Brock Purdy returns; Observations from Day 2 of 49ers Training Camp


The second day of 49ers training camp is in the books. Here is what stood out.

Brock Purdy

The 49ers “leader in the clubhouse” to start at quarterback threw in front of fans and media for the first time since suffering a torn UCL in his throwing elbow on January 29.

Purdy’s arm did not show any ill effects from the surgery. As practice went along the quarterback began to push the ball downfield, ripping a curl to Brandon Aiyuk to beat coverage. The second-year quarterback also uncorked a couple of deep balls down the right sideline, one to Jauan Jennings and one to Deebo Samuel. Although both passes fell incomplete, the overthrow to Samuel travelled over 50 yards in the air. A good sign that the arm is coming along nicely.

As for Purdy’s performance, he looked rusty. His first pass sailed high while rolling to his right off play action and Ross Dwelley was unable to bring it down. Purdy’s next throw was the first interception of training camp.

Off play action, Purdy’s first read wasn’t open. With the defense bearing down on him, Purdy threw off his back foot to the left and hit safety Tashaun Gipson in the chest.

Following the interception Purdy completed five of seven passes during a seven-on-seven period. The best throw came when Purdy hit Brandon Aiyuk on the curl mentioned above to beat tight coverage from Charvarius Ward.

The second team session went better for Purdy although the numbers don’t show it.

Purdy opened the session with a nice tight window throw to Aiyuk over the middle off play action, fitting the ball between Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw. On the next pass attempt, Purdy layered a pass over the underneath linebacker to Aiyuk but the wide receiver could not hold on.

Purdy finished the day 8-17, completing just three of ten attempts with an interception during team action.

Trey Lance

Like Purdy, Lance had an up and down day, a theme among the top three quarterbacks on the roster.

On his first throw of the day, Lance tried to fit a pass in to Jauan Jennings off play action, but linebacker Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles nearly came away with an interception. That the ball hit Flannigan-Fowles may have helped Lance, as cornerback Samuel Womack had undercut the route and was in position for a would-be interception of his own.

Lance followed up the early misstep by going 2-3 during the seven-on-seven period. The third-year quarterback opened the session with a high throw to Brayden Willis in the right flat before connecting with Cameron Latu and Brayden Willis on consecutive throws.

During the final team session, Lance hit on a pair of short throws, connecting with Jordan Mason and Danny Gray in the right flat.

Lance was 4-8 overall, completing two of five passes during team sessions.

Sam Darnold

Darnold was the only quarterback to complete a pass during the first team session. After a play fake, Darnold hit Deebo Samuel along the right sideline with a strong throw.

The veteran followed this up with a perfect seven-on-seven session. He completed throws to Deebo Samuel, Ty Davis-Price, Danny Gray and Chris Conley.

Although Darnold struggled for the most part in the second team session, he did complete a deep throw to Brandon Aiyuk. Darnold was hit while throwing, but Aiyuk was able to adjust to the ball and come up with the reception.

Darnold finished the day 6-9, including two of five during team.

Brandon Allen

Allen bounced back from a tough opening day, hitting on seven of his eight pass attempts. He mostly worked underneath but did complete a curl to Chris Conly and an in-breaking route to Jauan Jennings.

Javon Hargrave

The 49ers big offseason free agent acquisition showed off his pass rush ability. Hargrave used his leverage and quickness to get through Jake Brendel for what would have been a sack.

Hargrave has a great first step. With the help of Arik Armstead next to him, Hargrave is primed to make his presence known again this season.

Javon Kinlaw

Kinlaw has struggled with injuries throughout his first three seasons with the 49ers. He looks to be in the best shape of his career and hungry to fulfill the potential San Francisco saw in him when they selected him to replace DeForest Buckner in 2020.

Kinlaw showed his ability to stop the run today when he chased down an outside run and was in position to make a stop at the line of scrimmage.

Samuel Womack

The second-year cornerback had tight coverage throughout practice. On the first pass he faced, Womack undercut the route of Jauan Jennings to get into position to pick off the throw from Trey Lance, but Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles knocked the ball down.

Drake Jackson

San Francisco will rely on Jackson to hold down the defensive end spot opposite Nick Bosa.

In addition to generating pressure, part of the job is to set the edge in the run game. Jackson did just that several times today, forcing runners to cut back inside so his teammates could make the stop.

Elijah Mitchell

Mitchell looked explosive today, doing a much better day of hitting the hole and getting upfield repeatedly.

Kyle Juzczyk

The 49ers fullback had a pair of receptions from Purdy.

Dre Greenlaw and George Odum

Greenlaw and Odum showed up in the run game, both made tackles against the run in the backfield.

Charlie Woerner

Woerner dropped both passes which came his way in 2022. This trend continued today when he couldn’t hang on to a pass from Brock Purdy during seven-on-seven

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  1. One of my biggest concerns going into camp is, is there enough reps for 4 QBs? It could really become a problem with 3 of those QBs competing for the #1 QB spot. If they are going to keep Lance and Darnold then they should release Allen. Good to hear Kinlaw looked good but he looked good early in camp last year. If he can go the whole camp without any set backs then maybe he can contribute.

    1. Cohn says Purdy was “flat out awful today” and seems “nowhere near ready to start Week 1. He lacks rhythm, timing and confidence.” Cohn blames Shanahan’s woeful mismanagement for creating the Niners’ QB situation you describe above. I know it’s just Cohn. But golly. He says Purdy had “one of the worst performances he’s ever seen from a starting quarterback in training camp.” Thank goodness, it’s only Day 2.

      1. Cohn is not only over the top all the time, he’s also wrong most of the time. You won’t get good information following him. He’s all about click bait. I’m surprised he still has a job.

      2. Rob,
        If you want to listen/read bloggers with a more balanced approach try David Lombardi, Larry Krueger and of course Jack all three of them are more balanced but also have much much much more real football knowledge. Grant is killing it financially his kind hyperbole brings in all of the negative fans that flock to the internet.

        1. I would like to add John Chapman, Wayne Breezie and Steph Sanchez to the suggested list of 49ers content creators. They are amazing as well, and subscribe to the “just say no to clickbait” mantra.

        1. Cohn has always been a provocateur and entertainer. Many enjoy the laughs, but I find him increasingly unconvincing and content-free. I much prefer Kreuger.

  2. Thanks, Jack.
    Purdy will come around soon enough. His timing seems to be a little off, but for me, the fact that he’s showing arm strength and confidence will bode well with each day.

    Happy to hear that Kinlaw had a good practice. Consistency is key for him. Hopefully, his level of practice today continues throughout TC.

    I pegged, Mitchell as the RB2 behind CMC last week. Key for him, is being available on Sundays.

  3. Concerning the Quarterback competition… I say “Let ’em cook” and see who rises to the top.

  4. Purdy seems to be right on schedule!
    Did people expect him to pick up where he left off?
    Well he did….. He’s recovering from where he left off!
    Thanks Jack, good scouting for us!

  5. Liked hearing Larry Kruger use the term, “he let it rip” several times in describing Brock Purdy’s performance on TC day 2.

    One issue, I felt Purdy might have in his return, was having the confidence to throw deep. But, it only took day 2 of practice to put my concerns to rest. Looking more like Purdy will be the opening game starter.

  6. If I recall correctly, Drake Jackson was out of shape last offseason. Showed up to camp lacking in the physical readiness department. Does he look like he is in a better spot physically at the opening of this training camp?

  7. Pat,
    I wouldn’t say out of shape as much as too light. He has added 13 lbs of muscle this off season and from what I have read/heard so far he looks like a different player this year, far more explosive.

  8. Jackson had a good start last season, then (old adage) hit the wall.

    Jackson, no doubt learned that reality. I expect some great play from him this year.
    Kudos to Drake, for his hard work in the off-season.

  9. Great to see Brock Purdy back in action after recovering from his elbow surgery! It’s reassuring that his arm showed no ill effects and he was able to push the ball downfield. The deep throws to Jauan Jennings and Deebo Samuel, even though incomplete, indicate his arm is progressing nicely.

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