49ers vs. Seahawks live blog: Fourth quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box. Happy Thanksgiving.

7:53 Russell Wilson tries to keep the ball on a second-and-10 read-option play and Aaron Lynch sacks him for an 8-yard loss.  Next play, third-and-18 from the Niners’ 40-yard line, Wilson scrambles up the middle for 12 yards and brings the Seahawks back into field goal range. Steven Hauschka makes a 46-yard field goal and the score is 19-3 Seahawks with 10:11 left.

7:56 Carlos Hyde returns the kickoff to the 49ers’ 21.

8:01 Colin Kaepernick’s longest completion of the game has been just 16 yards.

8:01 Mike Iupati is injured.

8:03 Why are the Niners huddling between plays?

8:09 On first-and-10 from the Seahawks’ 46, Kaepernick rolls to his right and throws another pick to Richard Sherman. I didn’t see that coming.

8:12 “The highest level of great.”

8:26 The Seahawks go for it on fourth-and-2 from the Niners’ 13 with 1:54 left. Wilson rolls right and throws low for Luke Willson. The officials rule the pass incomplete. The Seahawks are challenging.

8:28 The refs confirm their ruling.

8:31 K.J. Wright sacks Kaepernick.

8:32 Jed York just tweeted this: “Thank you for coming out strong tonight. This performance wasn’t acceptable. I apologize for that.”

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    1. As usual the Seahawks own the Santa Clara 40 winers. Excuses I’m sure Hey let’s here about all the Lombardi trophies you have…..oh rite it’s not the 80’s anymore. “Who’s got it better than us” says the winers….uuuuu the Seahawks. Rotflmfao. You are the new buffalo Bills
      Just not good enough. #12

  1. I was a kap supporter, but he hasn’t shown anything great this season. He got paid to be a bum. Doesn’t help the play calling and or the offensive line. Some throws are terribly inaccurate, makes bad reads. I wish we held off in signing him, I don’t see him being our QB long term.

    1. He’s not truly signed long term, but for the next few years including this year he is grossly overpaid based on offensive production.

    1. Ha no. Hundley is basically Kaepernick at Nevada. No pocket presence and can’t go through his progressions.

  2. I’m all for seeing Josh Johnson play. Maybe we can spark something for the remainder of the season. But as of right now, #7 isn’t getting the job done, time to find something that will.

    1. Players know, I’m sure Crabtree is out of here as well. This offense is a joke. We add weapons and still can’t utilize them? This coaching staff as a whole is a joke. I’m tired of seeing this crap every week. At least we know our defense is good, but doesn’t help when they get no help.

    2. The offense has looked like they no longer buy into the offensive plans and staff more and more each week

  3. Do they think they’re gonna get 2 TDs and 2 2-point conversions? It’s no good to snap the ball at :01 when you’re down by 16 with 8:00 left in the 4Q.

    I’m just a dumb fan, but I know that. I wish we had Chip Kelly. Harbaugh is a dinosaur.

  4. Kaep lost his job with the team tonight. He’ll play next year, but after tonight management will know that he’s not the future. He can’t take the pressure, whether its the pressure of the red zone or the pressure of this rivalry and the big game nature of tonight’s game. He had six months to prepare for this game. He obviously choked.

    1. Management and coaching has done all they can. It’s up to him to step up, especially after he signed that big contract. They should have waited.
      He’s not developing fast enough on a team with an elite defense. It’s not just his lack of ability to make the reads, it’s his inability make audibles at the line.
      It’s the end of the kapernick era.

  5. Kaeperpick returns again. Thanks for throwing your best 2 completions all night to Little Dick Sherman

  6. Where’s Ghost? Too busy fellating Harbaugh to comment?

    This offense is an embarrassment and the blame is at with the head coach. The so-called QB whisperer hadn’t developed Kap or anyone in the NFL. The so-called offensive guru runs a 1970s offense. Harbaugh’s obstinance has cost us a Super Bowl and is costing us the season.

    1. Yes the coaching staff is to blame, but it’s also on #7 shoulders. He makes terrible plays, he is a joke of a QB. May not be as big of a joke as Alex smith but he brings nothing good to the table. I’d be content seeing the coaching staff walk and #7. But unfortunately they paid him, and now we are gonna be stuck with this garbage for some time.

      1. Calling Alex Smith a joke means you are a complete joke. Smith is still winning in this league and you’re at home behind a computer.

  7. I’m done with #7. He threw that pick on 1st down. Throw the ball AWAY idiot. You can’t beat Sherman. You don’t have a speed receiver! However, your ego has you continuing to try???

    1. Yes, but I bet you after the game he will say “I will challenge him everytime…” news flash you will lose everytime!

  8. CK was my pick to lead this team to multiple Super Bowls. I’m a dumb fan. Kaepernick is Tony Romo. Kaepernick is Peyton Manning in the playoffs. Just a ticking time bomb guaranteed to destroy his own team.

  9. #7 is a complete embarrASSment!

    Harbaugh needs to stop all the silly pregame goofing around…..Acting like leave it to beaver on the playground.

  10. It’s killing me that it’s Sherman who’s getting the picks. I’d care a little less if it was another db.

  11. Bench Krapernick right now, the game is already lost. Harbaugh and Roman had no sense of urgency, you wonder if they realized they where down by 16 with only half a quarter left. This is the kind of game that shows how the Niners really handle adversity. They can come back from one score, but nor more.

    1. Next year for sure, and probably the year after he would be on the hot seat. Then they’d cut him.

  12. Run Haurbagh run..as fast as you can..and please take yout brain dead qb with you..Ive been a Niner fan since 84….I have only ever hated 2 49ers……..Alex Smith and Colin Crapernick

  13. I tried….. Now I am tired. Such a waste of talent on al ist all the defense, on some offensive players that gave all of them in these past 4 Years.. Think about Boldin and Gore….on a span longer then one season. Is so sad

  14. #7 – F–. Both picks to Sherman were terrible. It was like he thought the WR was wearing white for tonight’s game. Can’t understand how you throw throws when he is standing there staring right at you.

    1. Please say yes. I’m sick of CK. I bet he’s kissing his bicep right now and practicing his ‘execution.’

  15. Roman needs to be fired tonight, and Kaep forces every throw, defense must be fed up with the incompetence.

    1. Neal (real deal) –
      #7 fooled many of us….I’m ashamed at myself for believing in him…..#7 should wear his pink beats every month except October.

      1. You cracked me up Crabs, I’m not bailing on Kaep yet , but I’m close , we.need faster reciievers, but #⃣7 is no Mickey Mantle

    1. True that….even then our defense is songood which makes this even more disappointing. ..our offense is uninspired boring and hopeless…..wow..just wow..jed york has some big decisions on his hands..our coach is obviously been figured out and our franchise qb looks like he doesnt belong in the league and we have a homefieldnthat has no advantage and is way overpriced. Good luck Jed

  16. they kept saying all week that every game the rest of the year out was the like the playoffs. Enough said.

  17. Finally, people on this blog realizing what a joke of a coach Harbaugh has become. He was great first 3 seasons but his endless antics and inability to win the biggest games has finally led to losing the ear of his players. Bye bye Harbaugh and take Roman with you.

    1. Take #7 with you also. I’m sick of his play. You watch Wilson and he shows you what a QB in his style should play. #7 doesn’t read defenses and he forces passes when they shouldn’t even be forced.

    2. Yes, and take Krappernick with you. Sick of the weekly BS Ck does. Can’t pass, Last week, saw the local high school kid pass get this 18 for 29, 379 yards and RB on the same team ran 23 times for 167 yards! 49ers can’t do anything right. It’s obvious, you stop Gore, CK can’t do a thing about it.

  18. Yes. Roman should get fired tonite. Jim take a clue from big brother.

    He fired his OC and won the SB.

    Everybody has it better than us

  19. I love how posters think the 49ers are the Oakland Raiders.

    This team’s holes are catching up with them, and Seattle is a very good and ascending defense.

    If I understand correctly we are going to run Kap out of town too. Gore is gone next year, Harbaugh is to be run out, as is VD and Crabtree. Oh let’s not forget Roman too.

    Love to see what the record will be for this team when that happens. Maybe then we will look more like our neighbors across the bay.

    1. It’s a role of the dice, sure. But to stick with what’s failed thinking that it will turn around is not optimal either. Do you see Harbaugh changing his system? Kaep refuses to acknowledge his deficiencies, even the obvious ones, and if he can’t acknowledge them, does he have enough upstairs to change them?

    2. A new head coach, particularly a veteran one, will want to bring in his own players.

      The offensive personnel needs a spring cleaning, one way or another. The line is better at run-blocking, the receivers (no successors) are better in a ball-control attack, while the QB & the RB-of-the-future are read option players variously struggling with the NFL transition.

  20. Our QB goes 12/25 90 yards and 2 INT and you fools still want to blame Roman?

    There is no OC in the world that can make this QB look good. Kaepernick is terrible, plain terrible and we’ll forever be in the role of runner up with him as our starter.

  21. Dude the Raiders offense looks light years ahead of us …..I really belive we might lose next weekend..mId trade Krapernick for Carr straight up right now

  22. The SheHawks just play at a faster and more energized pace than the 49ers and rest of the league does. AND their QB makes play after play to keep their offense alive.

  23. I’m done with our offense. Kaepernick/Harbaugh/Roman/Baalke. They need to figure this stuff out. Our offense is atrocious. Fire whoever.

    I live in KY, University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville HATE each other. You can lose EVERY other game, BUT that’s one game you need to win. SAN FRAN needs to build their OFFENSE to win this game and this game only. Fire WHOEVER needs to be fired if this offense looks like this when we travel to Seattle.

  24. We were outplayed out coached out intensified tonight. Somebody has to be sacrificial lamb. I say make it Roman.

    Play calling was aweful. QB play atrocious. Special team terrible. Sacrifice Roman.

  25. Hope Harbaugh remembers Carrol going for it on 4th and 2 up 16 with 2 minutes left. I’m glad he did. Show Harbaugh some spine.

  26. Our offense is prehistoric. There it is in a nutshell. These coaches have not coached their players up. Baalke has not drafted offensive speed. There are no real threats on offense and the VD well has dried up. It’ll take a miracle to make the playoffs.

  27. I vote we bench #7 he isn’t helping so what would we lose if we tried someone else to run the offense. We won’t be going to the playoffs so we have nothing to lose.

  28. Oh how awesome the next year is going to be. Two years out from the SuperBowl and we’re already rebuilding.

    1. Not as much fun as watching the Kaep Kool-Aid drinkers try to spin this into being Romans fault. Which might be true because if Roman would simply stop calling pass plays completely we could almost eliminate 100% of our turnovers. And when your QB can only complete 12 of 25 passes for 90 yards and 2 picks you’re probably better off keeping it out of his hands anyway.

      1. CFC

        Kaep is kraep. But he also shouldn’t be made to stand like a statue. He should be moved. At least 10 times tonight the Seahawks ran a very basic play, in which the whole offense was to the left, except one TE on the right; Russell fakes the handoff, is now 1-on-1 with the edge rusher being “blocked” by the TE; Russell dares the rusher to come to him, and if he does, he passes over the top to the now wide open TE. It happened 10 times. Fault on Fangio for not stopping it. But more importantly, indicative of how Bevell is FAR superior to Roman, and knows EXACTLY how to tailor the offense to the strength of the QB.

        Roman is a major problem. Harbaugh too, for not getting it. Kaepernick is set up to fail. The Niners won’t be good for a few years.

        1. I think Roman is doing the best with what he has to work with. Everybody assumes that Roman doesn’t make adjustments or they don’t try to do things with Kaepernick because Roman simply chooses not which is absurd. I don’t see anybody pointing out that maybe they do try stuff in practice and the dude just can’t handle it. Maybe he’s actually worse when they try new things with him.

          You simply can’t assume that they don’t think of these things, you don’t get jobs in the NFL if your average armchair QB can think up strategies that you hadn’t considered.

        2. Well said E. Most of the gain by Wilson was either to the RB running out to the flat and TE leaking out like you have mentioned. Basic but very effective. And did I say they we’re wide open all night.

  29. Historically bad offense. \
    – Lack of receiver speed was obvious. They looked old and slow. The 49ers need more then Ellington, who is fast-ish but not a classic edge receiver.
    – Seattle stacked the box and dared the 49ers to throw long. Few were open.
    – Didn’t help Colin was so inaccurate.
    – The team has yet to replace Ted Ginn. LMJ/Ellington/Hyde/Cox are all substandard returners.

    1. Defense clearly better then the offense (stating the obvious) and Borland played OK, but the sideline to sideline speed of Bowman/Willis was missed on those passes to backs and Wilson scrambles.

      1. The throw to Seattle’s RBs out on the flats and TEs leaking out after initially pass blocking was a great offensive game plan. Simple but effective.

  30. How many plays did Russell Wilson make?
    How many did Kaep make?
    This is who he is. Didn’t Harbaugh say he was going to stay with the hot hand? Kaep looks pretty cold to me. Time to give Gabbert a chance. Can’t do any worse than Kaep.

  31. I give props to this defense tho, they kept fighting knowing the offense won’t help them out. They showed Justin smith walking off the field and he didn’t look to happy.

  32. Well theyre eating turkey on our field….lol..what a disgrace good job jed york.joke of a stadium and a team..hope your watching this russel wilson and r sherman are having turkey on our logo….what a disgrace! Burn this whole thing down….goodbyeroman…kap….vernon..crabtree…Haurbaugh..great pick with j ward Baalke!

    1. No matter what Seattle was doing, they never one time took a pot shot at the 49ers even when NBC baited them. Santa Clara Whatever, I don’t know why the F they built the eyesore in Santa Clara. About as bad as the SMART train.

  33. I’m as disappointed as anyone about CK’s quarterbacking, but except for that middle curl by Lloyd, no one was open. The lack of receiver speed is stark. We looked old and slow.

    We’ll need more then Ellington to get some speed. The Jenkins draft (and wasted time waiting for him to develop) looms large.

    1. The formula for defending the 49ers offense is now painfully clear. Stack the box…
      – If its a run, use the extra defender to close a gap
      – If its a pass, blitz (or spy) CK.
      – Play the WRs close. Dare them to beat you deep. They won’t have the speed to get by.

      Unless VD or Ellington suddenly explode, the offense is kaput for the season. It’s incredibly easy to defend.

      1. This is a bad excuse. Case in point: Alex Smith and the KC Chiefs. They have absolutely no WRs at all. They used to TEs and RBs effectively and they beat Seattle.

        Harbaugh, Roman, and Kaep simply have no answers and to lay an egg like this against the team that stopped us from going to the SB is unacceptable.

        Defense did all they could, but they must have gotten worn out to be on the field for so long on a short rest. And Seattle just played a very physical Cardinal team too.

        1. Good points, but Alex is all about efficiency and avoiding negative yardage plays. Puts and incompletions are OK. He was the last 49er QB to win in Seattle.

          Colin is an explosive play QB, with targets that mismatch his skill set.

    2. Which game did you look at? Just on 3rd and 4th qtr… Hyde on the endzone to Miller, Lloyd on a throw n always scrambling…. And we there is not much played football to learn from …

  34. I’m going to swallow this pill. I’ve defended Kaep for a while. Kaeps downfall was listening to too many people, he stopped running. His became a sitting duck. Something needs to happen. Jed York is only a few years older than me. He needs to grow a SET, QUICKLY

  35. Sitting on the 49er logo, dogging the fan base, Richard Sherman eating Turkey!
    We are not there, not even close to be able to beat the best.

    1. We need change. #7 needs to sit. We can’t win a superbowl when he can’t manage the game, can’t read defenses, can’t throw accurate or with touch. He’s becoming the joke we had with #11. It’s getting old real quick.

      1. He(Kap) spends too much time working on his explosiveness rather than the nuiances of the game. Footwork, balance, and mechanics. He’ll never be accurate unless he focuses on these issues. Also, Roman/Harbaugh’s play calling is too predictable…

    2. This is the first time in years (including games the 49ers were blown out) I left the pub before the game was over.

      Three scores down, eight mins left, and the 49ers run a chew clock offense where they let the clock go down to 2 seconds before snapping the ball.

      High school teams manage clock better. I was so sick of mindless clock/game management I left before the game was over. Not sorry I did, or I’d have to see 50% of Millie Vanillie hang on the 49ers logo.

  36. The difference in tonights game:

    Russell Wilson = very accurate passer
    Colin Kapernick = very inaccurate passer

    Great with a capital G? Not so much.

    Many want to say that Greg Roman is the problem. He may not be the best OC, but he is at least competent. It is time to acknowledge the truth. Colin Kapernick is a great athlete who, to date, has not developed into a great quarterback. His passes are not accurate.

  37. There is plenty of blame to.go around. However, the defense played their butts off.
    I blame Aldon Smith for getting suspended which definitely coat the team against Chicago and stl.
    I blame Greg Roman. Sure Kaepernick had 2 INTS but when the offense is so offensive from a game plan stand point it really doesn’t put a QB in any position to excell .
    I blame Vernon Davis for his hold out distraction. I blame Staley for the same. I blame Crabtree for his drops. He is in a contract year and he has shown he can’t rise to the occasion.
    Finally, I blame so really bad calls if the refs .
    I’m gratefulfor the amazing fsn base this team has . The players and coaches come and go, but coffee Jordan big ninermd jack rubico Brodie and so many more make the organization one that is second to none.

    1. Matt,

      Thanks bro. I try. Right now, our blog is better than our offense. Which reminds me, what’s your 40 time? We might need you out there!

  38. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you despite this nightmare game. Hope you all enjoyed time with your families.

    The season was pretty much over when #7 fumbled in end zone vs Rams.

    1. Happy thanksgiving Crab, the only thing good about today was being with family. Gonna be tough to see this team fall short, but now it’s time to figure out what to do to start winning again. #7 isn’t the answer and idk how long we have to sit on him, but I wish we didn’t sign him to that deal. Gonna hurt us in the long run.

  39. A bad match up with an injured team, no team speed, bad coaching, no adjustments, inaccurate QB throwing to covered WR’S. Throw in some bad officiating, every funky bounce going to the better team and there you have it.

  40. Well I hope the Niners have no more prime time games. After Chicago, Denver and Seattle I think the country has seen enough of this garbage.

    FIRE Greg Roman!!!

    FIRE Jim Harbaugh!!!

    DRAFT a new QB!!!!

  41. Kap is Great??? WOW, Are you kidding me, I didn’t see no Greatness in Kap as a QB tonite. Surely Harbal was talking about someone else ???

  42. Any designed roll outs? Bunch formations? Bubble screens? Fly sweeps?

    I would have loved to see us only go jumbo formation in the second half………lollllll

  43. I’ve been an avid CK7 from the time he took over, but tonight’s game was a complete folding act on his part.

    1. His continued stubborn mindset to somehow show-up Sherman is costing the team on many levels.

    2. His nonchalant approach to the magnitude of tonight’s game was beyond frustrating to me.

    3. His inability to simply throw the ball away and taking a sack can no longer be tolerated.

    *I’m giving Kap the next game against the c-hawks to redeem himself, if he fails again in two weeks he will need to be measured by the same standard that Alex Smith was measured by and this is it; If you can’t beat or biggest nemesis (Alex couldn’t beat the NYGiants), in CK’ case Seattle, then it’s time to focus our attention on someone who can.
    As much as I like Kap, he is starting to look like Tony Romo in big games and that won’t work around here, period!
    Kap, even I can’t say anything to defend your cause after tonight.

    1. Romo doesn’t look horrible in the big game until the very end, Kaep sucks all game long.

    2. Why give him till the next Seahawks game? He has played the same basically all year. He isn’t going to change. Maybe they do win, but no way is he doing it again in the playoffs or even beating a team in the superbowl. He’s shown that he can’t manage a game. We can’t run screen plays, or dump offs to our backs because he can’t throw with touch. This coaching staff and QB imo have to go. Trying to wait till he proves himself is to long when we have the defense now to win. Our window is closing and I’m afraid we are to late now.

      1. chaos,
        Obviously, I don’t decide CK’ fate – that’s on the Org’s.
        As I said, I like Kap and want to see what he does in two weeks before I personally make up my mind that it’s time to look elsewhere for a QB.
        Just speaking for myself here.

    3. Alex Smith beat the Giants in the reg season. He really didn’t lose to the Giants in the title game. Two punt return fumbles lost the game. In the regular reason the following year, the score was 10-6 at halftime, Roman and Harbaugh yanking Smith out to put in Kaep to run the read option. That was the beginning of the end.
      Alex Smith is not a great QB by any means, but he’s winning. Look at KC. His numbers are not great but he manages the game.
      His downfall this year is that he hasn’t been able to pull out a win in the 4th quarter.

      The comparison between Kaep and Alex ended tonight. Kaep is not the answer. Maybe they bring in a vet who isn’t a complete bust to salvage a couple of seasons as the team finds the next QB. Like AZ did with Carson Palmer.

      1. Smith didn’t move the ball against the Giants. R offense was not much better that year. R defense was basically what Seattles is right now. Keap isn’t going anywhere for a while, but thankfully Roman is.

    4. AES – Good post bro…….I’m already done with #7.
      I could care less if he wears the Dolphins hat or Pink Beats by Dre anymore.

    5. It’s not a matter if a guy can beat a certain team. It’s about having a guy and developing a successful offense. Harbaugh has done it with the defensive side of the ball, but what he was hired to originally do, he hasn’t.
      He had something decent with Alex Smith,it was working. Then he decided to go to CK, it worked sporadically with a lot of help.
      Now the onus is on him and both guys have failed. Harbaugh set himself to either fire Roman tonight, and save some hope for this season. Or, lose the bet he had with himself to table contract talks til after the season. In both cases, he has lost.
      The division has caught up to the Niners. They need to regroup and change and not sure if Harbaugh is willing to relinquish some control over personel.
      Was Baalke or is Baalke all in with Kaepernick and if so, are both guys a package deal?
      Regardless the offense which is Harbaughs back yard, has regressed. Something needs to change.

  44. By the way that crashing sound you all heard tonight was the 49ers window to the Superbowl slamming shut. Hope you enjoyed the brief ride.

    1. I doubt it. Smith still has his problems as well. The first thing the team needs to do is replace Roman, and they will this week. Then we can see if Kaeperick can be fixed.

    2. Alex Smith proved that he wasn’t going to get us to the next level, and so far CK is doing the same.
      Alex was not the answer and it is starting to look like Kap isn’t either.
      So no, I don’t miss Alex.

  45. leys deal with the reality. Kaepernick will be r QB for the next several years. Just as Cam Newton and Jay Cutler are for their teams. There is not a better alternative on horizon.

    What is almost assuredly going to happen, is that Roman will be fired this week.

    To those who think that will not make a difference. The Ravens changed OC’s about same time and won a Super Bowl. Not saying we will, but we can be much improved offensively.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure about Krapernick’s long term tenure here. If Hairball is gone, many new coach’s look to start fresh. I doubt they would dump Krap next year, but if 2015 shows the same old dumb Krapernick, then I could see him getting cut.

      Personally I never thought Hairball’s coaching style would work long term, his innate conservativeness is what cost the Niners the Super Bowl and the Championship game last year. Hairball has been a short timer everywhere he goes, he wears on everyone around him it seems. I think it is time to reboot the Niners starting with Hairball and his crappy cronies. This could be a very different team in very short order.

  46. 164 Total Yards for the offense. You can’t win in college football with those numbers. You can blame Kaep, and I can tell you why you can blame Roman/Harbaugh. If you blame Roman/Harbaugh I can show you why Kaep was the problem. The offense overall is terrible. As a collective group. Staley got his arse kicked. There were dropped passes. Kaep lets too many people get under his skin. I’m over this confused AF offense.

  47. Dear Santa,

    MY Xmas wish list.
    1. Give #7 a brain
    2. Fire Roman
    3. Let Crabtree walk
    4. Keep VD away from his Jamba Juice store.
    5. Keep VD away from his art gallery.

  48. Long term…

    1) Its understood Harbaugh leaves the defense alone. He doesn’t meddle at all. Its Fangio and Tomsula’s sandbox. So… sign every defensive coach to long term contracts. Make them the wealthiest non-HCs in the NFL.

    2) As for as the HC/OC… change one or both.

    3) Draft/sign speed at WR. The run game won’t work unless the 49ers kill 9-in-the-box with gouge passes.

  49. Anyone notice that Kaepernick padded his completion percentage with less than a minute left in both halfs? Made me want to puke.

  50. This was a team loss. The O couldn’t score points the D gave up big plays on uncovered receivers. There’s no way we can win out now if our O can’t sync up. Seems like everybody’s WR can get open but ours. The game was over with that first INT by Kaep. Don’t know who’s fault that was, was the WR supposed to turn in or did Kaep misthrow? All Sherman did was stand his ground and catch the ball thrown right to him.

    1. I’m wondering the same thing about that interception. Whose fault was it. But out offense is TUUUURRRRRIBLE

  51. Our defense is great whene healthy bowman/willis make all the difference willhoite sucks borland is ? Just a backup and our NT’s are also missed. Qb not developing at all coaching is to blame this offense is regresing blow the hole offense up

  52. You can’t put all of tonight on Kaep. Play calling was poor, wide-outs get no separation, rookie center, backup RT… come on now.

    Questions for Roman:

    1. Why isn’t a screen pass to a HB in the playbook?

    2. Who has performed worse, Crab or V. Davis?

    3. Where do you think you’ll be coaching in 2015?

  53. I wonder what bogus “We’ve just got to eliminate that one mistake..” line Roman conjures up this week.

  54. Our recivers get open #7 just cant hit the open man i consistently see him throw to the reciver hoe is not so open cant see the hole field he panics and thene dose not run or throw ball away

  55. Sometimes play calling makes no difference whene qb cant do his job thers some qb hoe help out their o-line whit pocket presence. And some can see the hole field and even better throw there recivers open with accuracy they just dont play for the 49ers

      1. Robert the Bruce (Braveheart): “You have bled with Wallace, now bleed with me.”

        I will bleed with my team through the good and the bad.. that’s what I do!

  56. Everyone is right. Those that say CK was inaccurate are correct. Those that say receivers rarely got open are correct. Those that say offensive play calling was stupid are correct.

    In the long term if VD and/or Ellington don’t get uncorked, defenses will crowd the line of scrimmage and nd play the slow 49er receivers tight. The 49er offense will be easy to defend until they get punished by long completions.

  57. In so many games this year, for instance the Giant’s game, Kaep has thrown balls that could have been intercepted, but were dropped. Most teams’ secondaries either cover well but don’t make big plays or cover poorly and don’t make big plays. Seattle’s secondary covers extremely well and makes big plays in big games. You have to play at a higher level against them and it came home to roost tonight, he didn’t get away with it.

  58. Sherman accounts for 20.6% of Kaps interceptions. I’m sure Kap’s ego has been wounded big time by Sherm !!!

  59. things will look even bleaker for 9ers in Seattle … Hawks aren’t going to lay back now … expect the 12th man to break eardrums and Sherman will be egging them on to higher decibels … you have been warned

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