Carlos Hyde a great fit for most NFL teams, but not the 49ers


By my count, Carlos Hyde could start for at least 19 NFL teams next season. He’s that good.

But, are the 49ers one of those 19 teams?

You’d think the answer would be yes simply because the Niners lack talent and Hyde is one of the few quality players they have on offense. But this is a tricky question.

The Niners will have a new offensive system next season and it’s unique. While most teams run the ball primarily between the tackles, Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan runs the ball primarily outside the tackles. He’ll call more outside runs than any other coach in the NFL by far.

Can Hyde succeed in this style of run game?

I’ve had doubts since the Niners hired Shanahan in January, but I don’t know for sure. So, Thursday morning I watched all of Hyde’s 217 runs from last season and paid close attention to ones which were designed to go outside the tackles.

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  1. “Sometimes, he ran those plays perfectly. But when he didn’t find a hole, he hesitated in the backfield and got tackled behind the line of scrimmage instead of cutting upfield and powering forward to gain two or three yards.”

    So he ran some outside runs perfectly, so why couldn’t he do that now? When you say he didn’t find a hole, do you mean there wasn’t a hole or that Hyde had poor vision? Naturally, all HBs averages are worse when they have no blocks. I agree that he should try to power through when the blocks aren’t there, especially with his yards after contact ability.

    1. He needs to get downhill and pick up positive yards even when there is no hole. He should be able to get at least two yards after contact. But he goes for the home run too often and gets tackled for loss on outside runs.

      1. I completely agree. I think he will be highly motivated to do just that. He’s got competition breathing down his neck and he is in a contract year. He will do whatever is asked of him to stay on the field.

      2. You say he should fight for more yardage but Seb says he should fall down as soon as he is hit in order to avoid fumbles. Who should he listen to, you or Seb???

        1. Listen to Seb by a long shot. Remember, Seb dictated his 10 point draft plan to a clueless Lynch, and bingo, Lynch read Seb’s post and the rest is history! Seb is flawless! Fall down all ball carriers and receivers!

          1. Yep, just like the WRs did in the 2011 NFCC Game. They would catch the ball down field past the first down marker, then fall to the ground so the Niner DBs, Goldson and Whitner, could not bludgeon them and possible get them to fumble the ball, or put them out of the game.

        2. You are correct, I want Hyde to get low to the ground so when he does make initial contact, he can go down, hopefully falling forward.
          What I do not want him to do is dance around, let some one hold him up , so they can gang tackle him and strip the ball.
          Once past the first down marker, I want Hyde to run out of bounds, instead of staying in the field of play, struggling for every inch. That is another good way to get gang tackled, and possibly injured. He should listen to what Emmitt Smith said, and keep a low center of gravity, because if he runs high, he will eventually get blown up.

            1. Thank you for giving me another opportunity to elucidate my observations. Most other posters try to shout me down and tell me to stop posting my opinions.

              1. Opinions are opinions…it’s when you arrogantly claim that you impart knowledge to a clueless 9er staff–that’s when it gets weird.

              2. Yep, I also think that the Seahawks monitor these blogs because they also did exactly what I advocated. They moved back multiple times and stockpiled picks in the second and third rounds. They even found talent into the 4th round, and Tedric Thompson will decide if the trade back was good, or a failure.
                Amazing, they said that no team would ever be able to move back and accumulate picks, yet the Seahawks moved back 3 times to garner 4 more picks.

              3. Seb… No where else could NFL professionals find solutions–but for your posts. You get all the credit Seb. Knowing you have one eye in the mirror at all times, give yourself a well earned wink!

            2. Speaking of fishing, I hope the Niners try to net more players who could help the team.
              I just saw a Bulls team trade for 3 players, and Chris Paul was traded for 7 players, almost half the team. If that was extrapolated to a football team, that would entail almost 25 players. Since other sports can pull off multi player trades, the Niners should cast about to try and land some better talent. It also might be wise to empty the hold, creating space, so they can poach some cut players from playoff teams like the Patriots, Falcons, Seahawks and Steelers.
              The Niners should use several players as bait. They should target teams like the Bears who have big needs, or teams like the Colts and Saints who want to take the next step to get in the playoffs. The Bears have profited from trading with the Niners, since they obtained the best QB prospect in the draft without giving up a first or second round pick. The Chiefs and Texans both over paid because they gave up 2018 first round picks. The Bears also have Fangio, so he might like players like Lynch, Brooks or Dial, who have played for Fangio before. Niners could trade those 3 players and Bell for the Bears second round pick. 4 for one is inherently good for a single draft pick.
              Ballard may want to clean house from the Grigson debacle, and the Niners may want to get rid of the stench of Baalke. Maybe they could trade MacDonald, Beadles and Hightower for Frank Gore and a conditional third round pick. If the Colts make it into the playoffs, the third round pick is escalated to a second round pick. If they make it to the SB, it becomes a first round pick. Maybe throw in a bubble DB to sweeten the deal.
              Saints may want defensive help, but they also may want another WR since they traded away Cooks. They do not want any RBs, since they drafted Kamara and signed AP, but they may want another TE. With Fairly out, they need DT help, so MacDonald, Dial and Burbridge for a third round pick may be feasible.
              Thanks again for allowing me to expand on the RB situation and ways to improve it. I could go on all night about ways to improve the team. I know you were trolling me, but maybe you should think it through.

              1. Don’t use trade by idiotic front offices in the NBA as evidence that your trades make sense.

              2. I am advocating 2 or 3 player deals, not 25 player deals. Just wanted to point out that they are feasible, and have the potential to help both teams.

              3. That’s dumb. Player for player deals of any magnitude in the nfl happen like once every 10 years.

              4. Wait did basketball suddenly get a hard CAP that makes it’s situation similar to football?
                Why don’t you just say the the 49ers should offer the patriots 200 million for Tom Brady like they do in soccer? They are equally relevant.

              5. If Kaep ends up signing with another team this season, Seb will demand that Lynch package several players and possibly picks to obtain Kaep in a trade.

              6. I am not advocating for trading away half the team. I think 2 or 3 player deals can easily be accomplished, especially if both sides benefit.
                I also am advocating that the Niners get something for players who might otherwise be cut, so they get nothing for them. Bundling may get better compensation, like a second or third round pick, instead of a 6th or 7th round pick if dealt away individually. They need to make those kind of deals now, before TC. Once in TC, teams will just be content to wait, and pick up players who are cut for free. Obtaining players before TC will allow teams to assess the players and help fit them into their system.
                Sure, it may take creative thinking, but this is a 15 billion dollar business, and a lot of money is on the line.
                Posters panned my trade back proposals, and called me delusional for wanting to trade up because they said that it could never be done, yet after the draft, we find that the Niners made 6 transactions, and thought outside the box. I said the Niners should be shrewd and smart about the draft. I just want them to continue bold innovative thinking. Getting 2 or 3 players for one draft pick should be inherently advantageous to a team.
                I also want the Niners to think strategically, and create holes in the roster so they can poach players from playoff teams. They should not limit themselves by creating a logjam of players, so they have no room to acquire more players who might be improvements to the team. They should target players who were behind pro bowlers on the depth chart.

                Some may call the Chris Paul deal idiotic, but they will greatly benefit it that means that Harden does not get worn down by the end of the season. It just shows that they are doing everything in their power to win, instead of sitting on their hands, doing nothing, and being content to lose.
                Trade for Brady? Maybe they should have just drafted him instead of Carmazzi. Just like they should have drafted Rodgers instead of Smith.

            1. Thanks, Cassie, here is a good place to remind you of what I have been saying since you seem to try and misrepresent or disparage my positions.
              I wrote this before the draft, and think Lynch did a good job following it.
              10 things Lynch should do (During the draft)
              Think strategically. Trading back is shrewd and smart, especially for a 2-14 team that needs more bodies.
              Be aggressive. Leverage that number 2 pick into as many second and third round picks as possible. Maybe even trade back (or forward) from 34.
              Avoid the ACL risks. Niners need immediate help and do not have time to let them heal. ACL players rarely ever come back 100%, and tend to play tentatively because they do not want to risk re-injuring their knee.
              Avoid the red flag players. (DV, Drugs). If Lynch want to rebuild the winning culture, he needs high character players. Mixon and Brantley should be radioactive, and off their draft board.
              Make safe picks. Avoid the unforced errors like picking players too small or too slow.
              If there is a player the Niners covet, and he may be taken before they pick, spend an additional later round pick and move up. (Foster). It will be worth it to get the player they want, and could be a good fit for the team.
              Make available every non starter as trade bait. (MacDonald).
              Do not make desperation deals. Do not let teams take advantage of the situation. Only make fair deals that both teams can profit from. (Good job).
              Think about the future. Accept deals that include 2018 SECOND AND THIRD ROUND PICKS. (Bingo).
              Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, and have fun. ( Mission Accomplished).

              1. Of course Lynch deliberately sought out your post, consumed it, and then waltzed into the draft. If he hadn’t read your post, he would have curled up in a ball and drooled on himself. Thank you Seb for saving the 9ers.

              2. Yes, Cassie, I am sure he monitors these blogs, because he did exactly what I advocated.
                I said before the draft, he should declare that he is open for business and would entertain every trade proposal. That way, he would have trade proposals to bargain with, so he could get the maximum compensation possible, especially if they got into a bidding war.
                Lynch did exactly that before the draft,and the results were spectacular. The problem with trading back was the possibility of losing out on early elite talent, but they obviated that possibility by trading back, garnering picks, and still getting the player they coveted. It worked out so well, they got both the players they coveted.
                Lynch is a man of his word, and when he intoned that he would consider every proposal, that was why I postulated so many mocks. I proposed many many trade back proposals, just to showcase the possibilities, and my expectations were all exceeded by that draft.
                Sure, he avoids your comments because you say nothing, but when I advocate that they obtain 2018 second and third round picks, then see him do exactly that, I feel like he read every one of my posts, and acted upon them.

      3. In that game you watched Hyde gained 103 yds @ 4.9 Y/A. The Seattle defense was ranked 6th against the run last year and allowed an average of 90.8 Y/G.
        Hyde can run in Shanahan’s offense because he ran in the same type running offense at Ohio.

  2. I’ve had doubts since the Niners hired Shanahan in January, but I don’t know for sure. So, Thursday morning I watched all of Hyde’s 217 runs from last season and paid close attention to ones which were designed to go outside the tackles.
    So you had a formed hypothesis and you went looking for facts to back it up and lo and behold you found some. Very scientific and unbiased research there Grant.

    You need to ask someone with no opinion on the matter to watch that film with no other instructions then to evaluate his success on inside versus outside zone runs. Then at least you could remove the suggestion of an agenda. Given that you go back and forth almost weekly writing articles on why both Hyde and Bowman no longer belong on the team it’s not a stretch to suggest one exists.

    1. Of course you are correct in theory. But my experience with research grants, and I submitted a number of them back in the day, is that I/we could only get funding if we provided a hypothesis which showed a reasonable chance of success. In engineering it’s particularly difficult to get funding if there isn’t a high probability of success. Pure science is more forgiving (at least it used to be), but there is always pressure to show something as a result of the funding received.

      Having said that, your point seems valid regarding Grant, but I give him credit now for attempting to back it up by doing some research. Maybe he could make more data available so that those who want to confirm his “results” can do so.

      1. What were the other 10 players on offense doing last year (under Chip K.) that would be similar–by design–to a Shanahan offense on those 217 plays? How did the other 9er RBs do in similar conditions/situations?

    2. C4C

      +1 Grant may be proven right or wrong…but I’ll judge after the pads go on….

    3. CFC,
      Yep confirmation bias. Grant’s been dumping on the guy all off season and now after watching him he’s trying to make things fit his preconceived notion. Hyde can play in any system and trying to make something out of nothing is certainly not evidence of not being able to run outside in a zone blocking system. Hyde needs to take what he can get more often and not fight multiple tacklers, but the guy is a very good RB and will adapt to the blocking scheme. Not many RB’s – I can’t think of any offhand – don’t have success in this system.

      1. You might be right, Rocket, but have you broken down the film? Grant says he reviewed 217 plays. Can you say the same and state that you have come to a different conclusion? How can you be so sure that Grant really isn’t just coming to a conclusion based on what he has seen on the film.

        Also, how do you see the RB rankings? Doesn’t it seem likely there is a reason that Shanalynch brought in so many RBs (i.e. they are not so convinced that Hyde is a great fit for the Shanahan offense).

        I don’t know what will happen with Hyde. Hopefully he understands the challenge ahead of him and makes the most of it.

        1. Cubus,

          Grant has been saying Hyde doesn’t fit the system all offseason and went into this looking for confirmation imo. He didn’t find nearly as much as he thought so the narrative changes to Hyde is a good back and has done it but -insert reason he doesn’t fit here-. I don’t need to rewatch his carries. I know what he can do and how much success RB’s have had in this system historically. The new staff brought in new RB’s because there wasn’t anyone outside of Hyde worth keeping. The funny thing is Grant loves Joe Williams who played in the same system Hyde did in College and hasn’t had any more exposure to this blocking scheme than Hyde has really. Judging from the carries in OTA’s Hyde is the starter right now so he is ranked first I would guess.

    4. It’s not real research. It’s an fundamentally flawed opinion based on team that ran 12% of its running back plays to the outside. A team that has, for years, been over-rated as a run-blocking team (while ironically being under-rated as a pass blocking team). This line is average in pass-blocking. This line is down-right lousy in run-blocking:

      Power-running success: 29th
      Stuffed rank: 25th (which is fairly typical for this line going back to 2010 so don’t pretend it’s Hyde).
      Run Left End: 23rd
      Run Left Off Tackle: 27th
      Run Center: 32nd
      Run Right Off Tackle: 18th
      Run Right End: 30th

      Fact is the fans, and the press, because of a monster year in 2012, have vastly over-rated this line’s ability to run-block. That Hyde (ranked 6th at FO) did so well is a testament to a back that had to, far to often, create rather than follow.

      Anyway, small-sample size and subjectively interpreted without controls or comparative analysis… This is as bad as one of those feminist ‘research papers’ that relies on an entirely subjective epistemology and, unsurprisingly, indicates all women are victims and all men are abusers.

  3. My God Grant, why aren’t they clamoring at your door to be someone’s general manager? You know so much more than all those lifelong football people. Maybe it’s because all you look for and see are flaws. Maybe a good look in the mirror might reveal some more really obvious flaws…

    1. Before seeing the source I could tell this was a Grant Cohn article…

      “I’ve had doubts”

  4. You mean there won’t be nowhere to run to, no place to Hyde? Shanny will surely want to tan his Hyde, and we probably won’t see Hyde nor hair of him all season. I’ll leave you with this. Carlos isn’t what he thinks, he’s what he Hydes….

    1. Very true, but despite all that, I predict he has a Hyden talent for the outside zone, and Grant will see that when Carlos Hyde-tails it through the stoutest of defenses.

  5. Grant hates my 9ers anyway you look at it. So why read his articles, to feed his fuel for hatred toward my 9ers. Get a real job, & get a life grant.

    1. You may like this column from 2015 better.

      1. NaVorro Bowman is NaVorro Bowman

      Not only did Bowman shut down and totally outclass Adrian Peterson, one of the best running backs in the NFL, Bowman also sacked Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater twice.

      Bowman is the 49ers’ pass rush and run defense. He looks like a lock to win Comeback Player of the Year, and a candidate to win Defensive Player of the Year, too.

      2. Carlos Hyde is a better running back than Frank Gore

      The Niners mostly use zone blocking now, and Gore isn’t fast enough to run outside the tackles on those plays. Hyde is more than fast enough. Against the Vikings, it seemed he could pick up yards around either end whenever he wanted.

      I’m thinking just about every team wishes they had Hyde right now.

        1. You mean when Alex Smith was Son of Satan and Kaepernick pooped rainbows? Consistency is not one of Grant’s strengths.

          OTOH, at least he’ll change his mind when he’s wrong. Eventually. It might take him ten more columns and half a season, but he will.

  6. Wet blanket on a cold night. Just waiting for Sebnynah to rush in and come to Grant’s rescue.

    I predict the 49ers lead the league in rushing yards with Hyde getting over 1000 yards and 11 TDs. This guy is playing for money along with pride.

    Oh and it’s Thursday.

    1. As Grant’s self-appointed poodle, Seb is in MS Word right now composing his defense-of-Grant piece, with a thesaurus open in another window. Can’t wait to count the cliches.

      1. Grant really does not need me to defend him, his writing is strong enough to stand on its own.
        Still on the cliche kick? You are just as guilty with your -‘Self appointed Poodle’ comment. You are a chip off the old block, and just as stale as your daddy.
        Someday, the stench of Baalke will be gone.

        1. I never claimed Grant needed you to defend or shield him. You feel it’s your duty–whether Grant needs it or not.

          Are you an extra in the local production of Les Misérables?

          Training camp can’t get here soon enough!

              1. Sorry, Prime, but when some one mentions my name, and wants my opinion, it is just polite to respond.
                You, on the other hand, have the opposite effect on me. The more you tell me to shut up, the more I want to write.
                Glad to see you posting less. You bring nothing to this site, except downer negativity.

              2. I just read the comments. I’m not here trying to garner attention like you.
                Big difference

              3. Yet you garnered attention when you predicted the Niners would draft Trubisky, then used a technicality to welsh on the bet.
                When you go full attack dog mode and start calling posters idiots, DBs and morons, and tell them to shut up, that is just screaming for attention.

              4. No it means you are just in my way of reading other posters comments.

                And for the record, you are the ONLY one I call an idiot, DB and moron well cause, that’s what your comments entail.

              5. Technicality? Maybe you should remember the terms of the deal before looking foolish afterwards.

              6. Prime, there you go again. You made a bet with Razor, not me, and you have gone emo on lots of other posters.

            1. Nope, you’re the only idiot, moron and DB I know on here.
              Happy Canada Day Seb. 150 years Saturday! What a great country!

              1. How deliciously ironic, the tool who thought the Niners would draft Trubisky calling others idiots, morons and DBs.

              2. Seb,

                What I don’t understand is that you portray yourself as this educated poster then you spend 90% of you day frolicking in the mud slinging insults. Doesn’t that take away from the merit of your posts? Why should anyone take you seriously if you can’t hold a conversation with those that disagree with you?

                Please don’t use the defense they started it. It undermines any intelligent response. I hope you can read between the lines here and not take this as an insult.

              3. Matt, maybe you are new to this site, but Prime and I go way back.
                Usually, with many other posters, I am polite and civil, and acknowledge that they do make salient points, and I can be persuaded to change my mind through the logic of their arguments. With Prime, he just likes to spew insults at me, so I just reply in kind.
                Portray myself as an educated poster? Sure, I may use the King’s English with multisyllabic words, but in the end, this IS a blog site, and there should be no expectation that I am a coach or GM. I am just a fan, with an opinion. It is highly amusing to hear the backlash against me, because they take me way too seriously.
                I certainly do not take Prime seriously, but consider him fair game to ridicule and make fun of, especially due to the vehemence of hate he directs at me. I consider it a challenge, to upset posters so much, they start hurling expletives. Then I claim victory, which ticks them off even more. Lately, he just leads with the diatribes, so he is not even a good challenge, because it just labels him as a pathetic loser.
                Yes, I have been very restrained, not to address Prime, just because posters have begged me not to, but like a moth to a candle, he cannot refrain from engaging me. Then I am responding to his snark, because it seems if I ignore him, he just gets encouraged to do more.
                Please scroll past my imbroglios with Prime, if you do not want to be assailed with dissension and insults. I hope to continue to idly speculate during the offseason about the team I love, and will try to tone it down, just because you asked so nicely. No offense taken, your post seemed measured and reasonable.
                Maybe you should ask the same thing with Prime, but he will probably just tell you to shut up.

              4. Seb, you are a coward. Don’t try to pretend you’re civil and nice. You are an idiot with an opinion on everything, which is usually far off.

                Beat it, dude.

              5. Bling, this is a blog site, not some credentialed expert panel discussion. Lighten up.
                I usually ratchet up my rhetoric to match my detractor, so I will just say that I find you pretty much a lightweight, with little to say.
                Calling posters cowards just defines you.

              6. Your pretentious, long winded and baseless soliloquies define you.

                And the fact that you respond to your detractors defines you and speaks volumes.

                Beat it, worm.

              7. Gosh this is a blog site, and you think that I cannot respond to posters addressing me. How quaint.
                I see you want to make me into your whipping boy, but I do not suffer fools gladly. I guess you are the next tag team gadfly. So be it.
                Assuredly, I feel like you cannot engage in a calm, civil manner, so I will put you in the camp with the other troglodytes. You seem to have no original thoughts, so you just go on the attack. I am not impressed.
                Make me leave, chump.

  7. No matter we’ll let this play out see what happens? It isn’t as though we’re rushing to trade him tomorrow. Hyde will get his chance to show it, and prove one way or another. IMO it is 50/50 he proves to be a good, consistent outside runner(left and right).

    BTW – Motivation (contract year) is one thing, but doing it is another. I’m sure he’ll put in all the effort but if…..IF his strength is inside, he can’t “magically” become an outside force. But then again, I guess Shannahan could tailor his calls a little more inside? So the next question is, is the O-line’s strength going to be inside?

  8. This article proves that the 49ers are better than the Cowboys. Look, if Ezekiel Elliot was the backup to Carlos Hyde in 2013, then Carlos Hyde must have been better than E Elliot in 2013, which he was. Therefore the 49ers must have been better than Dallas in 2013, which they were. Therefore, if the 49ers were better than Dallas in 2013, the must always be better than Dallas, which they are!

    1. Very astute observation! If it takes one ship 12 days to cross the ocean, therefore it will take 12 ships one day to cross the ocean. Simple math and pure logic!

      1. Shhhh! That’s how the Enterprise gets from point A to point B so fast…

        1. Oops! Sorry! The cat is out of the bag. That’s why the Enterprise knew enough to Hyde it!

  9. He’ll call more outside runs than any other coach in the NFL by far.

    Grant, since you are in a film mood, watch every run KS has called since he’s been an OC and give us the breakdown of inside/outside of runs he calls. I’d be curious to know.

  10. The Netflix show “Glow” is fun. Check it out. Preacher season 2 has been even better then 1.

      1. Simple, Preacher is slow and can’t turn the corner on the edge. Grant has been practicing this line since the days of Frank Gore.

        1. Preacher’s legs are worn out. Glow is good against the run but a liability in coverage.

  11. It is interesting to note that the Niners had the 4th best rushing offense, but the 32nd rated offensive line. I did not think they used Hyde properly, and he still almost ran for a thousand yards..
    Now they are considering another system that has him running parallel to the line of scrimmage. That is not playing to his strengths.
    The Niners have a fullback, so they should go back to the Glory Years, and use the Power I. They should line up Hyde deep in the I. He will have the option to go either to the weak side, or strong side, so the defense cannot ascertain which side they will run to just by looking how they lined up, like they did last season. Juszczyk would be the lead blocker in the I. Hyde should line up deep in the I, so when he gets the ball, he will have built up a head of steam, then he should just pick the hole to run through while going north-south. Even if there is no hole, he should hit the line of scrimmage and fall forward for at least 2 yards. Hopefully, he can read the blocks and choose the weakest part to attack.
    Niners should then use Hightower and Williams for the ZBS, to give Hyde a breather and mix things up. Add in a few reverses, screens, draws and swing passes, in order to be more deceptive. Then when the Niners have them on their heels, do a play action pass.

    1. How about we let Shanahan run his offense? Seb, you have issues with Shanahan’s offense?

      Any advice for the defense? I know you want to have 9er DBs grab the legs of opposing receivers (when they catch the ball), lift them up, and carry them out of bounds…

      1. After the SB debacle, KS is not above reproach. If he had won going away, it would be a different story, but maybe he needs to get some sage advice, so he can learn from his mistakes and not repeat them.
        Yes, I do think that the DBs should use the side lines to their advantage. It is perfectly legal, and could be the difference between a catch and an incompletion.
        I am encouraged that the defense will improve. It will improve just because the Failed Brown’s DCs have been fired. Baalke cannot play his favorites, and Lynch did not sit on his hands and do nothing. Lynch was proactive, and signed some pretty good FAs. My biggest question mark is Malcolm Smith, and wonder if Coyle will supplant him.

  12. This is going to end up being incredibly embarrassing for Grant. Good thing he has no shame.

  13. Thanks for reviewing the tape and breaking down the plays. I would be interested in what else you spotted along he way.

  14. uh…those zone stretch runs usually have an inside and backside option built into them.

  15. Grant you have a job most in life would envy. You comment on a subject in which you have no real expertise and come across as an expert but you have no real knowledge on what type of running back will fit in any system. Don’t you realize that any hack can watch all off Carlos Hydes carries and come up with many reasons why Hyde will be successful in shannahans system.I don’t know whether Hyde will be a good fit in this system or not but by what you wrote,you certainly don’t

    1. Actually, Hyde should project well. Despite the fact Atanta ran more to the outside under Shanahan, their outside game really wasn’t any better despite having far better over-all running talent with backs ‘suited’ to Atlanta’s scheme (per Grant, not me). Which, as we all know, according to Grant, Hyde is not.

      Yet with a vastly weaker line, the 49ers finished one place behind the Falcons, at least to the left (23rd). But in no case did Atlanta get out of the 20’s in running outside (22n left, 24th right). Where Atlanta was money in the back was off-tackle right (#4 in the NFL) and between the tackles (#4 in the NFL) with a strong finish off left-tackle (#10 in the NFL). The 49ers, OTOH, were 27th (left OT), 32nd (between) and 18th (right OT)

      And those rankings are ‘line yard’ rankings. Basically, how many yards the back got (on average) before first contact. Yet Hyde had a 4.6 average despite the fact that 68% of his carries were between the tackles on the worst between-the-tackles blocking line in the NFL.

      Freeman averaged 4.8 YPC with a vastly superior line. Coleman 4.4 YPC. I imagine that Hyde, who is one of the NFL’s premier tackle-breaking running-backs might have averaged over 5 YPC as the Atlanta line got their RBs, on average, 4.26 YPC up the middle while the 49ers got 3.18 YPC. That’s over a yard. And Hyde over-came it.

      The bottom-line is that what ever analysis Grant wanted to do, he fundamentally borked it up as he ignored the context that Hyde had to do what Hyde had to do with the worst run-blocking line in the NFL last year. He still averaged 4.6 YPC and any reasonable analysis normalized for line-talent/performance issues hampering his ability to run indicates that he out-performed both Falcon RBs. End of story.

  16. Different year. Different offensive line. Different blocking techniques. Different coaching. Different everything. I’m truly dumbfounded. The whole premise of the article is silly. Come on Grant. Are you bored? Writers block? Jeesh.

  17. Hyde will be fine. Shanny. will use his backs in combination packages to show charge of pase & throw off the defense. Hyde will catch some balls in this system too. Not to mention in a contact Year Hyde wil be running to prove something to the 9ers & the rest of the league .

  18. All im saying is that breida or williams is going to be the starter by mid season, has anyone watched tape? theyre insane

    1. What tape are referring to? If you are talking about their college highlight tape I would very cautious because the NFL bone-yard is littered with former “great” college players that were not able to translate their talent in the big show.
      Here’s a short list of college stars that couldn’t make it in the NFL.
      Reggie McGrew
      Tim Tebow
      Ken Dorsey
      Charlie Ward
      Eric Couch
      Akili Smith
      JaMarcus Russell
      J.J Stokes
      Brady Quinn
      Charles Rogers
      Ron Dayne
      Trev Alberts
      Curtis Enis
      Ki-Jana Carter
      The list goes on and on, but I believe it’s fair to say that great college players aren’t a lock to make a splash in the big-boy league.

  19. Grant,
    This is an otherwise good read, but I believe that you are being boxed in by your less than stellar opinion of Hyde.
    You said last season that Hyde was our best offensive player. That being said, the offense was not left with no other recourse than to funnel everything through Hyde.
    And of course Hyde was poor at running the edges because we had no O-lineman that had the ability to swing out and block for him.
    Hyde had to carry most of the load because:
    We had no true QB
    We had no true #1 WR
    We had no true TE
    And we had no true RB’s able to give Hyde a breather.
    I’m not sure how you view this, but it seems simple to me; defenses only had to key on one player: Carlos Hyde.

    I’m definitely not saying that Hyde is a lock to make the team, but if I’m the headcoach I want to see what Hyde can do when he is surrounded with more talent on offense.
    Maybe a better QB, WR, TE and O-line can help take all the attention off Hyde.
    The Falcons have a great running game with a viable scheme, but let’s not forget that they also have a pretty good QB and are surrounded with good talent across the board on offense.
    I know that you are towing the line for Williams, but I wouldn’t count out Hyde just yet.
    Training camp is right around the corner – at the time, the real hitting will determine who stays and who go’s.

    1. I will disagree that the Niners had no true QB. He did well, even after coming back after 3 surgeries.
      The biggest reason why Hyde struggled was due to the Offensive line. They ranked worst at run blocking, but the Niners were 4th in running due to the running skills of the QB who you disparaged.
      This season, they will not give Beadles the job just because he was the lone FA acquisition of the GM. Baalke played his favorite, because otherwise, his free agent dealings would have been considered a total bust. Baalke favored Beadles so much, he made Garnett play out of position. Baalke also cut decent players, who went on to start for other teams like Joe Looney and Fahn Cooper, just to keep his favorites.
      Thankfully, Lynch has been busy, and signed decent Free Agents this offseason. Zuttah at center and Fusco at guard may be big upgrades. Gilliam is still a question mark, but he has the size and skills to be a starter, and may thrive in the new system.
      With better O line play, the running game will improve. No longer will the defense figure out where the Niners will run just by looking at how the Niners line up. No longer will the Niners just run into the teeth of the defense.

      1. I’ve always been a big supporter of Kap. But when opposing teams said they would scheme their defense to keep CK in the pocket because it’s not his strength, that poses a huge problem.
        Kap became the same type of player that Aldon Smith was; a player that did not have the ability to carry the team on his back when no longer surrounded by talent.
        Say what you will about Kap, but the truth is that he reached his ceiling in 2012 and begin to descend thereafter.
        I still want to see CK find success but I venture that it will not be in the NFL.

        1. AES, you may be right, but I still have hope.
          It will be a huge black eye to all his detractors if Kaep does finally play, and takes the league by storm, again.
          Social activism should not make one iota of difference to his play on the field.
          Yes, he does need talent surrounding him, but so does any QB. Just ask Dilfer.
          I fully admit that Kaep regressed, but it may be more of a factor of Baalke dismantling the team than Kaep struggling. If playing with this new regime, I think he would start winning games.
          I still think that Kaep can and will play in this league. Some team will lose their starter due to attrition, and Kaep will get his chance. I can only imagine if Kaep is playing well, and a team like the Texans has Watson throwing lollipops for picks, bet their fans will be howling over a lost opportunity. Of course, some fans will be content to lose without Kaep, than win with him.

          1. Seb,
            I made no mention of Kap’ social leanings. That aside, I only count what he does on field.
            Like I said, I wish CK success but it likely won’t be in the NFL. He may still find a team that wants him, but Kap’ game has fallen off over the years, and I honestly don’t see an NFL team changing their offensive scheme to fit him at this stage of his career.

            1. Well, he is being blackballed due to his protests, so that should be a salient factor. McCown, Fitzpatrick, Gabbert, Sanchez and Geno Smith are inferior, yet have jobs.
              I am not too worried, QBs change all the time, and the new starting QB needs to be a quick study. Kaep will do fine no matter where he lands. He might even lead a team like the Texans or Broncos to the playoffs, because they have a stout defense and good offensive weapons.
              Wonder if the Seahawks would sign Kaep if RW goes down due to injury.

              1. Seb,
                I tend to agree with the QB’s you mentioned possibly not being at CK’ level.
                But the key with them latching on with other teams is that those teams don’t need to change and customize their offensive scheme to fit their style as would be the case with Kap.
                If I was a team looking for QB, I would pass on CK specifically for the above mentioned. I’m not changing my offensive scheme to try to fit the style of a QB that has shown that his style of play no longer works in the league.

    2. AES

      Excellent post(s)….I’m still somewhat in the dark as to the ‘Shannahan’ offense…but it will be a joy to know that we have 4 very capable RBs, and enough receivers (WRs and TEs, and RBs) and at least 3 QBs who can get them the rock and balance our ‘new’ offense….

      1. OREGON,
        Shanahan will mimic what he did in Atlanta which was a huge part in his being hired.

  20. I am not a huge supporter of Hyde, not really a detractor either. My problem with Hyde is he just can’t seem to be consistent. When he squares his shoulders and decides to run downhill he is a really good running back, I think we should trade him to the cowboys then he would be a cowHyde and would be known as rawHyde

    Move ’em on, head ’em up
    Head ’em up, move ’em on
    Move ’em on, head ’em up, rawHyde
    Cut ’em out, ride ’em in
    Ride ’em in, cut ’em out
    Cut ’em out, ride ’em in, rawHyde

    1. Undercenter

      Right on….What we really need is Gil Favor as head coach, and ‘Rowdy’ Yates’ as OC…
      Head ’em up…Move ’em out….!

  21. I guess that Grant has made the case for Hyde not being a good fit to KS’s system, but what really is needed is flexibility, and making the proper adjustments.
    Sometimes it is better to fit the system to the player, rather than fitting the player to the system. They need to utilize the player properly, and play to his strengths, rather than exposing his weaknesses.
    They should not let Hyde run parallel to the line of scrimmage. They should line him up deep in the I, and let him build up a head of steam before reaching the line of scrimmage. Then he will have time to read his blocks and cut to the hole in the defensive line.
    Hyde almost ran for a thousand yards, so he does have worth. The new Niners are too smart to just jettison a good player. The conundrum is to see if they can move him, and what compensation they can get for him, if they decide that the other RBs are superior. Otherwise, they should just keep him, and maximize his skills.

          1. Yet, if a team loses their starting RB, bet they will be desperate enough to give up a second or third round pick for Hyde, especially if Hyde is playing well.

            1. Depends also on how crucial the lost RB is to the offense, and if Hyde would be a reasonable fit. A forth rounder would be the most one could expect at best. More like 6 or 7.

      1. Or they could get a 1k yrd rusher in Hyde. Let’s not be to quick to eulogize Hyde’ career as a 49er.
        Williams has yet to face NFL hitting. Williams may finish TC as our future RB star or he could find the NFL level of hitting above his physical threshold and walk ala Glenn Coffee. BTW, Matt Breida has been making a splash according to some reports. So I wouldn’t crown Williams the heir apparent in June.
        Shanahan doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to move Hyde, so it makes sense at this point not to throw dirt on him just yet.

  22. lol.

    Sorry Grant, but your basic premise is fundamentally flawed. With a a team that ran outside 12% of the 348 times (FO) the team ran last year, you don’t have a significant sample size. Any conclusions you can draw are, simply put, pure ****ing junk.

    Ironically though, when running to the left the 49ers finished 23rd. Atlanta, the team you claim was dominant to the outside and needs an outside back finished 22nd. You know where the real difference was in Atlanta? Off-tackle and up the gut. The 49ers were terrible off-tackle and up-the-gut finishing in the bottom-third of the NFL. Atlanta was Top-10 in off Left Tackle and Top-5 off Right Tackle and up-the-gut.

    In short, Hyde’s a perfect fit for what Shanahan does. Even under your standards.

    Context. Sample size. Comparative analysis. Normalization. Relative performance. Base-line Standards. These are all important analytical tools. None of which you used.

    1. Probably a good thing Grant isn’t a Quality Control/Quality Assurance inspector at Boeing…

  23. WRT Draft Crushes:
    Would you like to have a nickel for every gushing post written about DGB when he came out of college? Pheenom ; the Next Big Thing! Monster! This room was all over that.
    He was drafted in Round#2 in the 2015 Draft by the Titans.
    He was traded to Philly in 2016 for a bubble-level OL.
    He was cut by Philly today after careening down the depth chart behind “Too Slow A. Jeffrey” and “One Trick Pony Torrey Smith.”
    So yeah, we’ve established our collective genius here and no doubt the really shrewd Scouts, Personnel Directors and General Managers lean heavily on the great football acumen to be found here in the comments section.
    Yup, pretty sure Lynch and Shanny check in here multiple times a day so as not to miss any pearls of wisdom. I’m thinking the opinions of two supremely self-congratulatory Uber-confident voices on here who never played or coached the game at any level any time in their lives are their Go-To Guys for insights and personnel evaluation.
    Seems legit.

    1. Sure am glad that I did not tout DGB. In fact, I consider most rookie WRs as huge question marks.
      It is much better to obtain WR talent through free agency, since those players are battle tested, and battle hardened.
      Sure am glad that they obtained 2018 second and third round draft picks, because now I can claim they followed my instructions. ;p

      1. Seb, not wanting the spotlight to be pulled away from him, makes it known that Lynch “…followed my instructions.”

      2. From Grant (April 2015)…

        These are the picks the 49ers should make in the upcoming draft.

        Round 1. Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma

        Huge wide receiver who moves and creates separation like a small wide receiver. And even when he doesn’t create separation, he’s open, because he’s 6-5. He can catch passes over cornerbacks’ heads. He has the talent to replace Anquan Boldin as the Niners No.1 receiver in 2016.

    1. I do seem to recall you as one of the few doubters on DGB in this room, but was that the same year as Trent Murphy?

      1. Just scrolled up and noticed you had mentioned him first. Sorry I would have said something under yours instead. I hate it when people do what I did.

    1. Stop the presses! Trent Brown will become a pass rushing specialist? Lynch is a genius to find more talent on this team.

    2. Actually very smart of Trent Brown to attend because he got a chance to hear what these defensive players say about how to rush offensive linemen. He got a free tutorial which most likely will help him with his pass sets and protection techniques. Surprised that more offensive linemen did not attend, utilizing it as a means to improve their technique, fundamentals and mechanics.

      1. King Solomon’s desire to be great is contagious, and I believe he’ll become the next leader of this defense, along with Unca Buck….

  24. Whether Hyde will be a good fit in Shanahan’s offense remains to be seen…I see Coach using him in different ways than previous Niner HC’s. It makes no sense to say any player isn’t right for the team when they’ve yet to play any real football. Only time will tell…and Hyde just may surprise many of you doubters.

  25. Good coaches always find ways to make use of their best players’ strengths and talents. If he has skills then Shanahan will find ways to use him.

  26. To be honest, many people were saying that Devonta Freeman wasn’t great and only averaged 3.8 YPC after his rookie year. You probably could have analyzed his runs from that year and said similar arguments because it was a different offense etc.

    Now he’s considered one of the best backs in the league. We’ll see on Hyde but I think he could be huge.

  27. The biggest fault with Hyde is that he runs high and can’t deflect tackles, like Gore did or does and that is why he is always more banged up and misses games.

  28. That being said, is there a running back the niners could trade him for? A team with a good outside runner who could use a guy like Hyde?

  29. 49ers are second on the waiver list. If the team can get DGB for the veteran minimum, should they do it? I was not a fan of his when he came out of college. But at this point in time, for a minimum, prove-it type of contract, I think there should at least be a discussion. With the exception of Smelter, all of our receivers are “dimunitive” (alright, I’m exaggerating, but you get my point). DGB is huge for a receiver, 6’5′ and 240lbs with 4.49 speed. For this reason alone, I think there should be a discussion. But he’s failed on two NFL teams so that’s a major negative. Does our team have enough veteran leadership to straighten him out?

    Is he worth a shot at a veteran minimum salary?

    1. I think this team can help DGB. The culture has changed. We have Shanahan, who is well respected. Thomas and others are working with proven stars to improve themselves. Camp Hoyer will be held next month. This team is all about competition now.

      Shanahan could get the best out of DGB. Kyle can help him improve his route running. I’m all for it, with a cheap contract.

      1. I wish to respectfully disagree. This would be his third team, so that is a major red flag.
        I also watched him fall down in a drill and fail to catch a ball, so maybe his skillsets are not elite, and there was a good reason why he was cut.

    2. Wow, fwiw, my gut reaction is to disagree. Shanny likes guys with good feet who get separation. Tall guy who can do it would be great, but two teams have bailed on his upside. I’m cool to him as a mere distraction.
      I remember a whole buncha short mofos who were good in the red zone.
      Cliff Branch and Fred Belitnikof were short guys. Mark Duper & Mark Clayton were fine in the red zone. John Jefferson. OBJ. Santana Moss. AC. Steve Smith. Welker. Edelman. The Smurfs (Fun Bunch), etc., etc. etc.

      1. I certainly didn’t mean to offend, but just look at how Brandon Marshall toasted Jimmy Ward in the end zone. I’ve been on the record for wanting a tall receiving threat for several drafts now, starting with Jesse James at Tight End.

        1. Again, some tall guys can do it and present match-up problems, but DGB is not the same talent as Marshall or Jeffrey or Evans. Julio, who’s big strong quick and fast is a decadal talent; rare even among the elites of the NFL. I’m wondering if Shanny’s multiple TE packages will give him some taller red zone targets.
          It may be fun to find out; hope so.

    3. No. He has struggled to learn route trees, and the offensive scheme Shanahan uses is currently one of the most complex in the NFL.

    4. I think if any team can get something out of DGB, it’s the Niners or the Pats. Lynch could determine if he is committed to the game in an interview. Shanny could determine if he can clean up his routes, if not, then cut him. But I understand if they don’t want to give him a look.

      1. #80,
        At this point the timing is not good to sign DGB.
        If Shanahan was in the 2-3 year as 49ers head coach with his team and scheme being more established, I would take a flier on DGB.

        1. I was thinking the same thing this morning AES. They need to set the tone first, with no exceptions. Then when the roster is filled with players that meet the hard work ethic/ self motivated requirement, you can start bringing in players with talent but who need to learn how to be a professional

  30. Seb, Kaep will never play another down in the NFL. That story has been written. It will read something like this. That will be his very small story in the annals of NFL history. Just a small blip. So sorry Seb. But supposedly he went on to be a voice for the minority communities and actually voted and ran for city council somewhere in Southern California. Good for him.

    1. Juan, I will be patient. The next big date is July 17th. If Cousins signs with Washington, Kaep may be an upgrade from the present QBs.
      If Cousins does not sign, the Niners may have the inside track, since KS and Garcon are here, so they may be content with the present QBs, and will not care if they win or lose, so they can get a high draft position to help Cousins.
      Personally, I think Snyder would have to be brain dead to let Cousins slip away, because he is one 16 QBs who I will concede is superior to Kaep. However, I would never under estimate how stupid Snyder could be, or how vile Bruce Allen is.
      I am also counting on John Lynch. He may not want to seem clueless if he lets Kaep sign with another team, then see him perform well. He should sign Kaep to a low grade- Prove It contract, with no assurances of making the team. Kaep will need to out compete the present QBs, win the starting job, and if he starts leading the team to victories, the Niners will promise to renegotiate his contract.
      I just think John Lynch wants to win so much, he will accept Kaep, because he knows Kaep really wants to play, and he has the right mindset to help change the culture of the organization. He should listen to Pete Carroll, who thinks Kaep is a fantastic championship quality QB, not the bloggers and haters. He probably understands why Kaep wanted to leave, because of all the times the FO stabbed him in the back. Baalke hated him , because he was the last vestige of the JH era. I would go so far as to say that he purposefully did not do much to improve the O line, and was content to lose because that would help drive Kaep off the team. My proof? Baalke re-signed DEVEY.
      John Lynch is changing that obnoxious classless culture, and his apology to Kaep was just trying to repair bridges so he can keep the door open. The Niners have enough tape on the present QBs, so they know their limitations. It was very telling to hear that KS had the QBs rolling out. Sounds like from Grant’s reports that the QBs struggled, so Kaep may win by default, like he did with Gabbert.
      I also think that some other teams are making difficult assessments. Texans, Broncos, Browns, Jets and Jags have big question marks at the QB position. Chiefs, Cards, Saints, Steelers, Chargers and Bengals have aging QBs. Injuries will happen from the first day of TC.
      Kaep is being patient, and playing it smart by saying little. I wish he would stop the inflammatory rhetoric, but understand his outrage since 3 cops were recently acquitted, even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
      Kaep will play, because the NFL is getting a big black eye for being so vindictive against non violent, social protest, while coddling women beaters.

      1. The only ones who believe Kaepernick is being vindictive are only the ignorant, which includes the media and those refusing to see the truth about Kaepernick being a backup at best.

        1. Interesting, what is your criteria for being a decent QB? Last season, he had a 16-4 TD to INT ratio with a 90.7 QBR.
          My criteria for being a decent QB is having a 4-2 road playoff record, and setting QB playoff rushing records. Over coming a 17 point deficit in the NFCC Game was an impressive feat. Putting his foot on the half yard line, then sprinting upfield untouched for a TD was also impressive, because he out ran the safeties.

          1. Stop using Kaepernick’s stats as an example of your “criteria”. That only makes you look foolish.

            1. Well, if your criteria is to consider Fitzpatrick being a decent QB, I will deride your criteria as not only foolish, but obtuse, too.
              Remember Gabbert? He was not only benched by the end of the year, he was deactivated, yet he was signed by the Cards over Kaep.

              1. Careful everyone…if we don’t measure up to Seb’s criteria, he will deride us. Our lives will become meaningless and hollow. I for one could not suffer that. Sniff….

              2. Please point out where I said that I want the 49ers QB to be like Fitzpatrick or Gabbert, let alone decent. You’re reaching and you know it.

              3. Cassie, clueless as ever. You seem to haunt my posts, yet cry me a river when I put you in your place.

              4. Mid, the inference that Kaep is not a decent QB just lends itself to comparison to other QBs.
                My point, which you concede, is that Kaep is being blackballed. You may disagree with that by saying he is not a decent QB, but I can read between the lines, and since you do not want to overtly diss him over the protests, you couch your screeds by claiming he is not good enough to play.
                However, I will believe the assessment of Pete Carroll over the peanut gallery. He says Kaep is a fantastic player who can lead his team to championships. John Lynch said that Kaep has done some pretty impressive things in this league. Both JH and Kelly expect Kaep to play, and have high praise for him.

              5. I am planning to Razor. My goal is to post an invitation link during mid July.

      2. Sebbie… Kaep’s not comin’ back to the 9ers. Lynch and Shanahan are not changing their offensive system. Rest assured, you wear the mantle of righteousness well. Ahhh, now check the mirror…..good to go!

        1. Lynch and KS should not be rigid and inflexible. They should not take players and make them fit their system, but fit their system to the players so they utilize their skillsets and maximize their potential.
          Frankly, I am sick and tired of players not being utilized correctly, players playing out of position, and better players sitting because they are playing their favorites.
          The good news is that I think KS is competent enough to take any QB, and make him better. Additionally, I think Lynch wants to win so much, he will not let emotions cloud his judgement.
          You really should stop preening in front of the mirror. That was a big fault of your daddy.

        2. Notice how any word used against SebbieAnne will eventually get copied and used in a feeble attempt at retaliation? Not much imagination in his fantasy addled world.
          He’s Admiral Wrong Way Peachfuzz, the National Weather Forecaster of The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show who was ALWAYS WRONG.
          ‘A $torm is coming!’
          No it’s not.

          1. BT, I thought you were going to ignore me, but like a moth to a flame….
            Remember, I am THAT guy.The guy you send out on point because you want him to take that first bullet.
            However, I must compliment you for being aware enough to see that I will take a poster’s own words, and throw them back in their teeth.

            1. Because you’re not clever enough to think up your own.
              Babble on, tool, I was talking to Cassie about you, not talking to you.
              Oh, by the way……..
              HE’S NOT COMING BACK Hahahahahahahaha

              1. BT, you mentioned my name, albeit in a disparaging manner, and talked about me, so get a clue. I feel perfectly OK with responding to your snark.

              2. Yet, I was clever enough to get right 9 out of 10 things Lynch did in the draft, while you were babbling about how the Niners would never be able to trade back, so they should not even try.

              3. Master Seb has spoken. Tribute–in the the form of cash (US dollars)–may be sent to Seb, C/O The Press Democrat. He accepts PayPal too. Lynch has Seb on retainer BTW…

              4. Your words are stupid, don’t try to put them in my mouth.
                I never said the Niners would never trade back and shouldn’t try.
                Pull that quote from me and post it here.
                Once again, you’re exposed as a pathetic liar.


    There seem to be two camps with regards to running back Carlos Hyde — those who feel he won’t be a fit in Shanahan’s outside-zone offense and those who think Hyde will be.

    The 49ers’ back is actually doing much, much more than meets the eye. Once he’s handed the ball, he first has to spin, juke or break out of a tackle behind the line of scrimmage before making his read and charging up field. For his entire pro career to date, he’s had to work around the offensive line, rather than jive with it.

    Both arguments accomplish one thing, though. They increase Hyde’s value on the open market.

    Even Cohn acknowledges Hyde — a free agent to be — would be a much sought-after commodity by most NFL teams.

  32. I love when Kaep topics come up. I appreciate Seb continuuing to be steadfast in his support, because it brings so much blowback. This blog becomes entertaining when blowback is in high gear. In between blowback there’s not much controversy. What other controversies can we leverage at this point? Bo at end or on verge of renewed greatness? Not that interesting. Carlos Hyde good or bad? That has some merit but its lightweight. Even Jed isn’t out there saying stupid stuff, nothing to work with!

    More pig socks, more blackball discussion, more leaks to national writers are needed.
    Wait a minute, we need a DUI from a star player!Today’s Niners far to clean for my liking!

    1. Yawn, I find the blowback tiresome, but they have not touched me. I can take on a whole blog site, and not work up a sweat.
      There is a hidden agenda to the hate directed at Kaep, with barely concealed racial overtones. Bigots cannot stand an ‘Uppity’ black player, and it is even worse because he is only half black. The league is giving itself a black eye for blackballing a courageous player who has the temerity to call for social justice.
      I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness, but expect vindication when Kaep plays, and shines.
      Personally, I wish there was more discussion on roster decisions, team strategy and defensive schemes, but this is the idle time before TC, so not much is happening.
      I am extremely happy that there is not more controversy, and it looks like Lynch is trying hard to change the culture. Too bad there was another leak, despite Lynch’s fervent desire to eliminate them. Guess the hate against Kaep is so strong, they are willing to stab Lynch in the back by leaking more screeds.
      It sure was telling to see Lynch apologize to Kaep over the continued leaks and smears. Guess he wants to avoid burning more bridges, and is still keeping that door open. Smart man.

      1. Door is closed Sebbie. Since Lynch is deeply influenced by your posts (as you claim), why not suggest to him a 5 point communication plan for the 9ers front office? That way, you can school him about leaks and he’ll act decisively. And, you can take all the credit–it’s important for you to be thought of in glowing terms. Otherwise, he’ll just quiver and drift, not knowing what to do.

        Might want to tell him to work on his hydration too.

        Seb, you should be a life coach…

        1. Since Lynch did so well by following almost exactly what I advocated, maybe he should reward me by allowing Grant to have an interview with him.
          Then we will have a lot more to talk about. ;p

          1. Oh c’mon. Someone of your stature doesn’t need Grant as a middle man. Buck up Sebbie, do the interview yourself.

            1. No, I respect Grant, and like his interviews. The one he did with Eddie was very informative.
              Of course, I hope he does not get stonewalled when talking about read options and gap integrity. ;p

      2. Seb,
        Kap is longer a viable NFL QB. In the football world, that is what players are measured by – not political and social views.
        Face it, CK is good enough to entice teams to change their schemes for him.

      3. You should know people before you call them bigots and racists. The minute you throw out the race card without any evidence you lose all credibility. I don’t care if Kap is black, white, yellow or purple, he is not a good NFL QB. I was a big fan when he was at UNR and watched every game when their games were televised. I doubted his skills would work in the NFL but I hoped they would. The league caught up to him in a hurry and he is no longer employed. I believe the other two who knelt with him still have jobs so I doubt that race is the reason he is unemployed.

        1. “I believe the other two who knelt with him still have jobs so I doubt that race is the reason he is unemployed.”
          Just Me

          Good point!

          1. No, the others are followers, not the leader. Kaep, by his prominent position as the leader of the protests, has incurred the ire and focus of the backlash. The NFL is not scared of the others, and think by blackballing Kaep, they will send the message that they will persecute and vilify anyone trying to lead a non violent and silent protest against rogue cops who shoot unarmed civilians with little or no repercussions.

            1. “No, the others are followers, not the leader.”

              No, they are employees just like Kap was. While the two players protested by taking a knee during the NA, they did not and have not put out mixed messages like CK did with the “pig” socks and recent comparison of police and slave patrol badges. It’s one thing to bring attention to a social problem, it’s another thing to drop subtle messages of hate that taints his message and stance.
              In the midst of the storm of negative remarks hurled at CK when the first picture of his kneeling protest was discovered, I was among the few that supported his right to protest. But while I still see a need for some social changes in our police force, I no longer see Kap as the face to lead the change.

        2. I am sorry if I painted with too big a brush, but if the shoe fits….
          Maybe you are unaware of the vehemence and hate directed at him. To me, it is way beyond the pale, and I find too much venom in it to be only a calm civil difference of opinion.
          I will also reiterate what Pete Carroll said about Kaep. PC said he thinks Kaep is a starter in this league, so maybe you think PC does not have very good judgement. I think Pete Carroll is an elite coach, even though he leads a dreaded opponent. He has coached against Kaep many times, so I think he knows what he is talking about.

          1. No you are not sorry. If you were you would stop all this nonsense. You have no idea of the race of the posters on this forum and you paint anyone who doesn’t agree with you as bigots and racists.

            If Pete Carroll is really so high on Kap why isn’t he a Seahawk? Maybe Pete is a racist and is covering it up by saying how great Kap is?

            1. Hmmm, maybe in your case, I hit too close to home.
              No, I do not paint all people who disagree with me as bigots and racists, but I do think the hate directed at Kaep has racial overtones, along with political considerations. Some fans hurled racial epithets at him, and he has been getting death threats, so pardon me if I have offended your sensibilities. Trump will send out a mean tweet to any owner who signs him, so the political aspects all all too apparent.
              I do not have Pollyannish expectations. Football is a haven for testosterone laden belligerence. It is a pretty conservative institution, with blatant and overt homophobia. We have come a long ways since the 50’s, but back then, blacks were blackballed from playing. Kaep deigned to protest, just like those heroes did in the south to gain freedom and rights, and is getting a backlash that exposes an ugly truth. I just see the vehemence of the hate going way beyond reason. So much so, they claim he is so bad, he should never play again, but I see a talented and skilled leader with the courage to stand up for justice. Meanwhile, less talented players are being signed as proof for the blackballing. Owners are admitting they are blackballing him.
              There still is a glass ceiling for back ownership,and it took a visionary like Bill Walsh to institute changes so blacks could start coaching.
              70% of the players are black, but if you look at college coaching, it is pretty lily white. Now we have former black players being treated like trash, and the reactionaries are up in arms if the rogue cops mete out capital punishment, and have to face a jury, that lets them off scot free. Denying racism exists and racial profiling exists is part of the problem. I am just calling how Kaep is being treated in the starkest terms.
              Pete Carroll was honest, and it is hyperbolic to call him a racist.
              Pete Carroll had salary cap restraints so he paid Davis the minimum. Kaep made 14 mil last season, so he wants to be paid for being a starter.
              I guess I am sorry if some one dislikes Kaep who does not have a racist bone in his body, and is offended. However, I also think it is disingenuous to hate him so much, that one wants him never to play again, then say that he or she is a humanitarian, with love and tolerance in their soul.

              1. Interesting mix of genuine, heart-felt passion and selective reasoning. But, that’s part of being human. You call out those who judge, then you judge in return with ease. You know what they say about casting stones.

                Anyway, I hope you’re taking action locally–wherever you are–to make a clear difference in your community. I trust you’re reaching out to all, not just those you feel comfy or aligned with. Volunteer at a shelter and serve meals, spend some time with the homeless, provide transportation to clinics, deliver meals to shut-ins, go on a ride-along with law enforcement, give your time and sweat to animal rescue services, walk through a cemetery and reflect. You get the idea. Put your passion to constructive use and spend a little less time piously throwing those you tangle with under the bus.

              2. Well, recently, while weed whipping on a job, I cut down the weeds in front of a little old lady’s house, who I saw leave her house and walk down the street.
                I hope she was pleasantly surprised when she got back.

          2. And Carroll more than anyone knows Kap’ weaknesses. I believe that CK was brought in a month ago to appease a few vocal leaders on the team (Sherman, Bennett) but Carroll had no real intention in signing Kap. Petey has an in-house locker room mess on his hands that no FA is going to heal. Seattle’ super bowl runs are over but that’s for a different blog.

    2. Several days ago we almost got into an argument over the long snapper position…


      It’s also important to remember that the large majority of chat communities are a leisure activity for most people – i.e., the community and all that is happening there is entertainment in the form of a recapitulation of the “real world.” Deviant behavior may be a disruptive turnoff to some people, but for others it is part of the show.

      Snerts need someone to react to and affirm their offensive behavior. This need is a bit different than simply catharting their frustrated drives, as the “eros-ridden” idea suggests. Snerts are trying to express some unresolved and warded-off feature of their troubled identity in an (often desperate) attempt to have it acknowledged. Unfortunately, they do it in a way that abuses other people.

      1. I haven’t heard of any except for the league easing up on touchdown celebrations.
        Point of interest when TC starts.
        Hoyer and Barkley
        Hyde and Williams
        The 4-3 defensive scheme
        How the rookies play
        Finding a #1 WR
        And of course the most popular item on the ledger: Aaron Lynch’ weight (lol).

  33. The Santa Clara 49ers and Las Vegas raiders stink. Now go buy a $200 jersey.

  34. The RT and LT positions are an important part of the outside zone, depending on which side the play is being ran. I have no worries about Staley.

    Brown has been trying to slim down, which is a good sign. OZ plays require the HB to take three lateral steps and then cut towards the hole. The OL also moves laterally, with Brown leading the way on the outside. Brown is not the fastest guy, so the OZ plays to the strong side will take a little bit longer to develop. This could actually benefit Hyde’s style.

  35. You would have to be brain dead to advocate trading Kaep for Tebow, even with picks.
    you think Tebow is a big …(Tebow) was so erratic in his throws, he nailed some guy in the nuts.

    TomD’s Take: This why wrote the Niner front office about trading Tebow for Kap and draft picks. They both are inaccurate and are running QB’s. Now we get nothing….And no soup for you, Sebby.

    I’ve included the following article from Europe about Kap’s horrific inaccuracy.
    A video follows.

    How many QB’s make the European newspapers…..I can count on one hand….How about Zero, Seb ?

    Moment Colin Kaepernick’s wild throw nails 49ers trainer in the face during ugly loss

    Read more:

    1. TrollD, even the Mets have admitted that they signed Tebow as a publicity stunt.

    1. That play says it all, doesn’t it? Every QB checks where the defenders are pre snap, at least the DBs and LBs. But not Kap. The Rams, having played against him twice a year, know him better than most.

      It’s sad that the discussion of whether or not Kap is good has been politicized. Before the kneel, nobody was really surprised when he lost his job to Gabbert or when he was beat out by Gab the next year.

      The question is, did Kap know that his political stance would garner him a fan base on the left? I have no doubt that he believes in his cause.

      But look at it from a business standpoint. He was benched for Gab one year and was going to back him up again. There was not going to be a demand for Kap’s services regardless. So why not have race baiters like Florio and Spike Lee demand that Kap should get a job? Raising the chances of himself getting a job while shining a spotlight on racism which is a very real problem in America. For Kap it’s a win-win situation.

      1. Thanks, # 80.

        I remember the WCO’s complexities offered Montana and Young at least 3 TDs/season just lining up their WR’s before the snap count.

        How many times through the years do you remember them–as you stated–checking the LOS while calling their cadence, then firing a pass to an uncovered WR at the LOS for a long gainer…..I’ve counted at least 3 times we’ll see that this season.

        1. Yeah, the professional QBs can be seen barking and motioning their guys pre snap.

          Joe and Steve were always looking for an advantage. Kap on the other hand, does not. It’s either a one read pass or a run.

          I remember watching one of our SB recap shows on NFL Network a few months ago. It showed Montana go through three reads before coming back to his first read, which had gotten open after a little bit of time had passed. It was beautiful.

          Conversely, Kap applied for a visor last year because he locks on to his primary read, thus allowing DBs to jump routes and double team. This led to Kap being overly cautious to protect his passer rating, ala Rob Johnson. Kap just doesn’t have what it takes to be a QB.

          1. # 80,

            It’s strange how long the York’s stuck with the conservative Baalke offense so long to shape their legacy away from Walsh and toward Parcells.

            But Baalke was way more conservative than even Parcells was.

            The fans will enjoy the motion and complexity of the WCO and how it confuses defenses at least 3 times a year to leave a WR uncovered at the LOS.

      2. If you watch the entire play, the DB leaves Torrey at the last few seconds and cheats up to stop the run play. It was as if he knew that the play was going to be a run ahead of time.
        Sure, it would have been nice to have Kaep spot Torrey at the last second, but his focus was probably on the LB, where the coaches directed him to key on, and he probably did not have the authority to audible out of that play.
        Kaep lost his job because he was so injured, he needed 3 surgeries. Sure is hard to throw with a bum thumb. Gabbert won the job last season because Baalke sat Kaep over a little soreness. Gabbert lost his job because he amply demonstrated his weaknesses.
        Kaep became socially active because he saw that prominent players were ignoring the situation, and that he felt he had an obligation to do as much as he can to fight injustices. He did so with the expectation that he would lose his endorsement contracts, which to me, shows a strength of character. Money is less important than justice.
        You say race baiting, I counter with racial profiling.
        I agree, racism is a very real problem in America.

        1. Then make a personal difference Seb. Are you active in your community? Are you an agent of change, or an out of control Furby buried in a Press Democrat blog?

          1. Why dont you start and tell us why you have made a difference, since you think it is so important.

            1. Well Seb, I have engaged the community for years, and continue to do so. Why you ask? It’s called giving back–being involved vs. being distant and disconnected, improving perspective vs. spiraling further into self-righteous tunnel vision. Doing vs. yammering.

              Divert some of the resources you put into self medicating to a local food bank or animal rescue or scholarship program. Okay, that was a bit harsh–perhaps you do. You are active in your community, yes?

              1. Well, I have been busy working hard to support my family, so I did not have tons of free time to donate to charity. Sundays are my day of rest, and you can guess what I do, rooting for the team I love.
                However, I fulfilled a promise I made to my father while he lay on his death bed, and did everything possible to help educate my children. I volunteered to help build their school. So much so, that in its opening celebration, they gave me a hard hat with Superman printed on it.
                I also helped maintain that school, pruning trees and fixing the lawn for years after the kids would thrash it, by over playing on it. I did get compensated for the materials, but donated my time.
                When a parent of that school suffered from cancer, I did yard work for her. Usually, I give sprigs of Dogwood to many women I know, just because I know how much they like them and appreciate them, but once I gave one women a whole branch, so she could cut off sprigs to her many friends before she passed away.
                One supplier lost his wife to cancer, so I brought him flowers that I would usually give to his wife, and helped reminisce about how much she loved them, and how much we all missed her.
                Another elderly lady who I got to know, loved the flowers I would bring to the owner of the business, so I started bringing extras for her to take home. She especially liked the Dahlias I would bring, because they were as big as dinner plates, and many customers were so astounded, they did not think they were real. She passed due to heart complications, but I still bring flowers to that business, even though it changed owners.
                I grow my own, but have plenty of extra, so I just give away a lot, especially to my son’s friends so they do not have to spend money for it. Funny, tho, my son does not smoke. Must have been my negative reinforcement that prevented him from starting. I also have given away several coffee cans of trimmings. Nearby one of my sons, there is an encampment of homeless people. Twice now, I have asked if there is any Nam vets, and given the can to him, which brought tears of joy to his face. I give it away due to Karma, and have yet to be ripped off.
                Guess I do not have a million bucks to give away, but I certainly brightened the lives of people, with my simple gestures. Since you accuse me of being distant, heartless, and yammering selfishly with no thought towards humanity, I hope you are satisfied that I am not a mean ogre with no redeeming qualifications.

        2. That’s why I said it was a win-win for Kap. He gets to bring attention to a cause that he is passionate about. He also has an excuse to why he doesn’t have a job, an excuse that is not based on his performance.

          This part is where we disagree. I know you still think that Kap can be elite, but most people don’t.

          Sometimes QBs get retired by the league. It happened this year to Kap and RGIII, two similar running QBs that couldn’t take their games to the next level. You only get so many chances. And it’s not just about running QBs. Romo and Cutler were also retired by the league. Romo because of his injury history and not being clutch, and Cutler because of his poor work ethic and his lack of production.

          1. 80, I certainly do not think you have racial biases, and you articulated your position well.
            I am glad we can disagree without being disagreeable, and I have many times conceded that Kaep had regressed. I still think he can play, but the powers that be are making it very difficult.
            I guess time will tell, and some team, maybe even the Niners, may be so desperate for a QB, Kaep will get another chance.

            1. It’s possible if another Bridgewater type injury happens. If RGIII gets signed by a team, I will concede that Kap is getting black-balled, since I think that Kap is better than Griffin.

  36. PS:

    And Seb, we all know how you like to go overboard.

    Keep the chainsaw away from your phosphate grenades you light off in celebration of the 4th, so your neighbors don’t wonder: “Where’s Waldorf ?”

              1. Seb I’ll be at the Niners home opener. Just booked my flight and tickets.
                I’ll need a ride from the airport. Care to help a brother out?

                Seriously though, we should meet.

              2. No I’m married so don’t worry about that.
                Let’s meet and talk football. I’ll even buy the beer.

              3. Prime, maybe you should stop in and see Razor. He really wants to meet you.
                Me, I am too smart to let a troll that calls me an idiot, moron and DB, have a nanosecond of my personal time.

              4. The sad part in all this Seb, is that you take this blog seriously.

                It actually means something to you.


              5. No, you take it too seriously. I am just a fan stating my opinions about a team I love, but you cannot handle posters like me, so you go all emo.
                Lighten up. Calling other posters idiots, morons and DBs just says a lot more about you, than it does about them.
                Yes, it is pretty pathetic to taunt posters about not disclosing your where abouts, then joke about getting together with me, so you can locate me, for some nefarious ends.

              6. Seb, its pretty clear you are a moron. You still think the 49ers are going to take back Colin Kaepernick. I mean that alone tells me you are not very smart.
                Still holding out hope? That’s what is pathetic.

                Anyways, Ill leave you alone now. You have other posters in which to declare your stupidity. Good luck and Happy 4th!

    1. Well, I would like Grant to interview Kaep, but wonder if he would be too combative. It would be hard hitting, not a fluff piece, and certainly a must read.
      Maybe Kawakami, because he has bad blood with Baalke, so he might give Kaep an easier time.
      Maybe Lowell would be best, since he has time on his hands. He could fly to NY, visit his old haunts, and spend a day with Kaep.

  37. AES, regarding Grant’s alter ego? Maybe, hadn’t thought of it that way. I have to say I enjoyed yet another Kaep-based $hit storm, replete with insults, accusations, judgements…great stuff! Keep it coming. My wife is watching Housewives of New York , so this is a nice distraction…

    I would love to see a dynamically updated bar chart on each post. Poster names on X, # posts on Y. Even with tons of posts, how many of us are really on this thing? Also, I know there is some one person, multiple user names going on here…that would be really interesting to have that outed! Lot of entertainment value there!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the $hit storm. I will throw my feces, but I try to avoid confrontations with the other commenters. Happy 4th of July Niner fam!

    2. Max TMZ,
      I would admit that there is a good amount of entertainment of this site, it’s what keeps me a little interested during the off-season.
      But once training camp and the season starts then it’s all about football. Except for the occasional bickering between the few here that seem to thrive on it.
      One name that will continue to garner hits on this blog is Colin Kaepernick – even if that ship has sailed.

  38. Here’s a big idea. Press Dem sponsors a reception, only for posters on this blog. Nominal fee, but your name badge must, legitimately, be your screen name. I bet it would be a fairly civil gathering…until the requisite # drinks has been consumed….then possible Kaboom….

  39. One night my wife and I had enjoyed some Concannon Chardonnay, on a pleasant evening at the Santa Cruz beach house. Should have been serene right? Wrong. Got into a huge political dust-up. She wasn’t appreciating my freedom to vote my choice. Anyway it got somewhat(maybe..very) loud, as wine plus contentious conversation can get. Til we stopped and realized neighbors were hanging on our every word….

    we have since fondly recalled that as the Con-Kaboom event…

    Seb’s Kaboom would have probably gotten a different result.

  40. Personally, I did not like kaboom, so I gave it all away. Too much couch lock.
    In vino, veritas.

      1. We have lots of that stuff down this way. I will never look at the thick carpeting along the roadways the same way again!

      1. I experimented with many varieties to see which one can handle the coastal fog. Still like the Haze because it is a good working high.
        Black Widow was recommended, so I will have a Black Widow as one of my 6 plants.

        1. I think you would fall in love with Kali Mist. Another one you may like is a strain I just harvested for the first time. Wifi OG. Tasty and inspiring….

          1. I have been looking, but all the local dispensaries do not carry it.
            I just tried some Grape God, which smells like red grapefruit.

            1. Let me know what you think of that Grade God. I grew it long ago, and was not impressed.

              1. Same high as most others, but its kinda pretentious, like some one describing a Chardonnay with fruity lemon, passion fruit or guava flavors.

          2. Looked up Wifi OG, Sounds like a bud I would take to a party. Nice, light and cerebral.

          3. I crossed some Haze with Kaboom, so I am trying out those seeds. The seeds were large like an indica, so they may have more indica characteristics. Leaves are broad and flat like an indica. We have a small greenhouse setup, so the fog will not affect those plants too much.

  41. 49ers won’t take it easy on NaVorro Bowman in preseason
    July 2, 2017 at 10:17 AM • 5 comments
    By David Bonilla

    Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
    Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

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    If you thought that the San Francisco 49ers might take it easy on All-Pro veteran linebacker NaVorro Bowman during the team’s exhibition games, then first-time general manager John Lynch wants you to know that will not happen.

    But the 49ers are eager to fully test Bowman in live action and see how he holds up within Robert Saleh’s Seattle Seahawks-style defense.

    That’s going to be a real competitive position I think when you throw he, Malcolm Smith, Reuben Foster, and Ray-Ray Armstrong,” Lynch said. “That stack linebacker – and Brock Coyle’s another guy who’s done it up in Seattle. NaVorro’s really having a great offseason. He’s got to continue that…

    The 49ers are eager to fully test Bowman in live action and see how he holds up within Robert Saleh’s Seattle Seahawks-style defense.

    1. Great! Not only will Bowman prove that he is still the best player on defense, but he will allow Saleh the luxury of creating mismatches with the other LB’s. Putting NBow on the fast-track in TC is a win-win proposition.

  42. 49ers won’t take it easy on NaVorro Bowman in preseason

    If you thought that the San Francisco 49ers might take it easy on All-Pro veteran linebacker NaVorro Bowman during the team’s exhibition games, then first-time general manager John Lynch wants you to know that will not happen.

    Bowman will have less space in the middle since the plan is to fill the gaps and attack the run.

    “That’s going to be a real competitive position I think when you throw he, Malcolm Smith, Reuben Foster, and Ray-Ray Armstrong,” Lynch said. “That stack linebacker – and Brock Coyle’s another guy who’s done it up in Seattle. NaVorro’s really having a great offseason. He’s got to continue that.

    “He’s come back from two really tough injuries to come back from and be at full speed but I can tell you that we’ve been very pleasantly surprised with the way he’s moving around out here. And then you wonder, okay, I always remember NaVorro as a 3-4 linebacker, a guy who’s at his best when he’s blitzing the quarterback and all these things. Not that that’s not part of this scheme, but we’re going to be asking him to do a lot of backing up in zone coverage and go attack…

    The 49ers are eager to fully test Bowman in live action and see how he holds up within Robert Saleh’s Seattle Seahawks-style defense.

  43. Jeff Garcia thinks it’s good for C.J. Beathard to not hit the field right away

    “I don’t recall where C.J. was drafted, but if I’m not mistaken wasn’t a top two-round pick, probably later round guy. You aren’t expecting that guy to step onto the field right away—and that’s good for C.J. He can continue to learn and grow as a player mentally and physically. When we come out of college at 23, 22, years old, we are far from our full maturity. It will give him a chance and an opportunity to continue to grow and learn from a guy [49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer] who’s been a pro for a number of years now and who’s been around guys like Tom Brady and some of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL who can now be that leader in that

    you want to create a competitive environment. You want an environment to bring out the best in that position. But I think certain guys still have to learn and grow, and other guys need to take responsibility of that leadership position.”

    1. TomD’s Take on the 49er articles this summer:

      Initially, I placed the 49er 2017 season record at 9-7, with some upsets, esp. in week 1 when Carolina faces the 49er new systems w/o film.

      Although film exists on Seattle and ATL’s D for the Panther’s to study, there’s an in game adjustment period to the new personnel operating these systems.

      My 9–7 prediction does have it’s weaknesses, since most of it is at the mercy of how the 49er offensive line meshes….Can the 49ers best RT–Trent Brown keep the weight off, as there’s no question he’s the best option there; Can Pro Bowl Center, Jeremy Zuttah keep injury free; Can 1st round pick, Stanford Guard, Josh Garnett step up his game in the pass blocking dept. ? Can Zane Beattles be effective or does Jim Harbaugh’s tough, multi-positional O-Lineman, Eric Magnuson rescue this line ?

      These are all subjects that take an offseason to project…Thank our lucky stars for preseason when it will all be resolved…Until then, I’ll standby 9-7….Go Niners !!!

  44. Some interesting quotes from Quinton Dial:

    “I think when you take into consideration guys not being accountable to themselves to their teammates — No. 1, first and foremost — and when the coaching staff doesn’t hold you to a higher standard than you should be held to, I don’t think that’s a good combination,” Dial said of the 2016 season. “You’re set up for failure.”

    “Losing sucks. It’s something I don’t ever want to get accustomed to. We talk in that room now that there’s a standard that’s been set before us. Guys who played long before us set a standard. We need to uphold that standard. If somebody is (expletive), you need to get called out in front of the D-line, and it’s going to be handled accordingly.”

  45. 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Erik Magnuson, Michigan

    In the 2017 NFL Draft, there isn’t a dominant offensive tackle. Some left tackles will translate to the right side and others will move inside. However, there’s a right tackle at Michigan who could be a starting right tackle for years to come.

    Being from San Diego, California, Erik Magnuson was expected to sign with a team on the west coast. Especially with having offers from seven Pac-12 schools. He was a four-star recruit and was ranked as the 83rd best player in the country. Then Michigan showed interest and pretty much dominated his recruitment from there.

    Despite not getting in the college football playoff or not winning a Big Ten Championship, Magnuson did receive the honor of being first team All-Big Ten Conference in 2016.


    Good laterally. Love his form in pass protection.
    Wide base and rarely is flat footed.
    Terrific slide step and hand placement in a variety of pass pro plays.
    Always looks for someone to hit. Finds ways to stay with the edge rusher, no matter how deep/wide they get off the edge.
    Hook blocks well and does a great job pulling to the outside.

    1. * Erik Magnuson (cont.)

      Overall Summary

      Erik Magnuson is a consistent pass blocker who earned first team All-Big Ten Conference in 2016. Appeared in 45 games with 36 starts. 23 straight starts at right tackle. Came into his own as a senior. Has shown experience inside with 7 career starts as a guard. In run blocking situations, tends to follow the motto “drive for five”.

  46. Pacquiao got screwed. Horn was pretty dirty throughout the fight. He was trying to bust open Manny and he succeeded with one of many ‘head collisions’. But the fight was entertaining as hell and it was free.

    1. Good fight, and great to see the local boy get the lollies. But yeah, Pac-man deserved the win. Not sure how they score some of these bouts.

      1. I’m looking forward to the rematch. Pac still moves well, even at his age. I think Horn looked good, but Manny was more efficient. I tip my cap to both of them.

  47. Just saw the interview with John Lynch and Gary Radnich. Good choice of interviewer, because Gary is the consummate professional, and he kept it light, but elicited many insights.
    Last season, I wanted Chip to give a one on one interview with Gary, because I thought that Gary would be the best media guy to do a good job. Tom Tolbert could also be a good choice to be the interviewer.
    Sure am glad the Niners did not use Murph and Mac, because of their hatchet job on Jed. Niners need to control the message by controlling the messenger. Heard Lynch talk with Gary and Larry, so maybe Garry will be Lynch’s conduit to the media. Smart move.

  48. Murphy was the unofficial voice for thousands of 49ers fans that wanted to ask the same questions he asked of Jed.
    So powerful was Murphys questions after the Tomsula firing that Jed mentioned his name during the Shanahan hiring.
    Murphy made Jed face accountability – kudos Brian Murphy!

    1. I ,too, was happy that Jed was ambushed, because he deserved it. However, I am talking about Lynch, and he is too smart to let himself be bludgeoned like that.
      It was a masterful strategic decision to use Gary Radnich, and I hope the Niners never get into the position again to warrant the need to be dragged in the coals. So far, Lynch has done a spectacular job as GM, and he is a quick study.

      1. If this ship doesn’t leave the dock this season it won’t be Lynch feeling the heat it will be the owner – Jed York

  49. Grant, I would love to get your thoughts on how the RB battle may shake out in San Francisco for my Fantasy Football podcast. Please, email me if you are free.

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