Analyzing why the Seahawks won’t sign Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick stands on the sideline during the second half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

On May 25, Colin Kaepernick met with the Seahawks to potentially sign a contract, and reports said the meeting went “very well.” But on Tuesday, Pat Kirwan reported the Seahawks probably will not sign Kaepernick.

The way I see it, the Seahawks shied away from Kaepernick for one of two reasons.

  1. Kaepernick and his agent asked for more money than the Seahawks were willing to pay him.
  2. Seahawks ownership vetoed Kaepernick out of concern that he would drive away season-ticket holders, advertisers and corporate sponsors.

Why do you think the Seahawks won’t sign Kaepernick?

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  1. Seb says it is because lynch will bring map back to the 49ers when he realizes kap is better than hoyer

    1. I can agree with that statement. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Kap back on the roster in August.

      1. A frog has a better chance of turning into a prince after a kiss by Princess Yellow Preemie than Kaepernick has of being a part of the San Francisco 49ers ever again….

    2. Not as long as Shanahan is HC and Lynch is GM. These two have turned a corner and moved out with a different system of offensive play–building from the ground up by plan…not about to panic and gut their system days before the season starts. Makes Seb’s heart throb we all know, but it won’t happen.

      1. Cassie, you may be bitterly disappointed. Lynch is a very smart person, and he has declared that he will improve the team any way he can. It is telling that they gave Hoyer only backup money. I think he would be a good backup.
        Right now, Kaep is better than Hoyer, and he is way better than Barkley, who struggled rolling out and throwing on the run. CJB has never thrown a pass in the NFL, so he would profit from sitting down and studying for a year, while working out and bulking up so he can take the hits.
        KS has started out declaring that he does not want Kaep, but if the present QBs keep struggling, he will be smart enough to make an adjustment. I also think he is smart enough to take Kaep, and make him better. KS will accentuate his strengths and disguise his weaknesses. Rolling Kaep out and letting him throw on the run is playing to his strengths. KS is too smart to force Kaep to be only a pocket passer, because that would be like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

        1. You are laying your success template over the plan formulated and now being pursued by a new GM and HC. Kaep’s not returning to the 9ers. And, you will use that reality as it plays out to call Lynch a fool and flog Shanahan……unless the 9ers do rather well and then you will claim you forcasted their success early and often.

          1. Did you read that article? He flatly states that he does not know if Hoyer is the next Franchise QB. He also stated that he will be looking every year for the next franchise QB. He certainly did not say that he was content with the present QBs, and does not need to look for a franchise QB.
            Kaep used to be the Niner franchise QB, and since Lynch is looking, he does not have to look very far to find him.
            Hoyer and Barkley better step up their game, because Kaep, right now, is serious competition.
            Lynch is smart and will come to the conclusion that Kaep gives the team the best chance to win, because the present QBs are not franchise QBs. With the Seahawk situation, he will conclude that he would rather have Kaep play for him, than against him.

            1. Kyle Shanahan also stated that he wants all of his QBs to have very similar skill sets, and that’s why he wasn’t interested in Kap from the get go. He doesn’t want to install different plays for different QBs, he wants each QB to fit his offense equally.

              I’m also not sure where you are getting that Hoyer is struggling. From each report I’ve heard he looks very comfortable in the offense. Furthermore, Kap would have zero chance at beating out Hoyer this year, because it takes more than a year to learn Shanahans offense, just ask Matt Ryan who said as much. Hoyer already know the offense. Kaepernick would have no chance whatsoever to pick up this offense coming in in training camp. The notion is ridiculous on it’s face.

              1. Wrong. Kaep has played with many of the present Niners, and he is a battle tested and battle hardened veteran. He is also very smart (4.0 GPA), so he could easily pick up the offense, just like he did when AS went down.
                Considering KS had his QBs roll out, that would be second nature to Kaep.

              2. Seb- I agree with a lot of what you say about Kaep, including that he is a better option to win games than the QB’s presently on the roster. However that has nothing to do with why they will not sign him. They are not concerned with winning now or even in the next two seasons. They have a long term plan and that includes a specific plan for the type of players they want for each position. Now the QB is unique in respect to fitting into a specific offense. What they are saying is that they do not know if Hoyer or even the draftee is their long term QB. It doesn’t matter. They already have options planned out if he turns out to be their guy or even if he isn’t. They really realistically only see him as a stop gap choice. They have him because he know the system and will be instrumental in implementing it this next season. The coach and GM actually do not care if the lose every game this coming season. In fact it would put them into a better position long term in respect to the draft.

            2. Kaep is in contention with every Amercian sitting on their couch. Just like those American’s, Kaep has no NFL job. Right now he’s lost a few competitions to some other couch sitters. Dylan Thompson is the most recent to beat him out. I’d say Kaep isn’t beating anyone to anything but the suit sale.

            3. I wish this blog had a mute commenter function. Seeing seb’s repeated and nonstop comments make me want to stop reading the comments altogether.

              1. Just scroll past, but when there is a blog post about Kaep, get used to posters writing about Kaep.
                Maybe you should get a clue, because Grant threw me a cookie, and I will take advantage of his largesse.

        2. Freekin Seb and his blatantly false “Abrams tank in a pit” comparison. More like a Sherman in a snake pit.

          STILL……………won’t tell us all what you know about QB position that Shan does not. And that omission is by design.

      2. If Hoyer or Barkley suffers an injury, Kap will be atop the list of QB’s to replace them.

        1. Yeah but it will take 2 months for him to learn the basic concepts of any offense. Unless its a one read then run type offense, Kap will be fine.

        2. If Hoyer suffers an injury, then it’s Barkley. If Barkley goes down, then it’s CJ. If CJ goes down then…. It won’t be Kaep. Lynch/Shanny are working on a 6 year window, they are not going to use one of those years going sideways with Kaep.

          1. Both Lynch and KS want to win. Kaep would be a potent weapon, now that he is fully healthy and back to his ideal playing weight.

            Maybe you think they may be content to tank and play for the reward of a high draft position. I think otherwise.

            1. If they wanted him, he would be there. No one watches more film and evaluates more than Shanny. He decided to go with 2 career backups instead of old wind up.

              Shut your pie hole about Kap cause it aint happening coo coo!

            2. GM and HC are committed to forging a future based on a new offensive system. Rather clear, no?

            1. Not so fast. I think it’s highly likely Shanny looks to an OT, like Conner Williams from Texas in the first round, similar to Big Shanny’s selection of Trent Williams 4th overall in 2010….

              1. Not if he thinks he can get the QB of the future. It is easier and cheaper to get a OT in free agency than to get a franchise QB. Just think how much Cousins would cost as a free agent next season. The best move is to get a QB on a five year rookie contract. If one of the other QB’s shows promise he can draft an OT instead.

              2. Willtalk, I feel like this draft has quality depth at quarterback and they have the ammo to trade up into the bottom of the first for one. But you’re right, if Shanny identifies one of the big name quarterbacks with the franchise DNA, he’ll do everything in his power to grab him similar to the way Big Shanny did for Cutler. He moved up from 15 to 11 to grab the big armed Jay Cutler who won 11 games in 4 years at Vandy….

      3. Exactly. Even if you could put aside incompetence and political baggage, Shanahan strictly prefers pocket passers. Kaepernick was never and never will be a pocket passer. And nothing he has to offer would benefit a Kyle Shanahan system.

    3. If there is one thing I know as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow Kaepernick will never be offered a contract from this team again.

      1. Thank you. Stupudity is contagious. Can’t believe people actually believe Kaep will be signed to anything in SF.

        1. Please learn to spell, because stupidity is amply demonstrated in your post.

          1. Seb that’s weak. Like everything you bring to this blog.
            It’s sad that you find joy in needling 49er fans about a player who is ancient history.
            Your family must be so proud!

          2. Nono Sebs! That remark was filled with hate and intolerance. Just pure hate……

      2. Yes, that is beyond any kind of intelligent dispute — CK is discarded residue in the dustbin of history for the new 49ers. There will be no revival. Lynch just made that unequivocally clear in the recent interview cited in today’s PFT article. Any imaginary yarn to the contrary is nothing more than more regurgitated nonsense from the imbecile who adores him. I realize it may be good for clicks, but why are we wasting our time is discussing this broken-down heap of a boring non-issue? Kaep will probably end up in the CFL for a stint, or not, although the likelihood of him ever playing in the NFL again is almost zilch.

      3. Senor Cafe
        It’s mind boggling that that would need to be stated at this point. So maddening that sometimes folks erupt in frustration with responses to The VI. I have sinned in this way.
        But I’d be a rich mofo if I had $10 for every reply I’ve started to type but not posted.
        ‘Billions and billions of……..’

    1. Grant had his performance review on Monday and was told to increase his blog’s click count by 250% this year or be let go. Press-Democrat advertisers are angry…they want more exposure.

      Each Kaep topic is sure to net hundreds of thousands of page views. Just roll one out every 4-5 days.

      1. So if we don’t comment on threads about Kap, Alex, Y.A.Tittle, or Brandon Fing Jacobs we don’t feed that syndrome. I’m done with Kap threads.

        1. I for one would like to get a sense for how capable our special teams will be/could be…

            1. I will defer to your stupidity. Shanny, Trubiscuit, franchise next 10 years, right?

              1. Shanny, Trubiscuit, franchise next 10 years, right? Now that’s genuine goofball sized poo right there, not your garden variety BS!

      2. Cassie, Grant must like me. He threw me another cookie, and I could post all day on this subject.
        Maybe you did not realize this, but with all the doors closing on Kaep, he may be forced to return to the Niners. Sure am glad that Lynch stated that the door for Kaep was still open. Of course, he will have to take a pay cut, but with 62 mil in cap space, he can easily out bid the Seahawks, and dangle the possible starting job to lure Kaep back.

        1. Forced to return? Forced? Who applies the force? Who forces the 9ers to take back Kaep? Forced? You are hanging your hopes and dreams on a comment made by the GM very early in his tenure–his comment isn’t a commitment to make it happen.

          1. Lynch is not a liar. If he said it, I believe him.
            He said he was leaving the door open in a positive and exciting way.
            He did not say the door has closed, and they are moving on.

            1. Look Seb, give it up. We all know you are a coward who throws out jabs then turtles behind the computer screen.

              Everyone knows Kap will never be a 49er. If you are so confident put your money where your mouth is DA!

              1. Prime, you touted Trubisky and crowed when a commenter predicted the Niners would draft him.
                . Then you inserted a precondition, so you could squirm out of paying.
                I do not bet welshers.

              2. Matt, I have been acknowledging that Kaep is probably sick of being stabbed in the back, so he opted out. I did not expect him to return, but did not factor in such vehemence and backlash against him. So much so, many teams have blackballed him. Maybe even the Niners, since they think Hoyer, Barkley and CJB are better than Kaep.
                Right now, his only option may be to return, and since Lynch has left open the door, he still may return, even if it is a longshot.

                I will not bet any money unless you give me odds, but will be happy to bet an avatar.
                In the spirit of good gamesmanship, I will change my avatar to a picture of the starting QB, and if Kaep returns, you will have to get a Kaep avatar. Lets make it for a month, since George made a bet for the same amount of time, previously.

        2. Seb-skov, you are so obvious……….trying to play us all like a fiddle. The Brotha from Anotha is right–we have to stop playing Seb-skov’s game.

  2. I’ve got a better question, how many more articles can you squeeze out of a back up quarterback?

    1. Razor, that’s the wrong question. Should be how many more articles can you squeeze out of an unemployed backup quarterback?

  3. I’m not convinced they won’t sign Kap at some point, but the biggest reason is likely because of the schism it could cause in the locker room. A number of players on the Seahawks don’t seem to like Wilson very much and some are good friends with Kap. You bring him in and it’s likely not too long before there is an even bigger divide than the one that already exists.

  4. It’s definitely the money. Kap wants at least 3-5 million per year

    1. They don’t have that $$$ to spend
    2. There are players on their roster wanting pay raises and paying a backup QB before the guys on the defense could cause holdouts
    3. There has been some drama coming out Seattle recently, I think the narrative that Colin Kapernick could do what Russell Wilson does at discounted price could stir up more drama.

    I think Wilson is severely overrated and I’m guessing guys like Sherman, Michael Bennettt and Kam Chancelor do as well. No coincidence they are Kap supporters as well.

    1. James, I heartily agree with your assessment. Hope to see more of your postings on this site.

    2. The issue is more complex than portrayed by Grant. I agree there is a money matter–what’s available, what could be going to other players, etc.

      I don’t think Wilson is severely overrated–yes, he’s not a Montana or Brady, but better than Kaep by more than a nose within the full Seahawks offensive framework. I’ve indicated before that Kaep would be a decent fit in Seattle, but he’s not better than Wilson, not even a peer of RW. The post above by Rocket has some merit.

      I see little foundation in Grant’s second reason–sounds provocative and cutely visceral, but not likely. Drive away sponsors and advertisers? Nope!

      1. Kaep would not go there to stir up a QB controversy. He has stated that he would be content to accept a second string job, and since he has played against Wilson, he knows how good he is. Wilson also has said that he would not object to Kaep being the backup, because Boykin is not going to be available with his legal troubles.

          1. I would agree that if any controversy were to be stirred up in Seattle it wouldn’t be anything Kaep directly did. I do think that the issue would be there never the less, much like James Foster implied. I sort of considered that myself once I read about the turmoil. With Kaep there eventually there would be a QB controversy.

    3. Wilson throws a MUCH better ball than Kap, and is a much better scrambler. Kap runs fast in a straight line. Thats it. By his own admission, doesn’t think much of mechanics.

      And Seb thinks he’s the future.

      Here’s one to get attention, Seb………”Charles Manson was set up by J. Edgar………he was actually a kind and understanding person who was mis-understood.”

      Have I got the hang of it??

  5. Its because he sucks and requires a system that is so catered to him, even Seattle cant do anything with him.

  6. With all the doors closing, Kaep is being shut out by teams like the Texans, Broncos, Cards, and Rams, all of whom have QB questions. Right now, Kaep is superior to all the QBs on the Niners, Browns, Jets, Bears and Jags. Teams like the Steelers, Saints, Chargers, Pats, Giants and Chiefs have aging QBs whose best days are behind them. During this off season, those teams will be assessing their QBs, so things may change.
    If Kaep wanted to play for the league minimum, he probably would be signed with the Seahawks. He would be going to a playoff team with an injury prone QB, stout defense and good RBs. However, he wants to start and play, so he is being patient, will wait for attrition to set in, and teams will be wanting his services.
    This is just a game within a game, and Kaep is playing it smart.

    1. Coo coo clock, when are you going to learn? 49ers fans don’t care about Kaepernick any longer. Shut up already!

      1. Maybe your comments should be directed at Grant, because he is the one broaching the subject. I am merely commenting on it, and answering his question.

        1. We all know Grants agenda. Its journalism. What is your excuse? Oh wait you said its to “needle” people.

          That’s admirable. You must be proud of that agenda.

          1. Prime, a storm may be returning. I hope you get so upset you will declare you will leave this site and swear you will never return.
            Of course, you lied and said all that, only to return like a moth to a flame. That is par for the course for welshers.

            1. Coo coo clock, that’s not gonna happen.

              Be proud where you openly admitted you like to talk about Kap to needle people. Pretty brave to taunt with no repercussions. Honorable American I guess!

              1. Prime, remember when you said that Kaep took the league by storm? I told you I would remind you of that statement every chance I get.
                If that is needling, It is because you stuck your foot in your mouth. Next time, think before you spew.
                Pretty brave to taunt with no repercussions? Hmm, you seem to do nothing but taunt, so maybe you should look in a mirror. The only repercussions you are receiving are the perceptions that you attack ad hominem ad nauseum, and look foolish doing it.

              2. So now you are not admitting that you don’t bring up Kap only to needle people? Your words. Remember to Cassie? FI.

                Until you change your attitude around here I’m gonna ride you like Seabiscuit.

                And as for that storm, its right up your arse if you need to find it!

              3. Seb as narcissist… Note the need to declare victory.

                “If we’re blogging about [insert topic here], at some point we’ll face a critic, an accuser. This can be a bewildering mess if we assume s/he will listen to reason. If we defend ourselves, the ante will be upped. If we over-explain ourselves, s/he declares victory, becoming increasingly strident with the reward of attention and sympathy.” — CZBZ of The Narcissistic Continuum.

              4. I certainly bring up Kaep to needle you, and am proud of it, because you are a hater and mental lightweight, who spews drivel out of his rear end. Frankly, I am tired of winning against you, because you are a potty mouth with the maturity of a 2 year old.
                I have shown restraint in bringing up Kaep because posters begged me to stop. However, when Grant specifically brings up Kaep and his situation with Seattle, I feel perfectly fine discussing him.
                Posters may diss Kaep for his protests, but if they cloud their judgement so much so, that they think Kaep is awful and cannot play in this league, then blithely state that the present Niner QBs are far superior, I will question their football knowledge.
                John Harbaugh stated that Kaep is not being blackballed and anyone who thinks so is brain dead. Too bad Mara just admitted that Kaep is being blackballed, so John Harbaugh may be the brain dead person, because it is so obvious. The undisputed proof is that fact that obviously inferior QBs are being signed like Gabbert, Barkley, McCown, Sanchez, Fitzpatrick and now Dylan Thompson. None of those QBs will ever accomplish as much as Kaep, yet they signed, albeit for the league minimum in many cases.
                You better start worrying, because Kaep may return to the Niners, and take the league by storm, AGAIN.

              5. Needle me? You clearly fail to see that I enjoy berating you because you are a coward who talks big behind a computer screen.

                Kap is not here and wont be a 49er ever again. And Ill keep reminding you of that Coo coo!

              6. Prime, yes, I do enjoy using you as a punching bag. And like a masochist, you come back for more.

            2. Haha!!!!

              Heres another one for you, Sebbs……………”When no one was looking, FDR willingly spat in Hitlers face, thus starting WW2. FDR started WW2″!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              No more ridiculous than Kap is an Abrams tank………………………

  7. It’s getting pretty obvious that NFL owners who might have been interested have gauged the potential fan and advertiser response to bringing in Kaepernick and concluded that he would be bad for business.

    Do I think they spent a lot of time and money researching this? No, he’s not that good anyway.

    In fact, bringing Kap in for an interview might have been a way to appease the BLM supporters in Seattle and nothing more.

  8. A point that I haven’t seen made about Kap is this: Making a body language statement in response to a very complex issue, rather than asking a reporter to interview him so he could provide his perspective, present some facts, and try to influence people with an articulate message, appears to be a sign of stupidity. At best, this is a man who can only emote, when more intelligent people will speak. He still has yet to give an interview and make his perspective coherent.

  9. Brian Hoyer is the QB of the Niners… Can we stop talking about Kaep as a collective group. I’m looking forward to training camp and reading about the new direction of the Franchise. No more drama or distractions…

  10. I don’t know why people don’t understand this. It’s really simple:

    a) Kaepernick is not a supporter of a cause. He is a fanatical and delusional zealot, and donating a fraction of his money (most of which he earned due to timing his surgeries just right, so that he couldn’t get cut) doesn’t make it right. Donning pig socks and publicly admiring Fidel Castro are both alarming personality traits that do not match well with the face of any franchise.

    b) His press conferences are all about his stance on the “oppression of people of color” (read: “racist White police with less training than a cosmetologist beating on innocent Blacks”) instead of about football.

    c) He pushed his visible and delusional social agenda while ON THE JOB. That’s all you need to know. He did it on the job, while on the clock, when he was supposed to be focusing on, you know, FOOTBALL. If I started some social crusade during staff meetings, I would be kicked to the curb so fast with no severance and no social groups supporting me . Why is he deserving of admiration for this?

    d) He’s a hypocrite. The minute he became a free agent, he announced he would now stand during the National Anthem. How convenient is that? Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Also, anytime there is Black on Black crime, or anytime there is Black on White police crime, all you hear from him is crickets. He’s a big hypocrite.

    e) Oh by the way, he sucks. There are lies, damn lies, and then statistics. The stats say he is one of the best QBs in the league. The reality is that all he does is get sacked, throw the ball at the dirt on simple 5 yard outs, and rack up the stats in garbage time when the defense is choosing to let him do so.

    1. Let’s do a retrospective on 1970s NFL music–the stuff on TV that would give many viewers the chills (no, not Chipotle…).

        1. Cassie………..

          With Seb going Berzerkly, its time for one of your little ditties……………………….

  11. Seattle is one of the most liberal cities in America. I don’t think Seahawks ownership is concerned about losing season ticket holders. CK probably asked for too much money. BUT you are leaving out a 3rd possibility. CK wanted an open QB competition in training camp but Seattle thinks they have their franchise QB in Wilson so they didn’t want to create an unnecessary qb controversy.

    1. You’re also forgetting about a 4th possibility. The NFL league office called Seattle and asked them to meet with Colin Kaepernick so the talk about CK being “blackballed” subsides. The league has drifted way too far into the political realm under Roger. Coordinating a meeting with the Seahawks would be similar to when Jeff Fisher and the league office coordinated the drafting of Michael Sam so Barack Obama could push his agenda.

    2. If Kaepernick thinks he can go into any NFL organization and win the job when he could not beat out Gabbert last year in SF, he is smoking something right out of Seb’s arse!

      1. CK has aligned himself with idiots like Shaun King so if he’s not smoking something then he’s just an outright imbecile. Having said that, he’s an athlete. Every athlete thinks they should be starting and if they don’t then they certainly shouldn’t be professional athletes. I suspect CK thinks he is a top 5 qb who was burdened with a bad team in SF.

        1. I agree with that HOU but sometimes athletes have to know what their ceiling is. Kap has reached his potential. He now has to prove what his value is. That will have to start as a back up.

          No one is dumb enough to give him the opportunity to start unless he demonstrates he has improved his on field capabilities as well as, not be a distraction.

          He always thought he was bigger than the game but saying he didnt need to work on his mechanics, and he never was a study the playbook kinda guy. Well look where he is now with that attitude.

      2. Prime, Kaep did beat out Gabbert. In fact, even though Baalke made sure Gabbert started, Gabbert did enough to bench himself. So much so, they made Ponder second string.

        1. Who won the job in camp? Who started week one? Oh wait, he was not healthy. Then he got benched in CHI cause he was hitting the opponents LB’s in the helmet.

          Now he is unemployed. The NFL has spoken. You should listen

          1. Prime, Baalke hated Kaep almost more than you. He gave Gabbert every advantage he could, even as much as making the competition unfair. I did not dump on Gabbert, and even supported him as starter because I knew he would implode on his own.
            Sure, Chicago was not Kaep’s best game, but it was hard to win when the coaches would not allow him to throw the ball in the first half. Then, when behind, the coaches telegraphed the intent to pass. Too bad once Kaep was benched, Gabbert was immediately sacked for a safety.

            1. Seb shut up, I didn’t ask! Kap is not a 49er, no one cares. Gabbert is a NFLer with a job. Kap is professional bum right now. Beat it!

              1. “The way that Baalke operates is that he always bends over backwards to give his picks extra chances. He did that with JJ Jenkins as well and it hurt the WR corps that season. ”

                Well, he drafted AJ in 2012 and cut him in 2013. How many extra chances was that?

              1. Baalke loved Gabbart. He stated he would have drafted him if he had a pick high enough after drafting Aldon. The way that Baalke operates is that he always bends over backwards to give his picks extra chances. He did that with JJ Jenkins as well and it hurt the WR corps that season. Why do people think that he signed Gabbart as a free agent when other teams wouldn’t have touched him. He was locked into one of his obsessions to prove his QB choice in 2011 was better than Harbaugh’s choice. People seem to forget that he kept the horrible right side of the 0line playing until Gabbart was under center. He also waited until the center came back as well. If it was anyone else but Baalke that would be a really crazy conspiracy theory, but with Baalke it’s highly possible.

            2. Now its the coaches fault. Was it the coaches fault when Montana lost a game????

              “Jimi Hendrix really started out with the Beatles…….a little known fact”. Am I getting the hang of it, Sebs?

  12. Try this… A Grant Blog Cookbook. Ask every poster to submit the perfect pregame fan meal menu–complete with recipes. I’ll go for Chioppino…

  13. I read Matt Maiocco’s blog on Marquise Goodwin’s comments on Shanny’s offense and decided to write a comment for the previous blog, and re-post it here because I think comparing Harbaugh with Shanny is more interesting that discussing whether Seahawks will sign Kap or not — after all Harbaugh created this Kap hell ;-) Here goes:

    IMO, Harbaugh is an excellent coach but the same philosophy that makes him so successful can also be his undoing in the NFL. He can instill the belief in a player that the latter can “run thru a wall” in order to get a victory. He expects every player on offense to play to play with the physicality of a defensive player, The player is inspired and he does just that. But repeated “running thru walls” takes a toll on the body and after a few seasons, the bodies of some of the players’ break down, and the rah-rah inspiration stuff does not work for NFL vets. That’s when Harbaugh’s approach runs into its own wall.

    Contrast that with Shanahan, the thought whose offensive scheme is giving goosebumps to receiver Marquise Goodwin:
    ““Kyle is very smart. He knows how to put people into positions where they can avoid injuries, avoid concussions,” he said. “You know what role you’re going to be in the offense….”
    Both coaches rely on play action in the passing game, but I think Shanny’s more diverse, role-based passing offense with ZBS run game is more sustainable in the NFL over many years. I also think Shanny changes his offensive game plans based on the opponent’s D to a greater extent than Harbaugh/Roman did. I could not figure out why Harbaugh completely neglected the pass catching role of the RBs.

    When Harbaugh arrived in 2007 to Stanford to revive the football program, two of his first moves were (1) announce that Stanford football would not bow to any program — a shot across Pete Carroll’s bow that immediately improved the morale of a relatively low-talent team, and (2) introduced the phrase “contact courage” to Stanford football lingo. The almost immediate result was in pulling off the greatest upset in college football history, and it reached zenith in his era with the physical beat down of Virginia Tech in the 2011 Orange Bowl.

    That approach works well in college, and I look forward to a Michigan-Stanford Rose Bowl face off during his Michigan years :)

    Harbaugh is not an offensive innovator but a solid offensive mind strategically (his in-game tactical approach including sequence of play calls and time management has not turned out to be that great). He is good at teaching the fundamentals to a QB, but he’s not a QB magician like Walsh, and he could not turn his hand-picked QB into a decent pocket passer.

    Harbaugh is who he is. His monomaniacal obsession to win at all costs is borderline sociopathic. He’s the guy I would follow to a fight, but not a guy I’d go out for a drink.

      1. Thanks. Just stirring the pot in these dog days (hopefully a more interesting pot than that with the dead horse).

      2. Mood

        Very nicely presented…I agree…and I don’t think that I’ll live to see that Stanford/Michigan Rose Bowl…I ‘m a realist, and Harbaugh did as is his MO…Take the players that Scot Hoch recruited to Michigan, and play them and take credit for them until they’re gone…I believe that this is JH’s third year at Michigan….one more year before he moves on….such is the life of the Flim Flam man….

    1. Good post. I can’t really compare Harbaugh and Shanny because I haven’t watched enough of his teams over the past few years to know how Shanny will be as a head coach. The one thing I’ll add about Harbaugh is I think his maniacal behavior on the sideline hurts his teams in big moments. He is so wound up and erratic on the sideline I think the team feeds off that and it makes it harder for them to perform in high stress situations. I don’t think it was by accident that the 49ers were just a play away from winning a few of their big games but they came up just short. Harbaugh needs to improve his sideline demeanor or he will continue to lose big games by small margins.

      1. Houston, good post. Here is something OT from Kaep,but may be relevant.
        10 ways JH can improve. (Also Tomsula,Chip and now KS) 12-31-13.
        1. Read Rudyard Kiplings poem -IF. Stop being so demonstrative on the side line. It seems to tick off the refs and is counter productive. Use biting humor to get your point across. Channel Bill Walsh. Study the game winning drive before The Catch.
        2. Consider time outs to be precious and saved for the last 2 minutes (of each Half). Good job last game.
        3, Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Tell Kaep (Niner QB) that he can get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time. (2 more opportunities to score). (If ahead by 2 scores, milk the clock).
        4. Run the no huddle with quick snaps. This will eliminate delay of game penalties and stop the defense from substituting. ( It also could draw the defense off sides, for a free play which could be a long pass down field).
        5. Expressly forbid Kaep (Niner QB) from calling an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.
        6. Use players so they maximize their talents. Stop forcing Kaep (Niner QB) to be only a pocket passer. Use designed rollouts to fluster the defense.
        7. Establish the running game, then use play action for long strikes down field.
        8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.
        9. Be unpredictable, use deception and keep them guessing. Put them on their heels.( Pull a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook, and think 3 plays ahead. Run plays to set up subsequent plays.)
        10. Niners will win if Kaep (Niner QB) gets the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes and even the Statue Of Liberty.

      2. Harbaugh is perfect for a college system where there are 3-4 year player “contracts” and the better recruiter wins. Harbaugh is a wonderful college recruiter. He almost convinced RG3 to come to Stanford even after Luck had been recruited.

    2. I agree mood it is more interesting comparing Harbaugh and Shanny. Problem is Shanny has never been a HC so it’s hard to predict how well he’ll do in comparison. If we are just comparing offensive philosophy and scheme, I would definitely give Shanny the edge because he is more creative and has a history of strong balanced offenses. That doesn’t mean Harbaugh is not a good offensive Coach, or doesn’t understand route concepts as some were trying to suggest on the other thread however. His system while not as innovative, is very effective and QB friendly. The passing game was secondary to the rushing game, but the passing game averaged a high average per attempt and they were 11th in points scored 3 out of his 4 seasons as HC, while increasing their scoring every year.

      There is no doubt Harbaugh’s personality grates on some, and there were issues with time management on play calls, but I saw no evidence that the majority of players were growing tired of him or that their bodies were breaking down by the time he was let go. In fact his final season featured some injuries to key players but they were still competitive and won 8 games. Players play hard for him and that is something that can’t be measured with Kyle right now.

      1. Rocket,

        The players did indeed play hard for their coaches, but it was not just for Harbaugh but also Fangio, Donatell and Seely. However, Harbaugh had his closest interaction with the players on offense and some of them began to tire of his act. The same happened at Stanford where he alienated Doug Baldwin and also Sherman (who was a receiver but moved to CB after dropping in the depth chart under Harbaugh).

        In my mind’s eye, I cannot see Harbaugh inspiring pro players to play hard for him in, say, his 8th year with a NFL franchise like the way he did in his first 2-3 seasons.

    3. Well done, Mood. It was unfortunate we lost Harbaugh, but it’s very fortunate we were able to land on our feet with Shanny….

    4. RUnning Marty Schottenheimer’s and Bill Parcell’s offenses is not ‘solid offensive mind.’ It’s the kind of offense coaches who ‘win with defense’ run because it relies on field position swings during the course of the game to get the sub-standard offense into favorable scoring positions.

      I know most people don’t understand it. But that’s what he did. And to do that, he had to have an elite defense. And when he did, we scored because of that. And when, in 2014, we didn’t. We were 25th ins scoring. At what point does ’25th in scoring because of average field position’ soak into your head?

      We hired Harbaugh because Baalke wanted Harbaugh. And he wanted him because Harbaugh was, like Baalke, a Parcells/Schembechler guy. And that’s that what they do — plodding, uninspired, second-rate offenses that are, functionally, below average coupled to elite defenses to win the field position battle.

      1. I know most people don’t understand it. But that’s what he did. And to do that, he had to have an elite defense. And when he did, we scored because of that. And when, in 2014, we didn’t. We were 25th ins scoring. At what point does ’25th in scoring because of average field position’ soak into your head?

        Most understand it just fine. The difference is most look at the body of work and not one season that had many underlying factors working against it to form a conclusion. The Niners were 11th in scoring the first 3 seasons under Harbaugh. They went to a SB with the defense playing poorly. Your analysis is incorrect.

        1. Yeah, Harbaugh ran a competent ball-control offense — masking personnel deficiencies and leveraging the good run O line he got with the Niners. I did not care much for his offensive philosophy but he took input from his position coaches in drawing up the game plan. Too bad he had to trust in Chryst for the passing game.

  14. Because Kaep sucks. Why would anyone want to sign a one trick QB whose only trick has deteriorated over the last 3 years? The guy has put up all his stats against bottom feeding defenses the last two years. He hasn’t put a full game together in even longer than that. Is he better than most back ups in the league? Absolutely but nobody wants a back up with baggage unless that baggage is way in the rear view mirror. I backed Kaep until after the first couple games of 2015. That was it at that point. The man is a back up who made a horrible business decision last year that unfortunately may have killed his career. I have no problem with what he did and support him in his message but he was naive to think this wouldn’t be an issue when it comes to playing elsewhere. I still think it’s to early to say whether or not he will be employed this coming season and who is to say what he is asking for as compensation and a role is just more than teams are willing to give at this point? Bottom line is he’s not our concern anymore. He gave us a hell of a run in 2012 and 2013 and I will always remember how good he was and how great I thought he might be but it didn’t happen for a number of reasons. Good bye and good luck.

  15. What is it 3-4 articles on a guy who is out of a job? Can we also write one about Cutler? No, wait, he has a job. Not as a QB but a job nonetheless. How about RGIII? He has no job yet?

    Really, who cares? I’m more interested in whether Carradine is likely to make the team and if so in what capacity.

    Who cares what our rivals are doing with a back up QB who we let go.

    For the record RW is superior in a myriad of ways to Kap and has proven it on the field consistently.

    1. Wilson can not only do everything Kaepernick can do (including creating sacks) but he can pass from the pocket. He’s actually one of the best pocket passers in the NFL even if he’s barely taller than Tyrion Lannister.

    2. Really, who cares?

      The only ones who care are the media which looks at a pointless syoryline and beats it to death even after it has given up the ghost, players who only want to focus on the politics and not the fact Kaepernick is simply not a QB anyone wants to build around due to his limitations, and the diehard Kaepologists.

  16. Money is part of it most likely but from a Seahawks perspective look at all of the attention this has already received (Kap visiting Hawks) and they haven’t even signed him!!

    Why would they want their backup QB getting more attention than Russell Wilson or most of their team for that matter?!

  17. Enquiring minds want to know why RGIII has no job and virtually NOBODY CARES. Two equally-bad, one-trick-pony QBs who require specialized junk-college offenses to succeed are unemployed. One has practically created a national hand-wringing industry while the other is Mr. Cricket’s Chirping.

    Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.

    Back-up QBs who can’t run NFL offenses don’t get jobs.

        1. Torn LCL, ACL and meniscus. No wonder he was immobile and suffered a fractured shoulder.

          1. I count two legs. I presume he’s medically cleared to play–you have contrary definitive information?

            1. Sure, he has 2 legs, but playing on that surgically repaired leg is problematic. I am certain that he is not at 100%, and as good as he was 6 years ago. He has lost his speed and mobility. He was not fast enough to get out of bounds, so he suffered a broken shoulder.

      1. Mickey Mantle played on one leg. Dont even think about telling me its easier to do what Mantle did……………..

  18. Cassie is correct. Grant needs to increase his click count by ten-fold. And Cassie and I, including everyone who scrolls this far, are dumb enough to fall into the Kaep Trap and click on that link that states: “CK7 Passes Gas, Fans Across the Globe are Livid.”

    The 49ers have moved on from the man. Fans haven’t.

        1. You indicated that the fans haven’t moved on, and I’m arguing 99% of them have, Katy.

          1. Yeah only one I see. Coo coo Sebrazor!

            Hope those memories he brought your family can be remembered with all the dust in that pea brain of yours!

            1. Leave my family out of your responses when talking to me. If you want a piece of me, you have my address, but you mess with my family and it won’t end well for you….

              1. At ease coo coo!

                I feel pity for your family having to tolerate a nut job like you!

              2. 54260 westwood dr, elkhart, indiana and I can show you how detrimental your presumptions regarding my family can be to your health, you POS!

              3. Anytime you feel like zipping it in person instead of from behind your keyboard, you have my address. Me and you, da uomo a uomo and leave my family out of it….

              4. I’ll be waiting for you to do that in person instead of behind your keyboard from the sanctity of Charity Village….

              5. Ribico, I never thought I’d meet anyone from this blog, but I met a great human being in Undercenter. He can attest my address is correct. So if Prime Time wants to back up his tough talk, I’ll be here waiting. Thanks for your interest though….

              6. Sebrazor you’ve clearly lost it today. As much as I’d like to teach you a lesson, my schedule to travel to butt knob Indiana ain’t gonna work.
                In the meantime say hi to the family for me!

              7. Prime Time, you are what we call here in America, a poser. You talk tough, and you compensate for your little manhood by attacking another mans family….

              8. And you’re what we call a hoser up here in Canada.
                You talk a big game then pretend to be all tough inviting me to your town?
                What are you 10 years old.
                Then again you’ve always been one to say outrageous things that you know will never happen.
                That’s why you are a coo coo!
                Say hi to the family and give them my condolences having to endure your stupidity!

              9. Tell you what, Prime Time. You give me your address, and I’ll come up and pay you a visit.

              10. Sebrazor now you’ve gone off the deep end.
                I’ve gotten under your skin so bad, you’re willing to travel to Canada to come see me?
                What’s for diner with the fam tonight? Coo coo stew?

              11. Remember when Bayareafanatic challenged me to a fight in the parking lot at the 49ers game vs.Seattle?

                Whatever happened to that guy. I think he committed himself. Your destiny seems to be very similar.
                Your family must be so proud of you. Willing to travel to Canada because a guy on a blog got under your skin. Hahahah!!!!!!

  19. The only way Kaepernick will be a Niner again is if Harbaugh comes back to coach. The odds of that are at least a million to one. How much longer are people going to talk about this? Grant, my man, please drop this Kaepernick sh-t. I’d rather talk about Anthony Davis coming back. And if anyone takes me up on that, they are certifiable.

    1. George, it is not that hard to change the blog post. Ignore this one and comment on the top 5 projected teams. Maybe others will follow you. I would skip the Brandon Jacobs one because that is also pretty emo.
      Me, I am happy as a clam. I think Grant threw me a cookie, and is trolling the Kaep haters.

      1. I think I know that it is not hard to change the blog post. But thank you anyway for reminding me.

        1. So, where do you think the Niners will end up this season? I do not think the Giants and Packers will do as well as the Cowboys and Seahawks.

      2. Sebs…here’s another little ditty for you to use……

        ” The Earth is in fact, flat-as so proven conclusively by the flat Earth Society in Sabastopol”!!!!!!

        I believe I’m getting the hang of it.

        1. You do realize that Baalke probably was a round earther and pushed only round earth players!

  20. “Coach] Kyle [Shanahan] had a vision for what he wanted to do, and one thing I think Kyle was very clear and I think Colin appreciated, is that Kyle has an idea of how he’d play with Colin Kaepernick. But he preferred to run the exact offense that he ran in Atlanta last year that was record-breaking in this league. And if you change it for the quarterback, you change it for everybody on that offense. So he had a great discussion that I think gave Colin clarity, so we moved on. Brian Hoyer was one of the guys we pursued. Once we pursued him, we didn’t see Kaep as a backup that would really fit in that scheme and we communicated that to him.”

    I wonder if these comments direct from Lynch will get through to the Kaep cheerleader about why he ain’t coming back…? Probably not.

    1. Thanks Scooter. You can’t get more definitive than that.

      Look for Grant’s next column, “What do you think about Lynch saying the team has moved on from Kaepernick?”

    2. Scooter, being the the only guy defending Kaep, I assume you consider me that cheerleader.
      I am heartened by Lynch’s apology, and it just confirms my belief that Paraag was the leaker and still is the leaker. Too bad Kaep felt stabbed in the back once again, and Lynch showed class to rectify the situation. If he did not care, and closed the door to his returning, he did not need to make an apology. Sounds like he wants to still keep open that door.
      I also am not too worried about Kaep not coming back, and think he will end up eventually in Seattle, since Schneider and Pete Carroll are smart and can recognize talent. Kaep would go to a playoff team with a stout defense and good offensive weapons.
      I also think that things change, and the OTAs will sort out the player evaluations. If the Niners think that Barkley is not progressing, or Hoyer starts throwing picks, the Niners will be pragmatic and look to improve. Just like Gabbert, they will expose their own weaknesses, and Kaep could a job win by default.
      I surely hope the Niners are not going to be rigid and inflexible. That was the problem with Tomsula and Chip. The Niners need to be resilient and adaptable, take any player, and scheme to his strengths. Believe me, Hoyer and Barkley are light years different from Matt Ryan. To blithely assume they will be just as good a Matt Ryan is delusional. KS may PREFER to run a similar offense like Atlanta, but he does not have Julio Jones, Ryan and Freeman.
      I expect the Niners to make critical assessments, and if they do not see improvement with the present Niners QBs, who knows? I just remember Hoyer throwing the ball like the DBS were the intended receivers and committed 5 turnovers in the biggest game of his life. He crumbled under pressure. If Hoyer and Barkley falter, I hope they will turn to the last QB to lead them to the SB. Glad they know that Kaep is fully committed to being a leader, and is fully healthy and at his ideal playing weight. Lynch said he wanted to improve the team, and Kaep would provide stiff competition.
      Lynch may just have to decide if he wants Kaep to play for him, or against him.

      1. Decision’s been made Seb. It’s done. Perhaps you should present yourself at 9er headquarters and state your case in person. I’m quite confident Lynch will grant an audience with you…given your status as a football genius.

        Finished. The parking lot is empty and the grounds have been swept. Only things left are derelict pigeons and the dawn of a new day. Consummavi Seb, consummavi…

        1. No, I am sure he reads this blog, since he used my 10 point suggestions as a blueprint for his draft.
          Lynch also probably saw my admonitions about the leaks, and apologized to Kaep because he saw that posters were upset and criticizing the FO for more leaks.

          1. Ha ha ha ha ha…. I’m sure Lynch reads your posts. This is gonna be a great year!

    3. lol. No. Just no. Despite:

      On Wednesday, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk passed along comments Lynch made for an upcoming segment on PFT Live about a discussion with the QB about his status with the organization.

      “Yes, [he would have been cut] and we had that conversation with him,” the GM said. “So I don’t want to characterize it as he made a decision to leave here.

      Nobody wants him. For the reasons you put up there. For the fact he’s chock-full of bad-tape. For the fact he was only able to be successful in a mickey-mouse college offense with a mickey-mouse college passing game that teams figured out and have, for the most part, negated.

      1. then the posts requesting the 49ers trade for him will begin.

        Then the slamming of the FO and Shanahan will cascade after every Niners loss this season. FIFY, rocket.

    4. Nothing will convince the village idiot that Kap isn’t coming back unless he signs with somebody, and then the posts requesting the 49ers trade for him will begin.

      1. You’re right… Bundle several players and a high draft pick or two!!

          1. Let us plan to join one another on the next Iron Maiden tour of North America, and share our love for them together down in front of the stage. You name the venue. I’m thinking it will be a new album spring 2018 and released late summer or fall. Tour to follow in 2019. Give us plenty of time if you’re game, and my wife is a fan too….

  21. If the Seahawks ownership wanted to veto, they would have done so already and not go through the charade of bringing Kaepernick for a visit.

  22. I hear the sound of teets being desperately squeezed to get every ounce of milk out of any Kaepernick news.
    Grant, personally, I don’t care about CK anymore.

  23. The foundation of Grant’s astounding status as a world renowned blogista is the sebnynah/PrimeTime slime pit and Grant’s use of Colin Kaepernick as raw meat.

    1. Sir, I am sure glad you learned your lesson.
      Prime is just a glutton for punishment.

      1. Sebs……….

        I close the curtain with this one…………………

        “Sun Tzu was, in fact, Elvis Presley………..who would NOT take the credit for Zoo’s little strategic tidbits-Sun Tzu being Presley’s well known pen name….a historical fact.”

    2. Pretty much. Should go down in the annuals of journalism as one of the most influential blog techniques of our century…;>)

    3. Right, ht. It’s not like those keep track of posts and hits aren’t aware of how the majority of those are generated.

  24. The only way Kaep ends up coming back is if the fans hire the banner plane and say: “Bring back playground football”. Expect to see a “We Love Jed” banner before that happens.

    1. WC, I am patient. I fully expect Hoyer and Barkley will pull a Gabbert and implode on their own accord. There is plenty of time before preseason for that to happen. If not, he will end up in Seattle, and make it back to the playoffs.

      It is interesting to note all these posters expecting Hoyer to be the second coming of Joe Montana. I just dont see it.

  25. Seb,

    Flash back to my prediction the Gabbs would beat out Kaep do to his head start on the playbook.

    Now, flash forward to Shanahan’s playbook…..The 49ers are in what, their 3rd installation.
    Guess what, SEB ? Last I checked, Hoyer is learning the installs, not Kaep. And he’s been there and done that with Shanahan’s playbook, so by now, he’s Hoyer’s on rote memory…. That is , the offense is so natural to him, he doesn’t have to think about where to go with the football, it’s all instinctual–2nd nature.

    If one of the NFL’s worst QB’s—Gabbs–beat out Kaep while learning a playbook, what chance does Kaep have against a vetran, whose used Shanny’s playbook in live action, and is in his 2nd go around with said playbook ?

  26. As shocked as you all are that Seb can’t let go of Kaepernick I sit equally stunned that you all keep replying to him.

      1. Oh now it’s just comical seeing you snivel. The blog has called you out Seb.
        You’re starting to unravel. I see a repeat of Niners Nation on the horizon!

        1. Shanny, Trubiscuit, franchise next 10 years, right? Now that’s genuine goofball sized poo right there, not your garden variety BS!

          1. How pathetic. A war vet right?
            Letting a blog convo unravel your kitchen. That’s weak man!

            1. I’m not a war vet DA, and Shanny, Trubiscuit, franchise next 10 years, right?

              1. You’re not? You said you were. Another lie in your attempt to be 2 different posters.
                Coo coo!

              2. Never said anything of the kind. I was in the USMC from ’81 to ’85 stationed at Camp Pendleton, Las Flores, 1st Tank Battalion, while you were with the Brownies at the Girls Guides Of Canada. Shanny, Trubiscuit, franchise next 10 years, right?

              3. Oh that’s right. You were the lawnmower.
                Regardless you’re an idiot whose gone goofy tryin to fight someone in another country over a blog.
                Man do you need help!

        2. Prime,

          I see that too. Grant could just review my post on free speech regarding Seb’s weapons manifesto (constantly on repeat for viewers whenever losing a debate) or yesterdays weapons imbroglio vs BrothaTuna.

          Folks don’t read Seb carefully as I do. Note how he cleverly works explosive ordinance in with children….What a Whacko!!!

          And Prime, Seb has so many accounts on this site that he sicks on those he’s on the losing end with, that I’ve lost count

          sebnynah says:

          May 29, 2017 at 10:04 am

          On this Memorial Day, I wish to honor my neighborhood hero, who protected me from the neighborhood bully.
          He was a 3 letter sports star, and while on leave, brought to us younger neighborhood kids smoke and phosphorous grenades that we set off down by the creek. That was mega cool.

          Brotha Tuna says:
          May 29, 2017 at 11:04 am

          That sounds like a complete fabrication. I don’t believe for one minute that you were setting off WP in Sebastopol.
          Can you even tell me the blast radius of a phosphorous grenade? Don’t look it up, just describe it. Liar.

          Cassie Baalke says:

          May 29, 2017 at 12:39 pm

          Agree. Guy gives phosphorus grenades to kids? That stuff’s deadly…and persistent.

        3. Prime I have taken on a whole blog site, and have not worked up a sweat. You cant touch me, because so far, your small little mind can only hurl insults.
          Despite your deprecation’s, Kaep still is a SB QB who has set records, and his 4-2 road playoff record is better than Joe and Steve combined. He does have skills, but you are so blinded by hate, you refuse to see them.
          I concede that he could improve, but with a strong supporting cast, he will take the league by storm, again.

          1. Seb you’ve got bigger problems than taking on a blog.
            You are bats! I don’t care what you say or think. I just want you off the blog cause all you do is pollute it.
            Beat it coo coo!

              1. Keep posting metal videos coo coo.

                I hear your family calling you to take your meds!

            1. Prime, I remember you swearing that you were leaving and never coming back. What happened, get lonely?
              Wanting me to leave will just make me more determined to stay, and needle you even more.
              Prime, you are a liar and a welsher, and do not have an iota of football knowledge, especially when you bloviate that the Niners would draft Trubisky.
              I commented that I wanted the Niners to trade back, and still get the player they coveted. I advocated that they should use later picks to move up and get the players they coveted, and wrangle deals that would get 2018 second and third round picks. I told Lynch to put on his Trader Bill Hat, be aggressive, and have fun.

              1. And Lynch, being the impressionable noob that he is, found your post and had an epiphany. I shudder to think how the draft may have gone down hadn’t Lynch ‘The Noob’ found you.

              2. I also think that the Seahawks channeled my post because they traded back multiple times and leverages 3 picks into 7 picks. I remember posters declaring that trading back once was highly improbable, and trading back multiple times was an impossibility.

            2. Prime,

              I see you’ve aligned yourself with my psychoanalysis of Seb as nutso.

              When I stated this before, you wrote that he’s just seeking attention and not crazy. However, now you call him coo coo and bats !

              1. I now believe it’s both Tom.
                He seeks attention but cannot formula a real opinion because the hamster upstairs is wonky.

    1. CFC, I have been resigned to Kaep leaving for months, and even postulated about him going to the Texans, Cards, Broncos Bears, Jags or even the Rams. I do not think he would go to the Jets or Browns, even though they desperately need a franchise QB, because he probably thinks their owners are worse than Jed. Do not know where you say I cannot let go.
      However, right now, with him being blackballed, he may be forced to return because there are few options, and if there was a fair competition, he would dominate Hoyer, Barkley and CJB.
      Guess you all are content to lose, and are hoping for Cousins or a college QB will become the next franchise QB, but I want the Niners to win, and Kaep will give them their best chance to win.
      Lynch has improved the team dramatically, and I think KS can take any QB, and make him better, but I am not satisfied with the present QBs. You make it sound like there has never been a 49er QB controversy in their whole history, but there was Tittle vs Brodie, Deberg vs Montana, Joe vs Steve and Alex vs Kaep.
      So far, nobody has given me a cogent argument why Hoyer would be successful, especially given his past history. Heck, he was beaten out by Johnny Manziel, and he has not played for KS for 2 and a half years. In his only playoff game, he gave the game away. Barkley is no better, and a rookie should not be able to supplant a SB QB.
      So yes, I will take on a whole blog, and not work up a sweat, because if they think I am crazy for touting Kaep, imagine what I think of them for touting Hoyer.

      1. Why would Lynch read your posts and discover–and apply–your 10 point draft plan (like he had no clue), and then ignore your Kaepernick advice? Guess Lynch is just a young’n and needs more Seb seasoning.

        Seb will doll out some praise, but withhold some just so he can leverage it later in a manner that flatters Seb–bringing him attention.

        Your real argument is with Shanahan and his devotion to installing his system.

        1. Cassie, I think Lynch would be fine signing Kaep, but I think KS is taking advice from MS, and he dislikes mobile QBs.

          Hopefully, MS watched the OTAs, and will have seen how limited the present QBs are. If KS wants to win, he needs the best weapons available. Kaep, with his dual threat, is far more dangerous than 3 slow pocket passers.

            1. Cassie, actually, that gives me even more hope, because it looks like he is negotiating through the press.
              Kaep could take the Seahawk job if he was desperate and content to just back up Wilson, but Kaep wants to start, and he wants to play. The Niners present the best chance to start, but some team will lose their starting QB like Bridgewater, and will be thankful that Kaep is still available.
              My take on the opting out is that the Niners did not want to pay him that much, so they floated the idea that they might cut him, and sign him for less. Kaep is still mad at being stabbed in the back so many times, and his strong sense of what is right or wrong led him down the path to social activism. He also has a large capacity to forgive, an admirable trait, hence his staying with the team last season. But Baalke poisoned the well, and he was ready to move on. When the Niners floated the proposal to lower his salary, he countered by saying he would opt out. The Niners did not want to burn any bridges, because if they did cut him, he would never return. They still wanted him for less, so they allowed him to opt out. Baalke would have just cut him, and not care where he would land. Now we have the situation where the Seahawks are interested. The fact that Pete Carroll wants him, just sent red flares in the air, and Lynch will have to decide if he wants Kaep to play for him, or against him. Considering Kaep is the last Niner QB to beat the Seahawks, Lynch has a hard decision.
              Kaep made a decision, but was not figuring on the blackballing. He thought on skills alone, some team would want him, even with his social activism. What he did not count on was the vehemence of the hate directed at him. Teams would put up with women beaters, but heaven forbid a silent protest for social justice. The league is in cahoots because they want to quash any dissent, They do not want ‘Uppity’ players, and wanted to make an example of Kaep to dissuade further activism. They want compliant players that they can control and take advantage of. Goodell, being the incompetent useless leader he is, will not even lift a finger to talk to Kaep, because he wants the issue to go away, just like concussions.
              Now, Kaep has opted out and all his options are disappearing. The Niners have leverage, and can easily outbid the Seahawks. Lynch better not be pinching pennies like Baalke did. He should bite the bullet and present a fair deal, with a promise to renegotiate if things work out.
              Yes KS may not want Kaep because he thinks he is not good enough to coach a mobile QB. Or did he say he is lazy, and does not want to bother with even trying. Personally, I think he is smart enough to make any QB better, and a QB with multiple skills is a good thing, not a hindrance. If he really wants to win, I hope he tries many ways to improve, and having a QB who is fast and elusive will lower the amount of sacks. A dual threat QB will be harder to defend against, so maybe the Niners should not only emulate the defense, but also the offense of the Seahawks.
              Kaep is playing it smart, and has not said one disparaging word about the Niners, with the expectations he might have to return. It was telling to have Lynch go to Kaep and apologize, because that meant he wanted to still have hopes that Kaep may return, and kept the door open by treating him with respect.
              KS needs to think it through. Last season, Kaep’s detractors wanted him to get the RGIII treatment, and benched all season. When Kaep signed the new contract, they wanted him to fail miserably. Too bad he actually had good numbers, and knowledgeable people would look at the overall team and not blame Kaep solely for losing. Then they had the Rams game, when Kaep showed leadership and a big desire to win. Kaep displayed everything you want in a QB, leading them from behind to will them to victory with his arm and legs.. Sure, some will say it was only the lowly Rams, but the Rams also beat the Cards and Seahawks, something the Niners failed to do.
              KS needs to think it through. If he lets Kaep slip away, and he lands with a team with a strong defense and good running game. and Kaep revives his career, he will look just as foolish as his second half in the SB. With guaranteed attrition, Kaep will get an opportunity to play, and with some QBs struggling to win, Kaep will appear to be a lifesaver if he turns around a team. KS will appear to be a genius if he can resurrect Kaep, and allow the Niners to win games. If Kaep goes to Seattle, Wilson becomes injured, and Kaep leads them to another SB, KS will have no one to blame but himself.
              Lynch should just take it out of KS’s hands and determine that Barkley is just not cutting it. He should waive Barkley because he will deem that Kaep will improve the team more, which is a given right this second. Then he should pay Kaep the same as Hoyer, and make it a fair competition. Sure, it may make it more difficult with 2 different QBs and their styles, but he also will not be putting all his eggs in one basket, in case his scheme struggles.
              Jed should show leadership, and convince Kaep to return by talking with him, and apologizing for the continued leaks. Jed should show he will do everything in his power to win, and he should show some class by taliking to JH, and apologize to him for enabling Baalke, and allowing him to stab JH in the back. Maybe he should use his jet to pick up Kaep and Nessa, JH and his wife, and fly them to Napa to go to the FL. Jed would be killing 2 birds with one stone, and look classy, while also showing a driven desire to win.

              Thanks, Cassie, for another opportunity to give me a forum to express my views.

              1. Come on, Seb……….

                What kind of Mushrooms you taking, what with all the apple orchards up there? Or, is it acid……..? Some kind of hallucenigenic……………..

              2. Saw, maybe you should read Grant’s OTA report. Sounds like Hoyer laid an egg.
                I have not done shrooms in years, but in my youth, we would go to Golden Gate park and find P cyanescens before going to the Fillmore, Winterlands or Cow palace and listen to music

          1. Dude! Put . Down. The. Crack. Pipe.

            Lynch told Kaepernick that he was going to be cut if he didn’t void his contract. He even reaffirmed it to PFT and the interview will be broadcast later this week.

            It’s OVER.

    1. Ah, Tom Owen and Larry Schreiber… There’s a pair of duds that should be forgotten.

      1. Those were the days..and that astroturf–destroyer of ankles, knees, and hips.

    1. Hey Prime Time, for your information, I’m only 3 hours from the Canadian border, DA. For another, any man blog or not wants to talk chit about my family, and threaten to teach me a lesson, needs a can of Bumblebee butt whupping opened up on their @sses. It just so happens I have a can opener….

      1. You realize coo coo, Canada is over 9000 kilometres from coast to coast?
        Try and find me goofy. Bring the fam just in case you get lost!

        1. Try and find me? Ha! You threaten me and then talk chit about my family and you want to hide. No wonder the great USA has to defend your DA’s up there….

          1. I sure hope your family adopted you. Otherwise there’s s genetic chain there that is coo coo!
            Not good for anyone!

      1. You’re commenting on your own alias like no one notices. Ha! Your secret is out, sei una femminuccia!

        1. No that’s your card Sebrazor. So delusional and dumb witted to just repeat what you truly are.

          Coo coo!

          1. Hide away little girl. Hide away little girl. Hide away until TomD(Prime Time) begs you to stay.

              1. Shanny, Trubisky, franchise next 10 years, right? Someone is in denial about their brain. Could it be Prime Time, alias TomD?

              2. You’re telling me. What person in their right mind would ever think Shanny would take a one hit wonder in the top 5. Oh, that’s right, it was prime time, alias tomd.

          2. Prime,

            Remember the time Seb debated with SebRazor about their mocks ?

            I stated that anyone correcting his other account name regarding their drafts was batsh-t crazy.
            You said that SebRazor is not crazy, just seeking attention.

            I notice you call him coo coo now….Are you changing your mind now ?

            1. I think it’s both. Reminds me of that movie American Psycho with Christian Bale

              1. You two remind me of that movie, The Many Faces Of Eve starring Joanne Woodward.

              2. WoW !!

                How many other accounts does he have?

                Think I discovered a new one yesterday.

              3. I know you are but what am I card again.
                Tom, we better stop, Sebrazor might go bats on someone’s dog or something

              4. Yea, prime time, alias tomd, is right. It might be better to get you “two” a room so you can get wonky with your hamsters….

              5. Poor little snowflake. Btw, you were the one who brought up wonking hamsters. Senility is usually accompanied by Dissociative Identity Disorder….

              6. There she goes. What is it with you and my family? Then you hide behind your keyboard. Pathetic, shameless and right on time….

              7. No, Shanny, Trubiscuit, franchise next 10 years, right? That’s needling. Talking about another man’s family is one of a Million Ways To Die….

              8. I feel sorry for your family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, heck, people who deliver your mail that have to deal with you.

                You sir, are a d bag. There’s no denying that!

              9. Shanny, Trubiscuit, franchise next 10 years, right? No person in their right mind makes that assertion….

              10. I am laughing too hard to comment. Razor and I are worlds apart. I like Kaep, he wants him gone. I like Mango Haze, he likes GG.
                But we both agree that Prime and TrollD are the hate filled trolls, and this site deserves better.

  27. CFC, evidently they love the bashing and he loves the abuse, it’s symbiotic. Regardless, his neurotic hunger is being fed.

    1. Ah yes…. Good perspective. Feel like I need a shower!

      Can’t wait for preseason!

      1. Notice SebRazor’s go to insult is right out of Donald Trumps playbook of demeaning women.

        The psychosis stage suggest an absent mother and bisexual overtones.

        1. TrollD, you are slime. I revered my mother and went to her house many weekends to help with her yardwork.
          I hope Grant bans you for your vicious personal family attack.

  28. This Blog used to be a fun place to visit. Used to be about football. Now its just sad.

        1. Such a moron with your comparisons.
          Since Seb aka Razoreater started on with their Kap rhetoric and penchant for debates with no common sense, the blog has deteriorated.
          Maybe you should just shut your mouth and get better instead of trying to talk football.
          Save us the agony and get your mind right coo coo!

  29. At times I wonder if this blog is nothing more than an elaborate experiment being conducted at Stanford University by a collection of post doctoral researchers. They’re working with Grant and the Press Democrat to create conditions whereby posters react–some posters are legit people unaware of the experiment, others are planted–post docs conducting the research, with the appearance of being ‘regular posters’. Some behave well, others play roles as idiots and inflamers. Kinda like rats in a maze. Grant is instructed to blog a certain topic, and then researchers observe what transpires over the next 24 hrs–broken down into 30 minute segments. Results will inform cutting edge research on the human mind, and the pharmaceuticals used in treatment of disorders.

    I can see it. Fresh topic meat (or stale for that matter–the dead horse syndrome) is tossed into the pit and observations begin. Stanford pays the Press Democrat $.03 per page view, and $.50 for each extreme threat or loving sentiment generated.

    Who’s legit and who’s a researcher?

  30. It’s like we’re being forced to watch a slow-motion nervous breakdown. Shrinks get paid several hundred dollars an hour to listen and read this brain dump manure.
    -Save your Confederate Money boys! The South shall rise again!-
    (PS- The world is flat. No, really)

  31. Mediocre quarterback with a 3-16 record in his last 19 starts + divisive sideline activism + unreasonable contract demands = unemployed mediocre quarterback. He will not only never play for the Niners again, he will most likely never play in the NFL again. His ill thought out National Anthem sideline protests will prove to be career suicide, especially coupled with his recent inability to do the one thing that is most important in the NFL. Win games. Grant, the news cycle must be extremely slow to dredge up this dead horse again. Were talking about a player who 20 years from now will be remembered more for his kneeling down during the National Anthem than his ability to play quarterback. Enough said.

  32. It’s really amazing. I find few equally educational blogs. Interesting, and I’m telling you, you’re getting to the point. The problem with the head is that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently. I’m so glad I found this while I was looking for something about this.

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