Chip Kelly on if he expects to be working in Santa Clara next year: “Do you?”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Week-12 Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Do you have anything confirmed as far as S Eric Reid’s–?

“I have not talked to [vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg yet. We have a meeting every day at 1:30 on Monday. So, that’s when I get all the information updates on everybody.”


Were they initially looking at him for a torn bicep? Was that the–?

“I haven’t talked to Ferg and I’ll meet with him at 1:30. I’m not being evasive. I just haven’t had any conversations about it. Once I get the information, we’ll get it to you.”


If he’s lost, is S Jaquiski Tartt ready to go in and line up next to S Antoine Bethea? Would that be the backup plan?

“Yeah, right now. Again, we’ll discuss what it is when we get to 1:30, but we haven’t had any talks about anything. Right now we just finished up the last game and then moving on to Miami in terms of film analysis and breakdowns.”


When you look at the skid you guys are in, what’s been the most disappointing part specifically about what you guys haven’t been able to do, other than win games?

“Probably the most disappointing part is there’s not one thing. So, it’s not, ‘You can point at this and you can correct that and then we’ll move it.’ It flows depending on the game you’re playing and who you’re playing with. As I talked to our guys yesterday after the game, it was about finishing. You’re a step away from getting [New England Patriots QB Tom] Brady and he did such a good job of keeping himself alive in the pocket. The touchdown he threw to [New England Patriots WR Danny] Amendola, the touchdown he threw off the scramble at the end were plays where we’re half a second away or even closer than that of getting him down and finishing the play and I think that’s what you have to do against a good quarterback and we didn’t do it.”


Why at the end of the game did you call three timeouts under two minutes?

“Because it’s a two-score game. So, if you can get the ball back and you get a chance to score, we would have gotten the ball back with, I think, a minute-thirty. Then, you’ve got a chance to score and get an onside kick. Just trying to keep ourselves involved in the game.”


Even if they’re inside the 20-yard line, could kick a field goal in that instance, that makes it 16 points?

“They could. I think they missed 12 extra points yesterday in the National Football League. It was a rainy day. So, we’re not going to quit.”


You may have heard your comments about how you’re not built to be an every down passing team perceived by some as a–?

“Yeah. I’m not really concerned with perception. So, it’s just a basic, we’re not a team that’s going to throw the ball 60 times a game. That’s just not how we’re built. So, we’re built to run the ball, play-action pass off of the run game and that’s what I meant. However people perceive that is entirely up to them.”


Is that a commentary on your wide receivers? You don’t have a whole lot of established wide receivers.

“It’s just overall, the way our team is built. We’re built to run the football. [RB] Carlos [Hyde] is the main focus of what we’re doing offensively. We have a running quarterback that complements him and then our play-action pass complements that and when we’re running the ball successfully and play-action pass off of that, we’re very good as an offensive football team. But, to think we’re going to go into a game and throw the ball 60 times and win, then that’s not a game plan for success for us.”


Do you want to–?

“Throw the ball 60 times a game? No.”


That wasn’t what I was going to ask. But, do you want to, at some point teams are down by multiple scores in the fourth quarter and you have to have that capability. Would you like to be a team that can, if needed, throw the ball?

“Well, then that means you have everything. Yeah, I would love to be a team that could throw the ball 60 times a game and I would love to be a team that could run the ball 60 times a game. So, yes.”


You’re obviously 1-9, everyone’s job security comes into question. At your introductory press conference, 49ers Chief Executive Officer Jed York said you are going to be the head coach for a long time. Have you gotten assurances from Jed that you are going to be here next year?

“No. We haven’t had any conversations about that at all and about anybody’s job security.”


Do you fully expect to be here next year?

“Do you?”


Do I expect to be in my job next year?



I hope so. I’ve got a performance review coming up in December.

“Well, that’ makes two of us.”


Yours might be January.

“We’re all in the same boat.”


How has WR DeAndre Smelter looked since he’s been back with the team and is he somebody that can come up and be active in these last six weeks?

“He’s been OK, but he hasn’t played better than the guys that are on the active roster right now. So, that has not been a discussion about bringing him up.”


The one play where QB Colin Kaepernick kind of ran, got flushed out of the pocket and threw back towards WR Chris Harper, that was kind of like one of those certain players where, in that play, where you’re like–?

“No, just because of where it was in the game. I think it was third-and-10. We’re obviously behind. We’ve got to make a play. So, I understood what his thought process was there. You hope that he just didn’t throw it away, see if we can make a play and scramble. Usually when we scramble, our scramble mechanics are to work back towards the quarterback. Harp worked away from the quarterback but we were fortunate to make a play. Chris made a heck-of-a catch and really Kap threw it the only place where he could throw it. But, at that point in time, I think it’s you’re trying to do anything to make a play. So, that’s really what happened there.”


After the game, Carlos said he got back to being attacking the line of scrimmage. For your running backs, is there a balance that they have to find between kind of attacking and that patience that you guys always talk about and where is he in that?

“Well, I think you need to find the holes. That’s the most important thing. And I don’t know, sometimes that is attacking and sometimes that is patience. It’s a combination of the two. So, the biggest thing for the running back is having the vision to understand where the hole’s going to be and when the hole breaks that you have the opportunity to get yourself through it. So, sometimes it’s going to be a quick-hitting play and you’ve got to hit it quickly and other times you’ve got to let the blocks develop. So, it really just depends on the play call in terms of where you are for that.”


How is he doing with that?

“I thought he was OK yesterday.”


Kap only had, I think, four runs yesterday. Were there opportunities where he could have taken off more or–?

“No, I don’t think so. They sat their defensive ends and really wanted the ball handed off and then rallied to that. So, in terms of some of the things we did in the run game where we were reading people, they were making sure that the ball was handed off. I think that was part of their design defensively.”


You alluded to this yesterday. Everyone could see it. Tom Brady’s short area ability to escape the rush. And everybody feels like Colin is a very elusive guy back there, but is that something that he needs to work on, just being able to move just a step or two to buy time?

“I think it’s something that comes with time. You look at Tom over the course of his career has really perfected that trait. But, one of the nuances of playing the quarterback position is the ability to move in the pocket, not to run, not to take off and get out of there but to be able to avoid bodies and find yourself proper throwing lanes to get yourself set to throw the football and that’s one of the things where, as I said yesterday and I think a lot people would say that Tom is as good as anybody at that at the quarterback position in terms of doing that and just keeping plays alive. He’s not going to keep plays alive where he’s going to take off and run for 20 yards. He’s going to keep plays alive in the pocket.”


Is that something that Colin can improve at?

“I think it’s something that almost everybody in the NFL can improve at.”


How much different are defenses defending you guys in the second half of games, generally?

“I think it’s the same as the first half. It’s just sometimes we have to throw a little bit more. So, obviously there’s not that balance of run-pass where they have to defend both. But, I think because we’re down, when you’re down two, three scores and everybody knows there’s not a lot of time left in the fourth quarter, then you’re going to throw the ball more than you’re going to run the ball. So, I think that just gives the defense, I mean, any smart defense knows that you’re up three scores and there’s eight minutes to go in the game, they’re probably going to throw it here. But, their game plan hasn’t changed in terms of how they’re defending us.”


Is the onus on the coaching staff to make more adjustments in the second half or is it just we need to play better in the first half? What’s the solution in your mind? How do you guys need to fix what’s going on?

“Well, we have to execute in the second half. Obviously, it was a 13-10 ball game going into the fourth quarter. They scored on the first drive of the fourth quarter. So, as I said yesterday, the third quarter was kind of a wash with the weather. But, then when we get behind, we have to execute and we’ve got to make plays.”


ME: The team has scored 16 points in the third quarter this season. Has the problem just been execution or falling behind and not having balance or–?

“I think probably both and I think part of that is when you fall behind and you don’t have balance, when people know that you’re going to just do one thing, you’re an easier team to defend from that standpoint (EDITOR’S NOTE: The 49ers’ average halftime deficit has been just 4.5 points, and the offense has run the ball four more times than it has passed during third quarters this season). So, if I’m a defensive end and all I have to do is pin my ears back and rush the quarterback, I don’t have to worry about the run, I don’t have to respect the run, I’m not concerned with that, it makes it a little bit more difficult to go against that.”


How often do you meet with the position group leaders and just to kind of get the pulse of the locker room?

“I probably talk to all of them daily. In terms of set group meetings, it depends on if we have an issue or something that we have to talk about. Schedule, travel, things like that.”


I’m curious if you ran by the next two weeks’ schedule–?

“Yeah, they know that. We’ve done that.”


What kind of feedback did you get from them?

“They were excited about it. They didn’t really want to travel back then travel again. So, that was a big part of it. They had a big say in the matter of what we were going to do and the guys that had done it before talked about it. Guys like [T] Joe [Staley] that had done it before said he actually liked it from a travel standpoint and what that does to you. So, they felt comfortable in doing it. So, that was a big input in terms of the decision, but I ran that by all those guys.”


After having a better run defense game last week, again you were challenged this week with 171 yards on the ground. Can you assess the run defense?

“Just who you were going against, I thought we were OK. We gave up too many big plays though. I think we had the one 40-yard run. We had a blitz called, but we weren’t gapped out. But, that was the big play. That big run play right there was a real big one that I think we have to take advantage of. Then, there were a couple of reverses that hit, a speed sweep that hit. So, a little bit more diverse run game than some of the other teams we’ve faced.”


You head into Miami facing another really strong running back. What do you have prepared for him?

“Same thing. I think [Miami Dolphins head coach] Adam [Gase] does a really good job with what they do offensively. We have to tackle better. We didn’t tackle as well in this game as we did in the game before. We had too many missed tackles, especially when the ball got spilled to the perimeter. We didn’t tackle as well as we did in the last game. And again, we talked about that as when you have a big back or even some of the backs on some of the swing routes coming out of the backfield where we could have had them off the field on third down, we’ve got to do a better job of tackling those guys.”


Were you one of the people that came up to K Phil Dawson on the sideline between his field goal and going back to the kickoff? Seemed like he got a nice greeting from your sideline.

“Yeah. I think our players and everybody recognized that. It’s a pretty cool feat, the fact that he could kick 400 field goals in his career. It says a lot about Phil as a player and to be the most accurate doing it, I think, is another part of it. To have 472 attempts to get to 400 field goals, I think it’s over 84-percent. So, I think everybody on the team understands how special a moment that was for Phil and understands what it means in the course of the history of this game.”


Do you like having the extra point pushed back that far?

“I don’t care. We don’t have a say in the rules. So, just tell me where it is and we’ll play it.”


How about if they gave you a two-point conversion attempt from the one instead? Do you think that would encourage–?

“I’m not a hypothetical guy. So, if that’s what they give us, we’ll adjust to the rules. If they don’t give it to us, then we’ll play with how the rules are. I have a lot of other things to worry about than do I like the rule or do I not like the rule.”

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  1. I bet what Chip really wanted to say was yeah I’m hoping they fire me that way I could go to a better team in Oregon.

    1. I don’t think he needs to be fired to do that. Based on his sense of urgency 2 things are gonna happen.
      1. He has already told Oregon to work out some compensation to leave SF
      2. He knows Baalke is gone and Gamble and him have been given an open check book to go buy some groceries.

  2. Grant

    Just what is this about ? You have been sniping away at ‘Chip’ ever since his first presser when he corrected you on ‘his’ system….sometimes heavy sometimes light, but sniping all the same. In that this was my first experience with blogging, perhaps it’s me who doesn’t “get it”. Silly me, I understood that this is where we exchanged ideas and opinions as to our SF 49ers….when ownership, FO, management, coaching, or personnel moves happen. It’s becoming more and more like a poop-throwing contest, and I’m noticing some valued voices disappearing, and being replaced by caustic and acidic commentary from non-experts….I include myself occasionally. Jim Harbaugh mumbled incoherently, and we bitched…now ‘Chip’ speaks in full sentences and explanations…and if anything, the bitching gets louder. Is it just me…..?

          1. Not necessarily. He is still coaching a talentless offense (not his fault) without an actual quarterback. What if he -should he stick around- rights the ship and is the HC of a successful team for years to come? Will you still be “right” then? All I am saying is you are judging him too harshly and far too quick. These things take time. Bill Belichick had five losing seasons in his first six years as a HC before injuries forced Brady into the lineup and history was rewritten. One losing season with an empty roster does not a bad HC make.

      1. “…the way a journalist is supposed to treat a 1-9 coach.”
        Yeah, but look up Bill Walsh’s first year record. Then look up what your Dad, Miller and Dickey were writing about him then. Dickey was still ragging on him and called for his firing early in the season he won his first ring.
        In hindsight that looks like group think pack mentality that was wrong. Just for a little context.
        While you’re at it, look at the pics and videos during that first year. Walsh aged rapidly right before our eyes the way Presidents seem to once in office. So Chip’s cantankerousness can be seen (not necessarily excused) in that context. Contrast that with Erikson’s passive defeatism during his tenure; at least Chip’s got some fight in him.
        I’m not a Kelly fan. I didn’t want him here, I’m suspicious of his system in the Pros, but the point someone made previously about not changing coaches every year has merit for stability of the org and the players, and for recruitment into the future.
        It’s easy to stand back and throw rocks, and the Press loves to do it in Sports, politics and ‘entertainment’. I guess folks like that, since TMZ still exists.

        1. Walsh’s offense ranked 6th in the NFL when he went 2-14.

          Kelly’s offense currently ranks 29th.

          No comparison.

          1. Correct, and his D was worse. But a lot of that offensive production came in garbage time when teams protecting leads gave up the underneath stuff. Walsh admitted that at the time but shrugged it off since his peeps were getting the many reps they’d need. Many subscribed to the view at the time that BW had a gimmick offense that needn’t be taken seriously.
            Conventional wisdom. Fans too. Winning came with defense, and then all of a sudden the offensive system looked better.
            Harbaugh’s talked about bringing back the WCO. What we saw from him and Roman wasn’t that at all, not as we knew it, but since they were winning (with defense), complaints and criticism were muted early in his tenure, despite his erratic Pressers. When things weren’t going quite as well later, the daggers came out of the togas.
            So, while I personally didn’t care for the snark you employed, I saw it as a predictable sign of the times. I remember who your mentors are. But to suppose that it’s what should be done I thought was worth the challenge.
            We can all see the mess on the field; notice how you get very little push back on your grades?
            Final thought. Walsh was a brilliant manipulator. Coaches are supposed to manipulate players, and , when needed, their assistants too. What BW did was manipulate the Bay Area press also. By not getting too prickly under pressure at the podium when things sucked, and by magnimoniously not calling scribes out as things turned around, he stroked some egos and got the writers in close, by his side if not on his side, and handy to be influenced. It worked; Lowell one case in point.
            “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.” – from The Godfather.
            (Sorry. Long way off immediate topics…..but what? More on college QBs and coaching changes that aren’t going to happen? Pfft)

        2. Except this isn’t Chip’s 1st year. He had years in Philly and was fired…REMEMBER?

          So, far be it from me to explain to dunces like you the intricacies of football video, however, I’ll say it since you won’t. The NFL has caught up to Chipwagon.

          1. tumd

            Yeah…I remember two 10-6 seasons at Philly out of the three that he had there…incidentally, why don’t you go back there ….?

    1. The bay area media was always complaining about Harbaugh’s pressers because he wouldn’t give them nothing and started to bash him at the end but oh yeah as soon as he got fired or parted ways they all of the sudden loved him lol

  3. Just what is this about ? Adjustments. Successful NFL coaches make them. Those that can’t get Chipped back to college….

    1. Razor

      Helluvan’ answer….like put the Oline into the backfield…and vice versa …? Just keep watching the waiver wire….

        1. Razor .. nice .. but ..

          Speakin’ as an ex-canoe-clubber …
          ya moor to a pier… or another ship ..and
          you drop the anchor … to anchor …

          (just sayin’)

  4. What coach in the history of the NFL can make adjustments without a QB, Wrs(not one starting caliber), crappy line, no defense… I will exclude, Staley, Hyde, McDonald(the latter two with questions). He has a 1-15 roster… JH would not win 4-5 games this year.

    1. Coaches want money and power. That’s it. No football coach would turn down $10 million a year and full control over personnel.

      1. Yep. Not to mention a huge salary cap and likely early draft picks. The only caveat, in my mind, is that Baalke must be gone. I don’t see any HC of note wanting to come to this team if Baalke is still the GM.

        Still, as the article notes, it might not be as easy as it otherwise could be.

          1. Aahh, but will he? That takes some warm-and-fuzzies out of jeds Universe-the proverbial “yes-man”.

            I’m thinking he stays.

            1. Its not as if the 49ers werent trying to lose during that decade? They fired and hired HCs, they drafted well (as we saw come together in 2011), they signed a lot of the top free agents at the time (Jonas Jennings, Clements, Justin Smith).

              I don’t think Jed and Co want to lose, don’t care about not winning, its just that they thought, as bad as it came to be, that the team would be better off with a different coach than Harbs, that the players and the system were in place to be successful regardless and that a coach with a different personality than Harbs might be beneficial. Again, this was bad thinking but its not like they said “lets just fire him and be perennial losers, who cares!”

        1. Money doesn’t seem to be the issue with Jed. Heck, he’s been paying for 2 head coaches this year, Tomsula & Chip. There is something else going on with him. I am really starting to think he’s got a personality disorder of some sort. He seems disconnected from reality.

          If either Trent Baalke or Chip Kelly are still employed by the 49ers after this season, I am formally boycotting my beloved team.

          And if I am willing to walk away from the 49ers, even temporarily, it’s a momentous occasion. I have been a diehard fan since 1981 and have never even considered turning my back on this team, since I became a fan.

          Never once …….. until now!

    2. My name is not Kyle Madsen but I could have written this article. I’ve been making the exact same argument on why it is probably not a good idea to fire Kelly after one year. These are peoples lively hoods we are talking about, and the Coaching fraternity does not look fondly on organizations that fire HC’s repeatedly. There are many reasons this is not an attractive job, but firing 3 HC’s in 3 years makes it toxic to the best candidates.

  5. Some coaches are made for college, others for pros. Some coaches are only supposed to be position coaches, some make great coordinators (Norv Turner) but horrible head coaches (Norv Turner).

    Maybe Chip is just a very good college coach who isn’t a good pro coach. Doesn’t mean he’s not a good coach, just his game, his style, his scheme is best of college, which is a different game than the pro’s. Does anyone say Saben is less of a coach because he had a bad run with Miami? Nope. They question his character a little but no one would ever say Nick isn’t one of the top 5 football coaches in the world today, just that he’s a college coach.

    Pros you have free agency, trades, a general manager, salary cap, etc. College you have guys for 3 years if you’re lucky (rare a guy is a 4 year starter). You are constantly recruiting. You can’t pull guys off the street, off the waiver wire, sign guys in the off season (no freshman is going to impact a team the way a 5 year f/a pro will), no trades. Chip would look no worse the coach if he were to go back to college, be it Oregon or Texas or wherever. And he probably should. His offense is too simplistic to run at this level and requires too many specific pieces that it’ll take 3 years for it to work in SF.

    1. I would add that the salary difference between top college head coaches and NFL head coaches is practically nil. Further, imo, there is no difference in prestige between a top college HC and an NFL HC.

    1. Criticism or not, you are likely going to get that second year UC. The ideas and suggestions on this subject are nice day dreams, but unrealistic. The Yorks are not going to fire a 3rd HC in 3 years and swallow millions of dollars in salaries. We’ve talked about this many times, but that is really a non starter. The fact they would not be able to attract a decent candidate is secondary.

        1. The team is worth $3 billion.

          Won’t be for long at this rate. Time to invest in Nick Saban. He’s the only guy I can think of, that not only could handle both jobs, but would actually be worth the price tag….

          1. I can’t see Saban leaving College Football at age 65 and moving across the country to take over a bottom feeder that is at least 2-3 years away from competing for anything. Even if he did, he does not have a history as a successful pro HC. They’d be giving complete autonomy and huge compensation to a guy who left Miami with his tail between his legs. I don’t see it. Saban is a good example of how being a great College Coach doesn’t always transfer to the pros.

            1. He left Miami because he didn’t have personnel control. He wanted to coach the Giants this year. He’s ready to come back to the NFL.

              1. No he left because he didn’t like it and was given a great offer by Alabama. The Giants rumor wasn’t substantiated, but if true, it’s a team built to win fairly quickly which the Niners are not. He’s an old man Grant. I doubt starting at the bottom is of interest to him at this stage of his life and as I said, he’s far from a slam dunk hire at the pro level. There’s a big difference between Coaching boys and men, and you don’t get all the best players at this level either.

              2. Saban said he left because he didn’t have the control over personnel he needed. That’s documented. The Giants rumor holds water.

              3. Saban said he left because he didn’t have the control over personnel he needed. That’s documented. The Giants rumor holds water.

                I don’t recall him saying that, and it would have been strange considering he had final say on personnel at Miami.

                I don’t know if the Giants rumor is true, but I do know he was interviewed right before the season and showed no interest in returning to the NFL:


              4. Brees wasn’t signed because of a failed physical Grant. That has nothing to do with Saban having final say. He did have final say but deferred to the doctors as anyone would in that position.

              5. The franchise overruled Saban’s judgement. New Orleans didn’t do that with Sean Payton the same year.

              6. No they didn’t. He could have signed Brees anyway if he wanted but chose not to. He went along with the Doctors opinion.

              7. He had no choice but to go along with the doctors’ opinion. He had zero control of that situation, which is why he left.

                “He didn’t pass the physical with our organization so we had to go in a different direction. And there was really nothing any of us could do about that.”

              8. Grant he didn’t leave because of that. If your team Doctors fail the player you don’t sign him. Every team operates that way. The Saints didn’t fail his physical which is why they signed him.

                You said Saban left because he didn’t have personnel control and that is incorrect. He had full control over everything on the football side of the organization.

              9. Bingo Grant. If Saban had signed Brees he would still be in Miami.
                The Dolphins were foolish to not pass him!

              10. Grant you are flat out wrong on this. Saban was hired and given complete control of Football operations by Wayne Huizenga. He had final say on everything. You either don’t understand or are deliberately misconstruing the comment you are referencing. He is not saying he was told he couldn’t sign Brees. He is saying he didn’t because Brees failed the physical. You don’t sign a player to a massive deal if your doctors tell you his shoulder is done.

                The reason he left was twofold. He was given a great offer with security from Alabama, and he didn’t like coaching in the NFL. From your own linked article:

                And Saban also confirmed that he and Huizenga had an understanding that if Saban, who had spent his previous 11 years as a college head coach, didn’t like coaching in the NFL, he could walk away from the opportunity – no harm, no foul. Saban said he and Huizenga remain friends today.

                “He was very understanding of our situation and my whole family situation,” Saban said. “I think in that, it was kind of mutually understood that, ‘Look, if this is not for you, I would understand it.’”

              11. It wasn’t for him because he couldn’t pick the QB he wanted. He made that clear. He said he “had to go in another direction” and there was “nothing he could do,” because he simply could not overrule the doctors as you said he could have.

              12. Grant, you were wrong in your statement and are putting your own spin on this Brees reference. There is not an executive in this league or any other that will ignore their Dr’s findings. He didn’t sign Brees because he thought Brees was done. Simple as that. The reason he left was spelled out in that quote I copied. He had more power in Miami than anybody this side of Belichick. He simply didn’t like Coaching in the NFL.

              13. You are too smart not to understand the meaning of what he’s saying Grant. You have trouble walking away and admitting when you are wrong, as do I and every other human on the planet. He didn’t get told he wasn’t allowed to sign Brees by the team Doctors. He listened to them. There is a big difference.

              14. He said he wanted to sign Drew Brees and the Dolphins didn’t allow him to. I’ll post the link again.

                Nick Saban: I might still be in Miami if they let me sign Drew Brees


                That means the franchise didn’t let him sign the QB he wanted. Saban said it. He didn’t have total control. If he did have total control, he might still be in Miami, just as he said.

              15. Grant,

                I really can’t believe you are carrying this on this long. I know you understand this but for the sake of the discussion I will try to explain it so it’s clear to everyone.

                He is saying they wouldn’t let him sign Brees in the same way a Husband says his Wife won’t let him do something. In other words they suggest something and he agrees with it. If he had truly wanted Brees he would have signed him. The truth is he realizes he made a mistake in not doing that and is thinking nostalgically about what might have been had he signed him.

                Again, he had complete control of football operations. There is no debate here. He could sign whoever he wanted. He answered to no one. He had full autonomy. Team Doctors can not tell the football operations head who he can or can’t sign. They simply give him their recommendation based on the findings of their examination and he uses that information to form a decision. That happens the same way with every team in every sports league.

                He clearly states why he left in that passage I copied from the article you linked. I’m done with this.

              16. That’s a funny interpretation. Saban had no choice but to go along with the franchise’s decision because the franchise had final say and the franchise nixed the deal. The Pro Football Talk article says that explicitly. The franchise nixed the deal Saban had in place, so he left the franchise 6 months later. No interpretation necessary. It’s all documented, as I said.

              17. Maybe the NFL wasn’t for Saban while he was in Miami because he didn’t have final say.

                If the organization failed the Brees physical but the Saints didn’t fail him then it seems fairly obvious that he wasn’t given complete control.

                In this case I go with the guy who has NFL connections.

                Grant wins by decision

              18. Well I said I was done, but with this latest response and Hammer trying to pile on I figured it’s time to end this debate


                Just in case you missed it here’s some key info from the article:

                Brees had significant interest on the table from the Saints. But he wanted to find out if Saban had the same faith in him that (Sean) Payton and Mickey Loomis had in New Orleans. So Brees picked up the phone and called Saban, who told him the Miami team doctors believed Brees had a 25 percent chance to come back and be the same quarterback, or better, that he’d been before the shoulder surgery.

                According to the book, Brees said to Saban: “Coach, I know what your doctors believe about me. My question is, what do you believe?”
                Wrote Brees: “Nick Saban paused. That was really all I needed to hear. His pause told me everything. ‘Well, Drew,’ he said, ‘I would still love to have you, but I have to trust what our medical people are saying …’ He went on from there, like he was reading from a script. But I was starting to tune out. By then I had all the information I needed. I had made my decision.”

                Brees told Saban thanks, and he’d be going to New Orleans, even though telling Saban that might kill his negotiating position with the

                As Brees told me, “The impression I get from the Dolphins was I should feel lucky they were even looking at me. It just wasn’t a welcoming feeling.”

                So to summarize: Brees knew what the Miami Dr’s thought, but also knew it was Saban’s decision which is why he called him directly. Saban made the decision based on what he was told by the Dr’s, but it was his decision. End of story.

                I guess this is where I drop the mic.

              19. This is so hilarious.

                Saban: The teams doctors wouldn’t let me sign Drew Brees. It was out of my control.

                Rocket: No, Nick. You let the team doctors not let you sign Drew Brees. You were in total control of everything. Husbands and wives, yada yada yada…

                Too funny.

              20. I have to side with Rocket on this.
                According to the Washington Post, ESPN, and SecCountry articles I dug up, Saban was given full control of football operations.
                Additionally, Saban repeatedly lied about taking the Alabama job before leaving to take it… so his credibility is not exactly the greatest.

                Also, according to this statement, it would appear Saban was not overruled by anyone other than the team doctors… This would imply as Rocket, ESPN, the Washington Post, and SECCountry stated… that he had Control over football opperations…

                Well, we chose Drew Brees,” Saban said. “I’ve never ever talked about this publicly, and I think a lot of players know this – there was a lot of loyalty in the organization, and players didn’t talk about it. But we think Drew Brees was an outstanding player. That’s the guy we made the first offer to, and quite frankly he didn’t pass the physical with our organization so we had to go in a different direction. And there was really nothing any of us could do about that.”

                Of course no human wants to admit to making a mistake, so as most would, he paints it in the best way possible for himself.

              21. Not my fault if you don’t understand context Grant. I’ve tried to explain it to you along with the fact he he had final say on all football decisions. No football executive is going to ignore the team Dr and sign a player anyway. That’s why you have them. Saban is simply lamenting the fact the Dr’s failed Brees and he went along with it. It’s not that hard to figure out, unless of course you don’t want to because you are trying to cover an incorrect statement you made.


              22. No context necessary. Saban laid it all out explicitly and you don’t want to hear it. The doctors overruled him. Therefore Saban did not have full control. Simple logic.

              23. Shoup,

                Saban has changed his version of the story a few times now. It comes down to what you said about him not wanting to admit a mistake. He’s blaming the medical staff and talking about how he might still be in Miami, but it was ultimately his decision and he passed.

              24. Now Rocket is calling Saban a liar.

                As the Souls of Mischief once said, “That’s when ya lost.”

              25. So let’s see, I’ve provided articles that stated:

                Saban was in charge of football operations
                Saban had final say
                Saban telling Brees that he was listening to the Docs
                Saban admitting he screwed up in not signing Brees
                Saban detailing he left the NFL because he didn’t like it

                Grant has provided an article that says: Saban said the Doctors wouldn’t let him sign Brees.

                You’d be better off just putting your fingers in your ears and humming Grant.

                As is often the case in debates with you, we have completely gotten away from the fact this started with you stating Saban didn’t have personnel control which is flat out wrong. It’s now deviated into you focusing on semantics instead of admitting the obvious. You also said he left because of that and I’ve provided articles quoting him and detailing why he left that has nothing to do with it. The fact he continued on for another season after not signing Brees verifies that. If he was truly told by somebody he was not allowed to sign who he wanted he would have resigned immediately as he was given complete control in his contract.

                There is nothing that backs up your side of the argument Grant so of course you will go on digging the hole. It’s just what you do.

              26. Nothing that backs up my side of the argument except Nick Saban’s direct quote. Hey, at least you have Jason Cole! Ha!

              27. As far as Saban being a liar, all you have to do is read the numerous articles where he tells a different story each time. It’s kind of harsh to call him a liar, but revisionist history fits pretty well.

              28. Good point, Prime. When you have to get the last word even after you said you were done, that’s when ya lost.

              29. If this doesn’t end the debate nothing will:


                ✔ @JasonColeBR
                I really like Nick Saban, but he is not telling the truth about Drew Brees & #Dolphins. It was his call. Don’t blame him for the call …
                9:06 AM – 6 Sep 2015

                Brees totally beat the odds on his recovery. But there is no question Saban made the call. He took info from 6 doctors. They didn’t decide.
                9:07 AM – 6 Sep 2015

              30. HAAAAAA!!!! Jason Cole. The guy who said Patrick Willis was coming out of retirement. The next time Cole is right about something will be the first time.

                When you quote Jason Cole, that’s when ya lost.

              31. Prime,

                Yes I’m a hypocrite. I planned on leaving it alone and then to quote Al Pacino in Godfather III: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

              32. Attack the source and continue living in denial. What a shock. It’s a waste of time debating with you if all you are going to do is stick your head in the sand Grant. At some point you have to be a man and accept you were wrong. There is nothing to support you here other than a statement from Saban that was misconstrued. That’s a wrap.

            2. Pete Carroll is 65 now. Not that its exactly the same but no reason he couldn’t. 65 now is not what 65 was 10 or 20 years ago.

          2. I’m sure Saban knows his Crimson Tide can beat the 49ers right now. He’ll look at our roster and think geez who would start on my Crimson Tide I can’t seem to find someone.

        2. They won’t think of it that way. They will simply look at the fact they should not have to pay that much money to Coaches no longer working for them. They have shown they have little foresight or understanding on how to build a successful organization. They make decisions based on personal feelings and level of comfort. The only way Chip Kelly does not return as HC imo is if he resigns to take another job.

            1. Denise doesn’t involve herself with the team. She put her little boy in charge of that. Unless they lose money, I don’t see that changing.

            2. Denise should be the one in charge. She won a ton with the Penguins. She has the Debartolo genius. This is the biggest mess of one of the most storied franchises every. Chip Kelly’s past said that he was a bad hire. I mean what kind of leader feuds with the three players that actually fit his system. This guy is a moron and Baalke is a bigger idiot. He is the kind of Gm that if your team has a great core he can move pieces around and do a good job managing talent and picking and signing second tier contributors like Borland, Carlos Rogers, Whitner, Reid, all players overrated by Pat Willis probably this best defensive player in the NFL along with Revis since he was drafted. I just don’t trust Jed York to make the right decisions.

              1. I live in South Bend, Indiana, ’bout 3 hours from Wolverine country. It’s cold, wet and windy. Old school football conditions, in an old school stadium. That’s why I’m going with the old school head coach and his Wolverines for the win!

      1. Rocket – I see this all working, we just got no talent at QB, There are things that I see happening that I haven’t see for a long time. Most notably open receivers. Not a great receiving corps but they are getting open, that suggest to me scheme. When Hyde finally decided to square his pads and run downhill it was working.

        Mistakes and lots of them. That’s on the players. Missed blocks, missed tackles, bad snaps, on and on. The defense seems to have slowed the run game but that opened up the deficiencies of the secondary. Somethings wrong with this defense and that’s where the big problem on the team lies.

        I believe in Kelly, I really don’t think he is the problem. I will say this and in agreement with Razor, teams seems soft and that is coaching.

        1. UC,

          I wasn’t a big fan of the hire but firing a HC after one year is counter productive. They hired him knowing what his track record was and the type of players he needs to make it work. Firing him after one year when you haven’t given him what he needs in time or personnel doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

          1. True and what confuses me the most is why hire a guy if you’re not going to give him the players to succeed especially we we’re one of the teams with the most cap space.

          2. Rocket – if Jed hires a respected GM and gives him total authority I respectfully disagree that he can’t make the change. Kelly will go quietly to Duck Country and we can have hope again.

            1. WC,

              Unless Kelly and even Baalke, find other jobs immediately, they are on the hook for the remainder of their contracts. Add that to Tomsula and that is 3 contracts being paid out for men no longer working for the team. Then you add in the fact they will have to pay top dollar to a new respected GM as you say, and a HC, and there a many millions of reasons the Yorks will not fire Kelly.

              You get nowhere in this league by firing Coaches year after year. There is no success story using that business model and no matter what you or I think of Chip Kelly, no one can honestly say he’s been given a fair chance to succeed here. They hired him and they have to give him the time and resources to try and win.

              Chip may decide he wants out which then lets the team off the hook, but I don’t see that happening. I think he’s going to want to stick it out, as getting fired/resigning from two NFL jobs in two seasons does not help his stock either.

              1. Rocket – I’m way past my prime football wise but have an enormous amount of business experience. Under California employment law it is much more difficult to enforce employment contracts than is commonly understood. I previously mentioned that I knew Joe Thomas’ attorney when Eddie D did precisely what is needed now to turn the 49ers around (IMHO) under almost identical circumstances. Thomas also had a long term contract and a history of bad roster decisions and hiring bad coaches (how about that OJ trade?). Eddie was not in a generous mood when he fired Thomas in what was definitely not a mutual parting of the ways. Seems there were a lot of things in the contract that didn’t say what Thomas thought and Eddie made sure to take his time sorting it out. As far as Kelly, the Eagles reportedly signed a contract with Kelly for 5 years at $6.5 million per year. They are legally on the hook for that except to the extent that Kelly is paid at other gainful employment. Generally that means that, unless they reached a settlement (which we do not know, but I recall reading that the Eagles were indeed required to make up the difference between their contract and what Jed was willing to pay) the 49ers would not owe any damages for at least another year. Also, an employee generally has a legal duty to mitigate damages so Kelly cannot just decide to go fishing and expect Jed to pay his full contract. This is why Eddie D, being a slightly better business person than Jed, told Thomas to go pound sand when he fired him. My point is that the employment situation is significantly more complicated than you make it out to be, just because Tomsula decided to become a couch potato and collect his $$ (which we don’t know for sure, no?) doesn’t mean that Kelly would do anything other than what Harbaugh did and go back to where he was idolized like a rock star. As far as Jed’s rep is concerned – I still maintain that if he hires a truly acknowledged football man to run his operation he can put the past behind him. It all starts with sending Baalke packing and maybe hiring Eddie D’s lawyers to discuss the remainder of his contract (if you get my drift) I could be wrong, but at my age I don’t want to think about Baalke continuing and with Baalke gone, I don’t want think about hiring a good football person and saying that he has to keep Kelly. Clean house or we’re talking about the Chicago Cubs of football.

        2. Rocket – I know you were not happy for the hire and so far you are correct. Hard to defend a 1-9 team, I just got this feeling….and knowing you, you are hoping that I am right cause that means were winning, you just have your doubts and I certainly can understand that. I would be a fool not to recognize the many issues facing this team and one of the issues could be Kelly.

          1. UC,

            Absolutely hope you are right, and I don’t agree with the sentiment to fire him after one season. Whether anyone likes him or not, firing him after one season is a bad look and follows a trend that has never worked out positively.

  6. “…. He was politically asked to resign…”

    He was politically asked to not say anything while
    Jedster put the cover story out that they .. u-hhh
    “mutually parted ways” …

    There .. I fixed it for ya Razor

  7. Chip doesn’t seem to be holding himself or his coaching staff accountable. He keeps blaming the roster and/or lack of execution. As Eddie D said “surround yourself with good people …”. I don’t think Jed has done that – either with the front office or the coaching staff.

    1. There will be a lot finger pointing this offseason at 4949 Marie P DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara. Yes, they changed the name of the street :)

    2. Ain’t Baalke in charge of the roster?

      Also Eddie D believed in surrounding your self with a talented roster which was proving by the endless money that he spent on players.

      Do you really think if Eddie was still the owner presently there would be almost 50 million in cap space right now.

  8. Wish this idiot would spend five minutes talking to his people about injuries before coming to the mic. It is a reflection on his lack of preparation, he never knows what is going on with his players at these pressers. Oh well, Eric Reid being gone won’t change anything. It may in fact be a good thing. We can finally see if Tartt has anything at all in the way of a future.

    1. Bingo Milleneum. I’ve been harping on Chips lack of communication too. Whether it’s the team doctor, Baalke, or the players after they commit a stupid penalty, Chip doesn’t talk. You can’t be a HC if you don’t communicate.

      Oh and his gimmick offense won’t work in the pros. Oh and he doesn’t make adjustments. Oh and he doesn’t inspire his players. Oh and he will always blame the roster and not himself.

      But he doesn’t fart at press conferences so give him a lifetime contract.

  9. Interesting story by Curtis Martin on the Tim McCarver show yesterday. He was talking about fear and pain. The main thing you fear as an injured player, is getting that injury aggravated. Well, Curtis Martin was saying on one particular play, his shoulder popped out of socket, essentially broken. He had a rule that he didn’t want to be taken out of a game due injury until he could see if he could play or not. So they taped his shoulder to his sternum, and was only able to move from the elbow down. He returned to the lineup and every run, as he was being tackled, he’d ram that injured shoulder into the defender. If he could get up, he knew he wouldn’t miss any games. That type of character and mental strength is what the scouts should be looking for in the next draft….

  10. The biggest mistake in all that Baalke has done is giving money to Torrey Smith and not even thinking about people like Marvin Jones or Sanu or Crabtree. Yes they aren’t that good but they are the kind of wide receivers that can run every route. I said this from the beginning not to you guys obviously but Torrey is a luxury player. If you have a great team with a good tight end and wide receiver in between the numbers and a great defense and a good qb then Torrey is a good player where he can run in a straight line and give you those 2-3 big plays a game. Otherwise he is useless. Also Im a former high school varsity football player that lost my career to play college when I tore my ACL twice. Arik Armstead and Deforest Buckner were the two worst picks in draft history. When building a team you need to pick a qb left tackle corner back or a pass rusher. 5 techniques are usually luxury picks because it is much easier to find and develop guys like Geno Atkins, Ray Mcdonald. When you draft two slow starting 6’8′ guys you will never stop the run. Defo and Arik both use their hands horribly. I did want them to draft Marcus Peters who has some of the best hips i have ever seen in a corner back. Also this year I said trade down and accumilate even more picks. I had my eyes on Leonard Floyd. I don’t know if he would be better than this but he certainly looked like a guy with pass rushing talent.
    Here are the guys Ive wanted the NIners to draft since Baalke took over (obviously hes made some better decisions than me.
    2011: Robert Quinn
    2012: Bruce Irvin or trade down for AJ jenkins ( a clear miss)
    2013: Trade up for DJ Hayden(miss) or Sheldon Richardson (imagine him and Aldon partying together) or stay put and pick Eric Reid (wow I was bad at this draft)
    2014: Trade up for Odell Beckham (one of my favorite players coming out of college I was so happy when I thought the niners were going to trade up for him and then..) or stay put for whom ever is available between Darqueze Dennard (miss) and Jason Verrett
    2015: I did pretty horribly in this one I was between Kevin Johnson Nelson Agholor and Devante Parker
    2016: said above
    Please share your thoughts on my opinions

    1. 2015 I said Agholor Kevin Johnson and Devante Parker for the niners because I assumed Marcus Peters would be off their draft board after Jed Yorks win with class Crap. Of course boy was I wrong because they picked Rashad Robinson

    2. It’s way to early to judge this past draft first of all. Second Buckner has played very well as of late. Looks like he can develop to be a very good building block. Third Armstead was said to be the most dominating player Staley had ever gone against in training camp( Staleys words) then he tore up his shoulder. Kind of important for a D lineman. What Defo and Erik are missing is a very good DT to pair with them. Some decent LBs would be nice too. This off season will be a big year for them. Both very young with a ton of upside.

    3. Sorry, but with Cowboy retiring, the Niners needed a DL. Armstead and Buckner were not the worst picks in draft history. Think Carmozzi, Druckenmiller, Todd Kelly, Kentwan Balmer, Chilo Rachal, Mike Rumph and the biggest recent bust- AJ Jenkins.

      Yes, I can come up with all sorts of cherry picked alternatives, too.
      Instead of AJ Jenkins, they could have drafted Doug martin, David Wilson, Coby Fleener, Courtney Upshaw, Derek Wolf, Mitchel Schwartz, Andre Branch, Janoris Jenkins, Amini Silatolu and Cordy Glenn, all 10 players taken just after AJJ.

      5 payers taken after Reid were Justin Pugh, Kyle Long, Tyler Eiffert, Desmond Truffant and Sharrif Floyd.

      Bradley Roby was the player taken after Ward, and he helped the Broncos win a ring.

      Marcus Peters was taken after Armstrong, but he had red flags.

      I might have traded back and gotten 3 picks in the first 2 rounds, but was happy with Buckner.

      Drafting is an inexact science, but Baalke’s ACL picks have been a disaster. It is like buying a car that was in a wreck.

      You may not like Torrey Smith, but I will just say that at least Baalke tried to get a decent WR.

      1. One near certainty in the draft is if you pick a tackle in the top 10, you can count on him being a solid starter for 10+ years. Other than that, it’s a guessing game.

      1. If only the NFL had a developmental league specifically focused on passing…
        Isn’t that called College football?

  11. SMH. Chip calls those meaningless time outs, and Reid gets injured. They need to figure out the cost benefit for every scenario.

    Coaches need to get a lot smarter.

    Chip still has no clue about scheduling. It would be very easy to schedule a meeting with Ferg before the PC. Then he could tell more about the players’ condition. This- gotta wait until I talk with Ferg- is not working anymore.

    Glad to see his answers getting shorter. He is improving his PC skills.

    The balance he is talking about in the third quarter is not real balance. They run on first and second downs, which leaves them third and long, so invariably, they try a pass. Way too formulaic and predictable.

    Niners should just copy the kind of plays the Patriots ran. They were innovative, deceptive and effective, and they attacked the entire field.

    1. Wow Texans defense played great for 3 quarters then ran out of gas in the 4th. Bill Obrien punted with 3 min left? What an idiot lol

        1. I don’t know if they played like crap but they did get a little help from the refs Hopkins was never out of bounds which should’ve been a long TD so they settled for 3 then late in the game deep in Oakland territory the RB was clearly over the line of gain but the refs moved the ball back making it 4th down so then the Texans went for it and seem to be over the line of gain again! But the refs marked it short again lol Even Gruden mentioned that it should’ve been a first down for the Texans it was hilarious how incompetent these NFL referees are smh

          1. The calls always even out. The Refs screwed Houston on the out of bounds call for sure, but gave them a 1st and goal on a bogus pass interference call on 3rd down. The measurements were close. No clear way to tell if they were right or wrong which is why they weren’t over turned.

            The Raiders dropped a number of passes, two that would have been TD’s, and couldn’t convert short yardage plays at all, one of which again would have been a TD. They were really sloppy but gutted out a win. I’m guessing they weren’t thrilled about losing a home game with the way this thing was going until the 4th quarter.

            1. Dropped passes are the players fault but missed calls by the refs are the refs fault there’s a difference. The missed call that would’ve given the Texans a first down was crucial because it was obvious to any fan no matter who you were rooting for I’m no fan of the Texans but that was a very obvious bad call even the broadcasters realized how bad it was and the game was tied. Yes the Raiders probably would’ve still won but it makes the NFL look bad when you miss obvious calls that even the average fan knows is wrong.

              The interference call was not bogus in the end zone they just got the wrong call for it instead of interference it should’ve been holding because clearly he was holding during the play and Hayden is a interference machine he’s lucky he didn’t get more then that called on him but I don’t blame him in a way trying to cover Hopkins.

              1. The dropped passes were an example of the Raiders playing like crap as I said in the above post. The idea that the officials would ever favor any team is ridiculous but even more so when it comes to the Raiders. They have been the most penalized team in the league regularly and just set a new mark for most penalties in a game 3 weeks ago.

                Houston didn’t lose because of the refs. They lost because they couldn’t cover the Raiders RB’s in the passing game and gave up 17 points in the 4th quarter.

            2. Regardless the Raiders should beat an overachieving Texans team, last week the Jaguars nearly beat the Texans and Oswieller barely threw for 100 yards I guess that explains there 30th ranked offense. They seemed to move the ball really well against the Raiders D. Offensively the Raiders are explosive but there defense is not that good.

              1. Not to mention the Raiders had 2 weeks off to prepare for the Texans that’s why the whole MNF crew picked the Raiders to win the game also the Raiders are one of the healthiest teams in the NFL with no major injuries at least not to there star players, the Texans were missing there best player in JJ Watt or maybe the best defensive player in the NFL.

            3. The Raiders are looking to move into a new stadium much like the super bowl era 49ers. The NFL is in the market to make money. A losing team does not get a new stadium. Look for calls to promote the agenda of insuring a winning team.
              Is the pending move a coincidence that the Raiders have been given some gift calls this season? I think not. The 49ers were gifted some calls too. Of course the calls were all to PG&E but that is neither here nor there.

              1. Sorry but your wrong NO the 49ers haven’t gotten any calls go there way this year and that’s besides the point I’m talking about yesterday’s game I’m neither nor a fan of the Texans or Raiders but I’ll admit the missed calls that every sports show is talking about this morning favored the Raiders. I watched the whole game and clearly the calls went against the Texans and Bill Obrien had every right to be upset about the officiating after the game which he was but all I’m saying is that it gives the NFL a bad look with there incompetent referees.

      1. Gruden even mentioned with 3 minutes left that the Texans D was gassed from the two previous Raiders possessions that led to 2 TDs and yet Obrien still punted the ball lol Not good coaching from Obrien.

  12. What we saw from Patriots isn’t exactly accurate:

    The 49ers are terrible. This has to be one of the three worst rosters in the league, particularly with receiver Torrey Smith (shoulder) not playing. Colin Kaepernick badly missed on several throws in the second half, sailing them well beyond his receivers or skipping them at their feet. None of their offensive skill players requires extra attention or double teams. Same with their defense, which is filled with no-names and doesn’t have a player with more than 3½ sacks this season.

    The 49ers couldn’t stop tripping over themselves, literally lining up offsides on four occasions and rolling two snaps on the ground due to the rain. Chip Kelly flat-out admitted that his team didn’t have the firepower to keep pace with the Patriots.

    “We’re not good enough to throw it every down,” he said. “We don’t have a go-to wide receiver that’s going to elicit double coverage.”

    So enjoy the win, Patriots fans. But don’t assume that Sunday’s game is a sign that the defense is fixed and all is well as they enter the stretch run.

    1. I absolutely agree, 80. Even though it won’t be a fair test with this O-line, I want to see what Ponder can do. Maybe nothing, but we’re in the “what have we got to lose” stage at this point.

    2. Niners play the Dolphins, Bears and Jets, all winnable games.

      if Kaep cannot win 2 out of 3, Maybe they should think about Ponder, but if he does win, they should let him finish the season.

      1. How about we shoot for Kaep winning just 1 for now?

        The poor guy has won a total of 2 games in his last 16 starts. Expecting him to win 2 out of 3 is quite a stretch.

        1. Stay the course. Winning at this point is counterproductive. Unless they plan on trading that top ten pick for the Italian Stallion….

          1. Don’t worry Razor, the 49ers will lose out. The schedule looks promising. Maybe a hiccup with the Bears and Rams on tap so lets pray Kap keeps being Kap and the defense continues to show it does not care anymore.
            Some will say losing is a bad thing. Well not at this point in the season. The draft is the next important thing for this team to get better and that starts with the highest picks in each round.

        1. Probably part of it. But not the main part. It’s been widely reported he has no financial need to get to the NFL, loves playing at Miami, and wants to be a part of returning the program to the force it was. This season hasn’t gone the way everyone there hoped, so not surprising he wants to return, if true.

      1. It’s a tough one with Trubisky. He’s had such a good season it’s going to be hard for him to get more momentum as a senior, so draft stock wise he may be best off leaving this year. But from a professional readiness point of view he would be well served staying and getting more experience. My guess is he’ll declare this year.

        Kizer started strong but has really come back to earth. He really should stay another year. But given how Kelly has handled him this year if he gets convinced by teams he’ll be a first round pick he may come out anyway.

        Kaaya on the other hand has seen his stock fall all season, so makes sense on all levels for him to stay.

        1. I can’t remember if it was last week and or the one prior to it, but a Walter Football mock mentioned that sources within the 49ers are saying the front office is very high on Kizer.

              1. Every indication is McDaniels is now willing to wait until Belichick calls it a career in order to be a head coach again. However, I think he will charge his mind if the Bengals or Cardinals land on the coaching vacancy market.

              2. BB ain’t going anywhere for a long time. I highly doubt McDaniels is willing to wait that long….

          1. Kizer really worries me. All the tools, but he’s so inconsistent with his accuracy (partly a mechanics issue) and decision making. Also his inability to win games this year.

            I think he’s going to be a Blake Bortles. Wow teams with his measurables and charisma, show flashes on the field of his potential, but ultimately disappoint because of inconsistency and accuracy issues.

            1. That’s the risk teams run if they draft Kizer based on what we’ve seen so far. You are betting that the mental side and accuracy will develop to the level of the physical talent and it’s a huge gamble.

              1. I think the concern over his accuracy is a bit of an exaggeration. I think he’s highly accurate, it’s just a small mechanics issue that causes some of his inaccuracies. I think Kizer is much better at manipulating the pocket than Bortles was coming out. I also think he throws a better deep ball….

              2. I disagree Razor. One of the things that’s most disappointed me about Kizer this year is his ball placement. Even on many completions he’s throwing it behind or to the receiver instead of leading him. Another thing is like Kap he’s often gotten off to a good start and then disappeared in the second half. That happened against VT on Saturday. I love the talent and size, but everything else really concerns me which is why I think he’d benefit from another year at ND.

              3. I’ve seen Kizer either miss receivers entirely or throw difficult to get to balls on fairly easy passes too many times to believe he has good accuracy. His accuracy is inconsistent. Which is a nice way of saying he isn’t very accurate.

              4. Now I think you’ve gotten to the point of overrating it Scooter. Having maturity is great, but there have been a number of mature QB’s who either couldn’t play or fell into bad situations. As far as success goes, maturity is down the list behind a few things like: intelligence, accuracy and surrounding talent. You can learn how to call a play, huddle, read defenses etc, and most young QB’s can do this on at least a basic level at some point in their first year. What you can’t recover from is getting your ass handed to you play after play because your OL can’t protect you. If you can’t run the ball then the onus is on that young QB to throw 40+ times a game and convert a lot of 3rd and longs.

                I don’t know if Goff would be as successful as Dak has been, It might have taken him longer to get comfortable with the play calling and adjusting to a huddle, but at the end of the day it comes down to playing and getting the ball to your play makers. He was the best in this draft at doing just that and there isn’t any reason to think he wouldn’t be successful playing behind that line and benefiting from that running game and skill position players.

            2. You should be worried. If there ever was a lesson on how inexact the science of quarterback evaluation is, you don’t have to look any further than the latest draft. Goff/Prescott.

              1. Goff would be thriving in Dallas just like Dak is imo. It is often as much about the team that drafts the player as the player himself. That’s another part of why it’s a gamble.

              2. It took 10 games for Goff to get on the field and he’s still not ready. How long was he behind Mannion before he finally became active on gameday, as the backup? I think you overestimate the power of the Cowboys offensive line. What are they, miracle workers?

              3. Rocket, Prescott looked good in preseason too, when he wasn’t playing behind the starting OL. Prescott is made to look better than he is, but he was more pro ready than most gave him credit for. Very mature, charismatic leader.

              4. He was behind Mannion for the first week of the season and has been the backup ever since. He is ready, and probably has been for a few weeks now. Fisher just doesn’t do things the same way others do. If Goff had gone to Dallas, it would have been his first time playing behind a decent Oline, never mind the best in the NFL. Give him that protection, running game and weapons to throw to, and I guarantee you he’d be thriving. Hell any of the QB’s selected in the first couple of rounds would probably be thriving in that situation.

              5. Not arguing that Scooter. He has played very well and his poise is far beyond his years. I’m just saying a number of talented young QB’s would have benefited from the advantages Dallas had in place offensively.

              6. You said Goff would be thriving ‘like Dak is’. I don’t think it is that simple. Can’t underestimate the importance of Dak’s maturity in how well he is performing as a rookie.

              7. In my opinion he would be thriving just like Dak yes. My reasoning is simple: Goff is a pure pocket passer, extremely accurate and has never played with the type of Oline and running game they have in Dallas. I understand you and Razor weren’t fans of his, but he was selected number one for a reason. He has elite passing skills and pocket awareness. If you put him behind that line and give him that running game, I don’t think it’s stretching the boundaries of reality to suggest he would be doing pretty well right now. A few others likely would in that situation to. That is not a knock on Dak; it’s an observation based on how lucky he is to be where he is.

              8. I’m not underestimating it. It’s important and Prescott has it in spades, but all the maturity in the world isn’t going to help you if you are under duress every time you drop back. Prescott has a sizable advantage over his fellow draft class of QB’s and it’s a big part of the reason he’s been successful.

              9. Rocket, you are underestimating its importance. Or should I say, you are placing less importance on it than I believe is warranted.

                Leading a huddle, winning over your teammates, digesting, processing and implementing a playbook – all of these things are helped by maturity. It is part of the reason Dak looked good in preseason and Goff didn’t. And its definitely part of why Dak has been successful as a rookie. Yes, he is helped a lot by the players around him, and no doubt Goff would look better with the same supporting cast, but I’m not so sure Goff would be playing as well as Dak is.

    1. I’m not surprised by Kaaya’s decision. He didn’t have a good year in terms of improving his draft stock so might as well take another shot next year. Unless Kizer gets told he’s a top ten pick, he should do the same. Trubisky is a tough one because as mentioned, his stock may never be higher if he comes back and has a fall back to earth season. The problem with him is teams will be leery of selecting a QB with one season of starting experience in the first round. Only takes one though.

  13. Niners play 4 out of the last 6 on the road. That may be a good thing, because they will not play in an empty stadium.

    I noticed that Chip did not directly answer the question about coaching next year. Sounds like Phil Knight is going to give him a soft landing, and the Niners will implode even further.

    1. $10 million is the number being floated for the next Duck Head Coach. My fear is, Kelly stays and is in charge of shopping for the groceries….

      1. If true why not go after Saban why Chip Kelly? Grant seems to think he’s the worst coach ever why pay him 10 million

  14. Why 9ers sag in 2nd half? Opposing linebackers relax on run as they see 9ers run game degrade, they let play/action go , they stay more in tier 2 area. This both reduces time receivers are open and shrinks the window he has to throw into. The 2nd half adjustments are targetted at le eraging Kaep’s inheremt inaccuracy. This is done after the run game is neutralized. It’s a blueprint, snd an easy win, to beat the 9ets.

  15. Why do the opponents shut down the Niners in the second half? They make adjustments.

    What I saw was the defense stacking the box and daring the Niners to pass. Pats played man and chucked the receivers at the line of scrimmage, thus disrupting the pass pattern and timing.

    Pats schemed to contain Kaep in the pocket, and the Niners did nothing to try and roll Kaep out to negate that strategy. Niners played into their hands, and could not make an adjustment to save their lives.

    The Niners, if they were smart, would devise strategies that would be totally different than their first half strategy. However, they are troglodytes, and cannot possibly do something smart and innovative.

    Chip, being a genius, has decided that the fullback is not needed in his offense, and now has lost 9 in a row. Maybe he should get a clue.

    1. Why do the opponents shut down the Niners in the second half?

      Because the QB is limited. Just make him stand in the pocket and throw, and the defense quits because they are tired and have nothing to play for and want to avoid injury. Its simple!

  16. Niners should think differently. What they are doing is not working, unless it is to tank for the number 2 pick.

    Niners should put a man in motion. They should put a man in motion so that player is at full speed at the snap of the ball. That gives that player an advantage. They should put a MIM to threaten the reverse. they should put a MIM so the receiver can avoid the chuck at the LOS.

    They should put the TE in motion so he can pinch in the DE, and Kaep can roll out to that side. The TE should then pivot and give kaep an easy target, or move to help block for him down field. Whenever the opponent lines up a possible blitzer, they should not key on the blitzer and just roll out away from him, making him ineffective.

    They should put a MIM to help over load a side. They should study how Walsh used a MIM to create mismatches.

    Above all, they should not put a MIM, then have him stop, because that defeats the whole purpose of putting a MIM.

  17. Kaep needs to vary his snap count. Way too many times, he calls for the ball to be snapped, so the defense knows exactly when it will be snapped.

    Chip needs to change all that, because it is helping their defense. The Niner O line should sync up. Kaep should yell Hike, and the O line should wait for a predetermined time before snapping the ball.

    For example, Kaep should yell Hike, and they will wait for 3 seconds before snapping the ball. The next time, he should yell Hike and they should snap the ball immediately. Then next time, they should wait 5 seconds, and hopefully have them jump offsides for a free play which should be converted from whatever was called into a long bomb.

    Above all, they need to vary the snap count, so the defense cannot anticipate. Kilgore, the center, should have the power to snap the ball if he sees a defender jump offsides, no matter what the snap count is, because it converts into a free play.

    This takes planning and preparation, so Modkins should earn his paycheck and concentrate on doing something, since Chip is calling the plays, anyways. Of course, the coaches may be incapable of achieving that goal, but they should strive to be less predictable.

    1. Kap needs to go back to highschool and learn the fundamentals of football. 5th year pros who have been to SB’s should not be throwing off their back foot or across their bodies. They should be able to read defenses and have some resemblance of accuracy.
      Instead of disrespecting his country, maybe he should call up Joe Montana ad ask for some lessons on how to be a QB. I mean if Kurt Warner one of the best pocket passer in the game could not teach him, then maybe cool Joe could.

        1. Its they type of play that summarizes Kaepernicks game. He would rather play back yard football than what the NFL game requires. Maybe he is better suited to play in Arena league football where you can rely on athleticism. The NFL games requires a QB to be smart, accurate and precise and adhere to the offensive play calling. He does not have those skills.
          Its also no wonder his oline does not care for him much. He breaks down his own pocket and improvises before the rush even gets there! Kap is junk!

            1. None. The field is too wide and no way he could complete passes to the sidelines with that slow release. BUT, if he switched to WR in the CFL, he could be good ala Pryor.
              My advice to old wind up, try your hand at baseball. It might just be his sport!

              1. >>My advice to old wind up, try your hand at baseball.

                With that wind up, any single off him immediately becomes a two-bagger when the runner steals second on the next pitch.

  18. The Niners should realize that the opposition has admitted many times that their goal is to contain Kaep in the pocket.

    To me, Kaep is more accurate on the move, just like the Sundance Kid.

    To me, Kaep, with his threat to run, is far more dangerous and stresses the defense. Shackling Kaep in the pocket just wastes his talents.

    I wish the coaches were innovative enough to accentuate his strengths, but so far, they are clueless. I know Bill Bellichick would be able to utilize Kaep properly. I bet if the Niners offered Kaep for Garoppolo, BB would jump at the chance, because he would want to win more rings, and Brady cannot play forever.

  19. The Niners need better coaching. Too many times, I saw the whole offense look to the side lines at 15 seconds. That is Pee Wee football.

    I would like the Niners to be so prepared, they could line up and run several plays without looking towards the side lines once. Maybe they should make Kaep the field general, and let him call the plays, because depending on the side line signals just gives the opposition the chance to steal the signals.

    1. But 4 months ago, Kelly you said, would be the Kap antidote to becoming a storm again? Boy how your tune has changed.

      At some point Seb, you will concede its Kap and not the universe that ails his game!

      1. I like the way Max interrupted Stephen A by saying “Everybody retired after Harbaugh.” Then Stephen A Smith downplays Patrick Willis like if he’s some average player…umm what? No worries Bellore to the rescue LMAO!

        1. I know and might continue on for a bit. I see too many mistakes that are player responsibility. The players shoot themselves in the foot. That’s my only defense and I am sticking too it. :)

          1. Give it up undercenter some of these delusional fans including Grant actually believe if Harbaugh were still here he would take this current roster to the SB(I know don’t laugh lol). Remember in Harbaugh’s last year he didn’t even make the playoffs and still had a decent roster but to be fair it was already starting to decline especially with injuries and Bowmans deflating the year before. Still the roster was way better in Harbaugh’s last year then it ever was in these last 2 years and that my friend is the cold hard Truth.

    1. I never thought I would say that I agreed with what Stephen A. Smith said. That said, a thorough house cleaning will not fix anything unless the Yorks sell the team as well.

  20. THE BOSTON GLOBE: The 49ers have one of the 3 worst rosters in the NFL..

    They say the Browns have the #1 worst roster? Really are they sure? You mean the same Browns that whooped the 49ers a$$ last season.


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        1. What’s a matter, Oregoniner? You don’t like a good story? I used to love the Sinbad movies when I was a kid. Then came Harry Potter, and I was hooked. You know how many years I waited until the sophistication was such that they could even make a Lord Of The Rings movie? I will wish you and yours much blessings this Christmas. Unfortunately, that’s all I can afford this year….

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