Charting carries for Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde: Week 1

I tallied up these Week 1 stats:


Shotgun/Pistol read-option handoffs: 3 carries, 9 yards (3 yards per carry).

Under center direct handoffs: 13 carries, 57 yards (4.39 yards per carry).

Weakside direct handoffs to the offense’s left: 3 carries, 3 yards.

Weakside direct handoffs to the right: 1 carry, 0 yards.

Strongside direct handoffs to the left: 2 carries, 23 yards.

Strongside direct handoffs to the right: 7 carries, 31 yards (4.43 yards per carry).


Shotgun/Pistol read-option handoffs: 7 carries, 50 yards (7.1 yards per carry).

Under center direct handoffs: 0 carries.

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  1. The Ohio State back is golden, and to think of all the potential tax revenue missed from the hot air put into why he would be another iron pyrite from the Big Ten….

  2. Gore is not effective out of the pistol. I wonder if they will become specialty backs? Gore soley from behind center and Hyde soley out of the pistol/

    1. That was the beauty of the pick Old Coach. Mr. Hyde thrived in the read option, and forms with Kaepernick what I like to call a Two-Headed Hydra from the pistol. You saw it on the goal line, where Kaepernick froze the defender, and then Hyde strikes the end zone with suddeness and power….

      1. That is clearly an element to the offense they have been trying to install for a few seasons to make the most of Kaep’s ability to run and freeze a D. LMJ was meant to be part of that transition, but didn’t work out. Hyde and Lattimore (if he ever gets healthy enough to play) will make that transition a more permanent one. I think in a season or two we’ll be seeing pistol/ read-option a much higher % of the time.

        1. Dr. Lattimore will be afforded the opportunity to convince the 49ers he is ready in 5 weeks during practices. I think he’ll be successful and perhaps active after the bye….

      2. “Two-Headed Hydra from the pistol”

        Best description ever! Brings a whole new meaning to “beast mode”!

      3. If I remember correctly, Hyde ran out of the pro-set his for year at Ohio State. Then they changed to a read option HCs.

        At forst Hyde wasn’t happy. He considered himself a pro-set power back. Once he was oriented to the new offense, he became a convert.

        I remember a Chris Ault interview where he mentioned the Pistol was much about the power run game… not the chuck-n-duck, peripheral running offense people think it is.

      4. Yep, and Lattimore was very good from the gun in college to as you already pointed out. Both are also very good receivers.

      5. Razor,
        I would suggest that the hydra has three heads not just two and that is what makes it such a challenge for an opposing defense. If QB CK keeps then he has two options, throw or run. Add these to the hand off to the back and you have opened up the field with a three dimensional attack.
        The beauty of the read option three headed beast is that it threatens the entire field, center, lateral and deep. Furthermore all three options are after the snap to keep the D guessing. One can easily see that if all three threats are truly respected and thus feared the three headed beast can be a scary problem for a defense.

    2. Problem with role specific RB’s is that the defense starts to pick up who’s in the game and can start to guess what type of run to expect.

      1. Coffee true,
        But formations also telegraph. Role players tell a defense before the huddle what the likely formation will be. Still there are options from that formation and with best players for that formation the options are both increased and viable.
        Really the bigger problem is that the offense is committed to a formation because of the personnel in at that time. So calling a formation in the huddle can be limited.

    1. Got his leg rolled. That falling on your back with someone under your leg fall. Looked pretty bad, but he walked off the field.

  3. The plain eyes could see how well Hyde rushed out of the gun/pistol. He needs carried from under center too to mix things up. Keep the D honest.

    1. It doesn’t really matter if Hyde only ever gets carries out of the gun/ pistol read-option (though I’m sure they will mix in carries from other formations in the future). So long as they mix it with pass plays as well to keep the D honest.

      1. Yea, he’s an all purpose back with little to no limitations at this point. The sky’s the limit for the kid….

      2. Hyde (and Lattimore) are natural pass catchers. Remember Bruce Miller’s out-of-the-backfield wheel route a few years back?

        Imagine what Hyde could do with that… or bubble screens, check downs, short hitches, run/pass options and so on.

        1. Currently the Niners prefer their backs to pass block than pass catch. I would like to see that short field dimension opened up more. But it is most often used as check down option. Is CK ready for that. That is the question?

  4. Conventional wisdom says the 49ers use Hyde to keep Gore’s legs fresh at season’s end.

    If that’s so, why did they use Gore three consecutive plays to run out the clock?

    A) Because of Gore’s experience, excellent ball security and instincts.
    B) Because the 49ers are using Gore to keep Hyde’s legs fresh at season’s end… a reversal of conventional thinking.

    I’m thinking A (but you never know).

    1. I’m thinking Iupati was impressive as the pulling bulldozer that paved the way for Gore on those runs that were high in sodium, at that point in the game……

  5. Small sample size … but Hyde looked impressive. I expect his playing time to continue to increase

      1. Razor ..
        I told that very same thing to my grandson, earlier
        today .. and he still wouldn’t pick him up
        on his fantasy f-ball thingy ..

        (and Ellington was available, too)

        (He’s a Philly fan and has a lot of Eagles on his FF)

        Sheesh ! … where did I go wrong with him ?

  6. Joe Perry (1948-1963)
    Hugh McElhenny (1952-1960)\
    Roger Craig (1983-1990)
    Garrison Hearst (1997-2003)
    Frank Gore (2005-present)
    Carlos Hyde (Future)

    One of the reasons I love the Niners

          1. Bill Ring and Paul Hofer were attitude guys; how’d we leave out Hofer?
            How about Delvin Williams?

            1. Linville Elliot, Billy Kilmer, Tommy Davis, Harry Babcock, Billy ‘the goose’ Wilson, Dave Wilcox

            2. Watching Paul Hofer run wild to make the team in the last preseason game cemented me as a 49er fan. He was the templet for the WCO Niner running backs.

            3. Bill Ring was one of my all time favorite 49ers. He was too small and too slow but the man played with heart and passion and was just a good ball player. IMHO, he was Vince Papale – only better. The story of his signing is even greater than the Papale story. It’s probably my all time favorite Bill Walsh story. Ring made the team by way of an open tryout where anybody could walk off the street and try out for the team. They don’t even do open tryouts any more so Ring’s career was only possible because of Bill Walsh’s amazing ability to evaluate talent. Bill McVay relayed the story of Ring’s signing.

              McVay remembered standing with Walsh on a fire escape overlooking an open tryout at the 49ers practice field in Redwood City.

              “There are probably 150 people there from all walks of life,” McVay said. “He looks down to the far end of the field and said, ‘You see that tow-headed down there? He can play. Sign him.’ It was Bill Ring, and he became a running back for us.”

              1. Ricky Patton, Bill Ring, Lenvil Elliot, Coops, Famous Amos, Walt Easley… Not a ton of talent there. Did Walsh know how to get more from less or what?

  7. I know some people have said Frank Gore’s milestone hasn’t been acknowledged as much as it should. NFL Total Access is running a small piece on Frank Gore. Its not much, but at least its something.

  8. Grant,
    For all the topics you’ve written on Frank Gore over the years (more negative than positive), would it have killed you to at least write a small acknowledgement of his recent milestone of reaching 10,000 yrds for his career?

    1. AES,

      it shocking that you would suggest that Grant mention FG’s milestone. What do you thing he is, a 49er shill? No way, not Grant, he’s an independent free thinker, who looks positively dashing in his tin foil hat.

      1. exgolfer,
        Ha! Good point.
        BTW, like the new avatar. Especially paying Gore some homage.
        Nice to see some fresh avatar images vs the ones provided by the blog.

    2. Careful, my friend! Houston got his post deleted for asking that question. We don’t want to see you sent to Detention.

    3. AES; In defense of Grant not mentioning his achievement it was expected and talked about for some time. A given so it was lost in the story of the unexpected results of the Niner/Cowboy game.

    4. I’m still livid about this Gore thing. IMHO, it’s disrespectful to the man to not acknowledge an amazing accomplishment. But then again, you take out his top 100 rushes and he only has 7k yards so I guess ignoring his accomplishment is ok.

  9. Pro Football Focus’ tracking says the 49ers used “11 personnel” (one running back, one tight end, three receivers) on 51.7 percent of their plays after using it just 21.6 percent in 2013. Exactly what I expected when the term “simplifying” was used to describe the new look offense….

    1. Do you think that is because they really like the WRs or because McDonald came into the game with a sore hammy?

      1. I think it is as I said during the off season. The transition has begun, from the two-tight end emphasis Harbaugh is known for. Johnson had 2 catches, both 3rd down conversions, to help the team increase their 37% efficiency rating from 2013, to 58%(7 of 12) in this game….

  10. A lot of you have selected or provided your own avatar. Some of us were assigned our avatar. Can someone point me to the “select your own avatar” link that I don’t seem able to see.

    Of course there is always the possibility that a secret pass word is involved.

    1. Gravatar – sign up and link an avatar of your choosing to the e-mail address you use for this site.

      Got my refresher training on Sunday thanks to a couple helpful people here :-)

        1. btw ..

          the gold high heels are very classy, 49erGirl …

          (much better than clod-hoppers would be)

        1. htwaits,
          My granddaughter helped me the first time with my avatar (Crabtree making a jumping catch), but now I’m able to go the Gravatar and do it myself.
          Once you sign in, you are asked if you want to download pictures or use from other sources. I had pictures of 49ers already loaded in my computer picture documents that I choose from.
          Good luck, be looking forward to your new avatar.

  11. Fangio obviously likes what he sees from Lynch, because I counted 20 snaps. It looks like he’s going to become a force…..

      1. Vic’s definitely trying to mount a pass rush. One of the bloggers mentioned he had Lynch on the left, Brooks on the right, and Lemonier in the middle.

            1. Brooks penalties, but he didn’t mention anyone by name. Just that he wasn’t happy with the pass rush, and Lemonier was MIA……….

      1. Oh come on MWN. I’m a young buck and even I knew that was Kojak. And I never watched the show to boot. ;-)

      1. Happy to help. If it doesn’t seem to work after you load it, give it some time. It’ll take a bit to find this blog. When it does, it will replace your current avatar on all previous posts as well as new ones, of course.

        1. Looks like it worked. Thanks again.

          I remember Joe Arenas because he made one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen. Frankie Albert was running around in his own end zone and finally got of a monster heave (for him) that was out short of mid field. By that time there was no one within 20 yards of Joe Arenas. Joe was standing still when the ball hit him in the chest, between the numbers, and bounced off.

            1. He did make it to the NFL. I was a senior in high school when he made my most memorable Joe Arenas play.

              Maybe he was a bit like our recently departed running back.


              Guadalupe Joseph Arenas (born December 12, 1925 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa), also known as “Lupe Joe” Arenas[1] and “Little Joe” Arenas,[2] is a former American football player. He was a halfback and defensive back for the San Francisco 49ers from the 1951 to 1957. He was best known as a kickoff and punt returner. His 4,572 career kick and punt return yards was the best in NFL history at the time of his retirement, and his career average of 27.3 yards per kick return remains ninth best in NFL history. Arenas was, along with Tom Fears and Eddie Saenz, among the first Mexican-American players to achieve significant success in the sport of American football.

              1. Someone whom I never hear mentioned is George Medieros who played at Chico State before the niners. went back to Chico State as the AD, and at one time had every mens athletic record at that school….that part I’m not too sure about, but WHAT AN ATHLETE!

  12. Re N N
    Ward tweets he has no concussion.
    Culliver likely going through the concussion protocol
    No word on Brock’s toe. Hoping its only a sprain and not turf toe.

        1. same here, MWNiner… This guy is getting it from all corners from the media lately. I hope and I believe he will sign an extension with the Niners and when that happens, I hope he gives them (media) the big-fat middle finger!

          1. Don’t get me wrong on this as I am as big of a Harbaugh fan as there is. He’s little mercurial but very bright. I really believe he is going to be in a very good negotiating position at seasons end. The Raider HC job and the Michigan HC job are probably going to be available. The man loves a challenge and that would be two places he would entertain for obvious reasons. I am very hopeful I am completely wrong on this but it keeps coming to mind. I would love to hear your opinions on this.

            1. I’m not sure if you’re asking me Niner Al but here’s my opinion about Harbaugh’s leaving/staying with the Niners. I truly believe he will stay with the 49ers because; First, Jed will pay the man what he wants! Jed is not stupid. He just got a new stadium and the last thing he wants to see is to lose attendance because the team stop winning. No fans want to pay high-price tickets when your team is losing. Second, and like you’ve said, Jim is a very competitive person and loves challenges (I don’t know him but that’s what everybody says) and if that’s true. There’s no way he will let Pete Carroll have more rings than him. I just don’t see him leaving the NFC West until he can prove to everybody that he is better than Pete.

              1. Ricardo I do not have an argument against what you are stating but if both openings are available it would not surprise me if he walks from the Niner money. Again, I may be wrong but I do not think money drives him. As for being competitive against Pete there are several avenues to get the ring(s) without it being with the Niners. As I stated I hope I’m wrong but he is a smart and savvy dude.

              2. I hear you Niner Al. I hope you’re wrong because we’ve seen it first hand when you don’t have a competent coach running the team. Those painful memories after Mariucci and before Harbaugh are the last thing I want to revisit. I was hoping him and Jed could have worked out an extension before the season begins but now we just have to enjoy this year and hope for the best next season.

    1. Turf toe is a sprain with three varying grades. The problem with even the first grade is it’s a 2 week recovery, but it can and does linger. With the position in question, the toe is extremely important, and this injury can be a career ender. I don’t expect to see him anytime soon…..

      1. I was hoping for “breakthrough in turf toe treatment technology. Full recovery now 48 hours or less.”

  13. Someone today told me with the new deal on substance abuse that Josh Gordon could be back to play this season. Has anyone else heard anything?

  14. By week 8 we’re going to see a complete package on Offense. Everyone is just getting started. This is the year I can start giving Colin proper props. He’s going to have a bad game every now and then, everyone does, but he just seems way more relaxed, and seeing the whole field. He stepped up and took a big lick and got a great pass to Boldin across the middle. That showed that he was keeping his eyes down field, He missed a bad swing pass to Miller but that should come in time.
    The Defense is a shadow of what it was. It won’t be a top 10 Defense, not until Fangio works in Dial and Carradine. Bethea is better in coverage but not as good a run enforcer as Whitner. AZ looks like a tougher game then Philly right now.

    1. What! No disparaging remarks about CK?
      C’mon Fan, are you ok (lol). Actually its refreshing to see you give Kaep some positive vibes.

      I agree with you that by the mid-way point of the season we should start seeing the complete package on offense.
      Good times ahead bud!

      1. I told you I wasn’t a hater! And all he did was beat the lowly Cowboys, who pretty much gifted the game to the Niners. It’s not like Colin had amazing stats either. It just felt he was playing an all around game. It’s like it slowed down and he was able to anticipate a few things. It’s a long season. I’m not going to get on him when he has a bad game. It’s just nice to see improvement.

        1. Hey Fan,

          I for one never thought you were a hater – I just thought you overstated the negative, especially when pushed by some here.

          What I liked about Kap’s performance in the Dallas game is that for the first time, I was able to watch the game and not see the skinny kid who rewrote the Nevada record books. Sure, that stuff is still there, and I think we will see that Kap still on occasion, but I think this game showed that he is transitioning to the NFL version of Kap quite nicely now.

          1. Hey JPN001,
            I think you said it best. It was the first time watching Colin play with some poise, and not rely on his athletic ability or instincts, but his training, his understanding of the position. You can see it in his eyes when he looks back at the sidelines for the play call. He reminds me a little of the way Aaron Rodgers looks, a sense of calm, like, “Oh I got this.”
            I think he’s going to have a pretty good year. And it he doesn’t, hey no excuses!

            1. Yeah, and a number of those passes were micro-accurate, meaning exactly right for the receiver to catch and run. Veronon’s TD was an easier catch than he made it look, but at least he had the sense to run free as a target for CK.

          2. JPN / Fan,
            I respectfully beg to differ with you both.
            I felt that in Kap’ very first start against the Bears a couple of seasons ago, was amazing. But that could be more attributed to the fact that the Bears were caught completely of guard.

            But then Kap had a great game against the Packers in the first game last season. But that could be attributed to _ _ _ ah, nevermind :>)

  15. Dial is a lot better against the run than the Tank. Both of them have more talent than the UFA’s, but right now it’s clear Vic values those who have eaten the fruit from the tree of assignment knowledge, over talent. Also, TJE and Dobbs add special teams value….

    1. I agree with everyone about Fangio’s valuation of players. No player (no matter how talented) should be free lancing, failing to hold point, using unsound technique or blowing assignments.

      But historically edge rushers can be an exception. In 2001 a raw Aldon Smith played on passing downs. Same with Lynch Sunday. So why not Tank?

      (If Lynch is more gap sound than 2nd year players Dial or Tank, he’s a savant.)

      If the pass rush is anemic vs the Bears, I’m all for activating Tank as a dedicated pass rusher in his college spot outside. Play him (only) in obvious passing situations. An edge rushing combination of Tank+Lynch might be more effective then Lemonier+Lynch… in obvious passing downs.

      Once Tank develops, Fang can move him back inside to his 3-down spot.

    1. Lynch has quick feet, power and takes superb angles. When he pairs with Aldon, it’ll be like I died and went to heaven….

      1. Baring bad injury luck, the 49ers could gel just at the right time. Home field advantage or not, this team could be squishing people post season.

        A silver lining to the current injuries and suspension… the backups will have way more experience. The Niner D will come at people in waves.

    2. Not really George. Lynch was classified as a kid with first round talent but with huge question marks about his character including whether he really cared about the game. I think having the Godfather to coach him up and also watching the vets like Cowboy and Willis do their thing has helped Lynch turn the corner.

      1. Totally agree. Despite that I am still amazed. As you know, the kid made a splash at Notre Dame, then disappeared for two years, and over that time lost weight. Now, just a few months after being drafted, he has the confidence of a very picky NFL defensive coordinator and accounted well for himself against a good NFL offensive line.

  16. Pick’em Results week #1:

    Pirate49er 10
    Ninermd 9
    MidWestDynasty 9
    CFC 7
    rocket 7
    Matt 7
    D Rogue 6
    dlptown 6

    Was a brutal wk 1, usually you see more 12-13 correct picks. The NE and Chi games got a lot of people.

    1. I missed the invitation, was that intentional bro? ;)……I would’ve spanked Rocket this year…he squeaked by me last year. Is it too late to join?

      1. No, Razor was the only one I put on the do not allow list(JK !!!). I didn’t decide until about a week before the first game to run one this year. I tried to post the invite as much as possible without spamming it, I’m sorry you missed it. You could still join if you wanted.

              1. I’ll get her in……My freaking login is JackHammered up for some reason?? ;) I will try in the morning again

        1. Coffee – You and Razor are legends in here…I hope you keep it clean. ;)…..Send the link if possible……I will attempt a rally…..Thanks bro

    2. And at last minute I changed the dam*! Atl game which I got laughed at for. :-0
      And the Miami game. Dang it!
      Staying with gut feeling for now on.

      1. I kicked myself for going with Stl, I thought with that defense Hill could game manage a win but that didn’t quite go as planned.

  17. So I re watched the game and I noticed a couple of things.
    1 Iupoti looks lost an not the same. Saw some plays where I don’t know where his head was and he was getting man handled.

    2 Ian Williams looked completely out of shape.

    3 brooks a combo of players 1 & 2

    4 and I hate saying this and hope he’s takin it easy, but I’ve been noticing the great P Willis losing a half step???
    He doesn’t look as quick as he did 2 years ago. I hope he’s just covering a nagging injury or something. But focusing on him he and other lb’s did horrible jobs at times filling the gaps in the run game. I’ve never seen Willis take angles like this before. Re watch the game if you have it and watch #52.

    5… The play ck hits Boldin in the first down the middle. He’s looking at Davis on the wheel, Davis falls, pressure is coming, he looks off and spots Boldin down the middle and without hesitation hits him 30 yards down field. EXCELLENT read and throw.

    6 like a friend of mine has been saying. You will not arm tackle this kid Hyde.

    7 when did we resign year 2 Akers?

    8 on a lighter note. If you’re watching the game again. When culliver runs back the fumble. There is an African American gentleman working the end zone security. Culliver throws the ball up and it lands near the gentleman and startles him enough to shake. Hilarious.

  18. You’ll see that by the 4th or 5 game Hyde will have gained a bit of a reputation and will be commanding 12-15 carries. The entire offense will benefit. Our play action has suffered a bit because Gore has not been a threat. Now with Hyde our play action will open the door to more shot plays.
    I expect Vernon to break his TD record because of this. V-Mac will also benefit from it.

    1. Hyde hits the hole hard. He has the strength and speed to take it all the way on the read option, so now defenses can’t just key on Colin. LMJ was supposed to be the read option player, but he could only take it wide and on the outside. Now if teams key on Colin, they could pay the price with Hyde going right up the gut.

    2. This is from Kevin Lynch from the SF Gate, and his 2nd Quarter observations:

      Second quarter notes from the 49ers’ 28-17 win over Dallas.

      -Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s best throw of the day may have been his 21-yarder to Stevie Johnson near the end of the second quarter. Despite getting hit on seven of the previous nine pass plays, Kaepernick stayed in the pocket in the face of a six-man blitz for three seconds. It allowed him to wait for Johnson to break open out of a bunch formation. Typically, Kaepernick wouldn’t wait and instead would have thrown to his more “known” receivers in either Anquan Boldin on a shorter, out-cutting route, or Michael Crabtree coming over the middle. Kaepernick showed patience, accuracy and trust all from the pocket. Impressive.

      -Knowledge of the offense is so much better for Kaepernick. One reason he might have not gone to second and third reads in this game is because he knew from pre-snap looks where he was going to go.

      -Out of three receivers, the 49ers put Dallas on their heels. On a 13-yard run by Carlos Hyde down to the 4, the Cowboy linebacker anticipated pass and didn’t know it was run until the hard-running Hyde dashed past them. The defensive end on the left was also frozen because of the read-option threat from Kaepernick.

      -On the next play, the 49ers did the same thing with read-option, which caused hesitation. Hyde took advantage by ramming into the end zone.

      -On their touchdown drive before the end of the half, the 49ers were in three-receiver sets six of the nine plays and ran out of three-receivers on three of the last five plays of the drive. On those three runs, they gained 23 rushing yards, including Hyde’s 4-yard touchdown run.

      -Third receiver Stevie Johnson is an excellent blocker. He stays with his block for a long time, which most receivers are unwilling to do. It might be the reason the 49ers felt so comfortable running out of three-receiver sets so regularly.

      1. Great stuff fan.

        I know he didnt have many attempts and we played a horrific D, but im really excited about what i saw from Kap. He looked comfortable. Its like everytime he dropped back i expected a big play. I haven’t felt that way since 2012. I hope it continues.

          1. All they keep talking about on the radio out here in Chicago is how this is time for payback for that Monday night game.

              1. Hammer, go to D’Amato’s for fresh baked Italian bread, pastries here 1124 W Grand Ave. RIGHT next door is an Italian Grocery/Deli, head straight to the back and have the best Italian Sub you’ve ever had….

              2. You’re welcome man, make sure you try the Canolli’s from D’Amatos. The chocolate ones with the pistachio’s sprinkled on top, the best!

              3. Detective Jack Hammer,
                I lived in Chicago and there’s no better place to watch Fall Football then up in Wrigleyville at the bars on each corner of the stadium. Stay away from Rush and Division. The Billy Goat is under the El-tracks, made famous by Saturday Night Live. Can’t beat the Summer in Chicago, especially when you suffer through the cold winter!

        1. Those last two plays from Kaepernick on the first offensive possession were magnificent. You can’t teach that kind of stuff.

          1. Yep, clear examples of improved attention to pocket awareness. For the first week at least, he’s stepping up in the pocket and keeping his eyes downfield instead of reacting to the rush.

            Good to see his development continue.

      2. And ck took a good shot to the chest on that throw also. Showed he’s more willing to stay in there a bit. Now it’s up to the o-line to give him that time. Great play by #7

      3. Nice to see the 49ers actually using those 3 receiver sets. Puts pressure on defenses and opens up the run.

        “Pressure” is key. Vernon threatens deep. Kaepernick scrambles threaten the line of scrimmage. Experienced receivers Crabtree, Boldin and Johnson are threats to find holes in secondaries. Hyde is a pass catching threat too.

        With the skill positions loaded, defenses have to play vanilla or suffer the consequences.

      4. I don’t have numbers to back up the observation, but it also looks like Kaep and the team are getting their plays off with time to spare.

      5. -Knowledge of the offense is so much better for Kaepernick. One reason he might have not gone to second and third reads in this game is because he knew from pre-snap looks where he was going to go.

        I liked everything till he wrote this above. What’s the one thing everyone is noting? Colin is moving to his 2nd and 3rd reads.

  19. Just saw this tweet (Jeff Deeney @PFF_Jeff):

    “Colin Kaepernick’s avg time to throw (throw a pass, get sacked, or scramble past LOS) vs. DAL was 2.45 seconds, compared to 3.08 last year.”

    That’s a big improvement. Was it an aberration or a sign of things to come? I think the latter, and may be a sign of how having more than just Boldin and Davis to cover can really help Kaep. Something to keep an eye on as the season moves forward

    1. I hope it’s the latter, Scooter :) And if he can show the same performance in a consistent basis, then it will validate the faith that the organization had shown to him when they gave him the big bucks this off season.

    2. If this continues through the season its a big hurdle. CK7 tightened up his loopy college throw considerably, but its was still one of the slowest releases in the NFL. Great to hear its still improving. I wonder how much had to do with the QB “intern” and his butterfly nets.

    3. Scooter,

      I partly take that as a sign the offensive line was not playing well in pass protection.

      1. this is kind of how I took it too Jack. I’m sure its a combination of the two. But he looked very good Sunday and I don’t think that was a fluke. I anticipate that there will be a lot more weight on his shoulder this year due to a much less dominant defense. There will be a lot less games where he will simply be a game manager, I hope he’s ready.

    4. In training camp, Kaep talked about the offense having been simplified. I think Roman mentioned it too. Of course, neither said how.

          1. That may be my favorite Johnny Cash quote. I also like:

            “Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money.”

            1. Claude
              I once was in a room before a concert with jazz sax legend Joe Henderson. Someone asked him whose music he liked to listen to when he wasn’t ‘working’ (practicing or jamming or performing), and he shocked the room by saying he listened to his extensive Johnny Cash collection.
              All these oh so serious jazz samarai wannabes were shocked into stunned silence, but I busted out laughing. Joe looked over at me and smiled and said “So, you get it?”

              1. We’ll see. It won’t happen unless the public’s unhappiness with Goodell’s mishandling of the Rice investigation somehow endangers the owners’ revenue stream. Sundays ratings suggest that Goodell is safe.

                I do find it ironic (and pleasantly so) that, after years of taking for granted lifelong, serious NFL fans in favor of attracting casual fans, Goodell’s tenure is now threatened by a possible backlash from those casual fans.

            1. My cousin owns a bar in the Bay Area where Cash played music frequently. He’s got tons of Cash paraphernalia.

  20. So Chicago comes in this week in really bad shape. They have two starting offensive linemen with high ankle sprains. Marshal got rolled and may not play, and Alshon tweaked a hammy. Is this a trap game?

    As a fan, would love to know what our plan is regarding the running back position in terms of an emergency 3rd back.

    Also an observation. The last two years we as fans brought up keeping Gore fresh for the end of season and playoffs. This year I believe it’s critical to keep Hyde healthy for the Seattle games and the playoffs. Being able to run on Seattle is the key element that we’ve been missing the last two years.

    One more observation. From a political standpoint it would have been prudent to get LaMichael James more snaps last week. You keep him happy, get him 5 carries, maybe a screen pass or a pass in the flat. At least keep him happy until Lattimore is ready to come back.
    I think that from LMJ’s perspective, he worked hard in training camp saw that there was a blowout game and he wasn’t given much of an opportunity. He finally blew a gasket. Hindsight really wish we would have kept Winston….

    1. Miller/Ellington are the emergency backs in my opinion. Kaepernick runs as well. Not keeping Winston was a mistake, but as long as Gore/Hyde stay healthy, Dr. Lattimore will be ready after the bye to help shoulder the load….

    2. Chicago will do whatever it can to avoid embarrassment again. Of course, it’s also the first season game ever at Levi’s, a motivator for them to try to embarrass us.

    3. If the home opener in a brand new stadium turns out to be a trap game, the 49ers are blind [insert animal name] that wandered into a [insert animal name] trap factory. I won’t cry for them.

      That 3rd RB spot is a mystery. Does it mean Lattimore is coming along nicely. The NFI is a great spot to stash a player and save a roster spot.

      The keeping Hyde healthy is a great observation. Conventional wisdom was saying Hyde’s reps were about keeping Gore fresh. Could be the other way around.

      LMJ. A classic example of sticking with a high draft pick too long.

      1. rocket: Sorry, I was just playing around, and now I want to see how long it will stay up. Fortunately, I found something that is consistent with my original avatar. By the way, nice choice for your avatar. It sums up the way I want to respond to many commenters.

        Jack: It won’t just be rocket. In the future, when a commenter goes on and on and on and on, repeating the same nonsense over and over and over again (I’m looking at you willtalk and kommon senze), I’m simply going to refer him to rocket’s avatar.

        1. Had to be done Claude. It was time to change things up and how can you not love Johnny Cash giving the one finger salute?

          My new catch phrase will be: “talk to the avatar.”

  21. From regarding the Dline of the Bears.

    7) Chicago Bears’ defensive line

    The moves they made: Veterans Jared Allen, Lamarr Houston and Willie Young were signed in the offseason, while Ego Ferguson and Will Sutton were added via the draft.

    Early verdict: Storm clouds gathering. In 2013, the Bears’ D-line struggled, posting just 31 sacks and contributing to a defense that gave up 160 rushing yards per game, and the overhauled unit did not step up the pace in Sunday’s overtime loss to the Bills. Buffalo quarterback EJ Manuel was not pressed much, taking just one sack, while Chicago yielded 193 rushing yards — including Fred Jackson’s 38-yard burst to clinch the Bills victory. Folks underestimate Buffalo, but you’d still hope to see a better performance from this Bears unit. Jeremiah Ratliff, who had five tackles, is probably the only lineman who played up to expectations. It’s a cause for concern when two players you’re counting on for a lot — Houston and Allen — combine for just two tackles. If I were the Bears, I’d be worried.

    What I need to see going forward: Houston’s a tough, try-hard guy, but he simply got blocked on Sunday; both he and Allen have to pick it up and be the defensive ends they were expected to be. Ferguson must improve against the run and make an impact on the stat sheet.

    Lets hope Davis and Boone come back since Dallas’s Dline isn’t great. Maybe someone can help Iupati out this week? Looks like a strong showing from the run game and if the Bears can’t mount pressure some success in the passing game too.

    1. Looked like the Bears were playing a Read 2-Gap defensive scheme against the Bills, which made them ripe to be doubled. This defense depends on their linebackers to make the play. Briggs looked like he is on the decline, and the others are not instinctual enough to allow their athleticism to take over. The 49ers Wham/Trap plays should take full advantage, and the Two-Headed Hydra will be striking all day…..

      1. Seek and Destroy by Metallica. My all-time favorite band. I pick the song “Seek and Destroy” to go along Razor’s theme of “two headed hydra”. Two headed hydra… will Seek and Destroy :)

    1. It would be cool if Winston became the next Foster. I would have liked him as a 49er but he wouldn’t have likely gotten the opportunity he is getting now.

  22. Now some members of Congress are weighing in on Ray Rice.

    Please pardon the following rant: These guys are total tools. The country’s bankrupt, the unemployment problem is enormous, the southern border is a sieve for terrorists, IS is cutting peoples’ heads off, etc., etc., etc. And these guys, with their livelihoods and futures basically secured, spend time on this. Oh, I guess they just got back from vacation and have been reading the papers . . .

  23. West had nice stats but is supposed to be lazy….. who knows. I took a flyer on Crowell, but Winston could certainly be a wild card there.

    Per 49ers, I would like to see more of Lynch. While a big Brooks fan over the past couple of years, I think we need to see more of what Lynch is capable of.

    Dallas radio was all over Jerry Jones for denial of not acknowledging that the stadium was 50% 49ers fans- and Chicago had that affect last year. And just fyi, something I didn’t appreciate, 49ers are #2 in best fan base traveling.

    1. Harbaugh when asked, highlighted The Lynch-Pin pulling up when he was in hot pursuit of Romo to avoid unnecessary roughness. That shows the maturity. I believe he received 21 snaps, when going into the game, I believe Vic planned on 15-17 snaps, so they liked what they were seeing. All arrows up…..

  24. Mr. Cohn

    How are you? would you please consider writing an analysis on the upcoming game by reviewing the Chicago Bears match up vs. 49ers! It would be nice to read about how we can exploite their weaknesses on the defense and on the offense. Thanks

    1. I’ll do it for him Chicago. Ready?

      Show up. This Bears team is terrible. Heck, Anthony Dixon busted off a 47 yard run on them, and still averaged about 5 yards per carry on his others. And this was against a bad QB with weapons not even close to what the 49ers bring.

      1. Thanks Jack, but seriously do you think the read option is the way to go against the Bears or the power game!

        1. Chicago,

          I think they need to air it out off play action. The Bears have been hearing all week about that Bills game and are going to load up on the run.

          Hit with the pass, knock them off balance and then pound it in there.

    1. I know this doesn’t always hold true but the longer this is stretch out the less likely anything will come out of it. He still has not been charge which to me is the strangest part of all this.

      1. Charges will be read to McDonald by the court at the initial hearing on Sept. 15. Since it was a warrantless arrest, the judge will also review whether probable cause for the arrest exited. If the judge determines there was probable cause, then he/she will advise McDonald of his rights and take his initial plea. The judge may also consider waiving, reducing or increasing bail.

        If the charges are felony charges (as most expect), then there will be a second arraignment at which the judge will determine whether sufficient evidence exists to go to trial. If he/she finds sufficient evidence, then McDoanld will have a chance to change or affirm his plea and trial will be set.

        If the charges are misdemeanor charges (the code under which he was booked may be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony) then the initial appearance is the arraignment and, presuming a plea of not guilty, McDonald will be bound over for trial.

        It is worth noting that after charges are read, the defendant can ask to participate in a diversion/alternative sentencing program. However, this is more likely at a later stage of the process.

        A nice explanation of the CA process can be found here:

  25. If the Niners only dress two tailbacks, who comes in if they both get hurt? Bruce Miller? Worst case scenario, but not impossible in this game. Seems like they would want to dress three TB’s.

    1. Coach Harbaugh reiterated what I’ve been saying. They have personnel on the team that can provide the services James provided. They will utilize this personnel through the next 5 weeks, then Dr. Lattimore will be provided with an opportunity to convince the 49ers that he’s ready to go. I expect him to do just that, and make his debut after the bye….

      1. I saw those comments, Razor. Spot on. I thought they would want to suit up a 3rd RB, but obviously not. Maybe they don’t see anyone still available who is better than Gaskins, and will play it by ear. Sure hope Lattimore will be able to play.

        1. It sure looks like that we will see Latimore soon. This group seems always have a plan and don’t act on emotion alone. By releasing James, one can assume that they feel good about the condition of Latimore.

  26. Lol good to see the hunter being the hunted. Always thought Godell was a crook. And now the ap is letting it all out that they sent the tape to the nfl and the nfl called back with a message confirming they got it. Ouch!
    But hey the nfl would never throw away integrity. Now this is my opinion on this breaking story, BUT he deserves his “due process”

    1. Ninermd:

      Someone is preparing to fall on her sword for Goodell at this very moment.

      “Yes, I received the video, but after watching it, I immediately destroyed it before anyone else could see it. Neither Roger Goodell nor any other NFL executive above my pay grade saw the video. I’d like to tell you that one of my assistants watched and destroyed the video before I could see it, but they’re all men, and the voice on the voice mail message is clearly a woman. Damn it.”

      1. Bingo Claude. Started thinking the same thing. But if enough heat rises, the owners will have to axe him.
        Cheers to the minions who will be taking the fall

  27. Aldon is smiling somewhere………..

    Per McDonald, Radnich (whom I don’t really care for) last night on tv indicated that he had inside information from 49ers brass whom basically endorsed the idea that the 49ers feel good no charges will materialize against McD and that is why he has been allowed to participate.

    There are a lot of seats for sell for the game on Sunday, if that remains the case, we need to hope that teams that travel well, like CHI and PHI, don’t take home field advantage away as the Cowboys did two years ago

    1. I could see the rationale unfolding within the 49er organization, but unfortunately the three blind hacks refused to…..

  28. Per Chris Biderman (@ChrisBiderman)

    “Chris Cook is working with the scout team today. So if Culliver and Brock can’t go Cox and Johnson would be the starters.”

    If Johnson is at a point in his development they’ll start him instead of Cook, I really don’t understand why they would keep Cook ahead of Darryl Morris. Why keep a 5th year vet CB that doesn’t play STs to be the #5 CB?

    1. Hate to say I told you so, but when Brock and Culliver are composed of the same materials as Percy Harvin, like a good neighbor, Cris Cook is there…..

      1. Still makes little sense to me to keep Cook over Morris if Cook is just going to be the emergency backup to the backups. I’m sure Morris could have covered that role well enough, and offer something on STs.

        1. They kept Cox over Morris, Fangio explaining that Cox is utility club in his defensive golf bag. Cook is insurance….

          1. Yes, I understand that. But if Cox is also going to start over Cook on the outside then they really don’t need Cook. Morris can also play outside or inside, and play STs.

            1. Cook is better than Morris outside. Cox is better than Morris in every facet, plus he is the backup to Ellington on punt returns….And plays Safety….I think they chose wisely Scooter, but I never would have thought Cook makes this team prior to training camp…..

        2. What really got me excited Scooter, was Vic said Cox could play Safety which might mean (giggling with glee) a knock, knock at the door of Dahl…..

          1. Funny……… I was at the game and didn’t see the replay of where the foul was and was struggling to come up with who was 43 and what dumbass would hold on 3 and 21 unless there was a total collapse over the top……. and then it came to me! Ugh. Would love to see Dahl go.

            As demonstrated on why they keep Culliver at corner vs converting back to safety, corners are more valuable. Hence, why I assume they kept Cook- plus if they need him to play press against certain guys. If anything, I would have loved to see Dahl go and kept Morris, or Spillman.

        1. I’m suggesting that the 49ers value Cook’s size, which may explain why they kept him over Morris.

          Did you really not get that from my earlier comment?

          1. Yeah. but if he’s the 5th CB, how many snaps is he really likely to see? And Johnson and Cox both have some size. What is more valuable – a 5th CB with size or a 5th CB with versatility that can also play STs? Especially when the versatile guy is younger, and cheaper.

          2. Btw, the brevity of my previous post was because I was on a phone call. I was simply trying to convey that having size probably isn’t that big an advantage for the 5th CB.

            1. Scooter:

              Gotcha. Careful with that multi-tasking. It’s dangerous. Look at what it cost Goodell.

  29. Thank you gentleman, but he did it at South Carolina, and I saw no reason to think he couldn’t do it for the 49ers as well…..

  30. I’m not all that much for DigMe Beach (Kaanapali), but I always like to have one lunch at The Hula Grill. Did that today, and as usual the musician on hand was great. Anyway, as we left The Duchess wanted to poke into the Tommy Bahamas store. While she was looking around I was talking with the two guys who worked there who are Cowboys fans, and shockingly, real nice guys. They’re besides themselves mad at JJ and Romo, and more than a little depressed. I totally plagiarized
    someone on here when I said I voted Romo Niners Defensive Player of the game. Both these guys walked over to fist-bump me. They were also disappointed that JJ hadn’t pulled the trigger on Manziel.

    1. “plagiarized someone on here when I said I voted Romo Niners Defensive Player of the game.”

      That was me (braggity-brag). Romo’s awful play made it difficult to tell where the 49ers are at this point. We will have a better idea Sunday. AZ game in 2 weeks will be the true barometer.

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