Agent: Nothing will be decided today

UPDATED with exclusive Warner interview (well, kind of).

UPDATE II: The 49ers lose a player.

 See bottom of this post for details.

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The Kurt Warner Watch continues at 4949 Centennial Boulevard in Santa Clara, site of the 49ers’ team offices.

Warner is apparently getting a physical at Stanford. His agent says there will be no decision coming today.


“Nothing is going to happen tonight,” said Mark Bartelstein, Warner’s agent. “He’s going to have to sit down and talk to his wife and me. We’ll get through today and figure out what to do from there.”


Now, it’s back outside to stake out the gate, where Warner might re-enter the team’s offices


* * *


UPDATE (4:06 p.m.) Warner arrived back here at the 49ers’ team offices. He was driven by 49ers head athletic trainer Jeff Ferguson.


As they rolled up to the back gate, I ran alongside and motioned for Warner to roll down the passenger-side window. He mouthed, “I’m not talking.” Or something that looks a whole like those words when said silently.


Through the fence, I could see Warner on the cell phone walking back into the building. He is wearing a peach-colored shirt and designer blue jeans.


* * *


UPDATE (4:39 p.m.): There’s been another signing!


This time it’s a player leaving the 49ers. Defensive lineman Ronald Fields has signed a two-year, $5 million contract with the Denver Broncos, ESPN is reporting.


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