McCloughan: ‘It’s still up in the air’

Kurt Warner just left the 49ers’ team facility in a stretch Range Rover. He did not stop on his way out, but 49ers GM Scot McCloughan did.

“It’s still up in the air,” McCloughan said. “We’re very excited he’s willing to come visit us and possibly be a 49er.”


* * *


McCloughan: “There’s nothing to report. It’s all going good. The physical went good. The interview’s all going good with coaches and myself. We’re good.


Q: Is there a timetable?

McCloughan: “Not yet. Not yet. As a matter of fact, we’re going to meet tonight and go over some more stuff.”


Q: Is he going back to Arizona tonight?

McCloughan: “Maybe. Maybe. Again, it’s still a work in progress. The physical came back good. That’s the main thing from our standpoint.”


Q: Are you impressed with what you’ve seen from him?

McCloughan: “Yeah. He’s a very classy guy – very classy guy. And that’s the reason why I think he’s been so successful over his career, because of the way he carries himself. It’s been good. Like I said, it’s still up in the air. We’re very excited he’s willing to come visit us and possibly be a 49er.”


Q: Are you done for the night?

McCloughan: “We’ll talk again – we’re still going.”


Q: If you sign Warner does that mean you wouldn’t sign Alex Smith?

McCloughan: “No. No. As you’re all well aware, at that position, we’re trying to add as much good talent there as we can. You can never have enough. No doors are ever closed. We’re trying to get better.”


* * *


McCloughan said he’ll possibly have dinner tonight with Kurt and Brenda Warner. Kurt met with offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye and quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson as McCloughan left the 49ers offices. Warner and the stretch Range Rover left at approximately 6 p.m.


* * *


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