I don’t care.

              If you are interested on cuteness and feel good commentary about your team then write it yourself.

  36. WR D, Crabtree gave up a INT and then dropped the potential winning td. Boldin was not even in this game!

  37. Roman is horrible, Fangio fails to adjust, sloppy penalties/bad zebras, Kap looking remedial (ouch). The blue-print is out now, use tall physical recievers in the slot against Ward. Fangio better get ready to see Ward getting exposed by Fitzgerald and Floyd in the slot next week. To think we could have traded up for Fuller to be our slot corner. I still like Ward better because he will eventually shift to safety. Got out-classed by a hungier team and smarter playcaller vs. Fangio. Tresman dictated mis-matches whereas Roman didn’t. Where was the mismatch nightmare VD tonght? Total team fail tonight with a big assist from the referees!

  38. Wow. What an inspiring effort… laying a great steaming turd in your new home stadium in your first game that counts.

    I can accept losing because the other team outplayed you. Or outcoached you. Or just had a good game.

    Losing because you tripped over your own dick all night long… Losing because you blew a 17 point lead… Losing because, AGAIN, your team was simply not emotionally prepared to play and lost its composure, committing penalty after penalty… Yeah. Not so much.

    This team has very arguably one of the top two or three rosters in the league in terms of talent. Hell, arguably, maybe the best. So I’m getting damned tired of them not being prepared and not playing up to that level. And that finger has to be pointed straight at Jim Harbaugh at this point.

  39. Seattle lost to a good team…we lost to a rag tag half ass team of back ups…Im really starting to hate roman..

    1. Starting, I have hated the offensive philosophy of the Hairball era since the very first game they coached. Hairball and Roman have a backwards, ultra-conservative, philosophy that was outdated decades ago.

  40. Not much to add here, but …

    1) Kaep played terribly

    2) The secondary dropped 3 INTs

    3) Dial and Lynch need to play more and Tank needs to play some

    Harbaugh has no killer instinct. Those who blame Roman fail to recognize that all plays go through Harbaugh, and the conservative nature of the team is its ethos, as cultivated by its head coach. It’s not that they don’t have the plays or the personnel; they do, the team is simply astray once it gains a lead of more than 7 points.

    The sad truth is that the coaching staff will likely interpret Kaep’s 3-INT game as proof that the team needs to get even more conservative.

    This team will never win a Super Bowl with Harbaugh as its head coach; not unless Harbaugh takes heed of Crabtree’s credo:

    “Stay on the gas — we’ve got to keep on that gas. If we score, we keep scoring. We score until we can’t score no more.”

    1. spot on! NO KILLER INSTINCT. Last week niners should’ve won by 30 and tonight by 20. All these motions, formations, trick plays, pistol as the base offense is such the wrong mindset! Power running is the 49ers strength. Were there any wr/rb screens today? Bubble screens? quick slants? Those are suppose to be the plays that set up the trick plays. I feel most of you here in this room could call a better game than Roman. (probably over reacting a bit but…)

  41. This loss reminds of last year when Frank got sick of the play calling and wanted the ball. Way too much pistol and way too much passing.

  42. Colin Krapernick..fold under pressure…..fade to craptree..ive seen this movie before…fire Harbaugh draft a qb….

  43. Im going to predict the niners will start the season 1-4. The cardinals defense is much better than the bears defense, and I cant see our defense holding on for a whole game.
    Then we are playing the Eagles… who I cant see us scoring with.
    Ugg its going to be rough start to the season.

  44. I like kaep. This was a strange growing pains type game I thought we were past? He wasn’t bad he was atrocious. You can see it in the 4th quarter, he looked lost again. He didn’t have a lot of time, welcome to Alex Smith’s live behind that bad KC line. Alex didn’t get it done either.
    It’s going to be a weird season. Saints 0-2, AZ looks good and they have great coaching and look who their QB is — yeah old man Carson Palmer.

  45. Let’s see, the year SF went to the Super Bowl they lost an early lead to Dallas. So what can we take from tonight:
    1. The Michael Crabtree resigning should be cheaper than initially thought. Missed play in the Super Bowl and another missed play tonight.
    2. Our pass rush nonexistent. We already knew this.
    3. Our secondary suspect. Again we already knew this.
    4. Greg Roman is a horrible play caller. Old news.
    5. Our QB had a bad game but I attribute that to play calling and OL blocking. When you are constantly running for your life and play calling doesn’t expose their stacking the box, you can expect mistakes.
    6. We won’t go undefeated this year. Shucks.
    7. We tend to overreact when calmer heads should prevail.

    So, tonight we learned we have the same record that we went to the Super Bowl with. Our free agent receiver continues to make himself cheaper. Our star QB made himself a whole lot cheaper with 4 picks probably keeping him out of a probowl start. We all have beautiful lives families and a world outside of football. Cheers.

  46. High level look

    1. CK turnovers were simply a killer. It should of been 27-0 at half. Some of those were not really on him. The 2 Fuller INTs. He made great plays. However it is hard to bounce back from 4 TO.
    2. OL was letting too much pressure. Not a horrible day but not the best when it counted.
    3. Crabs has to make that catch

    4. NO PASS RUSH ALL GAME. This is what did us in and let Cutler and those gig receivers kill us.
    5. Boy did Jimmie Ward look out matched.
    6. NO PASS RUSH ALL GAME. Had to add this one again b/c we have a problem there.

    7. Bad call in first half with that quick draw to Gore at the goal line. We were 7+ wards out or whatever, we needed to throw and put these guys away early.
    8. No fly sweeps or some type of bubble screen to Ellington?? There are a lot of rookie WRs that look good these first two weeks… ticktock, ticktock… not questioning the draft just yet, it is early, but we need to deploy this guy and get some speed/play makers out there.
    9. Overall bland play calling on both sides of the ball. We just didn’t seem to adjust at half time.

  47. Few now-drunken thouhgts:

    1. Kyle Fuller was as good as I thought he was going to be, maybe better. Really wish we traded up for him.
    2. One of the positives, few as they may be, is Aaron Lynch is going to be really good. Even if him failing to fall on the fumble could a play you point to to show why we lost the game.
    3. Kaepernick was pretty bad with his reads tonight, but the OL played terrible as well. Iupati just completely misses blocks 5 times a game and for the love of god can Anthony Davis get healthy so I don’t have to see Jonathan Martin?!
    4. I’m 5% sure that Vegas paid off the refs
    5. Jimmie Ward got torn up but IDK what fangio expects when hes matched up with Brandon 6’4 Marshall in the REDZONE! What is he thinking? Honestly
    6. We dropped like 8 picks tonight, that might be hyperbolic but it doesn’t feel that way,
    7. Roman’s run on 3rd and 6 inside the 10 yard line should’ve warned us all how this game would turn out. Bad OMEN!
    8. Kaepernick looked pissed at the end of the game, and I’m happy he did. He better be pissed this whole year til he wins #6.
    9. Okay I’m done

  48. Ive rode a motorcycle my whole life..first thing any good rider will tell you whenever youre in trouble give it gas! You ride on the offensive. .never cruise in one lane in one speed! The niners have no killer intsinct whatsoever…so sick of seeing the same thing over and over

    1. spot on! NO KILLER INSTINCT. Last week niners should’ve won by 30 and tonight by 20. All these motions, formations, trick plays, pistol as the base offense is such the wrong mindset! Power running is the 49ers strength. Were there any wr/rb screens today? Bubble screens? quick slants? Those are suppose to be the plays that set up the trick plays. I feel most of you here in this room could call a better game than Roman. (probably over reacting a bit but…)

  49. Coaching – F bad play calling against a weak team in your home opener. Fangio failed to create added pressure to compensate for Aldon smith. Bo middle blitzes or zone blitzes. Roman needs to move back to Italy. His lack luster play calling is hurting this team. No screens, reverses or even crossing patterns for the wr’s. What happened to the fly sweep?
    Qb- F kap looked like he did in Seattle, lost with poor accuracy. Too many turnovers and missed plays. Steve Johnson was open on the next to last play.
    O line- D created some running lanes but got shut down on short yardage and obvious passing downs. When is Davis coming back?
    Rb- C+ Gore was as good as can be considering his line. He had a long run called back on a phantom flag that would have put the game away.
    TE- B+ Davis was good before he got injured. Carrier was a nice surprise.
    WR- C- THEY were no where to be seen at the end.
    D-line C stopped the run and had a couple of sacks but no real pass rush. Cutler made his average line and wr’s look good.
    LB- C Bowman is our best lb. Aldon is really missed. He hides our pass rushing deficiency. Brooks needs to go to Jenny craig. Skuta??? Who?
    CB-D let hurt wr’s look like world beaters. Culliver still can’t locate the ball in the air.
    Safety-D couldn’t stop the TE and failed to control the middle of the field with any big hits.
    Special teams-A made all field goals, punted and covered well. Blocked a punt early.

    Fans F. Too quiet in crucial times. I’m worried the new stadium has out priced the real fan.
    Stadium- C nice amenities but missed the opportunity to make it a home field advantage fortress Ala Seattle. Could have built an acoustic nightmare but didn’t.
    Refs – F too many flags, some really bad ones that affected the outcome.
    Overall, a big letdown for the opener considering Seattle lost.. …

    1. Very well put. Especially your comment about the fans. Seemed like Kaep was running for his life 2nd half. How did it look on TV?

  50. The bitter thing to me about this loss is the way you could see it coming. I was nervous even before the half ended. Too many times in the Harbaugh Era we’ve seen the team come out flat for big games, or go into the tank when they should be finishing an opponent. At this point I have to reluctantly question the heart of this team. And of the coaching staff…

    1. Exactly…its the same thing over and over and over..Nolan used to do the same thing..This is the NFL..And yes the true fans have been priced out but I could have told you that was gonna happen..You think the Yorks really care ? They’re making millions …Millionaires dont get there by caring about average souls like me and you…

  51. Good thing is we have one bad season then hire Bevil…I know Seattle lost but theyre play calling is amazing…so fresh and keeps the ball in theyre plaakers hands…Roman is a nincunpoop…weve already seen what we have..you know that guy that sticks with the girl that cheats on him and thinks shes gonna change?..Weve seen what Harbs and co have to offer…im reqdy for a change..its not gonna get better..J Harb is the modern day A Reid!

  52. Things we knew…
    – Kaepernick fails to see underneath coverage, especially to his left.
    – Harbaugh/Kaepernick has very poor clock/game management skills in the 4th qtr. I’ve never seen a team behind two scores, sub 4 mins to go, run a slow-down offense. Ever.

    Things we learned
    – The 49ers pass rush fades to nothing without Aldon Smith. If he can stay off the sauce he will be a very wealthy man.
    – “Emphasis” is synonymous with “appalling.” There is something horribly wrong with the way officials are doing their jobs.
    – Colin is trying to kill his receiving corps. I’ve rarely seen more widow-makers thrown in a single game. Tis better to have an incompletion then a teammate with a spinal injury.

      1. I still think of 8 as two scores… especially when its the 49ers, who are not that good at critical red zone passing situations.

  53. I was in a noisy burger place where the sound was unclear. Anyone has a sense of how loud the stadium was compared to The Stick?

  54. There are two things that are hindering thus team. I will rank them in order:
    1. The QB. He is not a smart player. He doesn’t use his head. Only his feet.

    2. The coaches

    Now I do think they can win in spite of these defects. The rest of the team is that good.

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