Colin Kaepernick calls out Donald Trump on Instagram

Check out what San Francisco 49ers former starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick posted on his Instagram this week about Donald Trump. What do you think of these posts?

Food for thought!

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These are facts! What are you really scared of?

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Racism and discrimination isn’t OK we are all human beings! Things need to change!

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    1. My Takeaways from 49ers / Browns losss:

      Send the QB out to tweet unrelated issues since Marathe’s no longer available.

      When your GM lacks a plan of his own, keep recycling Bill Parcell’s want-to-be’s, unable to reach even an average Parcell’s coaching bar.

      Get one thing right on the Parcell’s to do list: run the football, but even do that badly against the NFL’s dregs…

      49er brass thinking they struck coaching gold, after 1 road win this season, vs. a bad Bears team– believing these garbage time wins and 4th quarter garabage time TD’s vs the Browns equate to a new contract for the Front Office and Coaching Staff.

    2. Shut the F up Kap. You lost me bro…your a dumb mother effer. Who cares what you think…you just proved your simple mindedness.

    3. I can’t help but think about what a classless immature punk you are CK. This niner fan was hopeful you would be a tiny bit like Russel Wilson….who is the definition of class. You ain’t even close . I’m officially done with you.

  1. I don’t care for kap on the field and his antics off the field like the Miami hat incident and not really being the face of the franchise as the franchise qb. But I have no problems with what he posts on his own time with regards to politics. And frankly grant I read your stuff and appreciate that you keep a fair view but you going after kap the way you appear to seems like he insulted you and your trying to get back at him. Please keep those politics out of this.

  2. What do I think? I think it’s a free world and CK can say what he wants. I also think Actors and Athletes are generally out of touch with average Americans and they are usually self absorbed idiots who have no clue what they are talking about. Reminds me of the time Ben Affleck went through a period complaining about CEO pay. That came right after he made $17 million for a movie called “Gigli” which LOST $70 million at the box office. I say CK should say whatever he wants whenever he wants to say it. That is what makes America great. I also say anyone who puts any stock into what an athlete or an actor says about politics or immigration or just about any other social issue is an idiot.

    1. I also get a chuckle out of actors and athletes who are idiots. I prefer conservatives who lecture us about family values and fiscal responsibility and then bone hookers and loot the federal treasury.

        1. BC inherited a recession and massive deficit from Bush 41. He turned deficit into surplus and balanced budget. BO inherited a burning trainwreck from bush 43 – 2 wars, terrorists escaped into Pak, the second depression in US history, stock market collapse and massive deficit. Obama has slowly fixed most if not all.

          1. except for one thing-he doesnt like this country and so stipulated on his around the world tours. Lots of people who hold grudges against people-as his 100 year old grudge against the British for something they did in their colonial period, long before he was born. Jimmy Carter himself said” I cant think of one nation our relationship is better in the last 7 years”. O.K. Except he’s lied thru his teeth ever since he got into office, and he said he would do precisely the opposite during his campaign. Can any of this be truthfully denied? Remember, I said truthfully……….

          2. In fact, ALL Socialists are revered at the beginning-until the money runs out. Then they run for their lives. Same tactics as the Mafia.

          3. Obama has slowly fixed most if not all.

            Yep, by forcing an ‘affordable’ health care system that now appears to be on life support down our throats, passing a horrendous tax break, signing an international trade agreement that looks to benefit corporations and other participating nations more than anything, and claiming that people who are having to work more and more part-time jobs because the full-time status is slowing being phased out as an example of an improving economy, all whilst a growing number of economists are foreseeing a potential recession on the horizon.
            If that’s an example of fixing something, then I don’t want to know what the hell it looks like when broken.

              1. That JV team? They’re nothing compared to global warming according to Obama.
                I also forgot to mention his infamous speech of you keeping your insurance if you like it.

              2. Dude, after he looked me in the eye and said he didn’t know Rev. Wright was the way he was, I never believed another word that came from his orifice. Not because he was black, but because my mom didn’t raise a fool….

              3. He did fulfill one promise that the American people didn’t fully understand at the time. Fundamentally change America. Hence the reason for the Trump support, because they want to change it back and are fed up with the PC bull….

              4. Isil , of course, are the disaffected Sunis who were going to greet us a liberators. Thanks bush and cheney – you half wits. They are being bombed , but until surrounding Suni arab nations decide to send in ground forces the problem will linger. Yup, it is yet another problem left behind by that nitwit bush. as far as everything else – the old HMO dominated system was much worse, there will be no recession (check gdp numbers) , most trade agreements benefit participating nations .

            1. ISIS was created by our government. They are being funded by the U.S. and Israel. Our government doesn’t want to destroy ISIS – that will stop the flow of cheap oil and selling of billions in weapons. Who wants to stop that kind of loot.

      1. Lol presidents don’t loot anything from the fed reserve. Nobody loots anything from the rich bankers who own it. They loot our tax money is what they loot.

    2. Spot on. Unfortunately a lot of people are too lazy nowadays to do a little research on the matter. Much easier to just read tweets of their favorite actor or athlete and have them make the decision for them.

  3. Seriously this guy needs to stfu! It’s said keep your mouth shut so people don’t know how dumb you are. Here is a guy who allegedly is more interested in how his biceps and abs look, than studying opponents and learning NFL qb footwork. Now he wants attention other than how good a qb he will be on another team? He can’t be foolish enough to stay with the York 49ers at minimum wage is he???

    1. Has Jed fired himself? That’s what needs to happen. It would be great if the 9ers were publicly traded and a Board of Directors could send Jed packing.

      1. Too bad there isn’t a way to organize a boycott of Levi’s. I can’t think of one. If anyone can, please share your thoughts.

        1. I’ve been boycotting Levis for years – since they closed their last factory in the US and moved it to Mexico in order to save 25 cents on a pair of jeans. That was many years ago. They probably closed that factory more recently and moved production to China or Viet Nam by now.

        2. Flying banners around the ballpark during home games is an excellent idea. I wouldnt mins supporting that with a little cash.

      2. I agree with that – Jed needs to fire himself and all the rest of the buffoons that are running the team into the ground. Way too much incompetence to get anywhere!!

    2. Jed needs to clean house this off-season. Terrible performance today, but if it helps get this current coaching staff and FO out the door, I’ll take it.

    3. Jack

      Parsing the words of Ted Robinson on KNBR this morning to guess his boss’s thinking. I conclude that Geepus has been taken to the dungeon and has been put in shackles from where he will continue his game planning for the Bengals. The blindfold is ready. It’s a matter of time.

  4. Like I always have, I was hoping for something original from QB7. Yet again he takes the lazy man’s approach reposting material that has been out there for some time. I was truly hoping to see QB7’s budding Yale intellect. I assume the mechanics of writing beyond 140 character is for other people.

  5. Sooo, the backup has something to say, LOL!
    Say it on the field, Cappy! Go flex for someone who cares!
    You are the friggen backup! Nobody listens to the backup! We’ll interview the waterboy next! LOL

  6. Grant, bad blog topic. Why should we care about what Kaepernick says regarding world events? He’s an idiot. Or is this you interjecting your politics into this blog? If you feel strongly about this topic, please express it some other way.

  7. Echoing Jack, it is surprising they haven’t demoted or fired Chryst yet. As others have suggested, his likely replacement is Logan. If they don’t want to fire Chryst yet, how about switching their positions? This would give them a chance to see if Logan can direct an offense in the NFL.

  8. What happened to my 49ers? This is epic failure now. We now cannot come out and beat the worst team in football? Oh wait, we are the worst team in football now and the worse part is there is no light at the end of the tunnel. So many holes to fill and no one substantial to lead the charge.
    I always thought Jed would be a better alternative than his Dad leading this organization but he is actually worse. I don’t remember a more turbulent offseason, in-season and imagining now, worse off season in the history of following this team. Guys, we are now the laughing stock of the NFL. And to boot we still might not get the 1st overall pick. $%&*$ me….

  9. Expression is presented by belief or knowledge and sometimes a combination. CK is free to express either chosen method. Readers are free to read or not read and react or not react. Unless we know what we are talking about, we just have opinions. If we base our knowledge on anything other than our abilities to see,hear,feel,smell, and taste, we are just believing or not believing. The media usually over or under defined all that is reported, resulting in the facts being distorted. CK seems to be a very good human being who has experienced life somewhat differently than most. CK in my opinion will prove to be among the best to ever play quarterback, if he chooses. He has a lot going on in his head that most don’t understand. It is and has been the time for most of us to wake up and stay awake while participating in the changes happening in our everyday lives. More PEACE through knowledge for all.

  10. Not surprisingly, Krappernick’s comprehension of political realities is right on par with his ability to read an opposing defense.

    1. What political reality does he not comprehend? You want to say with a straight face that Donald Trump isn’t a race-baiting bigot? I think Kap understands this reality a lot better than some of you.

  11. Came here to see if anything happened…already know the world is F$&(&(:d….don’t need Kap for that…..heck the 9ers are F$&)(&I’d….don’t need Kap for that…..I really don’t know what I need anymore, but a positive action is all I’m looking for at this point….maybe my traditional Monday lunch at Hooters will cheer me up…..YEP….I believe I have reconnected with Life!! cheers!

    1. Quote “We all know there’s no danger of Kaepernick making a clock bomb. He can’t even stay in control of the play clock.”
      Good take.

  12. It’s obvious that Kap has more time now to think about world events. What’s interesting is that people on this board try to dismiss his opinion (actually his retweets of other tweets) because he’s a football player.
    NO ONE on this blog actually PLAYS or has played professional football but still considers their own opinion about 49er football of the utmost intelligence.
    Funny, real funny.

    1. Good point.

      I, for one, care as much about his opinions about world events as he cares about my opinions about football.

      It sounds fair.

    2. Maybe because sports fans come to such blogs as an escape from the real world, and get unsettled when the real world reintroduces itself here unexpectedly.

              1. Only in the sense that Pi can be used to describe the shape of pie.

                I was just playing with plus ing comments that I agree with.

    3. I never played junior high, high school, college, or NFL football, but I do know how to look at a clock. Maybe it comes from all the James Bond movies where the bomb always counts down to 007.

  13. Grant introducing politics on a football blog? Shameful!
    Grant not showing his opinion. Shameful!
    Grant hiding behind Kap’s tweets. Shameful!

  14. On the bright side, Armstead and Carradine were among the highest grades on PFF.

    Maybe they keep developing and next year, with decent coaches (still hopeful), we have something that looks like a pass rush.

    1. Yesterday was the worst game I have seen them play in years. (I didn’t watch the first Arizona game. Maybe that was as bad, though that’s hard to imagine.) Total team breakdown. There have been bright spots this year, but they are one hell of a mess. Just shocking.

    2. Tank’s +2.6 grade came on just 12 snaps, and included 2 pressures on 5 rushes. Not sure of that is a good thing or not. On the one hand you can argue if he’d been allowed to play more, he could have had an ever higher grade. On the other you can argue the low sample size is providing a statistical aberration, and if he’d been allowed to play more he would have levelled off to his usual self…

      I’d like to see him given more snaps playing from the edge over the next 3 weeks so we can get a better idea of which, and whether he may be worth keeping next season as an 3-4 OLB/ 4-3 DE.

  15. Oh OK thanks for the info Kap. I was going to vote for the Trumpster, but now that you have enlightened me, I am going for Hillary all the way. You saved me man.

    1. Do me a favor and stay home then. I’m going to see if I can vote for Hitler, seriously. People should not vote at all.

  16. Racism is a real problem in this country. Big up to Kap for making his voice heard, and standing up for something. I love when athletes use their influence to make the world better. More should do the same.

    1. I agree Grimey. The fact more people aren’t ridiculing Trump for such a ridiculous and uneducated statement is troubling, but at least Kap understands the importance of responding to it or in this case giving others opinions more views.

    2. So if the answer to protecting the country from terrorist attacks is to stereotype a religion by pretending all of it’s members are a threat that need to be interrogated and removed/kept out of the country, then why is there not a similar plan in place to rid the country of white fundamentalist Christians? I know abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood offices would feel a lot safer.

      1. Ridiculous take Rocket on par with Trump’s level. I don’t agre with a ban on any religion or race, but I do think the government needs to do a better job in screening anyone coming into the nation regardless of their beliefs or ethnicity.

        1. Mid,

          You don’t get it. It’s preposterous and that’s the point. Trump isn’t just proposing to keep terrorists out of the US, he’s attacking an entire religion and the rights of Americans who follow it under the guise of protecting the country. This goes far beyond screening new immigrants.

          1. And as I have said, I disagree with what Trump is proposing, but to lump any religion in with a few deranged lunatics, even if to make a point, is in poor taste.

            1. Mid,

              Again you aren’t getting the point. I made the reference to white Christian fundamentalists to show how you can stereotype any religion that has lunatics for members. That is exactly what Trump is doing in regards to Muslims. He’s attacking a religion instead of focusing on the small percentage of nut jobs that fuel the paranoia.

              1. You’re missing my point Rocket. It’s in poor taste for you to do the same even if it is to get your point across. Don’t be like Trump.

              2. smh. Forget it mid. This is why talking politics or religion is a bad idea, especially on a football forum.

              3. Case in point, I posted that Johnny Cueto signed with the Giants and no one has noticed.

            2. Mid,

              Rocket is pointing out it would be wrong to take action against Christianity because of the wrong actions of a few, just like it’s wrong to take action against Muslims for the wrong actions of a few.

              He wasn’t saying anything against Christianity.

              1. BTW,

                I am guardedly optimistic about the Cueto signing. I understand the Giants have an opt out in two years. I like that, if that’s true.

          2. Parts of the Q’uron if preached in a Mosque would violate constitutional law:

            1, incitements to violence or incitements to imminent violence against Americans

            2, solicitations to commit crimes against Americans

            These are reasons enough to consider stopping Islamic immigration and shutting down Islamic centers if they are not simply academic but actually devoted to preaching and spreading Islam, which teaches that our states and laws are illegitimate….

            1. That’s not true, Razor. Your speaking about a particular interpretation of the Koran.

              That’s like someone bringing up Christian ministers that preach racism, segregationism, anti-gay sentiment, anti “godless religions” (i.e., any religion other than Christianity) etc. That’s not Christianity, but those things are preached in a number of Christian churches.

              1. I couldn’t disagree more, and am thankful we live in a country where we can agree to that without fear of retribution….

              2. You’re saying that Islam is by definition anti American. That’s just not true. As you said, we’re lucky to live in the U.S. If we didn’t, one of us might get locked up.

            2. Warning: No football content.

              “Parts of the Q’uron if preached in a Mosque would violate constitutional law…”

              No, they would not. The U.S. Constitution’s function is to define and limit the power of the government. Neither the U.S. Constitution, nor the body of case law that we call constitutional law, is the type of law enforceable against citizens, except in the instance of treason. Constitutional law is only applicable to government action that would exceed the powers conferred by the Constitution or would impinge on a liberty protected by the Constitution (again, excepting treason).

              What you meant to write was that speech for the purpose of inciting imminent violence (regardless of the nationality of the victim of said violence) or soliciting criminal activity (again, regardless of the nationality of the victim of said criminal activity) are types of speech that are not protected under constitutional law. Thus, speech that may incite violence against others is not protected under the constitution if the intent of the speech is to incite imminent violent action, but such speech is not a violation of constitutional law – it is a violation of applicable state laws.

              A word on treason is in order as well, as that word is also being bandied about in political dialogue on this subject. As noted above, treason is an exception in that the Constitution specifies the crime and the elements thereof and the required level of proof.

              Article III, Section 3 provides:

              “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

              The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.”

              Under Article III, Section 3, and overt act is required, and speech is not an overt act of treason. Even incitement is not an overt act of treason on the part of the inciter. So, speech alone is not treason, and even actual incitement is not treason (although it may be evidence of a criminal conspiracy); Treason only applies to someone who takes an overt action against the U.S. or aids those who have.

    3. I may not like Kaep’s play, but his race had nothing to do with it. I think I even teased Big P about it, as I never stated anything about Kaep’s race.
      I’m glad Kaep makes a stand for what he believes in. I want him to succeed on another team, just look at Crabs! Because the Niners right now are a joke!

      1. Razor right on
        Like when there is an abundance of guns which leads to a mass shooting every week we need to shut the faucet off to fix the……. oh wait……

      2. Razor, do you think that Muslim terrorists are going to present themselves at our boarders and declare their Muslim faith? How are you going to turn off that water?

        1. C’mon Htwaits, you’re old enough to remember Jimmy turning off the water from Iran during that crisis. Clear statutory authority is in the laws, as outlined by Congress, to delegating to the president the power to impose an immigration ban whenever the president finds that such admission would be detrimental to the United States….

              1. Just stricter gardening regulations.

                (Not sure if that was the best place to insert a joke, but I did)

          1. I’m old enough to vividly remember December 7th 1941 and what our panicked leaders thought they should do with all Americans of Japanese decent.

            The point is that closing the boarders to Muslims as a religious group will have no effect on extremest access to this country, and it would probably help them carry out their long range plan.

            1. The only possible plan that has a chance of working would be for the West and Islam as a whole to work together to prevent ISIS from starting a global religious war. Trump has nothing to offer.

            2. I agree, but the system that would give them the VISAs needs to be revised so that we can lessen the chances of an extremist from coming in.

              1. That should be very much different than building a wall against Mexicans, and excluding Muslims at our boarders. The Republican party has come out against enhancing our watch list and excluding anyone on it as being unfair to those who were incorrectly placed on the watch list.

              2. True, but Democrats and Liberals have said that Obamacare is affordable and beneficial (it’s not), global warming is the biggest threat facing our nation (please) while using the San Bernardino terrorist attack as an excuse to enforce more gun regulations and possible bans as well (exactly how many regulations had that extremist couple already broken and what exactly would have more regulations done in regards to the bombs they had created).
                Both sides of the aisle and in between are full of nothing but idiots.

            3. As usual, the elites have exaggerated what happened to Japanese Americans. Whole different can of worms. There’s a clear line of cases that says the United States government can exclude people for any reason or for no reason at all….

              1. OK. Your sources for what “really” happened, and my school friends experiences are different. How many Japanese Americans were imprisoned for sabotage or spying?

                We can go to war anytime the President and Congress deem it appropriate. Appropriate is an important word. Just because they can isn’t an appropriate use of power.

              2. Clear statutory authority is in the laws, as outlined by Congress, to delegating to the president the power to impose an immigration ban whenever the president finds that such admission would be detrimental to the United States. Don’t like the law, change it. Until then, it’s good enough for me….

              3. Don’t like the constitution? It’s a big world and you’re free to move if you find yourself at odds with it….

              4. I’ve got no problem with war powers or emergency immigration powers if they are used appropriately.

                For me, an important element in defining appropriate is will the action bring about the desired result. So far you’ve done nothing but state that the power exists which isn’t even under discussion at the highest levels of our government.

              5. Razor you are mixing what you call statutory law and the constitution. Statutory law can always be challenged. The constitution can also be changed. That’s all irrelevant to Trumps terror solution and Colin’s attempt to point out that fear itself can be dangerous to those who are acting out of fear.

              6. So too can ignorance htwaits. The media and celebrities are making it seem like there is an Islam a phobia sweeping across the nation when reality is the exact opposite since a majority of Americans oppose an outright bad on Muslims.

              7. Progressive template:

                1) Climate Change – Centralizes powers and attacks the financial resources of their opposition, namely energy companies, which has traditionally been a strong conservative backer. These very governments that can’t deliver mail on time, are expected to make the ocean waters recede?
                2) Migration – Dilute native opposition through mass migration. Tax resources of the productive and largely oppositional class for the benefit of their constituents and themselves via social programs.
                3) Gun Control – create crisis conditions (ie. Operation Fast and Furious) so as to limit 2nd Amendment rights while also attacking the NRA, key conservative funding arm.
                4) TPP – larger trade deals only benefit their elite paymasters who control multinational monopolies at the expense of small business and American citizenry.

                Consolidate power through independent restrictions while at the same time encouraging dependence. Attack the financial
                base of their opposition and subsidize their constituency….

      3. Yeah, like the 9ers going badly. Let’s shut off the 9ers and fix their ‘leak’…that would be Jed. Any proposals?

    1. Football blogs are fertile ground.

      In India alone there are hundreds of millions of people who “look” like the American image of a Muslim terrorists and aren’t Muslim or terrorists. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims who are targets for Muslim terrorists and are not terrorists.

      There are way too many Americans who thing the President of United States is a Muslim born in Africa and that he’s going to take away their guns.

    2. Grimey,
      It always has been. The same people that were bashing Kaep nonstop are the same people that are now making excuses for Gabbert. If a white QB made these comments the blog would be commending him for having an opinion and not being corrupted by endorsements. You don’t hear people talking about the fact that Tom Brady said he hoped Trump (who is his golfing buddy) won the election. “That would be great. There’d be a putting green on the White House lawn. I know that.” *Clap, clap.* Brady likes Trump because he will likely get taxed less under a Trump presidency. The majority of professional athletes lean to the right because of the tax implications.

      Say what you will about Kaep’s Tweets, but at least he’s saying something, even if you don’t agree with him. Most athletes are so corrupted by money and corporations that they don’t say anything and when they do accidentally say something they tell you that’s not what they meant to say. That should be a bigger issue for people than Kaep Tweeting about real problems that are affecting this country.

      1. If a white QB made these comments the blog would be commending him for having an opinion and not being corrupted by endorsements.

        Bull. I’d call him out as well.

    1. Echoing Grimey’s sentiment ..

      I ..(for one)… am truly impressed Kaep
      stood up for something … because ..
      it was next to impossible for him to be able to
      stand up … behind this O-Line ..
      (Martin and Pears .. I’m looking especially
      at you guys) …

      besides …

      you gotta be impressed .. with
      the finesse ..
      he put .. together …
      all those memes !

    1. The Leftovers is getting a third and final season. I’m hoping for a “Six Feet Under” or “Breaking Bad” level wrap up.

      1. If I know anything about Lindelof the last thing we should expect is a neat and tidy wrap up. There will be loose ends a plenty.

        1. The new theme song for the show should tell you all you need to know about learning it’s mysteries. Iris Dement’s lyric of “I think I’ll let the mystery be,” tells you how much wrapping up he’s going to do in this final season.

          1. Wrap up was a poor work choice, especially when I used SFU and BB as examples. I meant to say that I’m hoping for a satisfying end to the series.

            1. Yarp, me too. I’m ok with it being the final season because the Garvey’s story has pretty much been told at this point. Aside from some loose ends like his father down in Australia. For them to continue they would need to move on to another family and town.

  17. What is the purpose of this “article”?? Any actual insight, or just trolling for clicks/ responses. Thanks for wasting my time.

    1. It’s a misconception that it’s an NFL coaches job on game day to wake up and go around pumping up his players and “get them ready to play.” Good NFL coaches get their players to play for them on Sunday by how they work with and treat them Tuesday through Saturday.

      1. Yep. It’s the same for coaches at all levels.

        What happened yesterday from a preparation and mindset standpoint squarely on Tomsula.

        1. I wonder if the players are starting to see Tomsula as that uncle you loved as a kid, then, when you became an adult, you came to realize that, while he was a lot of fun and a good guy, he really wasn’t effective at getting anything meaningful done.

          1. They see a guy who loves them but who doesn’t have the ability to lead them to get better. Player want to be driven to know they are becoming better. No player in mind this year has become a better football player under this regime. In fact a lot of players have regressed: Eric Reid, Joe Staley, Torrey Smith, Corey Lemonier, Marcus Martin. Man the list goes on and on.
            How Jed York cant see this is beyond me.

            1. When has Corey Lemonier ever been good at the NFL level? In any case, this year he at least gets more playing time and more statitics. As for Marcus Martin, he still a very soft young man. Back when Anthony Davis was his age and starting for the Niners, he was ptetty bad too. Now, much better. Next year, he will reclaim his tarting position.

              1. Vader’s suit may be black, but underneath is a horribly disfigured white guy…I think.

              2. Now those entities that are trying to enter James’ body are frighting.

                “Yes, and we are attempting to find cures to keep those out of our bodies…” … James

  18. Although I agree with Kaps sentiments he probably ought to tone it down if he expects some other billionaire owner to give him a shot.

  19. I wonder if those of you who find Kaps tweets so offensive were equally offended when Tom Brady stood with Bush2 at the Republican convention?

    1. While I like Brady as a football player, I have no idea if I would like him personally. If I did, I wouldn’t talk politics with him because there would be little room for common ground. Even so, I’ll bet we could find that common ground if we made the effort. The fact that Tom and his wife are among the richest non billionaires on the planet makes that very unlikely. Maybe if we were all snowed in at a Greyhound bus depot somewhere in Nebraska it might work out. Are there any Greyhound bus depots left?

  20. As to the question of who is getting fired, firing Geep Chryst is almost meaningless. Its purely cosmetic, they need to start with Baalke and continue down the complete coaching roster. [my sympathies to T. Rathman but you should have got out when you could]

    1. I just wish the Yorks would sell. I don’t personally dislike Jed. I’m sure he’s eaten up by the losses. But the Debartolo-York 49ers win/loss record without Bill Walsh trained quarterbacks and coaches is abysmal.

      I admit to stats cherry picking, but its clear to me the Debartolo/Yorks are a mediocre ownership that got rescued from its Joe Thomas nightmare by a HOF coach.

      Hope my Lombardi trophies would the 49ers have if Paul Brown (or later the Rams) hired BW as HC?

      1. B2W,

        I agree with you about Denise De Bartolo / John York, but teams that you can’t say something similar about are few and far between. We’re lucky in that we have two teams with great organizations (Giants and W’s). It seems to me most teams ownerships have one foot on a banana peel and the other on a roller skate.

    1. “And I still have no idea why Dontae Johnson gets so little work.”

      None of us do. It’s a mystery.

      1. Had this conversation several times the last few weeks. Johnson matches up will with big receivers. My hopes he would be a Culliver minus the off field idiocy.

  21. Grant,

    First question for Tomsula today: Do you still have faith in Geep Chryst running your offense?

    Follow up: Why?

    Then: Given the yearlong struggles on the OLine, RT in particular, what is the status of Trent Brown?

    1. First question for Tomsula: Do you feel like you and your coaching staff have earned the right to keep your jobs for next season?

      1. 2nd question:
        Coach: yesterday you mentioned that it was not an effort problem, but rather an execution problem? Its week 13, how do you account for the execution issues so late in the year? Should the players not be ready to execute their assignments and understand the details of what you always say wrap up, route combinations, run fits?

        1. Here are all of Tomsula’s answers:

          “well um, you know, you see them out there, you see the guys working, umm, you know. We have a great locker room, guys that umm, you know care, work hard, umm you know, with the run fits and the wrapping up, you know, umm, well. Look, no ones happy in there. We just gotta own it, fix it and move on, you know.

  22. This clown dates a middle eastern girl for a few months, then all of a sudden wants to change religions and post stupid crap like this to impress his girl. If he only spent as much time studying film as he spent posting these messages. Been fighting these savages on and off for over two decades. Lost two good friends along the way. They didn’t have time to die of cancer, heart attacks or all that other ignorant stuff he posted. I remember when you ignored my 12 year old trying to congratulate you on your victory against the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship after the game by the buses. Karma. Oh and that couple in the Nativity set, they were being hunted the same way ISIS wants to hunt us in America. Can’t tell them apart, can’t vet them, can’t enter. Where I live is shelter for my kids.

  23. My question for Tomsula.

    ” Why does it look like the offense starts games as if they’re trying not to lose, instead of trying to win?”

  24. I had the impression of Kap as a spoiled brat. But this post shows him to be a thoughtful, decent person. I hope he learns from his Niner QB experience and becomes a better QB

  25. Wow, Grant.Are you so desperate to distract posters from spewing venom at this team, you start talking politics? Why not stick to TV shows or restaurants?

  26. Armstead plays limited snaps, but his 15.1 pass rushing productivity is the highest among all 3-4 DE’s in the league.

    He isn’t who we thought he’d be and for once that is a good thing.

    1. Armstead, Tartt, Ward, Acker, Johnson, Reid, Borland, Hyde, Lynch, with hope being held out for Bell, Pinion, and McDonald.

      Baalke hasn’t been great, but has he been as bad as everyone is saying? I’m not sure.

      If the 49ers could find someone better, then by all means, get rid of Baalke. The problem is, even decent GM’s aren’t just out on the street.

  27. I love how Kaepernick uses his time to make himself look good on social media instead of using that time to improve his craft so that his play can do the talking.

    1. Or maybe he thought those posts were timely and on point (which I happen to think they were, just my opinion on the value of the posts, of course).

      Do you really think the time he took to make those posts limited his football practice / study time? Or are you really saying you disagree with his posts?

      1. I do think his comments about terrorist attacks were idiotic considering the recent attacks on Paris and San Bernardino – ask the family members of those attacks if those facts mean 7hit -, but that wasn’t even close to my point Ex. My point was that Kaepernick spends too much time on other things than working on improving his skill set.

        1. Also, he doesn’t have his facts straight on the first sign because that crap was still being used in the 60s.

          1. Well, yes, those deplorable signs were seen into the ’60s, but nowhere does CK’s post say otherwise. If you look at the photo, in lower left corner you’ll see the year 1925, so…

      2. Do you mean to be saying that Kaepernick’s rehab from surgery has gone so well that he is practicing football? I agree with your take on why he reposted those items.

            1. To everything htwaits. This feels more like Kaepernick is trying to keep his name in the headlines rather than him making a profound statement.

              1. He didn’t make a profound statement. He made a personal statement that fear, misplaced, can damage those acting out of fear. He made his personal statement by using examples from different times and situations.

                There seems to be nothing so trivial that it can’t be used to dump on an athlete who disappointed fans. Kaepernick is gone and the long term problem with the 49ers isn’t about to go anywhere.

              2. One of the reasons for that is the usually poor timing by Kaepernick. This is one of those times.

  28. This team has a 3-3 record against LOSING teams.
    Being outscored 111 x 137

    And against winning teams the record is 1-5, being outscored 70×131

    If you take out the opener, it means that after other coaches had film on this year’s Niners, the better teams (winning records), scored more than double SF points.

    And even the bad teams (losing records), outscored the 49ers.

    How can you justify not firing all the coaches?
    And yet, not a single one of them was fired so far.

  29. The term Outcoached is often misused and/or overused when a team loses a game, but in this case it is not a strong enough term to describe how badly Tomsula and company were beaten in the preparation and strategy end of the spectrum.

  30. Kaep,
    Those people in San Bernardino did not live long enough to be concerned with your list of things more likely to happen. As always stats can lie when in the hands of under informed people.
    Kaep, If you truly believe that Radical Muslims don’t concern us or the world then I guess you should talk with the millions of refugees fleeing their lands. And those were the lucky ones.

    1. Those millions of refugees fleeing their homes are the Muslims Trump wants to keep out of his country. The stated ISIS plan is to cause a war between The West and Islam in general. Trump would be a perfect tool for their plan if he were elected because he sees ISIS as Islam in general.

      1. Their plan also includes infiltrating said refugees with fake passports. Why would you move them thousands of miles from their home, when there are refugee camps like Zaatari in Jordan?

        1. No one has suggested moving all the ISIS refugees here. In general it’s better to avoid installing large numbers of displaced persons in refugee camps. Refugee camps are hopeless places. Trump is suggesting excluding all Muslims, not just refugees.

          Trumps target is those people who are filled with unrelieved anger and want something, anything, done about their anger. They believe that all three branches of the government are against them, and both political parties too.

          Trump will fix it all with a wall.

          1. I disagree. Zaatari has refugees starting up businesses and is gradually becoming a settlement. There is even a pizza delivery service, a coffee shop selling shisha and a street named Champs-Elysée. If I was a young, healthy male refugee, I would want to stay and fight for my home….

            1. So does Zaatari become a model Jordanian city with amazing free enterprise sprouting everywhere. That sounds great.

              Lets see, you go to defend your country against ISIS and/or the Syrian government with a rock in your hand. That’s a wonderful image. Do we have demographic information that indicates how many freedom fighters are among the refugees? Who is training these fighters? Isn’t that the very reason for having wide spread cooperation between the West and main stream Islam so that these fighters can be trained and effectively diploid.

              How can the West achieve wide spread cooperation between the West and main stream Islam if all Muslims are criminalized for being Muslim or Muslim refugees?

              1. Didn’t we arm and train the Iraqi fighters and they fled the battlefield in fear and left the weapons for ISIL?

              2. Obama should use the immense power he can wield, and snap his fingers to create an all woman fighting brigade. Backed by American air power, they can subdue any city, depopulate it, separate the men from the women, weed out the terrorists, conscript rest of the men to work rebuilding, and give the women power over oil resources and establish a non jihadist governing system.
                The United nations should tap the potential of the refugees by arming the women and putting the men to work. Declare any man with a firearm to be a terrorist, and empower the women to retake their homeland.

              3. There are so many things absurdly wrong with your idea, Seb, that I am hopeful that you meant it as satire.

      1. Evidently I haven’t thought it was a ridiculous blog topic. I agree that blog debates never seem to turn concrete into something pliable.

      1. That’s a very big worry in a country where insane acts can so easily be armed with military grade automatic weapons. The crazy pair in San Bernadino seem to have gotten their weapons without breaking any of the “strict” California gun control laws.

        There seem to be guns enough in our country so that every individual could have one yet I’ve been hearing “They are going to take our guns away.” almost my entire adult life.

        Five US States Spared from Mass Shooting in 2015

        Five states were immune to the bloody, perpetual series of mass shootings in the United States this year, which has seen more of them than the number of days gone by.

        Experts debate whether the states were spared thanks to coincidence or if circumstances there make them a haven of peace.

        As of December 2, 353 mass shootings have killed 462 people in 220 cities, according to the website.

        A total of 1,317 people were wounded, after adjusting for the latest toll from the last mass shooting, which saw a husband and wife couple kill 14 and wound 22 in San Bernardino, California, the deadliest such tragedy in three years.

        If there is no slowdown to this frenetic pace, there will be as many such traumatic deadly events as there are days in the year. Or more.

        The count includes all events that have killed or wounded at least four people.

        In the right side of this page was an add to “Stop Obama Gun Control.”

        1. That’s a very big worry in a country where insane acts can so easily be armed with military grade automatic weapons.

          Banning or furthering those won’t do a bit a good since those same lunatics would just find another weapon to use. Like a pipe bomb or ten.

          1. True. There has been no way to reduce the growing number of guns in America, but there is still the fear among some that “they” will take our guns.

            The fact that homes with guns are more likely to have family members injured or killed by guns doesn’t change anyone’s minds.

            What happened to the Army’s plan to invade Texas and take all their guns?

        2. As of December 2, 353 mass shootings have killed 462 people in 220 cities, according to the website.

          Aren’t a good number of those shootings occurring in Chicago which happens to have America’s most stringent gun regulations?

          1. I have no idea where the hottest spot for mass attacks with guns is. There are no effective gun laws in the US. The idea that a city can control the number of guns within it’s boundaries is absurd. Gun laws don’t work.

            The fact that only five states have avoided at least on attack killing or injuring at least four people during 2015 is enough to amaze me.

        3. I would just go back to original intent. Every person in America who wants a firearm should be allowed to buy a flintlock.
          There are enough laws, but how they are enforced is the problem.There should be a new definition. All military style assault rifles should be classified as machine guns, which are illegal. Every bullet should be classified as an explosive device.
          Caliber may make a difference. Allow unlimited number of .22 caliber handguns, and restrict the selling and distribution of .38 and 9 mm and above cartridges.
          Above all, there needs to be some accountability. Every gun dealer who sells a weapon legally, but then it is used to injure or kill someone, will lose his licence to sell. If he negligently allows a weapon to be sold to a criminal, he should be held as an accomplice. This would ensure that legitimate gun dealers will make sure that the proper background checks are performed, and fewer guns end up in the hands of wackos. It would also stop the profiting from guns with no accountability. Allow gun dealers to be sued.
          Finally, new ammunition should be designed to have a short shelf life, so ammunition is not hoarded. People who want to shoot their guns need to buy only the amount used, and will prevent people like the San Bernadino couple from having thousands of rounds.
          Thanks for allowing me to have this opportunity to write about a huge problem confronting America. The bloodbath continues. When will we ever learn?

          1. I somehow missed this post yesterday. Reading it prompted a vivid (and hilarious) image of Seb and Justice Scalia sitting on a porch discussing original intent of the U.S. Constitution. I do not find it at all likely that they would agree.

              1. Well, based on your comment above and all my years of reading Scalia’s opinions, I am certain that I would disagree with you both on the subject at hand. But you are right that he is increasingly showing himself to be a “dinosaur”.

              2. Disagreeing with The Seb and Justice Scalia should be low hanging fruit JPN.

                On another topic, some of the “stuff” bubbling up yesterday and today is too squishy to deal with.

              3. “Disagreeing with The Seb and Justice Scalia should be low hanging fruit JPN.”

                Fair enough, HT.

    1. Grimey,

      That you, or anyone, feels that way has to be changed, now.

      We have friends who very matter of factly say that they’ve taught their children how to safely interact with police. My wife and I have never discussed doing this and, had our friends not brought up the topic, likely would’ve never thought about it. That’s a problem that white america is subject to: not thinking about things, not understanding what things might be like for someone else. I’m not saying white America is evil, but rather that white America is really good at looking at things from white America’s perspective, which is entirely natural, btw. It’s a good thing to put yourself in someone’s shoes, if you can. I think that’s from the “Art of War”, right Seb?

      1. My stepchildren are of blended racial heritage (or better, of blended skin pigmentation phenotypes, if we want to distance ourselves from the outdated and discredited idea that H. sapiens is divisible into biological races with defined and consistent genotypal differences). My stepchildren’s biological father is of blended heritage as well, including African, American Indian, Mediterranean, and (likely) Northern European. They could easily pass as a variety of nationalities, but they are not “white” as that category is construed by society.

        My wife and I are both of Northern European heritage, but despite being “white”, we did talk to them about interacting with authority. We also carefully considered regional factors when we decided to move them to a different state. It is something we have to be mindful of, even though the vast majority of interaction with authority that they have will likely not be problematic, they need to be able to recognize and know what to do when it is.

        1. It is something we have to be mindful of, even though the vast majority of interaction with authority that they have will likely not be problematic, they need to be able to recognize and know what to do when it is.

          Ug! The sentence above is a comma splice, and a rather egregious one at that. It should be two sentences:

          It is something we have to be mindful of. Even though the vast majority of interaction with authority that they have will likely not be problematic, they need to be able to recognize and know what to do when it is.

  31. Even when he tries to do the politically correct righteous thing, everyone normally would want to applaus. He botches it. He simply needs to go away already. At least Trump is doing his best to ensure Hillary Clinton will be our 45th president. What is Kaep doing? Probably still addicted to crunches. As for game film, not so much.

  32. Just finished listening to Tomsula’s press conference and it amazes me how the reporters who follow the team write all this criticism about him, then let him off the hook at his press conferences.
    The team comes out as flat as a board and no one questions the heart,the preparation the motivation. Bunch of sissies!

    1. We just can’t get Martin out of the line up.

      Maybe now that they’re officially out of the playoffs Tomsula will get some other guys some necessary game experience. I’m not holding my breath though.

  33. From Chris Biderman:

    “After not being competitive against one of the league’s worst teams, Tomsula is likely coaching for his future over the final three weeks. To be sure, the 49ers want to keep him around and don’t want to be an organization searching for another head coach for the second time in two seasons. That’s not the environment prospective head coaches want to insert themselves into.”

  34. I recommend Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates as an insightful book for those that wish to educate themselves on the current problems….

            1. Nothing to fear, just a terrorist nation on the verge of a nuclear weapon with ISIL as your neighbor. What could happen?

              1. You lost me there. I was just quoting a line from Chesty Puller’s bio.

                According to Wikipedia the Banana Wars were conducted mostly by the U.S. Marine Corp with Navel guns backing them up.

                “Banana Wars is the term used by some historians [1] to refer to the occupations, police actions, and interventions involving the United States in Central America and the Caribbean between the Spanish–American War (1898) and the inception of the Good Neighbor Policy (1934).[2] These military interventions were most often carried out by the United States Marine Corps. The Marines were involved so often that they developed a manual, The Strategy and Tactics of Small Wars, in 1921. On occasion, the Navy provided gunfire support and Army troops were also used.
                With the Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded control of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to the United States. Thereafter, the United States conducted military interventions in Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. The series of conflicts only ended with the withdrawal of troops from Haiti in 1934 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.” ,,, Wikipedia

    1. That might make Lowell a little less grouchy about the Giants rotation. Now they have a #1, a #2, and several 3-5 guys.

  35. I think many of the posts in this thread are a good example of why politics and religion should never be introduced into such a forum.

    I respect others have different opinions on these things than I do, even if some of them make me cringe and some I find downright offensive. But nothing good comes from debating them in such a forum. And some would say nothing good comes from discussing them anywhere, and that they are the two of the most prominent reasons for conflict, violence and war. Yay to politics and religion!

    1. Scooter
      There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate provided that both sides respect each other and are willing to entertain the others view point. By burying ur head in the sand ( not ur head scooter) and avoiding discussion u just ensure that the issue festers or potentially gets worse. I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind w my opinion but topics like this should not be avoided.
      Besides we tear each other to shreds over trivial crap like Alex v Colin or 4-3 under v 4-3 over so at least we are debating worthwhile issues

        1. It’s not church or the dinner table or a lining room couch here in Grant’s blog. He, Grant that is, wanted a reaction. He got it. Did I miss how lacking in discord this blog is when football is the main topic?

          1. lining room > living room

            If we can’t have an edit function, could we at least have an emoticon for embarrassment?

        2. Well, if it is what the people want, then hey, who am I to say otherwise? Knock yourselves out debating why Trump’s views are/ aren’t good for your country. :-)

          1. I figured it all out. Trump needs to lose the election, buy the 49ers, then stage “The Apprentice, Football Executive” for ABC/ESPN. It would be a ratings bonanza. Like HUGE!

            1. Heh, the last time Trump was involved in sports, he destroyed not only a team, but an entire league. Are you sure that’s where you want to go, Jack? ;)

        3. Generally not, but political sites are echo chambers filled with like minded people so it’s tough to get an actual conversation going. Here we have established rational (mostly) people who can bring forth their ideas and not get attacked. I mean so far we have disagreed but no one reverted to name calling yet so that’s a good sign

          1. PC has been bandied about but I agree Bos9er. Another benefit is there hasn’t been a string of two guys exchanging “You did.”, “I did not, you did.” exchanges

        4. Not only Grant, but Tim brought up Colin’s instagram. The only difference is that Tim had something to say about it. Grant just let it run on it’s own.

          1. Both approaches have merit. I did appreciate TK’s praise of Kap, however Grant did not muck up the conversation with his influence. Seeing the vitriol Grant attracts that may have been a good thing for the forum.

            1. Sure. What Grant posted was exactly right way for a blog like this one. Kawakami posts his articles and doesn’t have a dialog going in the comments area. So far no one else that I’ve read has paid any attention.

              I’m always stunned at what can be found lurking in the minds of us, the last remaining humanoids on the planet. :-}

    2. Did you cringed when you read the post following yours from James? I wouldn’t classify it as either political or religious.

      Grant brought Colin’s personal message about fear into Grant’s blog.

      Razor wants all legal action taken regardless of the results – intended or not. I tried to tell him that the results might not be what he expects or wants.

      None of us solved any of the 49er problems today. Not even Seb. But when have we? Still we drone on. The same is true of the bigger issues of life. But still we drone on. It’s worth the occasional try.

  36. Yes, and we are attempting to find cures to keep those out of our bodies…cures are like keep the harmful out. Trump is speaking the truth…instead of what is now accepted as “politically correct”. People, quit being so self-centered and only concerned about what hurts your precious feelings. America is in danger from extreme “Muslim Terrorists” who want to see us all dead! Sorry my Muslim friends who should have confronted this issue a long time ago and spoken out against it and reported everything suspicious. I am not hearing a damn thing from you…oh yes, after the fact. I am an infidel who knows what the Koran says about people like me. As an American, I have freedom to speak my mind…for now. If I go to most muslim countries, I do not! I do not want America to become anything like a muslim country. And Kapernick, what’s this crap about Japs and colored … what the hell does that have to do with Trump. It has nothing to do about prejudice about anyone…it’s about about protecting this country from those who wish it harm…maintaining an America that has saved the world’s ass so many damn times and rebuilt countries that were utterly destroyed. We are hated because we can do it! Now we have to get rid of a president who is determined to transform the greatest country in the world…who is ignorant about economics, history, the constitution, the founders…or just plain lying about evil american & english colonialism. Did you ever notice how free and economically vibrant those countries are today. That is what Trump wants to protect…our ability to protect ourselves and our friends. Of course, I should not be too hard on you, Kap, you were indoctrinated by an academia that spouts the evils of our country, constitution, capitalism and anyone who built a business by their own initiative…oh, that’s right, they did not build it…as president obama now reminds me. Oh, all you poor victims of America’s evils…I feel so bad for you. If I speak the truth and I hurt your feelings…so sorry. You still have your head, don’t you? The holy koran commends you if you remove mine…and many of you would be jumping for joy, shouting “Allah Akbed”, (sorry for the misspelling…I don’t use the term much). Kap, comparing anything Trump has said to the what happened with what you call Japs or colored is so disconnected and is truly “hate speech” on your part. I have always been a 49er fan and have been rooting for you to succeed…but…Good-Bye…good luck wherever you land. Oh my, did I just make you a victim of hate-speech…sorry Kap.

    1. James, there are some people who would classify your use of the J- word as offensive. Their IS a difference between free speech and hate speech.

      1. “Their [sic] IS a difference between free speech and hate speech.”

        No, there is not. Fighting words, incitement to imminent lawless action, solicitation of a crime, so-called “true threats”, defamation, and obscene (not merely vulgar or profane) speech are the only types of speech under which content based restrictions have been found to pass strict scrutiny under the U.S. Constitution.

        You may be thinking of hate crimes, where hate speech may be used as evidence of the additional element required to find a hate crime. In such instances, the speech is not prohibited in and of itself and would not incur criminal liability.

        1. … and hateful speech, including flag burning, is protected. James and the Dalai Lama may both express their feelings and thoughts to the fullest extent of their ability.

          Jame, I would post your picture too, but I don’t have a link.

        2. I was not inferring criminality. I said there IS a difference. Hate speech engenders hate, but may not incite violence. But it does drive a narrative just like in Colorado where some nut job was mumbling about baby parts while slaughtering innocent people. His interpretation of hateful speech justified his rampage.
          Listen to the radio in hotel Rwanda. It was tolerated, and sparked a genocide.
          James did not have to use that pejorative to get his point across.

          1. Society not “tolerating” hateful speech, as in societal, non-government sanctions such as speaking out against hateful speech, is not the same as hate speech not being an aspect of “free speech”, which is a term of legal significance in the U.S. legal system.

            Had you written that society could/should speak out against, and even shame/shun those who participate in hateful speech, I would have agreed with you, although I suspect our definitions of what is and is not hateful speech may differ (which is the problematic aspect of such societal responses to “hate” speech).

            However, you invoked a legal issue that implicates criminal sanctions, i.e. “free speech.” The freedom of speech doctrine applies to protection against criminal sanction of speech by the government and government actors. As such, you did imply (not ‘infer’) criminality, albeit likely unwittingly on your part.

          2. “James did not have to use that pejorative to get his point across.”

            He did not, but as HT pointed out, he wanted to do so. And, he is able to do so without criminal sanction, i.e. he has “free speech”. Thus, your original statement in response to James was incorrect on its face.

            Now, that is not to say that his speech is free of consequence, which is an idea that some people wrongly conflate with the freedom of speech doctrine, as I pointed out above. The Press Democrat could choose to not allow him to post such speech here, as the freedom of speech doctrine only applies to government action. Further, other members of the community are free to renounce his speech even if the Press Democrat takes no action. None of these non-governmental sanction would mean the speech deemed hateful was not “free speech”, only that it was found objectionable by the pertinent community.

              1. That is a “Time, Manner, Place” restriction. It is different as it is not content based but rather contextually based. Context based restrictions have to be narrowly tailored to sever a compelling government interest. Keeping people safe in a crowded environment is a compelling government interest.

  37. Hmmm wonder what he thinks of the idiot we have in office right now.
    Ehhh I’ll stick to my motto.
    Elephants and a$$e$ fool the masses!
    The end!

  38. how to keep English teachers
    (and well-spoken adults everywhere)
    laughing or crying for hours: …
    put Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, and
    Anquan Boldin back in the press room
    together with these instructions: they are to
    discuss various current events topics,
    including the upcoming Presidential election.
    Give them 30 minutes and allow them to bring
    in notes/crib sheets to help them stay focused.

    Agree or disagree, setting aside their specific
    opinions, the way they express themselves on
    factual matters (other than sports/football) will be
    shockingly filled with examples of their ignorance.
    We will lose count of the number of times when they
    violate the basics of grammer and intelligent speech.
    It will be sad, okay? Ya’ll better go back to that room
    in the Miami hotel and do what you do best, fellas….

        1. It seems so, and that’s frightening.

          It’s like the Winnebago scene in “Borat” (the movie). It’s hard to believe what some people believe.

  39. I can respect CK7′ attempt to stay relevant, but I’d hear from the coaching staff how they will improve the OL play and how Gabbert can avoid sacks.

    We’re back to square one in the sack dept. Gabbert’ quick release and fast decision making in the pocket was supposed to help the OL reduce their horrible pass-blocking inefficiency.
    Looks like the ol’ reality monster (generally bad offense from Off-Cord down to the QB) has struck again.

    OL is still bad no matter who is behind center. Sadly, the FO will need to draft a QB in the first rd just to quite and calm the Faithful because picking a QB will be the sexy choice (not necessarily the right one).

    I still believe that we could grab our future franchise QB in the 2nd rd and use our first rd pick to trade down to fill a couple of needs on OL and defense.
    Sad commentary when we have been talking about draft picks since the 5th game of the season.

  40. It’s amazing what has bubbled up from a disagreement about what government policy should be about dealing with a threat from a tiny minority of an extremely large portion of the earth’s current population. I will, for the moment, no longer discuss here the effectiveness or the appropriateness of the Banana Wars stopped by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1934.

    Peace and Good Will to All, even James and his friends.

  41. It’s amazing what has bubbled up from a disagreement about what government policy should be about dealing with a threat from a tiny minority of an extremely large portion of the earth’s current population. I will, for the moment, no longer discuss here the effectiveness or the appropriateness of the Banana Wars stopped by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1934.

    Peace and Good Will to All, even James and his friends.

  42. At December 15, 2015 at 12:44 pm I posted at the end of this topic. The order of topic lists was changed and what ever points to the last post was corrupted so my posts wound up out of place. Of course that has been happening to a lot of folks, but there is no indication that any fixes will be done.

    I reset both browsers but it made no difference using Opera. Now I’m trying Chrome. It’s no surprise that the software for this blog is so messed up.

    1. A comment was deleted. When that happens everything after(or below) that deleted comment is out of order. Just a bug in the blog that has nothing to do with your computer.

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