49ers vs. Rams live blog


This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 3 Thursday night game against the Rams. I will update frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

5:06 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • SS Eric Reid
  • LB Reuben Foster
  • WR Kendrick Bourne
  • CB Ahkello Witherspoon
  • LB Pita Taumoepenu
  • OL Erik Magnuson
  • DL Xavier Cooper

5:09 Here are the Rams inactives:

  • QB Brandon Allen
  • RB Malcolm Brown
  • DB Marqui Christian
  • OL Andrew Donnal
  • OL Cornelius Lucas
  • LB Ejuan Price
  • CB Kayvon Webster

5:19 Here is the view of the stands from the press box:

5:20 The Rams win the toss and defer. The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.

5:27 The first play of the game is a pass to Marquise Goodwin. And it’s intercepted. Unbelievable. Why is Kyle Shanahan calling the first play of the game for Goodwin two weeks in a row?

5:38 Todd Gurley runs up the middle for a touchdown. 7-0 Rams.

5:39 Hoyer comes back and leads an 81-yard touchdown drive. The Niners converted three third downs on that drive. On third-and-4 from the Rams 40, Hoyer completed a 12-yard pass to Matt Breida. On third-and-1 from the Rams 19, Hyde ran for four yards. And on third-and-4 from the Rams nine, Hoyer scrambled around the right end and ran for the touchdown. That’s the 49ers first touchdown of the season. Tie game.

5:42 Hyde left the game for a few plays during that drive. He seems to have an abdominal injury. Something to watch.

5:44 Hyde has a hip injury. His return is questionable.

5:45 The 49ers force a three-and-out with a sack on third down, but Dontae Johnson committed a holding penalty downfield.  Automatic first down. Brutal.

5:49 On third-and-2 from the 49ers 7, Ray Ray Armstrong runs into a rub route and gives up a touchdown catch to Todd Gurley. Armstrong and Johnson killed the 49ers defense on that drive.

5:52 Breida is on the field for the first play. Hyde is on the sideline with his helmet on.

5:55 Raheem Mostert fumbles at the Rams 39 yard line. Rams recover at their 32. Yikes.

6:04 The Rams will attempt a 48-yard field goal when the second quarter starts.

6:07 The field goal is good. Rams lead 17-7.

6:15 On third-and-3, no one is open, so Hoyer checks down to Garcon and the pass gets broken up.

6:16 Tavon Austin fumbles the punt and Kyle Nelson recovers for the 49ers and the Rams 12.

6:19 On first-and-10, Joe Staley commits a false start. Two plays later, Kyle Juszczyk commits a hold. On second-and-18, Shanahan calls one of my plays from last week — Y Stick Nod — and George Kittle drops the pass. Robbie Gould makes a 36-yard field goal, and the Niners trail 17-10. The Niners “drove” six yards backwards during that possession. What a waste of an opportunity.

6:25 Rams go three and out. Goff completed one-of-three passes for negative two yards during that series.

6:34 On third-and-17 from midfield, Garcon runs a deep comeback routes, makes a contested catches, breaks a tackle and picks up the first down. That’s why you throw to him.

6:35 On third-and-4 from the 26, The Rams double Garcon and Trent Taylor, and Hoyer doesn’t know whom to throw to. So, he takes a sack. Gould makes a 48-yard field goal, and the Niners trail 17-13.

6:37 Shanahan called a shot play to Kyle Juszczyk on the first play of that drive, and he caught a 34-yard pass down the middle of the field.

6:38 Shanahan passed up two free downs to take shots — first-and-5 and second-and-3. He ran both times and picked up just one yard. Unrealistic to think the 49ers can smash their way into the end zone from 27 yards out. Have to throw the ball into the end zone from that distance.

6:49 Goff completes four-of-four passes for 60 yards during a 75-yard touchdown drive. Gurley finishes it with a 2-yard touchdown run. The Rams made that look easy. Solomon Thomas has been completely invisible. Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth owns him. Rams lead 24-13 with 49 seconds left in the first half, and they’ll get the ball to start the second half.

6:51 The kickoff flies out of bounds. They have the ball at their 40 with 49 seconds and three timeouts. They have to try to score here.

6:53 On third-and-3 from the 49ers 47, Shanahan calls a five-man protection and Trent Brown gives up a sack to Connor Barwin. Don’t need to send five receivers into the pattern on third-and-3. That’s the last play of the first half.

6:54 The worst sequence of the first half came after Tavon Austin’s fumble. The 49ers followed that up with a false start by Joe Staley, a hold by Kyle Juszczyk and a drop by George Kittle. That’s what losers do. The Niners got a field goal instead of a touchdown.

7:08 First-half TPS report: 49ers, 10. Rams, 4.

7:17 Sammy Watkins makes a Willie-Mays-eqsue over-the-shoulder deep catch. Takes notes, Marquise Goodwin. A few plays later, the Rams kick a short field goal. They lead 27-13.

7:29 Carlos Hyde burts into the end zone from one yard out. 49ers trail 27-20. That was a 75-yard, 10-play drive, and Hyde got the ball on six of those plays. Hoyer made a beautiful 19-yard throw to Garcon while taking an illegal hit from Aaron Donald on the first play of the drive. Hoyer has played well since his interception on the first play of the game. That interception was horrendous, though. Hoyer never should have thrown that pass.

7:48 Goff throws a one-yard touchdown pass to Watkins. Rams lead 34-20 with 17 seconds left in the third quarter. The Niners committed three penalties on that drive. Jaquiski Tartt left the game with a head injury.

7:51 Juszczyk is out with a neck injury. Tartt is questionable with a head injury.

7:52 First play of the drive, Hoyer throws a 50-yard pass into double coverage, and Goodwin leaps to make the catch. Goodwin actually attacked the ball at its highest point. Good for him. First-and-10 from the Rams 25 when the fourth quarter begins.

7:52 Tartt and Brock Coyle are out. Both have concussions.

7:59 Hoyer throws a one-yard play-action touchdown pass to Garrett Celek on first-and-goal. But Gould misses the extra point wide left. Niners trail 34-26.

8:00 Hoyer has had a really good game. If he hadn’t made that really bad throw on the first play of the game, the Niners would be down by just one point. Still, the Niners can win if their defense stops the Rams.

8:11 Jared Goff throws to a wide open Watkins on third-and-4 from the 49ers 13, and Watkins runs through three defenders on his way to the end zone. 41-26 Rams.

8:12 NaVorro Bowman missed his third tackle of the game during the drive. This missed tackle led to a 27-yard gain on third-and-10. He is washed up.

8:14 Tank Carradine is a questionable with an ankle injury.

8:18 The 49ers drop two passes on this series. They punt from their 35. Austin makes the fair catch at the Rams 14.

8:23 Lorenzo Jerome blitzes up the middle on third-and-9 and forces Goff to throw an errant pass. Rams go three-and-out. Niners ball at their 36 with 6:35 left.

8:26 Hoyer throws a 59-yard bomb down the left sideline to Garcon. Beautiful throw, beautiful catch. Three plays later, Hoyer throws a three-yard touchdown pass to Trent Taylor. 49ers trail 41-33 with 5:08 left. Hoyer’s passer rating is 106.

8:27 Pharoah Cooper fumbles the kick return at the Rams 29 and the 49ers recover. Un-freaking-beliavable. Victor Bolden Jr. made the strip. Aldrick Robinson recovered the ball.

8:37 The Niners face fourth-and-goal from the 1 with 2:17 left.

8:38 Hyde runs up the middle for a touchdown. Now the Niners have to go for two.

8:40 Hoyer’s pass is intercepted by Michael Brockers. The pass was intended for Trent Taylor, who ran a whip route to the inside. The corner jumped the route and batted the ball to Brockers.

8:41 Of course, the 49ers recover the onside kick. Raheem Mostert came down with the ball. Niners start from midfield with 2:10 left and one timeout.

8:46 On third-and-10, Hoyer throws a 12-yard completion to Taylor, but Taylor is flagged for offensive pass interference. On fourth-and-20, Aaron Donald sacks Hoyer. And that’s the game. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope report and team grades.

8:49 How awful was Fusco on that last play? He let Donald go right by him.

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  1. Man our team and the Bay Area are literally the laughing stock of the NFL right now…Thanks Jed..
    I’m thinking we go heavy on defense again next year…listened to D Bruce basically insult our fans and stadium all the way home..NFL Network making jokes about our attendance and everyone but Mooch picking us to win…Wow..The York’s and Baalke might make history for destroying one of the NFLs crown jewels

    1. I’ve got a suspicion Shanny really wants to beat McVay. One things for sure, he’s quite familiar with Phillips’ defense.

  2. High hopes were dependent on descent play from Hoyer this year. He has proved that he doesn’t belong. Another QB that Kaepernick is better than and is still unemployed.

  3. Who’s the Rams OC ?
    That play-action rollout to the left called right at that point in the drive reminded me of vintage 49ers playcalling from the 80’s.

    1. He’s gotten held twice on pass-rushes. WHy the refs aren’t calling it when the OT has his hands full of jersey and is pulling him is a bit of mystery.

  4. I don’t care if Hyde runs for 2 grrrr this year. I’m done with him. He will just sign a big contract and play 20 percent of the time.

  5. Wonder who’s gonna claim credit for some of the positive things we’re seeing tonight? Certainly won’t take credit for the not-so-good.

      1. Well, I liked that the Niners lined up Hyde deep in the I. Hoyer rolled out and scored. Garcon did a stutter step and got open. They did not seem to let the play clock go lower than 5 seconds. They actually ran the hurry up for a bit.
        I am amazed they saved their time outs, but Hoyer keeps on getting sacked at the most inopportune time. O line needs to gel more.
        Glad to see Juszczyck and Kittle get more involved in the passing game, but Kittle needs to hold onto the ball. Hoyer started out Hoyerifically , but redeemed himself with that TD.
        The officiating has called some bad phantom calls.
        Niners need to start avoiding the self inflicted wounds..
        However, they are competitive, and could win if they focus.

  6. Call it what it is. Hoyer made the big mistake at the beginning but he’s looked pretty good since. It’s all the other players committing stupid penalties, dropping balls and fumbling. Pass protection is shaky. We still have a ballgame. Be happy! ;)

    1. Common Coffeee,
      You didn’t hear Shanahan yelling that Hoyer must throw the out route regardless of coverage and other available routes?

      1. Actually I just heard a clip of the headset call and Shanahan actually told Hoyer to close his eyes before throwing the ball so my bad sorry Grant, I was totally wrong. It was all Shanahan’s fault on that interception. Good call dude.

  7. This team is unwatchable..And they wonder why the stands are empty..Brick by brick..good thing we drafted S Thomas he’s a real difference maker..Oh yeah and let’s go into half with three Timo outs ..good job Shannahan..He’s over his head

  8. Where are those idiots that said our defense was solid last week??? …. I told you our defense sucks … Our Dline can’t put pressure… you were all excited because we sacked Wilson 3 times. Seattle’s oline is just as bad or maybe worse than our oline…

  9. There’s plenty of blame to go around in the first half. 16 new coaches, over 30 new players and 15 rookies. Were in essence an expansion team and that is what we look like. If only the NFL was easier. It’s not.

  10. The scariest thing to me is that any time the rams run the ball they get 5 yards. Even though the niners have 8 in the box most of the time.

  11. #80 says:
    September 17, 2017 at 5:55 pm
    The refs were horrible at key points in the game. I overrated Hoyer before the season, but not the team. We were beating Seattle in the 4th quarter. I think Gore was around the last time that happened. This team is better and is only 1 year away if we get a QB and and address the interior OL.

    Are you thinking otherwise now ?

    1. The refs were horrible last week.
      I overrated Hoyer. Yeah , I acknowledged that myself.
      We were beating Seattle last week.
      If we have a quality QB and improve the OL we will be in the championship picture.

      Qb is the most important. Protecting the QB is the second most important. A well protected franchise QB is the difference in most offenses.

      That pick 6 is on Hoyer. Not the D or Shanny. Hoyer’s poor play is gassing the Niners D, especially the D line. Defenses can be good with lesser DBs if they have a good pass rush. The Panthers have done it that way.

      So no, I’m not thinking otherwise. BTW, This D looked a lot better with Foster.

      1. Dude our D is garbage. We put no pressure on the opposing QB. The only reason we sacked Wilson is because their Oline SUCKS !! …

  12. Razor eator..talks all kinds of intellectual football talk..wrong every time..your a garbage poster Razor and a brown noser..You Seb and #80 should go talk football in your tree house cause you all are idiots

    1. I love the gameday trolls. Diesel, to your credit, you actually comment throughout the week. Others come on here only to say the team sucks with little or no analysis.

      So what am I wrong about exactly? What are Razor and seb wrong about? Be specific. Or are you just trolling?

  13. Sorta figured the game was doomed considering the start. The best thing this team does is shoot themselves in the feet. Hoyer reminds me of Checkdown Smith and the defense is no gas and all brake tonight. Disappointing… This team has a loooooooong way to go. Here’s hoping Shanahan can light a fire under this team’s azz. Otherwise the Lambs could put up another 20+ before this game is over :/

  14. Wait, we play an offense that can score and move the ball and suddenly our defense doesn’t look so great?!? I’m completely shocked by this. Can we go back to playing teams with a QB that averages less then 6 yards a throw so people think the defense is getting better.

    1. Yeah, I said during the week the 49ers D wasn’t as good as it is being made to look, and some team soon would put a score on them. Looks like it didn’t take long to happen.

      1. I’m not finding that comment, in fact all i can find is you complementing the defense against Seattle and then agreeing with Grant that this is a winnable game.

  15. This is the worst coached football team I have seen in my 39 years on this earth. Time for shanny to get an OC and an experienced assistant head coach.

  16. Shanahan is a smart offensive coach but appears to lack leadership ability. This team is so undisciplined and when players make mistakes in big moments he doesn’t call them out. Rashad and Dontae are killing us. Terrible CB play.

  17. Nice, they saved their time outs for legitimate challenges.
    Did my eyes deceive me, or did they go up tempo?
    Glad KS went BOLD.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

  18. Razor..please enlighten us on this situation oh knowledgeable one..what should we do..your always wrong but please keep kissing Grants ass and posting like you own this blog

  19. Ive been a fan since my first game with my Grandmother at Kezar in 1955 and ive seen this team before. `We will come back eventually but not with this coach or QB.

  20. Through three quarters. 34 points. Goff 20/25 252 yds. 2 TD 135.3 QBR. Gurley 20 for 58 2 TD. Watkins 5 Catches 93 yd. 1 TD. Nobody on the defense looks good.

  21. Hoyer 17/24 246 yd. 1 TD 1 INT 100.3 QBR 1 RSH TD. Don’t blame the game on Hoyer. Interceptions happen. It just happened early. The defense has been the culprit.

  22. Win or lose at this one and the last one were competitive. It’s good to see back to back competitive games. Especially after Carolina

  23. Seb, I stated long ago that this team has no depth, especially on defense, and you said that I was wrong, and came up with some convoluted answer about veterans they have on the roster. Remember? Told ya! ;>)

    1. Juan, please be classy. We may have disagreed about the depth, but Lynch signed 20 FAs and they have 15 rookies, so the roster turnover was great, but they also filled a lot of holes. Niners have lost Smith, Foster, Garnett, Joe Williams, Reid, Tartt and others, so the depth is thinning.

  24. Looking at the Rams Offense… damn they have a ton of high picks.
    Goff, Gurley, Watkins, Austin, Woods and Kupp… they are young and fast.

    1. dude i don’t sit in front of the computer when im watching the game…. The DLine does not put pressure and cannot disengage. The LB’s can’t cover or tackle, The CB’s do not turn their head around and get called for penalties all day long. Our Oline can’t block for shit … what else do you want me to tell you ?

    1. While I generally agree, that 4th down play was huge. They spent a time out, but they also succeeded.
      I agree with the second time out. Burning a time out when all they had to do was get the play off in time, may have helped them lose.

        1. Patience is needed #80. Even if he fails to show up on film this season, it does not mean Thomas is a bust. Plenty of rookies have struggled during their first year.

          1. I’m not burying him yet. Just making weekly evaluations of his progress or the lack thereof. Before the draft I asked who would have the smoothest transition. I said Adams. At #3 I wanted a player that would make an immediate impact.

            1. There is no guarantee Adams would have made an immediate impact #80. It is possible that he could have struggled or have been bitten by the injury bug.

  25. Good effort. Keep working. Get healthy because they have zero depth. Maybe for at least one week we don’t have to hear the bench Hoyer nonsense. Have a great night all.

  26. Fusco sucks balls. Whiffs on Donald and failed to block on the screen to Hyde where Hyde would have ran for 30 and put them in FG range. The guy should be benched.

  27. Great game….Rams were the better team, but not by too much. We have some great pieces – Garcon, Hyde, Taylor to build on….so not totally hopeless.

  28. Well I think that game was pretty much what everyone expected to see…

    Kudos to the team for playing through the 4th quarter and being there when the Rams started running out of gas. Too bad they couldn’t finish with the win.

    The first half of this game is much more indicative of who and where these teams are. The Rams have more talent and are farther along in becoming a better team. If Goff continues to improve they could become a strong team in the near future.

    1. I agree. However, Goff continues to back up in the pocket when there is pressure. It’s almost a flinch. I am not yet soled on him. (I would take him over Hoyer, however).

      1. Goff is doing so much better because they went out and signed an elite tackle, trades for Watson and drafted well.
        We always knew the defense was stout, but with good WRs, Gurley, and a much improved O line, Goff finally has decent support.

  29. I know it probably doesn’t matter, but I never understand how a quarterback takes a sack on the last play of the game, feel the pressure and throw the ball up, who cares, anything is better than a sack

  30. Calls like that ruin games ..over and over..that’s the second week in a row refs won the game ..sorry..we played like crap but that was horrible

  31. Niners played them tough. Rams are legit.
    Hoyer started out bad, but came back strong.
    Grant was right about taking shots down field.
    Gould miss was a self inflicted wound, and cost them the game.
    Another moral defeat.

  32. This game was A+ because the culture changed.
    There are no moral victories but this was a win for the future direction of the team.
    Get Jimmy G next year.

    1. NO! Stick with evaluating players and leave the concept of rebuilding to people who can comprehend the long term big picture. It is obvious that you are locked into a methodical box.

  33. No argument there Coffee. It’s not going to happen overnight and fans are gonna have to have patience. I remember fans and media (Somebody’s father!) calling for Walsh to be fired during the ’79 2-14 season. It’s human nature, especially in this day and age where everyone wants everything RIGHT NOW!! Can’t wait for the press conference, or as I call it the “Spanish Inquisition!”. Who is Grant going after this week? Say tuned!

  34. The Niner’s almost blew it this time by winning the game. They just need to continue to play and compete but lose close games to get a high draft pick for next season. This team is on track to become a solid long term contender if they stay on track and don’t try to focus on winning at the expense of rebuilding.

    1. Sorry Will, but I vehemently disagree. Niners will only build a winning culture by winning games. There will be a QB available,no matter where the Niners draft.
      I was extremely disappointed they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
      Winning is everything. Next game should be winnable.

    2. For what?To draft a first round qb who have a 49% chance of becoming good?Yeah be patient this team might contend in 5 years..Really positive outlook

  35. My first takes:

    *I hate to lose and I hate to lose to the Rams. (It is almost as bad a losing to the Dodgers).

    *I am encouraged for the future. I like the coaches and I like the schemes, on offense and defense. We may be only one or two years away from being truly relevant. This will be a fun team to watch grow.

    *The defense is not far from being good. Baring injury, they will continue to improve throughout the season.

    *The offense may make a slight improvement, but their ceiling this season is very low. Interior of the O line must be a priority.

    *This may be news to many, but Brian Hoyer is not the long term answer at qb.

    *I am a long time fan. I hate the black uniforms!

    *Did anybody see the offensive pass interference on Taylor? They showed one quick replay from the back side and I saw nothing.

    * Grant’s prediction was optimistic. We will win 6 games this year, but we will finish strong.

  36. Pretty hilarious reading this game blog from beginning to end. We got some grade-A blowhard doofuses in the house. Who said it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt?

        1. Yeah us so called fans always expect way too much. What are we thinking? We should never expect too much because we might offend the “true” fans. Lol

      1. Rib, I will be the first to admit that Hoyer played very well, when I expected a continuation of his first pass.
        Sure helped to have Garcon dragging his toes.
        Glad KS went bold on the play calling.

        1. We had some breaks go against us. Missed PAT. 1st down called back with that phantom offenseive PI. But it’s all Solomons and Hoyers fault. Sometimes the hardest part of being a sports fan is having to put up with other sports fans.

              1. And so now is Seahawks 49ers.
                Not to digress but 49ers defense was very physical in Seattle.
                Tonight they didn’t have the legs for Gurley and Watkins and Woods.
                The Rams played well tonight.
                Overall all we got better tonight.
                We are now 6 new players away.
                Safety, ILB and DE

                on offense

                QB, RG, LG

  37. Looking forward to the team playing well on all 3 units… STs has been good, offense finally stepped up but the D took a big step back. Definitely need Foster and Reid back. Maybe then we’ll start winning some games.

  38. Hoyer balling is an oxymoron. When it was on the line he didnt even try to get away. If you’re happy with that garbage then good for you. Enjoy the trash all year!

        1. Hey, If the likes of you and diesel skip posting, because the “seasons over”, that’s a lot less garbage we’ll get to enjoy.

          1. Maybe if you didnt get butt hurt everytime someone has an opinion people just might have a decent discussion with you. Ever think about that “true fan”?

        2. We’re not “true fans”. There’s no such thing. We’re just ones with realistic expectations of what can be immediately accomplished with what is basically an expansion team.

          1. I get the realistic expectations part. But a fan should always expect more from their team. C’mon man! Dont tell me you came into this season ready to lose! Are you kidding me? Get out of here with that!

            1. Nope. I was looking for .500 ball. I thought, with that secondary, they’d give up lots of points but Shanny would be able scheme lots of points despite our less than stellar o-line. Somewhat like what happened tonight. We may get there as the team gels and if they can stay healthy. We NEED Foster back ASAP.

              1. Hey I’d be extremely happy with .500 right now or basically anything better than the Tomsula and kelly years. It’d be a step in the right direction. And hell yeah they need Foster back!

  39. Where poop eator?I mean Razor with all his wisdom..Dudes always wrong …we just spent the third overall pick on an average player..you called it again razor..of course you won’t show up and eat your crow..little punk

    1. King Solomon will prove to be a wise decision. They did not draft a safety because they have Ward. Now that Ward is playing, the need for safety is because Reid and Tartt have gone down.
      Defensive line depth will prove to be critical for the Niner’s success. It is a good thing that Tank played so well, that the Niners did not need to start Thomas right away. Now that Tank threw a track, King Solomon should expect more playing time.

        1. You bring nothing to this site. Diesel, you are a Niner hating troll, and Razor has more football acumen in his toenail clippings than you do in your entire body.

          1. Seb why are you and Razor always defending one another?
            I always said it was strange one of you is always not here while the other posts?

            Anyways, you shouldn’t be calling out trolls when you are the biggest one on here.
            Go blow your Krapernick horn some more!

  40. That phantom call after the Niners got that sack may have changed the momentum of the game.
    I tip my hat to McVay, he is doing a good job.
    I hate those black unis, but the cheerleaders can keep theirs.
    That was not PI on Taylor, because the defender was holding past 5 yards downfield.
    I, too, am encouraged. The offense got going.
    Grant called it. They got Garcon involved, and they threw deep passes.

  41. That was a fun game. I had no expectations. I’m kind of glad they lost, because that’s how the young players can learn and get better. I was down on Kyle but i think may actually have the stuff to make the team great. He is an X and O guy. Harbaugh knew how to motivate a team but he was not much of a scheme guy. We had Greg Roman and his one reads but watching what Kyle is trying to do is at least interesting.

    1. 49ers D looked like a unit playing on a short week after facing 79 plays and being on the field for over 36 minutes without it’s 2 best players.

  42. I gotta say Goff didn’t look like the advertised bust he is supposed to be. He might have that habit of stepping back into the pocket right now but overall he was poised and accurate and made the plays he had to. A real turnaround from his rook season.

    1. It is amazing how well a QB can look with a stout O line and decent receivers to throw to.
      Goff was thrown to the wolves that first season, but he was the number one pick, so he does have talent.

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