CB Tramaine Brock on WR DeAndrew White: “I feel like he’s got it all.”

SANTA CLARA – Cornerback Tramaine Brock spoke in the 49ers’ auditorium Wednesday afternoon. Here are selected quotes.

Q: Has there been much of an adjustment to the new defense being installed this year?

BROCK: Yeah, it’s a whole different package.

Q: How does that affect you?

BROCK: As a corner, it’s still man, Cover 4, Cover 3 – it’s just a whole different package. It really doesn’t affect me as much.

Q: You guys were so good on defense the past four years. Was there an initial reaction amongst the defense of why are we changing what we did when it worked so well in the previous years?

BROCK: We have a whole different staff, a different defensive coordinator. So we brought in a new package.

Q: It seems like you guys are doing well in practice. Is it something where you guys have embraced this new defense and feel like you can make as many plays as you made in the old defense?

BROCK: I like this defense a lot that we have now, but the old defense, we were able to make plays, too. But this defense, I feel like it’s more aggressive.

Q: And that fits your personal style well?

BROCK: I like it.

Q: How frustrating was last season for you?

BROCK: It was bad mentally and physically. I tried to handle it the best way I could. I’m just coming here this season focused and trying to start off how I did in 2013. Just bring my season from 2013 to this season. That’s my focus.

Q: At what point did you finally feel you were healthy?

BROCK: At the end of this year’s OTAs. My hamstring was still messing with me but it wasn’t bad. When we came back for training camp, that’s when I felt the best.

Q: Were you surprised at all last year at how debilitating a toe injury can be during everyday life?

BROCK: Oh yeah, of course. I didn’t understand that injury at first. It started in my ankle, then it went to my toe, then it went to my hamstring. I was dealing with all of those injuries at once. It held me back the whole year.

Q: You haven’t taken any days off during camp?


Q: Is that a pretty good sign to you that you can go out there every day?

BROCK: Yeah. That was my first time being hurt last year. It was my first time really playing defense, but I know my body is healthy.

Q: What kind of emotional lift does having NaVorro Bowman back give you guys?

BROCK: Just his presence. Just his attitude and his style of play and his aggressiveness. We need all our guys to compete at the highest level in the NFC West. It’s good to have him back.

Q: What do you think of the cornerback situation as a whole?

BROCK: We’ve got a lot of talent and competition going on. We’re just all competing for the spot. Me, my mindset is the No. 1 corner, and I’m trying to win the Nickel job, too. We’re just competing. First week, we’ll find out which spots will be taken.

Q: What makes Anquan Boldin tough to cover?

BROCK: Just his power and his intelligence. He knows the game. He’s a veteran, and he’s been good for eight-plus years. He just knows football and he knows how to beat guys with his body and his quikness.

Q: Why do you want to be the Nickel?

BROCK: I want to play it. I always wanted to play it, but the defensive coordinators in the past didn’t want me in the slot. They wanted other guys there, so I never got the chance. Now they’re giving me the opportunity to play it.

Q: What do you like about it?

BROCK: I can be aggressive. We’ve got a few blitzes for the Nickel. Man to man. It’s a challenge.

Q: Are you going to do special teams, too?

BROCK: They’ve got me on a few special teams – kickoff and punt return.

Q: How much harder is Nickel than being on the outside?

BROCK: I would say it’s harder. It’s more space, so you’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

Q: Generally, those slot receivers are going to be different than the receivers you see outside?

BROCK: Some of them. Some of them can be tall. Some of them can be short and fast and swift. And you’ve got some like Anquan Boldin. I feel like I could match up pretty well with any slot man. A taller man would be more of a challenge, but I feel like I could match up with him, too.

Q: What’s your impression of DeAndrew White?

BROCK: I like him to be in the battle with the No. 3 receiver.

Q: What does he do well?

BROCK: Everything. Speed, quickness, power. I feel like he’s got it all.

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            1. From the sound of things Kaep is completing lots of short passes to a variety of players. It makes sense that it takes time to understand the new offense especially as Chyrst is asking him to read the whole field now. It sounds like he’s still working on that deep ball throw to some extent. I think we’ll see plenty of throws Torrey’s way.

  1. When Fangio did blitz, I don’t recall many from the corner, and it can be quite effective if timed properly….

  2. “BROCK: They’ve got me on a few special teams – kickoff and punt return.”

    Is it wise to have the #1 CB, who’s coming back from injuries, play special teams as well? I don’t know what he means by “a few”.

    1. I think they are training every player to be more versatile so the set up can have more interchangeable parts. Sounds smart.

  3. Grant has been complimentary of White, and if I remember right he (or maybe a commenter) suggested White was in the mix for #3. I thought that might be premature. Maybe not per Brock.

        1. Well, better that than the Jets locker room! Rumor has it nobody jumped to Geno’s defense. Rumor.

          1. Geno sounds squirrely to welch on a debt and poke a finger in a face. Not much there to defend.

            1. We don’t know details, but I can’t help but think that one guy is a high draft pick QB with incumbent salary, the other is a 6th round 1st contract bubble guy. $600. Write the man a check! No, mocks him and jabs a finger in his face. F that. You HAVE to know the implications of that! Mercy!
              I got in a jam in the Marines. This GREAT BIG guy told me he was going to kick my butt. I said ‘OK, but you’re going to be sweaty and out of breath when you finish!’
              He started laughing and couldn’t put too bad a whopping on me cuz he was laughing. He walked away shaking his head, but I had had a fat lip and a shiner.

              1. Good survival skills.
                My dad used to say- Roll with the punches. That came in handy while surrounded in an alley in Mazatlan during carnival.

  4. The good news: Brock can (and might) play slot

    The not so good news: Ward’s role becomes muddled, even if the foot fully recovers.

    2014 was a deep draft. If Ward doesn’t pan out, Baalke missed on some great talent opportunities. I think Ward has some unique skills. He displayed almost Borland like instincts for where the play’s going. A lurk safety role might be perfect for him.

    I like the T-Brock gave away a few scheme and personnel tidbits. It sounds like ‘Bama’ is a near lock to make the squad.

    1. The way Brock talks about the slot it sounds like he doesn’t believe he’s locked that down yet. The way Baalke talked about Ward leading up to and after the draft made it sound like he still envisions Ward taking those duties. Once he is fully fit and healthy, it will be interesting to see who plays in the nickel.

      1. Has Ward even been cleared for practice? If not, I wouldn’t anticipate him showing up in an actual game anytime in the near future….

        1. He’s doing individual work. He can’t be that far away from rejoining team drills if he’s participating in individual drills, you’d have to think.

          1. Both Ward and Lynch need to get on the field or be left behind. Hopefully they can return soon, because the Niners really need them.

            1. I hadn’t seen that, thanks razor. He’s a bit of a strange one, Ward, but he comes across as ultra competitive. I expect to see a much better version of him this season once he gets back to full fitness.

              1. Thanks for posting that Razor. Good stuff.

                Scooter: What do you find strange about Ward. I didn’t see anything I would consider strange.

              2. Cubus, every time I hear him interviewed he comes across as super intense. He also comes across as, well, not exactly full of himself, but somehow a little arrogant – he carries that chip on his shoulder displayed in neon lights for everyone to see. I found the question about him being humble as quite funny, as that is the pretty much the last word I’d have expected people to associate him with.

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