Colin Kaepernick on being liked by teammates: “It’s more important for me to be respected by my teammates.”


This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Where does this Rams defensive front rank among the defensive fronts that you’re going to face this season?

“They’re very talented across the board. They also give you a lot of looks that can cause problems. We’re going to have to be ready for all of those things.”


Head coach Jim Tomsula mentioned that the team meeting a while ago was largely about communication and you know, and to have, things are said before anything blows up. Did you think that meeting was productive? Was there anything pointed at you said or anything that was said about you that you thought was constructive?

“I think we have great communication in this building. This team is working its hardest to fix the problems we do have and make sure we’re ready to win games on Sunday. All of our efforts in the past and moving forward are going to continue to reflect that.”


Did it get heated at all, just from the emotions of being in a situation where you don’t like?

“Everybody wants to win. That’s what the discussions are about. What can we do to help this team win.”


Just for the record, have you ever broken dishes at an Italian dinner? Or at any dinner?

“No, I haven’t.”


Are you hurt by these reports? What’s your feeling about all that?

“What reports would you be referring to?”


Well, the reports that were on TV last week that you’re on an island and that the team is not with you. Does that bother you? Does it hurt you? Does it anger you? How does it–?

“No. Reports don’t bother me. My relationship with my teammates is great. That’s all I’m worried about. What the perspective is outside the locker room really has nothing to do with me or this team.”


FOX Sports reporter Jay Glazer did say that you are on an island in the locker room. Have you felt that way? Have you ever felt that way?

“No. I have a great relationship with my teammates. To me, that’s a situation that I don’t know what the agenda is saying that or what the credibility of that source is. I have a great relationship with my teammates and I’ll leave it at that.”


Last year, we all say what happened with former head coach Jim Harbaugh, just reports that seemed to undermine the situation and then he’s gone. Do you feel in any way that you’re being made a scapegoat by maybe someone in the organization for what’s happening this season?

“I really hope not. For me, I give everything I can to this organization. I give everything I can to my teammates to try to help us win and try to help us be better moving forward.”


Who do you eat lunch with in the lunchroom that are teammates of yours?

“I eat a lot of times with [QB] Blaine [Gabbert], [QB] Dylan [Thompson], [G/T Alex] Boone, [T Joe] Staley. Really depends on who’s in there by the time I get in there. Varies on days depending if I have to do media or if I have rehab, correctives, things like that.”


You said when asked about possibly being a scapegoat, you say I hope not. There seems to be some, I would interpret that as being, you’re not sure. Is that an accurate portrayal?

“No. I would say that I don’t think about that. What I think about is what I can do to help this team win and what I can do to help make this team better.”


ME: How important is it to you to be liked by your teammates?

“It’s more important for me to be respected by my teammates.”


Where do things stand right now between you and TE Vernon Davis? Was there, did you guys meet after the meeting? Have you smoothed things over with him?

“I have a great relationship with Vernon. We’ve constantly had talks since I started playing. It’s something that we both want to do what’s best for this team and we’re both trying to win. That’s where some of the frustrations come from. We’re trying to fix the losing streak that we have been on.”

You guys, team-wide, had a couple days off. Did you take a couple days away from the facility over the weekend?

“Yeah. I got to go home and spend time with my family.”


Coach Tomsula also said where we are, where our record is, this chatter comes about. Is that part of it, all this outside talk is what it’s about when you guys are losing?

“Most definitely. It happens to every team when you’re not winning the way that you feel like you should be and things are going as smoothly as planned. For us, we have to put our head down. We have to keep working. We have to fix our problems and make sure we’re ready for the next game.”


You obviously worked over the summer on different techniques. You came into the season very optimistic about the team and about yourself. Do you look at your play this season in kind of in totality, you maybe had a few days to do over the weekend? Does it baffle you that it hasn’t been more productive? What would you say your emotions are just looking by your play?

“I would say that I have to take it to another level. I have to be able to make plays for this team and I have to be a difference maker when I step on the field.”


You had no rushing attempts in the last game. Was that just, happen or were you consciously trying not to run?

“No. That was just how the game played out.”


You came out of that game with a swollen thumb. What’s the status on that and how it may impact your throwing?

“It’s been fine so far this week.”


You had to have X-rays on it?

“I did after the game.”


And it was negative.



How hard you work at your craft, what do you think you’re better at now than you were two, three years ago?

“I would say the mental aspect of the game. That’s the biggest difference. It also comes along with experience. Being able to see defenses over and over, seeing how defenses want to attack us and how we can adjust.”

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  1. Respect and humility are two traits that have seemingly dissipated through the years among today’s youth….

  2. I hope we play half way decent this week!!i believe the defense is making strides and seem to be getting a little better each week.except the pass rush,Hopefully tartt steps up and doesn’t get burned on play action.I would also like to see tiller start the whole game maybe even t Brown at RT it all starts with the oline.

  3. You are correct sir look no further than the incedent in SC school as proof of your proclamation

  4. Just for the record, have you ever broken dishes at an Italian dinner? Or at any dinner?

    1. Never, but my father’s family was too dysfunctional to get threw a gathering without sibling arguments and the crap that goes with too much drinking.

      1. I fondly remember my Italian Family reunions when I was growing up, and wish I had appreciated them more….

        1. I’m not Italian and I’ve been to some very, um, lively gatherings with Italians. I recall thrown plates and platters, brandished spatulas and BBQ forks, much bellowing and waving of arms and the occasional furniture-tipping headlock wrestling Uncles-in-combat. Everybody at Mass together the next morning.

            1. I grew up around Italians outside Philly. I say I’m “second-hand Italian”, like second-hand smoke.
              When I was a little elementary school dude fighting my way up the street to school every morning, and all the Italian and Polish ladies leaning out of the second story windows yelling: “Ay! Youse kids leave that lil Prostetant Boy alone!”

              1. Razor-
                Ever get an invitation to a Mexican wedding? Hahaha! Fun, and yeah, lively too. They’re best on a Saturday so there’s a recovery day after.

              2. Brotha, I’ve never had the honor, but I did find a recipe for a great brown enchilada sauce; > )

              3. Hah. Brown enchilada sauce is good; so’s mole’. But it’s that brown Mescal that’ll getchya!
                Actually, I’m old & boring, I gave up Tequila and Mescal a good long time ago, now just nurse a beer or two thru an event so I can drive.

              4. Did ya ever eat the worm? I had a buddy who ate one, but I can’t recall if it actually altered his mind….

  5. ME: How important is it to you to be liked by your teammates?

    “It’s more important for me to be respected by my teammates.”
    Although not a bad answer I would have loved to have heard his reaction to you following that up with, “do you believe your teammates respect you right now?”

    1. Followed by — Do your teammates respect you for stealing Aldon’s girlfriend when he was bottoming out?

              1. Why not? They’ve already ruined two Rocket. Let’s make it triplets.

            1. The Chiefs have bigger issues than QB that need be addressed: mainly on the OL (primarily at LT), in the secondary, and with their pass defense.

              1. Mid,
                The chiefs are the mid-west version of the 49ers.

                I still believe that the 49ers need to build their offensive infrastructure which is the OL before branching out to other areas.
                The issue with our team is that once Baalke plugs one dike another will break because of so many needs.

                The obvious question has been, do we need another QB? And the answer is yes we do.
                But is starting there the real question?
                Drafting a QB with the first pick does not solve the issues with the OL.

                I remember Tony Romo (a very good pocket QB) getting beat up for a few seasons before Jerry World realized that the OL needed to get stout for there to be any success on offense.
                Many criticized Jones when they drafted OL, but now they are highly talented at the interior.
                2011 9 Tyron Smith * USC Offensive Tackle
                2012 6 Morris Claiborne LSU Cornerback
                2013 31 Travis Frederick * Wisconsin Center
                2014 16 Zack Martin *[10] Notre Dame Offensive tackle.
                Except for Claiborne the ‘boys’ have built their offense around the OL with recent 1st rd picks. And add to that, I believe that Jerry threw the dice and scored huge with La’el Collins.

                It may take a couple of years before we see big dividends, but if we can shore up the OL in 2016 it will be worth it.

              2. Staley and Boome are still productive. Kilgore could be the right fix at centre. A free agent guard or right tackle solidifies the position. And if Anthony Davis comes back, then you can plug a rookie or one of Tiller or a draft pick at right guard. So the oline is not that far off. To me it’s this whole zone blocking scheme and a QB that is impossible to scheme for!

              3. I wasn’t really making an argument for the Chiefs more than just stating facts AES. I happen to agree with pretty well everything thing you said because the 49ers and the Chiefs have similar problems, but as I was trying to indicate, they have other issues that could be more problematic…mainly both OL. The drafting of Goff by either one of these teams would simply result in a season – ending injury as a result from playing behind either line.

              4. If the Chiefs had Harbaugh’s coaching staff, they would be extremely competitive. We’re talking about the Alex Smith of 2012 pre-concussion.

                We’re so used to seeing the Kaep version of the Roman offense we forget that Mr. Checkdown used to throw to the backs. So Roman would figure out ways to get Charles, West and Davis out in Space.

                And Fangio would have that defense a top 3 defense with its pass rushers.

                The Chiefs main issue is their O-Line, and their lack of discipline. They make the dumbest penalties at the wrong time.

                To be clear — Alex is not a great QB. But he was two fumbles way from the SB. Harbaugh could take this team over the top.

  6. I don’t believe he stole Alex smiths job JH gave it to him there was no stealing involved

    1. Ummm losing your job after one week with a concussion is theft! And he never returned it. Alex shouldn’t have left his garage door open with his “job” sitting there for the taking.

      1. Well Kap didn’t steal anything from AS, Harbaugh was the architect behind the move and with wins over the Bears and the Saints he had a good premise in keeping Kap as starter.
        Remember that they were one lousy play away from winning a SB so I can’t find much fault in Harbaughs decision.

        The 2012 CK and the 2015 CK are contrasting images at the moment and making him a target for Alex’ demotion even if he had nothing to do with it is part for the course these days.

        1. Aes…. The video shows that kap did steal his job on Monday night and the following Sunday. That’s when this crime occurred. And Harbaugh was the getaway driver. Film at 11…. :-)

          1. MD,
            (Ha!) Yup, you may be right. And now CK7 is paying the price for his crime. Sometime poetic justice has a way of smacking us upside the head!

            But seriously, I’d sure like to know what is going on in CK’ head this season. I know that he caught the NFL defenses by storm in 2012 with his style of play, but what gets me is that his ability to throw with accuracy and confidence in 2012 has virtually disappeared from his current play.
            This guy was making some throws that were amazing. He even threw a beautiful touch pass to Frank Gore along the sidelines in the first playoff game against GB right after he threw a pick-six. Kap (unlike today) never lost his confidence in that game and came back to completely dominate in the game.
            What ever happened to that CONFIDENT guy?

  7. While I respect that media personnel have a job to do and players and coaches have a responsibility to answer questions, I just don’t understand why some much time and effort is wasted on this stuff.
    There are only two types of questions and two types of answers at pressers–softball questions that are answered and substantive questions that aren’t.
    Same ole same ole…

    1. Sharks they smell blood in the water. Can’t help themselves.

      Lavish praise when they are up but if they falter…like Don Henley says…

      Kap has lots of problems on the field his dinner ware should not matter.

  8. #7 says I have to be the difference maker when I step out onto the field.

    No. No you dont. Just do your job. Play within the offense and dont wing it. Let plays develop. Trust your teammates. You dont have to be a hero or the star of the game. Just manage the offense. Grow up!

    1. Kawakami asks Kap is someone setting him up as fall guy through locker room leaks?

      ntodd51: Tomsula says he doesn’t believe the source is from inside the organization.. Not that he can say anything different than that…
      westcoastguy: Scary how similar that story is to what happened last year and so far this season
      TANK: It’s five years old and it reads as if could have been written this month.
      ntodd51: I think Nolan would have gotten a second shot if he had more success as a DC..

      TANK: Takeaway #2 – Jed has a propensity of hiring guys who should not be considered for HC. Very Al Davis like…

      TANK: Guys who will never be HC again: Nolan, Singletary, Tomsula… Takeaway #1 – every future candidate knows this.

      ntodd51: Tomsula says he doesn’t believe the source is from inside the organization.. Not that he can say anything different than that…

      ntodd51: I feel bad for Tomsula.. He is a good guy and an outstanding position coach.. He got handed a situtation that was vitrtually impossible to succeed in..

      westcoastguy: Scary how similar that story is to what happened last year and so far this season

      TANK: It’s five years old and it reads as if could have been written this month.

      ntodd51: Actually if you want to have any resemblance of hope for this franchise.. Don’t read it..

      TANK: WOW! Read ntodd’s last link. Within hat column is a link to Singletary and a rat in the organization. It’s a column written in 2010 and it makes your head spin. Please read. It’s a great insight into what we have and how we got here.

      Bryan_Admin: Kap could very well be the fall guy, that’s messed up for so many reasons. Not the least of which is we won’t be any better if that’s what we think the problem is.

    2. Managing the offense with basic reads and know how would
      Make him a difference maker. He can’t do the basics, I’d love to just see that difference.

  9. The 49ers need to pick up some good O-lineman and get a better coaching staff next year. Give Kaep one more year under some real coaches and draft Jared Goff to put some fire under his a**. If he doesn’t shape up we drop him midway through next year.

      1. Md
        But Dude! Who you want? Blaine? Dylan?
        Some college kid who doesn’t know protections? Jeez zus! It’s CK now. If we change for 16 we’re on a 3-year back track rebuild…….IF the new guy works.

        1. To me the money is more important with all of the pieces gone from years past. I don’t know who could fill in. But he’s to expensive for another trial run.
          I’d actually take a decent qb who at least knows how to read a defense and run an offense. Doesn’t have to be super athletic. Just get your job done and be more than one dimensional.
          I wanted them to go heavy on the o-line in the draft. Id like to see them go heavy for a dominate DE and a dominate, fast, strong, smart ILB. Rebuild that defense to a top 3 again and let the chips fall where they may.

        2. Bro Tuna

          I wish that you’d explain to me why you, Grimey, and Rocket are so down on Blaine ?…or Dylan Thompson…? Blaine has performed better than Kaep since he’s been here,when given a chance, or is it just stick with the snake that you know rather than the snake that you don’t ? Thompson hasn’t even had that chance yet….Kaep has shown me that he isn’t, hasn’t been, and never will be a quality NFL QB. I guess that it’s ME who doesn’t GET IT….

          1. I watched Dylan this summer. He showed promise but also showed his unpreparedness. That’s why not now and I have as yet to see a huge upside on him. He could develop into a Steve Bono kind of backup.
            On Blaine, it’s a prejudice on my part from what I saw of him as a starter. I think when he takes a few hits (you will admit that there’s some chance of that) he will revert to some bad habits. Behind SF’s OL there will be some adversity. Is there enough fight in the dog?
            I’ll admit that the margin of ‘Why not?’ has closed a lot recently, but I’m still not convinced that either is an upgrade, much less a fix.

    1. Goff is a wasted pick IMO
      Defenses win rings in today’s NFL.
      Cash in the late picks and move up to get some top flight defensive players.
      Fill the holes for Willis, smith and smith.

    2. Eric Jensen

      …NO MORE YEARS FOR KAEP!! There will be at least a dozen QB’s ahead of Goff by seasons end…he gets so much play on this blog because he’s from Cal or Stanford…the last Quality Cal QB’s are Rogers, Kapp, and ‘Whizzer’ White…(regrets to Joe Roth and “Golden Boy” Steve.)

      Jordan Devey will become a great OG . Who can you say could excel at Oline being traded for and becoming a starter in a strange system in his first week ? Alongside Brown at RT, that Oline can become dominant for years.

  10. I wish I could get one question in. At this point I would seriously ask. “So Colin. Where do you see yourself playing next season.

    1. Grant should have said, Hey Colin, make this sound, “KE-KAW!!!! KE-KAW!!!”
      And Colin would say what’s that?
      And Grant would reply, “The Sound of an Eagle because you’re playing for the one coach that will have you — Chip Kelly!”

  11. No one under center is going to be any better with this oline.we could draft nothing but qbs in the upcoming draft and they would all be destroyed.Everyone can wish for a new coaching staff new qb all u want in the end the results will be the’s like trying to build a house in a swamp with solo cups as the fondation,it’s going to sink and colapse after the first brick is laid.with out a solid foundation it all crumbles that foundation starts with the oline and Dline that’s where I would concentrate.but all this falls on the guy in charge balkee that’s where the blame game should start

    1. Normally I discount these “unnamed sources” as the beginning of this article suggests, but after the Harbaughcalypse, I wholeheartedly believe it. I think for myself, this could be the most dysfunctional 49ers F/O, CS and Team I’ve ever had the displeasure of rooting for….

      1. Interesting that Lowell said he didn’t think this was from management. I would have thought for both Lowell and Glazer to be hearing this it would likely need to be leaked by management. Unless Glazer is closer to the players than I thought.

        1. Jay Glazer owns a MMA style training gym in LA. Some NFL players have worked out there in the off season.

          1. Jay Glazer was actually the first guy to report rumblings of the Jim Harbaugh/Jed York:Baalke dissension

        2. Lowell shifts his target when easy pickings are presented to him. But for this one he seems to need to rationalize pilling on.

    2. I think Kap was listening to A Bronx Tale with his headphones when he made the statement. Lorenzo the bus driver told his son, “C”, that those guys don’t respect guys like Sonny, dey fear him. Kap really just wants to be like Lorenzo the bus driver.

        1. I did, I found it pretty entertaining. There were a few too many scenes devoted to him driving around the city listening to music but it’s a Jarmusch flick if it didn’t over use it’s soundtrack I’d have been shocked.

          I liked that the Haitian always seemed to know what GD was either saying or about to say, did he understand English better then he was letting on?

          It was funnier then I expected, when the old man blurted out passenger pigeon for the first time I had a good laugh.

          I think the movie tries to be more then it is at times. I found certain story points to not really make sense. What was the point of using the pigeons, it took the mobsters all of 2 seconds to find out where he lived so they certainly didn’t offer him any anonymity. If it’s because he wanted to be of the ancient way then I find it hard to imagine that he would have a device that can hot wire cars that he then drives around listening to modern music in, not exactly what the ancients did.

          Overall I’d give it a soft 3/5. I don’t think everybody would love it but It was original with some clever humor and Whittaker always turns in a good performance.

            1. Well that’s what I mean. The movie tries to be too many things. Jarmusch overloads the viewer with one reference and allusion after another. One moment he’s channeling Leone and then next it’s Scorsese wrapped up in a tribute to Kurosawa.

              Don’t get me wrong i’m being overly critical, like I said I did enjoy it. It just felt muddled at times.

              1. I like the idea of a modern hit man who lives by an ancient code confronting a different defunct code and culture. Two sides struggling to create meaning in a cruel world that has passed them by.

              2. What was up with the cartoons? I’ve searched for an explanation and haven’t come across one.

              3. I think it was everyone associated with the “evil” side because even the mafia boss’s creepy daughter was watching them. But yes, every time they were shown watching t.v. it was a cartoon. I wondered if the genre or style of cartoon mattered or even the age of the viewer. The first guy to get whacked is watching a real old school ‘Felix the Cat cartoon but the each time they flashed to what they were watching the show became more modern. After Felix we saw Woody the woodpecker and after that we saw Ren & Stimpy. Each person that was watching was slightly younger then the previous.

                None of that is going to be by happenstance or coincidence so I’m curious what his motivation for it was.

              4. It’s a great question. I’m not sure I know the answer. Jarmusch goes out of his way to make these particular mobsters seem silly and brainless. I think the cartoons tie in with that. On the other hand, Ghost Dog is serious and intellectual, so he reads books like Rashomon and the Way of the Samurai.

              5. I found this;

                Cartoons are also used as a metaphor to scene or plot dynamics. Handsome Frank watches a cartoon featuring Betty Boop corralling her pigeons moments before Ghost Dog, a fellow pigeon raiser, arrives to assassinate him. Ghost Dog is later seen handling his pigeons in the same manner as Betty. Boss Vargo watches a Felix the Cat cartoon wherein the Professor voices his frustration at capturing the elusive Felix and his magic bag, mirroring the mafia’s inability to find and eliminate Ghost Dog, who carries his weapons and equipment in a black briefcase. Vargo and his daughter, Louise, watch a Woody Woodpecker cartoon in the car, immediately after Ghost Dog has been distracted by a woodpecker while sniping in the woods. The cartoon features a staring contest between Woody and the Grim Reaper. Vargo’s daughter watches an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show (in which Itchy and Scratchy threaten each other with increasingly bigger guns, before blowing up the earth) before the equally violent battle which concludes the film.

                I mistakenly said Ren & Stimpy when it was Itchy & Scratchy.

    3. Grant do you think this stems from #7 getting the starting job due to injury?
      I mean it’s a while ago but don’t players have some type of “code” that you should never lose your job due to injury? Could the players like Staley, Boone and others resent #7 for some of what went down with Alex & Harbaugh which led to all the spiralling of disaster at 4949?

      1. That’s a BS rule. If the guy that replaces you is as good or better and the team is winning, not to mention making a significantly lower amount, you’re SOL, unless you’re a HOF’er. Nothing personal, just business….

        1. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just that players talk about that scenario as code.
          BTW, #7 wasn’t and isn’t a better QB than Alex Smith. #7 will be lucky to be in the league in 2 more years!

          1. I could care less who is better. I did not make the decision. I have much graver concerns within the franchise….

            1. And one of those concerns is the guy behind centre. He’s not only brutal on the field but now whispers of being a bad teammate.
              All offseason we heard guys like you tell us how different he was going to be. How much better he was going to be.What happened?

              1. Kaepernick is no longer a concern. I’ve seen this movie before. Apologies for letting you down old friend, but as I explained below, I’m not an expert and I don’t suffer ineptitude within my franchise for very long. Now I hear you opining for a gentleman named Cook. Is he the one that can elevate this team under the current regime, and take us to the promise land?

              2. Anyone is better than this current farce of a QB. He was a bad idea then and hopefully someone else’s headache moving forward.
                I’m a big fan of Connor Cook. Whether he can translate his accuracy, precision and smarts to the NFL game is the next great mystery. From what I see I think he can.

              3. So you believe Conner Cook can carry this team and elevate the players around him under the current regime?

              4. Tomsula, Baalke are a must exit. Once that’s done, Cook can succeed with a bonafide coach and GM.

              5. If you’re taking Cook that high, he’d better be elite, and I think we’re stuck with this GM/HC at least until the bye in 2016….

    4. I have to disagree about this not coming from management. I’m sure that there are players that don’t like Kaepernick, but the way it is coming out just stinks of management having a hand in on it.

      1. Mid if this indeed is another soap opera drama via ownership and management, I will official divorce myself from everything red and gold. This would just be absurd if that’s how they conduct business.
        I’m not a a violent person but if I ever saw Jed in person, I just might take a swing!

    5. I don’t know, this all seems over the top. For me, Kap is simply playing very near to his ceiling. This nightmare of an OL is not helping him to show any offseason improvements that are not quite yet subconsciously ingrained. Even still, I don’t think there’s much more improvement to be had.

      I think he’ll be the new Jed York scapegoat and will be moving on to another team at the end of the season (maybe the Eagles). It might be good for Kap. For us, though, the top echelon of the CS has to go. That might very well not happen if Kap is made out to be the sole villian.

    1. I’d add Reaser, Johnson, Armstead and Ellington to that list.

      I thought this was interesting: “This season, he [Dorsey] has earned a minus-2.7 grade from Pro Football Focus.”

      I have been a bit disappointed with his play this season. He’s never been much of a pass rusher but he’s typically been strong against the run. This year though I’ve noticed him getting moved off the ball more than you’d like. This confirms it for me. I agree it is likely partly due to the bicep injury he had last year. Might be time to start rotating Armstead in for him more often.

      1. I would suggest inserting as many youngsters into the lineup as possible to find out who can make a living going forward….

      2. I would add Tiller and Brown.
        The whole preseason, they were moving players all over the place so they would be familiar with multiple positions. Now they keep playing the same old failing players and never change except rotating Tiller and Devey.
        Coach Tomsula says he is responsible. He is failing. He needs to change. His assessments are bad. He should not use his assessments, he should use the PFF grades. Every player with a negative grade should consider his job in jeopardy, even Kaep.

    2. The only problem with that article is that if they indeed do that, play the young guys and they are not very good, wouldn’t that all but seal Baalkes fate?

      1. This just in, (leans in with a low whisper reminiscent of Harbaugh) the Forty Niners are not very good….

        1. Well according to you Kapernicus was going to lead the revolution. Your tune has changed considerably old friend!

          1. WhoTF am I? Your source for all that is football? I’m just a hack, and a die hard 49er fan. You can make fun of Kaepernick and myself all you want, but I don’t find it funny that the 49ers are a dysfunctional mess with absolutely no leadership, and bereft of offensive acumen. Kaepurnicus has been slain by my favorite sin, vanity old friend….

            1. All offseason know it alls like you, Scooter and Rocket preached how great #7 would be. Well, hack or not, it was all BS like I knew it was.
              Now it’s everyone else’s fault as to why he is so bad when really we knew it was him even 2 years ago!

              1. Hey Prime Time, news flash, I never pretended to know the heart of Kaepernick. I bow down to your almighty football prowess. From now on when I address you, it shall be as Primus Adonis…..

              2. Prime,

                All offseason know it alls like you, Scooter and Rocket preached how great #7 would be. Well, hack or not, it was all BS like I knew it was.
                Now it’s everyone else’s fault as to why he is so bad when really we knew it was him even 2 years ago!

                Not sure why you feel the need to play reckless with the truth and create a strawman like this, but this statement is not true. Nobody said Kap would be great. What was preached as you say, was hope that Kaps work in AZ would lead to better play from the pocket. No predictions; just optimism that maybe he could take the next step. In the past two days you have provided a lot of misinformation Prime. You might want to slow down and get your facts straight before throwing accusations around.

              3. Rocket, I did, but have been proven wrong. It sucks, but the offseason losses were too great to overcome. I had great hopes for Kaep, but Devey and Pears destroyed them.

              4. Prime,

                I think it takes a certain person to admit they were wrong. We all know who the big supporters of Kaep are on this blog. Lord knows I went back and forth with Rocket so many times, and he was a little pompous and arrogant about his stats.

                Now they’re all backstepping and from the beliefs and support for Kaep, saying how they never thought Kaep was that good, they can’t admit that he is that bad.

                The 2012 year, as many have stated, was an outlier year. He was never accurate at Nevada as well. He caught teams off guard. He couldn’t even beat out Alex Smith in pre-season!
                Some guy on Ninersnation said it best — He beat a banged up Bears team with Jason Campbell. Who was harassed by Aldon Smith and got Chico Rahel out of the league.

                We all forget so-so games against the Rams and Saints. We remember a good Patriot game, and of course the GB game.

                Somehow he really hasn’t replicated that kind of dominance since. Why? Because those games were the abnormal. Teams have figured him out.

                Rocket will say he played a great game in the NFCCG. He kept them in games. But slowly the narrative changes when we realize he was unwilling to throw the ball because he couldn’t “see” open receivers.

                I was tired of it then, and I’m tired of it now. Even last year, Trent Baalke was in the press box screaming at Kaep to throw the ball.

                Even in pre-season this year, I argued that Kaep should have thrown it to the flat to the WR instead of taking off and running for 34 yards. Let the WR make some plays.

                Crabtree sure is happier in Oakland, and he’s the #2. At least he gets to see the ball!

                #7 is what he is. He’ll have a few more bad games, a couple of good ones against weak opponents, and then he flickers out.

                I personally want him to stick it to Jed York and Trent: I want to see Kaep run like crazy and scared them every time — to get up slowly, grab his groin, his head, anything to say F-you! You’re paying me my 30 million!

              5. I think it takes a certain person to admit they were wrong. We all know who the big supporters of Kaep are on this blog. Lord knows I went back and forth with Rocket so many times, and he was a little pompous and arrogant about his stats.

                Now they’re all backstepping and from the beliefs and support for Kaep, saying how they never thought Kaep was that good, they can’t admit that he is that bad.

                Fan you want so badly to be right about a view you have had since being upset Smith was benched, that you are now completely rewriting history. I know everyone else on the board is tired of this back and forth by now and I’m going to move on after this but I can’t sit back and let you distort the truth with comments like this.

                I have supported Kap, just like I did Smith, because they were winning games. If a QB shows me he can win, I’m on board with him. End of story. I’ve never been an apologist for Kap and have criticized his inability to play from the pocket consistently for as long as he’s been playing. The stats I provided were in response to nonsensical comments by you and a few others who would focus soley on mistakes and style points and ignore the positives including the wins he was piling up. It’s become a case with you of either agreeing Kap sucks or being accused of being a supporter who doesn’t see anything wrong with him. It’s black and white much like the arguments over Smith were. I don’t subscribe to black and white opinions. I allow for the fact that there is a middle ground where the truth usually resides.

                I’m also not back stepping from anything. Prime made an assertion that wasn’t true and I responded. Going into this season I hoped he would take the next step in his development and become a more consistent player, but I didn’t know if that would happen, and I certainly didn’t predict greatness. If you want to rip me for hoping he would improve then go to town.

                At this point I’m very disappointed that a player who looked like he was on the verge of something special two years ago has been unable to take the next step due to issues both under his control and not. You, Prime and a few others continue to direct the majority of blame on him and want him gone, but I’m a realist Fan. Kap has his flaws, but he also plays behind an oline that doesn’t allow him to improve on his biggest weakness which is playing in the pocket. I’ve seen it work with Kap here much like it does in Carolina with Newton and Seattle with Wilson. That is what I hoped would continue along with Kap improving as a pocket passer. That hasn’t happened and Kap is likely done here, but don’t accuse me of being a blind loyalist who supports a player when he doesn’t deserve it because nothing could be further from the truth.

              6. Rocket you quickly forget your narrative all off season and to begin the season arguing that #7 was and is still a good QB. You used stats to show #7 was right on par with the other QB’s in the league, even when I said Andy Dalton has developed above #7, you brought up stats to show how CK has more wins in playoff games and that he would eventually faulter down stretch.
                Well I think what we have been saying about #7 all along pains you because the truth now is you have to finally admit it.
                The fact that he is nothin like the other QB’s in the league, specifically Dalton who makes CK look like a highschool QB.
                We argued that when he played against good defenses he crumbled. You showed stats. See last Thursday and every other time against Seattle. He played poorly but you and Scooter and Razor kept bringing up that he carried the team to the NFCCG and SB. Like those accomplishments meant his game was getting better and that there was still time to improve. But once again, in pressure games, he gets lost. But right then and there, it was a stat to show otherwise.
                Now it comes to light that he might be a cancer in the locker room. Any stat there to show otherwise?
                I get that you wanted #7 to be great and that all those big numbers he put up early in his career meant something, but it didnt. He is and always will be a one dimensional QB. I said it before the Bears game and you guys said I needed to eat crow. Now we know those 2 glorious games against the Pats and the Bears were nothing but a flash in the pan.
                Its time for everyone to move on, right or wrong, CK was never going to be the guy to build around. I just happened to believe it sooner than most!

              7. Yep Rocket, Baalke did Kaepernick no favors with free agents, the draft and last but not least, the Goodwill coaching staff. This latest report by Mr. Cohn and Mr. Glazer speaks to the character of Kaepernick, and if true, maybe the best prescription is humility, three times a day with meals in his new cafeteria….

              8. Prime,

                Rocket you quickly forget your narrative all off season and to begin the season arguing that #7 was and is still a good QB. You used stats to show #7 was right on par with the other QB’s in the league, even when I said Andy Dalton has developed above #7, you brought up stats to show how CK has more wins in playoff games and that he would eventually faulter down stretch.
                Well I think what we have been saying about #7 all along pains you because the truth now is you have to finally admit it.,/i>

                I haven’t forgotten anything. You just keep throwing out strawman arguments to paint a picture of me supporting Kap unconditionally and you saying he was no good and being right all along. The narrative you are putting out is pure fiction Prime. As I said to fan above, the stats I produced were to counter the statements by both of you that Kap wasn’t any good at any point in time. That was completely untrue and the stats along with the results on the field said so. I also put up the QB rating that had Kap in the middle of the pack ahead of other QB’s like Dalton and Newton. When you brought up Dalton earlier this year, I clearly said Dalton was playing better this season, but that up until this season Kap had been the better QB which again was backed up by the numbers and wins on the field. You seem to have a problem distinguishing between what stats represent and what your personal opinion tells you. The fact you are more than willing to accept rumors and believe Kap is a locker room cancer is also not surprising.

                As I also said to fan, the only thing that pains me is the fact it looks like it’s not going to work out with Kap and we will be starting over again at the most important position on the field. That is a huge disappointment for me because it likely insures a long tedious rebuild that may result in years of bad football. I’ve been through this as have you, and the idea that could be what lies ahead is very painful.

                Look guys, at this point I’ve stated my position too many times to count. If you want to continue to distort it and build those strawmen, feel free. I can’t paint my position any clearer.

              9. Rocket,

                Do you know what you lost this argument? You can’t stick to the facts. Whether I like or hate Alex has nothing to do with the facts:

                I told you why I thought Kaep sucked last year. And we argued. And argued. My reasons as to why I thought he stunk are the same.

                And now it’s all come to forefront, all his issues. All the reasons I stated so long ago. And he’s done nothing to prove me wrong, or to improve so they aren’t issues anymore.

                Do you really think a good O-Line will make Colin read defenses any faster? Be more accurate? Do you even listen to Cosell? Or that’s right, of course you don’t because if you did you would know Kaep’s got a whole lotta problems and while he’s not the only reason this team sucks, he’s a big part of why! Geep Chryst is doing all he can to get receivers open and Kaep won’t throw it. He rather take the sack and blame the O-line, then throw it in rhythm. Dude is Lost.

                You can try and change the narrative all you want. It’s clear you want to be right, you want to justify your arrogance with stats.

                You can’t admit you were dead wrong about Kaep. It’s okay. Alot of smart people thought he could be a good QB. And a lot of smarter people knew he would suck.

              10. It’s like you didn’t even read what I said fan. That is why this is a waste of time. I will spare the others on the board from reading any further. Believe what you want to believe fan, it doesn’t matter to me.

              11. I would just rather you stated you over estimtated how good he was. The stats, the QBR rating was all just smoke.
                Fan and I said all along he lacked vision, accuarcy, precision and leadership. Each time you guys brought up stats and comparisons to other QB’s in the league.
                My arguement was those stats didnt mean anything because if a QB lacked those intangibles, it would not matter what kind of team was around him, he would fail.
                But now thats all for not because the league has shown what #7 really is. Maybe now you can realize it too!

              12. Prime,

                I would just rather you stated you over estimtated how good he was. The stats, the QBR rating was all just smoke.

                You want me to say I over estimated him when from the beginning I’ve said he was a great athletic talent who was learning how to play the position at this level. That is the problem we have here Prime. You want to attribute opinions to me that I didn’t state. Every stat I put up was in response to you and others like fan stating Kap couldn’t play.

                Fan and I said all along he lacked vision, accuarcy, precision and leadership. Each time you guys brought up stats and comparisons to other QB’s in the league.

                That’s not true either Prime. You guys found things about his game to nit pick about like throwing mechanics for example or throwing to Crabtree on the last play of the NFCCG, but the vision, not being able to read defenses or go through progressions narrative really got going last year when Niner nation and others started putting together gifs of Kap missing open receivers. Both of you started complaining when he was given the job over Smith, and for fan it included whining about Kaps immaturity because he wore a Dolphins hat. His derision toward Kap was not based on anything other than personal dislike until last year when he finally had something tangible to jump on when those breakdowns came out after the Seattle game.

                My arguement was those stats didnt mean anything because if a QB lacked those intangibles, it would not matter what kind of team was around him, he would fail.

                And that was proven wrong Prime. We saw first hand that with the right mix around him Kap could lead this team far into the playoffs. He did it twice so saying what you just did is categorically wrong and not supported by fact just like it was when you said previously. Last year the decline began when the Oline play slipped due to not having Davis and later Kilgore due to injury. That isn’t the only reason Kap is struggling, but there was a clear correlation between the Oline struggles and Kaps that’s continued into this season.

                But now thats all for not because the league has shown what #7 really is. Maybe now you can realize it too!

                I realize Kap is likely never going to become a traditional pocket passer Prime. I hoped he would improve in that area but it doesn’t look like it’s something that will ever be natural to him.

              13. Prime,

                Yes! I was about to right roughly the same thing. They over-estimated how good he was and under-estimated how bad he was.

                And then got on their high horse about how we were all wrong.

                Sucks to be sooo off target like a Kaep pass to the sideline!

            2. Sorry Rocket, you were wrong about #7 in all facets of his game. Yeah you rebutted with stats and ratings but it was all for show.
              Hey, maybe I will be wrong about Connor Cook!

              1. It’s ok to be wrong Prime Time, but what I find disconcerting is the overzealous joy you and your cohort exude at the demise of our quarterback. What bothers me even more, is the way in which this franchise neglected to not only develop him as a quarterback, but not provide him with a number one receiver who he could trust to come down with the football if he threw it up there. He got zero help from the 2012 draft, zero help from the 2013 draft and again zero help from the 2014 class other than Mr. Hyde. Kaepernick to Jeffery or Allen, along with better OL play, would have provided Kaepernick with that trust and a number one wide receiver….

                Prime, you believe Cook is an elite prospect, and Kaepernick will be in the CFL in two years. If Kaepernick goes to the Packers, Patriots, Steelers, or Cardinals, you will be wrong, and that’s ok….

              2. I must admit I don’t recall saying I thought Kaep was great, but hey, if that’s the story you want to run with go for it. What I do find funny is you persist on having jabs at us “know it alls” while continually trying to showcase how much more you “know” than anyone else.

              3. Razoreater —

                Did Alex Smith have a #1 WR? Did he have an O-Line and Defense? Not for the first 6 years he didn’t!

                Kaep had a lot of support. At some point it falls on him. He just doesn’t have the qualities you need to be a competent QB.

                He never took it upon himself to work on his faults. He rather work on his strengths. He thought he could power the ball on every through.

                He never learned the nuances. He had too much on his plate.

                I am not happy about his demise. I wish he was good. I wish I was wrong about Kaep. He’s a good kid. It’s not personal.

                Bring on Gabbert!

      2. Not really Prime. Look at the history pertaining to GMs under the York regime.

        1. Prime & Fan 77

          Bravo! You have voiced my feelings almost exactly…I only wish I could have done as well. Once again…BRAVO!

    3. I agree. Better to determine how developmental players are doing sooner rather than later. I’d like a good look at Mike Purcell for sure. Gabbert too. I’d add Harold and McCray in some situations.

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Kaepernick play a series or two throwing ducks, and the insertion of Gabbert is made due to excessive swelling of Kaepernicks’ head, I mean thumb….

  13. Baalke Criticisms Agree/Disagree

    – Baalke has a poor track record drafting and developing pass catchers and quarterbacks: Agree.

    I have hopes for Smelter, White, Bell and Anderson, but overall the team sorely lacks internally developed developed pass attack talent.

    – Baalke’s “red shirt” NFI players are always getting hurt: Disagree

    Its mostly the non-NFI players that are falling like flies. None of the 12 starters that went on IR last year were at one time NFI redshirts.

    – Too many seemingly healthy players Baalke drafted are riding the pine with nagging injuries: Agree

    Injuries have slowed the development of several players… Ward and Ellington come to mind. And then there’s Borland and Davis and…

    – Baalke is too “money-ball”, allowing quality veterans to leave: Party Agree

    When Miller went down hurt in 2013, they lost a key SAK blocker for their gap scheme run system. Walker would have been far better than Dixon in the 2013 NFFCG. Letting Walker go might have cost a super bowl appearance.

    I also think he should bury the hatchet and extend Boone. Its not like there’s a surplus of quality guards that can play swing tackle.

    On the other hand, there’s alot of former 49ers that were showered with FA money playing ho-hum football.

    – Baalke always trades back to stockpile useless draft picks: Disagree

    Many of those late picks are un-tradeable compensatory picks.
    Its true if there’s a flat talent spot in the draft, and Baalke thinks he can get the same guy 15 spots later, he’ll trade back and take the freebie later pick.

    But in more than one post draft interview Baalke’s said he tried to trade up day three picks but there were no takers. He’s already dumped of two late 2016 picks via player trades.
    He also refuses trade back offers if he really likes a player. (Tartt)

    – Scott McCloughan’s a better talent evaluator because he drafted more star players: Apples to Oranges. McCloughan’s drafts had way higher draft position.

    A more apples-to-apples bad draft comparison is 2008 to 2012.

    Year – Chart Value – Players
    2012 – 1,031- A. J. Jenkins, LaMichael James, Joe Looney, Darius Flemming, Trenton Robinson, Jason Slowey, Cam Johnson
    2008 – 1,463 – Kentwan Balmer, Chilo Rachal, Reggie Smith, Cody Wallace, Josh Morgan, Larry Grant

    – Baalke never made trade up offers for a top receiver in 2014/2015: Disagree

    Baalke made trade up offers, but the trade-up demands were absurdly high. Many times higher than 2013’s trade-up price for Reid. Baake also said he explored trade-ups in 2015, but the demands were extremely high.

    – Baalke neglects the quarterback position in the draft: Agree

    In 2014 draft, when no trade-up for Beckham materialized, I was actually hoping the 49ers would draft Carr with Pick 30. Yes, I could be MMQB BSing… but for pure value, Carr seemed like a great pick at that moment. (I eventually warmed to the Ward pick)

    By then Baalke must have been well aware of CK’s limitations. Even if CK played well in 2014, Carr could have provided contract and trade leverage along with depth at a key position.

    – Baalke over-values developmental players, especially offensive linemen: Agree
    To be fair, its fans like me that do much of the over-valuing.

    I would have said False before the season began, but so far Brandon Thomas, Marcus Martin and Joe Looney are big disappointments so far.
    I’m not giving up on these players, but I’m stunned Brandon Thomas or Joe Looney can’t beat out a player like Devey. And then there’s Lemonier and Patton and…

    Seriously, how long does a player need to be in training camps and practices to determine if they will ever be any good? Is Baalke really not sure about Lemonier? Does he really need to see one more practice drill?

    – Baalke’s terrible because he didn’t draft [insert surprisingly good player name]: Disagree.

    I did criticism him for skipping Carr, but 30 other teams skipped Carr too. All 32 teams skipped Martavis Bryant three times.

    1. Good analysis.

      I believe the Niners matched the Titans’ offer but Delanie Walker wanted to get more playing time (probably to parlay for a third contract) which was not going to happen here with Vernon Davis around.

    2. I couldn’t agree more about your point on “missing” on players like Martavis Bryant. He was an excellent 4th round pick, should have gone higher in hindsight, and is turning into a heck of a big play #2 WR. Would I prefer to have Bryant than Ellington right now – heck yes! But every team passed on him… perhaps his recent suspension was a good darn reason why.

      Also, on Bryant, the way people talk about him you’d swear he was the best WR of the 2014 crop. He’s not. He’s got the look of a brilliant #2 WR, in the mold of Alvin Harper. But he benefits from having a great WR opposite him in Brown, that takes the majority of the defenses attention.

      Guys like Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham, Kelvin Benjamin, Brandin Cooks, Jordan Matthews, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry and John Brown all went ahead of him and have done nothing to suggest they shouldn’t have done so. All have been highly productive, and look like guys that will be focal points of their offense for a long time.

        1. Sure was. You just need to look at how this years crop of rookie receivers are going, Amari Cooper aside, to see how uncommonly good it was.

            1. I liked him heading into the draft and still do. Looking forward to seeing what he can do next season.

              1. Same here. Strong receiver. Huge baseball mitt hands. If he develops average speed ir better he’ll be a weapon.

      1. I liked Donte Moncrief and Martavis Bryant as sleepers in that draft.
        In hindsight, Keenan Allen was available, but the Niners passed on him.
        Last draft, I initially liked Ty Montgomery, but he was passed over until GB selected him, and I think he is doing well. Of course, having AR throw to him helps.

        1. If memory serves me correctly, Baalke took Jenkins over Jefferies, VMac over Allen, Martin over John Brown….

        2. I was really hoping for a trade up for Evans. I was surprised he went so high.

          Then I thought Baalke would grab Lee at 30.

          The rest of the 2014 draft was torture, as receiver after receiver fell off the board. Denver grabbed Latimer. I really liked Moncrief too. I thought Bryant would be a nice gamble pick in the 4th, but Baalke took Ellington.

          Not to say I wasn’t happy about days 1-2of the draft (at the time).
          I thought Ward was a nice counter move to all the new slot receivers in the division.
          Loved Hyde’s college productivity and power
          I thought Martin and Thomas were sure thing additions to the O-line
          Borland would be quality depth behind Willis/Bowman… and add some gap shooting/blitzing element to the defense.
          I thought Ellington would be a slightly less explosive, but more durable blue collar version of the Austin’s and Harvin’s. (Did I saw more durable? LOL)

        3. Ty Montgomery is exactly what I thought he was – a poor man’s Percy Harvin. You need to devise ways to get him the ball. He’s not a good route runner and he struggles catching deep passes.

    3. Baalke buys groceries he thinks Parcells would want. If you want Parcells there is no reason to get rid of Baalke.

      1. Thanks! It’s once I’ve been thinking about doing for the last few weeks.

        Hard to determine the threads in this blog. If the K and Allen were referring to the Baalke post, thanks to you guys too.

  14. I now understand the yorks plan
    Hire an NFL Europe coaching staff
    Drive team to the bottom of the NFL
    Move Team to London to dominate the new NFL Europe
    At least that’s the only rational reason I could come up with for what they are doing to destroy this once proud franchise. Shame on the Yorks first Harbaugh and now they are going after Kap.

  15. Kaep does not get it. Any QB who wants to lead should show leadership skills. Being liked is one of them. Not being liked, but getting respect may sound OK, but when you throw the ball out of bounds or at the WRs feet, they do not respect your Quarterbacking skills.
    So being disliked and not respected should not be a goal for any QB who wants to be the leader and be the starter.
    Kaep keeps talking about winning. The only problem is that when he is losing, it affects how he plays because he is worried about losing. He should change his goal. Kaep should just concentrate on scoring TDs. He should set a goal of scoring at least 7 times per game, preferably with TDs. If he scores enough, winning comes along. If he loses, he should just say that he did not score enough.
    The goal of winning games is fine when he is winning, but when he is losing, it causes undue stress, and makes it harder to win.

    1. Seb, I lead a group of managers. The managers who work hard at being liked don’t get things done with their employees because in order to get things done you have to motivate and keep people accountable. If being liked is your goal then as soon as somebody isn’t doing their job or you have to make a decision for success that impacts how people like you, you stop because you want them to like you. This is Jim Tomsula’s leadership. The managers that invest in people, speak the truth and hold them to high standards get stuff done. They are respected and can’t be held hostage by not being liked. They are respected because they are fair and lead people to success. Kaep has the right words, not sure he actually has their respect. Respect is superior to being liked.

        1. Seb, review the last line of my post. “Kaep has the right words, not sure he actually has their respect. Respect is superior to being liked.” I never said he had respect, he has the right words but only partial respect at most from his teammates because he’s not playing well. Some respect his work ethic but I am not sure he’s an extroverted leader that some are looking for. He clearly displays introverted tendencies both in interviews and around his teammates. That’s a function of personality not support from teammates or leadership. When things go bad introverts often withdraw into themselves where as extroverts get vocal. I agree when you play is bad people have trouble respecting you.

      1. Wilson, maybe the best goal would be for the team to like AND respect him. I want players to say that they would take a bullet for him, or they would run through a brick wall for him.

    2. I don’t think being liked is a main “skill” as you put it. Do you think Peyton Manning has ever been “liked” by his teammates? They respect him for sure, but I’ll bet few want to spend their off days with him. Probably Brady as well. During the season QBs sometimes have to get in the faces of their teammates. Kap should be respected, approachable and not hated. For a QB, liked in the sense of going out drinking all the time with your buddies or feeling that you can’t push them to perform better, IMO, is not advisable. Leaders have to make tough choices. I’ve mentioned this a number of times, but there is a reason why people say that “it’s lonely at the top.”

      1. Being liked is a prerequisite to having the team behind him, which can lead to success. Being disliked can lead to players not playing hard because they do not like or want the QB to succeed.

        1. No its not Seb. Like is based on pleasing other people and you can’t please them unless you do what they way. Respect is based on performance and character responses in both positive and negative situations. As the leader you need to care for your people and help them meet the needs of the organization. See Tomsula’s leadership. He’s likes but eventually he won’t be respected. He has character but his competence doesn’t breed trust or respect to meet the organizations goals. He’s pleasing the players by not pushing them and the like him, but he’s losing respect by his incompetence. Kaep too.

        1. That’s the whole point, Seb. What Wilson and I are saying is that “top performing organizations” are run the way we are outlining (and although I only mentioned Kap in the post above, I’ve said the same thing about Tomsula a number of times). You would be hard pressed to find a top performing organization anywhere that runs on the “buddy-buddy” system it sounds like you are proposing. Initially, everybody might be happy, but eventually the organization becomes a bottom feeder and then no one is happy.

          I wish I could find an article that I read recently about a Seattle entrepreneur who decided to pay all of his employees $70K a year. Part of his reasoning was that he wanted to be well-liked by all of his employees. After a few months the organization was plunged into chaos.

          Now I clearly stated that Kap should not be hated by his teammates, because that can readily lead to career ending injuries in football.

          1. I understand that being liked is not a guarantee of success. The early Oakland As were fighting all the time, but won world series. The 88 Niners were 6-5 and everyone, including Eddie, were pointing fingers, but then went on to win the SB.
            However, there are many examples where a team pulls together, becomes a big family with everyone pulling in the same direction, and won it all.
            There are a ton of examples where a team has fights and squabbles, is torn apart and is totally dysfunctional, and ends up in the cellar.

            1. Pulling together is different than being liked. Pulling together is a sign of a good leader addressing issues, earning trust and respect, helping people adjust behavior and performance to meet the goals. Being liked is a concession often giving in to a disgruntled party.

              Seb, would you define how your using “Being Liked”? What do you mean by that?

              1. Me thinks you’re doing a great job running a support group for Seb’s thought process today. Much appreciated.

              2. Hmm we have been parsing whether being liked is inferior to being respected, then you want a definition of being liked.
                How’s this- It is the opposite of being disliked.

              3. Seb I wasn’t asking for “a” definition of being liked, I asked how you are defining it. Watch what being liked gets Tomsula by the end of the season.

              4. Well, I would start by saying that if a QB wants to be liked, he should not poach a team mate’s GF. If he wants my respect, he should drop that Delilah and go ask for forgiveness from the aggrieved party.
                I like Coach Tomsula, but the saying goes- Nice guys finish last. Being liked does not translate into wins. He needs to gain respect by winning, and I would like him even more.

              5. Seb you’re buying into TMZ crap on that one. Other posters have already called you on that. People are reaching on the Aldon tweet. He could have been just bashing the whole 49ers organization for cutting him. There was no specific Kaep reference. Aldon was a perfect example. Guys liked him and they respected his playing ability, but his character and choices lost the respect of his teammates. They couldn’t count on him so there was no trust. They genuinely liked Aldon as a person but they lost respect for him as a football player. See the difference? The reason I asked for a definition because at points it sounded like you were using liked as synonymous with trust. Kaep does need to build the trust of his teammates. Trust leads to respect.

    1. I wonder if anyone has approached Jerry Rice about coaching. Or if Jerry Rice has ever said, “I have the answers, I should coach.”

      1. Jerry Rice is not coaching material. He tolerates no talent less than his and that included Deion Samders in 1994 who matched him in talent.

  16. I think there is grumbling inside every locker room on every team. Teams are made up of people and you get enough people you will get your fair share of jerks and the high functioning mentally ill. Winning masks the dysfunction and a strong leader (a Harbaugh) rides herd on the entire team.

    In addition, the Front Office/Ownership is not responsible for every crazy dysfunctional thing that happens, but they are responsible for setting the tone of the organization. That tone setting leadership matters in a large organization. I guarantee you that New England has just as many nut cases as any other team it is just that Belichick/Kraft will not allow the craziness to alter the tone and direction they have set for the team. Baalke/York have set their own tone and direction.

    1. Good point. Another example is that of Charles Haley. As long as Walsh was in charge of the team, he managed to keep Haley’s craziness under control and Charles was the best pass rusher in the league. As soon as Siefert and Policy took over they lost control of Charles completely and ultimately had no choice but to trade him to Dallas where he helped lead the Cowboys to two rings over a three year period.

      We know now that Charles was bipolar which led to much of his bizarre behavior. Walsh had the people skills to manage Haley. Siefert / Policy did not. The current 49er management has even poorer people management skills than Siefert and Policy.

      1. Yes, they do. In addition, having a “players coach” who appears driven by the need for everybody to get along leads to patients being in charge of the asylum. My observation is that NFL teams need hard driving Head Coaches who are very difficult to please. The “players coach” who have personal relationships with the players should be the position coaches.

        Lowell Cohn being interviewed by Tim Kawakimi talked about how Steve Young was never praised by Bill Walsh. Walsh road the team hard and would make Steve run a play over and over again until he was satisfied. Then all he would say is, “OK, we have this, lets move to he next one.” Steve grew to appreciate that leadership and focus. Walsh and his players only became personaly close well after their respective retirements.

      2. Losing Aldon was a big blow to the Niners. The pass rush has been abysmal except for Lynch. the Niners should have sat down Kaep and explained how stealing a GF can lead to losing their best pass rusher. Kaep should show leadership by dropping his GF, and driving to Aldons place where Kaep can give a heartfelt apology to Aldon for messing up.
        My biggest fear is for Kaep to leave, go to another team and win a few championships. He could haunt the Niners for years, and repeat what Haley did.

        1. On the GF stealing subject. Here is my vote for the best GF stealing song.

          “You know what I mean by Lee Michaels”.

          Been forty days since I don’t know when
          I just saw her with my best friend
          Do you know what I mean?
          Do you know, know what I mean?

          Her and Bobby were steppin out
          Her and Bobby didn’t know I found out
          Do you know what I mean?

          1. No it’s just Seb’s morality and his refusal to understand the implications of EX in the outside world.

            1. However, Aldon obviously did not consider her an EX, and melted down so the Niners lost their best pass rusher over a woman.
              Kaep should have asked if Aldon was done and over her. That is just common decency, and common sense.

        2. Losing Aldon appeared to be a big hit at the time, but Aldon isn’t the same guy anymore. He was providing diminishing returns his last two years with the Niners, and so far he hasn’t done much for the Raiders. Not sure what the reason is, but Aldon’s performance has dropped dramatically.

          As far as the GF BS, that’s TMZ crap that is not even worth discussing.

          1. Rocket: I agree with you, but what I find surprising is that it appeared that Baalke was still interested in paying him around $10+ million per year. It seems out of character for Baalke to want to pay that kind of compensation to a guy whose performance was steadily declining. I wonder if he wasn’t being objective because Aldon was his first, first-round pick.

            1. Cubus,

              Could be, but they hadn’t signed him to a long term extension so they obviously had their doubts. Baalke liked Aldon as a person and I think that played a role in all the chances they gave him, but at the end of the day, not giving him the extension before his final year and also forcing changes to the way the final year was structured spoke volumes about how they viewed him going forward. Most of it was based on his behavior I would imagine, but there also had to be some questions about his lack of production the past couple of seasons.

          2. The guy names Smith playing next to Aldon declined and then retired. Check Aldon’s performance using that trajectory.

            The beast next door gave openings for Aldon’s talent. Now Aldon is just OK and I imagine that’s about what the Raiders are paying him.

          3. “Not sure what the reason is, but Aldon’s performance has dropped dramatically.”

            His production slowed down around the same time as Justin Smith’s.

            1. He has only 1.5 sacks, but he is a disruptive force and holds his edge. Many Raider fans credit the D line play as a reason for their winning. QBs cant sit back in the pocket and pick them apart.

        3. “He could haunt the Niners for years, and repeat what Haley did.”

          Yeah I’m sure people had that same feeling about Alex Smith….I’m sure we’ll be fine. Kap has hit his ceiling, he can be productive with a fully loaded team, but that won’t be here.

          1. Colin probably won’t haunt the 49ers, but at the same time I don’t see the 49ers being OK without a new structure.

          2. No, Leo. I had no prediction that AS would ever get to a SB, and this year is no exception.

  17. Maybe Aldon wanted to get Rid of his GF and was celebrating his “freedom” when he ran his car into the tree or power pole or whatever. A variation on “take my wife, please…”

    Reportedly Tiger Woods stole Jason Duffner’s ex wife, and far from being pissed off, Duffner became even better friends with Tiger. “Free at last…Free at last…Thank God almighty Free at last…”.

    1. Aldon ‘s action tell a different story. Aldon tweeted -Karma is a Biotch, referring to Kaep, so he does not have kind thoughts directed at Kaep at the moment.

    1. Barrows is usually a good voice of reason. This passage especially is a great example of perception vs. reality:

      Meanwhile in Carolina, Newton is completing 55.8 percent of his passes, has 1,275 passing yards, nine touchdowns, seven interceptions and a 78.4 passer rating. He’s being talked about — by ESPN, by, by The Washington Post — as a legitimate MVP candidate.

      Kaepernick has completed 61.4 percent of his passes, has 1,453 yards, six touchdowns, five interceptions and an 82.8 passer rating.

      He’s being talked about as a legitimate candidate to be benched.

      The bottom line is wins in this business. If you have them people overlook the negatives; if you don’t the speculation begins on your ticket out of town.

      1. Its funny to hear commentators talk about how much more advanced Cam is the Kaep. I haven’t watched him play this year but I would have thought he’s become Aaron Rodgers by the commentary.

      2. Interesting stats there, Rocket. Cam also has the support of better pass protection, a more effective run game, and a good D that’s getting take-aways.

      3. It’s amazing how other players in a team game can actually play a part in the outcome isn’t it?

        1. If they were trade teams, do you really think the Panthers would be undefeated?
          Kaep’s a straight line runner, he can’t do the things that Cam does.

          Against Seattle, I’d take Cam’s 20-36 for 256 yards and a game winning TD over Kaep’s 13-24 and 124.

          Kaep is a remedial passer. There lies the problem.

          1. Cam is just Kaep with better protection. He really doesn’t do anything better Fan. Cam is a remedial passer too. If Cam were in a 49er uni you’d be all over him saying the exact same things you say about Kaep.

    2. Definitely worth a read. As usual Barrows brings up some good points. I’d forgotten that one of the reasons Kap agreed to a particularly team-friendly contract was that the team would have money to be able to do extensions with his teammates. As far as I know few if any extensions have been done. Of the free agents that Barrows mentions that were not extended/re-signed, only Lupati is arguably sorely missed. Torrey Smith, however, was IMO a big pickup as we needed someone who can stretch the field.

      The OL situation is more complex. The switch to much more zone blocking may have been the biggest mistake. It might have kept them from retaining Lupati (although many here will point out that Baalke would not pay a guard around $8 million per year;it could probably be argued that an impetus for switching to zone blocking was because they knew they couldn’t re-sign Lupati). The AD retirement after the draft was a huge monkey wrench thrown into the works. Add in the surprisingly poor play of MM (top rated center in the 2014 draft) and inability of Brandon Thomas (the guy who played great against Clowney in college) to get on the field. But bringing in Pears and Devey has been a disaster.

    3. 49ers, Zero road wins vs. the Rams DL stockpiled with #1 picks, a loud crowd which affects 49er offensive communication…Projecting through this upcoming loss changes could be on the horizon. It will be interesting when uppermanagement is forced into issuing a statement sometime next week, which they surely will have to do to appease Jed’s world-wide fan base and Seat License Holders.

      1. Hearkening back to our offensive line full of #1 picks, with Iupati blasting holes for Gore which the 49er road, with a stout defense to the SuperBowl, the Rams are now where we were, with seasoned vets…The game should not be close…Can’t wait for MGMT’s, “Lucy, you got a lot of splainin to do”, moment.

    4. Legit read and raises good questions. I don’t know who is who when it comes to Bay Area Sports writers, but I do know Kaep should not bare the brunt of all the niners woes. If they decide to let Kaep go, they should send Baalke with him.

  18. Smart pick (49ers vs. Rams)

    Yes, a touchdown can be a lot when it comes to betting the NFL, but San Francisco has been outgained each of its last six games, four times by at least 145 yards. And the Niners are banged up, with quarterback Colin Kaepernick dealing with a sore thumb and leading rusher Carlos Hyde running on a sore foot. Meanwhile, Gurley is emerging as a great running threat for St. Louis, and that Rams defense can be nasty. The smart choice here is St. Louis.

    Betting trends:

    The Rams are 1-8 SU in their last nine games after a win.
    The 49ers are 6-2 ATS in their last eight games as underdogs against the Rams.
    The 49ers are 3-10 ATS in their last 13 games.

  19. Grant,

    In some future column would you address Baalke’s reasoning in hiring Tomsula and his, obviously limited, staff? I understand that this decision was most probably driven by York, but Baalke is supposed to be a football man. He must have know this was the likely outcome. Or is there a larger objective at work here? Blow off this year, get rid of CK, stockpile picks and grow for the future. Or did he really believe that Tomsula was the answer. If he did, how long will it take before he throws him under the buss?

  20. Its possible for a player to both like and respect Kaepernick.

    They like Kaepernick because he’s a much nicer guy then the monosyllabic lunk we see at press conferences.

    They respect Kaepernick because he’s the hardest working player on the team who would run through a wall for his teammates.

    But they may be subconsciously distancing themselves from Colin because they have little confidence he can get them the ball. He’s liked, he’s respected, but he can’t see the whole field and get rid of the ball in time.

    I’ve seen situations where a liked, respected coworker was (for some reason) on the bubble. People started distancing themselves. Not sure they even realized it.

    1. “But they may be subconsciously distancing themselves from Colin because they have little confidence he can get them the ball. He’s liked, he’s respected, but he can’t see the whole field and get rid of the ball in time.

      I’ve seen situations where a liked, respected coworker was (for some reason) on the bubble. People started distancing themselves. Not sure they even realized it.”

      I was working on a post, but Brodie already wrote his, which says what mine would have said in half the space, so I am just going to add a +1.

      1. Thanks! I’m usually way to wordy in my posts. Nice to get compliments from the fact faction of 49er land.

        A future post I’m planning for later this season is along the line “when everything is the problem, its usually one or two things that’s the problem.”

  21. Anybody remember that ominous Jim Trotter tweet earlier this season? I wonder if that had anything to do with all the mess going on right now. I’m curious to see if he ever expands on that.

    1. Grimey,

      I heard him talking about that on KNBR. He said he regrets sending the tweet, since he wasn’t ready to run with the story. He went on to say that depending how things play out, he still may explain what he as alluding to in that tweet.

    1. u-hhhh … can we also draft replacements

      for …

      York n Baalke … ya kno ..
      while we’re at it, Mood ..?

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