C.J. Beathard hoped for big play on game-ending interception

San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard (3) throws during the first half of an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers Monday, Oct. 15, 2018, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Matt Ludtke)

SANTA CLARA — C.J. Beathard didn’t come right out and disagree with Kyle Shanahan on Wednesday, but Beathard came close.

Shanahan had blamed him for throwing an interception late in the fourth quarter during the 49ers’ 33-30 loss to the Green Bay Packers Monday night. On that play, the Packers blitzed and Beathard threw deep to Marquise Goodwin, but cornerback Kevin King intercepted the pass. That interception led to the game-winning field goal for the Packers.

“We had to get rid of it,” Shanahan said during his postgame press conference, referring to the interception. “There were four options (receivers) on the play. That wasn’t the one we wanted.”

Meaning someone else was open and Beathard threw to the wrong receiver.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked Beathard if indeed there was a better option during that play. “Um,” Beathard said, picking his words carefully. “It’s tough to say watching the tape. I don’t know.”

Meaning someone else wasn’t necessarily open. Beathard and Shanahan had two versions of the same event.

Here’s what happened.

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  1. Good article Grant but execution of this play seems to be the focus when the real concern is the preparation of the plays to be used in that situation. It is disconcerting to hear the coach and QB talk about which receiver was the best option. In this case, none of the receivers were good options since none had routes that made sense. Should have had a play that had one or two hot reads or even an audible to an outside run. While the play calling overall was solid, these last 2 drives, and in particular these last 2 plays, were an example of an unprepared offense.

  2. “Just before center Weston Richburg snapped the ball, Beathard pointed at Goodwin and signaled for him to run deep.”

    “I thought the cornerback would be sitting eight yards (past the line of scrimmage), expecting a slant or something.”

    “Big mistake by the second-year quarterback, a reckless long throw when all he needed was a quick pass for three yards.”

    Yeah, big mistake from CJ. KS wanted Goodwin to run a different route, perhaps a slant. Remember that Goodwin already had a big catch on a slant from the slot. CJ pissed away his blitz beating route.

        1. Big, big mistake by the 2nd year QB. Of course, he compounded the poor decision with a woefully underthrown ball, meaning Beathard made both a mental and physical mistake on that same critical play.

          I’ve watched the play back a dozen times … GB was coming on a zero blitz, making it near impossible to run the ball for a first down. CJB had both Bourne and Kittle open for much higher percentage completions and both were past the sticks and would have picked up first downs. Those are timing throws, and both receivers were in the process of getting their heads around just before CJB threw deep. CJB also panicked a bit and rushed it a tad, as he often does in big situations, perhaps 3/10’s of a second sooner than than he needed to. Then again, the way Beathard telegraphs his short throws, who knows, maybe it gets batted down anyways. The kid simply isn’t ready for prime time, and may never be. He’s improved at some things, but he doesn’t have it, IMO, with the game on the line.

          CJB’s performances in the clutch can best be described as “a less talented version of Tony Romo, for most of Tony’s career”, prone to making a critical mistake under the spotlight, when it matters most.

          1. All that said, it still wasn’t a throw that required absolute precision. Man coverage against one of the fastest WR in the league. All CJB had to do was float the ball about 10 yards deeper, and simply let the speedster run it down. No way King could have stayed with ‘Quise if the ball was thrown correctly. Instead, CJB threw a damn lollipop.

            Seriously, I think I could have made a better throw than that, and given Goodwin a better chance to make a play on it.

            Backup QB’s can be so darn frustrating!

            1. Sure they were, because those are timing plays, and I don’t think there is any question that CJB would have picked up a first down if he had simply made the right read, trusted one of those other underneath receivers, and either stand strong in the pocket, or sliding to his left, while delivering a strike to kittle. I’ve watched the play more than a dozen times. Franchise QB’s anticipate where to throw those passes, throwing the ball just as the WR or TE are making their breaks. No question Jimmy Garoppolo hits one of those 2 receivers in stride. How do I know this? Go back and watch last years Chicago game, the Tennessee game, the Houston game, or the Jacksonville game. All close games decided late in the 4th QTR, by a QB who knows how to win, steps up to the occasion, and delivers in the clutch time and time again!

              Exactly what should Beathard have done differently?:

              A) He could have shown stellar pocket presence, while buying a split-second sliding to his left, and hitting Kittle for an easy first down completion.

              B) Beathard should never have underthrown one of the fastest WR in the league. Instead, he threw from the 49ers 46 yard line and the football came down at GB’s 13 yard line. That equates to a 41 yard pass. Every QB in the NFL ought to be able to throw the ball 50 yards down field, many can do that even off their back foot. Cover zero should tell any QB worth his salt that there will be no Safety help over the top. Goodwin is one of the fastest men in the NFL, that’s a fact. Beathard could have quickly stepped into the throw, laying it up and over the defender, allowing the speedster to to run under it.

              Any quality, experienced QB should know that, whatever he does in that situation, what he simply cannot do is underthrow his world-class sprinter of a receiver! That’s the only place the defender can make a play on the ball. King is 6’2″ tall, Goodwin is 5’10”, making it extremely easy for a CB with 4″ on the WR, to box out the receiver, especially when the ball falls right into the CB’s breadbasket.

              I’ll give Beathard this much credit …. that’s a perfect pass if King is the intended receiver. Beathard threw a lollipop. Even the noodle-armed Alex Smith has more than enough arm to get that ball over the defender, giving Goodwin a chance to run under it.

              And that’s the thing. If Garoppolo makes atht poor throw, your focus and criticism is directed equally at Jimmy G. The fact that Beathard is a backup, makes it easy to point fingers at the play call. The fact of the matter is, there is a reason Jimmy G makes 10 or 15 times more money than Beathard. While Beathard looks like he is a serviceable backup QB through a games first 3 QTR’s, he has a habit of playing his worst at clutch time.

              We saw it all last season, and again last week in Beathrd’s 2nd start of the season VS a lousy, winless Arizona team. Beathard first INT in that game went off of the usually sure handed Pierre Garcon’s hands. Hard to argue that one was on Beathard. Chandler jones beat Staley for a blind side strip sack, so that’s a tough deal for Beathard, and that TO should really be on Staley, meaning Beathards first 2 TO’s, outside of the 4th QTR, weren’t really his fault.

              Beathard’s classic 4th QTR meltdown: And then, under 6 minutes to play in regulation, Beathard began to do his thing, deja vu all over again. A strip sack by Reddick, who came right up the gut on a delayed blitz at 4:41 in the 4th QTR, played out right in front of Beathard, who’s tunnel vision seemed to indicate he had no idea what was happen right in front of him, (poor packet awareness). And then, to Beathard’s defense it was 4th and long, but he goes after Victor Boldin Jr who is surrounded by defenders, and gets predictably picked off. His receiver of choice with the game arguably still hanging in the balance …. Victor Boldin -fricken- Jr, a 5’9″ undrafted free agent WR who also happened to be playing in his first game of the season.

              I could go back and dissect all of Beathards 4th QTR performances last season, but I can assure you that was a theme. CJB plays his worst football at a time when the good NFL QB’s make their money, the 4th QTR. Time and time again last season, Beathard failed to make plays down the stretch, and many of those games were decided in the 4th QTR, by 3 points or less (a new NFL record).

              Now, somebody mentioned that it was the Head Coach’s responsibility to know his backup QB’s limits, and put them in the best position to succeed. That’s a fair point, but we also has to realize that opposing Defensive Coordinators have game film, and are also aware of those same limitations. And what we’ve seen so many times in all of these close games, DC’s are selling out against the run, daring the 49ers to beat them through the air.

              And this gets me back to the same point I’ve made so many times over the course of the last 1.5 seasons with Beathard at the helm: In these close games, opposing defenses have decided that they simply aren’t going to let the 49ers beat them on the ground, whether it’s by putting extra defenders in the box, 8-9 defenders near the line of scrimmage, or calling the kinds of blitzes that are primarily focused on stopping the run. So when they do this, you better be able to win through the air. That’s the difference between winners and losers in the NFL. You’ve got to have a QB who doesn’t panick, or telegraph his throws (by perhaps looking off defenders and utilizing the pump fake). You need a QB who can read and diagnose quickly where the hot read is, and is accurate on those short pinpoint passes (which are hard to defend). Or, you can also take advantage of man coverage (and maybe no safety help over the top) by making throws with the proper trajectory, depth, and accuracy. And it’s what we’ve seen from Jimmy G, time and time again.

              In these tight games, there is less margin for error in the 4th QTR. And in today’s NFL, there are fewer blowouts than we used to see back in the day. More games are coming down to the final one or two possessions, making these the times that separate the best QB’s, from the rest of the field. A very good QB is often the difference between setting an NFL record for most consecutive games lost by 3 points or less, or winning 5 consecutive games to finish out ba season. It’s the reason the 49ers traded for Jimmy G, and locked him up long term with a big fat contract. Does anyone really think that, after the first 2.5 moths of last season, Kyle truly felt like CJB had a pretty good chance at developing into that kind of QB (and BTW there simply aren’t 32 of those guys, making enough of those guys to go around). If he did, I highly doubt they pull the trigger on Garoppolo, knowing that if he was that guy, they were going to have to back up the Brinks truck in order to lock him up long before they have all the pieces in place to win a Super Bowl. strong>CJB may still develop into one of the better backup QB’s in the league, making his 3rd round selection look like a reasonable pick, but with every passing misfire in the clutch with the outcome of these close game hanging in the balance, it’s looking more and more like CJB might not be that guy, IMO. He’s simply missing that “it factor”, looking more like a backup version of TONY ROMO, destined to find ways to lose those close games in every way imaginable!

              1. OK, fine. Let me make a long story short: In today’s NFL, more games are decided during the final couple of possessions, than we’ve seen in past years. I think it’s clear that, at some point during last season, the book was out on CJ Beathard – stack the box in the 4th QTR and make him beat you through the air.

                Let me ask you 2 questions Grant: You say Kyle doesn’t know how to finish, right?

                1) How do you explain the discrepancy last season? Kyle couldn’t finish the close games with Beathard behind center (the 49ers set a record for losing close games), but in steps Jimmy G and boom, Kyle’s 49ers win 5 straight wins, 4 of which were decided in the 4th QTR.

                This season Jimmy beat Detroit in the 4th QTR, and got hurt while engineering a furious comeback VS the Chiefs on the road in the 4th QTR.

                2) Is it your opinion that it is simply a coincidence that there is huge discrepancy between the way Kyle’s 49ers finish games with Beathard at the helm (who is what … 0-8 in games decided in the 4th QTR?), and Jimmy G (who is now 5-1 with 1 incomplete outcome, thanks to his injury)?

                In fact, DC’s are now reluctant to defend Jimmy the same way they defend CJ, because Jimmy has made opposing defenses pay for stacking the box, with quick passes and pinpoint accuracy.

              2. Yah, I kind of figured I’d hear only crickets in response.

                Why? It’s hard to argue that there is any factor, other than QB, that would explain the discrepancy between Kyle’s 49ers team, led by guys who appear to have the kind of talent associated with career backup’s (Beathard / Hoyer), and Kyle’s 49ers team led by a bonafide franchise QB (Jimmy G).

                Jimmy Garoppolo: 5-1 (1 undetermined) record as a starter for the 49ers, when the game score was within 1 possession during the 4th QTR

                CJ Beathard & Brian Hoyer: 0-10 record as starters for the 49ers, when the game score was within 1 possession during the 4th QTR

              3. The KC game wasn’t undetermined when Garoppolo got hurt. They were down 14. Game was done. They did a good job with a bunch of garbage time second half stats.

              4. Really Jack, how do you figure? The 49ers because the 49ers were first and goal from the Chiefs 4 yard line, with a chance to cut it to a one possession game, with still over 7 minutes left to play in regulation!

                In what world is that game not still winnable? Why do I even argue debating you when you make comments like that? To say categorically that the game was over, is asinine, and doesn’t jive with the way Jimmy G was finishing games in 2017, does it?

                Garoppolo left the game on 4th and goal from the 7. KC’s defense is nothing special. The 49ers were absolutely in that game at the time of Garoppolo’s injury. In fact, it should have been a 1 score game, if not for a horrific OPI call on fourth down. A TD there cuts it to a 1 possession game, completely changing the dynamics of the Chiefs final possession. And, BTW, the Chiefs had scored 3 points on their previous 3 possessions.

                And even if you are right, and we assume the 49ers weren’t in that game late, it has nothing to do with the entire premise that Kyle can’t close out close games, right?

                So let’s make Jimmy’s record 4-1. That means Kyle’s 49ers finish close games with an 80% winning percentage with Jimmy behind center. How is that not knowing how to finish?

              5. “Garoppolo left the game on 4th and goal from the 7.”

                With 5:27 left. 49ers never touched the ball again. Game was done at halftime.

                “it has nothing to do with the entire premise that Kyle can’t close out close games, right?”

                Yeah they closed out a close game against a crappy Bears team, and Houston team playing their 3rd string QB, and they dominated Jax and the Rams backups.

                The only win they truly needed to close out that was close against a decent opponent was the Titans game. Against Detroit they got bailed out.

            2. Bourne and Kittle were not open in time. They needed to make sight adjustments and shorten their routes.

              And would Beathard have looked their way, because from the snap to the throw, Beathard was clearly aiming for the long throw.

              1. “And would Beathard have looked their way, because from the snap to the throw, Beathard was clearly aiming for the long throw.”

                Good point.

  3. In the moment I was very upset about the interception. However, in hindsight, I don’t think it was as bad as it first seemed. It was a 3rd down play where they took a shot and the ball was intercepted at the 10 yard line.
    If it was incomplete, SF would have had to punt and its more likely they would have given the ball to gb at 20 yard line.
    So it worked out better than a punt would have most likely.

    This was one of those weird plays where maybe the best option would have been a sack.

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing, Shoup. Of course, making a 1st down would have been preferable on that play. Since that didn’t happen, having the interception at the 10 was probably better than what the result of a punt would have been. There was also the chance of a defensive holding or interference against Goodwin. Bottom line: Giving Aaron Rodgers the ball was going to turn out badly for the 49ers. No pass rush and terrible pass coverage equals disaster.

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing, Shoup. Of course, making a 1st down would have been preferable on that play. Since that didn’t happen, having the interception at the 10 was probably better than what the result of a punt would have been. There was also the chance of a defensive holding or interference against Goodwin. Bottom line: Giving Aaron Rodgers the ball was going to turn out badly for the 49ers. No pass rush and terrible pass coverage equals disaster.

      1. Oh Bolognie,

        that’s a timing route, Kittle had about 2 yards of separation and certainly would have had his head around by the time the ball was in the air, and almost certainly made the first down catch.

        CJ Beathard choked in the clutch because, as it ends up, unlike Garoppolo who has a knack for making those plays, CJB is a choke artist. Like I said, he’s a less talented version of Tony Romo.

        1. That’s a dangerous pass. Kittle jogged his route. He hadn’t made his break. He was on the opposite side of the field from the unblocked blitzer. Beathard would have had to turn his back to Clinton-Dix and throw while taking a blind hit in the back. Shanahan coaches his quarterbacks to throw toward the hot side. That wasn’t Kittle’s side. But, if he had adjusted his route to a speed out or a slant, Beathard could have gotten him the ball.

    2. MWD,
      I also saw Kittle open over the middle on that play.
      It was a crucial mistake on CJ’ part.

      Can’t speak for, or read Beathard’ mindset on the play, but perhaps he felt that a pass to Goodwin was a viable option given the fact that he had connected with him in the first half.

      Looking at the play a few times on video shows that Goodwin had beat the defender. Beathard hurried the pass because the pressure was coming quickly at him.

      Had CJ thrown the ball a little longer we would have been hailing him as a hero this week instead of the (old school) goat.
      It is, what it is.

    3. Mid,

      That was the option. As I posted down below. I’ve watched it a few times now with a breakdown on the Athletic and it was there.

      1. He could have defended better for certain. Just wish the qb would have placed the ball where he had better leverage… but it was a bang bang play.
        I would have like a quicker route option vs an all out blitz but the web needs to make that adjustment.

    1. 80,
      I agree with the commentar on this play. Goodwin was running past the defender and had CJ thrown the ball longer it could have been a TD. Beathard had outside pressure coming at him and he hurried the pass.
      Bad result, but had he connected on the pass we would be having a whole different conversation.

  4. Kittle should have shown more urgency getting to a spot and making himself available . That’s what the good tight ends do

  5. Blitz beater 101; throw into the vacated area from where the blitz comes. Looked to me like the play should have been a short inside slant to the seam on either side….

    1. Clinton Dix was unblocked off the right. A speed out from Goodwin paired with a slant from Garcon would have done the job.

    2. @Razor, Agree with this. That’s why the route combinations were so poor. The middle of the field vacated by the blitz and Goodwin’s Go route was wide open. If everything stays the same and Garcon runs a quick 1 step slant behind the area vacated by Goodwin then that allows Beathard to hit Garcon in stride and probably for a pretty long gain. Also, I don’t understand what Kittle is doing on this play. The defender is playing 6 yards off the line of scrimmage and Kittle shuffles his feet at the snap like he’s trying to beat press coverage. I guess maybe Kittle was waiting to see if the DE is going to jam him but the delay is totally unnecessary. Everyone on the field can see its an all out blitz but Kittle thinks he has all day to run his route. He totally takes himself out of the play by delaying at the line of scrimmage. Exceptionally poor game awareness by Kittle in that situation.

      Also, I think not having Trent Taylor or Dante Pettis on that play really hurt the team. I think the route combinations would have been much different with those guys available for this game. Taylor is great at quick slants but Shanahan didn’t give Beathard that option with any other player. I would be very curious to hear if the personnel available in the game impacted that particular play design. It’s like Shanahan doesn’t trust Goodwin, Garcon, or Bourne with quick hitters.

  6. How in the world do you take “Um, I don’t know” and turn it into Beathard having a different version of events than Shanahan? This is twisting quotes from 2 different sources to fit your narrative. This is why athletes distrust the media. You guys intentionally try to create discord where none exists.

    Having said that, the play call was terrible on 3rd & 3 with the game on the line. The route combinations were exceptionally poor for a short yardage play. The line adjustment from Beathard to send Goodwin deep on a very low percentage play was atrocious. The throw was even worse. The one and only thing a QB can not do on that throw is to underthrow it. If Beathard puts that 10 yards further downfield then it’s a TD. He simply can not underthrow that pass. The 4th quarter failure was a team effort. Every 49er player and coach contributed to that loss. BUT, all of this is growing pains for this team. They will get better under Shanahan. Shanahan will get better. It’s a process.

    1. I was in the room. Beathard wouldn’t agree with Shanahan. Beathard almost came out and contradicted him, but bit his tongue. It was obvious.

      1. Ok. I don’t think you’re lying. I just think journalists have to be very careful when they start translating what a player says into what the journalist thinks they meant. I have not seen any other 49ers writer frame this as Beathard almost contradicting Shanahan.

          1. I posted my reply in the wrong spot. Fixed it.

            Ok. Well if I have to pick sides on this then I’m with Beathard. I don’t see any other option for Beathard in the limited amount of time he had to make a decision. There is not a single receiver ready for the pass by the time Beathard has to make the throw. I’m very curious what route Goodwin was supposed to run instead of the Go. If it was a quick slant over the middle then I think thats’ a 1st down. Beathard may have checked the 49ers out of a 1st down by sending Goodwin deep and that may be Shanahan’s issue with how Beathard played that play. I’m also curious if Shanahan is saying there are 4 options on that play meaning the other routes run or if it was 4 options to change the play at the line of scrimmage once Beathard recognized the blitz.

              1. Or a Slugo.
                It would require Beathard to make a shorter, bucket throw under duress,but should have gained more separation as the db would have to protect against the receiver crossing his face on a slant route.

              2. I’m not a big fan of the speed outs in that situation. CB’s are usually jumping the short routes because they know the QB will have very little time. A speed out is a perfect setup for a pick 6. I do like the idea of a slugo but the longer the pass the lower the percentage. I still like the slant even with the inside leverage from CB with a little out fake at the top of cut.

              3. King was sitting on an in cutting route and was about 7-8 yards off Goodwin playing inside. There is no way he would have been able to make a play on the ball on a speed out.

                The bigger problem with a speed out on that play was that the unblocked blitzer was directly in the path of a throw and it’s a pretty easy knockdown for him.

                The in cutting route would have needed to come from the outside receiver, Garçon.

                There wasn’t enough time for a double move sluggo as suggested by Shoup or the fake you suggested. It needs to be quick and decisive vs the blitz.

              4. Ted Nguyen does a great job breaking down film for the Athletic. Here’s his take on the final play:

                However, the 49ers didn’t get points the next time Beathard failed to react to a blitz properly. With the game tied, the 49ers got the ball on their own 47-yard line with 1:49 remaining left in the fourth quarter. After an incomplete pass on second down, the 49ers had third-and-3. The 49ers came out in a two-by-two shotgun formation because they were likely anticipating a blitz and wanted to move Beathard away from the line of scrimmage.

                The Packers brought the house and played Cover 0 (man-to-man with no deep help) on the back end. Beathard wanted to be aggressive and threw the ball deep to Goodwin, who ran a fade against cornerback Kevin King (No. 20). One of the reasons Beathard struggles with free rushers is because he doesn’t speed up his dropback — he moves at the same pace he would if he was fully protected.

                If Beathard had been able to put the ball in front of Goodwin, Goodwin would have likely been open late in the route. But Beathard dropped back too slowly and was hit by a free rusher, which affected the throw.

                “There’s a lot of choices there against an all-out blitz,” Kyle Shanahan said after the game. “He definitely chose the wrong one.”

                The 49ers only needed a few yards for a first down. In hindsight, Beathard should have thrown to Kittle, who ran a speed-out and was open for a first down against Brice.

              5. @ Jack, Totally agree it should have been an in cutting route from Garcon. That’s the perfect route combination for that scenario. I still say a quick slant from Goodwin also works on that play. King is 7 yards off the ball and his first steps are a backpedal against Goodwin. Absolutely no way whatsoever Goodwin gets stopped for less than 3 yards on that play on a slant.

              6. Ted disagrees and he has video showing exactly what he’s talking about between the paragraphs I posted. Beathard not only backs up slowly, he does a little hop and then takes another step.

              7. “I still say a quick slant from Goodwin also works on that play.

                That’s probably what Shanahan’s had called for Goodwin.

              8. “Kittle did not run a speed out. We all have seen the coaches film.”

                Yeah you don’t need the coaches film to see that Kittle didn’t run a speed out or that his break was after Beathard had to get the ball out of his hands.

                Originally I thought it should have gone to Kittle, swayed in part by Witten on the broadcast, but watching the play back and breaking it down you can see his break is too late.

  7. I am happy. CJB almost executed my Third Down Bomb play. Too bad he did not throw it to the 5 yard line. He had plenty of arm to do that, and he got the ball off in time.
    It was intercepted on the 10 yard line, so those 5 extra yards may have allowed Goodwin to catch it.
    I was just happy that they went bold, and tried to score a TD, instead of settling for a FG.

  8. Ok. Well if I have to pick sides on this then I’m with Beathard. I don’t see any other option for Beathard in the limited amount of time he had to make a decision. There is not a single receiver ready for the pass by the time Beathard has to make the throw. I’m very curious what route Goodwin was supposed to run instead of the Go. If it was a quick slant over the middle then I think thats’ a 1st down. Beathard may have checked the 49ers out of a 1st down by sending Goodwin deep and that may be Shanahan’s issue with how Beathard played that play. I’m also curious if Shanahan is saying there are 4 options on that play meaning the other routes run or if it was 4 options to change the play at the line of scrimmage once Beathard recognized the blitz.

  9. You all are on CJ’s case for one stupid throw and yet the defense set the tone on the second play of the game, and yet Reed fumbled, and yet Juice fumbled. But no we don’t here about their bad plays. How about the penalty on Sherman how about letting or a gimp legged QB run for 20 yards and a first down. CJ played a really good game played better then any game JG has played this year. It was a team loss with plenty of mistakes on both sides of the ball and mistakes on special teams. CJ had one real bad pass and maybe the most important one with about 13:10 left in the fourth Quarter on third down he over threw a wide open Kittle at the 20, Niners had to settle for three.

    1. Exactly….I just don’t understand some of the posters who say CJ is not a good enough player and can never be a starter. Alex Smith is a starter now isn’t he? Didn’t he have problems?

      Seriously, did anyone see the games Blake Bortles played against the Titans/Cowboys? I’m not saying CJ is better than Bortles orJimmy G, but he is continuously showing improvement and that is how you become a starter in this league.

      Give the kid a break!

    2. Yeah it happens all the time. Same ol’ same ‘ol. Bloggers and blogs, armchair NFL QBs, coaches and GMs obsess over a single play like a terrier mangling a chew toy, writing column after column on a play that was but one of many that contributed to the outcome. No doubt we’ll be hearing about this for the rest of the season. Probably for the rest of CJ’s residency with the Niners.

      1. 1-5 teams are not above reproach.
        Larry Kreuger on KNBR stated that Grant really grilled KS. Glad to hear that KS did not dissolve into snark or refused to answer the question like other HCs. KS is learning, and fielding tough questions after a loss is part of his job description. Asking those hard hitting questions is part of Grant’s job description.
        At least they are parsing and dissecting a play that could have won the game. Last game, JL admitted that it was an embarrassing loss. Niners were not blow out, and easily could have won the game in the last 4 minutes.
        Rib, maybe you should quit your whining.

        1. I’m not whining. That’s your gig in this little corner of the web. I’m just calling out the absurdity of dissecting the patient to the nth degree by those pretending they know what the answers are. Schrödinger‘s cat lives and dies here in armchair monday morning ism. (You play a smart guy on the internet, you are familiar with Schrödingers cat, right?)

          Those who I most respected around here, old coach, brotha, etc scarcely show up any longer. Why do you suppose that is?

          1. Rib, whine away. You cannot even admit that is what you are doing.
            Ah, the paradox of SC. what if it is observed, but it is almost dead?
            There is no paradox with the Niners. They are deader than a doornail. They have morphed into the elegant tank. They need a new QB, like JG did, to save then end of this season.
            While I miss OC, this team, with its 1-5 record, has weeded out the die hard posters from the bandwagon fans.I am flattered you think I have so much power over whether some one posts or not, but I suppose they either have little interest in the present team ineptitude, or better things to do.
            However, I do not miss the caustic snark from BT, and am glad he posts here less. I will still have to endure my detractors, but most have finally learned their lesson, and let me post in peace. I will continue to comment on ways I think the Niners can improve, and will follow and root for the team, even when they struggle. Since some have left, I hope to see some new blood on this site. I still yearn for a return to the Glory Years,but that may be only a distant memory, with little expectation of its return, until the present team and coaching improves.

    3. “yet Reed fumbled, and yet Juice fumbled. But no we don’t here about their bad plays.”

      UC, I brought this up in a comment shortly after the game and then again Tuesday. I was using it in reference to the defense but it also applies here.

      My takeaway from this, it’s a really bad situation when the QB and the HC are seeing a play differently. Those two absolutely need to be on the same page.

      Just another example of the not so little things that keep causing losses.

      1. Those two absolutely need to be on the same page.

        Especially by Wednesday, after they have spoken about the play extensively during meetings.

  10. “a reckless long throw when all he needed was a quick pass for three yards. Shanahan was correct that Beathard picked a bad option, even though the other options weren’t good, either.”

    King was lined up with inside leverage on Goodwin so a slant to him was not an option.

    With their alignment the best sight adjustment to Goodwin would have been a speed out. Trouble with that is the free rusher off the edge then could have easily jumped and knocked the ball down.

    The best adjustment would have been what we used to call Brown X, with Goodwin running the seam and Garçon coming under on a quick slant.

    This comes down to coaching, not because it was a bad play call but because the QB wasn’t prepared with the proper changeup for the situation.

    1. Good call. Agree that Shanahan didn’t prepare Beathard for that situation.

      Beathard could have said “92,” which is the route combination you suggested. Or, he could have said “12,” which is a speed out and a slant.

      1. 92 is what my coach called that in high school lol. Forgot about that until now.

        That’s the better option than 12 because it clears out King and leaves a hole.

        12 would have run King into the slant. For 12 to be the right call King would have to be in more of a tight man.

  11. Maybe, they should have recognized the blitz, then rolled away from the blitzer, or attacked the area the blitzer left.
    I agree with many others, there should have been quick options, like a swing pass or slant.
    However, I kinda like the play call of CJB. No one expected a long pass. Packers were crowding the line to stop a short pass. They were poised to get their hands up to knock down the short pass. It was unexpected, therefor there was a one on one matchup. CJB just needed to throw the ball a little farther down the field. If only he had thrown to the 5 yard line….
    Still, they should have run the ball on second down, and made the first down. A lot of second guessing, but that is what happens on a 1-4 team. Hope the coaches prepare them better next time, so they are aware of all contingencies, make adjustments and can execute the right play.

      1. Yeah…..they have their version of Goodwin in the form of Cooks. Man coverage and stopping the run should be the key for the defense.

  12. Matt Maiocco

    Jimmy Garoppolo was at the #49ers facility today. He was on crutches, took two steps out of the trainers office into the locker room, saw it was during the lunchtime media availability and turned around.

    5:52 PM – Oct 18, 2018

        1. I agree. Awful way to learn but now my concern is, is Jimmy G injury prone? Meaning do the 49ers use a pick in next years draft on a QB to develop?

          1. I can see it now… In the 2019 NFL draft the 9ers select a QB in the 3rd round, which Grant will quickly dismiss as a wasted pick on a 7th round talent. Yes, I think they’ll pick up a QB, either through the draft or an experienced free agent.

        2. You would think. However, IIRC during the Lion’s game he threw an interception and attempted to make a tackle on the defensive guy. IIRC, the play was called back due to a penalty on the defense. After the game, a reporter asked him about trying to make that tackle. JG responded with something like “I guess that goes back to my days playing linebacker”.

    1. “Jimmie Ward ruled out for Sunday’s game.
      Thank the Lord!”

      Because Greg Mabin was so good on Monday night while giving up the tying TD and the two receptions that set up the game winning FG?

      Yeah, Ward stinks but so does Mabin and so does Witherspoon.

        1. After Monday night you were ripping Saleh for putting Mabin on Adams. Do you think he’ll be better against the Rams receivers?

          49ers are stuck in this situation because they wasted a 3rd round pick on a CB who can’t get onto the field.

          Go rebuild.

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