Anthony Davis retires for the second time

The San Francisco 49ers just sent out the following press release:

“Offensive lineman Anthony Davis informed the team that he has retired from the National Football League.”

That was the whole release. You can imagine how frustrated the team must feel.

Are you surprised Davis decided to re-retire after returning to the league in August? And do you think he’ll re-return to the NFL at some point and go for a third retirement? Have we seen the last of big Bam Davis?

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  1. I hope it’s the last time we see him in the NFL,I hope all the teams realize what a POS he is and that he isn’t a team player.

    1. Yeah, it seemed like he was on the fence about a second (hopefully permanent) retirement, and the latest concussion helped make up his mind.

        1. That would have been a silver lining, and I am certain Baalke explored the idea, but it would have been tough to find a trade partner considering AD’s history and current contract. In fact, their best opportunity to trade AD would have been if he had come back from retirement and showed a lot of fire, and sustained a high level of commitment and desire to play, before teams would have even considered taking on his contract.

  2. Hard to respect him after he has twice stuffed the 49ers around.

    I have no problems with him retiring. I have a problem with him retiring at the times he did.

    1. They’re a little late to the party. When he was hired, I did some digging and reported everything they’re saying. Wasn’t a fan of the hiring, but desperate times make you compromise. Anthony Davis is another example of a foolish decision based on desperation….

      1. Can we get Fangio and Donatell back after the season is over? We have to pay big to lure people but so what, it doesn’t hit the cap. Pay him $3 to $4 million a year (can’t pay him more than Kelly which I believe is $6 mil). Jed will make that a number of times over if the defense improves and fans start showing up again.

        1. Don’t think that money is the issue. The real problem is attracting competent people … coaches or front office people … who are willing to work for Jed or Baalke. Competent people want to work for and with other competent people. The Niners don’t provide such an atmosphere. Why would someone come to the Niners if they had any other viable alternative? Money? In exchange for killing a career? I don’t think so.

  3. I’m not surprised AD decided to leave the 49ers.

    If his most recent retirement means he loses some of his prorated signing bonus, count me as very surprised. I assumed he would shake the 49ers down for an injury settlement.

    (Cap wonks, did AD prevent having to pay back some of the 2016 prorated roster bonus by being on the 53 for part of the season?)

    Miller and Davis cost the 49ers two roster candidates… Possibility Garrison Smith or Driskel, or some other candidate. What a mess. Count me as POd.

    1. Won’t ever fall for that again, no matter how desperate the situation. Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them. Can’t do it. I want winners!

      1. B2W, at least we get to look forward to the cute little tweets we’ll be receiving every few days, trolling the front office, a player or two and the faithful. Can’t wait! Nothing like pouring gasoline on a dumpster fire….

      2. Question to cap wonks… I’m over my head about exactly how Davis’ unretirement saved him prorated bonus money.

        If anyone has the trruet, exact lowdown I would love to hear from you.

      3. Who cares about 2016 dead money? Having Davis on the roster after final cuts on September 3rd is the real tragedy!

        GARRISON SMITH had 4 tackles including 1 solo tackle on Sunday while the Seahawks owned the 49ers DL. And I would be willing to bet BRYCE TREGGS ends up having a more productive career than Bruce Ellington or Quinton Patton!

        The good news is that Anthony Davis wont be fooling any NFL executive ever again!

        On a different subject ……. losing DELANIE WALKER (who was a favorite player of mine) was simply a product of the salary cap guys. These are the types of subjects that drive me nuts because a lot of fans don’t understand the nuts and bolts of the salary cap, nor the complexity of these types of decisions! NFL teams simply cannot afford to pay 2 TE’s top dollar. Especially a team like the 49ers, who were in the midst of a legitimate Super Bowl run, and were making decisions based on keeping their Super Bowl window open at the time. The reality is that Vernon Davis was in his prime when Delanie became a free agent at the end of 2012. Walker was coming off of a contract season in which he totaled 21 receptions for 344 yards & 3 TD’s (with a high % of drops). Vernon Davis was in his prime and coming off of the 2nd year of his 5 year extension in which the 49ers had just made Vernon the HIGHEST PAID TE in NFL history. That season, Davis had 41 receptions, 548 yards and 5 TD’s. The following season Davis had a monster year, with 850 yards receiving and 13 TD’s.

        It’s the business of the NFL guys, and as much as I hated to lose Delanie, you guys have to understand there wasn’t another team in the NFL who, in the 49ers situation, would have paid delanie Walker what he was asking for (and got).

        And as for Alex Smith? That one is on Jim Harbaugh 100%!!!!!!!

        1. Weren’t you the one claiming Gabbert was so much better than Smith and now you’re blaming JH for his departure? Why would you want a guy back or keeping him from leaving if you don’t think he’s better than BG?

          1. You got it wrong again Wilson. I said Gabbert was bigger, faster, and had a stronger arm than Alex. And I said that Alex is a marginal NFL QB who is considered a “game manager” and has only found success when he is in the perfect environment, on a well coached team that doesn’t ask him to win games with his arm, while being propped up by strong running game, and offensive line.

            Anyone who followed Alex’s career as a 49er understands Alex has serious limitation, because we have seen it first hand. Alex is not a QB who can carry a team, and he is not a QB who will find much success in the postseason. And he, IMO, will never play well enough to win a Super Bowl.

            Jim Harbaugh knew this, and that’s why he chose Kaepernick over Alex.

            As for Gabbert, it’s becoming clear that he also has had own serious limitations, and is even less consistent and less accurate than Alex Smith, which is really saying something.

            Given a choice, I would rather have Alex than Blaine, although neither QB is ever going to carry a team like the really good QB’s in this league can, nor will either of them take their team to the promise land.

    2. Excellent point on who we could have kept on the roster Brodie. Smith goes to Seattle of all places. Drisk had one bad game, one average game, and two really solid games. He could have been our developmental QB.

      1. His surprise retirement last season (post draft and most of free agency) also forced the 49ers to use Pears, who was only supposed to be a backup.

        1. Yes he was Wilson, because the 49ers released him while keeping Davis on their 53.

          That’s exactly the point. Davis’ worst effect on this team was that he took up a roster spot, which could have gone to Tregg’s or Cajuste, or Garrison Smith, etc!

          However, in reality, if AD had never came back, the odds are the 49ers probably would have given his roster spot to another OL, probably Theus, because he is the teams next best swing tackle.

  4. Hate to be this way but I totally called this. I said if he returned he’d likely be out of the league again in less then 6 months.

    1. CFC,

      Yes you did and unfortunately it’s come to fruition. I had hoped he was truly motivated and it seemed like he was in TC, but the signs were there that he was having second thoughts and then a Concussion sealed the deal. It’s too bad but at least Brown has shown an ability to hold down the RT spot so far.

  5. Really Anthony Davis won.

    He gets a full year of salary because he was on the roster week one.

    Also gets an injury settlement, because he was hurt on the job.

    He won, and made Trent Baalke look like a fool.


    1. Didn’t the coaches have to convince AD not to retire before week one? Was Chip trying to make Baalke look bad by having him pay AD again? Was Gamble in on it? I smell a lot of behind the scene drama here. I’m expecting some front office leaks.

    2. Seriously Todd? To call Anthony Davis a winner, make YOU the fool! You honestly have no clue what you are talking about dude, as far as salary and injury settlements. Do yourself a favor and at least do some research before you start barfing up nonsense that you know nothing about.

      What’s unfortunate is that that LOSER took up a roster spot on september 3rd.

      However, at this point GOOD FU_KING RIDDANCE. Chip Kelly and the 49ers have enough on their plates to worry about appeasing the needs of a sissy offensive lineman who isn’t committed to the sport or his teammates.

      As far as the 49ers OL goes, the team is leading the NFL in sacks allowed (2) through three weeks. Pass protection has been a strength, and AD would only have been a downgrade at this point anyways, had he been able to crack the starting lineup. The blame goes to Anthony Davis, and only Anthony Davis.

      Shame on him, and shame on you for trying to place the blame elsewhere. Trent Baalke played hard ball with Davis, and actually handled the situation pretty well. Baalke did what he thought was in the best interest of the team. If Trent had allowed Davis to play elsewhere, he probably would have benefitted much better financially.

      Anthony Davis is the one who pussed out and deserves most of the ridicule. What little ridicule left goes to you Todd, for suggesting Davis won anything!

  6. Good luck, Anthony Davis. This is a brutal sport, and I am glad you retired before something tragic happened.

    Guess those headaches were a lot more serious than anyone thought.

    Concussions are not something to take lightly, and hopefully, you will live a full, happy and prosperous life without too many deleterious effects.

  7. Surprised he lasted this long. You lost your starting job with no hope of getting it back unless there was an injury.

  8. Watching #50 for the Saints trying to catch Freeman had me laughing! If Chip can’t drop a 45 burger on this defense, he needs to go back to Eugene….

  9. So now that AD is gone, who is backing up the right tackle? I’m still not clear on who is backing up Staley either? I don’t think there is anyone with much experience outside of Beadles and he doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

  10. Gee Anthony, we hardly knew thee. Oh, may bad, maybe we did know you – by that I mean that many here aren’t surprised by your latest exit.

  11. AD was never back to begin with. Any player having doubts about playing is already done. In other news….

      1. Gruden is done with Coaching imo, and I wouldn’t want him if he did decide to come back. You look at his track record after winning the SB with Dungy’s team, and it’s not good at all. He didn’t develop young QB’s despite the rep he has and his offenses were often very conservative. All sizzle, no substance imo.

  12. Roman Harper is still playing ! High scoring offenses and average-to-bad defenses — makes for an exciting MNF.

  13. OK. No need to save a roster spot.
    I dunno bout AD. Team needs to move on. Trent Brown makes that not so scarey barring injury.
    AD. Dude. In the foxhole, I gotta know who I’m in the foxhole with. You gotta respect that. Sayonara.

  14. So were any lineman cut and then picked up by another team that may have otherwise made the team if Davis didn’t steal a roster spot he never intended to use?

    1. Davis’ roster spot could have conceivably gone to anyone at any position. However, the 49ers likely would have kept Theus on the 53, so in reality, Davis’ selfishness had little impact on the roster.

      Although Garrison Smith or Bryce Treggs might have made the 49ers roster.

      1. Little impact other than he stole a job from another man who probably really needed it. Thats a horrible thing to do when your not committed to it and obviously don’t need the job.

  15. Here is how I would go about fixing the 49ers if I was the GM. (not in any specific order)

    1) Trade for QB Jimmy Garappolo
    2) Trade or release Colin Kaepernick
    3) Release Antonie Bethea
    4) Resign Ian Williams
    5) Renegotiate contract with Torrey Smith and
    release or trade him if needed
    6) Sign WR Alshon Jeffrey
    7) Sign ILB Kiko Alonso
    8) Sign Eric Berry
    9) Trade Carlos Hyde
    10) Sign RB Ronnie Hillman
    11) Convert Eric Reid to SS
    12) Fire Chip Kelly and name Wade Phillips as HC
    13) Have Phillips hire Mike Shanahan as OC
    14) Fire Paul O’Neil
    15) Draft Myles Garrett
    16) Draft Jake Butt
    16) Draft Nick Chubb
    17) Draft Travin Dural
    18) Draft Chidobe Awuzie

      1. Let Kaep play. He leads the Niners to victories and Chip is hailed as a genius. No other trades are needed, and the draft is next year.

        Firing the HC is sheer desperation, and no competent coach would touch this team with a 10 foot pole. Phillips would wonder why you would want him eventually fired and ruin his career, when he has a good chance to repeat.

        Patriots would never trade Garapolo, unless the Niners give up too many high draft picks which would sink your draft crush list. It would be better to trade for Joe Callahan.

        Hopefully, the Niners do well enough, they may miss out on your draft crushes, but to expect rookies to save the team is kinda delusional, and way too early to speculate upon.

        This scenario is less possible than one of my multi player trades.

      2. God that is awful! Wade Phillips as head coach just stop. Trade Hyde and replace him with R Hillman lol… Everything else I can deal with.

        1. Phillips currently coaches the strongest defense in the league, which is something this team desperately needs. And may I suggest you look up Nick Chubb?

          1. I’m a fan of Nick Chubb but the hiring of Wade Phillips is beyond terrible. We don’t need another D coordinator that is a bad HC… Chip keeps the job for at least another year. How can he be judged him without a QB, Wrs, TEs. Give him at least an off season and one draft to see what he can do. Fire Balke and promote Gamble. That’s has to be the biggest priority.

          2. Wow, WMD, just ……… wow!

            Nick Chub is a good running back coming off of a devastating knee injury, in which he hyper extended his knee so bad that it dislocated t he joint, tearing every ligament except one while also tearing large amounts of cartilage.

            Hillman is a 185 lb running back who was recently released by Denver and wasn’t even picked up until 3 weeks later, as an injury replacement (Adrian Peterson).

            Hyde is just as good, if not better a better RB than Chubb, and Hyde has NFL experience, and 2 healthy knees, while Mike Davis looks like a better version of Hillman (who, as I said, went 3 weeks unemployed at the start of this season without even getting as much as a phone call).

            And any GM who would fire a HC who is trying to navigate one of the league’s youngest teams through the league’s toughest early schedule, with a bad QB and worst WR corp, after his first 3 games as the HC, would be athe laughing stock of the NFL!

            So congratulations on becoming a league-wide joke, MWD! You’ve earned it!

            Don’t quit your day job bro!

            1. So why don’t you try your hand at it? Oh that’s right, you’re to busy being full of $@#^ and channeling your inner troll. Absolutely pathetic.

      3. Is this what we are reduced to??? Picking up the steve bono’s and Elvis Grbacks (sp?) of the world.

    1. Garappolo is the only potential franchise QB that could be attainable. If N.E. is willing to trade him, I say do it. I would love to see us get Alshon. We have plenty of cap room and will have more once we get rid of Kap. Fire Chip right now and hire Shanahan. Sign the recently released Marcell Reece. Run a traditional west coast offense.

      1. I must have missed some announcement somewhere regarding Garappolo. Why does everyone think that he is available for a trade? Brady doesn’t have too many seasons left and it can take years to develop a franchise QB. Jimmy looked pretty good before the injury. Why would they trade him. Isn’t it more likely that Brady would get the old QB treatment (i.e. traded to another team)? Still, if Brady becomes available I would give up a first round pick for him with the plan to draft a QB in the 2nd round or move up to the bottom of the first.

      1. Don’t respond if you refuse to bring something intelligent to the conversation.

        1. I thought you liked Adam Gase. He’s a Martz protege. Singletary might have had a chance if he didn’t fire Martz and hire Whatshisname instead. The blind leading the blind comes to mind.

          1. Yes and no. I did not like him because I feared he was a product of Peyton Manning but knew he was a much better option than Tomsula.

      2. Kezar are you saying Mid is not a competent GM? His scenario depicts himself as a GM not Baalkie.

    2. 1) Garappolo will be too expensive. His value will be extremely inflated as he is the recipient of superior roster and strategy. He won’t be as successful elsewhere. Garappolo will be closer to Ryan Mallet and Bryan Hoyer than he is to Tom Brady.
      2) Yes
      3) Yes
      4) Yes
      5) Not sure how that matters in the least. 49ers have a ton of cap room.
      6) Ok but he’s injured a lot.
      7) Not sure
      8) Yes
      9) Why? He’s a quality NFL RB. He needs better run blocking and he’s a top 7 or 8 back in this league.
      10) Hillman is ok. There will be better options for less money.
      11) OK, Not really sure
      12) No. Give Chip a chance. He may not end up being the answer. BUT Wade definitely isn’t the answer. GREAT DC but not a great HC.
      13) I would be ok with Shanahan as OC but someone would need to regulate his use of QBs for him.
      14) OK
      15) Yes – Myles Garrett is special. You need a top 3 pick to get him though. If that doesn’t work the 49ers must go offensive skill position. Team speed on Offense is a major need.
      16) OK – Good player
      16) Why? You have Carlos Hyde who is better than Chubb
      17) Ok maybe in mid to later rounds. I like his speed but Not much production in college in an offense that doesn’t pass well.
      18) ANOTHER CB? Why? Are you jinxing this kid to tear an ACL so Baalke will draft him in the 3rd round?

    3. 1) Fire Trent Baalke
      2) Promote Tom Gamble as GM
      3) Fire Chip Kelly
      4) Hire Brian Kelly HC
      5) Fire O’Neil
      6) Hire Todd Grantham DC
      7) Release Bethea, Torrey Smith, Reid takes a walk, renegotiate Bowman’s contract, resign IDub
      8) Sign Jamie Collins ILB
      9) Sign Alshon Jeffrey
      10) Tartt to SS
      11) Ward to FS
      12) Draft DeShone Kizer QB
      13) Draft Carl Lawson OLB/DE
      14) Draft Jalen Hurd RB
      15) Damore’ea Stringfellow WR
      16) Ricky Seals-Jones WR convert to TE

      1. Mostly good but not sure about Ward at FS. Seems like more of a CB. Not really a Jalen Hurd fan. Seems too slow to me.

        1. Hurd is surprisingly quick at 240lbs, and he has a 57.7 elusive rating against Power-5 competition ranked 12th among returning running backs. Not to mention his OL is subpar….

          1. Yes, I know all that. I just don’t like his game. He looks slow to the hole even against inferior competition. His game is more about running over people than showing good vision and making good cuts. At 240 lbs he can get away with that in college. In the pros it’s much different. I don’t think his game translates well to the NFL. Just ask Trent Richardson.

            1. I’ve seen him outpace defensive angles and eat up a ton of yards in a hurry. Rob Rang last year talking about Hurd, “Though his Volunteers ultimately fell short, Hurd was every bit Henry’s match in this contest, showcasing not only power but impressive fluidity for a back listed at 6-foot-2, 230 pounds. Hurd averaged 5.1 yards per carry (on 18 attempts) against a stout Alabama front seven boasting several early-round NFL prospects, including projected first round defensive linemen A’Shawn Robinson and Jarran Reed and inside linebacker Reggie Ragland.  

              1. “the Bucs saw feature runner LaGarrette Blount run for approximately 25 percent less yardage despite starting twice as many games. Running back isn’t the biggest area of concern for Tampa Bay, but Richardson is among the truly elite talents in the draft and an obvious upgrade over Tampa’s current stable of backs.”

                Rob Rang on his projection of Tampa Bay selecting Trent Richardson who is now out of the NFL while Blount is excelling as a Patriot.

                Guess we know how that turned out. I’m sure there a lot of people much smarter than me who like Hurd. I watch him play and I don’t like how his game translates to the NFL.

              2. Houston, Rang aside, he averaged 5 yards a carry against the best defensive front 7 in college football with a subpar offensive line. To me, that suggests he’ll translate just fine….

    4. First moves to finish out the season

      1) Trade Kaepernick to the Browns for one of their 4th rounders.
      2) Release and sign Taylor Hart to the p/s and promote Marcus Rush from p/s
      3) Trade Keith Reaser and a 4th round pick to K.C. for Steven Nelson.
      4) More Dontae Johnson.
      5) Make Chip Kelly do 50 push ups each time he runs on first down when behind by more then two touchdowns. On the field during the game he has to do them. Think of Wesley Snipes in Major Leagues, except doughier.
      6) Next time we’re getting blown out put in the back up QB. It’s amazing how much better the starter plays the next week.
      7) Blitz blitz blitz. Nothing to lose. The defensive unit isn’t strong enough individually to outplay the person across from them so blitz and overwhelm to compensate for it.
      8) On third down, don’t call a play that has routes in front of the sticks…it can’t be that easy can it?
      9) More play action from snaps under center.
      10) More swing pass.

      I’ve got to skadoosh and do some errands. I’ll put up next years moves later.

    5. Interesting topic mid, but I can’t wrap my mind around the future right now when the present is barely underway. There are a lot of problems obviously, but they tend to change over the course of a season. At this point the key is finding out who the true building blocks are and changing the draft mindset either by firing Baalke or kicking him up to President and giving somebody else control of personnel.

      1. The problem is that I cannot see the issues changing as the season goes on Rocket.

  16. Davis is retiring again because he is one of the only smart people connected to your Santa Clara 49ers.

  17. I have a foggy recollection of a story about AD. He had some lasting resentment against his college coach, Greg Schiano. I think Schiano may have told him once he didn’t have the right attitude to succeed in the NFL. When I heard the story AD was nominated to the Pro Bowl and Schiano was or had flamed out in Tampa. I didn’t have a high opinion of Schiano at the time, so I shrugged it off.
    In hindsight, did Schiano detect something in AD? Possibly.

  18. the hazy circumstances around his first retirement raised some red flags, but this second one puts Anthony Davis into the category of someone likely in need of mental health services (sadly).

  19. You know, a normal person might think that the biggest whopper lies spoken yesterday would have been from Donald and/or Hillary. Nope.
    Greg Hardy during a traffic stop was found to have some cocaine in his wallet, and he proceeds to tell the cops that he doesn’t know whose drugs it is or how they got there.
    The Winner!

    1. Hardy and everyone else should also know, that if you’re pulled over for failure to signal a turn, you do not have to submit to a search. Know your rights.

  20. On Rotoworld

    “Sporting News’ Alex Marvez reports the 49ers are sticking with Blaine Gabbert in part because he is better in practice than Colin Kaepernick.

    Coach Chip Kelly insinuated Kaepernick could be given a shot to start when he is “100 percent.” He was almost certainly talking about health, but Kaepernick could also still be behind with the playbook after sitting out most of the offseason. Neither of these quarterbacks is the answer, but the 49ers should at least give Kap a shot before the end of the season. “

    1. Cubus is this notion of Kap not 100% just a ploy so that if he does play and gets hurt, the 49ers are on the hook for the 2017 part of his salary?
      We all know CK is not the best practice player but at this point why not see what he can do? If its a money decision then just put him on IR and elevate Ponder. If it isn’t, then lets see what old wind up can do. What do we have to lose other than a crap storm and letting the team know this season is over?

    2. To be fair in practice I wouldn’t be surprised if half the throws behind the line of scrimmage result in first downs, based on the opponent:)

    3. I have no doubt that plays into this. If Kap were ready to play and he could play at the level needed does anyone really think he wouldn’t? I certainly don’t see any reason to hold him back.

      There are only a few reasonable explanations as to why he is not on the field:

      1) physically he isn’t ready – this could be because of injuries or because he just isn’t up to snuff from a stamina perspective
      2) mentally he isn’t ready – playbook, understanding assignments, capacity as a qb any number of things coaches see in practice can say to them hey, we better not put this guy on the field.

      I know Gabbert stinks but many have forgotten what goose eggs CK could lay too. I know (bad offensive line – I saw him creating many of his own sacks too) the counter arguments (injuries- couldn’t see wide open receivers wasn’t an injury issue, incapable of throwing feathery touch passes wasn’t either). Kap is no panacea for what is ailing this team. Nothing on the offensive side of the field will be until the defense straightens up its act.

  21. You cannot compare Buckner and Armstead to Campbell when they aren’t used the same way. And when they are, Purcell doesn’t provide an adequate compliment.

    We’ve also got a defense to worry about.

    Buckner and Armstead are constantly compared to Calais Campbell. Sorry, not even close.
    And we’ll never find out under Oneil. Phoenix uses Campbell appropriately. The 49ers rely on Purcell who can’t do his job properly enough to draw a double team–instead the doubles are kicking Armstead and Buckner’s ass. It’s like Chip run’s the inside read zone over, and over, and over annnd over…..O’neil lines up Purcell, Armstead, Dial, and Armstead, over and over and…..

    Purcell, being handled by one man will be copied Allll season long. Good luck defensive backfield

    1. Archie Reese, Michael Carter, or Dana, where are you? Can you give Charles Haly and Fred Dean a call to complement you?…We don’t have complementary players on this team…..???

      And the Db’s…..A story for another time.

  22. Before you anoint Tom Gamble king, you may want to stop and think for a moment. He has been in the organization giving input for more than 1 draft. The results are still a lack of talent. For 8 years he was helping bring talent in with a plethora of early round one picks. He still couldn’t field a competitive team until Harbaugh showed up. Then he left to go to Philly before returning.
    The problem here is the owner. It wouldn’t matter who the HC GM were. You just can’t get past the driving philosophy of York Ownership.

      1. Come on. Gamble wasn’t in Philly for the last two drafts. You gave him credit for building parts of this team too. So far it’s an abject failure.

  23. Misaligned on defense on the first series. Misaligned on offense on the first play. Take a quarter for the DE to realize how to squeeze on the read.

    This all begs the question, what the heck are these guys doing Tuesday through Saturday?

    This is stuff a high school kid would be getting chewed out on the sidelines for and it is the job of these guys. What a joke.

    Yes Gabbert has been bad. Don’t think switching to Kaepernick would make much difference. The offensive line is the same as last year, bad. Hyde can’t stay with the play and always looks to bounce. The best WR on the team is a guy they picked up in a trade that Detroit was going to cut and was an after thought pretty much while in NY. There’s no one open to throw to downfield on most plays.

    There’s just nothing to take away from this team right now that’s positive.

    1. Hammer, it should come as no surprise to you regarding the defensive numbers if you had done some digging on O’Neil when he was hired….

        1. Wasn’t a fan of the hire. I wanted Vrabel as badly as I wanted Harbaugh when he was the head coaching candidate….

          1. I knew the DC and OC were the weak points in the coaching chain. O’Neil came from Cleveland, just like Mangenius.

            Vrabel would have been a good choice, but they also should have poached a competent college DC, too.

            1. What good OC would come here and watch Kelly call his own plays? Modkins is tits on a bull. His title should be position coaches supervisor.

              1. Kelly should get smart and delegate. He should be overseeing the big picture, and concentrate on managing the game.

                If Chip wants to call the plays, he should just be content being a coordinator.

          2. No good coach will come here unless the York’s pay way over market value like the Detroit Lion’s will eventually do in acquiring Harbaugh.

            Good coaches would rather coach on Leprosy Island than be told what cheap assistant coaches the 49ers will hire for them.

            See Chip’s DC, O’neil, who Chip did not want and was a Jed and Trent Hire.
            See Adam Gase, who was told Tomsula would be his DC

    2. Yeah have to agree that so far the Coaching has been suspect. Didn’t look like they were ready to play Sunday and adjustments were few or non existent. I’m not surprised by the play of the defense so much as O’Neil didn’t have a stellar resume to begin with, but I am surprised by what we are seeing from the offense. Just doesn’t look like the Kelly system we’ve seen in the past. Could be personnel could be a lack of understanding, but whatever the case everything looks like it’s stuck in reverse right now.

      1. Rocket

        Good observation

        ‘Chip’ doesn’t have the personnel to run his system that he’s had in the past. We’re going to have toget creative in our drafting, FA acquisition, and Practice-squad poaching.

        1. OregonChipster:

          I thought you’d be to embarrasse in you Chip Man Crush to even speak his name.

          In future posts, refer to your man as: Run the Same Run Play, every time , all the time.

          1. Also, OregonChipster: Damon Bruce said: “Chip, you got to be brighter than thius!!!!”

            How about No. OregonChipster and Chip Kelly are not brighter than this.

            Guess I have another Seb to deal with all year, like Seb’s Kap Storm Man Crush last year until I also proved Seb wron.

            Looks like I’m 50-0 vs. Kap supporters, and I will be 1-0 vs. OregonChipster.

            1. TumD

              I’m baffled why you bother to even post on here….you’re only plagerizing the words and thoughts of others. Who the hell is Damon Bruce, and where was he when ‘Chip’ was taking a 4-12 Philly team to consecutive 10-6 seasons ? Have you ever had an opinion of your own ?
              That Philly is doing so well right now, is because before he left, ‘Chip’ cleaned out the RATS NEST that was festering within the Eagles last season. Most of the players on the team today were on the last team ‘Chip’ coached there…he just got rid of the ‘gangsta’s and one overpaid Olineman. Doug Peterson is probably thanking ‘Chip’ for giving him a clean slate. We already know that in Philly, they boo Santa Claus….

              So Mr. copy and paste, as they say, don’t let the door hit you on the way out…oh that’s not for the likes of you who crawled in under it

        2. No he doesn’t and it’s because Baalke was drafting for a completely different style of offense previously. That’s why it was puzzling to see them sit on their hands in FA and then pretty much ignore the offensive side of the ball through most of the draft, when it was obvious they needed to add some players with a very different skill set to run Kelly’s system.

          1. Not having the personnel to run a college system in the NFL is what does in most college HCs who step up to the big time. I know Oregon won’t agree with me but I really don’t think that Kelly’s term with the Eagles was proof that he can make the grade. Better college coaches than Kelly tried and failed. There’s a case to be made that JH would have flamed out on his own and is precisely where he belongs at Michigan.

            1. WC,

              Kelly was his own worst enemy when he took over personnel duties in Philly, but his offenses were pretty good the entire time he was there. I made mention of the fact he needed to evolve as defenses adapted, but what he’s doing right now doesn’t resemble what he did with the Eagles, especially with the tempo. I don’t think that is because he turned into a moron overnight. I think he’s restricted by what he has at his disposal.

              1. That’s no excuse to call patterns in which the primary receiver runs short of the sticks on third-and-medium. That’s football idiocy. He wasn’t that moronic at Oregon or New Hampshire.

              2. I agree that doing that regularly is not the way to do business on 3rd down, but sometimes the defensive alignment forces you to go that route and you have to rely on the ability of the RB or receiver to pick up a couple of yards on their own. BG wasn’t getting it to them fast enough or accurately far too often. There is also the fact that Gabbert seems to truly detest throwing the ball more than 10 yards so the game plan may revolve around that issue.

              3. Rocket, given the fact your success rate more than doubles when throwing at or beyond the sticks on 3rd down, I’d do it at least 75% of the time….

              4. Yep, and even if it is a jump ball and the contested throw is intercepted, it would be like a 60 yard punt.

                Graham made a huge play. He took away a pick for a big third down conversion.

              5. Razor,

                It’s all about the coverage and matchups most of the time. If you are hoping to get a 1st down throwing in front of the sticks against a zone, it’s not going to work most of the time. The problem in this case is the Seahawks aren’t afraid to play man on 3rd down and do quite a bit of the time. That makes it tough to throw past the sticks, and also difficult to convert the check down, especially if you don’t have WR’s to run clear out routes they will respect.

                To me this is a case of a QB who is not comfortable throwing it beyond his comfort zone, combined with a lack of weapons at the skill positions more than the Coaching.

              6. Rocket, in zone coverage I would stretch the horizontal and vertical passing zones, and attack deep in the open areas of the field….

              7. Razor,

                That’s sound strategy, but then you are relying on a lower percentage throw and relying on the protection to hold up long enough to make it. On a 3rd down, and long especially, the pass rush is not respecting the run and coming after the QB. Have you seen anything from the QB’s on this team that makes you think they could make that work regularly?

              8. Rocket, not from the current quarterback or receivers, but I was surprised with the amount of time the 49ers were able to give Gabbert against the Seahawks. I don’t think the Cowboys have demonstrated this year the ability to pressure the quarterback without a blitz….

              9. Razor,

                I think some of that might be due to the fact Gabbert gets rid of the ball so quickly, whether it’s by design or not.

                They shouldn’t have a problem with the Dallas pass rush, but then again nothing seems to go as expected does it?

              10. Rocket, people can call me a joke if they like but I haven’t seen anything from Chip Kelly to back up the claims of his “genius”. So far, I’d say he’s not benefitting from the “silicon air”….

              11. They tried going beyond the sticks on 3rd down repeatedly against Carolina and the receivers were covered like they had blankets on them.

            2. WC

              I believe that your statement has merit; MOST college coaches cannot bridge that gap between college and the pros…Lou Holz and Nick Saban, realized that as well as JH…I believe that JH realized that the flameout HAD occurred. Let me suggest something, ‘Chip’ inherited a team of dogfood as had JTomsula…Chip has a 1-2 record in his only season (so far). EVERYONE knew that we were not going to the SB this year with anything short of a major miracle…right ? So why don’t we lay off of Kelly, O’Brien, and Modkins for at least a couple of seasons and after that I’ll probably be leading the charge to run them out of town if they haven’t performed to the satisfaction of the true Faithful ?

              1. O – I can’t see how anybody could blame Kelly for lack of success with the 49ers, not now and not in a couple of seasons. My point was only that he may have been a little over ambitious in his first year with what I believe is a monumental challenge. If everything else stays the same and Kelly fails, I will not support running him out of town. I will support turning over the entire football operation to someone who is competent and, if that does not happen, I will find a new team to root for. There has been precisely one time in the history of the York’s ownership that they fired a HC and became competitive. ONCE! – and they fired that guy before his contract was up. We’ve run enough HCs out of town. Time to try something else.

              2. O – I wanted to add, did you listen to Cosell’s take on what ails our offense? He believes that the personnel are not suited to run Kelly’s offense and therein lies the problem. They brought in an offensive minded coach with a very unique scheme and then loaded up on defensive players. What could possibly go wrong? I feel sorry for Chip.

  24. Defense and running game are supposedly Baalke’s strongsuit. We hear it, we preach for him to stay away from offensive drafting on this site.

    Guess what. Those 5th round picks on Seattle’s OL made fun of like the 3 Stooges last week?

    Well, those same Stooges made both of Baalke’s top 10 draft picks look like stooges, pushing them around the field like a summer camp blocking sled.

  25. Seattles Offensive Line Draft Status Baalke’s 2 top Ten draft picks had to deal with:

    LT-Barry Sowell, Undrafted.
    LG-Mark Glowinski, 4th rounder
    C–Justin Britt, 2nd round, pick 64
    RT-Jermain Ifedi, Rd 1, pick 31
    RG-Garry Gilliam, Undrafted

    1. *Sorry, I gave Seattles OL too much credit above. The 5th round pick I assigned vs Baalke’s 2 top 10 draft picks were UNDRAFTED!

  26. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 2h2 hours ago

    My point is the “destroyed” part of this. Never said I think Kelly did well with the personnel in Philly. Think he was bad. Oh well.

    Kawakami Retweeted William Clements

    There are only 32 of these jobs.

    William Clements
    @timkawakami But who would work for York after Tomsula hire?

  27. Kawakami Retweeted Vijai Shankar

    Reportedly two more after this season, though the 49ers and Baalke won’t confirm that.

    Tim Kawakami added,

    Vijai Shankar @vshankar05
    @timkawakami How many years does Baalke have on his contract?



    9:25 AM – 27 Sep 2016

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    Vijai Shankar ‏@vshankar05 · 2h2 hours ago

    @timkawakami Thanks. I am not sure if Yorks will eat that along with Tomsula’s $10+M.

  28. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Some preliminary GM names and options for the 49ers in a post-Baalke scenario:

    Jason Gaede ‏@realslimgaede · 2h2 hours ago

    @timkawakami @LRiddickESPN Riddick is exceptional in talent evaluation, well-spoken, connected, and intelligent. Would be sensational


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    Devin Harrington ‏@devindangerous · 38m38 minutes ago

    @timkawakami do you think Jed would bring Charly Casserly or Bill Polian as consultant to hire GM?

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 3h3 hours ago

    If Chip Kelly truly destroyed the team and Howie Roseman saved it all in a few months… then HR is better than Belichick ever was & will be

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    Sami Mamou
    @timkawakami HR had a heckuva off-season. Traded all off-season. Basically got Wentz for free after the Bradford trade

  29. How bad was it???

    On Michael’s 2nd TD, 5th Rd pick, TE, Luke Wilson from Rice, Chip blocked Deforest Buckner, then gets to the 2nd level and takes out Jimmy Ward, who was cleared from his ILB position Oneil had him playing.

    Meanwhile, LB, Bowman, lined up outside the OT position as if he were a blitzing safety looked confused on the play and just stood there.

    Ward, not used to the ILB spot was not expecting the blindside TE block—if it looked like 2 players playing out of position, it was–brilliant, O’neil, you fooled yourself, not Seattle with you unclever alignment.

    1. *By the way, the spot Ward was cleared from was precisely the spot Seattle chose to run into. Clever play, great scouting by the ‘Hawks.

      1. It’s Ok to talk to yourself ^ … but ..

        when you start arguing with yourself ..
        (and losing the argument) … then ..
        you have some problems

    1. Basically he is saying the guys a joke and we are not surprised by the chicken di$k move! Thats Anthony Davis. Big talker, Betty Crocker, like Big P and Seb!

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