49ers vs. Bears live blog: Pregame

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers’ Week 2 game against the Bears. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:41 I just walked down to the field and checked out the grass. It looks bad already. See for yourself.

3:45 Antonio Gates has 6 catches for 81 yards and THREE touchdowns against the Seahawks. Maybe Roman needs to evaluate how the Chargers use Gates and apply some of those concepts to Vernon Davis.

3:48 Brandon Marshall will be active tonight according to Adam Schefter. Marshall does not seem inhibited running around the field before the game. He injured his ankle last week against the Bills.

3:50 Make that 7 catches and 96 yards for Gates.

4:04 The 49ers’ inactives are Josh Johnson, Quinton Patton, Tramaine Brock, Marcus Martin, Anthony Davis, Demarcus Dobbs and Brandon Lloyd.

4:06 Lineup changes for the 49ers: Jonathan Martin for Anthony Davis, Perrish Cox for Tramaine Brock. Seems to suggest that Joe Looney will start at right guard, not Alex Boone.

4:07 The Bears’ inactives are Josh Morgan, Khaseem Greene, Roberto Garza, Matt Slauson, Charles Leno Jr., David Bass and Cornelius Washington. Lineup changes: Michael Ola for Matt Slauson and Brian de la Puente for Roberto Garza. Seems to suggest Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are starting.

4:55 Chunks of sod fly as receivers cut.

4:57 Boone seems to be starting at right guard. He lined up at right guard with the first team during warmups. On the other hand, Dillon Farrell lined up at center and Joe Looney lined up at left guard with the first team during warmups. So who knows?

5:21 California’s Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome on Ray McDonald: “The 49ers’ continued insistence on playing Ray McDonald during his ongoing criminal investigation is a painful affront to every victim of domestic violence and sends a troubling message to our community and especially our children that ‘zero tolerance’ are empty words, not real actions.” Read more here.

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        1. Pretty sure they also threw at Sherman. Gotta keep that defense honest and cannot tip the field.

  1. Go chargers!! Good win. They are just another football team away from the link. That and a good offensive plan

  2. What happened Pete??? Ha ha ha……give me some fresh bubblicious…..Ha ha ha Petey bird!!!! 3rd place Petey!!!

    1. The Chargers should have been 2 -0 right now against the so called best division in the NFL. Crazy…

  3. Wow, no Brandon Lloyd this week. But both Dial and Tank are active. Looking forward to seeing the DL rotation.

    1. Without Loyd and Patton in the lineup the Niners still have to many weapons. So good to be a Niner fan right now.

  4. With Patton and Lloyd out it’s fair to assume we’ll see more of Ellington then previously thought.

  5. What’s more likely, Boone isn’t ready to play or the team is trying to send a message.

  6. And down go the SheHawks!

    The whole game I thought the bogus TD that Seattle scored was gonna bite Dago in the rear end but there is justice in the world.

  7. Seattle 21 and San Diego 30
    Niners ___ and Chicago ____

    Note to Coach Harbaw:
    the jury is still out, fella.

    1. DS is home alone again…….vacuum up the Cheetos crumbs before mommy gets home DS……..I love this blog..Lol

    2. And Alex Smith fails again on 4th and two at the Denver two yard line. Your boy is now 0-2. He might be 0-4 by the time he plays SF. Is the jury still out on Smith? I think not, ‘Harbaw’ made the right choice.

      1. If you saw the pass you would be aware that a Denver defensive lineman deflected the ball and changed its trajectory and direction.

  8. 49ers inactives
    WR Brandon Lloyd
    WR Quinton Patton
    RT Anthony Davis
    CB Tramaine Brock
    C Marcus Martin
    QB Josh Johnson
    DL Demarcus Dobbs

    Both Dial and Carradine gonna play.

  9. Maybe they will spell both Looney at RG and Martin at RT with Boone because Boone can play both spots and be an upgrade in relief.

    1. And Dillon Farrell lined up at center with the first team in warmups, and Joe Looney lined up at left guard with the first team in warmups. Tough to read into that.

      1. That’s just psychological ploy in pre-game to throw a monkey wrench into the minds of those Bear coaches watching the Niners warm up. Teams also run some “garbage plays” or show a crazy personnel grouping just for mental baiting of the opposition.

  10. Man Rivers can play. I hope more OC’s lean into Mr. Sherman a bit.

    From NFL.com
    3. It’s rare to see the Seahawks’ pass defense so thoroughly dominated. They missed a lot of tackles and struggled with short crossing patterns. Rivers wasn’t afraid of throwing at Richard Sherman. They completed their first four passes toward Sherman for 56 yards.

  11. Loved seeing SD put a beat down on the champs. What i loved even more was seeing Allen route Sherman on multiple occasions. 1/2 of a great sunday is in the books. Now lets finish this Sunday right! GO NINERS

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